Read as we live-blog while watching the new 2012 special on SyFy — airing right now! You can read our reactions as we see the show, for the very first time, in real time!

By David Wilcock


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Early along in the special I was quoted saying there is a frequency shift going on, triggered by our position in the galaxy. In fact, I was the first person to say anything in the special.

In a conversation I had with Richard Hoagland after the show was over, he explained how important that was in the era of the Internet and Google searches. I set the whole tone for the documentary — the fact that there is a positive spin to all this if you know what you’re looking for.

Lots of people will want to do the follow-up work after seeing this, and realize that there is indeed some credibility to the 2012 theories out there.

It is delightful to see this actually airing on network television. I was never sure whether this kind of stuff would be allowed to go on the air or not — and if it was aired, would I be treated as a fool, a kook, a crackpot? Apparently not. 

For a long time I wouldn’t even dare speak about this special for fear I’d be withdrawn from it somehow. You never know for sure until you see it with your own eyes, and now I’m watching it all unfold. So this is very cool!

It’s a great thing to see this, in tangible form, on my own TV after so many years of working so diligently on this material, and putting together such an impressive case.

Gregg Braden was just featured — and I was not aware he was involved. I am thrilled to see that he is a part of this, as he has been promoting the positive aspects of this Shift of the Ages since the early 1990s. I have always been an advocate of his work and am going through his new book “Fractal Time” right now. Excellent choice to have him involved.

Lovely opening title graphics. Very well done, guys!

George Noory was just featured. Nice to see him… filmed right in the studio where Coast to Coast airs from. His opinions on 2012 have oscillated between a positive future and a cataclysm, and he has always been very intrigued by my testimony when he’s had me on the air with him — where I am promoting the view that if you are focused on the doom and gloom, you’ve missed the whole point of what this is really about.

Richard Hoagland is being used to deliver the worst-case scenario news. Lots of good stock footage intercut with his testimony! Also nice to see coverage of his Face on Mars material, though we definitely could have used the newer, better images of the D&M Pyramid and the Face on Mars.



Michael Shermer is now being featured — saying nothing will happen. Less than 60 seconds were spent on it, and he doesn’t back himself up with any proof. Therefore he lacks credibility in his opinions.

Peter Struck was quoted — someone I did not know. I was then quoted saying every ancient system has a teaching about end times. Brief but important.



Now we have John Major Jenkins at Izapa. I have read his books for years about this and it’s nice to finally go on-location and hear what he has to say about the astronomical significance of the alignments.

Now we’re hearing about the dark rift in the Milky Way and how the Solstice sun aligns with this rift roughly around 2012.

Nice to see that they’re going to cover the Hall of Records with Robert Schoch… that should be interesting!



John Major Jenkins is describing the Mayan ball-court. I’m interested in seeing if they can cover this well enough for people to really understand what it means.

Lawrence Joseph mentioned precession of the equinoxes. Now we have Sajan Sani, a physicist, giving a nice technical description of the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes.

Gregg Braden broke it down to 25,625 years — which breaks down into exactly five of the Mayan Calendar cycles. That’s an important point — though harmonically the cycle works better when you scale it at 25,920 years, so you get twelve ages of 2160 years each. We are now heading from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

Now we have Jose Arguelles talking about the positive aspects of 2012. LOL… there he is in the abandoned warehouse we filmed in. He was filmed right before me — and the air in that warehouse was so bad I ended up getting the swine flu and being sick for two weeks after this was filmed! I also had my odometer on my car land on 77777 right as I pulled up to the building, which was very interesting indeed.

Now we have Ken Tegnell from NOAA talking about how the solar flares could disrupt health on the planet. The power grid is now being mentioned by Dan Baker, director of University of Colorado’s Space and Atmospheric Physics Laboratory, or LASP. He just said it could cost society up to ten trillion dollars for a massive power failure in 2012 from solar activity. A very nice quote to add for emphasis.

Lawrence Joseph just described the ‘domino effect,’ where a cascading series of failures occur as a result of these disruptions. Lawrence’s testimony you see here was filmed directly after I was filmed.

Patrick Geryl is giving a huge doom-and-gloom scenario where he is predicting a magnetic pole shift that will wipe out 95 percent of life on Earth, and that “we will be destroyed to nothingness.”

This pole shift scenario was just refuted, saying only a giant impact could cause this to happen. Point and counterpoint.

Now we see Richard C. Hoagland — and some alarming data about earthquakes and footage that is very intense. Now we have Gregg Braden again with tsunami and forest fire footage. “Something is going on with our planet. Clearly this is not business as usual.” I remember about how I was careful not to give sound bites that could be used for doom and gloom cut-ins like this in my own testimony!


Now we are back in Tikal, which is where Hoagland’s part comes in. I know he took Accutron watch readings in this area and I’m interested to see how this goes over.

Richard is saying that the monuments of Tikal may have been built to preserve information that would be able to save the world in the future, once decoded and used.

I missed the name of the Mayan scholar who is pointing out a stone set of glyphs that are pointing towards 2012 as a substantial future date — but it’s nice to see they went there. The stone is all white and it’s hard to see anything at all in the shot, though.

Now Robert Schoch is being put forward for the next section, going to a place called Hawara to find out if “the fabled Hall of Records exists” underground, nearby an old and decrepit pyramid in the area

OK… second commercial break. I’m delighted with how it’s playing out so far. Yes, they are building tension, but in the process they are setting it up so that when my testimony comes in, there will be a very nice payoff!


Seeing the footage of ‘souks’, or markets in Egypt, brought back memories. I wasn’t very happy on my trip to Egypt… we were only getting five hours of sleep a night, it was very hot and I was very tired. I’m not anticipating doing it again any time soon with a group… though I might very much like to spend time just in the Mena House Hotel and really explore the Great Pyramid in more depth.

Now Robert Schoch is at Hawara, looking for the location of the Hall of Records. They have an interesting CG animation giving you a sense of how vast and full of inscriptions the real place could be, if it exists. It looks more like a video game than filmic CG, but it still makes the point effectively.


