In this chapter we will go even further to show the various anomalies that can be seen from the spiraling vortex energies of the polarized “consciousness unit,” (CU,) how they can be put to use, and their effects on the state of matter.

We will cover Dr. Dmitriev’s anomalous findings regarding tornadoes, the Oregon Vortex, (a natural Earth anomaly that displays all characteristics of a polarized CU,) and the work of Victor Schauberger using flowing water as a propulsion system.

Then we will segue into the next chapter, where we will discuss the deeper anomalies that have been seen in Earth energy vortexes such as the Bermuda Triangle, suggesting that higher-dimensional forces are somehow at work that can affect the passage of time as well.



In Dmitriev’s paper “Electrogravidynamic Concept of Tornadoes,” his knowledge of “vacuum domains” or what we have called “polarized consciousness units” is applied directly to the task of understanding how and why tornadoes work the way that they do.

As we have already said, a polarized consciousness unit is a sphere-shaped area of energy that has a hole through the center like a peeled orange. The tubelike area in the center has the fastest speed of movement and the most significant amount of energy, and it appears that in this area, gravity waves are directly transformed into electromagnetism and light; after all, these are simply different forms of on unified aetheric energy.

In Dmitriev’s paper there is extensive documentation to support these claims, and interested readers should refer back to the paper for more information, as this will only be a summary that does not provide the extensive references that are listed therein.

Most scientists who study tornadoes see them as miniaturized versions of cyclones or hurricanes. In a hurricane it is well-known that a zone of high air pressure and a zone of low air pressure come together and begin spinning around each other, creating an intense, rotating weather system that can cause great disturbances.

Similarly, in most cases a tornado is preceded by very dark, low-lying clouds that move at high speeds. So naturally, the conventional model simply agrees that the tornado’s energy and power emanates solely from its parent cloud and the movements that occur within that cloud.

The conventional mathematical model, originally proposed by E.M. Brooks in 1949, requires the parent cloud to be at least three times bigger than the funnel cloud, and to have at least three layers inside of itself, the first two of which are counter-rotating. The high pressure of rotation around a central axis causes the air to be forced closer to the center, similar to a spinning ice skater pulling in her arms and thereby increasing the speed of her spin.

For most, this model is unquestioned, and therefore this chapter might seem a waste of time or a gesture of scientific naïveté on our parts.

However, Dmitriev cites concrete evidence of cases where a funnel-cloud or waterspout appeared all by itself, without any clouds overhead! Furthermore, as the cloud continued swirling around, what appeared to be a parent cloud formed around it.

Now based on the information that we have already covered in this book, we have a means of explanation. A funnel cloud is actually the rotating central tube of a spherical torus of energy, which we have referred to as a polarized CU.

These energetic formations do not require cloud activity to be created, as Dmitriev’s research shows that they can be formed by the Sun to move through space and impact our ionosphere as “Atmospheric Holes,” they can form as “ball lightning” and can also emerge from the earth as “natural self-luminous formations” (NSLFs) or “radar angels.” (See next image for a rare, photographed example of two NSLFs from Russia.)



[Caption from http://www.tmgnow.com/repository/planetary/pfvd.html:


Pic.1. Largescale NSLF above the Katun’ mountain ridge.
The image was made aboard a helicopter on Aug. 19, 1972 at 11. local time. The observers’ attention was drawn by “whitish shining spots in the direction of Mt. Belukha summits”.

Disk and oval shapes, so distinctly visible on the photo, were not observed visually. An estimate of the objects made using topographic charts of the region gives [them a diameter of] more than 1,5 km.]


So, in the cases where a tornado is seen to form without a parent cloud, what we have is an energetic process that has more to do with the movements beneath the Earth’s surface than it does with the atmosphere.

Dust and particles are drawn up into the whirling winds to make the funnel visible. Then, the energy that had formed the funnel cloud subsequently attracted moisture from the atmosphere to itself, thus causing a “parent cloud” to form. However, to all conventional meteorological studies using the Brooks model, this is an impossible anomaly and must be discounted.

Dr. Dmitriev is not discounting the importance of atmospheric processes in tornado formation, but he insists that we’re only seeing half of the equation if we do.

No one has been able to satisfactorily explain why tornadoes originate where they do, as only certain places on Earth will have them, and it seems to Dmitriev that the answer lies in the fluidlike convection processes of movement in the lithosphere, under the Earth’s crust. Until we see this interface between “top and bottom,” we won’t truly understand what is at work here.

If we remember from Chapter Seven, Dmitriev et al. had listed the properties of a “vacuum domain,” which we have called a “polarized consciousness unit,” and a host of ten different anomalies were given to show this in action. We remember that these vacuum domains can penetrate matter, and that some of the anomalies involved these energies moving through the Earth, or up out of the Earth.

In particular, areas that are near earthquake faults have consistently given birth to NSLFs that have been observed, and when these formations rise higher into the sky they can be picked up by radar, and are then referred to as “radar angels.” Modern equipment is built to weed out these false signals, but the “why” of their appearance is rarely mentioned.



Since we do not understand or have a model for these luminous phenomena, they certainly could account for a fair percentage of reported UFO sightings of lights in the sky, even including their effects on electromagnetic equipment.

We are not citing this fact to try to discredit the many sightings that have had clear cases of metallic structure and other obvious signs of intelligent design. However, it is important for us to remember that our scientific study of these phenomena has long been seriously hampered by the overall media ban on any mention of UFO phenomena as being other than cases of “mass hysteria” or delusion.

For this very reason, there are volumes of good scientific data that could help us study these particular cases, and yet they are continually discounted.

So in Dmitriev’s model, the true formation of a tornado is a combined interaction of forces that doesn’t just involve the atmosphere; it originates from this energetic action between the various layers of the Earth, some in the atmosphere and some in the Earth itself.

