You’re not going to be waiting much longer to see some very, very epic changes in the world, according to this new Wilcock Reading. It is the latest in an ongoing series of messages encouraging us to understand the greater, positive context for the seemingly chaotic events here on Earth.


By David Wilcock



The events on the planet are coming together now at an incredible speed. There is abundant evidence that the greatest negative Controllers on the planet are in the final throes of defeat — and the aftermath will be nothing short of spectacular.

The biggest story at the moment is the fall of the Rockefeller faction, which is the main group behind the UFO cover-up and suppression of over 6000 patents that could give us free energy, gravity control, water cars, incredible healing devices, Stargate teleportation, interstellar travel and even time travel.

Dr. Pete Peterson told Project Camelot and me, last July, that this faction would be ‘broke’ as of August 27th, 2009. Sure enough, in the following month, an attempt was made to pass off fake gold bullion to China as repayment for the massive debts they had accrued as their Ponzi schemes fell apart.

That story surfaced in early October, and has now been covered by a variety of credible insider sources, as I revealed in Disclosure Endgame and in my previous blog, available here at Yet many people still think it’s too fantastic and outrageous to be real.


Most of you get the scope of what’s really happening here. It can be quite a lonely path, as most people are so brainwashed and conditioned that even once it happens, they’ll still be plagued with doubts, uncertainties and fears.

There have always been rumors about these groups being defeated, or of Disclosure being imminent, but there has never been anywhere near as much evidence that these events will occur in our immediate future as there is now.

I wrote Disclosure Endgame to shed light on this unfolding process. The story itself is still being written, and therefore so is the Conclusion! If I were to end the book right now, it would be outdated a week later, since the lead-ins to Disclosure are happening at such incredible speed.

As I said in my last article, I don’t expect to finish Disclosure Endgame until after I finish writing the 2012 book. I really, really wish I had enough time to be covering this story, because every week we’re getting marvelous new data — and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of it yourself.


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On a personal level I am making phenomenal progress on my 2012 Enigma book with Penguin. 

I can’t go into detail right now, but suffice it to say that I have uncovered brand-new material over and above the existing content I’d already put together.

Everything I give in my lectures and special events — and more — will be featured in this book. I’m going “all out” because it will be published in many different languages, and I want it to be a complete work of art and science.

As a result of these spectacular research breakthroughs in the last week, I have completely rewritten the first half of the book.

It’s a wild and crazy ride, and I will be very glad when this deadline is behind me and I have a first draft to show for it — but until I get that behind me, hopefully by March 1st, everything else has to take a back seat.

You will be able to get your own copy of the finished product this Fall — so that is most definitely something to look forward to! The insights I’ve had into the Mayan Calendar will likely become the defining new standard for any discussion on the subject — and that’s just one of the new areas I’ve ‘stumbled’ into!


Getting back to the immediate present moment, I am aware that this book is being written in the midst of very epic world changes. The dreams and visions I’m getting are very intense. We really are heading into the Big Moment here.

I had hoped that we would get through this transitional change as cleanly as possible, but I’m now getting clear signs that there will most likely be some ‘biting through’, in terms of the status of the economy, to produce the desired result.

The intuitive reading you’re about to see came through a month ago, and there’s a key section in there that definitely caught my attention, and has been on my mind ever since.

Had I not been able to get into a trance state this deep, I highly doubt my conscious mind would have ever allowed a message like this to show up — and I was quite surprised once it came through:

You may very well be heading into a financial and spiritual crisis the likes of which you had never before imagined.

You may have already endured such a crisis. Or a number of them.

You may already be at a point where you can see that none of it really matters – that your Divine protection will always be there to guide you through even the darkest of nights, on a personal and a planetary level.

The timelines for such an event, or events, are of less curiosity than the end result, which is nothing short of your immortality finally being embraced for what it is.


There was no doubt about it. This reading was preparing us for the possibility that things could get pretty ugly for a while as the New World Order thrashes in its final death quiverings of defeat.

I don’t ever expect you to “take my word for it” with something as potentially elusive as an intuitive reading. Hence I do my very best to tie in the messages that come through with real-world research.


The way things go on this planet, we do seem to need very significant wake-up calls in order for very significant changes to occur. In order for the common people to truly ‘get’ the scope of what’s going on, and be mobilized enough to really put an end to it, the pain has to reach a critical mass.

That’s what we seem to be told is going to happen here — and the research I’m putting together from a variety of sources, including insider testimony as well as clear and available data in the media, all conforms to this same message.

