This morning I had a dream so intense it literally left me in tears — describing a planetary healing in progress. [Updated!] A very similar dream was submitted as a comment on yesterday’s article right while I was typing up my own dream!


By David Wilcock

[Photo by Louise Brocklehurst]


The comments and email you have been sending in about the article I finished yesterday have been incredible. The vast majority of the piece all flowed out of me on Saturday, in one very long day. It was really only meant as an overview / introduction to the transcript of my October 6th appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory that kicked off this whole revolution on the Internet about disclosure.

If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend it. You can click here to go directly to that piece and figure out why everyone’s so thrilled with it.

Ironically, I felt I just needed to “get it out of the way” before I went into more of the hard data showing that formal Disclosure is very likely being planned and executed. Richard Hoagland has recently come in and helped me put even more of this data together — and it will absolutely knock your socks off.

There’s an incredible case building for this being real — including statements Obama himself has made recently that are very  interesting.

What I heard from Dr. Greer in his two lectures at last weekend’s Phoenix conference is also a pretty stunning set of developments. Disclosure has definitely gotten the green light from the insider powers-that-be.

They may well try to spin it to their advantage, but I wouldn’t get hung up on that. The positive aspects will far outweigh the negative. I just need time to write up all the pieces into a nice summary — but after what just happened this morning, this had to come first!

Little did I know how much of an impact my “initial overview” would have with you. Of course, I am very grateful for that.

Many of you are saying it’s the best piece I’ve ever written, but for me it was just a brief summary / overview of the “Big Picture” — things I’ve known about for thirteen years as a result of having studied the Law of One series, which is the philosophical and scientific basis of this website.

If you haven’t read it yet, or at least gone through the Study Guide you can find in the Books section here on, then this might all come as a surprise to you. It doesn’t have to be that way!


Most people are unaware that the ETs we see in UFOs, with amazing technology and Ascended abilities, are still only fourth or fifth density — as defined in the Law of One series. Sixth density beings are vastly more interesting and powerful by comparison — and they collectively maintain a supercomplex and highly effective “illusion” on our planet.

This ‘illusion’ is constructed so we have the “opportunity of separation”.

Say what? You mean they want us to have the ‘opportunity’ to feel alone, isolated, separated and fearful if we so choose?

Absolutely correct.

That’s the environment that must be created — artificially — in order for our growth to occur. In order for us to realize that these feelings are an illusion. That the truth has always been available to us — by seeking the love in this moment.

Thanks to the ‘illusion,’ we can honestly and genuinely believe we are alone, abandoned and vulnerable to unseen chaotic forces that could destroy us.


We can be completely convinced that the ‘real world’ is entirely free of magic, synchronicity or any higher oversight — but the ‘illusion’ will still deliver us karma, very reliably.

Spiritual awakening often comes in the process of realizing there is a cause-and-effect relationship between the things we put out there and the things that then come back to us in our lives — seemingly  at random.

Many people become aware of this, but still think of it as some sort of ‘universal law’ that works almost like gravity — it just is, without any real intelligent supervision and staffing involved in making sure it works. This is a preliminary assumption that proves incorrect as you begin understanding what’s really going on, and how it works.

The sixth density beings running this illusion are very, very clever — but they will throw you tons and tons of hints that an intelligence  is behind the events happening to you — if you start paying attention and studying the patterns.



The basic rule of karma is that whatever you measure out to others, events will happen that return similar experiences to you in your own life. Create love and service, by helping others, and many unexpected blessings will “just seem” to happen, as if by ‘magic.’

Create pain and fear, by manipulating and controlling others, and the things you hold most dear will be stripped clean from you. Since time is speeding up, in terms of the duration between emotionally powerful events in our lives, the speed with which negative karma returns is also dramatically increasing. That being said, if your infringements upon others are strong enough, you may not be able to alleviate all of it within your own frame of reference in one life.

As we learn in Michael Newton’s books, Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls, many souls cannot work off all their negative karma in one lifetime, and end up having to reincarnate in much more dire circumstances later on in order to restore their own spiritual balance.


There is no circumventing the Law of Karma. I have heard or read about Illuminati folks, time and again, saying they are above it. The analogies they use are that they are a ‘natural force’ like fire. And fire, of course, is just fire — it doesn’t earn any karma one way or the other. This is decisively not the case for any human being living on this or any other planet, out in space, in higher densities, or wherever.

