We started off this book with a description of the energetics of the aether, followed by the idea that the aether is arguably a conscious energy, the working substance of the Ultimate Being that we are all very much a part of.

Then, we suggested that the basic components of vibration – light, sound and geometry – would ultimately reveal themselves to be a fundamental aspect of how the aether functions in the creation of space and time. In the last three chapters we have now seen that this same Breath of Life can be harnessed by rotation and magnetism, as well as consciousness, to produce anti-gravity and potentially limitless free energy.

While we investigated several devices that could deter gravity somewhat, the Searl Levity Disc appears to have been able to completely defeat it. (For those interested in pursuing these matters further, Townsend T. Brown also appears to have produced working anti-gravity propulsion through the use of extremely high levels of electrostatic energy.)

Our knowledge of the aether, its intrinsic connection to consciousness, its background structure as a fluid-like energy substance and its ability to be harnessed with technology is certainly expanding as we proceed.

What we will begin to see in this chapter is how our three main components of vibration – light, sound and geometry – emerge as the unifying forces at work in the structure of the aether. The geometry we will deal with in this chapter is that of the sphere, as its presence is most fundamental to all future chapters, and we will focus on the connection between aetheric energy, spherical geometry and light.

In the last chapter we mentioned John Thomas’ article, which gives tremendous insight into the operation and properties of the gravity-defying Searl Levity Disc and how it relates to magnetism and aetheric energy. Link to this article.

In this excerpt from Thomas’ book Anti-Gravity: The Dream Made Reality, the work of obscure Austrian physicist Karl Schappeller (d.1947) is cited to explain the unusual effects associated with the Searl Levity Disc, and to provide a tangible explanation for how it might function.

As we indicated before, one of the most bizarre effects that was produced by the Levity Disc was a pink to blue glow that would be seen around the craft while it was flying in air.

This is called “ionization,” and it occurs naturally when gas molecules get charged up with enough electromagnetic energy that they start emitting photons; emitting light.

Since the Searl Effect is caused by nothing more than powerful rotating magnets, this bizarre visual effect makes us ask some deeper questions as to the nature of magnetism itself. Why indeed can certain forms of high-energy magnetism be seen to glow, and does this glowing have anything to do with the reason for why the Levity Disc defeats gravity whereas other devices have not?

Schappeller’s work, which provided inspiration for Professor Searl in the first place, appears to have the answer.

In brief, Thomas’ article gives us a view of magnetism that should now be familiar to us, namely that magnetism is an area where the surrounding aether is being gathered together to flow in one direction. In reality this is not hard to envision, because we have already shown how a magnet can concentrate, focus and circulate the aetheric energies in a much more directional fashion than a non-magnetic material could.

In this article the term “Primary Magnetism” refers to the magnetism that we are normally aware of in everyday life, and Thomas defines it as “a large-scale movement of aether.” In the following passage, (which we have edited to enhance comprehension, removing some words and adding others) Thomas goes further to suggest that:

Primary magnetism [causes] a gathering of the surrounding [aetheric] space fabric and from [that fabric,] it [releases] more fundamental energy as an intensification of the primary magnetism.

At a certain stage, the system [reaches] an equilibrium [or balance, as it is] gathering [the surrounding aetheric] space fabric, and from [this fabric,] energy [is then precipitated, or produced.]

When the [density of the energy gathered by the magnetic force in an area of so-called “empty space”] [reaches] a required level, matter [will be] produced. The system would take up a spherical form in the “natural” state and become what Schappeller called “glowing magnetism…”

The existence of “ball lightning” has now been accepted but as yet [it has] eluded explanation, except that attempts have been made without the usual mathematical substantiation.

The peculiar anti-gravitational [effects created by ball lightning,] the inductive effects [where the lightning is seen to draw in energy from around itself] and the fantastic energy of ball lightning fits neatly in with Schappeller’s theory of glowing magnetism.


If magnetism is nothing more than a large-scale movement of aether, then according to the theory, when you have enough of it in motion, a critical threshold is crossed where it starts to produce light (create matter) and radiate heat.

At this point, we will bring in an excerpt from Dr. John Nordberg’s website writings on ball lightning, in order to better familiarize ourselves with this intriguing phenomenon. Nordberg has taken this same concept of spherical “glowing magnetism,” which he simply calls a “ball-of-light,” and expanded it into a comprehensive “grand unification theory” of physics that attempts to unify the various forces together and resolve the current incompatibility between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Ultimately he believes that the atoms and stars alike are all composed of “balls of light ” with similar qualities. Nordberg‘s theory began with his simple observations of phenomena such as ball lightning, which cannot be explained in conventional models:

There is a very interesting form of lightning called “ball lightning.” Many scientists do not believe in this form of lightning because there is no physics theory that can satisfactorily explain it.

