David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM: October 6, 2009

George Noory (GN): Well, I call him “The Thinker”: David Wilcock, professional author, lecturer, film-maker, musician, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy.

He is the subject and co-author of the international best-seller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Some believe he may BE the reincarnated Edgar Cayce.

He is also the executive producer of 2012 Enigma; Convergence: The Movie; and the lead vocalist on Wanderer Awakening, a metaphysical musical.

I’ve got to get you to sing on Coast to Coast one night, David. [David laughs] We’re going to do this. I’m going to do this. How are you? [laughs]

David Wilcock (DW): I thought you said I was “The Thinker”.

GN: You are “The Thinker”.

DW: You’re going to get me to wear more than one hat here.

GN: You’ve got that right. Last time I saw you, we had a great conference. I had a wonderful time. The audience loved you, as they always do. How have you been?

DW: It’s been quite an interesting ride, George. It’s a very dynamic year. I think everybody has been going through a lot of changes, and this seems to be a consciousness-field-related effect.


DW: You know, my contention has always been that we’re moving into a zone of energy in the galaxy that has a much higher energetic charge.

I noticed just now you were mentioning on your opening notes something about the Spitzer Telescope, or satellite, that has now seen new rings around Saturn.

GN: Mm-hm. Unbelievable.

DW: They might not have been there before. We’re seeing changes in climate all throughout the solar system. All kinds of new stuff showing up. You can tick off every single planet.

In fact, recently, it was announced that magnetic tornadoes are appearing on Mercury — and they’ve never seen that before.

You just tick down every single planet. Venus is getting much brighter. Mars is experiencing global warming – they’re actually calling it that – you’re seeing cloud formations, ice caps melting.

You go to Jupiter and you’re seeing massive changes — there’s a new red spot forming and things are appearing and disappearing. There are gigantic storms showing up. The plasma around Jupiter is getting much more highly charged.

On Saturn, now we have the new rings. It’s also had a massive blast of X-rays coming out from around the equator.

Then you go out to Uranus and Neptune, both of which are having substantial increases in storm activity; their brightness is substantially increasing. And, of course, Pluto is actually experiencing a 300 percent increase in its atmospheric pressure due to what they’re calling global warming, even though it’s moving away from the sun.

So that’s kind of the thumbnail of what’s happening on a physical level to the solar system.


DW: Then you have to remember that the energy that’s causing this is totally a consciousness-based energy. That’s the substrate of all matter in the universe.

GN: Now, explain that, David. What do you mean by that — that consciousness could be creating this?

DW: Well, first of all, you have to dismiss with the idea that there is anything other than Mind.

GN: All right.

DW: The biggest mystery in the universe is identity.

The biggest mystery is: What happens when you look in the mirror, and who are you seeing?

That really is the bottom line: Is there a difference between you and me?

I mean, obviously there is an illusion that we’re living in. It says that you’re sitting in a studio, and I’m sitting in my house talking to you on the phone, and everybody else out there is listening — and we’re all different identities.

But, in truth, we have so much information now to suggest that the building-blocks of physical matter as we know it are fundamentally conscious. As we know, in the quantum realm it behaves based on what you expect  it to do.

So when we extrapolate from that and then tie in a variety of ancient prophecy sources, as well as some modern sources from alleged extraterrestrial intelligence – of which I have produced some of those myself with some pretty astonishing results in terms of predicting the future – what we see is a unified model of cosmology in which the entire universe is built from the energy of Mind… and that is the basis of all matter.

There is an extensive scientific case that I can make to establish that premise as valid.

GN: All right. Let’s back that up. And also, David, I want to ask you after this if this strange feeling that so many people are feeling, if this is what you’re feeling as well. But go ahead.

DW: Well, okay. I think the strange feeling is obviously a hyper-dimensional change.


DW: There are very tangible markers we can look at to prove that, in fact, evolution is occurring at a rapid speed in humanity. I recently did a Project Camelot conference called “Awake and Aware” and we have that video on my website for free to watch, divinecosmos.com.