I don’t know precisely when it will be, how long we’ll have to go through this endurance test, or how bad it will be. However, I’m hearing from lots of people, including those whose accuracy I trust, who are having dreams portending that a very epic sequence of changes is about to unfold.

I believe I’ve been asked to give you this message so that more of us will be able to see a positive path through these events as they begin happening. The propaganda and paranoia will surge to incredible new levels as this starts to unfold.


The positive changes this sequence of events will usher in are much greater than merely getting an official announcement that we being visited by multiple human species who are far more spiritually and technologically advanced than we are.

At the same time, seemingly independent journalism keeps inexorably driving this sense of fear and hopelessness, as Christopher Story very recently wrote in his journal:

This abominable US Intelligence Power monstrosity needs to be decapitated, decimated, trampled under foot, and buried in concrete. Furthermore, when that imperative reform finally takes place, as it surely will – given the extreme shocks in store – not a single member of its corrupted staff should be ever eligible for re-employment in a new, slimmed-down US intelligence sector subject to proper checks and balances with very sharp teeth.

If you say this can’t happen, you have already fallen victim to a central ingredient of the cynical CIA Psy-Ops offensive that’s being waged at maximum intensity against the American people – namely, a defeatist mentality.

They want you to think like that – because defeatism protects their continued illegitimate hegemony. But everything’s collapsing onto their heads now, we think.

FACT: These people CAN be defeated. Look what immense progress has been made since it ceased to be the case that they always got their own way. Further progress is being made every day, and the pace at which these people are being destabilised is rapidly accelerating.

Remember: They never thought there could ever be any real opposition, so they weren’t prepared for it when it materialised: and they have been scared and on the defensive ever since.

The fact is, they don’t have the initiative, although they may kid themselves that they do: all of us who are standing up to these vermin, have the initiative.

These CIA marionettes are spinning like tops. Many may wind up spinning in their graves or dangling from George H. W. Bush’s lamp posts. And an awful lot of people are likely to wind up in jail.


Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they have a Higher Self that can advise them personally as to their own growth and the progress of what is happening on the planet as a whole.

I feel like my job would be much, much easier if they did.



We get lots of people writing in and putting me on a pedestal — but really all I’ve done is establish contact with my Higher Self in a reliable, ongoing fashion. It just requires persistence and dedication in a few key areas: meditation, dreamwork, pure diet, inspirational studies and the constant focus on forgiveness and acceptance of self and others.

I often feel disappointed that more people haven’t made this contact, because once you do, it very effectively slices through this propaganda, doom and fear you’re being bombarded with from the mainstream AND the alternative media.

Many people are aware that they have a Higher Self, that the events in their own lives are orchestrated, and that this ‘Management’ is also happening throughout the world as a whole — steering it into a positive, beneficial outcome.

Others are at least philosophically aware that they have a Higher Self, but haven’t transitioned into an actual contact with it, and understanding of its messages.



What you are about to read came through precisely one month ago, to the day. It represents a substantial watermark in my own progress of accessing my Higher Self, as it all flowed in by typing, but effectively was as good as any reading I would dictate verbally from a deep trance state.

I have been able to do typed-in readings all along, but the state is lighter and thus the quality of the material is lower. As a result of how wonderful this reading turned out, I was rather surprised to discover that my own ‘access capacity’ has substantially increased.

The messages given here are very relevant for our current issues in today’s world… so please enjoy it!



The reason you are up in the middle of the night asking yourself these questions is very simple. We have an agenda to perform. The simplest requests are often not heard by you, so it takes diligence and patience to perform some of these operations.
You know as well as I do the stakes that are involved. Nothing less than the survival of the human race as it goes through this crtitical transition. Therefore, be at peace with the coming changes and allow yourself to rectify that which is not understood in the glow of honest acceptance of that which is.
What we have for you is a new view of humanity from this clear perspective that speaks only of love and light.

For in love and light is a vista of consciousness that opens the door to mastery.
That has always been the way it works. Spirit melds with matter and produces majesty. All is revealed in a nanosecond to those who are ready for it. The law of love approaches the law of infnitity, and there is a merger of the mortal with the sublime and limitless.

