Are we on the verge of an official government disclosure of the existence and reality of ETs and UFOs? The evidence is increasingly compelling that this utterly civilization-changing event is indeed upon us — likely within no more than six months or less.

By David Wilcock


[11/30: Many of you have written in saying this is the best article we’ve ever written. You have our sincere thanks. Never before have we given such a comprehensive and invigorating overview of ET life at the different levels of ‘density,’ and how this reflects on the immediate future.]



It’s like the greatest football game in human history. Everybody wants to know how it’s going to turn out.

Dates have been leaked and/or suggested. Some have now already passed. The clamoring has already begun.

As I’ve said before, it’s very likely that the initial dates were merely to test the waters and see how the system responded.

The real date will probably never be given — the event will simply take place. Television time will be called. An announcement will be made. And the signs are clear that we do not have long to wait.

For that reason, it is already  time to celebrate.

After so many years of secrecy and denial, the truth is about to be set free.

We will never be the same. There will undoubtedly be drama and turmoil when the announcement is made, but the scope and power of the changes it will create — the seeking  it will induce in so many — is incalculable.


Those who read this website, and / or watch our videos, will understand that the changes we are going through have nothing to do with, and will not involve, any of the following fear-porn scenarios so flagrantly and naively trumpeted on the Internet as if they were imminent facts:

  • Government and/or Illuminati takeover of the workings of society, creating a draconian, totalitarian and brutal state of martial law;
  • Mass death, either through natural or manmade viruses, tainted vaccines, government ‘death camps,’ engineered starvation, et cetera;
  • Collapse of civilization to a pre-industrial state through economic implosion, sudden wars, power grid failures, terrorist attacks, et cetera;
  • Epic earth changes that erase most life from the Earth as we now know it — pole shift, solar flares, tsunamis, et cetera, perhaps in 2012;
  • Evil extraterrestrials who either pose as good guys first, or simply come in swinging right away — with an attack vastly worse than 9/11.

The real story is far more interesting — and has a much happier ending — than these toxic, fear-drenched viewpoints. The very controllers who are causing all the problems on the planet may very well WANT you to believe these things are all about to happen, but that doesn’t mean they will. More on that later.

Disclosure is a lot cooler than just finding out we have human brothers and sisters, not born on Earth, with super-advanced technology — beings who can levitate, read minds and travel through time and space. There are beings very  much more evolved and advanced than those flying around in UFOs, who have long  since outgrown the need for any type of mechanized travel.

It is unclear how quickly we will get to that  level of understanding if/when a formal disclosure actually occurs — as it is a much deeper layer of the mystery.


Who are these beings — these people — who are so much more evolved than ETs in UFOs? And what exactly do they ‘do’?

If more of us understood the answers to those questions, we would be far, far less concerned about the behaviors of the negative elite. It’s good to be educated, but if you’re caught up in the drama — particularly if you either hate OR fear the NWO/Illuminati crowd– then believe me, they are getting exactly  what they want from you.

Your energy.

Don’t get me wrong. In some cases, the negative elite are absolutely doing their best to make  these doom-and-gloom scenarios come true. But here’s the catch: the vast majority of them are largely and/or completely unaware that they are being kept on a tight leash — by super-advanced beings who do not show favor to the negative over the positive, but ultimately manage both  groups.

These super-advanced beings keep the negative elite from ever infringing on our free will more than we have collectively invited and allowed  them to — by our own disharmony and negative / manipulative behavior on a personal and collective level.

Though our collective shadow has attracted some nasty stuff, it has not  attracted a worldwide catastrophe — and never will. Not at this point, where we are at the end of a major cycle. We are under incredibly meticulous care and attention at this time, all without any of our conscious awareness.

The real ‘Big Picture’ is that our planet is being managed  by very highly evolved entities — who have the power to move entire solar systems around almost as easily as we drag and drop files on a computer.

These entities, such as the author of the Law of One series known as Ra, say they are involved in “the management and transfer of planetary populations.” It has been a while since I have done an overview of the “lay of the land” as per the Law of One. In light of what now appears to be imminently heading our way, this seems like an excellent time to do so, and upgrade it with the latest and greatest intel. 

[In my opinion, the Law of One series — comprising 106 sessions from 1981 to 1983 — is far and away the most accurate and important ‘channeled’ work in modern times. It is the philosophical and scientific foundation of everything on this website. A stunning array of specific data points have since been validated by scientific discoveries and/or inside whistleblower testimony.