Herodotus wrote about a labyrinth they believe is in Hawara. The host just said that “the hopes of some 2012 believers hinge on finding the labyrinth.” Now we have Zahi Hawass talking about the labyrinth, knocking down the idea that there is such a thing. “If I go and excavate at Hawara, I will not discover anything.”

Schoch says this may not be the case — and describes the whole area around Hawara as ‘tantalizing’, which some described as “the eighth wonder of the world.”

Schoch says the labyrinth is believed to be on the southern side of the pyramid. They are now entering the inner chamber of the pyramid. Flinders Petrie was able to go into this chamber, find the sarcophagus and enter all the underground chambers — but Lawrence Holt and Robert Schoch encountered water and were unable to go any farther in. The water would have to be drained for further exploration to occur.

A friend of mine suggested the chambers could have been deliberately flooded so as to prevent people from going down there and seeing inscriptions that could upset the existing belief systems. That is an intriguing possibility, but it was not mentioned in the special. It would be great to get a look in there, but that will not be happening right now.

We then see them find an interesting suggestion of megalithic blocks from the labyrinth while they were in a field of rocks. Although Hawass was quoted as saying there was nothing there, it’s pretty clear in this part of the documentary that they found some intriguing suggestions of actual monuments under the sand, and that it definitely should be examined in more detail — and excavated.

Now we are back to Patrick Geryl, who also believes in the value of the labyrinth. He feels the contents come from the civilization of Atlantis. He claims to have found this from an interpretation of the Dendera Zodiac and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He claims both give evidence of ancient cataclysms, and a warning that such events could happen again, as they are cyclical.

He said the labyrinth was built to encode the information about the upcoming 2012 event — which he clearly sees as a disaster and nothing more. As I’ve often said, that’s the beginning of the puzzle, but far from the end. It’s the initial disquiet, and unpleasant sensation, that triggers the greater seeking to occur.


I was just quoted again, saying that Plato got in trouble with the ancient priesthood of Egypt for disclosing the legend of Atlantis. It’s an important point and the confidence with which I said it carries well. That will further help people understand what they might find if they look me up on a Google search — so we definitely scored points there.

Gregg Braden just said the Atlantean link could be the key to understanding our current situation. We are now being foreshadowed for Richard Hoagland’s testimony with the Accutron — and more about John Major Jenkins.

Prophecy sources will also be mentioned — the Book of Revelation, Nostradamus and the Sybilline Prophecies. I was told that my testimony about the Sybilline mysteries had made the cut, and I’m glad to see that is indeed being foreshadowed. And with that, we’re now up to our next commercial break.

I can see that this special will probably not take the time to go into any significant detail with my testimony. I do hope that we can at least have enough of it put through that the viewers can have reason to ask substantial questions, and not merely be satisfied with the “take my word for it” approach regarding the idea that this is actually a positive event we’re moving through.

Hoagland’s testimony has also been inspired, to a degree, by my work — specifically the incorporation of the term ‘torsion fields’ and the Russian data associated with it — and they will probably also pull from him in discussing such things as the Flynn Effect, showing how our IQs are going up by 3 points per decade, consistently.

Torsion fields are the energy of consciousness, and the whole game revolves around the fact that the interplanetary climate change we’re seeing is only a superficial effect. The much more important phenomenon, which has been occuring for some time now, is how this increase in torsion-field energy density is in turn stimulating a mass awakening and consciousness shift in humanity at this time.



Our host Lester Holt is at Tikal, describing how carefully the Mayans tracked various astronomical events. Since they spent so much time focusing on astronomy, clearly there is the suggestion that we might find something interesting by looking at their end-date of December 21, 2012.

George Noory is being quoted saying it could be a “moment of enlightenment,” where “everyone will be happy again,” or it could be a disaster. Jenkins says 2012 is about healing and renewal. Now Hoagland is saying “time is running out.”

LOL — they just quoted me saying that “many, many ancient prophecies speak of a great upheaval in the Earth” without mentioning 2012 specifically. That is absolutely true… but they got me on a quote that implies I could be suggesting a doom-and-gloom scenario.

However, since they opened the whole special with me clearly saying this shift is a positive event, some viewers will be inspired to check me out online and find out what I really think when I have more time to speak about it.

Mark Hitchcock is now describing the Book of Revelation, saying it is ultimately a book of hope — but that “the earth will be completely laid waste” before we get there. Nice hope if you can make it!

This is why it is so very, very important to watch every word you say when you’re being filmed for something like this. Any contradiction, any suggestion of doom and gloom, can be taken out of context and put forward as if that’s your entire message. They’ve already caught Gregg Braden in several such quotes, even though I know his perspective is positive.


Now we’re getting into the Bible Code — with the testimony of Lawrence Joseph. I read this back when it first came out — and they are directly mentioning Michael Drosnin’s name and showing you the cover of the book. Gregg Braden says that 2012 only comes up once in the Bible Code, and that it is associated with the phrase “Earth Annihilated”, which appears nearby.

Mark Hitchcock says prophecies for 2006 from the Bible Code didn’t happen, so why should we believe something will happen in 2012? Personally I also have not supported the Bible Code material because it is too arbitrary.


Now we’re back to Hoagland — saying he is “looking at the physics behind the mythology.” They just mentioned hyperdimensional / torsion-field physics and put the words clearly on the screen, making it easy for people to Google it and find out more. Of course, both of those terms will inevitably lead you back to Hoagland’s site and Divine Cosmos as well.

It’s wonderful to hear this being aired. I was the first person to introduce Richard to the term “torsion field physics.” Our skeptic Michael Shermer said he sees no evidence of hyperdimensional physics being studied at all — but that denies all sorts of mainstream scientists including Dr. Michio Kaku. In that sense he comes off looking like he is speaking about things he really does not understand.

There are over ten thousand papers written on torsion field physics by accredited mainstream scientists — so this is hardly ‘fringe.’ Even mainstream quantum mechanics acknowledges torsion fields — they simply see them as ‘static,’ and therefore only applying within the atom as ‘spin.’

It is predominantly the Russians who have done so much work in dynamic torsion field studies, showing they propagate through the medium of space-time itself.