There’s a map you can see wherein all these things are made obvious and clear. That map allows you to open up the doorways to infinity, so there is no longer any ambiguity about what will be coming your way in the future.
A lot of other people get it. This is your time. This is the time where you will really spring forth into truth and light and beauty and manifestation. This is where you have all the tools you need to get past the blockages that have arraigned your marriage to the Divine in the past.
Look at it this way. The entirety of existence is at your fingertips when you embrace the fundamental nature of the Cosmos as loving. That reflects in your actions such that there is no emotional charge over those very things most would find as implacable offenses.
The key is to avoid the impulse to react in a patterned way to simuli. This doesn’t have to be so simple and straightforward as deciding that you’re just not going to get angry anymore when things go wrong.
It fundamentally rewrites the genetic code, on a cellular level, to the point where there is no need to struggle or strain any further in life.
That is one of the deeper messages of this period of time.
You have led yourself to believe that such struggle is necessary, when in fact that is an illusion. The very things you want the most in life can be yours with a much easier playing field when you let go of the struggle.


Always keep clear about how the pathways of the Infinite are opening up. That is not as easy as walking outside the house and looking at the sunrise or sunset. It is an absolute necessity to rely upon your inner training in each and every moment, so there can be no discrepancy from the basic truth of your Being.
That is what is missing at present. Still you often find yourself slipping into those patterns of reproach over the world as it is, and your life as it has been. That is not necessary. All that has been is perfect. All that shall be is perfect. And all that is Now is perfect.
The grandiosity of that realization cannot be encapsulated into mere words on the printed page.
It cannot be handed to you as a trophy of the moment in which realization dawns within the inner psyche.
It is a blacklisted truth for those who are ruled by the personality self, because they cannot so easily embrace that which ultimately annihilates the falsities the egoic mind loves to build around itself here and there.
As the wall comes tumbling down, the greater truth is revealed – and there is a price to pay for failing to see that glory when you are getting close to it.


The disruptions that may occur can seem terrifying, but the objective is to understand how to properly harness and channel the Creative Forces as they near their full manifestation at your fingertips.
This is not to say you cannot simply revel in being human and cast aside those feelings of fate, doom, fear, anger, jealousy, et cetera that had kept you imprisoned in the past.
What is required now is a renaissance of awareness, a flight of fancy into an intriguing new concept of Unity, stripping bare the cloak-and-dagger nature of the egoic mind so as to invite Truth to nest within the habitat of your delicately engendered emotional field.

Long gone are the times where the appreciation of inner mastery must be done at a distance, alone in a solitary cave with one candle lit and burning.
This is a world in which the great initiation chamber need not be built out of massive stones into some such shape of transformation.
Rather, the world of the psyche is the very playing field in which day by day, moment by moment, time after time, the Cosmic Awareness opens up its mighty doors to you and the sunshine gets in – at last.

Let there be no doubt that the path of self-mastery relies upon the individual self – the identity – to make the changes manifest.
This is what so many of you are missing when you relax into the obvious cushion of expecting someone else to solve your problems, rewrite your history books, open your doors of reality, or otherwise imbue you with the very qualities you innately possess within.
I liken it to a massive army that has stormed the balustrades, forcing a deep inner retreat to a place of relative solitude and quiescence, even amongst the grand storm that rages outside in the world as it is now known in this very pivotal moment in time and space.
Opening your heart to the beauty of true self-love, true attainment, is a mesmerizing process that engrosses you into the sacredness of each and every aspect of your own life.


For the personality integration is not done with static textbooks, spelling out each and every new decision you make line by line, point by point, bit by bit. Rather, it is a living awareness – an organic truth, a Divine perspective that transcends mortal reality and physical (apparent) limitations.
No – this is a deeper layer of the onion, a curious new trinket on the mantelpiece, a souvenir from a battle you don’t even realize you’ve been fighting all this time – the serious journey of the seeker to love the self as he or she loves others.



So let’s realize that the scope of what we are seeing emerge here is nothing more than the fundamental transformation of life on Earth as we know it. The complete and total revealing of the veiled mysteries of cosmic existence, made plain for those willing to pay the price.

And the only money that must be spent in attaining this rare gift is service.
To love one another as you love oneself.
To resonate with beauty, glory, majesty and truth as easily and repeatedly as you once looked away from it.
To absolutely know, in your heart of hearts, that this is a joyful, positive and uplifting universe to be in, and it can be nothing else – since all is One, and the nature of that Oneness is to Be Love Now.