As fantastic as everything you are about to read sounds, it has all been verified by multiple different sources of information and/or is either directly mentioned or strongly alluded to in the Law of One series. The truth is much stranger and more interesting than fiction!]




Just for review, the human body is a standard design throughout the entire Galaxy, since it is designed and built by the Galaxy to express its own ‘personality’. You continue to have a human form in fourth and fifth density. By sixth density your natural form is simply a sphere of light.

A group like Ra started out as a planet of ‘third density’ people like us — in their case apparently on what is now Venus, a mere 1.5 billion years ago. They then graduated into ‘fourth density,’ as the Earth is also now moving into — gaining abilities such as levitation, telekinesis, gravity shielding, time travel, free energy, thought manifestation, instant healing and the like.

[In some cases, advanced third density civilizations can gain these technologies and abilities as well… just so we’re clear.]

They still very much have a human body like we do, but it is less physical and more like what we could think of as a light body. They can manifest their own food from thought, but often get so caught up in helping others that they forget to nourish themselves adequately.

As they grow, fourth density people often get involved in helping third density planets like ours in their evolution, mostly behind the scenes. Certain cultures receive physical contact, on a local level, if they have progressed enough as a group to warrant such a visit.

Fourth density beings influence the right people to meet one another, cause synchronicities to occur, help us “create our own reality,” and help make all these mystical things, like the “Law of Karma,” actually come to pass behind the scenes. They need UFO-type craft to travel, but these can be made invisible to third density people quite easily.

Fourth density people can be quite naive, particularly in the case of the fourth density positive beings, and do not have a framework to understand or anticipate human negativity.

Fourth density people can be visible to us with the naked eye if they allow themselves to be, but by simply raising their frequency — going to a place of inspired thought — they can easily become invisible. This will no longer be possible once our planet shifts into fourth density, which is already well on its way to happening now.

If you want to see a human analogy to fourth density life, go to Burning Man or some sort of holistic gathering with drumming, dancing, fireside chats, conscious living and lots of love and laughter. You will find all the pluses and minuses fairly quickly.

There is a great plethora of clean, fourth-density-positive-oriented material to read — and the way to identify it is that it will always come from a perspective of unconditional love and acceptance of others.



Some time later — often over eons of time, but occasionally (as in Ra’s case) at a fairly rapid pace — you graduate into ‘fifth density,’ where the unconditional love of fourth is informed by the wisdom of fifth. That’s why in the human energy field, fifth density is associated with the light-blue-colored throat chakra.

In this density you go on a research binge, learn all sorts of amazing things about how the Universe really works, learn to discover and utilize your willpower, communication and authentic voice, embrace the Principle of Honor, and are in a constant state of intellectual stimulation and development. Of course, it is entirely possible to exist in a fifth density state of consciousness here on Earth, albeit without all the technology and advanced mystical abilities.

Some 5D folks may then help advise and oversee fourth density beings, work with third density planets like us in their own capacity (such as through contacting and assisting more advanced meditators and seekers, and helping define and spread spoken language, mathematics, etc.), while they continue gaining all the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe they can find.

This wisdom-gathering is often a solitary path and can seem rather intellectual and detached compared to the open-hearted, all-loving perspective of fourth density. Graduation does not occur until you are fully ready to take everything you’ve learned and make a full life commitment to use it to help others.

Some fifth density entities start developing enough discipline to travel without machines, but it still is difficult. Most of them are able to start forming telepathic group-minds with larger numbers of people, where thoughts are literally shared enough that they work as one mind. Some fourth density folks can do this as well, but it becomes much more refined in fifth density.

You still have a human body in fifth density. You manifest and eat “liquid light broth of a golden hue,” according to the Law of One series, and it is very enjoyable and nourishing, consumed in group gatherings. 

The cleanest fifth density messages I have found, thus far, are the Seth books — particularly The Seth Material as an introductory course, Seth Speaks as the main text, and The Nature of Personal Reality to further explore key points about “create your own reality” in greater detail. All of these books must be purchased — none are available online at this time — but there are many you can find on Amazon or elsewhere that are not at all expensive.

Seth Speaks was of absolutely pivotal importance in helping me open my ability to channel and receive intuitive information, second only to the Law of One series. It provided necessary information to perfect the art that was not available in the Law of One material.


