The last six weeks has been perhaps the most incredible period of my entire life — as a scientist, researcher and most importantly as a spiritual being.

All of this growth catalyst has come up for me because the deadline for my completion of 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age, a major mass-market hardcover book release with Dutton Books, an imprint of Penguin, has been very intense.

In fact, it has become all-consuming as of late — leading to the single longest gap in posting I’ve had on this website since the end of 2005. And I do apologize for that — though I feel that welcoming Larry’s material into the fold has been very positive.

All the work I’m doing right now may very well be the most significant and historically important written effort I will ever make.


For those of you who have sent in letters of concern or agitation, rest assured that this is not going to become a typical pattern — the circumstances have been very, very unusual, and I don’t intend to get stuck like this ever again.

I sincerely wanted to be finished at the initial deadline point of March 1st, but my life is very complex, with at least one major conference a month and an ongoing Executive Producer film job — and my publisher has been kind enough to grant me the extra time I need to complete the book without being abusive or confrontational in the least.

Thankfully, I’ve finally reached the very last stages of the initial 2012 Enigma manuscript — which will be edited, rewritten, processed and released into your hands this August or September. And nothing is being held back!

2012 Enigma will feature a Foreword by Jim Hart, the screenwriter of CONTACT and main author of our groundbreaking CONVERGENCE film, (we’re anticipating delivery of the first draft of our film script some time in April, and it’s going to be absolutely incredible), and an Introduction by multiple New York Times bestselling author Graham Hancock.

2012 Enigma will almost certainly be translated into many different languages and published around the world. For that reason, I also realized that this was my “One Big Chance” to make the most significant impact on the world that I possibly could!



In the process of writing 2012 Enigma, I went through the single most massive review of all the research I’ve ever done in my life — and synthesized all of it into a single document of “raw data” to extract from.

This document ended up reaching 342 single-spaced pages in length when all was said and done. Literally!

And if I arranged everything in that document in linear order, it would be an incredibly fascinating, mind-blowing read in and of itself — but the book will be way, way better.

My research included over nine feet worth of website articles I printed and bound off the Internet from 1999 to about 2004, (a shocking number of which disappeared, and occasionally cannot even be found in any longer). 

I also went through possibly an even greater number of additional links from 2004 to the present that I copied and pasted into my private journal. It was from that same collection that I extracted “Disclosure Endgame” last December.

My massive research bonanza also included an audit and review of every published mass-market book I’ve ever bought, read and made liner notes in.

I’m not kidding when I say I’ve never even dared  try to attempt something of this scope before.

In the past I’d get too wrapped up in the creative process, not get enough exercise or time away from the computer, and have one or two weeks of immense productivity followed by equally long ‘crash’ periods where I’d get sick and be unable to do anything but lie in bed and try to massage the steel-hard muscle knots out of my neck.


So, up until recently, I had two huge stacks of my printed and bound research books to the right of my office desk here — about 3 1/2 feet combined — as well as a 2 1/2-foot tall stack of published books to my left!

Just the look of it was very intimidating!

And that was the really, really good stuff I had whittled it all down to after having systematically worked through everything else — and passed up everything that wasn’t the absolute best of the best!

I took every scientific point I’ve ever made about 2012, and this massive shift in consciousness, the Solar System and the physics of space and time itself, and worked it into a single master outline.

It was truly wonderful. I haven’t done anything like this since I wrote Divine Cosmos in 2002, and it has been a phenomenally wild ride — but it does take an incredible amount of time and energy.

Anyone who has ever challenged any point I’ve made, saying it was “not scientific” or that I didn’t have the references to prove what I said, will have everything they need to do many months of fascinating follow-up work.

The challenge: how to tell the story in a compelling way, in approximately 400-500 double-spaced pages, and have it be the single best work I’ve ever composed in my life.

No pressure!



This is what I really love — solving the grandest intellectual puzzles of all time, and coming out with breathtaking new views that have never been seen, heard or done before.

The most amazing part about writing something of this size and complexity is that you learn an incredible amount in the process.

You literally end up discovering and writing about things that are brand new as if they were always obvious.

Nonetheless, the truth naturally emerges in the creative process without any real sense of effort or exertion.

But I can honestly say that I have never even begun  to have so many breakthroughs in one short burst of time as I have just had in the last six weeks — thanks to pacing myself, eating exceptionally well, taking long walks every day, doing lots of stretches, and making sure I get enough sleep. 

My neck is still getting wonky on a routine basis, but I’m doing enough exercise and stretching to prevent a meltdown.


Here’s the best part… Literally, and I say this without BS or hesitation, everything I’ve ever written, every lecture I’ve ever given and every radio show I’ve ever done is now obsolete.

Those who attended my latest events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii only got a taste of all the new stuff I’ve found — and those tidbits alone were game-changers.