Hoagland is now mentioning tetrahedral energy forces and the 19.5-degree altitude. Hawaii is being produced as a volcanic uplift by the tetrahedron. He mentions the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as having tetrahedral forces.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go into any detail as to where these signatures appear in said planets — such as the Great Red Spot in Jupiter or Olympus Mons on Mars, a shield volcano three times taller than Mount Everest. Without further information, you could be led to think that Hoagland is suggesting there are giant crystals inside the planets, which we know and can prove is not the case. It is an energy field — not an object.

Hoagland just said the effects could be “overwhelmingly catastrophic.” They’ve definitely edited him, preferentially and consistently, to make him appear to be promulgating a doom and gloom scenario. Now we’re getting a nice montage of CG disaster scenes from 2012: The Movie.

There’s no question that 2012 is the most FX-laden movie of all time. My friends have told me that virtually every CG guy in Los Angeles was working on the film towards the end, just so they could meet their deadlines.


Hoagland is now back to Tikal, looking for evidence that torsion fields exist. Torsion fields can measure changes in mass and inertia, according to Hoagland. If torsion fields are real, then so is the chance of a cataclysm in 2012.

Now we’re seeing Hoagland describe the 1965 Bulova Accutron watch. The tuning fork within the watch vibrates at 360 cycles per second normally, but as the torsion field changes, the tuning fork increases or decreases in mass. If it increases in mass it vibrates slower, and if it decreases it vibrates faster. This is not your normal physics — but it can be clearly demonstrated in the Accutron readings.

Now he’s taking readings at the top of the pyramid of Tikal to see how the speed of vibration changes. It is supposed to stay at 360, but we clearly get the sense that it does not. The energy fields the pyramid gives off will change the mass and inertia of the tuning fork, thus causing the speed to noticeably fluctuate.

Before we get to Richard’s testimony being finished, we cut back to geologist Robert Schoch again talking about what is coming up — more of his explorations to try to find the Hall of Records near Hawara. We’re also going to see more of John Major Jenkins at the Mayan ruins. Survival shelters will also be mentioned at the next break — people who feel they have to go underground to survive 2012.


Zahi Hawass is now saying the whole idea of Atlantis migrating to Egypt is a myth. It is interesting to remind everyone that Hawass’ college education was paid for by the A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce organization, and his original purpose was to investigate further evidence of Atlantis!

Abass Mohammed Abass is now using ground-penetrating radar to look beneath the ground at the site Schoch found at Hawara that may have been connected to the ancient labyrinth. Nothing conclusive has been found just yet, but they’re optimistic — and we’ll know more as the show goes on.

Now we’re back with Hoagland to the Tikal ruins. Again we’re hearing about torsion field physics, and that as the Earth’s torsion fields go out of balance, the Earth has to realign itself — perhaps in 2012 — causing cataclysms. When we see Mars, we see what happens when cataclysm is not averted. Mars could have once been a planet like the Earth, with oceans and an atmosphere, and now it’s a desolate red waste.

The 5-sided D&M Pyramid and Face on Mars was mentioned, but the pictures they used were nowhere near as good as what is available. This could certainly be part of what is intended to keep the skeptics disbelieving, whereas others who know more about it will recognize that there is a much bigger story behind it. Those who want to know more will do their searches and potentially find very interesting things.


Hoagland’s readings show the mass of the tuning fork fluctuated just as he walked through a triangular stone doorway amidst the ruins. That is completely consistent with what we would expect from torsion fields. The structure of the stone, in that steep form of the doorway, creates a fluidlike flow of energy that will affect the mass of the tuning fork.

Hoagland said these fields were so powerful that “At one point it was so bad, or good, that it froze the equipment. The computer could not keep up with these huge fluctuations… When I took it back to the hotel and set it up as a test, it purred perfectly.”

We then travel with Richard to Mexico City, to Teotihuacan — situated at 19.5 degrees latitude. Hoagland feels his findings here could prove, once and for all, that torsion field physics is real science, and could trigger the world’s governments to take action before 2012 to help offset potential disasters.

Clearly we do need to take this seriously. It is unfortunate that the whole special has focused on fear, thus far, but that is the initial entrance into an investigation. Fear attracts attention, gets people thinking, and causes them to want more information. If something can hurt you, then it’s a good idea to educate yourself and find out what’s going on.


Now we’re back with John Major Jenkins at Izapa — and he again says that this is not a cataclysmic prophecy. The ball-court shows us that this period of 2012 represents the rebirth of the Solar Godhead. The sun rises in 2012 with the dark rift in the Milky Way. This alignment only happens once in 26,000 years — the end of the Precessional cycle.

Jenkins says the point of the ball-court game, where he is now standing, is to act out this alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way. In the Mayan creation myth, the Hero Twins seek to avenge the death of their father, Seven Macaw.

The ball going through the goal — a hole at the far end — is talking about the severed head of their father, Seven Macaw, being restored. Jenkins feels this refers to the rebirth of the Sun. “It’s really about the rebirth of the world at the end of the cycle,” Jenkins says.

If Seven Macaw is a hero figure, this is consistent with other systems that use the same archetype, including Christianity — with crucifixion/death leading to Ascension/rebirth.

It is fitting that the Mayans would have a similar hero archetype that centers on the end-date of their calendar in 2012, and which also has a metaphorically-encoded link to a genuine celestial event — the alignment of the solstice Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy.


It is unfortunate that the documentary does not mention what a rich and incredible source of torsion fields we have in the center of the galaxy — that helps tie all this data together. This alignment is not merely something we’re looking at as a timing indicator — the alignment itself is associated with energetic phenomena.

As the plane of the Earth and Solar System come into alignment with the Galactic Center, we receive a big surge of torsion fields, causing effects both regarding interplanetary climate change as well as DNA transformation and consciousness shift — all of which can be documented and is already occurring.

Jenkins says he is racing against the clock to counteract the culture of fear. Then we are told that after the next commercial break, we will also see more about the people who are trying to survive the cataclysm by building underground shelters. The producers do not share Jenkins’ sentiment… the ‘culture of fear’ is being reinforced by the tone of the special!