Millions of years in our time after entering fifth density, we finally graduate into ‘sixth density.’ In the human energy field this is the deep-indigo chakra of the third eye — which is very powerful once fully activated. You can still project yourself in human form if you prefer, but a sphere of light is now your natural state.

The love of fourth density and the wisdom of fifth density fuse into true Unity consciousness. An entire planet worth of people like us now merge into one singular consciousness, all the time — though they are still aware of the personalities they had before this union occurred, forming a “social memory complex”.

In sixth density, a clear, personal commitment is made to dedicate one’s life to helping others evolve — whereas in all stages before that, there is a greater measure of free will to pursue other activities if you so choose.

Sixth density beings take on the full weight of ‘Management’ tasks — acting as a sort of executive branch to implement, and in some cases design, the much larger-scale changes and interventions that will assist a given planet in its evolution. Many of these changes are decided and voted on from even higher levels of being, and it becomes the honor/duty of sixth density beings to carry them out. 


On Earth, the work of sixth density beings is quite extensive. First of all, a front-runner crew of ‘Ancients’ came here long ago to prepare the way for human life to exist on Earth. Before this time we didn’t have much beyond single-celled organisms at best.

The Ancients first created the Moon, most likely from material within the Earth. The creation of such a satellite enabled life to flourish on Earth by giving us tidal activity to regularize biological rhythms.

The Moon was grown to precisely the right size in order to harmonize with the Earth’s own measurements and those of the Sun in many surprising ways. You can read about them in technical books such as John Michell’s “The Dimensions of Paradise” and to some degree, Robert Lawlor’s “Sacred Geometry”. 

The Moon’s exact size and distance from the Earth was precision-engineered so we would see a perfect ‘corona’ during a solar eclipse. In our present materialistic age, this is not even seen as interesting — it is nothing more than a ‘coincidence.’



The Ancients also helped fashion habitable underground cities out of existing honeycomb-like pockets within the Earth. This does not mean the center of the Earth is hollow and the core is like a sun — but we now have multiple, credible insider testimonies confirming there really are areas like this within the Earth. Occasionally they have been discovered by people from the surface, according to many different legends from all over the world.

Interior gas pockets naturally formed as the material that made the Earth spiraled into being. They can be 70 to 100 miles deep in places, or more, and hundreds or even thousands of miles long. The Ancients insured that enough solid crust formed within them so that their interiors would not be overheated by the surrounding mantle. Life could grow inside much like the delicate crystals within the hard stone shell of a geode, metaphorically speaking.

The centrifugal force of the Earth’s rotation creates a force similar but opposite to gravity that allows you to walk ‘upside down’ in these inner areas, compared to the Earth’s exterior.

The Ancients custom-designed bio-luminescent bacteria on the innermost side of these pockets to provide a stable, renewable light source similar to sunlight, allowing flora and fauna to grow naturally within these mysterious interior areas.

Convection systems were also installed to insure an even hydrological cycle, so surface and sub-surface air and water could naturally interchange. The ‘plugs’ that regulate this water flow can still be found in the oceans if one knows where to look, though they are well camouflaged.

Many ETs can live and work closely with those on the Earth’s surface — safe, sound and totally undetected — thanks to these living, breathing ‘underground cities’ that are as full of biological life as the exterior. Our visitors have a nice place to pursue family life and get away — living and working in green, natural, outdoor communities — while almost never being detected by those on the surface, thanks to the help of the sixth density ‘Ancients’ who set this up for them. 


Apart from these ‘cities,’ the Ancients also installed super-advanced AI computer systems within the Earth that respond in a lifelike fashion to those whose spiritual calls for help are fairly simple. Rather than dealing with millions of different requests on a personal level that all have the same answer, the Ancients designed a system to batch-process all that ’email’ with the AI system.

The system responds directly and personally to each seeker, relaying the message to turn within, meditate and learn to be more loving and accepting. According to the Law of One, you do not need anything more than these ‘servers’ until your spiritual calling gets refined enough to attract personal attention from real beings. The first who will start working with you will usually be those of fourth density.

At this time in our planet’s history, since it is so close to the end of the cycle, almost everyone is getting personal attention. The servers are still there, but they’re far less active than they would be at other points within our cycle.


The Ancients also installed the Earth’s own stargate. This is a very involved discussion. You are about to read more specific details on this subject than I have ever shared publicly before.

My insider witness Daniel informed me that every planet with third density life gets its own stargate and its own gate address. This address is a base-10 number code consisting of seven different number sets. There are three separate single digits that can be up to 9, three sets of double digits that can be up to 99, and a final set that can be up to 999.