When we start looking at the anomalies surrounding the tornado phenomenon more closely, we should start seeing that “all is not well” in the conventional model. It’s hard to believe that we’ve had such a concrete example of true levitation in front of us for so long, and yet we still are stuck into thinking that it has only to do with air suction! The data simply doesn’t support this concept.



And for those who think that the above photo of natural self-luminous formations must somehow be “faked” and that there is no other evidence that supports this idea, the next photo should raise some new questions. In Melbourne, Florida in November of 2000, some unusual cloud formations appeared so outside of the “norm” that the National Weather Service gave them the impromptu new name of “hole-punch clouds.” They literally look as if clear, perfectly round holes have been cut through a thin layer of clouds.

In the article at http://www.floridatoday.com/news/columnists/larimer/111200larimer.htm, several pictures of these formations are given, and we are also told that they were aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field, in a north-south direction. A similar occurrence had been witnessed and documented there in 1993. The explanations given by the meteorologists seem to be quite a stretch in light of Dr. Dmitriev’s research.

…the ‘hole-punch’ features were aligned north/south. This suggests that there was some sort of ‘wave’ in the atmosphere that was causing rising/sinking air couplets.

“This would cause ice crystals in the descending portion of the wave to fall into the super cooled (liquid) cloud layer. When this occurs, the ice crystals grow (at the expense of the liquid droplets). Therefore, a hole opened in the deck of cirrocumulus.

Given the evidence now at hand, instead of an inexplicable “wave” in the atmosphere that peculiarly “wants” to run north to south and plop perfect ovals into the clouds with “air couplets,” it is far more likely that these are created by natural self-luminous formations, aligned with Earth’s magnetic field, that have arisen from the underground tectonic processes that are occurring in that area.

Then, just as “radar angels” would do, they float up from the ground and create electromagnetic changes as they pass through the atmosphere. In this particular case, the cloud layer was thin and cold enough that the electromagnetic energy of the NSLF could ionize the clouds and thereby form the visible thin holes of ice crystals.

These cloud formations might be visible far more often if it were not for the fact that most clouds are thick enough to absorb the impact of the rising energies, then dispersing them without making a visible formation.



Bearing our suggested explanation for the “hole-punch cloud” phenomenon in mind, let’s again turn our focus back to the tornadoes, and in Dr. Dmitriev’s research we will clearly see how many problems there are that the current models do not address. We will begin by looking again at some of the key phrases from the many sightings of luminous phenomena in tornadoes that Dmitriev has compiled:

  • a ball of fire in the funnel
  • lightning in the funnel cloud
  • a yellow shining surface on the funnel cloud
  • incessant lightning surrounding the tornado
  • a fiery column in the tornado
  • glowing clouds surrounding the tornado
  • a brilliant shine from the tornado
  • a brilliant luminous cloud inside the funnel
  • beaded lightning surrounding the tornado
  • exploding fireballs associated with the tornado
  • a rotating band of deep blue light in the funnel
  • a “Fourth of July pinwheel” effect of light from the funnel


When we look at this list of properties it should be immediately apparent to us that there are massive amounts of “free energy” being created by tornadoes.

What Searl was able to harness with his Gyro Coils seems to pale in comparison to the amount of energy that would be required to produce such a constant amount of luminous phenomena. However, there are far more anomalies that we must keep in mind in order to fully understand the tornado phenomena for what it is.



So here, we will briefly cover the eight points mentioned in section 2.1 of Dmitriev’s paper, entitled “Tornado Phenomenology,” in order to get full coverage of the anomalies that must be considered when studying tornadoes.



In point number 1, evidence that works against the conventional Brooks model of tornado formation is cited, through case histories where a parent cloud did not appear to be responsible for forming a funnel cloud. In a case reported by H.B. Wobus, a funnel left a cloud and moved forward, and soon a new cloud formed above it, reaching 10 kilometers in height.

Then, for several hours after this new cloud was formed, intense lightning was seen within it. Of course, if meteorologists just choose to ignore this data, then everything is “fine” and the mistaken concepts can continue to be used without question.

Another interesting challenge to the Brooks tornado model comes from near Shanghai, China. While a person was out on a boat in the sea, the surface of the water near the boat suddenly began showing a spraying movement forming.

In a very short amount of time, the spray formed into a rotating column that was about ten meters wide and six meters tall. Imagine how frightening this would have been if you were the one on that boat! At this point the column began growing rapidly in its size. Even though no clouds had formed above the cyclone at first, a cloud did eventually develop, which grew dark in color.

So, in both of these cases, the funnel cloud did not seem to require a parent cloud in order to function. If we have no direct atmospheric cause for the funnel to form, then we really don’t have much else to explain it with, other than the idea that it is an unseen energetic formation.

However, if the movements under the Earth produced a rotating burst of electro-gravitational energy that rose up and gathered up the water or atmosphere around it into its high-energy rotating central shaft, then everything begins to fit much more clearly.



Point number 2 that Dmitriev raises is that no one has truly come up with a satisfactory explanation for how the horizontal movement in the clouds is suddenly transformed to form the thin, vertical movement of the funnel cloud.

When seen in the case of water going down a drain, we know that the drain is a “sink” that allows the water to flow down the hole with the force of gravity. Another way to simulate a tornado is to fill a clear glass jar ¾ full with water and then put the lid on and whirl the jar around quickly in circles.

A tornado-like formation will indeed appear inside the water. However, this formation requires the pressure that is created by the glass walls of the jar, which extend from the top to the bottom of the funnel formation!

So in order for the tornado to be able to support its central shaft, it must either be exchanging energy with the Earth as a sink or having some form of outside energy pushing on it to hold its shape together. Obviously the spherical energy field of the polarized consciousness unit would be responsible for the pressure on the central shaft seen in the tornado, in this case.



