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The Science of Oneness

What if everything you thought you knew about science, and its connection to spirituality, was wrong?

What if you woke up one day to discover that the entire nature and structure of the Universe had actually eluded all of mainstream science up until that moment? Could such a thing be possible?

How confident do you feel in the idea that atoms are made up of particles? Are you aware that even the most basic quantum physics is littered with solid experimental findings that totally defeat this idea and have heretofore defied all attempts at explanation? That the entire quantum realm of atoms and molecules can be built up from electromagnetic fields displaying simple properties of movement and geometry?





In his 1976 book The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz reports that there have been over 100 documented disappearances of ships and aircraft in a roughly circular area that is triangulated between the southeastern coast of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, with over 1,000 apparent deaths since 1948.

In the vast majority of these cases, not a single body or piece of wreckage has ever been found, and not even the slightest sign of oil slick or flotsam has appeared in the cases of airplane crashes. In a number of cases, large ships have been discovered as drifting with the entire crew having disappeared, with perhaps one animal survivor such as a bird or dog left on board.

Certain people have survived these effects and reported many anomalies that should be more and more recognizable to us, including an inability to get their electromagnetic instruments to function, the spinning rotation of their compasses, the filling of the sky with a yellow, luminous haze on an otherwise clear day, and reports that the ocean beneath them seemed to look different, as though they were no longer sure of what area they were flying over.

For some reason, this phenomena seemed to have peaked between 1945 and the mid-1970s, and since that time there appear to have been far fewer reports or just a general loss of interest from the metaphysical community to do research.

While some would use this subsequent drop-off in disappearances as evidence that the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is a “hoax, ” it could be that the government, military and commercial ships “got the message ” and stopped moving through the worst areas; it could also be that the internal processes of the Earth have shifted and thereby made this a less active spot.

More importantly, the fact remains that even with the ever-more advanced search and rescue techniques, complete with very thorough records of the exact positions of ships and airplanes, hardly any of the known disappearances have ever been recovered.

The ships that have completely disappeared without any wreckage being located include the Marine Sulphur Queen, a huge, 425-foot-long freighter, and the U.S.S. Cyclops, which had 309 people aboard and weighed a colossal 19 thousand tons.

The records regarding the disappearance of ships in this area go back to at least the early 1800s, and they showed signs of continual increase up to the time of Berlitz‘ research being compiled and published. The idea of warfare being responsible for these disappearances is ruled out, since they continued after the Civil War had ended.

In 1945, the first set of airplanes disappeared over the area, which suggested to the public that the same effects that had caused the sailing vessels to disappear were capable of making planes vanish as well. It was from this discovery that the term “Bermuda Triangle ” was born, and the public exposure of this phenomenon wildly increased soon afterwards, evoking mystery, fear and speculation.

The author Charles Berlitz himself is quite the scholar, being fluent in a number of languages and the originator of the highly popular Berlitz tutorial language books, which are still very common for college students and foreign travelers in many countries.

The Bermuda Triangle synthesizes many different sources of information and speculation with a wonderful, creative and readable flair. Rather than go into detail, as Berlitz‘ book was a huge bestseller and can be quickly found in used bookstores and the 001 section of libraries, we will just list some of the most significant aircraft and marine disappearances, and then go into the anomalies that have been reported by survivors.

This information will truly introduce us to the “next step ” of this book where we will move away from discussions of technology and into hyper-dimensional physics, showing how these shifting energies are reflected in the quantum realm and the Cosmos.



The first list of anomalies in Berlitz‘ book is entitled “Major aircraft disappearances in Bermuda Triangle area. ”

December 5, 1945: five TBM Navy Avenger bombers on training flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; total crew of fourteen; two-hour normal flight; lost approximately 225 miles northeast of base. [Note: This was the first confirmed aircraft disappearance.]

December 5, 1945: PBM Martin bomber; dispatched with crew of thirteen to assist the TBM patrol; twenty minutes later radio contact lost and plane disappeared.

1947: Superfort (US Army C-54) disappeared 100 miles off Bermuda.

January 29, 1948: Star Tiger, four-engine Tudor IV; lost radio contact after last contact 380 miles northeast of Bermuda; plane lost with thirty-one passengers and crew.

December 28, 1948: DC-3, private charter. San Juan, P.R., to Miami; thirty-two passengers plus crew.

January 17, 1949: Star Ariel, sister ship of Star Tiger; London to Santiago, Chile, via Bermuda and Jamaica; radio communication lost 380 miles south-southwest of Bermuda on course to Kingston.

March 1950: Globemaster (American); disappeared on northern edge of Triangle en route to Ireland.

February 2, 1952: York Transport (British); disappeared north of Triangle en route to Jamaica; thirty-three aboard.

October 30, 1954: Super Constellation (Navy); vanished north of the Triangle with forty-two aboard.

November 9, 1956: Navy Martin patrol seaplane P5M; disappeared with crew of ten near Bermuda.

January 8, 1962: Air Force tanker KB-50; Langley Field, Virginia, to Azores.

August 28, 1963: two new Air Force KC-135 four-engine Stratotankers; Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, to classified refueling range in Atlantic; disappeared 300 miles southwest of Bermuda.

June 5, 1965: C-119 Flying Boxcar; ten aboard; lost in the southeast Bahamas.

April 5, 1956: B-25 converted to civilian cargo plane; lost southeast of Tongue of the Ocean; three aboard.

January 11, 1967: Chase YC-122, converted to cargo; four aboard; lost in the Gulf Stream between Palm Beach and Grand Bahama.

September 22, 1963: C-132 Cargomaster vanished en route to Azores.



The second category in Berlitz‘ book is “Major ships disappeared or found derelict in Triangle area: ”

1840: Rosalie, a large French vessel; found on course to Havana from Europe, in Triangle area, with sails set, cargo intact, all hands missing.

January 1880: British frigate Atalanta; left Bermuda for England with 290 aboard; vanished presumably not far from Bermuda.

October 1902: German bark Freya; found soon after leaving Manzanillo, Cuba, listing badly, partly dismasted, anchor dangling; calendar in captain‘s cabin read October 4 - day after sailing.

March 4, 1918: US Navy supply ship USS Cyclops, 500 feet, 19,000 tons displacement; sailed March 4 from Barbados to Norfolk with 309 aboard; no bad weather; no radio messages; no wreckage ever found.

1925: SS Cotopaxi; vanished en route from Charleston to Havana.

April 1932: two masted John and Mary; New York registry; found floating but abandoned fifty miles south of Bermuda; sails furled, hull freshly painted.

February 1940: Yacht Gloria Colite from St. Vincent, BWI; found abandoned; everything in order; 200 miles south of Mobile, Alabama.

October 22, 1944: Cuban freighter Rubicon; found by Coast Guard in Gulf Stream off Florida coast; deserted, except for a dog.

June 1950: SS Sandra, 350-foot freighter; sailed from Savannah, Georgia, bound for Puerto Cabello, Venezuela; cargo 300 tons of insecticide; passed St. Augustine, Florida, then disappeared without leaving a trace.

September 1955: Yacht Connemara IV; mysteriously abandoned 400 miles southwest of Bermuda.

February 2, 1963: Marine Sulphur Queen, 425-foot freighter; vanished without message, clues or debris; en route to Norfolk, Virginia, from Beaumont, Texas, with all hands; last heard from near Dry Tortugas.

July 1, 1963: Sno‘ Boy, sixty-three-foot fishing boat; forty aboard; sailed from Kingston, Jamaica, to Northeast Cay, eighty miles south; disappeared with all hands.

1924: Raifuku Maru, Japanese freighter; radioed for help between Bahamas and Cuba, then disappeared.

1931: Stavenger, freighter with crew of forty-three; last heard from near Cat Island, Bahamas.

March 1938: Anglo-Australian, freighter with crew of thirty-nine; last message received west of Azores: “All well. ”

December 1967: Witchcraft, cabin cruiser; passenger and owner disappeared while craft was at harbor buoy one mile from Miami.

April 1970: Milton Iatrides, freighter en route from New Orleans to Capetown.

March 1973: Anita, 20,000-ton freighter with crew of thirty-two, sailing from Newport News to Germany.



The next quote in the book from Captain Don Henry clearly illustrates the anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle area that suggest the highly energetic, luminous and rapid-rotating effects that we see in a polarized CU as defined by Dr. Dmitriev‘s original list of “vacuum domain ” criteria:

... We were coming in on the return trip between Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale. We had been out for three days towing an empty barge which had carried petroleum nitrate...

I heard a lot of hollering going on. I came out of the cabin onto the bridge and yelled, “What the hell is going on? ” The first thing I looked at was the compass, which was spinning clockwise.

There was no reason that this should ever happen... I did not know what had happened, but something big was sure as hell going on. The water seemed to be coming from all directions.

The horizon disappeared - we couldn‘t see where the horizon was - the water, sky and horizon all blended together. We couldn‘t see where we were.

[Note: This appears to be their own reporting of the experience of moving into a luminous fog.]

Whatever was happening robbed, stole, or borrowed everything from our generators. All electric appliances and outlets ceased to produce power. The generators were still running, but we weren‘t getting any power. The engineer tried to start an auxiliary generator but couldn‘t get a spark...


QUESTION: Was there a greenish appearance to the horizon?

[Note: As stated elsewhere in the book, the green color is by far the most common observation, and was also allegedly seen in the Philadelphia Experiment, as covered in The Shift of the Ages.]

No, it was milky. That‘s all I can say. I wasn‘t looking for colors. After we left, the batteries had to be recharged. I had to throw away fifty flashlight batteries.


The next excerpt from the book is another example of the rotating magnetic fields and luminous phenomena seen in the Bermuda Triangle, typical of a polarized CU:

Jim Richardson, a former Navy pilot, is now president of the Chalk Air Ferry Service operating between Opa-Locka Airport in Miami and Bimini and other points in the Bahamas... On an early morning flight from Florida to Turks Islands, accompanied by his son, the plane‘s compass suddenly started to spin from left to right.

He asked his son, “What‘s wrong with the compass? ” To which the son replied, as a perfectly natural explanation, “We are over Andros. ” He observed that this has frequently happened “every time we go over deep waters in front of Moselle Reef. ”

This reef, incidentally, is a place often noted for the presence of mysterious lights shining at night... These lights on the reef have also been observed by the same Jim Richardson and other pilots of planes and ships.



As we continue our excerpts from Berlitz‘ book The Bermuda Triangle, we have the single most powerful account of luminosity, electromagnetic changes and rotating fields that are typical of the energy forms that we have been investigating.

A time-warping effect very likely occurred as well, but the pilot was flying alone and may not have noticed any small discrepancy between the clocks in his plane and the clocks on land. The event was reported by Chuck Wakeley, who was then about thirty years old and a professional pilot of planes and helicopters for over ten years, holding a high security clearance with the United States Government.

He had not heard of the Bermuda Triangle until after he had the following experience, told here in his own words:

In November of 1964 I was a pilot for Sunline Aviation in Miami. During this time I took a charter flight to Nassau to drop off some people and return. I dropped off the passengers and left Nassau Airport shortly after dark. The weather was very clear and the stars were shining... At about 9:30 pm I passed the northern tip of Andros Island and could see the lights of some of the settlements.

I had leveled off at about eight thousand feet and was settling back for a routine flight but... I began to notice something unusual: a very faint glowing effect on the wings... the wings had a translucent appearance, appearing pale blue-green, although they were actually painted bright white.

In the course of about five minutes this glow increased in intensity until it became so bright that I had great difficulty reading my instruments. My magnetic compass began revolving, slowly but steadily; the fuel gauges, which had read “half full ” at take off, now read “full... ”

I could not trust any of the electrically run instruments, as they were either totally out or behaving erratically. Soon the whole aircraft was glowing, but it was not a reflected glow, since the glow was coming from the aircraft itself. When I looked out the window at the wings I remember noticing that they were not only glowing bluish-green but also looked fuzzy...

At this point I could no longer rely on my gyro, horizon or altitude indicators, and since it was night and I was flying with an artificial horizon, I had no horizon to go by. The glow was so intense that I could no longer see the stars.

I did the only thing I could - that was to let go of the controls, and let the craft fly on whatever heading it would take. The glow built up to a blinding crescendo of light, lasted for about five minutes, and then diminished gradually.

All instruments began to function normally as soon as the glowing dissipated. I checked all circuit breakers and none had popped. No fuses were blown and I realized that equipment was functioning normally when the fuel gauges returned to reading that the tanks were half full.

The magnetic compass became steady and showed that I was only a few degrees off course. I engaged the auto pilot and it was normal. Before landing I checked all systems - landing gear, flaps, and so on. They were all normal. Incidentally the aircraft had static lines and should have drained all static elements.


QUESTION: Did you think your experience was connected with the Bermuda Triangle?

I did not know about the Bermuda Triangle until after the incident. I thought what I had seen was St. Elmo‘s fire in spite of the fact that St. Elmo‘s fire doesn‘t act that way.

When did you hear about the Bermuda Triangle?

I heard about it when I started to speak to other pilots about my experience. Things like that have happened to other pilots, but they don‘t like to talk about it. Anyhow, there‘s no way to avoid what they call the Triangle if you go to some place like Puerto Rico, unless you fly up north of Bermuda. You hear a lot more about the Triangle now, especially when any completely illogical disappearance of a plane happens.



It is very likely that Wakeley was outside of our conventional time and space while he was in the area of luminous phenomena before returning. In an intriguing case of documented time lapse in the same vicinity, a National Airlines 727 passenger plane coming into the Miami Airport in 1971 suddenly disappeared from the radar screen for about ten minutes and then reappeared:

The [National Airlines 727] plane landed without incident and the pilot and crew evinced some surprise over the expressed concern of the ground crew since, as far as the crew was concerned, nothing unusual had happened.

By way of an explanation one of the Air Control staff said to one of the pilots, “Man, for ten minutes you just did not exist. ” It was at this point that the crew checked their watches and the various time indicators in the plane and discovered that they were uniformly ten minutes slow according to real time.

This was especially remarkable as the plane had made a routine time check twenty minutes before the incident and at that time there was no time discrepancy.



If there is validity to the idea that these electromagnetic forces could transform human beings into another level of vibration, then we should expect that certain foolhardy and intrepid researchers would have already tried to do something like this, above and beyond the well-known Philadelphia Experiment, which we have previously discussed in The Shift of the Ages.

Such possibilities are reported in the intriguing article entitled “Dimensional Shifts ” by Jerry W. Decker at http://www.keelynet.com/energy/dimshift.htm. Mr. Decker is the Director of the KeelyNet website, which was originally a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) in the early 1990‘s before the popularity of the Internet, and he is arguably one of the world‘s foremost experts on anti-gravity and free energy.

We will post some highlights of this intriguing article in case it is lost or made unavailable to some of our readers for some reason, and insert other related discussions as we proceed.

The statements that Decker makes in this article have direct bearing on our own research, including the “spheres within spheres ” energetic effect that was seen in the Roschin / Godin experiment, which replicated Prof. Searl‘s results with anti-gravity and free energy:

Each spatial (and possibly TEMPORAL) location, no matter what dimension it resides in, has a specific coordinate, referenced by a combination of frequencies that equate to the ‘signature‘ for that location.