The Illuminati believe they can continue going along, doing things the way they’ve been doing them, because they’ve never been stopped. What they don’t realize is that they are indeed allowed to do a great deal, but it never goes past certain limits.

They need to feel like they have free will, and can do what they want. They need to believe that the events that keep shutting them down, and blocking all their plans, are merely setbacks — not something intelligently orchestrated where the outcome has always been known, because it is being very carefully managed.

Thus, the negative elite will never be allowed to push things to a point that would truly damage or destroy humanity itself as a collective.

Granted, there are indeed many areas on Earth where great human suffering can and does occur. The souls who go there have many reasons for doing so. Two of the more common reasons are that they may either seek to become much stronger spiritually, and / or to alleviate karma accrued from other lifetimes.

Either way, the negative elite will never be allowed to put the Earth into a state where there is more negative than positive in our day-to-day experience. The ‘illusion’ requires that we have equal opportunities to seek the positive as we do in seeking the negative.

This way, it is totally a product of our own choosing whether we will accept that there is love,  or that life is all about pain and suffering and no one cares.


The sixth density beings oversee and ‘manage’ this process, while fourth and fifth density beings collaborate in making sure these manifestations occur.

Bear in mind this process can include the manifestation of something as destructive as a car crash. It will be designed so that the body is injured exactly as much as your Higher Self — the sixth density being running the show — feels is warranted.


This was very bluntly demonstrated to me when my own contact with the Higher Self began in 1996, in the form of directly channeled verbal messages. I was repeatedly told to stop passing people on our two-lane highway, which was often done in dangerous circumstances.

I also was an angry driver because many people would go as much as ten miles below the speed limit on a road that was supposed to be 55. I would take risks to get past them — but never imagined I might have a head-on collision from it. This was part of why I needed the lesson — it would prevent something far worse from happening — an accident that could have killed me.

I was repeatedly warned to stop doing this, but I just couldn’t handle getting stuck behind those slowpoke drivers. I did not listen. The behavior continued. I thought the Higher Self was all love and light, and didn’t realize what might happen if I failed to heed the warning.

That Tuesday, right around this same time of December some thirteen years ago now, I was told in a message, very clearly:

“My gift to the world will be a three-and-a-half by eleven sheet of paper. Expect it on Friday. Ninety minutes ’till ten o’clock.”

That Friday, at 8:30 am — 90 minutes ’til 10:00 — I was involved in a car accident. I rear-ended the woman in front of me because of all the slush on the road. The officer wrote me up a ticket for the accident. The ticket was printed on a 3 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.


The woman tried to sue me for 200,000 dollars, claiming she’d had a neck injury, even though the dent on her bumper was no bigger than a dime. I overheard the firemen and emergency staff discussing this in great surprise, thinking she was lying as her story kept changing, getting worse and worse — to the point that she finally said her head hit the steering wheel and dribbled on it multiple times like a basketball.

In the beginning she didn’t say it hit the wheel at all. There was no bruise or marking to suggest this happened. I also had gone up to her after it first happened and confirmed she could move her head and neck around without any pain. After all, I was driving to a “med certification” class, where they were teaching us how to assess trauma cases just like this.

She was brought into the ambulance in a full foam stretcher that immobilized her head and neck. She was then treated and released from the hospital, after they found nothing wrong with her. She then told my insurance company she began “intensive chiropractic treatments” the very next day. However, this was not hard to do, because she already worked for a chiropractor.

I was absolutely terrified that this lawsuit would completely wipe me out financially, and I would be paying her for the rest of my life. My insurance agent told me they found in their investigation that she had already done this several times before — and won. As soon as it happened again, she went right into profit-creating mode. I was just the poor sucker standing between her and the big payday.

I actually did have to go to court, and saw her with a huge entourage of sketchy-looking folks in denim, plaid and old baseball caps waiting for me in the courtroom. They never saw me. In the back room, I ended up entering a guilty plea with the officer who called me aside. He asked me if my car did, in fact, contact her bumper, and I said yes. That was tantamount to a guilty plea, he said, so I went with it and got the hell out of there.