In point number 3, Dmitriev begins by reminding us that clearly defined air walls can be seen inside of a funnel, and lightning will be seen to flash between them. Normally, the levitation effects associated with a tornado are thought to be solely a function of the vacuum of air inside. However, when a tornado is not in contact with the ground directly, no levitation effects are seen.

Here we refer back again to the case from Texas in 1951, where a whopping 130-meter wide funnel cloud with walls that were three meters thick passed over an observer at the scant height of six meters, which is essentially lower than the standard tree level. As the person looked up into the funnel, a brilliant cloud of light could be seen, and there was no vacuum of air being produced, as breathing was not a problem.

The walls had a very fast speed of rotation, and this movement could be observed all the way up to the top of the funnel itself. Shortly thereafter, the same funnel touched down onto a neighbor’s house and immediately lifted it off of the ground.

Dr. Dmitriev explains that this is but one of many similar cases that prove that the levitation effect only occurs within the spiraling energy field of the tornado itself. He does remind us that measurements conducted in 1966 have proven that the air pressure inside the funnel cloud itself is low, but from the Texas data we know that beneath the funnel cloud, the air pressure is unchanged.

This again suggests that the energetic interactions that form a tornado are far more mysterious than we have been led to believe. The rotation and air suction appears to be self-contained within the cloud itself, not spreading away from it but rather maintaining its structure inside of the spherical energy field.



In point number four, Dmitriev cites a whole host of anomalies that suggest that matter is capable of changing its basic form inside a tornado, becoming invisible and / or permeable to other matter. This point will actually become very central to our future discussions.

In the conventional models, these observations are typically explained by the scientific observation that inside the funnel cloud itself, the air is directed in a downwards motion at a high rate of speed, but then when you measure the walls of the cloud, the air is moving upward at about 100 to 200 meters per second.

In mainstream theories, this sudden reversal in the direction of air flow is conveniently used to explain many anomalous events that have occurred surrounding tornadoes. Dr. Dmitriev urges us to look more carefully and question whether the mundane explanation of opposing air flows could hold up in light of the following pieces of evidence.

These first few points focus on the idea that the effects of a tornado can be very sharply different in areas that are only a few meters from each other. This, of course, is in stark contrast to the widespread damage caused by hurricanes and other forms of extreme weather:

  • A funnel uprooted an apple tree, tearing it to pieces. A beehive standing a few meters from the tree remained unharmed.
  • A two-story timber house was taken off with its inhabitants and torn to pieces. A staircase of three stairs had led to the front door and had a bench leaning against it, and both the bench and staircase were not moved.
  • This same funnel proceeded to tear off two wheels from a car standing by, without disturbing the rest of the car, and an oil lamp that was sitting nearby on a table underneath a tree was still burning.


Regarding the situation with the car, it would appear that the tornado’s energy had somehow weakened the lug nuts that held the wheels onto the car and thus released them, while not damaging the rest of the vehicle.

If the metallic structure of the entire car had been weakened by the tornado’s energy changes somehow, then the lug nuts simply gave way under the pressure, while the rest of the car was still able to resist coming apart. Certainly skeptics could try to concoct other fanciful explanations for this, but as we proceed the facts will only continue to suggest that this is the correct interpretation.

Before finding Dmitriev’s paper, we had heard a story from a firsthand witness where a tornado passed through a given area, and a piece of straw had somehow ended up being fused halfway through a plate-glass window with no signs of breakage; but unfortunately, no photographs were available.

Then, when discussing this topic with our friend Sabrina, she recounted stories that she had heard from a friend of hers in Oklahoma where a tornado had passed through, and part of the body of a cow had become fused into the wooden walls of the barn that it had been staying in. Since the effect was frighteningly fatal for the cow and the farmer did not want to attract attention or notoriety, this fact, like so many other similar tornado anomalies, was simply covered up.

How could such phenomena be possible? The only immediate explanation would be that in the area surrounding a tornado, there are distortions created in the “fabric” of space and time. Knowing what we now know about aetheric energy and its responsibility in creating matter, it would appear that in these cases that:

In the high-energy rotating fields of the tornado, matter is brought to a higher vibrational state where it temporarily changes phase and is able to pass through other matter.

Then, when the tornado passes by and the energetic effects wear off, the matter again reverts back to its normal state and solidifies.


Now while these stories were interesting, we had no other means to support them with documentation at first. Then, our attention turned to the Internet for research, and we uncovered this website:

The Great Bend, Kansas tornado of November 1915 is the tornado which seems to have the greatest number of oddities associated with it… an iron water hydrant was found full of splinters…

Fictional oddities were added almost daily to the growing list of stories. An iron jug was blown inside out… a rooster was blown into a jug, with only its head sticking out of the neck of the container.


We can see here that the idea of an iron fire hydrant being able to “fill up” with splinters clearly violates the laws of physics. No matter how fast the splinters were traveling they should not have been able to penetrate metal.

However, if the normally solid matter of the hydrant had become flexible and permeable to other matter, then this could be easily explained. The other reports from Great Bend are immediately treated as fiction, such as the idea that an iron jug could be blown inside out.

However, both the hydrant and the jug are made of iron, a metal that is exceptionally responsive to magnetic fields, and we know from Dr. Dmitriev’s work that there are very strong electromagnetic anomalies associated with tornadoes.

In the case of the jug reversing, it is possible that the tornado had somehow changed the matter state of the jug and made it as pliable as a sheet of rubber. Then, in the presence of low air pressure inside the funnel, the higher pressure inside the jug would suddenly blast out like a cannon, turning the jug inside out in the process.

This is an entirely predictable phenomenon to occur in the case of a thin, elastic material exploding in such a manner. Similarly, the rooster may have been blown into a jug that had become permeable to physical matter, and later stuck its head out of the jug to breathe and attempt to escape once the tornado had passed and the jug solidified.