These are nested frequencies - like bubbles within bubbles - because they are all standing waves produced by 180-degree phase conjugation.


Here, the reader should know that Decker is using the terms popularized by the work of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden. “Standing waves ” with “180-degree phase conjugation ” is another way of describing the spherical torus of energy that we have called the polarized CU. It can be called a “standing wave ” because it can exhibit rotating, spiraling vortex motion while standing still, without moving through space.

The “phase conjugation ” of 180 degrees simply represents the north-south polarity of this energy form as we have seen in the “vacuum domains ” of Dr. Dmitriev. So, we can see that even though this article was written before the Roschin / Godin study was ever published, Decker was already aware of what we would expect to see; a nested series of spherical torus energy forms.

If a modulation [of electromagnetic energy that represents] a specific ‘signature‘ / coordinate [of a different area of space and time] is imposed on this [energy form in the original location,] then a portal is opened to that [new] location. My concept is that a resonance is established between these two locations - i.e. the physical-spatial location and the artificially created image - and there can be more than two.

When a tuning fork is struck, a fork tuned to the same frequency will resonate with the excited fork, rapidly achieving an energy equilibrium between the two. Once this equilibrium is established, there is an energy transfer, almost in a holographic sense, which phaselocks the two forks. This can occur between any two resonant spaces or objects.

By adjusting the amplitude of the vibration between the two resonant bodies or spaces, an energy flow can be established in either direction between them. High amplitude always flows to low amplitude in the natural attempt to achieve equilibrium, thus creating a flow between the bodies or spaces.

Once a resonance is established, I believe that a mass can be caught up in this flow and physically transported between two resonant spaces. I am of the opinion that the claims of ‘time travel‘ are much closer to being a dimensional shift where multiple realities exist within the same location [of space,] yet slightly out of phase (alternate realities or dimensions.)


What Decker is suggesting here, of course, is that at some point in our future, teleportation may well be a reality, once the basic principles are understood. For now, we must consider the evidence that already exists to suggest that this occasionally takes place on the Earth through natural means.

As Decker‘s article proceeds, we get a valid description of what might happen to a living creature who passes through such a vortex. Perhaps this has already happened many times in the Earth‘s past, and the unfortunate creature then ends up emerging into our own reality. Such “time travelers ” are referred to by Lt. Col. Tom Bearden as “tulpoids ”:



By tuning to these alternate spatial, temporal or dimensional realities, creating a flow and then sustaining it, an object would shift to that location. In his book The Excalibur Briefing, Tom Bearden refers to these alternate realities and the appearance in our reality of phenomena he refers to as ‘tulpoids.‘

These tulpoids include UFOs, bigfoot, Nessie and other Fortean manifestations of short duration, yet some of which leave physical evidence of having been here. What if these are entities from an alternate reality caught in a momentary flow to be forcibly transported to our world? They would be lost and confused, probably antagonistic due to fear.


Many have remarked that the descriptions of the Loch Ness Monster and the Lake Champlain monster “Champ ” are very similar to the ancient dinosaur known as the plesiosaurus; and we can add other ancient creatures to Decker‘s list as well.

For example, there have been repeated reports from Africa of what appears to be a Brontosaurus from the Jurassic period known as “mokele-mbembe, ” and a Western scientist actually traveled there and observed the creature at a distance.

Another interesting event cited in the book New Lands by Charles Fort, page 219, seems to indicate a warping of giant prehistoric insects through to present-day Switzerland. If the climate in Geneva was at one time tropical, then this time-warp may well have occurred in the same physical location:

Boston Transcript, 1922 - clipping sent to me by Mr. J. David Stern, Editor and Publisher of the Camden (N.J.) Daily Courier -

“Geneva, March 21 - During a heavy snow storm in the Alps recently thousands of exotic insects resembling spiders, caterpillars and huge ants fell on the slopes and quickly died. Local naturalists are unable to explain the phenomenon but one theory is that the insects were blown in on the wind from a warmer climate. ”

Furthermore, in The Bermuda Triangle, Berlitz also reports the case of the coelocanth, a fish that had been completely extinct for over 60 million years, suddenly appearing in the Indian Ocean, where it was caught by fishermen and brought to bewildered scientists.

The small, dinosaurlike “chupacabra ” phenomenon in Brazil might be another example of this as well; a creature that attacks chicken and goats and has a monstrous, lizardlike appearance. Now, Decker continues, with a speculation as to why the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and other manifestations seem to disappear rather quickly from our known world:

The question then arises as to where do they go if they appear here, that is, why don‘t they STAY here? When one of these alternate reality entities gets caught up in a high density energy field, it is ‘charged‘ with the ‘coordinate / signature‘ of the field. For a short time, this signature overcomes its natural ‘creation coordinate‘ and the entity transports to an alternate reality.

The now charged entity wanders around in its new reality, bleeding off energy which was absorbed, and MAINTAINS its contact with the new reality. Once the energy has dissipated to a point allowing the entity‘s natural “creation coordinate ” to resume, it transports BACK to its home reality...

Taking all this into consideration, the question then arises: how do we accomplish dimensional shifts under controlled conditions?


The idea of matter being able to either “expand ” with energy or “bleed off ” energy does not seem possible in the conventional explanations of quantum phenomena that are built on the idea of particles. However, in the new quantum systems of Rod Johnson that we will be studying in later chapters, this becomes entirely possible: matter is capable of shifting through many different “densities, ” and at its core the “atom ” is nothing more than a series of counter-rotating electromagnetic fields.

Obviously, in cases like the coelocanth, if such a creature did actually travel through time to the present it was able to do so with enough completeness that it could remain in our present world, as in this case it did not “bleed off ” energy to return to its original space-time coordinates.

You can also find reports of apparent pterodactyl sightings, as well as the story of "Mokele-mbembe," an apparent four-legged dinosaur occasionally sighted in Africa.



After the above introduction, the first case that Decker reports in his article is that of Dr. Alan Holt from NASA. Holt‘s “original ” idea for warp travel through space ties in with Einstein‘s ideas, and involves the artificial generation of an electromagnetic energy pattern around a spacecraft that precisely matches with the “resonance signatures ” of a distant point in space and time.

Then, if the precise resonance of space-time vibration for the desired distant area can be established in the area surrounding the spacecraft, the spacecraft will naturally “warp ” to the new location through a higher-density “tunnel ” vortex.

The “space-time fabric ” (read: aether) surrounding the original location would forcefully push away the ship as it snaps to its new space-time ‘coordinates.‘ Interestingly, this is very similar to Bob Lazar‘s testimony regarding the papers that he read on how the captured extraterrestrial craft that he had worked on were able to transport themselves from one area to another.

In Lazar‘s model, the three evenly spaced half-spheres seen on the bottom of many disc-shaped UFO craft are “gravity amplifiers ” that are capable of focusing gravity into pencil-thin, highly energetic beams, in the same sense as a laser focuses a beam of light.

The craft is tipped on its side and an advanced system “triangulates ” the beams to shoot out and intersect at the exact point in distant space where the person flying the ship wants to go. A resonance is established between the two areas, and the gravitational fields form a point of incredible strength where the three beams cross.

This powerful force is centered directly back on the ship itself, and due to its massive gravitational and energetic pull, it opens up a higher-density “wormhole ” through time and space that instantly pops the ship through hyperspace to its new location.

It is very interesting that someone from NASA would independently suggest a very similar idea, and this is a strong indication that they are aware of this technology as well and are slowly “dripping ” it out to the public. Whether it is actually up to working capacity or not is another story.



From here, Decker cites some “unverified and highly suspect ” information that may or may not be true. We cite some of the data here with the assumption that some or most of them are false; however if any of them are true, then they would represent active and obviously dangerous technological applications of these principles.

Just as Benjamin Franklin‘s literally shocking “discovery ” of electricity with a metal-wire kite was a breakthrough that came at a price, much of the present danger could stem from the relative lack of understanding of exactly how these vortices and energetic phenomena are functioning.

The first two cases reported by Decker from the “Forteana ” newsgroup appear to be of the same person, Mike Marcum, who lived in Missouri and experimented with these principles. In the classic distortion that “hearsay ” produces, the second person‘s report mistook the name of the state that Marcum lived in as Michigan, and indicated that there were five, not six electromagnets involved:

[Case One, posted Nov. 28, 1996:] Mike Marcum, the Missouri guy who made News of the Weird in 1995 after he stole six power company transformers he said were necessary to make his time machine (so he could find out the winning lottery number and come back and buy a ticket,) called a radio show from Nevada in October 1996 and said that he was only 30 days away from finishing his invention. His Missouri landlord had evicted him for various electrical misadventures in his apartment...

[Case Two, posted Jan. 28, 1997:] Today on the telephone with a friend in Northern California, I was informed about a man in the State of Michigan who had invented a “time machine. ” This man had supposedly worked on the legendary Philadelphia Experiment and informed his friends and confidants that he “knew what he was doing. ”

He set up these five 300-pound magnets in a circle and had them super-energized with electric currents. He put a cat in the center of the circle, and the cat disappeared. Then he put a goat in the circle, and the goat also disappeared into the mists of time.

Finally, he got into the center of the circle himself, and he, too, disappeared into “another dimension, ” never to return again...

According to my California friend, this supposedly happened quite recently; and he is going to try to find out more information about it, such as the man‘s name and where this “experiment ” is said to have taken place. I will post a follow-up of anything else of pertinence on this matter.


As we can see, the idea in the second post that the event happened “quite recently ” and the dates of the two postings do coincide nicely, making it likely that both refer to Mike Marcum‘s experiment. Marcum said on the radio he was about “30 days away ” from completing the device in October 1996, and on Jan. 28, 1997 the second person was informed that the man had disappeared “quite recently. ”

Obviously if this really did happen and is not simply an “urban legend, ” then someone else had to have been present at this experiment in order to verify all the disappearances, including that of Marcum himself.



The next excerpt in Decker‘s article from Dr. Alexander Frolov is far more empirically provable than the above accounts, as we know who conducted the research, who published the material and where it was presented. It will be summarized here for brevity.

In his dissertation for the Moscow Aviation Institute, Dr. Vadim Chernobrov gave the basis for an electromagnetic propulsion drive, and Dr. Frolov later invited him to his June, 1996 conference entitled “New Ideas in Natural Sciences. ”

At the conference, Dr. Chernobrov gave a presentation concerning experiments that were designed to change the rate at which time passes in a local area, and also published a paper on his results in the Conference Proceedings thereafter. As Dr. Frolov reports:

[Dr. Chernobrov] used electromagnets installed so as to produce several spherical envelopes: one envelope is installed inside of another. The entire system is a multi-envelope structure like the Russian toy called the “mastrioshka, ” or “nested dolls. ”

[Dr. Chernobrov‘s] goal is to make a special type of electromagnetic field that is moving from the periphery [of these spherical envelopes] to the central point. The shift of rate of time in such a system is very small, [amounting to] several seconds per one hour of experiment.


In this case, the success of Dr. Chernobrov‘s experiment is entirely understandable, as we have already explored the natural cases of this time dilation effect, including the Oregon Vortex, which anyone can visit and scientifically examine at any time. And considering that Drs. Roschin and Godin were also trying to produce an “electromagnetic propulsion drive ” with the Searl Effect Generator and also measured “spheres within spheres ” of magnetic and thermal energy around their device, Dr. Frolov‘s statement becomes far more plausible.

It is likely that minor time changes would also occur around the Searl Effect Generator as well, if the appropriate measurements were taken. We do know that in the published work of Dr. Bruce DePalma, such time changes were observed and measured in the areas surrounding his free-energy prototypes, thus adding another layer of validation.

Furthermore, the above excerpt mentions that Dr. Chernobrov wanted the electromagnetic fields to move from the periphery into the central point. This is obviously a representation of his attempts to create the axis of the polarized CU, (like what we see in a tornado,) which will only form when a sufficient level of energy strength and rotational speed is reached within the spherical energy fields themselves.

The amount of force that is required to create the polarized CU is high enough that there are frequent reports of magnetic free-energy devices shattering to bits once they go above a certain speed of rotation.

Future designers of anti-gravity propulsion systems will be forced to circumvent these problems, and Prof. Searl appears to have done it by using precise mathematical ratios between the rollers and rings, based on the principles of the “magic square, ” to insure that the load is perfectly distributed throughout the device.

His design also requires each ring and roller set to be identical in weight to the one before it, thus forcing each successive ring and roller layer to be shorter in height than the one closer to the center.



The next case in Decker‘s article is also from the Forteana list, and the author apparently did not want his name published, thus bringing us back to the realm of the “unverified, most likely false ” category. It is presented here as a reminder of the dangers involved in trying to duplicate this technology:

...I have a friend who knew the owner of an electronics company. This man was very intrigued by high density magnetic fields. One day he built a transformer on a motorcycle type frame and installed a ‘dead man switch‘ which would disable the power if the switch was released.

With his technicians running the machine, the owner sat on the frame and the power was applied. I have no idea if it was DC or a special frequency of AC.

After about three minutes, the man began looking around the room as if he were seeing something different or new... shortly after, his body began to shimmer as if disappearing. It was at this point [that] he released the switch and the power went off.

He reported that the walls of the room began to melt away, showing a pristine, undeveloped landscape as if the city and this building had never been there. One of the fellow techs was chomping at the bit to ride this thing.

The owner finally agreed only after the tech signed a medical and legal release in the event [that] anything bad happened to him. He sat on the frame, [the] power was applied and nothing happened until about 3 minutes had elapsed. This guy began looking around, just like the owner had, and his body began to shimmer. He did not release the switch.

As more time elapsed, the man‘s body disappeared from view, yet the dead man switch was STILL BEING PRESSED. After 5 minutes, the owner had the other techs turn off the power. The rider reappeared, babbling and drooling, totally insane.

The machine is supposed to be locked up in the owner‘s garage and he has moved to Colorado. I know this sounds like so much BS, but there is more that I won‘t bother you with at this time. Something is going on here that is beyond urban folklore.

Thanks for your interest, perhaps when I get a file compiled for my website, we can collect other correlative information that might give further insight into an experiment...


As of late 2007, we have been in contact with various black-ops witnesses who have bits and pieces of information about the Philadelphia Experiment and other matters.

From what we have now heard, the mental disturbances are called "transdimensional disorder." The apparent reason for this is that the smooth function of the mind is the result of a harmonic blending between our energetic body (or bodies) and the physical body.

At the time we are conceived, a linkage is formed between our energetic body and our physical body. This is called our "zero-time reference" or ZTR.

The key to sending people through these vortices without harm is to introduce some of the Earth's natural harmonics into the equation -- such as in modulated magnetic fields. Otherwise, the energetic body can lose track of the time reference it started with. If you return to your physical body with your physical and energetic bodies mismatched, terrible problems, and often death, can be the result.



Another case from Berlitz‘ book The Bermuda Triangle reveals that not everyone is as lucky as Chuck Wakeley when passing through an interdimensional Earth vortex.