They eventually dropped their offer to 10K, and that was the last I ever heard of it. As far as I know, she never got any money for this stunt. My insurance rates did not go up and no one told me what the final outcome was. But the lesson it all gave me, and the way it was orchestrated by my sixth density Higher Self, really did… shall we say… connect with me.

You could also say it hit me pretty hard.


This was when I really learned and understood that everything happening on the planet is being ‘managed’ — even the times we most feel alone, isolated and abandoned. And now, it seems, we have reached a point of Graduation as a planet. After all this time, we are finally being given the opportunity to know for a fact that we are not alone in the universe. It’s really going to happen. And that is a very exciting prospect.

The whole post was originally triggered by my hearing, “through the grapevine” as it were, that Daniel Pinchbeck — another popular 2012 scholar — was starting to get emails from people who were very upset that nothing happened on November 27th — that very same day. Those people were trying to insinuate that my credibility and career was now ‘destroyed’ as a result of nothing having happened.

Admittedly I was very upset by this — though not at Daniel. I had never said anything would happen on that day. My dreams indicated the disclosure would happen during the same timeframe as a massive economic event that few would have ever anticipated. That’s always been my stance.



Here is the key summary I wrote of the message my dreams have been giving me over the last two years, in more than fifty different installments:

You will stare into the face of the abyss. The darkest of all dark nights in human history. An economic catastrophe that seems so vast in scope it will appear there is no way out.

Yet, this is but the darkest hour before the dawn. You are witnessing a pivotal moment — the lightning-fast breakdown of negative-elite structures that have held your people imprisoned and enslaved for so long.

The people will rise up and create sweeping economic reforms on a massive scale most would have considered unthinkable. There will be great assistance from an international coalition of countries who are directly opposed to the corrupt New World Order system.

Much of this toxic international Ponzi scheme will fall apart practically overnight. Those most responsible for the problems will experience major upheavals, loss of prestige and power, and will be literally brought to their knees.

In their final death throes they will make attempts to harm or destroy a substantial amount of the world’s population. These efforts will fail, because Management will not allow them to infringe any more than humanity’s collective free will allows them to.

And humanity’s collective free will is not inviting a mass, genocidal die-off.

The negative elite can see this upheaval coming. They are absolutely terrified of what will manifest in their own immediate futures when it occurs. It is unstoppable. They know this.

They want to convince themselves they are managing and controlling it, even while seeing blatant signs it is much bigger than they are. 

They believe such chaotic upheavals will happen to everyone, but this will not be the case. The positive effects this will have for the average person are nothing short of miraculous.

These changes also pave the way for, or are accompanied by, a much more formal realization that we are not alone in the Universe.

With the collapse of the secrecy and financing of the corrupt factions comes the release of new energy technology that can dramatically transform the biosphere and the quality of all life on Earth within a reasonable timeframe.

The stunning advance in knowledge and truth will create an incredible spiritual renaissance in humanity — an explosion of new seekers who know the truth and wish to understand the deepest questions: Who are we, why are we here, and where are we going.


Bill Ryan of Project Camelot leaked the date onstage in Zurich, and with everyone filming it in the audience, it went all over the Internet — thus ensuring it would not, and probably could not, happen on that day.

My article was then rushed out in response to what I heard from Daniel, because I realized the longer I went without making a statement, the worse it would get. I started it the morning after the 27th and it was published late that night, around 2:30 am California time.

There were a few mistakes here and there, and I had to go back through and format the radio interview so it read better — with individual subject headings, extra text for explanation, et cetera. Then yesterday I finished the job by loading in all the relevant Pyramid Timeline graphics, which really added to the piece.

I also put in graphics of the wall being smashed out after the pipe burst, and the bizarre, clean break that happened to the dinner plate I was eating off of while having a very important meeting with insiders.

I also put in a section at the end, after the radio show, where I explained how Wanderer Awakening is like a musical channeling of the Law of One — much more than just songs to listen to and enjoy.

This morning I had a dream that was so incredible it literally left me in tears. And as I often do, I checked my email when I was working on it. I get my own email notifications when someone posts a comment to the website, just like the moderators. An email came in notifying me of a comment someone posted with a dream that was so extraordinarily similar to my own, in its tone, content and ultimate meaning, that I had to stop whatever else I was doing and write this first.

This is clearly another example of Management at work — and we can expect more and more of these synchronicities as we go forward. This was obviously meant for everyone.