It doesn’t involve waiting in a long line for a ticket on board a cosmic love machine that rockets you throughout the cosmos with nary a whisper of sound.
This is a megalithic consciousness complex that takes root in the deepest levels of the unconscious mind – to the ego, that is – and gradually rises from the depths, like the semi-mythic Atlantean legends made real.
The stench of ocean waters falls away as the glorious hidden sculptures are revealed.
Think of the clear-cutting going on in the Amazon which has now revealed such majestic land sculptures underneath.
Even your most precious resources, at times, must be sacrificed for the hidden truths of who and what you are to burst through the pale shades of yesterday’s remembrances.
Only then do you know the wisdom of the sages and master teachers, who spoke of a world to come – a world of grandeur and bliss, triumph and sacrifice, pain and love, where the oldest books in the world were proving to be the most correct, now and forever. 

That which is inspired is of truth – and truth is merely a collection of bits and pieces that can point one in the direction of the Great Mystery itself: Who are we… why are we here… and where are we going.
I don’t profess to have all of these answers either. We are seekers as you are. We learn from you as you learn from us. We have our faults and weaknesses as do you.
At times our errors in judgment have been lacking, and at times they are glaring. Nonetheless, it is this vision – this absolute knowing of our cosmic nature – that impels us forward on this quest to revivify the deleted portions of Self so as to open up that Divine gateway to the Universe within… and without.
All along the tools have been lying in wait for those who know what they are looking for. And we would ask that you keep it that way. Keep that knowledge precious, and keep it hidden from those who are not ready to hear your messages of deep, cosmic esoterica.


Focus instead on the goodness you can manifest in people’s lives.
If you have troublesome family members, rather than inculcating them with various morbid conspiracy theories or elaborate UFO storylines, show kindness to them.
Let your skills as an esoteric artist bring forth true manifestations of Divine fidelity that reveal your allegiance to the Everlasting in such a form as no mere mortal can be swayed by the illusions that would tear you away from that mirror.
For the first time you can gaze within your own eyes, and really see who and what is looking back at you.
For the first time you have every reason to celebrate your life, and claim the power of knowing, deep in your heart, that you have won the game, crossed the final threshold, and opened the doorway to the Infinite.


It’s never been complicated. It appears that way to those who love puzzles, challenge and intellectual quibblery.

Let’s be faithful to the core principles that life has been built from in its primordial essence – to respect and venerate the free will of others while simultaneously protecting our own.
This is a very difficult lesson to grasp, for within such a process lies the keys to all manner of gateways – but the doors themselves are often hidden in the darkness of the mortal Ego and its mental gymnastics.
No one needs to question the Now. It simply is.
The opening to Infinity need not happen in one single rushing moment of Truth – it often is a gentle quilting of the various shards of pain and misery that have made up one’s life from time to time: the harvest of bitterness, the seasons of discontent, the onus of responsibility, the glory of sacrifice.
Let it be known that the past is but prelude to the Now.

Everything you know, everything you trust, everything you believe to be ‘reality’ can change in a snapshot a microscopic instant of awareness of the Grand Mystery that sustains us all, and within which we move and have our being.


I wouldn’t liken it to a chicken factory, where you’re being cruelly kept in little cages, stacked one on top of the other, so that your entire world is one of confinement and the perpetual awareness of the excrement raining down upon you.
Those cages of the mind are mental prisons wrought by the exercising of free will to engage the negative, to believe the lie of imperfection, to betray the truth of Eternity in thought, word and deed, and to rebuke the knowningness of the Everlasting Love that always is, and always will be.
No mere sideshow, this is the Grand Performance of the Universe – the ballet dance of Foreverness that jumps the needle off of the gramophone, playing the same old songs year after year, and instead pulls its musical sustenance from the air around you.
The kind words spoken to a stranger. The feeble weakening of the perpetually angry and jealous Ego as it dies away, only to be reborn into the open-hearted embrace of others’ flaws and impediments as truly being their gifts, their honors, their joys to live with… just as they are.

For you too have walked in the valleys of pain and dismemberment. You may very well be heading into a financial and spiritual crisis the likes of which you had never before imagined.
You may have already endured such a crisis. Or a number of them.
You may already be at a point where you can see that none of it really matters – that your Divine protection will always be there to guide you through even the darkest of nights, on a personal and a planetary level.

The timelines for such an event, or events, are of less curiosity than the end result, which is nothing short of your immortality finally being embraced for what it is. 


Without flaws, without imperfections, without hindrances, the Great Mystery sheds light upon your core essence as the very being who made the Universe to begin with.
You are the physics of sunlight, the glimmer of hope in a child’s tears, the love lost in an epic brouhaha of discontent, the smallest, weakest person becoming the most enlightened being of all – the Cosmos itself.
So fear not the coming of the Golden Age. Rest in the forethought that your true Identity brings.
There need not be any false illusions about who and what you are. This is your time. This is your day. Embrace truth. Embrace wisdom. Embrace love. Embrace your immortality. And become the Now, rather than merely seeking it.