People are really jazzed about this video, because I gave away a lot of stuff that up until now I have only been giving in conferences that people had to pay to see. But we’re so close now to where these things are going to start really happening that I’m starting to open up the records and let this stuff go out, because it’s just too important not to talk about it.

One of the things I found that really fascinates me is this University of Wisconsin anthropologist named John Hawks, who studied human evolution by looking at the actual genetic DNA information available in various fossils and so forth.

From those archives he was able to conclude that in the last 40,000 years, the human species has been undergoing what he refers to as “supercharged evolutionary change”. In particular, in the last 5,000 years we have been speeding up in our evolution so fast that a person from 3,000 BC is more similar to the Neanderthal than they are to us.

In other words, our evolution has quickened so dramatically that there is a substantial difference between people now and people 5,000 years ago – and that’s genetic, measurable, DNA change.

So then you also look at The Flynn Effect, which Richard Hoagland has also talked about. It shows that for at least a century, if not longer, the average IQ of a human being is increasing by three points per decade.

GN: That’s pretty dramatic, isn’t it?

DW: It’s very dramatic, especially when you look at the fact that the IQ scores that are raising the most are in the category of symbolic, abstract thinking, not in terms of literacy. So you can’t argue that this is the result of people reading more newspapers, magazines and websites.

It has more to do with our ability to use intuition, which is really what symbolic, abstract thinking is. It’s the intuitive connections that we make spontaneously between disparate things.

[Hawks’ evolution discovery, and Flynn’s findings about human IQ steadily increasing, are directly correlated with this movement into a higher zone of energy in the galaxy. We can measure the energy; we know it’s there. We can meausre its effects on the entire solar system.

As we’ve now released in the latest videos, available in the Videos section of divinecosmos.com, we also see evidence in the fossil record that many other waves like this have hit us before. Each time, they rapidly upgrade all life on Earth. They arrive in even intervals of time — 26 and 62 million years, respectively.]


GN: You know, five years ago, David, I probably would have said, “Ahh, I don’t know about all this.” But now I think you’re right on; absolutely right on.

DW: Well, you’ve got to realize that you are on the cutting edge. This audience is part of what will become commonplace later on, but right now we are at the leading edge of this before it becomes common knowledge.

We have been lied to. We have been partitioned from the truth. The people who have tried to get the truth out in many cases have been paid off, intimidated or even killed, and this includes many, many deliberate attempts to suppress science that starts to take us in the right direction.

As point of fact, you can even go back to the 1800s, to the time of Louis Pasteur. If you look at a carton of milk and it says “Pasteurized”…

GN: That’s right. [laughs]

DW: …that’s because Louis Pasteur was the guy who said, “Hey, there’s these little critters and you’ve got to kill them or else it’s going to make your milk go bad.”

So there was a big scientific conspiracy, of which Pasteur was one of the main components, to suppress any evidence of what is called “spontaneous generation”.

What is “spontaneous generation”? That means if you take some basic enzymes that don’t really have any biology in them, put them in a little bottle and then seal it up, little critters start to grow — in a completely hermetically-sealed, sterile environment!

GN: Let’s pick it up more when we come back.

[To finish this thought, life is being spontaneously generated from the Source Field. That is provable based on a variety of hard scientific data points we share in our lectures, to some degree in the free videos, and in our upcoming book 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age.

First, you have to investigate solid, yet controversial evidence of ‘spontaneous generation.’ From there we can clearly show how DNA itself arises from a wave in the Source Field. There is very solid laboratory evidence that existing creatures can be transformed, in their embryonic state, from one species to another by nothing more than “wave genetics” — shining a laser into the embryo that has the wave information from the DNA of another species.

Thus, our contention is that this is what is now happening to us. The interplanetary climate change demonstrates the raw energy from the Galaxy that is charging up our entire Solar System, as well as ourselves. This new energy has wave information that is already reprogramming our DNA, causing us to increase in intelligence and genetic diversity, particularly in the last 5000 years.] 