Even since I’ve gotten back from Hawaii, I have had enough new research breakthroughs that five more books could be written just on those new data points by themselves.

Combining all of this together under one roof will create a truly epic masterpiece of science and spirit — perhaps the most remarkable metaphysical book ever written. And it will also represent an irreversible step forward in human collective knowledge.

As you can obviously tell, I’m so excited about this that I’m practically bouncing off the walls, so bear with me as I’m sure this probably sounds way over the top. I’m just sharing my authentic process for those who care to listen.

This has been a tremendous Ascension experience within my own intellectual and spiritual understandings.


The case for a mass evolutionary event as we head through 2012 will be so all-encompassing, so compelling, so clear and distinct, that this could, by default, become the defining argument that all other investigations of 2012 and a purported Golden Age will end up being compared against.

And the sheer volume and intensity of hard facts I am presenting could trigger thousands of other books to be written as people follow through on the vast playgrounds of data that these initial portals will open themselves to.

It may well also force  certain elements of Disclosure to occur.

I’m not going to sit around waiting for these guys to get it together, man up and do what they need to do. I’m tired of the lies, the deceit, and the wimping-out in the face of this perceived fear that people will get their minds blown and decide they don’t want to stimulate the economy anymore.

We’re going to make it impossible for them NOT to disclose, because it will become extremely  clear that we have been lied to in just about every major scientific arena there is.


And in fact, America was formed from the very beginning with an absolute certainty of what was going to happen, and when, thanks to ancient prophecies well known on the inside. Therefore, it is my patriotic duty to inform the American people, and the world at large, what their country really represents and why it was founded.

Believe me — it is now exceptionally clear that they knew what 2012 was all about for at least 200 years before America was actually founded — and probably a lot farther back than that.

So man up or shut up. This is it. The time has come. The bell tolls. And you know this is a fact. No more lies. You cannot deny humanity the truth it must know any longer.

And if you somehow try to stop this book from being released, or trim out the really good stuff for “editorial” purposes, (my assistant had the Mac laptop stolen right out of the lecture room we were in at my last conference in Hawaii, but thankfully the police recovered it) then I’ll blow any and all censored data out far and wide on the Internet.

Trust me on that one. This is going to make it out there one way or the other. Guaranteed. So don’t mess with the book, and know that I have now backed up all my data in multiple locations.


Once you read 2012 Enigma, you will understand things that very few people, if anyone, have been aware of since the time of Atlantis. And even then, most of this was only known by the initiated priesthoods.

I’ve checked this data with my most highly-positioned black-ops insiders, and as far as I can tell, no one out there has put it all together like this, no matter where they may be in the pecking order.

In that sense it will probably be of just as much use to the insiders as to the general public, and may even inspire fantastic additional breakthroughs within their ranks.

At the very least it will a strong re-affirmation that what they have learned on the inside from multi-thousand-year-old ancient legends is true. And in that sense it will truly be the pearl of greatest price, and I will probably pick up a lot of new fans along the way — which is already starting to happen now.


I’m sure this data is all there in the Hall of Records, which a part of me in the past may have been instrumental in creating, but the download, re-membering and re-accessing process is now just about finished.

And it will be so obvious, so all-encompassing, so incredible, that it could easily be the most significant thing its readers have ever encountered in their entire lives.

Or not.

But I struggle to think about how you could read this and NOT have your entire view of reality completely and totally transformed forever — including making major apologies to all the ‘wackos’ you once denigrated for their ‘woo-woo’ beliefs.


My recent, epic Ebook “Disclosure Endgame” was really just a warm-up routine, as the volume and complexity of data that’s going into 2012 Enigma is far, far greater. As I’ve said before, Disclosure Endgame consisted of a variety of data points that did not fit into the structure of 2012 Enigma, and had spent too long in my records unused.

One of my ‘rules’ for 2012 Enigma has been that I want to go as far as I possibly can without relying on any UFO data in the conventional sense. Skeptics love to attack whistleblower testimony, deny or ignore their accounts as lacking in credibility, et cetera.

I wanted to find a way to tell the story where every single part of the argument can be checked and reviewed with openly available sources of data.

Perhaps the greatest joy of all is that I have had very, very substantial breakthroughs in my understanding of time — how time travel occurs routinely and naturally in the Earth’s own behavior.

I have so many stunning, interconnected ways to prove this that it will completely blow the lid off of what we think we know about the workings of Nature.

As I continued following through on all these different research leads, which up until now no one has ever looked at in this way, I just kept finding more and more corroborating information.


Believe me, I’m still tracking world events with very significant interest — and there will be a great deal to talk about once I am finished with the book. I am seeing very positive signs of change on the horizon.

As for the big Chile earthquake, yes, it was very likely artificial in nature. It happened literally within days  of a massive meeting of all the South American countries, the Committee of Latin American and Caribbean States, to discuss isolating and eliminating the New World Order from the world stage.