We will begin with the dream I just woke up from an hour and a half ago.



Tuesday 12 / 1 / 09 – 8:28 am

D: I caught it just before they started banging away on the repairs to the house at 8:30 am… very nice! And what a dream… my God!


An earlier section had some rapid results that came together for me

It was very positive and it didn’t take very long

It seemed to focus on people being helped in a very dramatic way

I woke up briefly and quickly was able to get back to sleep


The next dream worked up to an incredible and very tense ending

I was in something that reminded me slightly of the girls’ first floor hall of Bouton Hall

This, of course, was where Yumi, my first girlfriend, lived when we got together

However, in this case it was a much more serious situation


We were now back in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

This hallway now led directly into a Hitler-style mass killing machine

It clearly seemed to be an incinerator

You walked off the edge and it dropped you down into an area that burned you alive


I had a guy ahead of me I was friends with

He alternated between Bill Levine (who is doing music for 2012 Event Horizon) and Daniel Pinchbeck

Earlier along he had a lot more weight on him

He was scared and wanted to know what was going to happen


Behind me I had a girlfriend

I had been confident that none of us would have to go through with this hideous death


I then was able to have a brief, private discussion with Saddam myself

He told me that I would be left alone, because I was special, but my friend and fellow 2012 scholar would have to go

I was absolutely horrified when I realized this is what was going to happen

Nonetheless, I could not bear to tell him the truth and have his final minutes be in fear


I came back out of the room and he asked me, breathlessly, what was going to happen

I couldn’t bear to tell him the truth

I told him we would be fine – this was just a checkpoint we needed to go through

I also had no idea whether my girlfriend would be spared just because I was going to be


Saddam then called him in personally

The environment was very tense – but Bill was quite dignified

Saddam ordered him to take off all of his clothes

He was confident, from what I told him, that he wasn’t going to die – but definitely worried

He had a lot of clothes to take off – and it did take some time


I now realized for sure that it was an incinerator – and Saddam wanted to make sure he burned cleanly

I got the sense Saddam was worried about how heavy he was and whether it would stress the incinerator too much – particularly with the clothes


Bill / Daniel’s weight dramatically changed as he shed all his clothes

He became much thinner and healthier as he stripped off all the layers, down to boxers and socks at the end


Somewhere as all this was going on I had a vision where I briefly saw and interacted with this one-man band in the basement, one floor below me

It was this black guy who was sitting at a piano with a microphone for his voice

He had his left foot going to a bass-drum pedal and his right foot went to something else – perhaps a hi-hat

There was another guy behind him on the right side, perhaps doing backup vocals, accordion, harp, et cetera – but clearly this guy was the main focus

I’m not sure if he actually played, but it was clear that he was a blues man


I then was back at the center of the action

Bill was back out in the hallway, just about finished taking off his things for the ‘checkpoint’


I went in there and started engaging Saddam on a deeper level

I said to him, “You may be missing a very important opportunity here.”

“How do you mean?” he replied.

“I have great respect for your country, your people and your customs,” I said.

“I also reach millions of people through my writing on my website.”

“If you change your mind about this one thing, and keep us alive, I will write in a favorable way about Iraq – and help bring everyone else to a respect and understanding about you.”

“If you kill us, though, you just perpetuate the cycle. More and more people will come after you – and the world is a lot bigger than you are.”


“It seems to me like you’re throwing away a really great opportunity here. You can just let go of whatever has made you so angry that you want to do this, and we’ll work together so everybody wins.”


He spent some time thinking about it and suddenly had a major shift

He leaped up out of the desk and said “You’re absolutely right! I do need your help. I want my people to be honored and respected. And I’m never going to get there if I keep doing this.”


I could hardly contain myself – I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy and relief

He then said, “You are all free to go. We’ll work together and find a way to respect each other.”


When I went back out into the hallway, my friend was gone

I wasn’t sure if this message had come through in time – there was a little bit of last-minute angst


I then again found myself in front of the blues man who was doing the one-man band

Again he didn’t play anything, but we looked at each other and clearly shared an understanding


I then came back out to the front of the building

I was completely overjoyed to see my friend there – alive!