As an interesting aside, we can also bring in the information that suggests that human beings are sometimes capable of producing the higher vibrational energies that can cause these changes in metal to occur. Radio talk show host Laura Lee features an article at her website, www.lauralee.com, where she writes about her experiences in going to a “spoonbending” seminar.

Of course, psychic Uri Geller was the first person to demonstrate and publicize this ability to bend metal in the 1970s, and in some cases he would appear on the radio and engage the audience in a collective metal-bending experiment. Numerous people, including small children, reported their astonishment at having achieved success in their own homes.

At the seminar attended by Laura Lee, the presenter was able to raise the energy and enthusiasm of the participants into a high level, at which time they were instructed to hold spoons or forks in their hand and bend them by concentration alone.

While Laura Lee did not personally succeed in bending a spoon, she witnessed one male participant holding a fork solely at its base and causing the tines to slowly droop and fold over, as though the fork was being melted under great heat.

In these cases, the temperature of the silverware does not raise anywhere near enough to allow true melting to occur, and the effect only lasts for a short time. However, during the five or ten seconds when the metal is actively pliable, the participants can bend and shape it any way they like.

Therefore, it would seem that the only other explanation is that certain, untapped forms of energy are capable of changing the molecular structure of matter, making it more pliable and permeable than would otherwise be possible.

We have already seen that it is possible for human beings to create such energy fields through the Russian research on telekinesis that was conducted with Kulagina, Vinogradova and Ermolayev. When we begin looking more seriously at these anomalous changes in physical matter, we may well discover that our contemporary quantum theories are in need of revision – and this will be covered in some detail as we progress.

Getting back to our original point, we can see that the human psychic effect on metal in “spoonbending” is seen on a much larger level in the energy fields of the tornado, involving other kinds of matter as well. If there were only an isolated number of these anomalies, then skeptics could quickly dismiss them all as hearsay.

However, once we discovered Dr. Dmitriev’s research, we found that he had cataloged a series of surprising facts in this area. In data that he cites from F.W. Lane in 1966 and T. Grazulis of Boulder, Colorado in 1993, we now have more anomalies to add to the list:

  • A small pebble punctures a sheet of glass like a bullet, and does not form any fractures as it passes through.
  • One board is seen to have penetrated another board without shattering it or causing any other visible damage; the two simply “fused together.”
  • A burned and charred old wooden plank is seen to have punctured through the wall of a house made of timber. The weak, porous tip of the burnt plank was undamaged as it passed through the wall, even though it should have flaked apart very easily.
  • A clover leaf was found to be pressed into a hard stucco wall deeply enough to form an indentation.
  • A gate frame made from 1.5-inch thick sheet iron was found to be punctured by a stick of pine wood.


After looking at the facts, it seems almost ridiculous for mainstream researchers to conclude that all these effects could be created by nothing more than “high rotation speeds.” What we have is a clear violation of all known laws of physics! The only way that the clover leaf could have pressed into the stucco wall in such a manner would be if the wall itself had become as flexible and pliable as a liquid for a short time.

There is no possible way that boards could fuse together, a piece of pine wood could penetrate an inch and a half of solid metal, or a weak, charred plank could penetrate through the walls of a house without breaking, under the accepted laws of physics. Yet, if matter is becoming fluidlike and permeable as the tornado passes by, these become completely normal observations.

We see that in the presence of the powerful energies of the tornado, matter can actually make phase changes, and perhaps even disappear altogether from our known reality.

If we continue to believe that atoms and molecules are simply made of hard “particles” then this wouldn’t make much sense, but the new evidence that we will present suggests that atoms are simply electromagnetic fields of energy, and that energy ultimately is a measurable outcropping of the unseen, fluidlike “aether.”

In that case, atoms would certainly have more flexibility to change frequency. The Bermuda Triangle information will give us the proof that we need to see how this can happen.



Point number five in Dmitriev’s list of tornado phenomena is that a circular vortex is often seen around the foot of a funnel cloud, forming a pillar of dust or water that rises and then falls to the earth, forming a cascade.

In some cases this cascade can be as high as 2/3rds of the funnel itself, and it can even be wider than the actual height of the funnel cloud. Since conventional theories of funnel-cloud formation have no explanation for this, it is simply ignored.

However, in many cases a funnel can be seen to have a second wall that entirely surrounds it, forming a collar or an envelope, and this second wall is also seen to rotate with high speed. And in rare cases, funnels have been seen to have a beadlike appearance to them, meaning that there are a series of spherical bulges in them instead of a smooth cone shape.

With the information that we have already surveyed in previous chapters, all of this data can be explained by the presence of spherical “vacuum domain” energetic forces. As we saw in the Roschin and Godin experiment, which replicated Dr. Searl’s results with the Searl Effect Generator, a spherical torus of ionizing radiation was formed and a series of low-temperature magnetic “walls” then surrounded it.

Therefore, the idea of “walls within walls” of nested energetic fields appears to be a normal byproduct of these energy fields. In these tornado cases, the additional “walls” are taking up dust or water and showing their visibility to a certain degree, and the bead-like bulges observed in the funnel could be smaller spherical energy fields that were moving through the larger field that had formed the tornado in the first place.



Point number six is very short, namely that in almost all cases the funnel will only touch the ground at certain separate points and does not move in a slow, smooth path, but rather is seen to jump from one spot to another. This is most likely to occur when the tornado is first forming.

Again, we can clearly see that phenomena under the Earth’s surface must be interacting with the energies in the tornado in some form in order for these effects to be seen.