So, hypothetically, a gate address could go as high as 9.9.9., 99.99.99., 999 — but for reasons I will explain in a minute, such a high number is extremely unlikely.

Earth’s gate address ends in a three-digit number that is one higher than that of our neighboring planet Mars. We were the next planet to be ready for third density life after Mars in our own local area.

You only need to dial as far up the seven-level gate address scale as you want to go — so for a local trip, you only need to dial the appropriate three-digit number and you’re there, after a short but wild little wormhole ride.


The geometry known as the ‘icosahedron’ has ten equally-spaced nodes along the equator, as you can count out in the above image. This geometry actually exists as a standing-wave pattern in all different levels of scale, from quantum to Universal. Hence, this is the geometric basis for why gate addresses are designed in base 10. Cosmic areas can be divided up into smaller and smaller sections beginning with this logical principle.


The first three single digits in any gate address represent very large areas, much bigger than just our galaxy. Daniel was told they all exist on the exterior of a supermassive bubble that has a total of seven major cluster points of galaxies around its outside edge. This immediately captured my interest, as my research had already uncovered the fact that galactic superclusters are arranged in a geometric pattern — namely the octahedron — at the largest levels of size.

There are, of course, six corners or ‘nodes’ on each octahedron, as you can see in the next image. Each corner has a galactic supercluster that has formed in that spot, and many of the straight lines between corners have long strips of galaxies that have formed on them as well. Just so you can be clear, these ‘superclusters’ can contain hundreds or even thousands  of galaxies. Our scientists estimate there are about 10 million superclusters total in the Universe.


Each of these six ‘corners’ has a different number assigned to it for the very first digit of your stargate address. I am not sure where the extra number comes from to bring it up to seven. My guess is that there is something interesting in the exact middle of each octahedron, and / or a routing station that may be installed there despite the apparent lack of any galaxies.

It is also possible that a gate address of 1 automatically pops you into the center of the octahedron — and from this point you then have access to the many other octahedra as well. This may be the practical aspect of how very highly advanced beings traverse vast distances throughout the Universe.

As you can see with the arrow from the word ‘Sun,’ we happen to be right in the middle of two large octahedral clusters that were identified by Einasto et al., and Battaner and Florido — the so-called ‘Egg-Carton Universe’. Our scientists have discovered these geometric clusters are only stacked three high in the Universe, in what then looks like a gigantic super-galaxy, as I discussed in the CONVERGENCE books, free on this website in Start Here / Books.

No conventional physicist has explained why this geometry is there, or why the galactic superclusters so neatly form along the edges of these shapes. The answer, of course, is that these geometries naturally occur in vibrating fluids. The entire universe is built of fluidlike energy that is not situated in our own ‘three dimensions’.



The first digit of our gate address is 7, as we are within the seventh area on the exterior of this gigantic supermassive bubble that the Ancients’ gate network all links together. The icosahedron shape, and its attendant coordinates, may not be used until you get into slightly smaller regions.

As you go through the address from the first three single numbers into the double-digit number sets, you keep whittling your area down into smaller and smaller regions. At some point, and I was not informed precisely where, you are now entirely within the Milky Way galaxy. I will create some deliberately inaccurate and hypothetical numbers to illustrate the point.

Let’s say your planet’s own three-digit address is 505. [It is unlikely your final three-digit number would ever go much above 700 or 750 at the most, since the Ancients keep a set of spare numbers towards the end, and recycle numbers from planets once they have moved out of third density.]

If you were at 505, you could thus dial 501 and quickly pop over to the planet that is only four steps away from you in time and location.

Let’s say your two-digit address just before the 505 is 22. If you then dialed 23.155, you would first have to reach the transfer station for 22 and be transported from there to the neighboring area 23, before zipping over to the planet that corresponded to the number 155 in that neighboring area.

This trip would require you to route through a transfer station, built and upheld by the Ancients, so you could cross from one of the double-digit regions to another. The farther you go up the chain, the more distance is involved, and the more transfer stations you must pass through. If you dialed a full seven-set address, and the first number was something other than 7, you would have a very long and strange trip ahead.

If you were “Bad in Math,” you might want to write your stargate address on your hand so you don’t lose track of how to find your way back home.


This system was clearly depicted in the finale of the movie CONTACT. The Stargate movie and television series also uses a seven-part stargate address. Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘2001’ uses the Monolith as another symbol of the gate system — and the end of the movie features a famous psychedelic gate-travel ‘trip’ sequence.