I completely lost it and burst into tears, right in the dream, hugging him

He had no idea how close he was to the edge – and I was thrilled to see him

The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming – and I knew I would follow through on my promise to the people of Iraq



What an incredible opening of the heart that was! Even better, while I was writing it down, someone posted a comment to the article I just wrote that had the same exact theme. I’m definitely going to write this up!



My initial thoughts are that the one-man band in the basement represents me, and others like me who have their own websites and are sole voices in the darkness, speaking out about things much bigger than they are here on Earth. Or so it seems. He was literally the one-man band. 

Obviously, the greater message was about an opening of the heart. Learning to respect each other and live together, in peace, on the planet.

It very much is geared towards the Illuminati — or at least certain elements of them who are able to realize that all biological human life should stick together. We all share a common lineage. We are One.

All that karma, pending in future lifetimes and already well on its way as the old systems crumble to dust, can be alleviated by making this shift.

Each person has to decide for themselves what is truth, and what they will believe.

Nonetheless, the power and impact of this message was heavily enhanced by the dream sent in by our reader, Arthur, at the exact same time I was writing up all the above.



Here is Arthur’s dream. If you have any kind of an open mind, I’m sure you’ll be as amazed by this as I was when I first saw it…

—–Original Message—–

From: Divine Cosmos

Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 8:52 AM


Content Title: Disclosure Updates and Transcript of Coast Announcement, 10/6!


Comment Title:

Author: Arthur

Email: [Redacted]

Link to content:


Hi, recently I also had a dream involving Obama.

There is more detail to it, of course, but basically it revolved around Obama having a sort of diplomatic discussion.

It was settled that the person (or more like a “thing”) he was meeting with (in a lone wooden hut atop a small hill) would finally end — and give up its malicious plans and /or its grip upon the world.

(This other person was more like a representation of illuminati controllers. Appeared like an embodiment of evil, a rider of the apocalypse, but in quasi-human form.)

I don’t know how that was settled finally, I only “felt” that it was from the outside, sort of.

And the concept was very non-linear in a quantum physical sense; the dispute was settled because of two parallel events of the same thing, past and present affecting each other. Only now it was finally turning out to something grand.

The significant thing for me was that it was very lucid after that… because of the implications of the situation in the dream.

Finally the knowingness that everything would turn out totally amazing for everyone on the planet.

And intense emotional release, like just letting your whole face get wet with tears, crying on and on, simply from the AWESOME amount of relief and surrender (this state of relief is the more lucid part of dreams that I remember having lately, not just once. And they always feel very prophetic and real)…

Thanks, to everyone (especially the Moderator, too, hehe)… — Thou, as I, art God! :-* — for this is the esoteric meaning of Namasté




It’s 12:10 am and I’m out of time right now, so the dreams you see above are just the raw data. I have to go do errands and I have an important CONVERGENCE meeting to catch. If my hair’s a bit unkempt we’ll just have to go with it, as I didn’t have time to take a shower yet.

I will come back later and flesh this all out with greater text discussing the implications of these two dreams back to back. I think you can already see what an amazing synchronicity we have here!

Very exciting!



This whole story has just gotten even more interesting — with yet additional layers of synchronicity / telepathy / Management to add into the mix!

It turns out that the REAL Bill Levine, the same guy who was specifically featured in the dream as a character flip-flopping with Daniel Pinchbeck, has indeed been wearing four different layers of clothing in the last few days.

Even better, get this — just last week he sat in a life-sized replica of Hitler’s gas chambers!

This kind of synchronicity, remember, was par for the course when I did any one of 500 client readings while I was active in that capacity from 1998 to 2005. This is the kind of thing that made people burst into tears on the phone so many times.

In a very real sense, I got used to it. Once you’ve had it work so well, so many times, you just start accepting that the ability does exist, and that dreams can have very powerful psychic messages in them — much more than you can usually ever get in the waking state unless you can do the deep-trance work.

Here’s the letter he just sent me so you can read this for yourself!