Point number seven brings up another body of facts that strongly suggests that the tornado’s levitation effects are due to an anti-gravity force instead of a suction force. As a funnel crosses over a river, it actually can produce a trench-like depression in the height of water on the river, as if an unseen force were pushing down on the water line and forcing it to flow in a clearly unnatural manner.

This was observed on both the Mississippi and Moscow rivers, as well as on the Rhine, where a trench that was seven meters deep had formed in an area where the total depth of the river was 25 meters.

Also listed in point number seven is the fact that people and animals can be lifted and transported distances as far as four to ten kilometers and sometimes be kept alive throughout the process. If they were constantly rotating at a high velocity inside the tornado, this would seem impossible, whereas if an anti-gravity field was holding them without rotating, this becomes far more plausible.

Similarly, in one case a series of one-inch mollusks were moved 160 kilometers and deposited on the ground in a small area, and the deposit occurred a full hour before the tornado cloud itself arrived. And on June 17, 1940 in the Meschery village of the region of Gorky in Russia, a tornado poured out about a thousand silver coins from the fourteenth century.

This was not a “time warp” as the original locations of the coins had been found; the important point was that the coins fell in a very compact area after having been transported several kilometers, and they fell from the parent cloud but not the funnel itself.


A tornado in Irving in 1879 encountered a 75-meter long railroad bridge that had just been constructed, weighing 108 tons. The tornado lifted the entire bridge and rolled it up – something that becomes much easier to understand when we consider the apparent ability of tornadoes to change the state of matter that they pass through.

The iron became as bendable as rubber, and the impressive forces inside the tornado could effortlessly twist it up, whereas normally we would expect the metal to bend only in certain weak places, or to simply fracture and break.

In another case, a funnel destroyed a large school building made out of stone, and the fragments rotated quickly inside of the tornado but were not thrown out. This obviously violates all expected laws of centrifugal force, showing again that a force exists inside the tornado that holds everything in place – something that cannot be explained by simple rotation and air suction.

In a similar case, a large timber church with 50 people inside of it was transported six meters and no one was killed. And in 1964, a funnel transported a house with ten people inside of it a distance of 400 meters, and all of them stayed alive.



Finally, point eight on Dmitriev’s list of anomalies has already been covered, and it regards the electromagnetic properties of tornadoes that associate them most directly with “vacuum domains” or polarized consciousness units.

One fact is that when a tornado is not touching the ground, it has been observed to have a buzzing or hissing noise, which would be expected in the presence of powerful electromagnetic fields that are ionizing the atmosphere around themselves.

Tornadoes have been accompanied by the following, clearly electromagnetic effects: ball lightning, short and wide sheet lightning surrounding the funnel, a yellow glow that shines over the surface of the funnel, and bluish ball-like formations that are similar to ball lightning but on a much larger scale, which are seen inside the funnel cloud.

Obviously these larger spheres of blue energy are highly similar to the “natural self-luminous formations” that Dr. Dmitriev mentions elsewhere.

Slowly-moving fire columns have been seen as well, and H.L. Jones reported the formation of what he called a “pulse generator” before a tornado ever got started. In that case, thirty to ninety minutes before a funnel appeared from a parent cloud, a round, bright blue spot was observed inside the parent cloud and appeared to show signs of electric activity.



So, with these facts in mind it shouldn’t be difficult to see that tornadoes have a great number of energetic qualities and are by no means as simple to explain as most scientists would suggest. They are, quite literally, gigantic anti-gravity and free energy “machines” – the powerful, natural equivalent to the Searl Effect Generator and other such devices.

We should also keep in mind that the bizarre effects on the state of physical matter should also be able to be duplicated with technology as well, under the right conditions.

In cases such as the Bermuda Triangle, explained in the next chapter, we can see that the “next step” for matter, after it starts becoming elastic and able to fuse with other matter, is to disappear from our vibrational level or “reality” entirely; and this may lead to a valid science of teleportation.

As we explained in The Shift of the Ages, this is what appears to have happened by accident in the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment,” based on the work of Nikola Tesla.

In this controversial “experiment,” a series of high-intensity electromagnetic coils were designed to create a pulsating, spherical field around a ship, in the hopes of creating total visual and radar invisibility.

While the device was being tested, some of the men walked around the ship while in the state where they could permeate other matter, and when the ship re-solidified they were tragically fused into the metal walls of the ship itself. The reality of this experiment was confirmed by Army whistleblower Col. Phillip Corso prior to his death, although he claimed that the actual ship was the Navy minesweeper IX-97, and did not involve the USS Eldridge nor its crew.

In the next chapter, we will cite many more examples of possible technological applications of such “vortex” technology.



At this point in his paper, Dr. Dmitriev begins bringing in his research findings regarding “vacuum domains” and natural self-luminous formations, which we are already familiar with from previous chapters. We are again reminded that these formations are seen to abruptly rise in frequency during times when the solar activity reaches its peak.

We are also told that when luminous formations are seen to arise from the ground in higher frequencies, such as in the area surrounding Altai Mountain in Gorny, there is a corresponding decrease in the amount of seismic activity in the area.

This certainly suggests that some of the stress that is normally relieved by the Earth with earthquakes can also be drawn out of the Earth in times of high solar activity. The natural self-luminous formations that are released then display the anomalous, highly energetic properties that we have already mentioned in previous chapters.



As we can see from Dr. Dmitriev’s research, there is clearly an interface between the inner processes of the Earth, the outer atmosphere and the energetics from the Sun that is responsible for natural self-luminous formations and tornadoes.

In the course of his research, Dmitriev also reports on various magnetic anomalies on the Earth’s surface that support this idea. On January 25, 2001, the Oregon Vortex, which is the United States’ most popular area for anomalies of this type, was again thrust into popular view when Nick Nelson appeared on the “Coast to Coast AM” show, then hosted by Dr. Mike Siegel.