Natural alarms are triggered that will warn you if you are trying to gate into a planet or location that will not support your type of biological life — but you can still force your way through it, go there and end up dying if you really want to.

Daniel informed me that the IP address protocol we use for the Internet was based, in part, on the insiders’ extensive studies of the ancient gate network. Of course, IP addresses are four sets of up to three digits each — is often used within your own local computer networks at home — but almost every IP address goes to a computer.

The same is true in the gate network. Almost any number combination you can possibly dial will take you somewhere — so you want to be careful what you choose.


Henry Deacon was aware of this system, but referred to it disdainfully as ‘ancient’ and very dangerous. No one uses it much anymore once they get to the point of true interplanetary travel and communication. You have an experience of shooting through wormholes that can take quite some time, rides like a rollercoaster, and can involve vivid hallucinatory-type experiences.

If you are not properly trained you can experience permanent schizophrenic symptoms after being put through an ancient stargate system. By comparison, the ‘modern’ system is so quick and easy to use there literally is no time elapsed. The doors close, the doors open and you’re done.

The ancient gate network will only translate living, organic materials. Weapons and such do not make it through, as well as inorganic fabrics such as polyester, elastic or rayon. You cannot bring any tools, supplies or provisions through with you, except for fruits, vegetables and such. Modern systems do not have this problem. The Ancients deliberately designed the gate network this way to facilitate peaceful exploration and interplanetary communication.

Our insiders here on Earth fear what might come through the gate, and Daniel said the last he’d heard as of the mid-1980s was that it was buried in the Antarctic ice to quick-freeze anyone or anything who tried to get here by said means. This would emerge as an ‘error message’ from the other end of the gate for any would-be traveler.


Each planet is given one main gate, and ours was allegedly re-discovered in Egypt as of 1927. Many specific and correct data points were installed in the Stargate movie and television series so that if anyone came forward with the truth, they could be attacked and discredited as merely being “fans of that television show.”

The show did even make a tongue-in-cheek joke about the truth behind the fiction in the episode entitled “Wormhole X-Treme”, where a ‘fake’ television show was being made about the ‘real’ Stargate team. You can hear them almost begging to tell you the truth — and having a lot of fun with the wink, wink, nudge, nudge, we-all-really-know-what’s-going-on approach.

There is a great deal of inaccurate and/or fantasy-oriented material in the program as well, though real information is still occasionally blended in. Seasons 1 and 2 in particular have a lot of disclosure in them. The Goa’Uld are the Anunnaki, though in Stargate they are the same height as we are, which is inaccurate. The Asgard in Stargate SG-1 are known as the Aesir, and have a local gate address of 001 — the original inhabited world in our local sector.

[The A and E in Aesir are joined together in documents describing them, and physiologically they do look like ‘Greys.’ There are a variety of human populations with this type of appearance and it does not in any way mean they are negatively polarized.]

Apparently their planet is an asteroid orbiting a pulsar — and this unique and unusual configuration has allowed life to persist on it for quite some time, which is why they’ve been around the longest in terms of anyone Daniel and his team were aware of. Even so, they’re very likely only fourth or fifth density.

The Ancients also seed languages on planets throughout the gate network such as Latin, with the help of their 5D / 4D assistants such as the Aesir. This makes it easier for neighboring planets to connect with each other and communicate — their languages will often share common roots.


Once the Ancients custom-designed the Moon, the inner earth ‘cities’, the AI ‘servers’ and our local stargate, (which was not activated and put online until third density began, like you see with the Monolith at the beginning of 2001,) they then nourished and steered life on the planet so as to insure it would smoothly and comfortably lead to human existence.

Since they work outside of linear time, this is not that difficult to manage. I was told by my own guides that the dinosaurs were deliberately wiped out in order to pave the way for human life to flourish on this planet. They had their time, but it was an evolutionary dead-end that needed to be altered for Earth to continue along its prescribed course.

The people who grow on a given planet may very well not be native to that world. In the case of Earth, according to L/L Research’s “Secrets of the UFO”, which directly preceded the Law of One series, souls and genetics from some 16 different planets of human origin were all combined together, in various ways, at various times, to create our current situation.

This amount of interbreeding is apparently quite rare, and has a lot to do with the magnificent genetic diversity of life on Earth, making it a highly sought-after Edenic paradise within this galaxy compared to many other worlds.