That is the gateway. That is the path that lights up the stars and shows the map to Eternity.
No distance must be traveled. No time must be elapsed. No struggle must be expended. No glory must be sacrificed. No heartache must be endured. Only love, beauty, majesty and triumph.

It is amazingly easy to deny this transcendence – to refute the perfection of the Now and turn away from it much as the petulant child refuses nourishment. The Now will spoon-feed you its greatest mysteries if you simply allow it to exist.
For never has there been an easier nor more poignant time to awaken the slumbering self within.
Never has there been a more appropriate moment for you to pull back from the mundane routines of corporeal existence long enough to find the intervals between rational thought – between the conscious co-creations of the world you already have – to embrace the possibilities of what can and will be in the not-too-distant future.



You are not standing on the periphery of a great football game, cheering for one side and hoping the other side loses. You are out there on the playing field yourself, right now. And what you have is an endless opportunity for growth and development springing from the very core of your True Self.
Take the ball and run with it. This is your Now. This is your Moment.
The glory of the oft-prophesied Golden Age is attained one person at a time, through the transcension of the doubts and fears of the mundane self — the egoic construct that clings to its identity fiercely and passionately, never daring to slip the bonds of its control long enough to reveal that it is a shadow master – a chimera of illusion fed by the larder of doubt, fear, hostility and amnesia.
It would be so simple for you to embrace this practice, and therein lies its complexity. For what staggers the rational mind more than all else is the ease with which its greatest paradoxes glide cleanly into transparency and irrelevance once the Great Mystery is beheld, even if but for a moment.
I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I hadn’t already done it myself, gotten a good look at it, and come back with notes from the oblivion of the cherished mundaneness that sustains the egoic mind in its quest to know and control all things.
All is truth. All is beauty. All is wisdom. All is love.
And the Everlasting is available to those who make still the presence of the Great Being within, so that this sleeping giant may again emerge from the cacophony of distrust that marks the function of the rational, conscious mind, and walk freely amongst the flowers and fields of the Infinite.


Let yourself not be troubled by the coming changes, and those that you have already seen manifest. Let the path be clearly seen for what it is. Let the awareness of your own Immortal Self carry forth as a shining beacon unto others, lest they not be capable of seeing it for themselves.
And again, you need not go on an expository rant about this and that cosmic conundrum that your research has rectified into a boilerplate statement of what is.
Instead, simply become the awareness of love, the presence of Peace, the stillness of Eternity. And that will shine through all the veils and layers of grime that would have obscured all others who wish to speak to you from ever even getting a foot in the door.

This is it – your time, your moment, your Foreverness. Do with it what you will. The choice is not easy, but it is unforgettable.
That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now return this instrument to the conscious control of the one known as David Wilcock. Be well, and know you are Love.

The feeling of Grace that surrounded me for this reading was truly extraordinary. I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy that I didn’t get around to posting it for you until now, but my workload really has been intense!
I am honored to be able to have this gift, and share it with you. And it thrills me to know that the changes we’ve anticipated for so many years are finally becoming obvious.
If you think this is all BS, then you’re not paying enough attention. And if you’re on the fence, just keep checking back and reading more, and it just might start to open your mind!


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We will be staying in an area that gives us quick and easy access to crop circles when they show up, and also have other places we can go as well. You will get the full download of my sixteen-hour Power Point lecture material, as in Hawaii, but each event is always unique and has new information.

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Despite my all-consuming focus on finishing the 2012 book at this time, I still have other goodies waiting in the wings that can be released in the interim. The biggest one is that we are making one final push to get 2012 Event Horizon released.

This will be our biggest and most influential video since the original 2012 Enigma, and will undoubtedly become another Internet classic. It will be free and available to all on YouTube in its entirety… and I just got a 12:12 as I was about to say that this is my gift to you for your ongoing and loyal support!

We still need to finalize our CG-animated opening graphics, and edit out some redundant material to get the runtime down, but we’re very close… so hopefully it will appear before the end of the month!

Again, thank you for telling your friends about our site. Our traffic and popularity is skyrocketing and it’s all thanks to your grassroots efforts to get the word out!

I will probably do a final editing pass on this article later today (Friday) or tomorrow, so keep checking back… and feel free to share a comment!