Honestly, the more time goes on with this documentary, it seems my testimony is going to be very short. There are only two short periods left, for a half-hour of programming time, and it may be that the most I am featured saying, in any depth, will be the Sybilline prophecies.

It’s wonderful to be featured at all. I do hope that by the time they reach the end of this documentary special, they do share some of my most significant testimony regarding the science behind the positive aspect of the 2012 shift. As we go on, I am less and less confident that we’re going to hear much about this, if anything at all.

Unfortuntely, we’re seeing a much greater focus on the doom and gloom side than on the positive side. This may be why our FX sequences to support my testimony were all rejected, even though they told us they looked fantastic. All we were told was that the edit had come together already, even though we followed the deadline and got it in on time — under incredibly stressful circumstances.

It is interesting that the deadline we were told for the special was mid-July. That was what we had to rush towards with such intensity. I get the strong sense that others came in and took over the editing, flow and direction of the special after the initial cut that was prepared. I was told I had lots of face time in that version, but here in the final cut I’ve been almost completely overlooked. It’s certainly very sobering.


I want to thank all of you who participated in our visual FX team and performed under such a strenuous deadline. All of your work will be used in our upcoming videos — including 2012 Event Horizon, which we hope to have out very soon. We were going to have it out tonight, but I delayed the delivery date so we can be farther along and have a better end-product when we DO release it.

We’re going to be cutting in stock footage, extra slides, music and other things to make 2012 Event Horizon superior to 2012 Enigma — not just in its informational quality but production value. We’ve also decided to rush it out, so you have something to see now, while in the future we will be making other videos that are at a NOVA-style level of production value. Event Horizon is a transitional stage.

Clearly we’re in a battle of information, and this television special is not getting out any of the things I want humanity to know. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to take the battle into our own hands, and harness the power of the Internet to get the word out. I am very glad we have this resource, as if it were only the mainstream media at this point, I’d say we’d be in sorry shape.


Now we’re back in Egypt, again discussing Robert Schoch’s survey of the labyrinth site with ground-penetrating radar. The analysis of the results is now being shown — and we are told that it is difficult to get a clear picture of what might be below, due to the ground water that is fairly close below the surface.

Then Abbas sees something interesting — a very faint shape that potentially shows architecture underground. It is a series of dots going straight down. It is certainly not conclusive, but it does suggest there may be more than just sand and rocks down there. More radar surveys will need to be conducted before anyone can say for certain that they found the labyrinth.

“Some believe there are governments across the globe quietly moving to prepare for, and prevent, whatever might happen in 2012,” the host Alan Holt just said.

Now we’re back to Hoagland talking about how “you can’t tell people they’re all going to die. On the other hand you have to do something.” He also said you have to mislead, misdirect and keep secret the results — either saving everyone or saving a select few. This is what we already know will be a major part of the plot of 2012 The Movie.


Now we’re hearing testimony from a pilot, Ken White, talking about the US assessing the potential threat of Soviet attacks after World War II. This involved spy-plane flights over the North Pole to take measurements and observe. Magnetic North caused compass navigation not to be so easily done — they had to use magnetic grids instead.

In the process of discovering this new system, White found that the magnetic north pole was 200 miles north of where they expected it to be. This was the beginning of the scholarship around the idea that the Earth’s magnetic pole is undergoing a rapid shift at this time in our history — it is already underway now. This is a compelling piece of testimony to bring in for sure.

Dr. Paul Cycle headed up Pentagon and RAND Corporation studies on the idea of a magnetic pole shift that could end up happening to us. A magnetic polar flip would trigger all sorts of cataclysms — this is the worst-case scenario for many 2012 believers. Hoagland believes the Earth as a whole would literally tip over on its side. Patrick Geryl then chimes in with a third cataclysmic scenario — a solar flare wiping out the Earth.

Ken White said, from he and his father’s own firsthand interactions with them, that the Pentagon debated what to do with the informaiton about a potential pole shift in 1948. They were afraid that releasing the data might “destroy the moral fibers” of everyone on Earth. He and his father, Maynard E. White, wrote a book called World in Peril to alert people about the potential for a polar flip.

He believes the Pentagon was afraid of triggering a public panic by releasing the information. The Pentagon was contacted and was unable to confirm whether he went to any meetings there in ’47 or ’48. They also did not confirm or deny anything about whether a pole shift would happen or not.


Now we’re again back with Hoagland in Mexico — and he’s now speaking with Haime Maussan at Teotihuacan. The Pyramid of the Sun has faces at the top where each is at a different angle — and that layer is at 19.5 degrees to the vertical, he says. He gets very powerful fluctuations in the vibrations of his tuning fork, showing that “torsion fields are indeed real, and pose a danger to all of us.”

Now they are telling us more about a whole section on survival shelters that will air when we come back. It is increasingly looking as if this entire special is almost unilaterally focused on doom and gloom, and I will barely be covered at all. We do know they’ve set up that I will discuss the Sybilline prophecies, but they could end up cutting that footage together so that the positive side is only tangentially covered.

This is really too bad, because they filmed me for over two hours giving them my most incredible, hard-hitting data about the science of 2012. I went through interplanetary climate change, DNA transformation that already exists in the fossil record, et cetera.

The commerical break is showing a humorous excerpt from 2012: The Movie, where Woody Harrelson’s character is shown as a guy posting YouTube videos predicting disaster. Yep, it’s fear porn… but what the heck, it’s still a fun ride.


We’re now again back in Central America — with a warning from the Mayans about 2012. “A warning so dire that some are preparing for whatever 2012 may bring.” was mentioned as a site for people intending to survive 2012 by conventional means — preparation, underground shelters, stored food and the like. “They have to stop planning and start acting” in order to survive. They are moving forward with plans to build a massive underground bunker.

“Take care of your family because no one else is going to do it for you.” Seeing the main proponent of this site holding his young boy, and explaining that this is the main reason why he needs to explore survival, was a poignant and powerful message. How can we ignore what is going on? Are we really that confident? Is it all just nonsense, and easily overlooked? Or should we be paying attention?

Now we’re on the way to an abandoned missile silo near the town of Mitchell, Kansas. A massive underground complex for nuclear missiles in the 1960s. Today it is dilapidated, run-down and rusty — almost to the point of being pathetic — but these ‘extreme survivalists’ are planning on living down there to survive 2012.