Mr. Nelson has served as a tour guide to this vortex since 1999, is the author of a book entitled “The Golden Vortex,” and currently has a website.

The Oregon Vortex has been scientifically studied numerous times, with its peculiar behaviors repeatedly verified. In this sense we are quite blessed to have an active source where these energies can be studied and measured, the location and observation of which has not been suppressed, subverted or hidden from the public in any way.

We have already covered this story in The Shift of the Ages by describing the coverage that it was given in the prestigious scientific journal “Compressed Air,” and will therefore restrict our inquiry to the new observations that were disclosed on the program, many of which we were not previously aware of. Some of these discoveries were made by Nelson himself as he took the time he spent in the vortex to make more careful investigations:

1. The Oregon vortex is spherical in shape. This conforms perfectly to what we would expect of a “vacuum domain.”

2. The center of the vortex has a chimney-like movement of energy which lifts into the air. This shows that the field is actually a spherical torus, and it possesses a faster energy movement through its central axis than it does in the other areas, as we would expect.

3. The energy in certain areas has spiraling qualities. In a certain spot, a magnetized pendulum will spiral in circles, and if a person tries to stand in this area, their body will naturally be compelled to sway in circles as well. And we already have seen the importance of rotation in the polarized CU.

4. The vortex exhibits very strong electromagnetic effects. Movie cameras are not permitted in the House of Mystery (the name of the site built on the vortex,) ostensibly because the intense electromagnetic energies can cause permanent damage to sensitive equipment.

5. Clear, anomalous changes in gravity are seen in the vortex. In one area, a circle is drawn on the ground, and the closer you get to the circle the more you will be forced to lean, at about 7 degrees of arc off of true perpendicular. If you try to stand up straight, you will fall over.

In another area, a broom can be stood up on its edge and remain standing for up to 36 hours. At another spot, a ball can be released on a slide and “roll uphill.” All of these facts perfectly conform to the idea that a polarized CU causes noticeable distortions in the field of gravity, by altering the natural gravity-levity balance.

6. The vortex possesses clear magnetic sheets of demarcation. We have already seen this observation of “spheres within spheres” in action with the tornado phenomenon as well as in Roschin and Godin’s replication of the Searl Effect in the laboratory.

7. The center of the sphere of energy is in the Earth. This correlates very well with our expectations that these energy processes can be created by areas under the Earth’s surface where the fluidlike material of the lithosphere is flowing rapidly in a vortex-like fashion. A more detailed study of the underground geology in this area should reveal such a current.

8. The size of objects actually changes from one area to another inside the vortex. This is clearly visible to eyewitness observers and in photographs. Two men of equal height can walk to two different areas in the vortex, and depending on where they stand, one will clearly seem to be taller and the other clearly shorter. If they switch their positions, each spot will still show the same effects on their respective heights, so that the short man is now the tall man and vice versa.

Again, this conforms with our observations from tornado phenomena that suggest that definite effects on matter are being produced, which can change its overall structure in heretofore-unknown ways.

9 The changing size of objects cannot be measured with instruments. This is simply due to the fact that the measuring instruments also change in size as they move through these areas. Thus, “all is relative” within the vortex, making accurate measurements of the changes impossible, except by visual observation.

10. In the vortex, the passage of time changes by a quarter-second. Since Einstein proposed that space and time are unified as a single “fabric,” any changes in the quality of space should also change in time.

Our understanding of time has a new definition in the aether model; it is directly related to the speed at which the aether vibrates. We will have much more to say about this when we discuss our new theories of time, but for now we will move on.

11. The center of the vortex has a corona that is one-sixth the size of the sphere itself. Again, this conforms very nicely with Dr. Dmitriev’s findings, and is clearly visible in the photographs of natural self-luminous formations at the beginning of this chapter.

12. The normal speed of gravitational acceleration is lowered in the vortex. Normally, gravity propagates itself at 32 feet per second, whereas inside the vortex it slows down to 29.16 feet per second. This means that the overall downward effect of the gravity-levity balance in the formation is reduced by ten percent. This is identical to the manmade gravitational effects that were seen in the Searl Effect Generator on a much more significant level.

13. The human aura can become visible to everyone inside the vortex, at times, when a person stands in certain areas. This suggests that a person’s own magnetic or bio-electric field is amplified by the energies in the vortex. Once again, we are seeing how human beings fundamentally interact with these forces.

14. The vortex provides healing effects in certain areas. Mr. Nelson reported that he has an ongoing problem with severe back pain. By going and sitting in a certain area of the vortex, his pain would be healed in a matter of minutes. This correlates perfectly with Dr. Searl’s results in healing the severe burn wounds to his face with his Searl Effect Generator that was operating to power his house.


So, when all the facts surrounding the Oregon Vortex are considered together, we have a remarkable correlation with the other research that we have already discussed. Nick Nelson did not indicate on the program that he had awareness of the many other ways in which this energetic structure has been seen, other than the fact that it closely resembles the magnetic field that is seen to form around a bar magnet.

(However, his book does cover other phenomena that are associated, including tornadoes and the structure of the galaxy.)

So ultimately, we find that by locating an anomaly that is ‘half in and half out’ of the Earth, we can make a clear bridge between the processes in the lithosphere, such as “kimberlite pipe explosions,” and the energetic forms released into the atmosphere such as NSLFs, “radar angels” and tornadoes, and clearly see that they work in tandem.

Every single observed aspect of the Oregon Vortex should be expected to occur, based on the research that we have been investigating.



Once again, in the work of Viktor Schauberger we have yet another case where a person discovered the bizarre anti-gravitational effects that could be seen as a byproduct of rotation. We have already suggested that anomalies like the Oregon Vortex may be caused by the quick-moving flow of molten fluids under the Earth’s crust, in the lithosphere, and ultimately by the luminous aetheric energy in the Earth’s core, as we will see in Chapter 11.