One of the biggest insider secrets is how much ‘tinkering’ from different groups has combined to create the human bodies we have today. The first race to do this was the so-called Anunnaki, who can range from 8 to 15 feet tall and have evolved into human bodies from a reptilian-based heritage. Their skin does not have scales — only many small, fine dots like the skin on a lizard’s belly, according to Major Robert Dean. 

Their initial modifications are estimated to have been performed some 200 to 500,000 years ago. Many of the details were passed down into the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, and Zecharia Sitchin’s work contains a substantial amount of accurate information about what happened.

Other visitors blended their own genetics in as time went by. Nonetheless, the Anunnaki erroneously still believe themselves to be our ‘Gods’ thanks to having been the first to combine their DNA with the indigenous ape-men they found on Earth when they first arrived. Of course, sixth density ‘Management’ had steered these ape-men into being in the first place, such as by creating the Earth’s Moon, et cetera.

Sixth density ‘Management’ again took over as of 75,000 years ago and made even more genetic modifications to insure that everyone here would have an acceptable vehicle for third density life to flourish — and according to the Law of One, it was at this time that souls from the planet Mars were transferred here.

The Anunnaki have since discovered that our pineal gland has tremendous power once fully activated — power that can throw off the control they still wield over this planet through their proxies here on Earth. Therefore they work diligently to keep us in negative emotions like anger and fear so we don’t complete the transformation. However, this is a losing battle, and they have very little time left before we ‘go online’ and force them to move elsewhere.



Those on the negative path are able to perform amazing feats of consciousness and ‘magic’ thousands of years in advance of everyone else. The Creator seems to have designed this as a standard throughout the Universe.

Granted, those magical abilities come from absorbing the energy and vitality of others. It clearly states in the Law of One that negative entities feed on fear. They literally use it as a food source for their own sustenance. If this food chain were to be disrupted, worldwide, for even one single day, they would suffer such great damage that they might never recover from it.

They are not concerned with eating us, like the TV series ‘V’ would suggest. We are of much greater value to them by being ‘farmed’ for fear.

So yes… the Earth is designed to be a fear farm. Negative entities like the Anunnaki are manipulating the very top levels of the military-industrial complex to create a mass media system that keeps the ‘farm’ producing its number-one cash crop — fear and anger.

If the negatives were not allowed to have this head start, there would be no incentive for them to participate in the Cosmic Plan.


Sixth density beings are also involved in constructing elaborate, hypercomplex parallel realities the negatives can actually see, visit and even live within, all to give them the illusion that they know what the future will bring. Since they can time travel, if they could see the REAL future probabilities where they completely lose power, they would have no incentive to continue.

I find it quite humorous that the negatives’ favorite activity is presenting a false reality and tricking people into believing it’s real, when in fact they are also being ‘played’ by the sixth density folks the exact same way! This gives them an incentive to keep doing their jobs. However, I am told they will find ‘glitches in the matrix’ and so forth that will clue them in, should they bother to look, that this reality is not, in fact, true.



Ultimately they have to either integrate the loving consciousness of the One Infinite Creator, in their quest for Unity Consciousness, or else they end up slowly deteriorating, experiencing increasing genetic damage. Their bodies literally fall apart, just like Dan Burisch has reported with the J-RODs who are working with Majestic. Ultimately they will dissolve back into pure energy if they do not make the shift to loving consciousness.

In Ra’s case back on Venus, a man and woman were at the top of their version of the Illuminati pyramid. They were highly negatively polarized, clever and deceptive. They had to work through fourth and fifth density negative, and ultimately came to understand the loving Unity Consciousness of the very Being they are living within. They integrated the positive and were welcomed into Ra’s sixth density social memory complex in a grand ‘family reunion.’

The past was able to be laughed about, the players now realizing how everyone had their role to fulfill in the great dance of consciousness.


In our own case, once the pineal glands we were outfitted with by sixth density beings some 75,000 years ago finally go ‘online,’ as so many of us are just now starting to experience, our abilities will soon become vastly  greater than anything the negatives can counteract.

The real key to this ‘positive magic’ is that you do not fear or hate those who would attack you.

Instead, you see the Oneness of all. Recognize they are you — there’s only one of us here. Love and accept them for who they are. Be kind to them. At the same time, make a very clear boundary that you do not and will not accept what they are offering you. Tell them to go and leave you in peace.