Ed Peden, a realtor, is saying “there’s a lot of people who feel it’s essential to be underground.” They feel our atmosphere could be stripped of its protective layer by a burst of cosmic radiation from the whole galaxy around us — comparing it to being inundated by X-rays 24 hours a day. “You have to be six feet underground or more… and you’ve gotta do this for ten years.”

The underground shelter is clearly in a dilapidated condition — but they are enthusiastic about how it could be refurbished and salvaged. This is unintentionally humorous to watch, as the condition of the site is really quite terrible. There is no way they could do all the work to renovate this site by 2012. That might be part of the sense of doom that this special has been predominantly creating so far.


Now we’re back with John Major Jenkins, who again says he is “working hard to stop the fear surrounding 2012.” His focus is to find what the Mayans really intended with their 2012 prophecies. Jenkins will be covered on the next commerical break — will he find what he is looking for? We also have Hoagland again at the pyramid to see if he got energy readings around the pyramid.

This will be the conclusion of the documentary. No mention was made of my testimony yet again.

So I’ve only been mentioned three or four times, in basically single-sentence sound bites. This is a far cry from the two hours of incredibly hard-hitting data I offered in the interview — truly at the very peak of my game — but it is clear that whomever managed this documentary, at the higher levels, did not want it to cover the positive aspects in any real detail.


Nothing has been shared about interplanetary climate change or the real data in the fossil record showing even intervals of time from one shift to the next in terms of species evolution. Nothing has been shared about how the prophecies unilaterally describe the coming of a Golden Age. Whatever the first round of producers came up with has clearly been drowned in the bathtub.

It’s a funny thing to be writing about this in real time as it happens. I certainly was not given the coverage I was told I would have — the special has certainly not been ‘rewritten’ around my testimony, as I was told it would be. This could certainly be the result of other producers, with the doom-and-fear agenda, getting their say.

Let’s also not forget that this whole documentary is meant to be a two-hour infomerical to sell the 2012 movie, which is coming from a total doom-and-gloom perspective — other than perhaps the small minority who survive in the ships our secret government built for them. We do see major worldwide disasters occurring in the film. A lot of money is riding on this special and it is fulfilling its purpose.

Clearly our time has not yet come. Getting on television at all is a blessing, and it will certainly open new doors. I really can’t complain. I do wonder about how well the 2012 film will do, considering that people are really hungry for truth and a positive perspective — not more of the same fear and doom that has been so prevalent here for so long.


We have been discussing, amongst my own circle of associates, how to respond to the potential fallout that could occur if the 2012 movie really tanks, gets terrible reviews and doesn’t do much more than make back its own production budget. In the worst-case scenario it makes the whole subject a laughing stock, and it may take a few months, or more, before anyone will take it seriously again.

The way people deal with a sense of doom and oppression is usually to attack the source of it. So if 2012 is a big bummer that no one wants to look at, because of how it drags their emotional energy down, it could well be that the lack of performance of this film could further dissuade people from investigating the subject.

It’s just a thought — far too early to know. Nonetheless, I know and can clearly see that people are tired of the doom and gloom. They have enough to worry about with the shifting consciousness as it is — they don’t need to add to it by seeing scenes of mass destruction.



We’re now back with Hoagland again at Teotihuacan, talking about torsion field physics. At dawn “the physics is most pronounced and easily measurable.” The tuning fork went “almost off scale” at sunrise. The cycles went from 360 to 390 hertz — and he claims that no conventional form of Newtonian physics, or otherwise, can explain this.

Michael Shermer says you have to have the equations and the mathematics to disprove Newton and others. Hoagland says you can literally manipulate space-time to make whatever you want to happen ultimately happen. Hoagland says the next step is to devise methods to control torsion fields. “All six billion people deserve this information,” Hoagland says.


I do hope the viewers are inclined to follow up, conduct their own investigations and dig deeper on this subject. Hoagland informed me that he has now been added to the docket of speakers for Dr. Chet Show’s upcoming Secrets conference, just outside Phoenix, Arizona on the weekend of November 20-22nd. With Hoagland, yours truly and Greer all there at the same time, it will be quite an event… so you might want to check it out!


Jenkins doesn’t think anything needs to be done about 2012. He feels the Mayans never saw 2012 as a doomsday. He is hunting leads, and his perseverance paid off — he found a monument that has pictographs that could date back 2000 years. He said we have a scene in the pictographs that shows us the 2012 prophecy.

All we see is a small rock in grass, barely a foot tall, next to a power box and telephone pole. The rock is so weathered you can barely even make out the carvings that are on it.

Jenkins finds a human figure, positioned as if it is giving birth. To the right he sees a sacrifice scene. The producers use lines to overlay the sacrifice scene, and animate it complete with goofy blood to show the chopping off of the head of one of the characters.

Together these images illustrate the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next, he said. “This monument is a critical piece of the puzzle that shows the Maya see this as a time of renewal,” Jenkins said (paraphrased.)

Various people I’ve spoken with said that Jenkins’ testimony here was unwittingly used against him. After all, he’s looking at an Illuminati-style ritual sacrifice, gory and disgusting, and equating it with ‘proof’ that 2012 is a positive shift for all humankind.

You do need to remember what he said earlier about the myths of the sun reaching alignment with the Galactic Center, and how this is associated with Mayan hero myths related to the head being severed and then eventually rejoined with the Cosmic Mother.

Nonetheless, the juxtaposition of what Jenkins has said here, along with prior clips of Woody Harrelson as the long-haired Internet video freak on the commercial breaks, clearly is intended to have you laugh at Jenkins.

His testimony was not given enough detail or depth to be taken seriously, and most people will not understand how he could be making such conclusions off of a squat, one-foot-tall rock he happened to find in a field of grass. What really made it the most glaring was how he again took a gory sacrifice scene and associated it with a blissful, utopian prophecy of 2012.


On my own level I’m seeing the end of the show with no mention whatsoever of the multitudes of points I brought to the table — but as Richard says, “that’s television.” Even the Sybilline sequence that was teased as being upcoming was cut.