In Schauberger’s case, similar effects were discovered by his study and comprehension of the anomalies associated with flowing water, specifically the spiraling vortices that can be formed in a stream.

Olof Alexandersson wrote a book in 1982 entitled Living Water – Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy from Turnstone Press in Wellingsborough, England, and most other writing on Schauberger’s life and technological inventions draws directly from this source. Another frequently cited book is Living Energies by Callum Coats.

From the “Living Water” book, we learn that Schauberger first realized that an anti-gravity effect was occurring in flowing water by observing the behaviors of trout that were migrating upstream. He realized that in a waterfall, the coldest area will usually be in the center, and at this point the water will have a spiraling vortex quality.

The trout naturally seek these colder, spiraling areas at the center of the waterfall, and then with very little effort they will be seen to swim or levitate directly up the waterfall and be able to continue on upstream. Schauberger realized that something very peculiar was going on, and this led him to investigate the principles of spiraling, vorticular movement in water on a much deeper level.

When he used a stressed gravity detector to measure the amount of gravitational force inside the center of a waterfall, he discovered that it would either measure zero gravity or even less, which would obviously be the manifestation of the anti-gravity effect.

Eventually, he was able to use these principles to create a number of valuable inventions, including a system of half-pipe shaped “flumes” that used thin sheets of water to convey huge logs down a mountain. This discovery was a surprise and delight for those in the logging industry he was working for, who had thought it impossible for such a small layer of water to support that much weight.

The inside of the flumes were carved to have many layers of rings that would rise and fall in height by design, and the water would get trapped in between the cracks of the rings and provide support for the logs as they traveled along.

Schauberger also invented new designs for hydroelectric turbines that harness the natural power of spiraling movement in water to produce a much higher amount of electricity from a much smaller and more environmentally friendly turbine. The work of Frank Germano is an excellent resource in this regard, complete with volumes of technical data, and makes another good step in the direction of creating true “free energy” machines.

Schauberger also discovered that in certain high-speed vortexes of water that he observed in streams in the dark of night, visible light was produced. He was then able to duplicate the conditions with a special arrangement of rocks and flowing water and show the effect to his friends, which certainly created a source of amazement for them.

While this seems patently ridiculous at first, the chances are that unlike Schauberger himself, none of us have ever actually tried to observe something like this. Providing that Schauberger and his friends are indeed telling the truth, then this phenomenon does again fit perfectly with our expectations.

What we should see here is that under the right circumstances, the flowing vortex in the center of a stream of water can form the central axis for a polarized CU to form, just as is seen in the tornado. And then, as the observations of tornadoes and other such vortices suggests, a luminous phenomena becomes visible.

For our purposes the most interesting fact is that Schauberger’s observations of water eventually led him to allegedly produce workable anti-gravity machines that used water turbines for propulsion. Since his observation of the trout fish going up the waterfalls was how he originally discovered the anti-gravity force, he named his machines the German equivalent of “trout fish.”

If you hadn’t already guessed, the photographs and evidence makes it clear that in Schauberger’s system, the machine pumped the water into the form of a rotating spherical torus. And once again, the anti-gravity effect was harnessed through a very similar method, though realized in another form that we may not have otherwise considered!

This design was incorporated by Nazi Germany into apparently workable craft, essentially against Schauberger’s will. It seems that he was not allowed to disclose exactly how these prototypes were built, so he was forced to invent other designs for levitation that used simpler methods. He moved to the deserts of Texas to design his “Repulsine” machine, which sucked in bursts of air into a sealed, round chamber to form “smoke ring” or toroidal formations.

These bursts of air were then rolled into very small sizes as they traveled over and down the inside edges of the toroidal chamber. This compression would cause extremely cold temperatures to form in a tube that ran through the center of the device, which then caused the hotter, high-pressure desert air to rush into the low-pressure zone in the tube at a very fast speed. Then, this rushing airflow would drive a turbine fan at the top.

Some attempts have been made to reproduce the Repulsine craft by James L B Bailey at [email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , and his work can be easily found on an Internet site owned by JL Naudin at [email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , but our main interest here is in Schauberger’s earlier closed-system water turbine that produced anti-gravity.

A group in Denmark is attempting to replicate these discoveries. Many interesting facts about Schauberger’s life and research can be found there. Here’s another site of good quality on Schauberger.

Our main reason for discussing Schauberger’s work at this point in the chapter is for us to see that the rotation of a fluid can directly produce anti-gravity; this gives even more evidence to suggest that the movements of a spinning vortex can have very powerful and heretofore unrecognized energetic effects.

In his writings, Schauberger refers to two forces of nature, an “explosion” force and an “implosion” force. He believed that our scientists had well understood the harnessing of energy by explosion, which he felt was a process that led to heat, pressure, fragmentation, illness and death.

The natural force of implosion, or centripetal, spiraling movement towards the center, was believed by him to represent the natural life-generating force of coolness, suction growth and healthiness in the universe, and this is what he built his machines to harness.

Furthermore, he was well aware of the balance between gravity and levity, and his own name for the levity force was “diamagnetism.” This can be a bit confusing, as his ideas of diamagnetism are associated directly with a force that works off of conventional magnetism, but the underlying concepts appear to be the same.

Now that we have taken a quick glance at some of Schauberger’s data, we are ready to move into our next topic area, where we will focus on the anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle.

Here, we will find a wonderful summary statement of all the various phenomena that we have already covered in this and previous chapters, including matter phase shifting, and we will also uncover other pieces of data that will open up the doors to our next set of chapters, where we will discuss the connections between higher dimensions, aether vibrations and geometry.

For those who have already read The Shift of the Ages, this will be a move into familiar territory, although we will ultimately suggest to new readers that this current book be studied first, since it is a far more linear, all-inclusive and syllogistic, step-by-step presentation that builds up the case.