That is the real art of how business gets done in the higher realms when you are attacked by shadow entities. They will literally run screaming when this approach is utilized. True compassion and sympathy for them sears them like throwing holy water on a vampire.



Another key activity for sixth density beings is to build a ring of ‘balancing pyramids’ around the world that can help stabilize the Earth on its axis. This ‘ring’ was not completed until Ra and their sixth density associates came and built the pyramids in Egypt and Central America in the relatively more recent past. The older pyramids are often half covered in dirt due to major land shifts that had occurred, and have since been covered with trees and so forth.

Once you understand that sixth density beings can create entire moons, it becomes a lot easier to visualize them building massive pyramids to balance the planet’s energies.

In my most recent lecture at the Secrets conference, I showed an astonishing number of pyramids around the world, some of which most people mistakenly think of as mountains, if they even know about them at all. Nonetheless, the evidence for their artificial construction is quite compelling.

The pyramids recently discovered in Bosnia may well date back to 30,000 years ago, are made of giant blocks, have curious geometric alignments to one another, and have underground chambers interconnecting them. I will show all of this again at the upcoming all-weekend San Francisco conference in January, and at my exclusive Hawaii vacation intensive in March.

Sixth density beings also designed advanced time-counting systems such as the Mayan Calendar and the Zodiac. They also can, at times, contact certain purified teachers to get their messages through about the Law of One in a direct and unobstructed fashion.

More often, and particularly as we head towards the end of a cycle, they read the mass mind of humanity as a single organism so as to help steer our evolution.

By being able to read and understand all of us as One Mind, they can find all the fractal changes that can be made, like the flap of a single butterfly’s wing, that will guide the whole planet in the direction best suited for everyone’s growth — without anyone ever realizing they are responsible.



The only step remaining before sixth density beings re-unite with Oneness is to arrive at  ‘seventh density.’ In order to make the seventh density graduation, a full sense of the sacramental nature of all things  is required. This means that the dance of polarity — of apparent good and evil — is all accepted as the movement of the Creator’s will to create and promote spiritual evolution.

A sarcastic, insufficient view of this level of understanding would still involve seeing others as weak, ignorant, distasteful, less valuable or in any way ‘other’ than the self.

Many negative-leaning insiders say they have “Transcended Good and Evil” as a feel-good catch-phrase that rolls right off the tongue — but for as long as they see others in any type of insulting, demeaning or diminutive way, they haven’t attained this level of mastery yet.

Most of the current insider philosophies of the Illuminati are essentially an incomplete mis-interpretation of what it means to attain this state of being, and they only pantomime the truth of Unity consciousness.

Some Illuminati insiders, who will probably read this, have told me they have transcended good and evil. With all due respect, if this were indeed true, then you would not be concerned with royal bloodlines and the idea that spiritual, financial or social power makes you an elite — above and beyond the others around you in stature, value and importance.

The royal bloodlines all trace back to ET heritage in the first place. Now the energetic processes pushing the Earth into fourth density are transforming everyone’s DNA on the planet so they will become as powerful as the progenitor races that seeded the Earth in the first place. Blood descent is no longer relevant due to the energetic changes now taking place on Earth.

“I am above no one and below no one.” That’s Unity consciousness. 

A fully-integrated, complete view of seventh density consciousness realizes that the Universe is indeed loving and joyful — and these dances of polarity are all sacred, all ministered with the greatest of respect and compassion, and therefore perfect just as they are.


The ‘overview perspective’ can be difficult for sensitive, compassionate sixth density beings to understand. Existence transcends the physical body, and each of us chooses, before we ever come here, how and when we are most likely to die. We give ourselves ‘exit ramps’ at certain points in our lives in case we stray too far from our original goals, and wish to exit the planet before accruing any further karma.

It can seem, at times, unduly harsh to allow the negative to flourish and perform its routines. Yet, without the negative, growth stagnates and spiritual death ensues. The negative breaks up complacency and creates movement and growth.

Seventh density beings do not work with entities other than sixth density, except at the end of a cycle to insure everyone gets where they need to go, no matter how far they may stumble off the path. They work in an advisory capacity with sixth-density before they turn to the One, and re-unify with Intelligent Infinity.

The biggest decisions for a given planet — such as, for example, whether to allow a teacher like Jesus to perform his mission, knowing full well the massive ramifications of such an action, worldwide, both positive and negative, based on the probable future timelines that can be seen — are made by seventh-density beings, who act as teachers and advisors for sixth density. 