Obviously, the Ball-of-Light Particle Model [where all fundamental atomic and subatomic particles are seen as self-sustaining balls of light] does explain ball lightning. Ball lightning are balls-of-light [as in the model of physics described here.]

Ball lightning can be created when two strokes of lightning collide. Typically one stroke travels from cloud to ground and the other stroke travels from ground to cloud. When they meet, if polarized correctly, some of the energy can wrap around itself in a semi-harmonic pattern…

Sometimes the two strokes are so highly polarized and have such highly matching wave patterns that more than one ball will be created. A string of balls is created. This is the so-called “bead lightning…” Sometimes, cloud-to-cloud lightning will create ball lightning that is visible from the ground or from planes.


Sizes of Ball Lightning

Ball lightning seems to come in certain sizes. One common size is about the size of a basketball. The limit to the size is based upon the energy in the strokes that create them.

Ball lightning appears to be inherently nonharmonic. For example:

    • the balls decay quickly — they are notoriously difficult to capture on film or video
    • the balls radiate photons — after all, they can be seen
    • sometimes ball lightning is observed to decay by simply “fizzling” out
    • more commonly, ball lightning is observed to decay dramatically in an explosive fashion


    As a more personal example of ball lightning, this author‘s own father (Wilcock) witnessed it while lying ill in his parents’ lakeside cottage in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, an area which often had very intense lightning storms.

    With explosive sound, brightness and power, a four-inch wide ball of light entered the house through an electric outlet and burned a long, straight line into the carpet as it traveled, exiting with an explosion at the outlet on the opposite wall. Some fire and damage were sustained but he remained unharmed.


    7.2 AETHER = LIGHT

    So, with Dr. Nordberg‘s data on ball lightning, we can better understand the implications of Schappeller‘s research, which created the intellectual foundation for the successful prototype of Dr. Searl‘s anti-gravitational Levity Disc.

    Here, we can see that the spherical shape is the “natural state ” where the aether flows into our world and reaches balance. It seems that in the case of ball lightning, we have an opportunity for energy to reach this perfect balance naturally, and sustain its existence for a short time.

    With Schappeller‘s work, this could actually be reproduced in the laboratory, as Dr. Searl later also replicated. The one key point that we should see here is that when aetheric forces bleed through and reach a point of balance in our own real space, they are visible as light that naturally assumes a spherical shape similar to a soap bubble, in varying sizes.

    We have already demonstrated various pieces of evidence, such as the Aspden effect, that suggest that the aether behaves like a fluid in vibration. Remember that either light waves or sound waves could travel through water, and you would still be able to detect them; the water would simply be the medium through which they were traveling.

    Similarly, it would now appear that light is also the traveling of an impulse of energy through the fluidlike aether medium. We have already suggested that the only thing that “truly ” exists is the aether medium itself; light and sound and geometry, as well as other forces such as electromagnetism and heat, are simply different frequencies that vibration takes on as it travels through the medium. That point cannot be underestimated; nothing else truly “exists ” besides the aetheric medium itself.

    Einstein assigned the highest possible speed of matter / energy vibration in the universe to light; therefore, light could be seen as the ultimate way to describe aetheric vibrations, to give the aether a simple, unifying identity.

    We have already suggested that “love ” is simply the tendency for the aetheric medium to vibrate in greater unity with Oneness, and now we can add to this the idea that light is the highest vibration of the aether that we can see. Therefore,

    Light and Love are interchangeable terms; both represent a vibration of the aetheric energy that is in greater unity with Oneness.


    Schappeller and Nordberg both suggest that the sphere is the natural “balance point ” for magnetic / aetheric energy, and it is then visible as light. And as we suggested earlier, the simple geometric definition of a sphere is that it is the ultimate unification and balance point for any vibrations.

    As anyone can see from the films of astronauts in the Space Shuttle, liquids in zero-gravity or free-fall will naturally form into spherical blobs as they float; this is as a result of the equal air pressure pushing on them from all directions.

    The sphere is the shape of perfect equilibrium that will occur in a fluid when internal and external pressures reach a point of exact balance. Therefore, since the aether appears to have fluidlike properties as well, we could also see the sphere as representing the ultimate equilibrium, the highest vibration, the purest Unity that there could ever be.