Bob Brush, a commercial airline captain, witnessed a Constellation aircraft explode mysteriously in the Bahamas near Great Inagua, in October 1971:

Bob was flying a DC-6 and got the Constellation on radar, flying low and possibly in trouble. Suddenly it exploded with a flare that lit the sky from horizon to horizon. The explosion was so brilliant that it hurt the eyes - absolutely unusual. A boat near the scene picked up a flight manual that Bob later examined and it was riddled with small holes...



Both Charles Berlitz in Triangle and Dr. Richard LeFors Clark in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid report on the work of Wilbert B. Smith, a Canadian communications engineer in the Department of Transportation, who studied similar anomalies to the Bermuda Triangle that occurred over the eastern Lake Ontario area.

WB Smith is the only person to have conducted an official Government exploration into magnetic vortex anomalies, which was known as Project Magnet and was conducted in 1950 on behalf of the Canadian National Research Council and the U.S. Navy. The project was later classified, ostensibly because of the dramatic and destructive nature of such vortices.

In Smith‘s work, he reports finding what he called “areas of reduced binding ” that were approximately 1,000 feet in diameter and extended upwards for a considerable height. If a plane were to fly over the area, then just as in the case of the tornado, its matter would become flexible and elastic, thus causing it to rupture and explode.

Some of the vortexes appeared to be mobile, and their positions would change with time. Smith also correctly ascertained that these anomalies were being caused by gravity stresses that were formed deep within the Earth.

This is just the beginning of the interesting information that can be found in the WB Smith story, as he ended up conducting telepathic research that laid the early foundations for the emergence of the Law of One series. We intend to include this information in later volumes of this series, to be written in 2008 or thereafter.



Dr. Clark also points out that nineteenth-century mystic DD Home lived in the same area on the eastern side of Lake Ontario where WB Smith‘s experiments with Project Magnet were conducted. As we have already mentioned, Home was repeatedly able to levitate his body high into the air in front of a room full of people, as well as a host of other highly unusual phenomena.

He could put his hands or head into a stove and not be burned, and could also levitate an accordion inside of a cage and play a tune on it. His various feats were witnessed and verified from 1820 to 1850 by noted scientists, world dignitaries and many of the ruling heads of Europe.

Based on Smith‘s research findings, Dr. Clark speculates that the energy in this particular vortex area was able to powerfully enhance Home‘s psychic development. It may well have provided a high degree of “free consciousness energy ” that would later be harnessed and lead to his remarkable abilities becoming possible.



Dr. Clark also brings up the case of Edward Leedskalnin in his article in Anti-Gravity. Leedskalnin built a magnificent city of huge coral blocks that he named “Coral Castle ” in Homestead, Florida, with no apparent access to tools or lifting machinery.

Dr. Clark argues that Leedskalnin had found a vortex where the gravity-levity balance was much more equal than in most other places, and therefore by simply pushing up on the blocks at their exact center of gravity, the necessary “lift ” could be provided to move the blocks.

The immediate problem that we can see with such an idea is that this should have created a dramatic difference in the gravity readings from that area, and yet there is no mention of this in associated literature. If the gravity-levity balance were truly that close to being equal there, then we would expect it to have been long since known and discussed.

Furthermore, most other sources that discuss Coral Castle will invariably mention the case where a person sneaked into place to watch as Leedskalnin held out his hands and levitated the blocks off of the truck to put them where he needed them to go.

While this may seem impossible to us, there are many accounts of ancient megalithic stone temples being built from multi-ton blocks that have been fitted with excessive precision, and no archeological evidence to suggest how they were moved.

As Graham Hancock noted in Fingerprints of the Gods, even the largest modern cranes in the world are not capable of moving blocks that are the size used in the Great Pyramid and other spots. Furthermore, in the case of the Tibetan Acoustic Levitation, we see a process that appears to have used psychic concentration in combination with carefully-tuned sound to produce the necessary energy to move large stones.

Thus, Leedskalnin may be yet another case like DD Home, where living in a certain area provides psychic development that allows levitation effects to occur. Perhaps St. Joseph of Cupertino, who we mentioned in the second chapter as one of the Catholic “levitating saints, ” also lived in such a vortex area.



Returning again to Decker‘s article on dimensional shifts produced by electromagnetic energy, his next reported case is one that Decker recalled from a phone conversation that he had several years before writing about it.

In this case we have the name of the person involved and his own testament to Decker that he was telling the truth. However, these effects are subjective and should not be seen as “proof ” of anything, merely interesting possibilities:

Walter Rawls, who worked with the effects of monopolar magnetic fields on matter with the late Albert Roy Davis, told me in a telephone conversation of his experiments with a North pole magnet situated over the pineal gland.

A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland. The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this ‘third eye‘ business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.

Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.

The second week, the same ghostly figure moved through the room and glanced toward Walter as he passed through. This time, the figure appeared to have slightly more detail, not quite so ghostly.

The third week, while busy working on documents, Walter noticed a change in the room. When he looked up, the wall had dissolved away and he was looking at a small hill where a man and woman sat beneath a tree. It was the same ghostly male figure who he had seen on the other occasions. He sat quit still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes.

The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled. It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost that he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again.


If there is any validity to what Rawls is saying, it would appear that somehow the powerful magnetic energies on the “third eye center ” were able to crudely duplicate the same types of psychic enhancements that allowed DD Home to perform levitation and other feats while living in the East Lake Ontario energy vortex, and Ed Leedskalnin to build Coral Castle in the Homestead, Florida energy vortex.

Interestingly, the works of Charles Fort mention that many “Spiritualist ” studies were done at the turn of the 20th Century by organizations such as the American Society for Psychical Research, which directly correlated higher frequencies of ghost sightings and paranormal activity with higher energetic emissions from the Sun.

In this case, the Sun appears to be lending the extra energy of consciousness that allows otherwise normal human beings to see into other realms, and / or causing a blending effect between realities. And as we shall see in a minute, there appear to be some people who can see these realms and perform psychic feats in them without any such outside energetic stimulation.

In 2007 we acquired some breakthrough new information on the pineal gland that will appear in later volumes of this series. For one thing, the interior of the gland actually has a very similar tissue makeup as the retina of the eye. Hence, the notion of it being a "third eye" may be far more interesting than most people give credit for. It may well be that the pineal gland is the most important hyperdimensional 'interface' gland we have.

It appears that the gland operates on a very simple process -- namely, a barrel-shaped volume of water, when totally shielded from electromagnetic energy, sound and other shocks from our own space-time, will form a gateway into time-space -- this metaphysical realm that the various experiments we're discussing tap into. The interior of the gland is filled with water. 

More blood flows through the pineal gland than any other part of the brain -- that is a documented fact. The witness testimony also suggests that we naturally have an electromagnetic shield surrounding the water inside the gland, and it appears that the integrity of this shield is very, very important.

Usage of drugs like LSD can distort and temporarily deactivate the shield, creating inter-dimensional consciousness effects that can be dangerous. Supposedly the use of such drugs creates 'cracks' in the protective shield that never really go away -- and if a person gets too 'opened' too quickly, there can be disastrous effects on their sanity.

So, in the above case, it seems that a strictly electromagnetic process can temporarily disrupt the pineal gland's shield in the same manner. We do NOT recommend you try this at home.

In Book Three of the Law of One series, we find out that both the King's Chamber and Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid are built at naturally-occurring focal-points within the pyramid structure where the 'shield' can again be dropped in a more controlled manner.

Apparently the King's Chamber sarcophagus was intended for healing, with the assistance a trained healer who used a crystal to augment his or her work. The Queen's Chamber was intended for initiation. In both cases, the 'protective shield' is dropped, by an energetic process, to facilitate this transition.

It is important to note that simple meditation gradually opens you up in a far safer and more controllable manner. The Law of One series refers to technologies like the Pyramid as the equivalent of "metaphysical training wheels."



Two interesting accounts, which may or may not be factual, are found on pages 96-98 of Nick Nelson‘s book The Golden Vortex, which we will discuss in the next chapter. Either one of them, if true, give us the unique possibility that these time-warping events have actually been witnessed and documented as having occurred from “both sides ” of the phenomenon, the past and the future.

The first account comes from a retired police captain named Hubert V. Rihm, who was able to correlate a missing persons report of 1890 with a bizarre death in 1950. The similarity between the two events suggests that it was the same person, Mr. Rudolph Fentz of 50th Avenue in New York, who had instantly passed 60 years into the future.

In 1890, the man left his house to have a cigar after dinner, which his wife would not allow him to have in the house, and she never saw him again. She subsequently filed a missing person‘s report. Ostensibly, the warp occurred in the same area that he had been walking, and he then re-appeared on the New York streets in 1950.

At the sight of so many strange and noisy things, he panicked and ran into the street, where a taxi ran him down and killed him. The identification and clothing of this man seemed decidedly out of the norm to Captain Rihm, who later made the connection through research.

Interestingly, the fact that it was a 60-year time difference actually supports the idea that this could be true in terms of the physics that we now are re-discovering, which will be covered later in the book. The number 60 is directly related to vibration, which is the most important behavior of the aether.

The second account is from a pilot in Ohio in the early 1960‘s:

...A pilot was in his private plane flying alongside a low cloud, when out of the cloud comes a pre-World War One flying machine. They dodge each other but not before the wing tip of the modern plane grazes the side of the antique.

The pilot loses sight of the biplane, which flees back into the cloud. He turns for home, and after landing files an angry report with the FAA. The authorities look, but are unable to find the old airplane and its reckless pilot.

Months later, under a pile of rotting hay, an old relic of a flying machine is found in a barn being torn down. An aged logbook is still in the cockpit, and its last entry records a near miss with a strange silver flying machine. The entry is dated 1911, and there is a long rip in the fuselage fabric in which is contained tiny flakes of silver paint.


Nelson does not cite his sources for these accounts, though only a few pages earlier he mentions a book on the Bermuda Triangle that we have not seen, entitled The Limbo of the Lost by John Wallace. If the actual date in “the early 1960‘s ” was 1963, then we have the possibility of a 52-year vortex, and again 52 is an important number in the vibrational harmonic system.



The next excerpt details Decker‘s speculations with his associates as to how these types of effects are occurring. If Walter Rawls had personally experienced an “interdimensional ” phenomena when the magnet was over his third eye, then to him it was very real, and in talking with Decker he clearly wanted to know exactly what happened to him and why.

Indeed, Decker‘s ideas on the subject match very closely with the information that is contained in the writings of alleged extraterrestrial entities Seth and Ra, as well as the accounts in the Vedic scriptures, which we will review later:

In conversations about this with Walter [Rawls] and other interested people, it was mentioned that there is a theory that we have multiple energy bodies, much like the KA and the BA of ancient Egypt. Each energy body lives in another reality, yet communicates with our consciousness here in this reality.

Another comment was that consciousness simply creates an energy body in whatever reality it VISITS. Prolonged presence in a given reality increases the density of the energy body, moving from a phantom, ghostly form that was at first not easily perceptible to the inhabitants of the other reality until the intruding energy body had become sufficiently dense to trigger their senses.

That could explain why repeated exposures would add density to Walter Rawls‘ other reality body, allowing its denizens to perceive him, thus the startled reaction from the male figure...


This point that Decker raises is significant enough that we will include some supporting material to further establish the idea that “prolonged presence in a given reality increases the density of the energy body ” there.

It appears that certain adepts are already capable of transporting themselves to other locations, either physically or energetically, and in the Carlos Castenada series of books, we have a detailed set of instructions on how to do this. The instructions themselves are very difficult but certainly possible to duplicate with practice.

Most significantly, the observations of aetheric energy forms and descriptions of aetheric cosmology correlate so perfectly with what we have already seen in this research and with other shamanic accounts that it is highly doubtful that the real, core teachings are fraudulent.

We should also remember that similar effects have been seen in shamanic cultures all throughout the world, including the Australian Aborigines, the Hawaiian Hunas, the Tibetan Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis and the like. In each case, a comprehensive set of secret teachings explains how these abilities are cultivated, and it appears that Castenada‘s accounts are an accurate retelling of this process.



The controversial series of books by Carlos Castenada (d. 1999) support Decker‘s idea that a prolonged, focused presence “in a given reality ” can lead to the person becoming visible there. Each of Castenada‘s books detail the mystical teachings and experiences that he had with a shaman “sorcerer ” named Don Juan and others associated with him.

Earlier in his training, various psychoactive compounds were used to bring him to a state known as the “second attention ” or the “active side of infinity, ” where he was directly interacting in non-physical realms and having many anomalous experiences. Don Juan and others were able to project into these realms at the same time that he did, and thereby produce seemingly impossible and sometimes highly entertaining “miracles. ”

Castenada was told that the hallucinogens were only a stepping stone, and he was urged to learn how to make this transition without them, through a technique that was referred to as “stopping the world. ” In this technique, a sublime state of meditation is realized and the thoughts of the conscious mind are shut down.

Many other valuable techniques were given by Don Juan to help induce the OBE state, including the idea of trying to observe a bush or tree in a whole new way, by bringing the shadows to the forefront of vision as though they were “real objects ” and imagining the surrounding area as being “background. ”

The change in perception that this exercise produces can cause the consciousness to naturally shift under the proper meditative circumstances. This and other practical shamanic techniques from the first nine books are very well compiled and woven together in the book entitled The Teachings of Don Carlos by Victor Sanchez.



We now can conclude with reasonable certainty that the character “Don Juan ” in these books was actually a composite of several different shamans / sorcerers whom Castenada had interacted with, and the primary character‘s true name was Kachora.

Many people have now been able to meet Kachora, as he does occasionally make an appearance at various Native American and spiritual conferences, and Wilcock has personally spoken to someone who knew one of his close friends.

Kachora has allegedly confirmed that certain details of the books are entirely false, such as the event at the end of Tales of Power where Castenada and Pablito jumped off a cliff to test their abilities to dematerialize and rematerialize their bodies somewhere else that was safe.

This dramatic ending also featured the character Don Juan making a permanent transition into the realms of Spirit, thus apparently signaling the end of Don Juan‘s teachings and also the end of the series - that is, until many more books were published! It is now argued that Castenada was encouraged to perpetuate this fraud in order to create the inevitable sensationalism that would be produced in its wake, thus selling many more books as a result.

Since Kachora confirms that aspects of the books are indeed false, it becomes difficult to determine exactly how much of them are true, if any. The most glaring flaw in the material that is consistently pointed out by skeptics is that all the books published after Tales of Power were allegedly dredged up from Castenada‘s “hidden memory ” of interactions with Don Juan before he left the physical plane.

In fact, the conversations in the later books appear to simply represent further interactions that he had with Kachora and transcribed in the same manner as he had always done before. It also appears that Castenada may have regretted the decision to lie about certain events later in his career, as books such as The Art of Dreaming seem much more systematic and practical in light of the corresponding evidence that is available from other shamanic traditions.

However, it is detrimental that he never made an official public statement to clarify what parts he felt had truly happened and what parts were fabricated, before his death.