5D and 4D beings, in turn, honor and accept the guidance and terms passed down from the sixth-density Management folks.

All the above is a gross oversimplification of how it works — but with this knowledge in place, you can see that what we’re dealing with is a lot more than little green saucer-men. Now I wish to turn our discussion back to doom and gloom, and why so many of the things you read on the Internet simply will never come to pass.


Let’s look again at the basic ‘job description’ for sixth density:

The management and transfer of planetary populations.

There is a lot more depth within that little phrase than we may realize if we don’t take the necessary time to meditate on it, crack the shell, and extract the sweet nectar of its meaning. The ‘Management’ beings like Ra are conducting at this time involves the construction and maintenance of a very precisely-balanced ‘illusion’ on this planet — for the purposes of our own spiritual growth. 

The amount of work that goes into maintaining this illusion is completely staggering to the rational mind. It can be explained, but is almost impossible to understand within the limited bandwidth of the human mind, body and spirit. Each of us, to varying degrees, are being managed in ways we may never comprehend — carefully and quietly orchestrating events on Earth so that everything operates within given parameters.

Other events not within the control or influence of our own individual free-will actions are also being guided — again with a level of such exacting precision that it is nearly impossible to understand or discover that any higher intelligence is involved in what goes on.

This is why, for example, the Yellowstone super-caldera volcano has not erupted, California has not sunk into the ocean, and the Sun has not destroyed our electrical grid in a coronal mass ejection.


Why do you think UFOs have often been seen over nuclear missile silos, powering down the whole complex before zipping away? Why was a UFO seen over Chernobyl when the meltdown occurred, stopping it from killing many, many more people and possibly destroying the Earth?


Why do you think, as Al Martin Raw reported, the Bush faction’s attempt to plant fake WMDs in Iraq and blame it on Saddam was interdicted, the conspirators wiped out and the materials lost in a so-unfortunate ‘friendly fire’ incident?


Why do you think that within the last year, the Iran Deyanat — an entire ship built to explode and release tons of messy, radioactive dust as a ‘dirty bomb’ to attack Israel and surrounding areas — just happened to be captured by nasty pirates? How did those pirates end up going after that particular ship — saving us from a very unfortunate nuclear incident that would have killed innocent people and destabilized the entire Middle East?


Why is it that every doom-and-gloom story the fear pornographers come up with, often with impending Chicken Little timelines in the not-too-distant future, never comes to pass — at least nowhere near as destructively as they expect?




There may be multiple times each day where we do certain things, believing it to be entirely our own free will, unaware of the fractal effect that our actions are having upon the collective. For this very reason, you should never underestimate the influence and importance of every thought and action you take, every moment of every day. Thoughts of love, peace, acceptance and forgiveness have far more power than you may realize.

More and more people are getting ‘synchronicity’ experiences, such as seeing 11:11, 12:12, 3:33, 4:44, et cetera on clocks, license plates, odometers and such, showing us that our seemingly ‘random’ behavior is actually highly coordinated — by forces most of us are never aware of.

An incredible number of seekers are just now awakening to the real, super-evolved and super-advanced entities who are helping guide us through this transition process.

Each of us has a ‘Higher Self’ that already exists in this highly-refined sixth density level. 

Our sixth density Higher Self speaks directly to us through dreams, synchronicities, visions and other mystical experiences, especially in meditation.

This contact, already within you, is of far greater value than connecting with ‘insiders’ or someone like myself. To connect within, to make that bridge between mortal and Divine, is to truly fulfill your Universal Purpose.


It is absolutely mandatory that Management keeps our planet balanced. That is the Way of the Universe. We are not alone. Nothing happens by random chance. Everyone is growing spiritually whether they realize it or not, regardless of how many times they may repeat the same lessons.

The balance that Management provides for us means that we can equally look for the positive, and find it, as the negative. The more negative things happen, the more positive breakthroughs must  be allowed to occur. And the negative will never be allowed to overtake the positive under any circumstances. The changes we do see on Earth are a necessary part of the growth pains involved in this process.

As long as you remain in fear, the negative plans still have a chance of working out. If you wake up, lose the fear and understand the real story, then you are on the winning side — and your life can be an ever-increasing bounty of blessings, goodwill and spiritual growth.

This is a war of frequency. The frequency being fought over is your consciousness. Will you exist in love, or in fear? Either way is a choice. And the choice you make has a direct, resonant effect upon the entire planet.