Did you happen to see this one? I wonder why not… 


Latin America | 26.02.2010
South America to create new EU-type bloc to defy US
The 24-strong bloc of Latin American states known as the Rio Group is to join the Caribbean Community to form a new trade body intended to present opposition to US dominance. What can it really hope to achieve?
The Rio Group assertively announced the birth of its successor earlier this week, at a summit in a resort town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared that a new body had been formed that would represent both the Group of Rio and the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
Going under the provisional name the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELC), the newly announced body specifically excluded the United States and Canada from membership, and intends to consolidate the sometimes tenuous solidarity among the Central and South American states.
The exclusion of the two North American powerhouses puts the nascent organization in direct competition with the Organization of American States (OAS), established in 1948, over which the US holds decisive authority.
The declaration is clearly a statement of South America’s new self-assertion, and comes in the wake of provocative times, as fellow Rio Group states rallied around Argentina in its current dispute with Britain over oil-drilling rights off the Falkland Islands…
Almost every Latin American country was represented at the annual summit in Mexico, and together they succeeded in formulating some of the values of the sub-continent.
Calderon declared, “We have decided to base an organization on shared values including sovereignty and the non-use of force, including threats of force, international cooperation, ever closer integration of Latin America and the Caribbean and permanent political dialogue.”
Historical rhetoric
There was no shortage of high-flown and defiant rhetoric at the meeting, led predictably by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who spoke of finally throwing off the US-yoke.
“Now here, in Mexico, we have created a document, a compromise, the creation of a body of Latin America and the Caribbean, without the USA,” Chavez said at the summit. “Now we can say from Mexico we have revived the dream and project of Bolivar.”
There was a strong sense that the region’s most left-wing, anti-American governments had pioneered the creation of the new organization, which is set to convene for the first time on July 5, 2011, in Caracas, Venezuela…
In an interview with South American broadcaster Telesur, Bolivian president Evo Morales lent his own weight to the vision of a South American brotherhood united against the US.
Morales was among many who recently voiced concern about the huge US military presence now stationed on Haiti and the summit pledged to send a further $25 million (18.5 million euros) to the earthquake-hit country.
“A union of Latin American countries is the weapon against imperialism. It is necessary to create a regional body that excludes the United States and Canada,” Morales said.
“Where there are US military bases that do not respect democracy, where there is political empire with his blackmailers, with its constraints, there is no development for that country, and especially there is no social peace.”…
On top of this, the six nations that have been chosen to draw up the new body’s mission statement – Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela – are mainly countries with no interest in antagonizing the US.
The fact that US-friendly Chile takes over the two-year presidency of the Group of Rio in March is unlikely to sharpen tensions within the Americas either.


Think about it. Chile takes over the Group of Rio on March first. Literally the day before that, fresh out of an intoxicatingly defiant anti-New World Order rally, they got hit with just about the biggest earthquake in modern recorded history.


Don’t forget that Fulford and Story both had already said that the Haiti quake was planned to be much larger, but the technology — which appears to be based on charges that burrow into the crust and go off — did not work properly.

Clearly in Chile they worked out the kinks and got it right.

To my reckoning, though, this shows how absolutely desperate and go-for-broke the New World Order faction has become.

I am frankly surprised that the higher-level-ET ‘Management’ allowed this one to be so big, but my guess is that without it getting this odious and horrific, there will not be sufficient momentum for the needed changes to take place.

No one does this when they’re winning. This is a ‘dick move’ that shows how totally lost, clueless and defensive they have become. It’s like a crack addict who needs a bigger and bigger bang every time to feel any high at all.

It’s not going to last — and I highly doubt they’ll be allowed to do anything much worse than this. That doesn’t mean they won’t try. Undoubtedly they will, and this is probably not over yet.

It’s also clear, as Fulford has said from direct contact from some of the representatives involved, that the people of the world will not be intimidated. The ‘fear game’ has run its full course, and we will do what it takes to change this planet and cleanse the negativity.



I am still on a massive deadline, so I can’t write much more than this for now, but I wanted to at least get this out. I must stay on course with the book because I feel its impact can help alleviate a great deal of suffering — both psychological and even physical.

The sooner the truth breaks out of its cage, the faster we can get around to healing this world and making it into the paradise we really want it to be — without these sardonic forces thinking they can pull the strings and manipulate everyone.

I will be speaking at three events coming up — the Austin Convergence on April 23-25th, the New Living Expo in San Francisco the following weekend (the big ones are on Sunday and Monday,) and the eight-day Crop Circle Tour of England from July 24th to 31st.

I hope you can make it out to see one of these, as particularly in the Austin Convergence and the Crop Circle Tour, I will be able to cover a variety of these new data points before the book actually comes out!

OK, gotta run… hope this helped ease some of your withdrawal symptoms!