We gave them four different CG sequences, on request, to back up my testimony. Each of our sequences were of significantly higher quality than what they were using in the special. They were entirely rejected, without explanation — even though in earlier edits our animatics were included. And that was it. The show is over.

Now they’re immediately re-airing the special. This time I’m going to watch it without further live-blogging.

The first clip that showed me did not give my name. There is at least one clip where people can see my name and site address — for a split second — but again, it’s not very likely we’re going to see much of an increase in traffic from this. No one has any idea what I have to say from watching this special!

We’re not going to stop doing what we’re doing… this is just the beginning. 2012 Event Horizon is the next step, and we will release it soon. That will have far more information than we’ve ever revealed publicly before. It is clear that we have to circumvent the mainstream media in order to allow this case to accurately reach the public.



I also have a major article coming up soon on the possibility of impending disclosure. I’m also going to cover the ‘V’ television series and how I feel it relates to everything. I have had some very substantial new insights on all of this, along with new testimony from our witnesses, and you will hear all about it soon!

Stay tuned, and stay positive! Much more to come. I’m going to relax now and enjoy the re-airing of the show. We’ll see you soon! Let Syfy know how you feel about what you saw!


A few letters have come in that were intentionally or unintentionally quite nasty. Look… I’m sharing my honest feelings with you. I was told I would have great coverage in this special. This was not the case. Some would call that a lie. Others say “that’s television.” Since “Betrayal is the First Rule of the Order,” I’m frankly not surprised at all.

I wrote down, in real time, how I was feeling. I was very let down by how it turned out. You deserve to hear what I’m really feeling rather than a politically-correct, sanitized version where I come off as totally confident.

It is not ‘ego’ for me to share how I’m feeling. This is a live blog — going through what I experienced as I watched something I had been looking forward to, and hoping for the best, for literally six months. It was a major letdown. Something happened along the way in the editing room, and I have been left with egg on my face for representing how I was told it would come out, only to see a very, very different result.

Attack me if you must, but I’m giving you honesty, not bullshit. The moral of the story is that we can, and will, do much better. I will not let power interests control CONVERGENCE or my documentaries. We will get the truth out there, and we will do it right, by God. Of that I am certain.

I put so much of my life’s blood into this work it is just disheartening to see something that could have been of great significance turn into just another fear and doom piece, of which there is already such great proliferation. If you think I have a big ego because I’m upset I wasn’t mentioned more in the documentary, that’s fine, but this is really about hope — the future of humanity — and the fact that this really is not doom and gloom.

It’s a frequency war — and these are the front lines. The media is telling you to fear, because in fear you can be controlled and manipulated much more easily. What I build is trust and confidence. I don’t always have it in myself. I can’t access the footage they shot of me that day. It’s gone.

Nonetheless, the information I presented is clearly still available, and can all be covered in our future works. It WILL be covered. The next video will do that very soon.

I look forward to your reactions to 2012 Event Horizon. I’m very pleased with what we have already in the rough cut, and it is going to really rock by the time we have it all put together. I was clearly guided to hold off on it so we can get it right the first time, and now that this special was such a letdown for me on a personal level, I’m all the more inclined to really make Event Horizon count.

So be on the lookout for it. I’m headed off on a pleasure trip from Wednesday to Sunday to a raw-food retreat at Eden Hot Springs outside Phoenix — a much-needed break where I will meet and interact with David Wolfe, who has been dying to talk to me — but I will still have access to the Net and will undoubtedly have more to say.

All the best to you!


We’re now going on the 95th ‘revision’ of this piece, considering how I was updating it almost sentence by sentence as I was live-blogging the show while it ran. Then I went back on commercial breaks and fleshed out the sentences to go through more elaborate thoughts on the subjects as they came up, so you got more of what I was really thinking.

I think it’s pretty clear what happened. At one point the entire documentary WAS rewritten around my testimony, when the immediate producer I worked with realized how stunningly effective I was at showing this doom and gloom stuff was not at all the focal point of the change we’re going through. Regardless of that initial opinion, though, what we’re looking at is a corporate product — whose purpose was to sell the 2012 film.

I was heavily featured in the earlier cuts, as I was told. I do not feel I was lied to. My segments were very easily cut because they had nothing to do with the message of the people making the 2012 film — and therefore did not help sell the product. Remember — it said at the beginning that this documentary was sponsored — that means paid for — by the 2012 film.

It seems very likely that what was added back in, with the new edit, was the consistent cutting back to the hunt for the Labyrinth / Hall of Records in Egypt and Hoagland’s measurements with the Accutron in Mexico, along with John Major Jenkins’ search for Mayan artifacts. This helps flesh out and develop the storylines they were working on with the three main ‘investigators’ the piece was built around.

Many of you are absolutely correct in your comments. This is a classic “present both sides, point and counterpoint, without drawing any conclusions” television show. The truth is watered down by nullifying each point as it comes up, and Dr. Peterson has informed us that this is a classic mind-control technique that has proven very effective. The two sides cancel out, and apathy is the result.


Hoagland is the most frequently featured speaker, by far, and that makes sense as the network approached him first. Richard was the reason why this got made in the first place.

This show was pitched as a direct response to Richard having been featured in another documentary that promoted the Indiana Jones movie about the Crystal Skull. That show added ‘cool’ and intrigue to the legends of the crystal skull, and the film was a success. I was obviously brought in because I have a significant online following and they knew that meant numbers.

I am very grateful to Richard that he stood against opposition and convinced the producer I worked with that I should be on the show. The producer believed I was a ‘wacko’ who thought he was Edgar Cayce reincarnated, and there wasn’t much more to the story. Hoagland fought valiantly on my behalf, explaining that I had the best scientific framework to understand this shift that is out there.


I did mention Hoagland’s Accutron studies in my interview, and how they tie in to the big picture of galactic change and DNA transformation. Had that been the message the ultimate producers were going for, it would have been very easy to drop in any number of tasty sound-bites from me that would have given greater legitimacy to what Hoagland was saying, and tied it far more into a Galactic context.