—–Original Message—–
From: Bill Levine
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 10:57 PM
To: David Wilcock
Subject: Dream
Ha ha ha! Great dream! I love you too, man!
I’m up here at the Squaw Creek Resort, Lake Tahoe, doing a Tibetan Dzogchen retreat. (see the rigpa wiki for more on Dzogchen). My antennae are up so I must be send and receiving at full blast.
Was trying to read your ET post Sunday night, didn’t have time…. read dream today. Like the theme of how understanding and respect yields forgiveness and tolerance.
You were spot on with your psychic hits:
1) I am wearing four layers of clothes on my torso, 2 pairs of socks to combat the cold air at the retreat.
2) Last week, i visted the LA Museum of Tolerance and sat in the gas chambers used by Hitler. Exact life size replicas.
3) I am having fears due to financial insecurity due to the death of the Hollywood live music industry and career changes, and on some level 2012 changes. (I’m glad to know one-man bands might do well!)
4) Dzogchen teachings on Saturday night were literally mind-blowing. The lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, gazed at the whole audience and introduced many to the sky-like Nature of Mind, especially for those ready. This information could transform the entire world into a more spaciously abiding, mindfully aware place.
More later,


This adds a much more personal aspect to the dream — and also contains the key to deciphering its symbols.



Notice that Bill was forced to strip down in my dream — and as he did he lost a substantial amount of weight. Such a weight loss would be considered a really powerful healing for anyone. In dreams, weight symbolizes emotional worry that has remained unprocessed. So this character went through a profound healing in the course of being threatened by Saddam’s character symbolizing the Illuminati.

And again, he ended up getting through unscathed, despite what looked like a very terrifying situation of certain doom. This is precisely the message so many other of these dreams I’m having have given us.

This emphasizes the value of ‘catalyst’, as Ra calls it in the Law of One series. The ‘illusion’ we are living in does feature very real tragedy, crises and pain to the physical body. One cannot change the fact that atrocities have indeed occurred in the past. The entire 20th century fulfills all the most negative prophecies within all the ancient world spiritual traditions.


It is very difficult for most people to get past the fact that such atrocities can and do happen, and yet still be able to accept that they are ultimately in a loving, conscious Universe.

Yet, as I said on Coast, we can find answers within books like Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton, where people were hypnotically regressed to the time in between lifetimes.

In such accounts, time and again we find that some of the strongest and bravest souls will choose to go through very adverse circumstances — up to and including torture, starvation, atrocities and even death.

Granted, in some cases people are also working off negative karma. Bear in mind that whatever we bring upon others must be brought upon us. That is the Law, and no one escapes it — negative, positive or the indifferent atheist. Each time someone commits a senseless atrocity, they already have guaranteed they will have to go through the same thing themselves — and / or an equivalent amount of really difficult stuff to make up for it.

The Law of One also describes cases where negatively polarized entities will deliberately program in lifetimes where they are tortured to death so they can further “hone a blunt edge of hatred” for others. They then accrue a very strong soul memory of the torture, which in turn gives them the stomach to hurt people even more in future lifetimes.


By comparison, a strong soul will go through sheer and utter adversity — the practical equivalent of the hero’s crucifixion archetype — and never compromise on their core ideals, their dignity, their morals, their love and truth. They may well have to make terrible choices, and feel guilty about them, but as long as their overall motivation remains positive, very substantial growth is made.

Bear in mind that while you are hanging out up there as a soul in the higher realms, it will be very obvious to you that if you knock out one lifetime like this on Earth — with extreme adversity — you could end up making thousands or even tens of thousands of years’ worth of spiritual growth progress in one shot.

And whether or not someone here on Earth is concerned about spiritual growth, it becomes very clear in reading Newton’s books that this is absolutely and entirely our focus in the higher realms. Everyone. Without exception.

We all have a soul memory of ‘teachers’ who go through exactly the same things with us as you read on this website and others like it. That’s part of why there’s such an attraction for people to this kind of material. It peels back the curtain and reminds us of who we really are, and what our original goals were for coming here and living this life.


Let there be no doubt that countless plans have been made to disrupt the continuity of life in Western society. Some of these plans do include concentration camps where dissidents would ‘mysteriously’ disappear.

Granted, a majority of what people call ‘FEMA camps’ on the internet are really not — but that doesn’t change the fact that such plans really were made. In the case of Katrina, they were actually called into action. If you want to see a real New World Order concentration camp, visit your local sports arena.

No kidding. The real plans I was made aware of by Daniel, one of my earlier insider contacts, included building Superdomes in all the major cities, (which has now been done,) herding everyone inside in the event of a major social upheaval, and then not letting them out until everyone was gone.