GN: Welcome back to Coast to Coast. I’m George Noory. David Wilcock with us tonight.

David, tell me about these prophetic dreams, as well, that you’ve been having.

DW: Well, this is one of the things that really has gotten me very excited. Obviously we are aware that there are prophecies of 2012.


DW: Just as a segue into the dream thing, let me say that the Great Pyramid’s timeline has recently come back into my focus. Most people don’t even know it has one. There is a timeline in the Great Pyramid, and it actually does resolve to 2012 as being the most important date in the timeline!

This has been studied by Freemasons, and so forth, going back for well over a century. It involves basically a mathematical code in which each inch — in terms of Egyptian inches, which is slightly different than the regular English inch — corresponds to a year in time.




The beginning of the timeline is fixed by an alignment between the Pleiades and the Pole Star [Polaris] as it shines down the descending passage of the pyramid. The Pleiades in that case is directly overhead while the Pole Star shines down. That only happens once in the entire [25,920-year] cycle of precession.

GN: Mm-hm.

DW: The mathematical code tells you messages. A lot of things have come through. It tags the exact birth and crucifixion of Jesus. That’s in there very strongly.


It nails World War I, World War II and lots of things very specifically.



It talks in particular about the era we’re in as an era of Universal Reincarnation, where every person who’s been alive on Earth is alive now to see this event.




As you start to head into the King’s Chamber, you go through this little passage where you have to squat down to go through.



There’s a big slab of stone up inside once you go through there.



A little carving on that stone is called “The Boss” or “The Seal” – it kind of looks like a rising sun – and it is actually the symbol of 2012. It appears exactly when 2012 hits in the timeline.


If you read these books on pyramidology, [such as “Great Pyramid Decoded” by Peter Lemesurier,] they basically tell you that 2012 is when there will be the formation of what they call “a separate and unique form of society based totally on allegiance to the spiritual.”

[Our upcoming ‘2012 Event Horizon’ free YouTube movie will have all the most important details. Lemesurier changed the dating system from “one inch equals one year” as you head into the King’s Chamber, but he did leave a paper trail of what happens if you leave it alone — and that’s where 2012 suddenly jumps out. This next graphic is an excerpt from the exact part of the book where he reveals this — in 1977.]



DW: So it’s very interesting to note that you have two different cultures on opposite sides of the Atlantic — the Mayan culture and the Egyptian culture. Both of them have their own highly complex time prophecy systems. Both of them focus on the exact same date in calendar time — and this date is very close by.

[Furthermore, Western astrology tags the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius as occurring in 2012 as well — and even mainstream astronomers will not dispute this point. So there are three different prophecy systems that directly point to 2012. We also know 2012 is expected to be the next solar cycle peak, according to NASA, thus jeopardizing our power grids.]

Now, as all this relates to my dreams, we haven’t really gotten clear as to what the 2012 date exactly means.

Is it some kind of dimensional shift in which reality as we know it pops into a different thing entirely?

Is it more of a symbolic statement of a period in time in which rapid evolution is occurring?

As I was talking about in the first part of the show, we can prove that [rapid evolution is] happening. We can prove genetically that’s it happening. We can show that the solar system is undergoing very rapid change, which is not normal.

But what does it really mean in terms of when things will happen… and what  will happen?



DW: I’ve been getting this increasingly intense series of dreams, for two years now, which are pointing to the fact that sometime within the next two or three months, most likely, we’re going to be seeing some very, very substantial shifts of society that will be directly paving the way for the fulfillment of these prophecies.

GN: That’s dramatic. Now, these visions that you saw, what speared it? I mean, how did these come to you?

DW: Well, these are the kind of dreams that just leave you reeling, because of the intensity and the importance of what’s being said. I’ll give you an example that happened fairly recently.

I had a dream in which I was basically dealing with, for lack of a better term, the Illuminati. At first it seemed like it wasn’t that big of a deal. There was a guy who was trying to steal my wallet and I said: “Give me that back, man. What are you doing?” You know. [both laugh]

Then, all of a sudden, this woman showed up. I don’t want to name names, but she did kind of look like the actress Judi Dench.