However, none of that data is in the movie, and they obviously didn’t want the message of the documentary to outstrip the message in the film. The game was to sell movie tickets and whip this up into a profitable enterprise by getting people afraid of 2012, and hoping that if they see the movie, all the unresolved questions from the documentary will be answered.

Richard has watched the special very carefully, and feels that if you are “really paying attention,” they give you all the essential components of his message. Unfortunately, though, there is no conclusive or redundant focus on how these slight inertial anomalies he detects in the vibration of the Accutron tuning fork — i.e. the action of torsion fields — relates to the interplanetary phenomena we are now seeing.

Nor is there any substantive focus placed on how torsion fields and consciousness interrelate. I made this point redundantly and amazingly clear, with multiple scientific references that were dazzlingly irrefutable. I will happily debate skeptics about this on live television.

Forget about your character attacks. Forget about posing as real people and trying to pass your hateful comments into our articles — they will be moderated. Just look at the data. That’s why I’m putting everything I’ve got into the upcoming 2012 Enigma book.

You can make fun of me, laugh at me, insult me, criticize me or whatever, but you can’t argue with hundreds and hundreds of established scientific facts that are all freely available, unexplained, from mainstream sources, and waiting for a model that illustrates the truth of what they are showing us.

That’s what I’ve done — and it deserves to be heard by a much larger audience than we now have, to help counteract the overwhelming fear now infecting our world as the changes become more and more irrefutable.

The truth will win out over the shadow. Your time has come, people of the dark. Lighten up or hit the road. The Earth is moving into a new frequency where if you can’t party like it’s 2013, bright and green, (the heart chakra, that is,) you won’t be coming back here again in your next life. Enjoy the control games while you’ve got them. We’re onto you. And we’re not giving up. Ever.


I know for a fact that Lawrence Joseph put a great deal of time into establishing the 2012 prophecies as centering on an interplanetary climate change. It is glaringly obvious that the cover-up around this extremely valuable data point was maintained, as you didn’t hear so much as a single word about it.

In my opinion it is the most stunning and obvious ‘proof’ that this is not an ordinary period in history that we have — and that may be precisely why it was not allowed to be aired in the mainstream media. Forget about pole shift speculations, cryptic ancient inscriptions and torsion-field readings in Mexico — if they had put this data in, and shown some graphics, it would have been very clear that we really are experiencing a major shift.

Lawrence Joseph came into that ratty old warehouse, where we filmed, right before I left. He was blown away by the things he heard me saying and we had a good talk. At the end of my testimony I became the most impassioned about how we have a positive future, and dropped some incredibly quotable lines. This is why the producer said, in amazement, that the whole script would be rewritten around what I had just given them.

Although Lawrence Joseph didn’t extend the studies with additional NASA research like I did, and doesn’t have a basis to see the positive aspect of these prophecies as anything scientifically provable, he did end up traveling to Russia and met Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev directly.


This was an interesting story. It turns out that when I first alerted the world’s attention to Dmitriev, just four days before 9/11 when our article was first published in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Spirit of Ma’at” magazine, he was an obscure scientist. No one knew who he was.

I certainly had no idea that my original article, in the sudden oppressive aftermath of 9/11, would be so widely cloned and redistributed — and in every case, by folks who stripped my name from the original as well as all the footnotes with reference links.

You can find all the plagiarized copies by simply Googling “Dmitriev Natrium”. As it turns out, in the periodic table sodium is listed as Na, and that original word is Natrium — which is how it showed up when translated from Russian. I didn’t realize it was sodium, and thus one of the points you hear is that Dmitriev said our Moon appears to be “growing a new atmosphere of a compound called Natrium.”

The many cloners did shorten the piece, and I had a great learning opportunity by seeing how the shorter, more to-the-point version ended up reaching millions and millions of readers, whereas my original version did not. This has positively affected my writing style — no doubt about it.

You can’t really track email forwards, but just on various websites alone, the cloned / edited / shortened versions of my article were re-posted well over 600 times. It had a stunning effect — but the cloners attributed it to “Russian Scientists” and had no idea who had actually written it.

Lawrence Joseph found one of these diluted copies, and the mention of Dmitriev caused him to look up the real research, and conclude that there really was fire below all that smoke. He ended up traveling out to Russia to meet Dmitriev in person, just a few years ago. As a result of all the publicity my article, and its clones, earned him, Dmitriev is now a national hero in Russia and apparently very difficult to get in contact with.


Lawrence was able to meet Dmitriev briefly, but only after a great struggle to get through his ‘defense grid,’ so to speak. This made me give a knowing laugh, as I’m guilty of the same thing. At conferences I don’t have time to accept the scores of “just five minutes” requests I get.

Everyone wants to get me alone, away from the crowds, so they can go into detail and not be distracted. It is also quite obvious that it’s not really “just five minutes” — the person is hoping that if they can get you alone, you will somehow become fascinated with what they have to say, and that five minutes turns into the rest of the evening over dinner, et cetera.

In Los Angeles, and elsewhere, even when I’m at a table eating dinner at a conference, people literally just line up. You know someone is standing there behind you and they will wait as long as it takes, no matter how awkward the energy is. You have to turn and face them if someone else in your party doesn’t do it first.

In truth, everyone feels like you’re public property — and simply the fact that they’ve spotted you in public means you should talk to them. No one encounter is ‘bad’ — that’s pretty rare, actually — it is more about the sheer inundation of feeling like you’re naked in public and everyone wants to get a closer look at you. By nature I grew up as an introvert, and it can be very strange when this happens.

Let me say this, so you can avoid this problem if you run into me. There is a protocol for meeting public figures. There are rules of engagement. If you understand the rules, then you know that you do not bother them while seated at a table in a restaurant. Paul McCartney is well known for being very firm and quick-to-the-point — “Excuse me, I’m eating” — when people try to talk to him at his dinner table.

It’s considered a rude confrontation and many public figures address it as such. I am always polite, but the table is a sacred private space and should be honored as such. 

In general, you go to a conference to see me speak live. I am there to deliver the talk. If you also get to meet me face to face and shake my hand, that’s great, but that is not something that should be expected. Some people assume that’s part of the deal and get angry if it doesn’t happen. We can’t control that. Just be cool, and be glad that you’re around such amazing people!