    Light,  Love and the Sphere are all interchangeable definitions of aetheric energy that is in unity with Oneness.


    Remember that Light maintains the highest frequency of vibration of all the various energetic fields that we have discussed, in the same sense as the sphere represents this geometrically. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many different spiritual traditions focus exclusively on Light and Love as being the primary identity of God.

    In the more esoteric traditions, such as the Pythagorean and Platonic mystery schools and many Eastern teachings as well, the sphere was also associated with God, though often concealed in two-dimensional images of a circle, or especially a circle with a dot in the middle, which also could refer to the Sun.

    What we are truly seeing is a visual representation of the highest and most refined vibrations within a fluidlike aetheric medium, which we suggest forms the body of the Ultimate Being.

    This is a very significant point, as both Dr. Nordberg‘s theory and Schappeller’s “glowing magnetism” concepts suggest that this mysterious, conscious aether energy / Oneness that we call God is pure Light. For the modern mainstream scientist, this is often seen simply as a fanciful metaphysical belief that does not have any relation to “true reality. ”

    Light is seen as a photon, which is just one of a variety of “particles,” even though the particles have a peculiar tendency to show up just as easily as waves, depending on how you measure them! But with our new information, even though the aether behaves like a fluid whereas light does not seem to have any immediate fluidlike properties, it should nevertheless be easy for us to conclude that the terms aether and Light could be interchangeable.

    Spherical, loving light is the primary definition of aether, since it is the highest form of its vibration; it is the true nature of the Ultimate Being.


    From the scientific perspective, we can see that the connection between aether and Light must be possible from Einstein’s work with relativity, where energy and mass were directly and mathematically interwoven with the speed of light. As everyone knows, in an atomic explosion, a tremendous amount of blinding white light is released; light so powerful that it can incinerate anything in its path.

    It is this very “flash point” that reveals to us that matter, which is formed from the aether, is nothing more than a highly-compressed form of light. And so, many theorists such as Nordberg and various contributors to KeelyNet and the Institute for New Energy believe that in the aether and in physical matter as well, light is in a condensed form that can later be released.

    In fact, the aether is the condensed form of all vibrations, whether light, sound, heat or otherwise.



    Going back to Thomas’ article, we learn that Schappeller created a device called a “dynomagnetic generator, ” which would allow him to produce a sustained ball of “glowing magnetism ” in the laboratory setting. In so doing, he was able to prove that his theories regarding the aether and magnetism were actually engineerable. Thomas’ rather complicated description of this device is as follows:

    “Basically, [the device] consists of a pair of coils wound on to a hollow ceramic [sphere,] contained [inside another] sphere [of] iron. The coils are of copper tubing packed with a permanent electret material…

    [Electret material is capable of storing an electromagnetic charge, so with the copper coils Schappeller created a sphere that can focus electromagnetic energy.] This constitutes the dynomagnetic generator.

    To convert the energy into mechanical energy, a rotor is used, also made from copper tube packed with electret. The sphere functions only after the electret material is polarized.

    [This step of “polarizing the electret ” means that you must introduce an electromagnetic charge into it before the device will work. And then, once again we have the power of rotation involved in creating the glowing magnetism. In this case the rotation is produced from the rotor described above.]

    Because of the terminology in the Schappeller theory, it is naturally difficult to follow, that is, apart from the strangeness of the concepts.

    After several readings, one might conclude that “glowing magnetism” or aether precipitation, starts if the electric and / or magnetic fields reach enormous values at a given point. It seems that this is the function of the stator device outlined above. “

    We can see from the brief description above that Schappeller’s spherical chamber was creating an enormous compression of aetheric energy in a small point, similar to the forces in a thunderstorm that can create the anomaly of ball lightning.

    The spherical shape of the iron and ceramic core acts as a magnifying glass for all of the electromagnetic energy, directing it into the center when the machine is operating at full capacity. And it is at this central point in the sphere that “the electric and / or magnetic fields reach enormous values. ”

    (As we shall see in the next chapter, Sonoluminescence works almost exactly the same way, but the spherical chamber focuses sound instead of electromagnetic energy to produce this glowing aether vibration of light.)

    Later in this same article, Thomas relates this finding of Schappeller’s to the behavior of the Searl Levity Disc, since a clear “glowing magnetism” ionization effect was seen around the disc when it was traveling.