GN: All right.

DW: That doesn’t mean that she’s in the Illuminati or anything. I’m just saying that’s who she looked like in the dream.

She basically walked up to me and her eyes turned red, like glowing and beaming this red glow. She said, “You think you’ve defeated us, but you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re now really going to pull out the heavy guns. This is it. You’ve pushed it too far. We’ve had it and we’re going to take you out.”

GN: And you could be a representative of the United States.

DW: Oh, yeah — or the world.

GN: Or the world.

DW: You know, humanity in general. [In certain prophetic dreams the individual self’s experiences can be reflective of the whole. However, many interpret apocalyptic dreams as being predictive of real Earth Changes, when in fact they are usually describing upheavals in one’s own life.]

GN: Exactly. 

DW: It’s very difficult to say this in a way that makes sense, but the presence of evil that came when this woman turned [to me], when her eyes turned red — it was absolutely something that just…

I mean, I was absolutely paralyzed with fear, couldn’t breathe. It seemed as if time had just slowed to infinitely small amounts of time in one moment. It was one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me in a dream.

So the intensity of this was huge.

Then, immediately after that, my perspective shifted out to space. I saw this giant asteroid which they had basically maneuvered into position. It was coming in to hit the Earth, and it was going to wipe out life on Earth as we know it.

Now, this does not mean that I’m predicting that an asteroid is coming. It’s a symbol. It’s not a literal prediction that asteroids are coming.

GN: It’s a symbol for something that is coming.

DW: It’s a symbol for an attempt to, shall we say, lighten the load of planetary population by a substantial amount.

GN: Good point.

DW: So what happened, which is just… I mean, it was so astonishing that it actually brought tears to my eyes. And again, it sounds Christian, but this is just one way of many way to describe this. Here’s what happened:

All of a sudden there was an apparition of Mother Mary that appeared. It was so huge that her waist was at the cloud-line. This was much, much larger than any skyscraper. It was so colossal in size that you could have been hundreds of miles away and still have seen it.


GN: And let’s preface this, David. I’ve never known you to be outwardly religious. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe you are.

DW: No. I would say that I’m spiritual.

GN: Right.

DW: And I would say that I embrace the underlying truth that religions hold, which is service to others and the importance of one Creator.

GN: Okay.

DW: But no, as far as religions go, I think when you start getting into all these documents being translated and retranslated, and the fact that you have different ET groups that are giving their philosophies to different people, and then how those philosophies get interpreted…

There are some that are close to the truth, some that are farther from the truth, but they all have a grain of familiarity with them once you start understanding and experiencing what the Creator really is — because it is something you appreciate in the now.


DW: So anyway, Mother Mary is there. What she does is she reaches out her hand – I focus in on her hand – and she literally stops the asteroid with it. She gets it halfway slowed down at first, and then she seems to let it go for a while. Then she brings her hand in again, and the asteroid looks like just a few pieces of gravel in her hand.

Then it basically plops to the ground and it’s completely inert. It doesn’t hit the Earth, doesn’t cause any damage — it just kind of plunks down. And it was just like everybody on Earth had this incredible feeling that the most amazing miracle had happened.


DW: Now, I’ve had other dreams [like this. In one case,] I was out on the ocean. I’m on a raft, away from a cruise ship. We were just kind of floating out there. Then I see this tsunami showing up. It’s like two-, three hundred feet tall… or more.

And again, I’m not saying this is a literal prophecy. Please don’t misinterpret this, because I know people will misinterpret it if I don’t say that. This is a symbol.

Inside a dream, every part of the dream is some aspect of your psyche and some aspect of the WORLD’S psyche. That’s why so many people think there are going to be these terrible Earth changes. They may or may not actually happen; they may just be misinterpreting their own intuitive data. 