I will say that in London I had everyone form a line at the end, and gave everyone a personal handshake, eye contact and private attention. Depending on the size of the crowd, this can sometimes be done. And on larger trips like what I have coming up next year in Hawaii (yes, it was rescheduled because not enough folks committed for November), you will almost certainly get one-on-one time with me.


Many people think they would enjoy being a public figure, but in all honesty it can be a serious grind, and very draining on your emotional body. So many people come up to you with a goal to unify their efforts with your own, very directly and personally. Read my book. Watch my video. Hear my music. Sell my product on your site.

When you get this twenty, thirty or a hundred times in a row, within a few hours of one day, you’re exhausted. And with the email included, it is a 24/7 phenomenon. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Your life will never be the same.

It is simply not possible to follow up on these leads, no matter how tantalizing the people who present them try to make them sound. You have to work very hard to stay positive when so many people try to redirect your life’s flow and energy so that it closely intersects with theirs. What I give you, instead, is the personal touch in my writing.

If some want to attack me for being an ‘egomaniac’ by writing about myself, and sharing personal things, fine… but I sit down and hang out with you in these words because that’s what you’re asking me for in your letters. This way, you can have that experience of really knowing who I am and how I think, apart from any veneer of public acceptability — which the vast majority of you seem to really appreciate.

I do think that many readers who write in with negative letters of various sorts really have a hard time understanding exactly what it’s like to have a constant, unrelenting stream of impassioned requests for your time and attention. It doesn’t stop for nights, weekends, holidays or vacations. The letters never get any less urgent or pleading for your response.

And you know, in the center of it, that you’re human — not an archetype, savior or robot — and you have to live your own life. Cayce did not, sufficiently, and died well before his time as a result, in his mid-60s. A man who had healed so many with his readings, bringing life back in cases of near-certain death, was unable to help himself. That’s the tragic lesson learned.


Syfy gave us nearly impossible deadlines. We didn’t get any concrete word about when they wanted the animatics to help illustrate my sequences until a week before they would be due. It was like we were already being set up to fail. Nonetheless, we moved mountains — particularly considering it was an unpaid, all-volunteer team — and still managed to accomplish our goals.

The whole point of doing an animatic is to illustrate something that will go into the final cut, as a placeholder for the more elaborate CG that will follow. After they received the animatics, they green-lit us to go ahead and develop these sequences. This certainly implied that these scenes were going to make the cut.

I ended up spending 1000 bucks just to hire the services of a rendering farm so we could meet the crashing deadline they gave us — but of course, with all this work put in, and handing them 10,000 dollars or more worth of free CG graphics, we were still cut, completely.

Just for the record, we were asked for, and submitted, four sequences to Syfy:

The first one was of the Great Pyramid as it originally looked, complete with mirror-polished white casing stones. This related to my discussion that the Pyramid Timeline pinpoints 2012 directly, thus proving that 2012 prophecies have been given in pyramid-building cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.

The second one was of the waves of energy moving through the Galaxy and impacting our solar system. This illustrates the energy fields that upgrade all life on earth in 62- and 26-million-year cycles, as seen in the fossil record. You can see this sequence in Jay Frankenberger’s 2012 Enigma reel.

The third sequence was a guided tour through the caves of the Sybil of Cumae, ending on one of the leaves she had written her prophecies on — directly before it blows away. This illustrated my very interesting discussion about her prophecies, which the documentary ended up saying were ‘inconclusive’ and worded too vaguely to make any sense out of. This may be true for Nostradamus, but not the Cumaean Sybil — whose prophetic books were kept highly secret, considered the greatest treasure in the Roman empire.

Finally, we gave them a sequence illustrating torsion fields — showing the Human Energy Field, then zooming in on a futuristic version of the Accutron watch on that human’s wrist, where we then pulled out all the components of the watch and zoomed in on the tuning fork in particular.

It was a beautiful sequence, but again, it showed the human aura, and they obviously did not establish the connection between torsion fields and the soul.


As I’ve said before, this really was a blessing in disguise. I was featured amongst a very small ‘Dream Team’ of 2012 scholars — the movers and shakers. It takes years and years to build up to a point like this. I ‘Got Seen’ as a person to watch in this field. The way has been paved for more work to be done later.

Once the 2012 book comes out, it’s going to completely blow people away, and will also be excellent leverage for more television work — particularly for those networks who are bright and honest enough to share the truth, rather than the fear. I am perfectly happy to debate people and defend my positions, redundantly and with irrefutable scientific facts.

What I hope for most of all is that we do get some sort of formal disclosure. New information has come in on this topic, which is the subject of my next piece now in progress. It is very clear that ‘V’ is a sophisticated piece of propaganda that is precision-targeted to incite fear and chaos in the event that Obama does make the announcement.

I don’t want to spoil my thunder, so I’ll stop here by saying that the next piece will be ready when it’s ready. We make no wine before it’s time. I may hold off until after I’ve gotten to see the second episode this Tuesday night — I’m not sure yet. I’ve just had a film meeting come up for today that could be important, so that alters the timelines a bit. I also have to get ready to head out of here on Wednesday morning.

This is a great milestone to reach, no matter what. It’s very difficult to break out of the “Internet Ghetto,” as Richard calls it, and be seen in mainstream media. I was not attacked or portrayed unfavorably. The quotes they did use were good. And we’ve got a lot more coming in the future… of that I can be very sure!

Who knows what the ramifications of this will be. Either way, there is very definitely something going on with the 2012 prophecies, and people are ready for the truth — more than they’ve ever been.

I thank you again for your support, and remind you that the next big event, where you can get the full and unrestricted download of what I have to share over the course of a full weekend seminar, is in San Francisco this coming January. Live music, sixteen hours of fully-illustrated breakthrough lecture time, stunning group meditations, wonderful networking with others and the dream-sharing circle — it’s well worth the effort!

Just click on the ‘Coming Appearances’ link under Conferences on the top of every page, and you can read more about it. I hope to see you there… just don’t weirdly stand behind me while I’m sitting at the dinner table and we’re cool!