The powers that be had one shot to try out this plan. Now everyone has gotten wise and knows not to go to the Superdome in the event of an emergency. And the vast majority of people who went through that did not perish, though it certainly was very unpleasant while they were in there.


What my readings have been saying for so many years now is that there are nowhere near enough people to hold the guns for these NWO-oriented plans to ever actually work.

The proof of that is in the very fact that my friend Bill Levine was indeed visiting a holocaust museum and sitting in a life-sized replica of a gas chamber.

We have made movies about this, grieved about it, cried about it, and learned the lesson from deep within ourselves: THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Granted, there are some whose culture is so abusive and full of torment that they would want to bring this level of suffering down upon others — but there are nowhere near enough of them anymore for any of these plans to work. And that goes for anyone from any country — for those who would whip out the old ‘UN Troops in the US” canard.

There are Taliban-style violent extremists in any culture, but they always are a minority — and again, in the West, you could try to order your troops, police, et cetera to do terrible things, but they have free will, and an ever-increasing sense of conscience.

We know this madness has to stop, and we’re not going to tolerate anything else. No matter how ‘alien’ someone may seem to us, or how much we’ve been taught to hate them.


With all that being said, I thought I’d share my first hate-mail of the day with you. It helps to show the duality that we still live within. It also was a good insight for me into the kinds of accusations being made towards folks like me by people who are ‘paid bloggers’ in the employ of the New World Order types as they increasingly struggle to attack anyone and everyone opposing their plans.

Apparently I am passing subliminal messages to you in my audio blogs. It’s news to me… I wouldn’t even know how to do it — but now I’ve been exposed:

—–Original Message—–
From: [Redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 12:15 AM
To: Divine Cosmos
Subject: Divine Cosmos: Truth

Used to be a massive found, recently found out the truth about olDavid Wilcock, Apart from your subliminals on your files, your a scam artist after money and fame, the light with shine through all your bullshit. Nice try asshole.

I actually laughed really hard when I got this. I would love to see one single other site on the Internet that has as much free, quality inspirational content — both science and spiritual, spanning the range of full-length movies, audio files and articles — generated by one person. And the last line is so New York — reminding me of these guys from the city I knew in college.

Throw a little mafia-style Bronx flavor into the line reading and you’ll get the full dose. Layer in your ‘wiseguy’ Three Stooges voice and now you’re even more into the fun zone. “Nysh try, ash-hole! Woob-woob-woob-woob-woob!”


The truth is what you make of it. If you want to see the truth of the love in this moment, the answer is right there within you. If you want to hate and attack others, that is your choice as well.

Many people can’t help but hate me because I threaten the whole structure of hate they’ve built up in their egoic mind — the structure that frames them as an outsider battling forces much more powerful than they are, locked in a duel to the death, where only the strong survive.

The important part to remember here is that as we are attacked, so do we grow by having a healthy response, rather than engaging the energy of the attacker with anger and fear. Recognize their confusion and see how fun they feel it is to mount such attacks, on some level. No one does a behavior like this unless they enjoy it and get a payoff out of it.

You can appreciate and recognize them while also having strict boundaries, so that certain lines will never be crossed. That’s the real trick, as I’ve said before. You are not a child, thrown to the wolves and powerless. You have the ability and the right to protect yourself from people who would try to steal your energy. You can feel it when it starts happening to you, and gently, lovingly but firmly establish that this will not go on.

That’s what we’re all doing now as a planet with the negative elite. This is the core behind why Disclosure is coming. This is the main reason why the Illuminati are in free-fall collapse.


Expect the unexpected — in a good way. Things are about to get a lot  more interesting.

You are being notified in advance so you do not get infected with the fear the mainstream media will be putting out in copious quantities once these prophecies begin coming true.

Whether you use this knowledge or not is up to you.

The fact that such powerful dream synchronicity has been displayed here, in real time, should help you understand that these forces very much can coordinate things on a massive level — much more than the typical atheist could ever allow himself to believe, due to his war-hardened cynicism.

Keep your chin up in the midst of the difficulties you are going through as we make this transition. This was but one of many dreams showing us that the outrageous fear porn you read and hear about on so many websites these days will never come to pass. We’ve outgrown the need for it. We won’t benefit from this happening again, as a species. It’s time for something new.

The world is transforming. Are you going to go with it, and BE love, or cling to the riverbank in fear?

The choice is yours.