But anyway, this was foretelling what appeared to be, and what would seem to be, a very, very ominous and nasty event coming our way as a planet. And I’m basically saying, “Oh, my gosh, I’m going to die”, because here I am on this little raft and this wave is coming.

And I basically just hit the deck. I put my face down on the raft. I’m trying to hold my breath in the hopes that maybe I can swim to the top of the water if it washes over me without crashing on me. Then I’m waiting and I’m waiting. I finally can’t hold my breath any longer. I have to take another breath, which I was terrified to do.

I grab another breath and I’m waiting again. Then I take yet another breath. And I soon realized, “Okay, wait a minute. There’s no way that I couldn’t have already had this wave hit me by now. What the heck happened?”

I open up my eyes. Now the water is gone. [I’m on dry land. Everywhere the ocean was is now a gray, desert-like landscape. Yet it was far from dead — it was a very powerful energy.] The whole world looks completely different.

And this is just two of many, many dreams.

Before 9/11, I was getting dreams so redundantly -– I was getting dreams of airplane crashes and economic collapse, and those two things paired together, over and over again. But what I can say is that I have had 500 percent more dreams talking about this event that’s coming up in our very near future than I ever had about 9/11.


GN: All right, let’s talk a little bit about this taking of your wallet in the dream.

DW: Right.

GN: How would you tie this in to the current economic calamity we’re in? And also this talk now that is just RAPID; the Arab states are thinking about doing away with the dollar for oil. And now the UN wants to do away with the dollar as the currency.

DW: Oh, yeah!

GN: How does this equate with your dream?

DW: There is some astonishing synchronicity between the fact that we had already booked this show last week — and then it was today  that the announcement was made that the international community is basically wanting to create a basket of currencies to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.

Now, in the wake of World War Two there was a financial agreement called Bretton Woods, which I’m sure most of your listeners know about. This was where the American economy, given how robust it was and there was nothing else like it, was seen to be that which everyone else would kind of line up behind and use as their global focal-point.

As Catherine Austin Fitts said in your opening there, this has been something that various countries have wanted to do away with for a long time. But we also need to turn the clock back a little further and recognize that it is the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, which has led to what we now have as a fiat currency, which means we’re printing money on hot air and it doesn’t have anything backing it anymore.

GN: Right — nothing to back it at all, no gold, nothing.

DW: Right. We’ve taken off of it being tagged to any actual value. This is a big problem, because it creates an opportunity for massive inflation and massive deflation – sudden spasms of global commerce which can lead to severe economic pain – and that actually did happen last October.



DW: One of the things that I found so astonishing is that all of the things that are happening now, and all the things that are starting to happen, have been telegraphed.

In other words, at this point I don’t even really need dreams and intuition to be making these prophecy statements anymore. All I need to do is some trend analysis, and blend that with the testimony of multiple people who I’m in contact with who are still working on the inside.

Some of them do work for the Illuminati. Some of them do work for Majestic. Some of them do work for other black ops agencies.

I am speaking to these people. I don’t agree with everything they think, and I’m certainly willing and able to tell them that, but I have been entrusted with a lot of information.

Unfortunately, the more you get more told, the less you can talk about. But, I can say that what we’re… [searching for words]  How do I say this? The insiders are absolutely scared out of their wits right now. There is a state of absolute panic.

GN: Is that why they’re going so fast now?

DW: Yes. Yes.



DW: This swine flu thing… And I will say this. I’m putting myself at risk by doing this – I would definitely, definitely, definitely think twice before taking any medication or vaccine associated with the swine flu. If you value your life, think about it before you do it, please.

GN: That’s pretty strong words, David.

DW: If there’s 3.5 billions doses of something that’s been made to be a certain way, you might not want to be one of those 3.5 billion.

GN: The WHO said today, by the way, that are “some complications”, but not severe.

DW: Well, come on! We already have the testimony of Jane Burgermeister with Baxter Pharmaceuticals putting the actual bird flu into the vaccine and then saying, “Oops, how did that happen?”