9.1 The content of the chapter is introduced, which includes tornado phenomena, the work of Victor Schauberger and the Oregon Vortex, an ongoing, unmoving space-time anomaly which has been scientifically studied on numerous occasions.

9.2 Dr. Alexey Dmitriev’s concepts of tornado physics and natural self-luminous formations involve an interaction between Earth’s atmosphere and the interior of the Earth. The Brooks model of tornado formation, commonly used by meteorologists and other scientists alike, does not provide a model to account for the tornado anomalies that are seen.

9.2.1 Many cases of alleged UFO sightings may actually involve natural self-luminous formations that are released from the Earth, as expected in the new systems of physics that Dmitriev has outlined.

9.2.2 “Hole-punch clouds” appear to be another example of invisible NSLFs interacting with a thin layer in the atmosphere, forming visible “holes” that were aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field. Had the cloud layer been thicker, these effects would most likely not have been visible.

9.2.3 Many tornado sightings involve luminous phenomena, suggesting that tornadoes are actually sources of very high electromagnetic energy.

9.3 Dmitriev’s list of tornado phenomenology is shared at this point:

9.3.1 Tornadoes have been seen to leave the so-called “parent” clouds over them and move on their own. They have also been seen to form without parent clouds at all, only attracting them later on. This suggests again that tornadoes cannot be solely related to atmospheric movements.

9.3.2 Dmitriev explains that the Brooks model does not account for why a horizontal counter-rotational movement in cloud layers is suddenly able to turn into a vertical movement in the funnel cloud.

9.3.3 The levitation effects of a tornado cannot be caused by the suction of air inside of the funnel cloud. When a tornado is just slightly above the ground, no air pressure changes are felt and no levitation effects are seen, but as soon as it touches the ground the levitation begins. The area inside the funnel cloud has been measured to have a lower air pressure, but this does not occur beneath the cloud.

9.3.4 Inside the powerful energetic fields of a tornado, matter is seen to make sudden, anomalous phase changes, becoming malleable like a fluid and semi-permeable, allowing solid objects to fuse together. Once the tornado passes, the matter reverts back to its normal “ground” state.

In the case of “spoonbending,” human beings seem to be able to temporarily duplicate these effects on metal with their consciousness. Conventional explanations for the anomalies of matter changes in tornadoes usually involve the observation that the inside of the funnel cloud has a rapid downward movement, whereas the walls of the cloud have a rapid upward movement at about 100 to 200 meters per second.

9.3.5 “Walls within walls” of “spherical cascades” are often seen around tornadoes, sometimes going as high as two-thirds of the height of the funnel cloud itself. This energetic phenomena has already been seen in the Roschin / Godin replication of the Searl Effect in the laboratory.

9.3.6 Funnel clouds are seen to travel over the surface of the earth in jumping movements, again suggesting that other forces besides atmospheric phenomena are associated with them; namely, an energetic interaction with the interior of the Earth.

9.3.7 As tornadoes pass over rivers, they have been seen to create bowl-like depressions in the water line, suggesting that they are sources of powerful, anomalous gravitation. Tornadoes can transport objects, groups of objects and even living creatures over long distances without disturbing them. This again suggests that the transport of a tornado is being caused by levitation, not by suction and rotation.

9.3.8 Tornadoes have been observed to have buzzing or hissing noises when they are not touching the ground, again indicating very high levels of electrostatic charge. Many types of luminous phenomena have been associated with tornadoes as well, suggesting that ionization is occurring around them. One case in particular involved a pulsating blue light that appeared in the air prior to the formation of a tornado.

9.3.9 The anomalies of the tornado make a strong suggestion that technological applications are indeed possible, which will be discussed more in the next chapter. One possible example is the Philadelphia Experiment, confirmed as authentic by the late Col. Phillip Corso, who claimed that it was actually a Navy minesweeper and not the USS Eldridge, which was chosen as a cover story.

9.3.10 Dr. Dmitriev’s concept of “vacuum domains” as an explanation for tornado phenomena seems to fit much more closely with the data. We are reminded that in times when the solar activity reaches its peak, there is a corresponding increase in the amount of natural self-luminous formations that are sighted.

Furthermore, when natural self-luminous formations are seen over a seismically active area, there is a corresponding decrease in the amount of earthquake activity. This suggests that the NSLFs are releasing tectonic stress in the earth that would otherwise be forming earthquakes, by converting it into energy.

9.4 The Oregon Vortex, covered in Nick Nelson’s book “The Golden Vortex,” shows all the classic signs of Dr. Dmitriev’s “vacuum domains” and more:

1) It is spherical in form,

2) it has a chimney-like central vortex area,

3) its energy has spiraling qualities,

4) anomalous electromagnetic effects are seen,

5) changes in gravitation are reported,

6) it has clear magnetic sheets of demarcation,

7) the center of the sphere is in the Earth,

8) changes in the size of objects have been reported,

9) the size changes cannot be measured with instruments, since they also change in size,

10) the passage of time changes by a quarter-second inside the vortex,

11) the center of the vortex has a corona that is one-sixth of its total size,

12) the acceleration speed of gravity changes from 32 feet per second squared to 29.86 feet per second squared,

13) the human aura can become visible to everyone in the vortex, and

14) the vortex can provide healing effects.


9.5 The work of Victor Schauberger appears to be yet another example of a working anti-gravity propulsion device being created through spherical-torus vortex motion.

By observing various anomalies of flowing water, including the levitation of trout fish through cold, central areas of a waterfall and observing areas of streams that naturally exhibit luminous phenomena from vortex water movement, Schauberger was able to devise his new ideas for anti-gravity propulsion. In this case, the energy is driven by the high-speed rotation of water in a toroidal form.