Even though the credibility of the books is heavily damaged by these inconsistencies, the fact remains that a very comprehensive set of teachings are given that describe how to manipulate the conscious energy of the universe.

Most importantly, Kachora seemed to continually stress to Castaneda the importance of learning the art of seeing, which meant coming to a place where the energy fields of the universe could be visually perceived.

In this state, each human being would have a luminous egg or “aura ” surrounding them as so many other healers have seen, and a weblike matrix of interconnecting strands of light was perceived to link everything in the Universe together.

According to his own written testimony, Castenada did eventually learn to do this, and this is most likely true. Furthermore, in the book The Art of Dreaming, Kachora tells Castenada that through a rigorous spiritual discipline, which includes meditation, dreamwork, diet, exercise and complete celibacy to “store your sexual energy, ” it is possible to eventually develop your abilities enough to teleport yourself to another location, or at least send a visible “double ” of yourself somewhere else.

In Kachora‘s system, which he claims as having been handed down from an advanced ancient civilization, the key to this form of travel is in developing the out-of-body or “lucid dreaming ” state. As Dr. La Berge of Stamford University Dream Research Laboratories confirms, when a lucid dreamer travels into the dream state, the objects and environment around the dreamer will continually change.

In fact, Dr. La Berge uses this innate property of the dream plane as a test for people to check if they are actually dreaming or awake. The test begins by staring at a particular object, especially if it has writing or other notable features on it, and then looking away. When looking at the object again, if the subject is dreaming then it will have noticeably changed.

In Dr. La Berge‘s research this constant malleability of the dreaming realm is simply assumed as a “given, ” whereas the shamanic traditions seem to suggest that it is simply a beginning stage in a process that can eventually be developed much more fully.



Indeed, the ancient shamanic traditions as given by Kachora teach us that the secret path of the “adept ” is to learn to stabilize the dreaming environment. The most frequent exercise that is cited in the Castenada books is to try to look at your hands and will them to continue to stay the same in their appearance.

Wilcock has personally conducted these experiments many times and can verify that it is extremely difficult to keep your hands from changing as you do this; fingers will appear and disappear, your hands may appear to shimmer and grow larger or smaller in size, they may grow weirdly distorted or you may not even see them at all.

Wilcock has also tried to stabilize certain objects in the environment, such as a simple chair, and can attest to the fact that it is quite a challenge and would obviously require extensive practice to perfect. It is easiest to accomplish a partial stabilization by starting with a small area at the center of your field of vision and then gradually expanding it outward, like the opening of a lens.

Living and moving through an area that you must constantly maintain with your own concentration is certainly an interesting experience; it will invariably have blurry spots and will fade out to a hazy, formless area that seems to always be light gray in color as soon as you lose your focus. Once you enter this gray area you are in immediate danger of losing the experience and snapping back into your body.

Kachora goes on to say that with continuing effort, one can indeed learn to keep things stable; for example, you could imagine yourself to be in your living room and use intense concentration to keep it looking exactly as your living room would normally appear.

Once this “intent ” is able to keep your location focused for longer than a few brief moments of time, you will actually project an energetic aspect of yourself to that location, and others may then see this as a ghostlike projection.

In the writings of Robert Monroe, he reports doing just this to several different people during his out-of-body explorations, including his own daughter who would recognize him. And, in the wonderful book Adventures out of the Body by William Buhlman, he reports performing experiments where a pencil would be placed on the edge of a table before an OBE state, and you then project out and tip the pencil over in the physical plane with the intent of your energy body alone. Upon awakening, it is easy to see if you have actually succeeded.



Kachora says that if you sufficiently develop your abilities, you can actually travel to the stable location that you have “anchored in ” through your dreaming personality and either have an energetic double of yourself exist there or even cause your body to dematerialize from its original location and appear in the new location.

This would certainly be a great convenience, and almost all relevant metaphysical sources tell us that after the vibrational shift occurs on Earth, it will be much easier to do than it is now. Furthermore, the idea bears remarkable similarities to Alan Holt and Bob Lazar‘s ideas about “warp ” teleportation:

If a great strength can be created in the conscious energy coordinates where you would like to go, then a portal outside of our known space and time will open up to bring you there.


In Adventures out of the Body, Buhlman demonstrates that this vortex formation has often been seen visually by people who pass through it. The most common means in which it is described is in the near-death experience, where almost every participant reports passing through a dark tunnel area with a tiny light at the far end.

As they move through the tunnel at apparently great speed, the light rapidly gets bigger, and when they arrive at the light they are in a completely new location. Though this process is commonly seen by those who report having near-death experiences, Buhlman has compiled many other examples of people moving through such vortices in an out-of-body state, without having to undergo the near-death experience.



Another possible source of corroboration for such a psychic process comes in the case of Paul Twitchell, whose supporters founded a metaphysical sect known as “Eckankar ”, which is now the subject of scrutiny and controversy. Some have accused it of having become a cult. We do not have enough experience with the group to form an opinion one way or the other -- but essentially any time people get together for a spiritual purpose, someone is going to accuse them of being a cult. 

As reported in Brad Steiger‘s book The Enigma of Reincarnation, Twitchell‘s abilities came about as a result of going through the Nazi concentration camps as a youth. Due to the extreme conditions that he was placed under, he developed the ability to project out-of-body at will.

Later in his life he became well-known for his ability to do this, and like Edgar Cayce he also seemed to be able to access an “Akashic Record ” where he could obtain medical and past-life information for others. Interestingly, Steiger tells of the following case on page 107:

Twitchell‘s friends like to tell of the time when Paul was imprisoned in a South American jail because of a misunderstanding about his passport. To amuse himself and to confound his jailers, Twitchell appeared walking about in a downtown square while his physical body lay on a bunk in the jail cell.


These are just a few of many cases that are scattered throughout metaphysical literature about people being able to either send spiritual “doubles ” of themselves to remote locations or actually make a complete “teleportation ” occur by consciousness.

Once again, we see that if consciousness is at the root of all the energetic phenomena that we have been discussing, then all possible effects seen with technology or in Earth vortices such as the Bermuda Triangle should be able to be performed with consciousness as well, if the person has a sufficient degree of focus.

We are not interested in trying to prove this further to those who will attack every point with an impenetrable wall of skepticism, as the preliminary results of going out-of-body can indeed be replicated by anyone who is willing to put the time in.

Buhlman‘s book is perhaps the best and most straightforward set of instructions in this process, and in Wilcock‘s case a successful OBE was achieved after only ten days of practice. Those who visit the Monroe institute and make use of their Hemi-Sync technology can replicate these results with even less time and effort.



While adepts can perform magnificent feats of consciousness, a knowledge of this new physics may well lead to similar technological applications. Now, we will again return to Decker‘s article for further information that may corroborate the idea that such dimensional shifts are possible with the proper equipment.

Although many of the vortexes that we have discussed appear to be areas where aetheric energy is visibly emerging into our world as energy and light, there are other cases where it appears that a sort of miniature “black hole ” is formed where the circulating aetheric energy is not visible at all, instead creating an absence of light.

These will be covered immediately after our next excerpt. The properties of these vortexes remain very similar in many ways, thus not in keeping with typical assumptions about “black holes ” in the Cosmos as being total gravity wells that would suck in and destroy everything around themselves.

We also need to mention that in Bearden‘s own world of physics terminology, a ‘scalar wave‘ is essentially a wave that moves through the aether at a vibrational level that is outside of our current focus. By crossing two scalar-wave beams together, a variety of effects can be produced, including the luminous spherical torus we have been studying:

It is also worthy of note that many of the reports of free energy devices, when in operation and drawing ‘negative energy‘ also produce phenomena relating to weight loss and temporal alterations.

Years ago, Tom Bearden told me of an experiment that he and an unnamed researcher had carried out using a scalar [wave] generated from interferometry. Two [scalar wave] projectors were aimed to coincide [or “interfere, ” hence “interferometry, ”] at a fixed point in space. When power was applied and the frequency / phase was adjusted, there was no apparent change in the target area.

After some time had elapsed, the two went to get something to eat. When they came back a few hours later, it was observed that a black ‘something‘ like a slit or opening had appeared at the target area.

Because they were working in a totally unknown area and for fear that ‘something‘ might come through this slit once it opened up, they discontinued the experiment. A couple of years later, while visiting Peter Kelly at his lab in Georgia, he admitted that he was the other researcher and verified Bearden‘s report.


This is certainly quite remarkable, and probably quite hard for most of us to imagine; however, there is corroborating data to support this point, from completely different sources. The idea of a “dark slit ” or “hole ” opening up at a vortex point is contained within Berlitz‘ study of the Bermuda Triangle anomalies.

However, unlike a black hole that seems to be a gravity well, these dark areas seem to form a spherical bubble of repelling gravitational energy around themselves that prevent anything from moving through the area.

The next excerpt discusses Norman Bean, an electronic engineer, metaphysical researcher and inventor who devised a workable means of closed-circuit underwater television and also a form of shark repellent.

Certain individuals anonymously reported a very bizarre experience to him, which he later recounted to Berlitz.

The first event that is mentioned occurred on an evening in September 1972 and involved a diesel-powered boat named Nightmare, which was traveling between Featherbed Banks and Matheson Hammock in Biscayne Bay. The ship was returning to its home port after a fishing trip, and when it reached the Featherbed Banks area, its compass appeared to be offset by 90 degrees, and the Nightmare was just beginning:

The boat lights became weak and then were extinguished, as if there had been a tremendous drain exerted on the batteries. Thereupon, disregarding the compass reading, the pilot steered directly for landmarks due west, under full power.

But the only change in position was to the north, as ascertained by shore lights slipping to the south. For two hours the boat continued toward the shore but was unable to make any progress and seemed, if anything, to be backing up.

During this time, a large dark shape blotting out the stars was noted by the occupants of the boat in the air between the boat and Matheson Hammock, a mile or two to the west. As they watched it they noticed a moving light enter the dark area, remain poised for a few moments, and then disappear.

Shortly afterward the dark shape also disappeared. After the disappearance the compass returned to normal, the generator recharged the batteries, and the boat was able to proceed forward.


Berlitz goes on to report that Bean had a similar experience reported to him several years before he was told the case of the Nightmare. The person who reported this event to him was a retired US Navy captain.

The captain met Bean at one of his lectures, but would only discuss his observations with Bean in private, as he was “unwilling to jeopardize his reputation for veracity or exact observation: ”

The incident happened a week before Christmas 1957. A thirty-five-foot diesel-powered fishing boat belonging to and piloted by the captain on a course to Freeport, in the Bahamas, was unable to proceed forward for a period of several hours and was even pushed backward several miles.

The generator went out as well as the lights and radio and the compass went into a spin. Although the diesel engine kept running, the boat was unable to make any headway.

As in the case of the Nightmare, the crew noted that, although the water was calm and the stars bright, a certain area of the sky, dead ahead on their intended course, showed a starless black patch of regular outline. At one point they saw three moving lights in a row enter this dark area and disappear.

Shortly afterward, the black patch in the sky suddenly lifted and the boat was able to resume progress forward, the lights and the battery-operated radio went on, and the compass returned to normal.

The captain and his four passengers later learned that during the same night, forty miles away, a freighter that had been navigating the Gulf Stream southward ended up beached on a mudbank to the west, near Fort Lauderdale, its steering device having suffered a ninety-degree deflection.


If we accept these two accounts from Bean as actually being factual observations, then these events become explainable in light of Dr. Dmitriev‘s findings and others. In both cases, a dark spot in the sky was visible at night that seemed to obscure the view of the stars around it.

In many ways, the properties of the vortex itself are very similar to what we have already seen, such as point three in Dmitriev et al.‘s list of “vacuum domain ” anomalies, which states that these vortexes have the ability to power down electronics.

We remember that in Dr. Dmitriev‘s tornado studies, he makes mention of tornadoes passing over rivers and forming bowl-shaped depressions in the height of the river as it continues flowing. Similarly, these dark areas appear to have sphere-shaped gravitational forces around them that press outward from their center of origin in all directions.

Other than in Bearden‘s bizarre experiment, no such vortices appear to have been spotted in daylight hours. However, any slight discoloration in the sky would automatically be assumed to be a cloud formation by almost everyone who witnessed it.

So, it is possible that this could be the same type of vortex that causes time losses, disappearances and other phenomena during the day, where the more powerful light of the Sun and the surrounding sky is able to obscure the vortex‘s appearance at a distance. The vortex might remain unnoticed unless someone or something were to pass through it, in which case all electromagnetic instruments would be rendered inoperable and the associated time anomalies would likely result as well.

In both of the above cases from Norman Bean, the immense energetic “stress ” created by such a vortex naturally drew one or more natural self-luminous formations (NSLFs) out of the Earth, as a consequence of having such powerful attraction to all electromagnetic energy nearby.

In this sense, the behavior of the dark vortex is not much different than what happened to NASA‘s “tethered satellite ” in the STS-75 experiment, where it became highly charged with visible energy and then attracted a whole series of luminous balls of light to itself.

Remember that these balls of light are constantly being formed by the Sun, enough so that they strike the Earth‘s ionosphere about 30 times per second, forming “atmospheric holes ” or “small comets. ”

We remember from Dr. Dmitriev‘s research that the energies of the Sun can draw NSLFs out the Earth as well, and that the number of these anomalies rises sharply in times when the solar activity is at its peak. We also know that when NSLFs appear in an area of high seismic activity, the “stress ” on the fault line is reduced, and the amount of local earthquakes then goes down.

Thus, in the above cases of Norman Bean, it would appear that the NSLFs are being drawn out of the Earth by the dark vortex in order to return the pressures in the hole to a state of balance. In both cases reported by Bean, once the NSLFs entered the dark area, the vortex then disappeared and everything quickly returned to normal.

It is interesting to note here that on Richard Pasichnyk‘s website at www.livingcosmos.com, he suggests that a luminous vortex is one that involves electrically-charged ions that then ionize the atmosphere around them, whereas the dark vortex involves neutrons, which naturally obscure the light around them.



Our last excerpt from Decker‘s article on dimensional shifts concerns the work of Walter Russell, and its replication by other researchers later on. Here, Decker is still referring to his discussions with Peter Kelly, who we remember was the other scientist working with Lt. Col. Bearden when the “dark slit ” was formed in their laboratory experiment:

A couple of years later, after we both spoke at a conference in Denver and on the plane back to Dallas, I told Peter about an interesting experiment that was done by Walter Russell and recounted in his excellent book ‘Atomic Suicide‘. Two coils were wound on cones.

The apices [or tips] of these conical coils were pointed towards each other and power was applied so that bucking [spherical] fields were created by the collision of opposite magnetic fields. Very fine iron filings were dropped into the gap between the coils and a levitating sphere was produced.

When the coils were slowly pulled apart, an oval followed by a sphere surrounded by a disk appeared. [This is exactly what we now see with the planet Saturn, incidentally, and is an important point that will be covered later.]

When Peter arrived home, he tried this experiment and reported that when power was turned on, nearly everyone in the building complained of feeling nauseous or queasy. He explained that an experiment was going on so that everyone would understand what was happening.

After about an hour, the very clear and cloudless sky began to suddenly boil up and a major thunderstorm ensued. Power was removed from the coils and the storm dissipated as fast as it has arisen... ??? Weird stuff, no doubt, and subject to duplication by others if we all share our information.


Here, we should remember Eugene Podkletnov‘s anti-gravity experiment in Finland, where the smoke from one of the men‘s pipes was consistently seen to rise like a chimney over their “cryostat ” device, and the air pressure measurably lowered in that area, then continuing on in each floor above.

This direct movement through solid matter is the first anomaly in Dmitriev et al‘s list of the properties of vacuum domains. Based on this existing data, it shouldn‘t be difficult for us to see that the intense counter-rotating electromagnetic fields formed in Peter‘s experiment with the two magnetized cones were able to create a vertically-rising low-pressure zone in the area. This then attracted high-pressure clouds and lightning from the surrounding atmosphere.

When the machine was turned off, the low-pressure zone disappeared and the atmosphere could restore equilibrium. This also provides continuing validation of the idea that all weather, not just tornadoes, is formed by an electromagnetic interaction of the layers of the atmosphere with the movement of the layers of matter and energy under the Earth.

When we ask the question of why the others felt nauseous or queasy when the machine was running, we must remember that these powerful energetic forces are actually changing the normal state of matter, sometimes quite dramatically.

Since our bodies are very sensitive electromagnetic instruments in their own right, it would make sense that a significant alteration in the natural vibrations of a given area could produce discomfort. This may also be related to the observation that stress, conflict and tension goes up during the times of the Full Moon, high solar activity (seen in a corresponding drop in financial markets) and, as all astrologers know, the retrograde movement of planet Mercury.



If there was only one such location on Earth as the Bermuda Triangle, then perhaps flying and sailing would be totally risk-free; but in fact there are several such areas that must be considered. Other naturally-occurring Earth vortexes have also been seen to alter the flow of time and / or produce dimensional shifts.



The most well-known of these other vortex areas, (originally compiled together by Ivan Sanderson, as we shall see,) is off the southeastern coast of Japan, between Japan and the Bonin Islands, and is known as “The Devil‘s Triangle ” or “The Devil‘s Sea. ”

Due to the number of anomalies and disappearances that have occurred at this point, the Japanese government has officially declared it a danger zone and ordered marine and aircraft pilots to avoid the area. In this sense, it has an even more prominent official reputation than the Bermuda Triangle.

As Berlitz reports, this area had long been feared by fishermen who felt that monsters, demons and devils would capture the ships of those who passed through the area. For many years there have been disappearances of aircraft and boats over the area, but this area was especially serious for the Japanese in the time between 1950 to 1954.

Although this was a time of peace after the end of World War Two, in this brief four-year period nine modern ships disappeared with crews totaling several hundred persons. These disappearances occurred with the same conditions as we would expect in the Bermuda Triangle, including the lack of wreckage or oil slicks, even after extensive searches by sea and by air.

Berlitz makes a very important point about the relation between the Devil‘s Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle; they are on the exact opposite locations of the Earth‘s surface, and in both places the magnetic and true rotational North are aligned. The Bermuda Triangle is situated at 80 degrees west longitude and the Devil‘s Triangle is located at 150 degrees East longitude.

Again, to state it clearly, when you use a compass in either of these two locations, it will point directly at both Magnetic North and Rotational North at the same time. This suggests that there is some direct association between these vortexes and the tilt angle of Earth‘s magnetic field, and we will discuss this more clearly in the next chapter.

By the end of 1954, with nine ships and several hundred persons missing from this spot, the Japanese government decided to launch an official investigation. A series of scientists sailed the Devil‘s Sea on their ship, the Kaiyo Maru No. 5, with all the appropriate instruments they needed to try to check for magnetic and gravitational anomalies as well as to test for more prosaic explanations involving whirlpools, tidal waves and the like.

Not surprisingly, as their investigative expedition proceeded forward, the ship suddenly vanished with all the crew and investigating scientists, and no trace of wreckage was ever found. In the wake of this event, the Japanese government declared the Devil‘s Sea to be an official hazardous area.



Another incident, this time over the magnetically active area of the Earth‘s rotational South Pole, was widely reported in the United States and led to all sorts of fanciful speculations about the “hollow earth ” theory.

In 1929, while flying over the South Pole, Admiral Richard Byrd said that he passed through a foggy light to emerge into an area of green land and ice-free lakes. He witnessed huge bisonlike beasts as well as other animals, and also saw what appeared to be primitive human beings.

As these shocking observations passed over the airwaves, his broadcast was immediately cut off and the report attributed to temporary nervous exhaustion or hallucination. Immediately thereafter the government and media tried to downplay the event and quickly act like it never happened.

In reality, what appears to have occurred is that the pilot had temporarily moved through a portal in time that showed him an historic view of Antarctica, back when it was not covered by ice.

(A variety of ancient maps such as the Orontaeus Finaeus, Mercator and Phillippe Buache, have clearly outlined the shape of the Antarctic continent under the ice, as we mentioned in The Shift of the Ages. The ancient maps‘ accuracy was confirmed by under-ice measurements conducted in International Geophysical Year 1959.)


These time-warping effects might seem impossible, but as we proceed we will go into precise detail about a very clear connection between the polarized CU as an energy form and the passage of time.

We will see that time does not pass as a uniform “flow, ” but rather has a structure to it; and at certain points in the structure, different cycles of time can essentially “blend together. ” This will also be seen in the startling repetition of historical events in regular intervals, but actual time travel and time-warps certainly seem to be possible as well.



So with the sighting of Admiral Byrd, we can add the South Pole to the list of oddities. And as we shall see in the next chapter, a researcher by the name of Ivan P. Sanderson conducted rigorous research that led him to discover that there were twelve areas like the Bermuda Triangle spread across the Earth‘s surface that displayed similar anomalies, all evenly spaced from each other.

Obviously the Devil‘s Sea is one of these areas as well. We will see that when we connect these twelve points together, they will form a geometric structure known as an “icosahedron, ” and this will be a very important point for us to understand.




The icosahedron is one of the five most basic geometric shapes known to exist, and their collective name is the “Platonic Solids: ” the octahedron, tetrahedron, cube, dodecahedron and icosahedron. For every one of these shapes, every line, face and angle between lines is identical to every other; they possess remarkable harmony, symmetry and balance.

Furthermore, they all fit precisely inside of a sphere. And given how much we have been investigating spherical fields already, that should raise more than a few eyebrows in the audience.

If you suspect that these geometric structures are somehow related to the spherical-torus energy forms that we have referred to as ‘consciousness units,‘ you‘re right! These geometric phenomena are perhaps the “biggest secret ” of this entire new science.

[Note: The tetrahedron that is pictured above is a “star tetrahedron ” or “interlaced tetrahedron, ” meaning that there are actually two tetrahedra inside the sphere; one “up ” and one “down. ”]

Ultimately we will show that these geometries emerge as a form of vibration that occurs inside such a “vacuum domain ” or “consciousness unit. ” They are also very intimately connected with our knowledge and understanding of “higher dimensions, ” and help us to understand what they are, how they function and how they can be correctly identified and categorized.


10.25 RECAP

10.1 We begin this chapter with a discussion of the numerous, confirmed disappearances of marine vessels and aircraft surrounding the Bermuda Triangle vortex. Some involve “ghost ships ” where all human beings have disappeared.

10.2 A list of sixteen significant aircraft disappearances in this vortex is given.

10.3 A list of eighteen significant marine disappearances are given.

10.4 We learn that luminosity and rotating, high-powered magnetic fields are a standard quality of the Bermuda Triangle vortex when active.

10.5 Chuck Wakeley passed through a luminous vortex and in this area and survived. Standard “vacuum domain ” behaviors were seen including the bleed-off of all electromagnetic energy. The light became blindingly brilliant inside his plane. Whether other effects such as time anomalies occurred is unknown.

10.6 One case in the vortex confirmed a ten-minute loss of time for all chronometers on an airplane, which also disappeared from radar view for ten minutes.

10.7 Jerry Decker‘s compilation on various vortex shifts of time and dimension suggests that these warping effects can be duplicated in laboratory settings.

10.7.1 Several examples are given of prehistoric creatures that have apparently warped through to the present, known as “tulpoids. ” They include the brontosaurus, plesiosaurus, coelocanth and large exotic insects once seen to fall on the Alps of Switzerland in a heavy storm. Perhaps the energy of a tornado opened up a space-time vortex to allow this “time-warp ” to have taken place.

10.8 The theories of Dr. Alan Holt and the statements of Bob Lazar regarding the principles of creating “warp travel ” with technology suggest that such a system may eventually become commonplace for humanity to use.

10.9 The alleged disappearance of Mike Marcum suggests that he was able to duplicate the results of the “Philadelphia Experiment ” with high-powered electromagnets, leading to his own disappearance.

10.10 The work of Russian scientist Dr. Vadim Chernobrov demonstrated “spheres within spheres ” of energy that were formed around an electromagnetic / aetheric propulsion device that he designed, as we have expected from Roschin and Godin‘s replication of The Searl Effect. In the energetic area around the machine, Chernobrov could measure a noticeable difference in the passage of time.

10.11 Another tragic possibility of experimenting with these phenomena is shared in the story of a man who built a high-powered electromagnetic device on a motorcycle frame. A co-worker tried the machine, was seen to almost completely disappear from view and was then suddenly brought back, at which time he had become insane, as was also seen in some of the Philadelphia Experiment participants.

10.12 Sometimes the Bermuda Triangle produces deadly explosions of objects inside of itself. Bob Brush, a commercial airline captain, witnessed a Constellation aircraft explode mysteriously in the Bahamas near Great Inagua, in October 1971.

10.13 Wilbert Smith discovered evidence of vortex activity in Lake Ontario, Canada through Project Magnet, conducted in 1950 on behalf of the Canadian National Research Council and the U.S. Navy. The project was soon classified.

10.14 Nineteenth-century psychic DD Home was witnessed and verified from 1820 to 1850 as performing feats of bodily levitation and telekinesis by noted scientists, world dignitaries and many of the ruling heads of Europe. He lived in the same Lake Ontario vortex area discovered by Smith, thus suggesting that these vortices can amplify the effects of consciousness.

10.15 Edward Leedskalnin also may have harnessed “vortex ” energy with his own psychic consciousness in order to levitate and move heavy blocks, forming his well-known “Coral Castle ” in Homestead, Florida. Eyewitness reports claim that he simply held his hands out above the blocks and they would move.

10.16 Walter Rawls placed a large cylindrical magnet over his third eye with a mask to hold it in place, and over time he allegedly began perceiving an alternate reality that somehow existed around him, complete with human inhabitants.

10.17 Two different cases are cited where a time-warp event may have been confirmed from both sides; the warping of a man in New York City from 1890 to 1950, and the encounter of a jet and biplane that seems to have been recorded both in the past when it happened for the biplane, and in the present with the jet pilot.

10.18 The idea of human beings having multiple energy bodies is suggested.

10.19 The Carlos Castenada series, inspired by a shaman named Kachora, discusses the art of seeing aetheric energy fields and traveling out of body, with the goal of eventually being able to project a “double ” and / or transport the body to a remote location. If the environment in an OBE state can be stabilized so that it does not change form, the possibility is raised that at least an energetic form of yourself will appear in that location, and possibly your entire body with enough practice.

10.20 Eckankar founder Paul Twitchell also is said to have had the ability to project a double of himself at will, and allegedly used his OBE techniques to gain psychic information for his clients.

10.21 We then introduce the concept of “dark portals ” that can exist as space-time vortices instead of bright, luminous areas. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden produced this phenomenon in the laboratory. Two cases from the Bermuda Triangle show that the vortex had a powerful gravitational effect that seemed to form an impenetrable sphere of energy around the area. In both cases it seems that a natural self-luminous formation was drawn up from the Earth‘s interior to relieve the “stress ” of the vortex, allowing it to disappear along with all of its anomalous effects.

10.22 Walter Russell created a spherical energy field between two electromagnetic cones, and when he pulled them apart the sphere would bulge at its equator and then form a ring, like the planet Saturn. Peter Kelly, a friend of Decker‘s, was able to duplicate this in his laboratory, and it caused widespread nausea and abrupt weather anomalies over the area, which stopped when he cut the power.

10.23 The Devil‘s Triangle off of Japan and the rotational South Pole both show the same space-time anomalies as the Bermuda Triangle, suggesting an integrated vortex system that is somehow at work throughout the Earth.

10.24 The work of Ivan P. Sanderson shows that there are twelve such “vile vortices ” on the Earth, all of which are evenly spaced from each other. By connecting these points together we form the shape known as an “icosahedron. ” We suggest that this is one of five Platonic Solids that are the key to understanding this new physics, as they are formed by the effects of vibration.



With the data that we have reviewed in this book in hand, the proof for the existence of an “aether ” medium throughout free space is essentially irrefutable. The new view of inertia and gravity as seen in Dr. DePalma‘s “Spinning Ball Drop ” experiment and other related designs supports this concept, and these principles have been actively used to create anti-gravity and free energy. 

Prof. Shnoll‘s findings, which were mentioned in Chapter Three, completely change our ideas about the nature of the atoms and molecules that are at the root of matter itself. Shnoll showed that somehow, molecules are very intimately connected with their surroundings, showing perfect synchronization of their reaction rates with planetary and celestial movements. This lends credence to the notion of the universe existing as an Ultimate Conscious Being.

Such an “information transfer ” process between atoms and molecules leaves the door wide open for many other “action-at-a-distance ” phenomena such as the Backster effect, as seen between many different forms of life including plants, bacteria and human cells, and forces us to seriously re-evaluate our current ideas of quantum mechanics.

In this book we will propose a new solution to the quantum physics puzzle that is based entirely on electromagnetic fields; and the fundamental, underlying structure that they maintain when emerging from the aether into a “pure ” and balanced form is that known as the spherical torus. Evidence already exists that aetheric energy naturally assumes this formation in different sizes, which we will now review.



The spherical torus is different than a sphere, in the sense that it has an axis of rotation that runs through its center. This formation allows it to rotate horizontally while also flowing vertically with vortexual motion at the same time. Many different researchers have studied the properties of energy in this form and come up with fascinating results.

We have numerous pieces of evidence from Dr. Dmitriev that show that these formations are far more than the occasional, anomalous “ball lightning ” phenomenon: they are constantly being released by the Sun, interacting in and around the Earth and solar system, and striking our ionosphere 30 times a second.

They appear to have been encountered and photographed on numerous NASA missions, especially on STS-75, which conducted the “Tethered Satellite ” experiment. Under certain circumstances that usually involve high-speed rotation, they can take up “polarized ” forms that will absorb aetheric energy in its gravitational form and transform it into electromagnetic energy and light.

There are a number of documented cases of large-scale “natural self-luminous formations ” that have either levitated objects or made them far heavier, much to the surprise of the observers, and the tornado phenomena has an impressive number of anomalies that support this new model.

Researchers such as Professor John Searl, Drs. Roschin and Godin and Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger have all been able to create the necessary vortexual motion that is required to harness the forces of anti-gravity and free energy; and we know that in the case of Searl and Roschin / Godin, the liberated energy actually became visible to the eye as a luminous spherical torus.

Furthermore, in the Roschin / Godin study, we learned that a series of “spheres within spheres ” of decreased temperature and heightened magnetism was formed around their machine while it was running, suggesting that the creation of the central field in the machine has a rippling, fluidlike effect on the aetheric energy surrounding it.

This was also seen in Dr. Vadim Chernobrov‘s study of electromagnetic propulsion devices where he described “nested spherical envelopes ” in a form that he labeled as being similar to “mastrioshka, ” which are the Russian toy dolls where many are nested inside of each other.

We also should remember that Chernobrov detected minute changes in the passage of time in these experiments. And in Dmitriev‘s data on tornadoes, we can see similar “nested spherical energy fields ” occurring with the one or more rotating spherical “cascades ” that have been seen to surround a funnel cloud.

In the cases of tornadoes and natural Earth energy upwellings such as the Oregon Vortex and the infamous Bermuda Triangle, we see that these formations are not only changing gravity, but they are also releasing huge amounts of visible electromagnetic energy and actually changing the state of physical matter.

In the Oregon Vortex we can have people‘s height clearly change depending on where they stand, and in a tornado there are numerous scientific observations of matter entering into a permeable state where it can “fuse ” together with other matter, such that a flimsy stick of pine wood can penetrate a 1.5-inch thick gate made of solid iron.

In the case of the Bermuda Triangle, it appears that some of the matter goes beyond this apparent “blending ” threshold completely and thus disappears from our reality; giant ships such as the USS Cyclops have vanished without a trace of wreckage or flotsam despite intensive searches.

In other cases there appears to be an effect that causes human beings to selectively move out of our reality, without dematerializing the craft that they are in. This obviously calls for new physics theories in order to be properly explained, or else our collective ignorance of these natural principles will continue.



Up until the last chapter, we had primarily focused on how the effects of the “consciousness unit ” could be seen in matter and in space. And as we looked more deeply into the properties of these units, it was revealed that they appear to be inter-dimensional structures as well.

Matter can be seen to disappear altogether into some unseen “n-space, ” and the rate of time‘s passage can be completely changed. As we discussed, within the Oregon Vortex the passage of time is measured as being altered by a quarter-second.

And in Berlitz‘s book The Bermuda Triangle, we have already mentioned the report of a National Airlines 727 passenger plane which “disappeared ” from the radar screen for ten minutes while flying into the Miami airport. When they reappeared they had no idea that anything unusual had happened.

After they landed and were informed of what had occurred, they checked all their watches and time indicators and found that they were uniformly ten minutes slower than the real time that had been recorded by everyone else; it was as if they simply did not exist in our own plane of space and time for those ten minutes.

At this point it is wise for us to remember that the core premise of this book is that:

All space, all time and all “dimensional levels ” are simply different forms of one unified vibrating aetheric energy source, which is truly the energy body of an Ultimate Being.


The state of matter is obviously affected directly by aetheric energies, and under certain conditions such as those found in a tornado, where there is high rotation and high electromagnetic activity, matter can be seen to make dramatic changes.

So again, what we should ultimately expect to see in our studies is that different states of matter, different “dimensions ” and different rates for the passage of time are all dependent upon one thing, and one thing only: the speed at which the aether is vibrating in that area.

Since the basic structure of the “consciousness unit ” is a sphere, it seems worthwhile to study the sphere of the Earth in order to try to understand more about how these higher-vibrational aetheric energies are able to “bleed through ” and interface with our own space-time.

In Ivan Sanderson‘s article “The Twelve Devil‘s Graveyards Around the World ” that was published in Saga magazine in 1972, we have learned that there are twelve different areas where these types of changes in space and time have occurred throughout the Earth, and they are all symmetrically spaced from each other.

This obviously makes the strong suggestion that a heretofore-unknown energetic field is at work. As we mentioned in the last chapter and in greater detail in The Shift of the Ages, when we connect these twelve points together we get the basic three-dimensional geometric solid known as the icosahedron, which is roughly sphere-shaped and has twenty different faces.

Each face of the icosahedron is a perfect equilateral triangle where every internal angle is 60 degrees. Within a sphere such as the Earth, the points of the icosahedron are located between 30 and 40 degrees latitude above and below the equator.

Each point is spaced at 72-degree intervals from the neighboring points, and except for the two at the poles, their exact geometric center is at 36 degrees North or South latitude. All together, there are five points in the Northern Hemisphere, five in the Southern Hemisphere and two at the poles.



We have already seen that a “polarized consciousness unit ” energy formation would not work as an energy field to sustain the Earth; if all the aetheric energy was flowing, say, in the north pole and out the south pole, then the Earth would be like a tornado and matter would never be able to hold together and avoid annihilation.

Somehow, the consciousness-unit must be able to spread the energy out in a much more even fashion throughout its spherical surface in order to avoid this problem. So, it could well be that these twelve vortices are somehow relieving the “pressure ” of the higher-density aetheric energy fields, and allowing this higher-density energy to temporarily bleed through to our own space and time.

In Berlitz‘ book we are given a greater description of the properties of these areas, both in terms of Earth‘s physical processes as well as the electromagnetic time-warp anomalies:

These areas... represent the nodal points where the surface ocean currents turn one way and the subsurface currents turn in another direction.

The great subsurface tidal currents sweeping tangentially, and influenced by different temperatures, set up magnetic vortices, affecting radio communication, magnetism - perhaps even gravity - and eventually, in special conditions, causing air and surface craft to vanish - sailing or flying off into a different point in time and space.

An interesting sidelight on the erratic behavior of these areas is underlined by Sanderson in describing the astonishing “early arrivals ” of carefully clocked-in air flights where planes have arrived so far ahead of schedule that the only possible explanation would be that they had a tidal wind behind them blowing, for example, at 500 miles per hour.

[Note: Let‘s remember that this kind of wind speed is usually only seen in the worst hurricanes.]

Such incidents may be the result of unrecorded winds but they seem to occur most frequently within the Bermuda Triangle and other vortex areas, as if these particular planes had encountered the anomaly but had skirted or been propelled safely through the “hole in the sky ” that had cost so many travelers their lives.


In the article “The Planetary Grid: A New Synthesis ” by Drs. William Becker and Bethe Hagens, featured in the book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, we have a time-based anomaly reported at the Hawaii vortex of the icosahedron where an hour or more was spent in a time-warp zone. This anomalous event was already mentioned in The Shift of the Ages:

A pilot flying with passengers near the Hawaii zone [of the icosahedron of energy points on the Earth] suddenly found himself in a “dead zone ” without [the use of his electromagnetic] instruments and unable to communicate beyond the cockpit.

After flying some 350 miles, [which most likely took an hour or more,] the “phenomenon ” lifted and the pilot found that tower officials could find no measurable time that had elapsed between the beginning of his “dead zone ” experience and its end.


So, it would appear that on the Earth, these twelve points of the icosahedron are crucial to our understanding of the energetic phenomena that are at work. Somehow, changes in time are also occurring along with changes in space at these points; it seems possible for a person to phase out of our known “three-space ” reality entirely and merge into a “higher dimension, ” if you will, for a short time before returning, and in other cases they do not return even though their ship does.

However, in cases where the energy is even stronger, then the entire ship or aircraft simply makes a complete transition into some other time and space.

As previously stated, the case of Charles Wakeley in the last chapter is probably the best example of someone passing very close to, or perhaps through the “threshold ” point without getting lost in it; we remember that his entire plane ended up glowing with blindingly white light that seemed to come “from everywhere at once ” before the effect wore off and he could again gain control of the aircraft.

It is very likely that the tremendous light that he saw around himself would not have been visible to those on the ground; it was a visual consequence of his own body moving into a more energetic area. To an outside observer there would be no change, as his body moves into an area of higher-vibrational energy that is outside of the time and space that the ground-based observer would see.

If he did not return, his plane would simply disappear from view, and if he did return then nothing would appear to have happened to an outside observer; they would only see his plane as a seamless continuity.

In Richard Pasichnyk‘s website at http://www.livingcosmos.com/earth.htm, we see the result of a far more rigorous scientific investigation into these same twelve vortex areas, providing us with new information that we had not yet located when writing The Shift of the Ages.

Pasichnyk‘s concepts are known overall as the “Field-dynamical model, ” and he too has concluded that similar forms of spherical energy fields are being seen at every level of complexity in the Cosmos, from quantum to universal. His concepts include the idea that these fields act as “particle accelerators. ”

This idea will not be covered very much in this book, since nuclear reactions seem to be only one part of the aetheric puzzle, but we have included them here so as not to disrupt the continuity of the writing. He suggests that the energy between the points on the sphere forms a curving S-shape, indicating the path of spiraling vortex movement, which we will discuss later. For our purposes here, we will break down Pasichnyk‘s statements into a list:

The Fields (time-varying particle accelerators), which are situated just above the bulge along the equator at about the 30 to 40-degree latitudes in both hemispheres and also the poles, are associated with other phenomena.

Each forms a sinusoidal or S-shaped relationship to another Field. Each is on the exact opposite end of the Earth from another, so that if a rod were put in one and through the center of the Earth, it would come out in the middle of another Field.

1. Terrestrial electricity spirals, strange sounds, and magnetic and gravity anomalies occur in each [area.]

2. The deepest parts of the ocean floor [are at these points.]

3. [The] ocean current patterns [flow around these points.] [And we know from Sanderson‘s data that this is a counter-rotational movement.]

4. Strong storms deep on the ocean floor [are seen at these points.]
Some of the highest values of ocean surface salinity [are seen at these points.]

5. The most plentiful locations for bursting bubbles, producing stronger atmospheric charge and other associations [are seen at these points.]

6. These same areas are high and low pressure systems in weather and storm centers.

7. Spiraling gaseous nebulae have been observed from space centering in each Field.

8. The Earth‘s surface layer (lithosphere) and the physical aspects of plate tectonics (subduction zones, plate boundaries, rises, rifts, stress patterns, earthquake-wave anomalies, etc.) are related to the Fields‘ locations (further discussion is in section 3.4).

[Note: This information regarding the “Global Grid ” is well covered in The Shift of the Ages, discussing how the Grid is responsible for the structure and placement of the continents on the Earth.]

9. Lighted displays (ionized particles) and dark masses (neutrons) have been observed repeatedly.

10. Patterns and changes in the upper atmosphere, radiation belts, and the magnetosphere show relationships to the Fields.

11. Eels, iron-precipitating bacteria, and electric fishes are geographically located in these areas.

12. More than 70 percent of all life on Earth is situated in relation to the Fields (between the 40-degree latitudes), which is ideal for the generation of electrical energy by life.


We can clearly see that this is a wide-open frontier of science that is almost totally unexplored in the present, and Pasichnyk‘s book The Vital Vastness will have over 5000 references once published in summer 2001; every statement made in the above list is rigorously documented. [We did order the book and it is quite formidable in the scope of its research and data gathering.]

There is no doubt that these fields are a very fundamental aspect of the Earth‘s functioning on all layers; the structure of the continents themselves, the oceans, the weather processes in the atmosphere, auroras in the ionosphere and life itself all clusters at these locations.

More importantly, these fields appear to be a fundamental property of the “consciousness unit ” as well. Pasichnyk‘s list only hints at the possibility of time-related anomalies at these points, but in this book it will be very important for us to explore them.



Sanderson‘s original research did indicate that at these powerful geometric node points on the Earth, the surface ocean currents turn one way and the subsurface currents turn in another direction. And of course, such counter-rotational movement seems to be what is responsible for the formation of a tornado in the atmosphere, at least as far as it is understood in the conventional Brooks theory.

We have already made the strong suggestion that tornadoes, vortexes and other phenomena are only possible because of rotations in the Earth‘s atmospheric layer combining with rotations in the Earth‘s mantle. We know that this uniform system of rotation is holding true in the oceans as well, and therefore appears to be truly occurring throughout all the layers of the Earth.

So, it may well be that at least on the Earth, the counter-rotating movement that we are seeing in the oceans at these twelve vortex points is also duplicated in the mantle by counter-rotating areas of hot liquid magma.

However, if this is so, should it simply stop in the magma? Have we yet understood exactly what is causing all this energetic movement? We still haven‘t answered the question of why this rather complex “icosahedron ” shape with counter-rotating vortexes would exist in the Earth, or anywhere else for that matter. If this shape is so important, showing us the location of interdimensional gateways, then what have our scientists missed in trying to understand this?



With the work of Richard Pasichnyk the case for the Earth being a “consciousness unit ” in its own right is truly made complete. Briefly, let‘s remember the Texas tornado sighting in 1951 that was mentioned by Dr. Dmitriev.

In the center, a brilliant cloud of light was seen; and this is but one of a variety of findings that we have covered, which show us that at the center of a spherical “consciousness unit ” energy field, pure aetheric energy will be seen as a form of brilliant glowing magnetism, just as Schappeller was able to create with his rotating spherical device.

Up until now, we have erroneously assumed that the Earth had a solid core of iron, and Pasichnyk‘s data poses a serious challenge to this argument. Just as Schappeller, Nordberg and many others have believed, it appears that:

The core of the Earth is truly made of “glowing magnetism, ” “undifferentiated solar matter ” or “precipitated ” aetheric energy, which we have called Loving, Conscious Light.

The heart of Mother Earth, then, is composed of pure Light / Love aetheric energy, and as we move further from the center, the energy cools and forms into matter as is now seen. The push-pull of gravity and levity continually supports the molecular structures inside the Earth, as well as actively creating new matter.

All the basic flow properties of the “consciousness unit ” apply as well, including the north-south vortex movements at the axis. Furthermore, it turns out that almost every planet in the Solar System shows key signs of these same fields. For the purposes of keeping this book brief, we can only just begin to cover some of Pasichnyk‘s vast amount of data, but here we will try to outline some of the most significant highlights.



The simple fact that we must remember is that our scientists do not understand how magnetism is formed. If we have a solid, tangible bar magnet in front of us, then they know that magnetism will flow through it, and that the magnetism is half of the electromagnetic wave.

However, we must remember that the idea of magnetism forming by itself as a glowing ball, without the use of a metal to conduct it, is simply not seen. Most likely, the reason for this is simply lack of information and theoretical knowledge. In this respect, Dr. Dmitriev‘s research, as well as Schappeller, Nordberg, Searl and many others, has given us a valuable new understanding:

Magnetism may form a spherical-torus “standing wave ” without needing to move through any other materials.

At the center of this wave there will be an intense source of light and energy.


Since the idea of a free-standing magnetic wave is not currently conceived of, it is believed that the Earth‘s center must have a core of iron and nickel in order to conduct the electromagnetic energy. Based on this logic, the idea of a “dynamo ” is used to explain how the Earth is able to maintain a magnetic field under this system.

Simply put, a dynamo is a mechanical device that looks like a disc or the two hands of a clock, with two parts that counter-rotate at two different speeds. When an electromagnetic field is introduced to the dynamo machine, its counter-rotational movement can cause those fields to be strengthened and reinforced.

It is believed that the Earth works the same way at its core, through processes of rotation. However, Pasichnyk points out that the dynamo, in and of itself, cannot create a magnetic field; it can only reinforce a field that was already introduced to it. The “dynamo ” theory does nothing to explain where the original magnetic field came from.

Furthermore, the Earth‘s core does not have the disc shape that is required for a dynamo to form; the effect is believed to occur solely by the difference in movement between the Earth‘s core and the other layers.



How do we “know ” what the interior of the Earth looks like if we haven‘t directly observed it? Obviously, no one has ever actually “drilled a hole to China; ” the farthest down into the Earth‘s surface that we have ever drilled is approximately twelve miles. The answer is that we have no direct proof; we only have indirect methods of measurement.

Most of what we know comes from studying earthquakes. Each time that an earthquake occurs, its vibrations pass through the Earth, and various stations all over the world can then measure the result. As any geology student knows, our earthquake studies have revealed that there are two main types of waves, known as “P-waves ” and “S-waves: ”

P-waves. The “P ” stands for “primary ” and also stands for “push-pull. ” These waves essentially move in a straight line, pushing and pulling forward and backward as they move ahead. There is no sideways movement in these waves.

S-waves. The “S ” stands for “secondary ” and also for “shake, ” and these waves move side-to-side as they travel but do not have the forward-backward movement of the P waves. Thus they are distinctly different in form than the P-waves.


As these two types of waves encounter different materials in the Earth‘s surface, they change both their speed and direction. From this data our scientists have determined that there are three main divisions inside of the Earth:

1. The outer crust, extending down approximately 32 kilometers or 20 miles.

2. The mantle, extending down to 2,900 kilometers or about 1,800 miles, and lastly

3. The core, comprising the remaining distance in the center.


The mantle is believed to be a super-compressed liquid that behaves like a solid, and the core is believed to be a complete solid. This conclusion comes from simulated laboratory studies of P-waves and S-waves, which have suggested that:

S-waves are not capable of moving through solid objects, unlike P-waves. S-waves do not move through the Earth‘s core. Therefore the Earth‘s core must be solid.

However, the S-waves also could not pass through the Earth‘s core if it were composed of purely energetic plasma material such as the “glowing magnetism ” seen in the Sun.

So, the idea that the Earth has a core of “glowing magnetism ” is simply a different way of analyzing the data, and it explains many things that the current accepted model does not.



The main problem for conventional scientists with the idea that the Earth could have a form of luminous energy in its core is that the energy does not appear to have any means of being replenished; it would appear that it should “burn out ” quickly.

However, in Pasichnyk‘s model he points out that the energy from the solar wind appears to be entering and exiting the poles and thus renewing the energy in the core. Though this might seem impossible to many, now that we have studied Dr. Dmitriev‘s first property of “vacuum domains, ” where the energy of “vacuum domains ” can penetrate solid matter, it is just as we would expect.

One recent observation of earthquake waves that supports this idea is the fact that:

Earthquake waves will travel faster when moving from north to south than they will when traveling from east to west.


And of course, we already expect that the rotational axis of a “consciousness unit ” would have the greatest degree of vortex movement. With the earthquake waves traveling at a faster rate from north to south, we see exactly what we would expect in this model - a greater velocity of movement at the central axis of the spherical torus, as the aetheric energy streams in.



1. Auroral activity associated with magnetism and solar activity. The aurora is a luminous energy formation usually seen over the poles. It increases with solar activity and varies in direct proportion with the Earth‘s magnetic field. This solar-magnetic link suggests that the aurora shows us where the plasma energy from the solar wind is being accelerated into the Earth‘s energetic interior, through the spiraling vortexual motion of the CU.

Normally the aurora is not seen as interacting with the inside of the Earth in any form, and certainly should not be powerful enough to affect an alleged dynamo action of the core. And yet, the magnetic anomalies are there for anyone to measure.

2. Curtain-shaped auroras at the poles.
From studying the formations of the aurora, we also know that a curtain-shaped, sheet-like beam of energetic electrons is spiraling down into the polar regions at a high level of intensity. This forms a helix-shaped vortex of electrons and protons, like a super-elongated funnel.

As Pasichnyk explains, “[this funnel vortex] produces the magnetic field as would the wire wrapped around an electric magnet or the antenna in a radio; only here there is no wire. Consequently, there would be no need for an iron-nickel core, complex fluid motions, or for that matter, a dynamo theory to explain the geomagnetic field. ”

Earth‘s core is too hot for metallic magnetism. If the Earth‘s inner core was truly composed of iron and nickel, then we know from the research into magnetism that above a certain temperature in these metals known as the Curie point, they will no longer maintain their magnetic field.

However, the temperatures inside the Earth rise very quickly as we drill down, and if we continue this smooth increase by extrapolation, then at only 100 kilometers or 62 miles, the temperatures would be too high for metals to conduct a magnetic field.

3. Eclipse anomalies of magnetism. During an eclipse, the earth‘s magnetic fields are weakened, and this effect is significant enough to confuse migrating birds. If the Earth‘s core was truly a solid dynamo of iron and nickel, then the amount of extra gravitational pull from the Sun and Moon coming together in the eclipse would be nowhere near strong enough to cause such dynamic changes.

However, if the mass of the Moon was shielding off some of the energy from the Sun that the Earth‘s luminous core was normally absorbing through the poles, then this becomes much easier to understand.

4. Eclipse anomalies of gravity.
Gravity has been shown to change during eclipses as well, through the use of pendulum studies, and this also is explainable in the new model; gravity, we remember, is caused by the aetheric energy streaming into the Earth. If you cut off the streaming energy by putting the Moon in front of the Sun, then you should expect gravitational changes.

5. Tilt of Earth‘s magnetic field.
The Earth‘s magnetic field is tilted approximately eleven degrees away from the Earth‘s rotational axis; and again, this would create an inherent weakness that would not support the dynamo action as it is now believed to occur.

6. Changes of the length of the day with solar activity. When the Sun‘s activity increases, the speed of Earth‘s rotation changes. This means that the actual time that it takes for the Earth to rotate once on its axis, which is what we call a day, makes a measurable change in length.

The dynamo model cannot account for this. However, if the solar energy that streams into Earth‘s spherical-torus field of glowing magnetism is actually responsible for the Earth‘s rotation, then it would make sense that the rotation would change slightly as the amount of instreaming energy changes; the entire CU would be affected.

7. Changes in magnetism with solar activity. As the Sun‘s activity reaches a peak, we have observed that there will be shifts in the direction and intensity of the magnetic fields. In a dynamo model, these changes in solar activity should not be strong enough to produce any noticeable effect on the inner rotating movements of the Earth.
Polar reversals, wanders and jerks.

The Earth‘s magnetic field periodically reverses, as history shows. We know that the magnetic poles are currently drifting from true Rotational North and also tracing slow circular patterns known as “Chandler‘s Wobble. ” They can make sudden “jerks ” as well, and such a jerk was seen and recorded in 1969. In polar reversals of the past, the traveling movement of the magnetic poles has been so rapid that it has gone more than 110 kilometers or 70 miles in a single day.

Furthermore, the Earth‘s magnetic reversals occur in “corridors ” that remain the same throughout time, showing the geometric effect of the fields at work. All of these phenomena are inexplicable by the dynamo model but easily seen in the Field-dynamical model.

8. Icosahedral magnetic anomalies. The Earth‘s energy field, as we have already mentioned, shows too many gravitational and magnetic discontinuities surrounding the icosahedron shape to be accounted for in the dynamo model. The Earth should have very smooth “spherical harmonics ” in the dynamo model, and we would not expect to see such sudden changes.


9. Gravity‘s role as a formative force. In the new model we can see that gravity is actually a push and pull between two forces that creates matter and energy at its center, in a similar fashion as seen in the sonoluminescence experiment.

As we go deeper than 2,700 kilometers or 1,678 miles, the force is directed away from the center more than towards the center, showing this “breath of life ” in effect. This also casts serious doubts on the dynamo model and opens us up for a new interpretation.


10. Plasma wind coming up from the Earth. NASA‘s Dynamics Explorer space probe determined that a plasma wind like that seen to emanate from the Sun was also coming up from the Earth at the poles.

This shows us how the poles serve as both points of entry and exit for aetheric energy, and also demonstrate how the Earth‘s core has a Sun-like energetic structure. Truly, the streaming energy can be measured as flowing both ways.


As we can see, Pasichnyk‘s research is truly one-of-a-kind, and gives us valuable insight into the true energetic processes that are at work in the Earth. All twelve of the above points, as well as many other anomalies, clearly show us that the “consciousness unit ” formation is at work in the Earth in every possible way.

All of our expectations about vortex movement through the poles, a glowing core and magnetic fields are explained by the observations, whereas the current models do not explain these phenomena. Many anomalies, including the connection between aurora and magnetism and eclipses and magnetism, find straightforward explanations.

So, if the Earth is truly a gigantic “cosnciosuness unit ” whose outside has cooled off enough to form hard physical matter, then we can learn more about consciousness units by studying its energy patterns.

When we add in the fact that geometrically-centered vortex areas are seen on the Earth, we become aware of the complex processes that actually occur within the CU when it is not directly “polarized ” on the rotational axis. Aetheric energy of higher density seems to be flowing in and out of these points as the Earth moves in relationship to its surroundings.

At certain times, such as during a solar eclipse, there can be noticeable changes in Earth‘s gravitational and magnetic fields, as some of the Sun‘s instreaming energy is shielded off from the Earth‘s core of glowing magnetism.

In the next chapter we will explore this question of how planetary geometry and consciousness units fit together more closely. However, there is still another area of Earth‘s behavior that we have not explored, which gives us a very important CU property that we must keep in mind:

The earth is expanding.



Another major blow to the conventional models regarding Earth‘s internal structure can be found in the science of “Global Expansion Tectonics. ” This science was originally pioneered by Christopher Otto Hilgenberg in 1933, who showed that that the continents on Earth can be seamlessly fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle if the Earth‘s size is reduced by 55 to 60 percent.

In this scenario, as the continents move away from their original arrangement, they show clear signs of following spiraling, “radial ” patterns. From this behavior, Hilgenberg concluded that an internal expansion of the Earth was actually responsible for the continents‘ movement.

An article by James Maxlow that discusses this unforeseen concept with scientific rigor is located at http://www.tmgnow.com/repository/global/expanding_earth.html, again on the Millennium Group website.

This idea of Earth expanding has certainly not met with a great deal of respect from the mainstream scientific community, but it has grown in popularity in recent years.

A major event in increasing the knowledge and publicity of this model occurred in 1981 at the Expanding Earth Symposium held in Sydney, Australia. And in July 1989, the Smithsonian Institution held a discussion meeting where numerous arguments were aired regarding new concepts in global tectonic models. However, it took the Internet for the model to catch on.

As Maxlow writes,

These arguments [at the Smithsonian meeting] indicated that there seems to be something questionable with the plate tectonic theory as it is currently presented (Kremp, 1992,) and that present concepts of plate tectonics / continental drift / polar wandering may need to be re-evaluated, revised or rejected (Smiley, 1992.)



As almost everyone is aware, the current theory of how our continents are arranged is known as “Plate Tectonics. ” A series of plates exist across the Earth‘s surface, it is believed, which underlie and support the continents.

These plates interact and collide with each other, forming earthquake fault lines such as the San Andreas Fault in California and volcanic areas such as the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. Undersea ridges of volcanoes have continual eruptions, which release new lava that pushes these plates farther and farther apart from each other, primarily originating in the Atlantic Ocean region.

Since the Earth is obviously not seen as expanding by these researchers, they now have to get rid of all the extra matter that pushed apart the continents. Therefore, they insist that there are “subduction zones ” at the edges of continents where the spreading floors of lava from the undersea ridges are directed back down into the Earth‘s core.

Originally there is believed to have been one single mega-continent known as Pangaea, which was surrounded by the oceans, and then volcanic activity caused this continent to break up and begin drifting apart. As the undersea ranges of volcanoes continue erupting, they produce new lava deposits which in turn widen the distance between the continents and the ridges.

Then, at the boundaries between the undersea areas and the continents themselves, this volcanic material is supposedly pushed back down into the Earth‘s mantle at the alleged “subduction zones, ” where it is melted and converted back into the molten material of the mantle once again.

In this way, it is believed that the continual flow of lava, in fluid and solid forms, is responsible for pushing the continents apart without increasing the Earth‘s physical size in the process.



Everything seems to make sense to the average college student, geologist and scientist at this point. The subduction zones are required in order for the Earth to have maintained its current size; every movement of expansion must be compensated for by a movement of subduction. Otherwise, the action that pushes South America and Africa away from each other, for example, would be an expansion of the Earth‘s surface. However, we now know that:

No definitive evidence for “subduction zones ” has ever been found on Earth.


The areas where subduction zones may exist are far fewer than the model requires.

Or, to put it more simply,

We can easily demonstrate the Earth‘s expansion with the observed data, but we have no means of proving that the alleged subduction is occurring at the same time.



Furthermore, as Maxlow writes in his excellent new study, the conclusions of the “plate tectonics ” model were based on an incomplete set of data:

In presenting Global Expansion Tectonics it must be realized that the global, geological and geophysical database has only now reached the stage where any global tectonic hypotheses can be confidently quantified, challenged, and / or discarded.



According to Maxlow and other sources that have written on “Global Expansion Tectonics, ” the reasons for why our mainstream scientific and geological community has not wanted to accept an Earth expansion theory are essentially twofold:

1. Matter is not “supposed to ” be able to expand in our current quantum understandings.

2. There appears to be a lack of supportive evidence to accurately reproduce an Earth expansion process with mathematical models over time.



However, as Maxlow so eloquently and technically explains in this paper, all the most recent, cutting-edge knowledge only supports the Earth Expansion theory. The model of “plate tectonics ” was formed before all the facts were in. And now,

The mathematical equations derived from crustal data represent a confirmation and refinement of earlier modeling studies by Hilgenberg (1933) and Vogel (1983), enabling the kinematics [or movements] of an Earth undergoing an exponential expansion, from the Archean [period] to the present, to be readily determined.


Maxlow‘s calculations, using the most recent data to determine the growth of the ocean basins across time, project that the Earth should be expanding at approximately 21 millimeters per year in size. And if you ask a knowledgeable scientist or geologist, they will tell you that we do know that the Earth is indeed growing larger at a steady rate!

This is normally assumed to be caused by dust particles and meteorites that stream into Earth‘s atmosphere, but in light of the new evidence this idea is highly unlikely to be accountable for the changes that we have observed:

1. Carey in 1986 used satellite laser ranging measurements to calculate that the Earth‘s radius was expanding by 24 millimeters per year, plus or minus eight millimeters.

2. Robaudo and Harrison in 1993 used VLBI and SLR geodetic measurements to conclude that the Earth was expanding at 18 millimeters per year.


So, we can see that the expansion of the Earth that has already been measured as occurring now fits in very nicely with Maxlow‘s mathematical calculations for Earth‘s expansion from within.

The minute discrepancies in the numbers are expected when making such long-range calculations, but we also feel that there is evidence that the Earth makes sudden, spontaneous increases in size as well as the long-term, year-by-year expansion. This will be addressed later.



Our next obvious problem would be that if something like this were true, then every area that we now see as “ocean ” did not exist at one time. The technical word for the Earth‘s entire layer of oceans is known as the “hydrosphere. ”

So, if the idea of “Global Expansion Tectonics ” is true, then where would the hydrosphere have been when the continents were united? There had to have been oceans of some kind if they would have formed in this manner as the Earth had increased.

Maxlow explains that:

The original oceans were shallow areas that formed on the continents themselves, and as the Earth expanded in size, so too did the amount of atmosphere and water increase.


In later chapters we will give concrete evidence from Dr. Dmitriev that shows that:

Such spontaneous changes in atmosphere are indeed occurring right now throughout the Solar System at a measurable rate, not just on the Earth.



Maxlow summarizes his argument with the following points, which are phrased in highly technical language. It is not important for us to explain every detail of the following statements, so we ask the reader not to be frustrated in reading this excerpt; we include these points for those readers who are familiar with the data.

As Maxlow indicates, Global Expansion Tectonics involves a number of interdependent and interactive processes, such that:

* Generation of post-Early Jurassic oceanic lithosphere along mid-oceanic spreading centers is commensurate with an expansion of the Earth;

* Mid-oceanic spreading centers are tensional and / or transtensional regimes, [continually spreading new tension out from side to side,] with oceanic lithosphere generated in response to a separation of plate margins in sympathy with an expansion of the Earth;

* New oceanic lithosphere, generated along mid-oceanic spreading centers, is cumulative with time, with no requirement for removal of older lithosphere by subduction processes;

*The total surface area of oceanic lithosphere accumulated in a given time interval is a reflection of the increase in [Earth‘s] radius during that time interval, and is therefore a measurable quantity;

* [Ocean] basin development and orogenesis [new land emerging upward] are natural consequences of an expanding Earth, as continental and oceanic lithosphere re-equilibrate to a changing surface curvature, and;

* Hydrospheric and atmospheric accumulation has been increasing with time, in sympathy with an accumulation of the lithosphere.

From extensive modeling of the Earth‘s surface, Vogel‘s study in 1993 concluded that if you reduce the Earth‘s radius to 55 to 60 percent of its present size,

1. The continental outlines can be fitted together to form a closed crust;

2. The positions of the different continents with respect to each other remain generally constant, with their separation caused by a “radial expansion of the Earth ” and;

3. The cause of the movements of continents resulted from an accelerating increase in radius with time, in accordance with sea-floor spreading.


Regarding these three points, he went on to say that:

An accordance of these three phenomena cannot be accidental, [but are due to] processes operating from within the interior of the Earth resulting in Earth expansion.



So, once again we have a “new ” scientific discovery regarding Earth‘s internal processes that has not yet caught on with the mainstream; however, with the rise in popularity of the Internet, it is becoming far more well-known. All in all, with our idea of the Earth‘s core being a luminous form of energy, this expansion phenomena becomes much more sensible.

Furthermore, the idea of geometry again plays a factor here. We remember that all studies concluded that the continents expanded in a radial, or spiraling pattern.

It is interesting to note here that in cartographic or map-related work conducted for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, established government scientist Dr. Athelstan Spilhaus showed that these expansions occurred along geometric outlines.

Although he performed his studies under the idea that the Earth was not increasing in physical size, his results are still very compelling. (Interestingly, Dr. Spilhaus was also interviewed in government attempts to “debunk ” the Roswell incident, and the tape of his testimony was “mysteriously ” wiped out afterwards.)

1. Tetrahedron: The original breakup of the Earth, from what is conventionally called the “continent ” of Pangaea, occurred along equidistant lines that formed the outline of a tetrahedron, the continents then radiating away from their original center.

2. Cub-octahedron: The next major stage of continental separation occurred along the combined shapes of the cube and octahedron. Again, we see the spiraling, “radial ” expansion.

3. Icosa-dodecahedron: The current stage of continental expansion fits with the shape of the icosahedron and dodecahedron interspersed with each other. This stage was also reached by a spiraling, radial expansion.


In the next image from the original NOAA paper, we can see Dr. Spilhaus‘ final stage of Earth‘s geometric expansion, which has led to it being the shape that we now have. The pentagonal face would be from the dodecahedron and the triangular faces would be from the icosahedron. Obviously the dotted lines represent undersea ridges and mountain ranges:



Dr. Spilhaus‘ final geometric expansion of Earth‘s continents, from NOAA paper.



In The Shift of the Ages we have shown how Sanderson‘s view of the Earth‘s energy vortexes as being only an icosahedron is in error; the study of Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov showed that if we combine an icosahedron and dodecahedron together on the Earth‘s surface, it is much easier to model the Earth‘s structure and lines of energetic force.

This is what we see in the following map. It is important to remember here that a relatively similar formation was also seen in the study of Earth‘s expansion by Dr. Spilhaus as the most recent configuration:



Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov‘s icosa-dodeca grid.


If we look closely, when we add the pentagon-faced dodecahedron shape into the picture we might see why Pasichnyk concluded that there were sinusoidal or S-shaped waves between the fields of the icosahedron. If you look at the area between North/South America and Europe/Africa, you can see that the dodecahedron models the exact placement of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Furthermore, you can see that it does indeed curve and weave around the triangular lines of the icosahedron like an S-shape, crossing over at the midpoints of each line in the triangle.

In short, when we add this dodecahedron shape into the picture, we get a much firmer model of the arrangement of the continents, and we also find that almost all ancient sites of stone buildings and ceremonial centers are located along these lines as well. The Grid is simply not complete without the additional geometry being considered, as we make clear in The Shift of the Ages.



For those who are more interested in the details of how the Earth‘s grid structures the arrangement of the continents, and how ancient civilizations worked with the grid, we have covered this subject in The Shift of the Ages.

In order that we keep this book short and not repeat very much material, many of our discoveries will be cross-referenced from this text only. Suffice it to say that Drs. William Becker and Bethe Hagens have created the ideal pattern for the Global Grid, which is very similar to the icosa-dodeca grid, only in this case they followed the work of Buckminster Fuller and superimposed two icosahedra over each other. Later we‘ll see why.

From this grid design, we can see that the current structure of continents, island chains, mountain ranges, oceanic ridges and much more all follow this pattern. By slowly and carefully studying this map, as we have documented in The Shift of the Ages, we can see that it looks as if the Earth itself is a flexible balloon that is surrounded by this grid.

If the grid is akin to a set of wires, and the wires are exerting force on the balloon, then we can see how they are pushing the landmasses into their current formation.



The Becker-Hagens Grid, inspired by the work of Chris Bird.


The South American and Australian continents, if studied individually in relation to the fields, clearly show how they have been affected by the Grid, as they are both fitted perfectly within the lines. The bottom of South America is pushed aside by node 58, whereas node 49 is clearly pushing in on the coast of Sao Paulo. Node 27 creates a circular area at the top of Australia, which appears to be perfectly “stretched out ” between points 43 and 45 in a curving shape.

Some of the Earth‘s most important expansion movements can only be seen if we change this map so that it is focused on the Pacific Ocean. In the next image, we have shown how successive circle-shaped expansions of land can be observed in this area.

One tremendously large, curving mountain range, which borders Asia and has no single name, shows the biggest circle most clearly. At the upper left corner of the larger ellipse, between points 12, 4 and 5, we have added in a crude set of lines to illustrate the smooth curve up through Pakistan and Afghanistan, the western edge of China, the border of Russia and Mongolia and then the border of Russia and northeast China, continuing right along until the ocean coastline.

This mountain range can be easily seen on any topographic map, and by looking at the great circle that it defines, which we had not seen when writing The Shift of the Ages, the grid connections are totally clear. The inner circle was already mentioned, and in both of these cases it is important to see how nicely they fit the points of the Grid as well as showing the structure of the continents themselves:



Wilcock‘s “Great Circle ” Discoveries in Asia / Pacific Ocean area of Earth‘s Grid


Once we know what we are looking for, the other vortexes aren‘t hard to spot either. For example, we can see that on the lower left-hand side of the inner circle, a clear chain of islands is formed around the circle that includes Taiwan, the Philippines, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands; and these islands are most certainly being formed by undersea volcanic activity.

Another obvious curving formation that is harmonized with the Grid but not indicated on either circle in this image can be seen immediately below and to the left of the first, and this is defined by the bottom peninsula of Myanmar (Burma,) Thailand and Malaysia, and most specifically the primary island chain of Indonesia.

Another discovery that we did not make until after The Shift of the Ages was published is seen in the next image. This concerns the mountain ranges on the Asian continent, specifically the Ural mountains in Russia, seen on the left hand side of the outer circle, the Himalayan mountains that cross through Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, (which we have only shown with a very thin line to emphasize the circular formation,) and the Japanese island archipelago.

All three areas seem to show a spiraling formation that centers on point number four, which is the center of the Siberian magnetic anomalies that Dr. Dmitriev has obviously studied in great detail and formed conclusions from. Let us also remember that because we are seeing a map projection, the upper portion of the circle is obviously distorted somewhat, and in reality is hugging the upper Russian coastline far more directly than this image suggests:


Wilcock‘s spiraling “vortex ” formation incorporating Ural Mountains, Himalayas and Japan



So, without a doubt the evidence is stacking up that the Earth is a giant “consciousness unit ” as we have defined it, with aetheric energy streaming in and out through the poles and other vortex areas as well to support a glowing, luminous core. Both straight-lined and curving formations seem to be at work in this model.

In the last chapter and the beginning of this chapter, we have made the clear suggestion that at these vortex areas, aetheric energy of a higher vibrational level is able to stream into our own reality and cause discrete changes in both space and time, affecting matter so completely that it may even disappear from us entirely.

We have clearly seen that geometry is at work in all of these processes, but we haven‘t yet explained exactly how or why. We know that as the Earth expands, Dr. Spilhaus has shown that it is affected by increasingly complex geometries.

However, it should be clear to us that this geometry would not simply apply to a large-scale object like the Earth; it should equally apply to “consciousness units ” of all sizes. And as we will propose and clearly show, this geometry is the natural product of vibration.

Before we define exactly how geometric vibration forms, though, we will begin our next chapter by looking into more recent data that has been gleaned from observations of apparent artifacts on the planet Mars, such as a mountain that appears to be carved into the form of a human face and pyramids situated nearby.

According to controversial frontier researcher Richard Hoagland and his associates in The Enterprise Mission, the “formula ” for another geometric object known as a “tetrahedron ” can be found in the mathematical relationships between the various formations seen in the Cydonia area. Some of this material will be repeated in a similar form as was seen in The Shift of the Ages.

Then, we will proceed to illustrate how these same energetic and geometric phenomena are literally occurring on every planet throughout the entire Solar System.


11.13 RECAP

11.1 Matter is an entirely new “entity ” in the model we propose in this book; Shnoll‘s findings show its integration with the movements of the celestial bodies around it.

11.2 The vortex anomalies of the ‘Consciousness Unit‘ show themselves in space and time as we have previously discussed, taking up the form of a luminous spherical torus.

11.3 All space, all time and all “dimensional levels ” are simply different forms of one unified vibrating aetheric energy source. The icosahedral formation shows where a majority of these energy “pressures ” are emerging on Earth. Sanderson and Pasichnyk‘s work, when combined, shows how truly all-encompassing the connections are.

11.4 Counter-rotational vortex movement is seen at each point of the icosahedron-shaped energy field in the Earth.

11.5 When the facts are clearly shown, it certainly appears that the core of the Earth is actually made of “glowing magnetism, ” “undifferentiated solar matter ” or “precipitated ” aetheric energy, which we have called Loving, Conscious Light.

11.6 The “dynamo ” model for the generation of Earth‘s magnetic field at the core has many obvious flaws. Most importantly, current scientists don‘t realize that magnetism can take up the form of a spherical torus without having to pass through another material.

11.7 The behavior of the P-waves and S-waves that move through the Earth can be re-interpreted as passing through a core of luminous energy.

11.8 Energy is seen to flow in and out of the Earth‘s polar regions. Furthermore, earthquake waves will travel faster when moving from north to south than they will when traveling from east to west, which also supports the idea that the spiraling, vortex movement of the CU is at work in the Earth.

11.9 Twelve different Earth anomalies support the new model:

1) auroral activity associated with magnetism and solar activity;

2) curtain-shaped auroras at the poles;

3) Earth‘s core being too hot for metallic magnetism;

4) the eclipse anomalies of magnetism;

5) eclipse anomalies of gravity;

6) tilt of Earth‘s magnetic field;

7) changes in the length of the day with solar activity;

8) changes in magnetism with solar activity;

9) polar wander, reversals and jerks;

10) icosahedral magnetic anomalies;

11) gravity‘s role as a geometric, structural force; and

12) plasma wind coming up from the earth‘s poles.


11.10 Christopher Otto Hilgenberg showed that that the continents on Earth can be seamlessly fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle if the Earth‘s size is reduced by 55 to 60 percent. This suggests that the Earth is actually undergoing a continual rate of expansion.

1. The most popular scientific theory at present is known as “Plate Tectonics, ” which models the continents on an Earth that is unchanging in its physical size.

2. No definitive evidence of “subduction zones ” has ever been found on Earth. We can easily model Earth‘s expansion, but not subduction.

3. The conclusions of the “plate tectonics ” model were based on an incomplete set of data.

4. The mainstream scientific community rejects the new theory because matter is not “supposed to ” expand and they feel that the data to prove this is incomplete.

5. Maxlow reveals that all the most recent, cutting-edge knowledge only supports the Earth Expansion theory further.

6. The original oceans were shallow areas that formed on the continents themselves, and as the Earth expanded in size, so too did the amount of atmosphere and water increase. Later we will see that according to Dr. Dmitriev‘s research, such spontaneous changes in atmosphere are indeed occurring right now throughout the Solar System at a measurable rate, not just on the Earth.

7. A summary statement of the arguments for Global Expansion Tectonics is given. Vogel suggests that “An accordance of these three phenomena cannot be accidental, [but are due to] processes operating from within the interior of the Earth resulting in Earth expansion. ”

11.11 Dr. Spilhaus has shown us that the Earth‘s radial, outward-spiraling continental expansions have flowered through a series of geometric forms; the tetrahedron, cub-octahedron and icosa-dodecahedron.

1. Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov‘s icosa-dodeca grid is a more inclusive means of mapping out the Earth‘s surface than just an icosahedron.

2. The Becker-Hagens grid is a further refinement on the design; Wilcock shares new discoveries of how this grid is associated with circular formations on the Earth‘s surface, as continent borders, island chains and mountain ranges.

11.12 By seeing the Earth as a giant “consciousness unit, ” the importance of geometry and vibration is made very clear. The next chapter will focus on the connection between the form of the tetrahedron and the Martian Monuments before going into a detailed description of the icosahedron-based Field-dynamical Model as seen in the planets.

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