GN: Yeah. I want to talk to you more about that when we come back. Give us an overall in just the few minutes we have here before the break then.


GN: This overall impression of this prophetic dream that you had is telling you what?

DW: There is a sequence of events that is about to unfold on this planet which will at first appear to be the most horrific economic vomiting we’ve ever seen. It is a sequence of events that is so terrifying that the insiders believe America is going to collapse into total anarchy, cannibalism, and violence.

That is actually what they believe. I do not believe this, but I’m telling you what I’m hearing.

They are absolutely in a massive panic. It is red alarm, full five-alarm fire, top alert — and it’s not being talked about in the media at all.

But what is really going on is that their grip on control is about to be broken. The Federal Reserve is in the process of being dismantled. That’s why we need to get the dollar out of the global reserve currency system. That is part and parcel of the breaking of the back of the Federal Reserve.

GN: Do you think – because I’ve got to tie this in, and I think you have too – the slighting of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics, with President Obama pushing for Chicago, do you think that was a message they wanted to send to him that basically said, “We’re in charge”?

DW: Yeah. It basically says: “Shut your ‘F-ing’ mouth. Stop what you’re doing. Stop trying to mess with us. We will go to any extent possible.”

It’s just like that woman in the dream: “Oh, you think that you’re in control? Wait a minute. Let me show you what I can do. I can knock out 3.5 billion people on your planet. I can do this. I can do that.”


DW: Well, first of all, I don’t think that’s going to work. I don’t think that we’re going to see a massive die-off of the planet’s population.

But these guys firmly believe – and I’ve talked to people that have tried to explain this to me and tried to make me buy into it – that they are saving the world by getting rid of a lot of people. They think that without this happening, if they were to release the free energy technologies and tell us about UFOs and extraterrestrials, which they plan on doing, it would be a disaster — because then you’d have the breeding go way up.

However, what we actually do know is that when a society is allowed to develop, they in fact have a much reduced  birth rate. In fact, if you’re below 2.2, you don’t have sustainable population growth.

GN: That’s true.

DW: You get negative population growth. And that’s what’s actually happening in countries like the U.S. and Japan.

GN: Yes. It’s happening primarily in those countries that have more of an educated population, isn’t it?

DW: You’re absolutely correct. The reason why people have so many kids is because of grinding poverty, lawlessness, and despair. It’s a security plan, so that as you get elderly, you’re going to have at least one of your kids survive and be able to take care of you.

If you’re in a society where your basic needs are met and you’re not having to worry about getting your head blown off if you walk out to go to the bathroom, then you’re not going to feel such a need to have 15 children. That’s just a simple scientific fact.



DW: I will point out something else as well. When you talk to people who are at the very, very highest level, where there’s no compartmentalization… And these people are not speaking to guys like Dr. Greer, as far as I’m aware. They don’t want to come forward. They’re not going to come forward with me, either.

There is a level at which you can find out that we have hundreds and hundreds of interstellar spacecraft. We have many different bases on many different satellites [i.e. planets and moons]. There is way more than enough space to move everybody somewhere else if conditions on the Earth became overpopulated.

Then it becomes a question of… racism.

GN: Who goes?

DW: Yeah. Who goes? The point of fact is that they have room for everybody, but they see some of these races as filthy and they don’t like these people. They think of themselves as gods, and that these other people are not. It’s preposterous.


DW: Again, there is a “Management” in place, that’s what I call it. This is a higher intelligence; much, much higher than even most of the ETs visiting us. Management, basically, is letting us play these games in the sandbox, but they won’t allow these guys to do any of the big stuff.

That’s what Mother Mary represented in my dream. There are forces that are much more powerful, who will stop these genocidal plans. They will ensure that what we go through as a planet is a smooth transition.

The thing that excites me so much is how fast some of these changes are going to happen. I didn’t think we would really see the big stuff until 2012, but now I’m being convinced that that’s not the case.

GN: David, when we come back, we’ll talk about the swine flu and also what you believe will be UFO Disclosure. That’s all next with David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM.