Now let me take a few more steps to set up the main course: a transcript of my October 6th appearance on Coast to Coast, where I first presented an overview of “The Real Story” to the world in a mass, public forum.

This entire article will be followed by another, once ready, that goes into much more detail about the ever-increasing and amazingly tantalizing clues that disclosure is indeed imminent — that this really is going to happen. I am not going into a whole lot of specifics just yet — that’s the next article.

An incredible surge of interest and traffic on the Internet erupted, worldwide, immediately after I did this show on Coast — and has only increasingly gained momentum ever since.

So many of you have written and expressed a seeming sense of terror that disclosure might NOT happen. You are very concerned about believing in something only to find yourself let down.

Believe me. This is not a drill. This is not a hoax. The evidence is absolutely compelling, and after having written content online since 1996, I have never seen anything even remotely resembling the onrushing avalanche of data now raining down upon us, revealing where we are about to be heading as a planet.



The negative elite’s grip on power has now crumbled into utter free-fall, and there is very little time left to wonder about where this all is going before it will be right in your face, for all the world to see, without any controlled-media filters to interpret your reality for you.

Everyone wants to think they can see into the future, and then prepare for whatever they think is coming. The screaming is at an all-time high throughout the Internet right now. Many awakening souls read Pentagon and NSA-written propaganda pieces by seemingly independent Internet journalists, mystics and/or scholars, and believe them to be factual — and they are going through a profound dark night of the soul on a personal level.

I have direct, confidential knowledge of several cases of seemingly ‘clean’ public figures in conspiracy and metaphysical fields who are, in fact, receiving payments for their work from military-industrial complex sources. I certainly do not, and would turn it down if it were offered. I am not going to name names for my own safety, but the energy their work is infused with becomes telltale enough, once you know what it feels and sounds like.

I deal with these folks by never mentioning or publicizing their work — only referring to it indirectly if a specific point needs to be made. The vast majority of such writers in this category are honest people who are simply misguided — brainwashed through all the propaganda — and should never be hated or feared. They have a right to their opinions, and I encourage you to follow your heart and read whatever captures your interest.

Movies, television shows, radio broadcasts, magazines, newspapers and websites add to the drumbeat of fear. If it bleeds, it leads. If it smells, it sells.


Make no mistake. The times we are in are supposed to be scary as hell. That’s a very strong element of the equation.

However, the fear that is created is not the end of the story — it is, more importantly, a trigger for our mass awakening.

The fear we have experienced, and are all experiencing to varying degrees, breaks down the complacency that has kept us in a static, miserable, lonely and depressing state of being — and renews a sense of the mysterious, the unknown, and the magical.


If you are familiar with this website and its content, you can easily see why an imminent disclosure will be of such lasting value. Everyone wants to know if this is really true — are there really ETs visiting us? What happens once that question has finally been answered?

The implications are so vast that no one can go beyond the most generic prognostications and what-if scenarios.

Either way, if you really feel you need an official government announcement to know the truth, then you haven’t done your homework. The real story has been available to you for a long time.

The real question is whether you trust yourself, and your own instincts, enough to see when you are being lied to — and can then forge your own path regardless of what ‘THEY’ tell you to believe.

Are you another sheep within the herd? Or do you individuate, think for yourself, and find your own answers?

In esoteric terms, that is the shift between the orange ray / second chakra / second density of animal ‘groupthink’ and yellow ray / third chakra / third density ‘individuation.’

The green ray, or fourth density, is the heart — and that’s where you bring the love in, once you have learned to think for yourself. That’s what the Earth is moving into, according to various high-integrity ET sources that have been coming through telepathically for well over 100 years now.

The real story is that there is only one of us here. One Mind. One Consciousness. One Universe. That’s all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. We are but reflections of this Cosmic Consciousness, experiencing apparent separation.

Our galaxy is a co-Creator that has generated many millions of inhabited planets within itself. Each planet is host to some variant of human life, as this is the design of the Galaxy — an expression of its own personality. Almost all humans in the Galaxy are genetically compatible with each other. Many of them are visiting Earth at this time, because we are undergoing a profound shift, right on schedule, according to the Galactic Plan.

And now, in the near future, we will become formally aware of the fact that we are not alone in the Universe — as a preliminary step to reconnecting fully with our Galactic family.



If there was no ‘meat’ behind the story, making such a seemingly-ridiculous announcement as this impending Disclosure may seem, to some, is the Internet equivalent of crack cocaine. You get a big ‘high,’ lots of publicity, but then nothing happens and you ‘crash,’ with your reputation thrown in the dumpster along with you.

Believe me, I was well aware of the stakes. I have been putting out material of my own online since 1996, beginning with Richard Hoagland’s discussion forum. Never before have I made such a blatant future prophecy with such a relatively narrow time window attached to it.

This was a calculated move, based on two years’ worth of ever-increasingly-intense dreams urging me to make the announcement, as well as a stunning array of real-world data suggesting this event is definitely imminent, likely within no more than six months. Other dreamers and psychics have been sending me their information and telling me they have been getting the same message.


I have had an unbroken record of dreams, every day, for 17 years now. Not only do I type them up in the laptop every morning: I understand and implement the guidance they provide.

This has proven very effective, and was the cornerstone of work I performed for seven years, from 1998 to 2005, as an intuitive consultant. On the morning of the day each client was scheduled to have their session with me, I would have a complex dream in which I experienced the client’s deepest issues as if they were my own. They would be interpreted through my own symbol-set so I could understand them.

It was very common for clients to burst into tears upon realizing that they had been ‘heard’ psychically by another human being. The extent to which these dreams tapped into their issues, providing real data about things I did not know consciously, was so vast, and so consistent throughout all 500 clients I worked with, that the results were invariably stunning. 


Some have attacked me for relying on my dreams as a data source. The fact is that 500 witnesses can attest to their personal experience with this intuitive power. And in all my life I have never had so many dreams urging me in one direction before as I have on this subject. As I would waver, repeatedly, and consider dropping the whole story, new dreams would come in to nudge me back on course — sometimes quite forcefully.

Simply arranging all the dreams together in some coherent, readable fashion has proven a lot more difficult than I thought, as there must be more than 50 of them. I have had to go through all the records, one day at a time, over the last two years with a very sharp eye. Yet, I have consistently shared the underlying message they keep putting out, as I understand it. 

That message, which has been assembling for two years now, could be summarized like this:

You will stare into the face of the abyss. The darkest of all dark nights in human history. An economic catastrophe that seems so vast in scope it will appear there is no way out.

Yet, this is but the darkest hour before the dawn. You are witnessing a pivotal moment — the lightning-fast breakdown of negative-elite structures that have held your people imprisoned and enslaved for so long.

The people will rise up and create sweeping economic reforms on a massive scale most would have considered unthinkable. There will be great assistance from an international coalition of countries who are directly opposed to the corrupt New World Order system.

Much of this toxic international Ponzi scheme will fall apart practically overnight. Those most responsible for the problems will experience major upheavals, loss of prestige and power, and will be literally brought to their knees.

In their final death throes they will make attempts to harm or destroy a substantial amount of the world’s population. These efforts will fail, because Management will not allow them to infringe any more than humanity’s collective free will allows them to.

And humanity’s collective free will is not inviting a mass, genocidal die-off.

The negative elite can see this upheaval coming. They are absolutely terrified of what will manifest in their own immediate futures when it occurs. It is unstoppable. They know this.

They want to convince themselves they are managing and controlling it, even while seeing blatant signs it is much bigger than they are. 

They believe such chaotic upheavals will happen to everyone, but this will not be the case. The positive effects this will have for the average person are nothing short of miraculous.

These changes also pave the way for, or are accompanied by, a much more formal realization that we are not alone in the Universe.

With the collapse of the secrecy and financing of the corrupt factions comes the release of new energy technology that can dramatically transform the biosphere and the quality of all life on Earth within a reasonable timeframe.

The stunning advance in knowledge and truth will create an incredible spiritual renaissance in humanity — an explosion of new seekers who know the truth and wish to understand the deepest questions: Who are we, why are we here, and where are we going.



The effect this announcement created was far greater than I imagined. There was an explosive boom in traffic on our discussion forum, website comments and in my personal email, Facebook and Myspace messages — which were already so voluminous I could barely manage to read them, much less answer any of them. This is a ‘happy problem’, as it shows that the word is getting out, but it also means there is no time to answer anyone.

If you include website article comments, posts on the discussion forum, and wall/comment postings and personal messages on FB/Myspace, our efforts are now attracting over 500 unique written messages per day. I thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive feedback and support, and truly wish I had the time to take you up on your innumerable offers to get better acquainted.

But remember — this is not about me, it’s about you. It’s about the fact that you already have a sixth density being you can connect with for guidance and support: yourself.

Just get quiet. Meditate. Study. Be at peace in the Now.

Don’t rely on the ‘servers’ to tell you to do this. Do it for yourself. Wait and see what starts to happen. You will get results very quickly in this day and age.


Within no more than a week after my Coast announcement, two of the most popular current-day channelers on the Internet — Mike Quinsey as ‘SaLuSa’ and Matthew from — issued statements supporting and validating our disclosure announcement from their intuitive perspective. This dramatically enhanced the scope of the announcement.

I have also been presented with at least one or two radio show invitations per day, from all manner of different outfits large and small. In addition there have been veritably tons of requests from indie filmmakers, almost all of which must be turned down for lack of time. In addition there have been other very cool developments I cannot talk about yet, but am extremely pleased with. Never before have I had to turn down so many talent requests.

My Facebook page shot to the maximum ceiling of 5000 friends. I was forced to create a fan page to handle the overload, though I do not use the word ‘fans’ to describe my fellow seekers. This is where I will now be concentrating most of my Facebook efforts. 

In addition, I have continued my work as Executive Producer on the CONVERGENCE film, writing updates for this website, interviewing Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein and David Wolfe on video, and delivering the seminars I was happy to perform, including updating each of them with new content. It has been a very, very busy time — but the prize is well worth the effort.

The occasional hate mail is easily forgiven. If you attack, you missed the point. Focus on acceptance and forgiveness to insure you are on track with the changes this planet is going through. Committing hate to writing is a powerful action that should be considered very carefully, as it has ramifications.

As Buddha said, “A single moment of anger can undo a lifetime of good works.”

Ironically, St. Francis of Assissi gave us a parallel but opposite quote: “A single moment of Pure Consciousnes is worth more than a lifetime of good works.” If you can truly find and accept the love in this moment, and BE love, this is of far greater value than anything else you may do.


The entire UFO community has been electrified by the possibility of real disclosure, and a variety of investigative journalism emerged that further added to the story — most notably including the work of Dr. Michael Salla from Exopolitics Institute, who revealed key insider information that the decision to proceed with disclosure was actually made by the United Nations in February 2008.

Insiders broke strict confidentiality, at great personal risk, to reveal that the UN decided a roughly one-year trial period would be advanced before any further action would be taken on the issue. During this year, clear and unambiguous proof of ETs would be released on a much larger scale — including alleged sightings. If the public did not have a panicked reaction to these announcements, then the formal disclosure would soon follow.

Indeed, there has been a tremendous uptick in the quality and avaialbility of UFO information from mainstream television and media ever since. There is so much data coming out now that it is very difficult to keep up with it — but I am doing my best, and will present some of it in the next article.


As you may know, I traveled to meet Dr. Pete Peterson with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot in June. Peterson is a very highly-positioned insider in the UFO cover-up: an expert in super-advanced reverse-engineering technology, as his video testimony clearly illustrates.

Peterson told us a great deal more information off the record than he shared on video. We were clearly told that we could be hurt or killed if we were to release any of this information. I have not and do not intend to talk about this stuff, as none of it will really help anyone grow or evolve spiritually. Peterson said it was OK for us to announce that a formal government disclosure was pending, but strictly forbade us from saying the date.

In Zurich, Switzerland, just a week later, during Bill Ryan’s lecture — also available on video — I reminded him of Peterson’s testimony from the audience. My stomach hit the floor when he actually said the date we were given out loud in front of the whole audience — November 27, 2009. This was a spontaneous, maverick decision, and I knew right away it had dramatically reduced the possibility that it would ever happen on that day.

Since it has now come and gone without incident, the attacks have already started, even though I myself never announced this date. The simple fact that the date was announced publicly made it almost impossible that it would actually happen then.

I had many, many journalists and radio show hosts writing me, urging me to go forward with the date and be on their show to announce it, and I kept telling everyone not to spread this around — to contain the damage.

Nonetheless, the prevalence of Bill’s video from Zurich meant that just about everyone figured out what the date was anyway — and many Internet sleuths were very proud of themselves. Now we have nothing to show for it, exactly as I expected. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I most certainly will never be involved in leaking a date like this again if another one comes my way!

As I have always said, my intutive data said this event would come hand-in-hand with an economic event that would make October 2008 just look like the warm-up band. We have not seen this event yet. Therefore we have not seen disclosure yet. However, there are great signs that it is on the way.

I strongly encourage you not to get hung up on dates. What really matters is not having the government tell you UFOs are real. It’s the Now. It’s you.

Right here, in this moment. The real you. Behind the mask. Your cosmic identity. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel it. Live it. Become who you really are.



The time window of November 27th has been far from inconsequential. Less than two weeks beforehand, as I will discuss in the next article, there was the announcement that much of the 400-oz gold bars in Fort Knox and throughout the world are in fact gold-plated tungsten bars.

Yes. Tungsten.



This metal weighs just about the same as gold. Once you drill out a little crater on the bottom and blend in a little lead, it’s perfect. Coat it with real gold, doped with enough harder metal so it won’t scratch off from the softness, and you’re good to go. How they ever thought they could get away with this, once it came time to present it to other central banks as ‘Good Delivery,’ is absolutely mind-blowing.

Obama visited China in person, the very next day, after they discovered they had been given fake gold in these very high-level interbank transactions. According to the various articles you can read about this, the changeover in Fort Knox was made during the Clinton administration.

The only reason why the gold was delivered to China in the first place was that the US had very high-stakes futures / derivatives trades that then failed completely, and they had to pay up with the real gold. Or apparently  real. Honestly… did you really think they wouldn’t  do an assay on their new acquisitions?

The whole thing is really quite hilarious — were it not for the fact that we’re talking about the entire American and European financial system here. A system whose entire reserves have been swapped out with fake gold — some seven trillion dollars’ worth of it.



According to Benjamin Fulford, although the original collapse window was October / November, which probably explained the November 27th potential date for disclosure, the next new window is for January.

Again, I strongly encourage you: DO NOT PANIC. That is exactly what the negative side wants you to do. They would absolutely love it if you focus on the fear, the unknown, the abyss… and begin living your life with overwhelming dread, as if you’re already doomed. This is emphatically not  how my dreams are describing the upcoming events.

They are seeing their own imminent collapse — and then project their own experience onto you, as if you will endure and suffer from it along with them. Granted, there will be some ‘biting through,’ but it is nowhere near as intense as they think it will be for the common people.

Whether or not an economic event happens in January, and / or disclosure happens at this time, is anyone’s guess. Even if I got more specific detail I would likely keep it to myself, so I have no feeling of guilt over spoiling it for everyone else on Earth if the date then got ‘leaked’ and thus had to be changed yet again.

Thus, the whole international Ponzi scheme of printing phony ‘fiat’ currency is collapsing. This will reach a head very soon, and will be even more sweeping than October 2008’s economic changes.

We are being consistently told in my intuitive data that this is a very good thing, and the damage to the common people will be minimal. In fact, within a relatively short time it will turn for the positive in ways we could never have imagined.


Nonetheless, our insider sources — particularly from the Neocon / Majestic side of the fence — do not see much farther than to expect this will lead to a collapse of civilization and chaos. This is very unlikely, based on the ‘big picture’ perspective of how our planet is being ‘managed’ by much more evolved forms of intelligent life.

I am told that Majestic now feels ET disclosure is a necessity in order to not have the world spiral completely out of control.

It’s about time.

Energy technologies will be released that can help to turn things around while there is still a chance.

This disclosure now appears to be intimately connected to the economic collapse. It will also create a massive economic stimulus — a new space race and the mass-production of new technologies.

Fulford said nearly two years ago that David Rockefeller was visiting Japan to seek something like five TRILLION dollars to finance a “new space race.” What could possibly awaken and inspire the people enough to make them support that kind of unprecedented financial expenditure?

Think about it. War is good business — but completely re-doing the entire world’s technology as we now know it, and bringing humanity out to the stars, is a far bigger and better business.


At the same time, with television shows like ‘V’, the whole disclosure is being very obviously ‘spun’ to make the right-wing / Republican / Fundamentalist Christian elements of society associate Obama with the ETs, and see them as being very negative and demonic. I will back this up with exact transcripts, video clips and news stories in the next article.

This way Majestic gets to eliminate their enemy — the man they did not want to be president — at the same time that he makes the announcement.

It drives me nuts that when you get to talk to real insiders, they absolutely hate Obama and are working like crazy to get rid of him as fast as they can — but then a very vocal and persistent minority on the Internet thinks Obama is a total ‘puppet’ for the New World Order, and follows their marching orders to a tee.

I am completely done with arguing over whether Obama is a good guy or a bad guy, or taking any of these attack letters seriously. I have had dreams about him recently where he is literally throwing up over how overwhelmed he feels by what’s happening. He needs our support, not our hate. He is an honest, kindhearted and highly intelligent man who stepped into something much bigger and darker than he ever could have imagined.

What a shame it is when the people who are the most educated about insider politics are unable to identify their own valuable allies.

And if you think a black man isn’t as smart or capable as a white man, just take a step back and look at yourself. Since most of these types of attackers are religious, is that really what you were taught as a Christian? Did Jesus say “love thy fellow man, love thy neighbor as thyself, but if he’s black, then not so much?”

The push-pull of forces around the American government are much greater than one president and his coterie of trusted associates can offset. That’s why you’ve seen so many reversals, compromises, troop increases, forgotten promises and the like. Most people’s opinion of what a president can actually do, by himself, at this time in history, is extremely naive — but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create real and lasting change.  


Benjamin Fulford just announced he has multiple sources saying Obama will be asked to step down in January, either through a challenge to his presidency by a fake birth-certificate technicality or something else that is not voluntary. 

I heard exactly the same thing from other independent sources — that in January there will be some crazy attempt made to say he wasn’t actually born in Hawaii — like his parents were on vacation in Kenya or something stupid like that — and therefore cannot remain as President.

You guys at the top of the pyramid. I know if I actually came and sat down with you and your tall friends to talk this over, you would serve me up for dinner before I’d ever get out of that room alive. I’ve been working out a lot more lately, so the meat would be good-quality lean protein. Not a lot of fat to add flavor, but you probably wouldn’t cook the steaks anyway. Thanks, but I’ll respectfully decline the invitation should you decide to offer it.  😉

Nonetheless, with everyone here as my witness, I ask you — do you really think people will buy into this crazy plan? Do you really think a fake technicality will be sufficient to invalidate a president who actually won by a substantial popular mandate? Seriously.

Unlike Fulford, I have not heard there is any truth to plans for his assassination. The last thing they want to do at this point is make him into a martyr, as he would be even more powerful in death than he was in life — the next Martin Luther King “Black Messiah”, as they secretly called MLK.

I was very surprised to see this same data point about a challenge to the legitimacy of his presidency in January surface publicly from Fulford. Had it not, I would not have discussed it at all. Seeing Fulford mention it tells me it is far more likely to be a real plan. And this is a disclosure I am more than happy to throw off the tracks by a preliminary announcement.


Even though Fulford himself has bought into the idea that Obama is a puppet of the New World Order, he hasn’t made that intuitive leap to see that if your puppet is doing what you want, why would you be so intent on getting rid of him? Think about it.

I never answer letters attacking me for my Obama stance. Not a single real insider I’ve ever spoken to has indicated that his or her bosses are anything other than flaming pissed about Obama being President of the United States.

Obama wasn’t supposed to win — Hillary was. The fix had been in for years: Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton. Just like an old, comfortable pair of slippers you dug out of the closet. It was telegraphed in ’24’, where a woman was President. Lady Evelyn de Rothschild personally went on television to blast Obama and support Hillary more than once.

They have put out a gorgeously vast array of propaganda to sway public opinion against him, but it still hasn’t tipped the poll numbers much below 50 percent even in spite of the depressed economy. Those who are intoxicated with hate are still the minority, much as it only further increases their indignation to tell them so.

Look. Obama is an absolute demon to these insiders. Why? Because he is fraternizing with the enemy — countries like India, China, Russia and Japan that have thrown off the military-industrial-complex control — to create an international coalition that will strip the New World Order / Illuminati of its unfair and deleterious influence.

It is so very obvious — but yet there is massive financing and grassroots support out there for all the propaganda that is being written to convince everyone that Obama is nothing short of a cannibalistic, devil-horned Antichrist.

The opposition from the far right is so unilateral, undying and monotonous that it is truly like a cartoon. Great comedic fodder for Saturday Night Live, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and the like. What a bizarre and marvelous time in history this is — and it’s about to get much, much more interesting!



Check out the millions of dollars that were spent on the most sophisticated propaganda operation ever seen in modern history — the new television series ‘V’. I must say it gets an A+ for effort. It is so absolutely blatant and transparent in targeting and attacking Obama, and his upcoming disclosure, that I am amazed more people aren’t already writing and talking about it.

The leader of the Vs, Anna, is absolutely 100-percent designed to remind you of Obama in every possible way. Episode 4 specifically targets his inspiring speeches as if they were mass brainwashing in action — thanks to a sinister alien technology at work.

I only had two letters come in this week about how blatantly Episode 4 tied in the swine flu vaccine as being an ET-manufactured attack against Earth’s population. It is so obvious it makes me giggle with delight, because it shows how desperate they must be to make propaganda that is this unapologetically blatant.

Given the huge preponderance of UFO information already out there, I’d say it’s far more than a day late and a dollar short. They may well convince some of the far-right crowd, but I doubt that one television show will inspire them to create the total anarchic breakdown of society the insiders are expecting. This will be covered far more in the next article.

I’m not mad at you for believing what you’ve read in the conspiracy media… honestly. Hate is a fun, addictive high that just so happens to throw you off the rails of spiritual growth. It reminds me of rappers who oscillate between delivering socially-conscious messages in one verse while dissing all their fellow DJs and rappers and pumping up their egos to supernatural heights in the next.

Now is definitely the time to practice acceptance and forgiveness if you want to stay on track — even towards your real enemies. The old-school spiritual teachings are no less relevant today then they were the day they first came through.

I simply ask that you respect me enough to allow me to express my opinions on this website without being attacked by you, and angrily referred back to propaganda articles often written by NSA and Pentagon sources posing as independent journalists.

I have consistently put out David’s Blog entries that share various data points shedding light on my perspective, backed up with credible data, for well over a year and a half now. It is not my job to keep endlessly repeating the same information, nor would it be fun for most people to read.


Again, the insiders calculated that this economic event would reach critical mass in November, but we have heard testimony that Obama pulled a series of cooperative international moves that offset the event a little while longer. Various testimonies, not just Fulford’s, suggest the event will reach its apex somewhere between January and March of next year.

Disclosure does appear to be intimately correlated with this impending, massive economic shift, but no insider can give me a completely straight answer about why or how. All we know is that they are clustered together. Whether disclosure will occur before, during or after such an economic event, realized on a mass scale, is not precisely known.

Now that you have all the backstory in place, let’s go on with the show… my far-reaching appearance with George Noory that started this Internet revolution in the first place.

I am very proud of all members of our Transcription Team for continuing to provide us with edited, high-quality transcripts, on a timely basis, all on a volunteer basis. You guys are amazing and have my absolute gratitude and support. I think I speak for everyone when I say how much we love you. Enjoy!