    And we remember that ionization is the charging of gas molecules with enough energy that they start to release photons. Therefore, Searl took the initial idea of Schappeller‘s invention and transformed it into a design that could be transformed into an anti-gravity craft.



    Russian scientists Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, V.L. Dyatlov and A.V. Tetenov published an article with the intimidating title “Planetophysical Function of Vacuum Domains ” in English on the Millennium Group website, which goes into far more detail regarding “balls of light ” than we may have otherwise expected. Ball lightning is only one of a number of natural phenomena, which Dmitriev et al. refer to as “vacuum domains ” or “VDs. ”

    This term seems to be rather uncomfortable for some people, as we often think of the word “domain ” as meaning “an area that a person (such as a king) rules over. ” And the letters VD don‘t sit well in the English language, for obvious reasons.

    In this model, the word “domain ” is used more generally, as “a given area with clear boundaries, where certain rules apply. ” And we remember that the word “vacuum ” is often used interchangeably with “aether, ” as aether is “the energy that will always exist in a vacuum. ”

    So, to put it simply, a “vacuum domain ” is an area with clear boundaries where the aether is directly bleeding through to our physical reality and creating a measurable energy change. Ball lightning would obviously be one example of a “vacuum domain ” in action.

    The true value of Dmitriev et al.‘s paper is that many more natural phenomena are identified besides ball lightning; furthermore, we learn a lot more about how these phenomena behave, and a full range of mathematical equations are applied to help explain what is happening. For our purposes in this book we won‘t cover the equations, but the properties and behavior of these “vacuum domains ” will certainly be very interesting to us.

    Most importantly, say the authors, in a vacuum domain (VD) the forces of electromagnetism and gravity work directly together, whereas outside the VD they do not. By definition, the VDs can penetrate through any kind of matter, since they are composed of the very energy that matter is made of.

    The authors produce equations to demonstrate that gravity waves are automatically transformed into electromagnetic waves inside the VD, and these waves are then directly visible to us as light. In the aether theory, both gravity and magnetism are simply different forms of aether in movement, so it would make sense that if you can create a large enough degree of movement of aether in a small area, then you would see the fields working together.

    According to Dmitriev et al., these VDs emerge all throughout the Earth, whether in the magnetic field, the layers of the atmosphere or within the Earth itself. Since the VDs can be quite large and can command the force of gravity, they are capable of having incredible power.

    A tornado is one such example of a VD in action, say the authors. These powerful areas of energetic force can also produce “enormous torsion stress ” in the Earth that in turn affects the so-called “plate tectonics ” of the continents and the seismic activity throughout the Earth. They create sudden, anomalous changes in the Earth‘s magnetic field in localized areas as well.



    The main properties of VDs are expressed in this paper as follows:

      1. They are capable of penetrating through matter at will;
      2. They can emit or absorb light and other electromagnetic radiation in the wide frequency range;
      3. They can cause electronic devices to stop functioning because of the strong electric field that they produce both inside and outside of themselves;
      4. They will exhibit a measurable magnetic field;
      5. They can distort gravitational fields, causing objects to levitate or to become heavier;
      6. They can cause air and dust to rotate inside of themselves, since they are in a constant state of rotation;
      7. They can have explosions that do not necessarily change their form and size;
      8. They possess a definite geometric form such as a sphere or “ellipsoid, ” which is basically a stretched-out sphere; and lastly,
      9. They will be seen and reported far more frequently in the years when the Sun‘s activity has reached its peak.

      So, with these properties we now have a much firmer understanding of what a “vacuum domain ” actually is, what it looks like and how it functions. We are then given a list of ten different anomalous phenomena that are all explained as being different forms of VDs.

      It is very important to remember that not all of them clearly exhibit all nine of the above properties, but in each case there is enough evidence to suggest that they all have a common explanation:



      1. Ball lightning. According to the authors, this is the most well known and studied anomalous phenomenon, and it displays all nine VD properties. Most scientific papers do not mention any effects of levitation occurring with ball lightning, but this is simply because the ball lightning is so small that it would be hard to see. The typical formation of ball lightning will be between 10 and 30 centimeters in diameter. Some have reported seeing dust particles rotating inside of ball lightning.


      2. Natural self-luminous objects or “plasmoids. ” Here we have objects that may be seen with the naked eye as bright balls of light, and may show up even better on film if they are photographed. They usually appear near the areas of the Earth where there is the most energetic activity, in the form of earthquake-producing faults in the crust.

      They have similar properties as ball lightning, and in this case the large-scale effect of levitation is more likely to be seen. The authors refer us to a case in Russia known as the “Sasovo explosions, ” described by A. Yu. Olhovatov, where these formations were witnessed as being capable of levitating objects as well as producing the explosive effects mentioned in property number 7 in the above list. The images in the study show these clearly.


      3. Poltergeists. While some cases of “haunting ” may involve real entities in a nonphysical form, others appear to be cases where a VD penetrates through the walls of a person‘s home. In these cases, a ball-like, slightly glowing energy is seen that can levitate objects, create electric and magnetic fields and also cause damage to people.

      If the phenomenon is seen to occur repeatedly, it might be because the house is built over an area of the Earth that is more energetically active and thereby capable of producing these formations.


      4. Tornadoes. All of us are familiar with the violent funnel-like cloud formation of a tornado, which can create immense damage and levitate objects essentially intact. The study of tornadoes is so important that Dr. Dmitriev actually tackles it in an entirely separate paper entitled “Electrogravidynamic Concept of Tornadoes, ” also on the Millennium Group website at www.tmgnow.com.

      Most of the nine properties on the list are associated directly with tornadoes, including the appearance of visible forms of light. In the “Tornadoes ” paper, Dmitriev refers to the following case:

      In 1951 in Texas a funnel passed over an observer at a height of 6 meters, the interior having a diameter of about 130 meters with walls of 3 meters‘ width. Inside the hollow there was a brilliant cloud. There was no vacuum inside, because it was easy to breathe.

      In other cases, “swarms of ball lightning ” and other luminous phenomena including “continuous glowing light ” and “continuous lightning ” are seen in and around tornadoes.

      Other anomalous phenomena involving gravity and the interpenetration of matter will be discussed in later sections of this book. The idea of an “air suction ” to explain the levitation effects with a tornado is not sufficient, especially if a person can breathe inside.


      5. “Angels. ” This term refers to a special kind of radar interference that all systems must contend with. In the early days of radar, there were cases where blips appeared on the screen that appeared to be airplanes or missiles.

      The engineers realized that these were not actually physical objects and referred to them as “angels, ” and now radars are built so that they will not mistakenly detect these formations. The authors suggest that “angels ” are the same as “natural self-luminous formations, ” as they both occur directly over tectonic faults. In the case of NSLFs, they are detected just above the faults, whereas “angels ” are typically detected some kilometers above the faults.


      6. Small Comets ” or “Atmospheric Holes. ” These were seen on ultraviolet images of the Earth taken at high altitudes. About 20 times a minute, large black holes are seen to form in the upper ionosphere, each of which is approximately 30 miles wide.

      The conventional hypothesis, put forth by those who discovered this, is that these holes are being produced by “small comets ” of snow and ice. However, if this many comets were constantly hitting the Earth, they should be also colliding with the Moon as well, but there are no tremors on the Moon‘s surface to correspond with such events. Therefore, the authors consider that these may be vacuum domains as well.


      7. Ionospheric and atmospheric explosions. In this case, the name is self-explanatory. Many people have heard spontaneous loud explosions with no apparent source, and without any signs of inclement weather. These explosions are associated with luminescent forms of spherical geometry that have also been seen to penetrate matter.


      8. Lithospheric pipe explosions. These are phenomena that occur within the Earth‘s lithosphere or crust, which can conduct electromagnetic fields and can have an elastic, pliable quality. Geologists have observed sudden pulses or explosions of heat within the lithosphere, where an elongated elliptical tube known as a “kimberlite pipe ” is formed immediately thereafter.

      They are self-luminescent explosions that produce electromagnetic emissions, and, at least in Russia, they are considered “the great mystery of modern geology. ”


      9. “Sprites ”, elves and jets. These anomalies have only been recently discovered, and conventional explanations for them are still fairly weak. Above thunderstorm clouds, brief and very large flashes of light can appear up to 100 kilometers in height.

      They often appear blue or red depending on their height. Most importantly for Dmitriev et al., these formations are often associated with the most intense groupings of lightning strikes that are moving from the clouds to the ground. This suggests that the contact of the lightning is somehow combining with energy in the Earth to cause these luminous flashes to form.


      10. Luminescences associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. According to Dmitriev et al., almost all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are accompanied by the sighting of luminous formations. They may be seen before, after or during the events themselves, and therefore are very closely timed with the events.



        If we look back to number 6 on the list, “Small Comets ” and “Atmospheric Holes, ” we see that it appears that about 20 times a minute, the Earth‘s ionosphere is reacting with something that is creating 30-mile wide black spots in the ultraviolet spectrum.

        Dr. Dmitriev et al. speculate that these reactions are caused by VDs that are moving through space. The main problem was that there was no proof that such VDs existed… until now. Early in the year 2000, a great deal of excitement was generated in the Internet UFO community over what appeared to be “UFOs ” that were filmed on many NASA shuttle missions.

        Millions watched a short video promo for a UFO documentary film entitled “Evidence 2001: The Case for NASA UFOs, ” which featured the work of Mr. Martyn Stubbs.

        Mr. Stubbs worked for five years to analyze over 2,500 hours of NASA space shuttle transmissions that he recorded on a total of 520 video tapes. He used satellite dishes and other equipment from the Vancouver Cable Station, where he worked as a manager, to record virgin copies of the video from every Discovery mission that was conducted since 1991.

        When we look at what he discovered, we can clearly see that it is another example of “vacuum domains ” at work, and provides the missing link to explain why the Earth‘s ionosphere is being struck 20 times a second by the so-called ‘small comets.‘ We will post excerpts from the Citizens Aganst UFO Secrecy (CAUS) website to help illustrate what was done.

        “…Weird shapes are shown massing on the shuttle equipment while the astronauts talk openly with mission control about the spooky event.

        Dr Guido Nigro, Director of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI, observatory was reportedly visibly shaken after viewing part of the footage. “I am very impressed,” he said. “This time we are not talking about footage taken by someone with a home movie camera.

        “Maybe this will prove there is something else that we are not aware of, at least officially.” The footage was aired at the ninth International UFO conference in Nevada and shows two bizarre phenomena…

        Martyn’s breakthrough came when he watched a $100 million satellite cable snap taking the tether 12 miles into space during NASA’s Discovery missions. “From the moment it broke to the moment it’s many miles away a spherical phenomena follows and swarms round it, all going in different directions.

        “When the astronauts were asked how far away the tether was, they replied more than 80 miles.” He claims the distance and the size of the sphere-like phenomena must be huge.

        NASA has officially guessed that the shards are ice specks, but Martyn scoffed: “I’ve never heard of a six-mile long ice crystal that’s spotted crystal clear 100 miles away and there are hundreds of different examples.

        “Once NASA said they were shooting stars or meteors, but we have documentation that shows that NASA didn’t have an answer. “When you see those pictures, the pictures of the shuttle today and the Mir space station, you see the same spherical phenomena.”

        Martyn also describes how astronauts on the STS-80 shuttle mission could not open the door due because the phenomena was BLOCKING it. “The phenomena was all around the door, and they (the crew) were moving the door and trying to get it open.

        “A flight or two later, the astronauts were commenting right on the feed that something had come right through the door, that they were seeing these flashing colored lights. To make this discovery he painstakingly examined more than 500 eight-hour video tapes.

        He said: “I can’t tell you what is there, but I can tell you what shouldn’t be there. It’s not a matter of finding something, it’s more about collecting, studying and analyzing. Eventually the jigsaw puzzle will come together.”


        So, we can see that these spherical phenomena follow all the same properties as Dmitriev et al.‘s vacuum domains. First of all, let‘s consider the experiment that was conducted on Shuttle mission STS-75. In this case, a satellite was extended away from the Shuttle on a 12-mile long tether.

        According to an article by The Enterprise Mission and others, the true, hidden purpose of this experiment was to attempt to harness “hyperdimensional ” or aetheric energy from the vacuum. In this case, the experiment was so successful that it actually melted the super-strong tether completely, which was obviously not expected, and caused the satellite to glow with ionizing radiation as it drifted away from the Shuttle!

        When we combine Stubbs‘ observations with this, we can see that because of its sudden high electromagnetic charge, the satellite then attracted many VDs to itself that had been freely drifting in space and transferred energy to them, making them easily visible and possibly expanding their physical size as well. The resulting effect, seen by millions on the Internet when the movie was first released, is quite remarkable.



        STS-75 Spherical Phenomena


        The two above images are both of the same striking formation that was captured on the videotape of this event, slightly delayed in time from one to the next. The obvious black hole in the middle of this formation could be where the rotational axis of the VD is flowing through, and we‘ll be discussing this central axis further ahead.

        When we look to the image on the right, we see the ring formation on the left image spreading out into a spiral shape, which is exactly what we would expect from the energy of a VD, flowing out from, say, the northern pole in a spiraling, rotating fashion as it makes its way to the southern pole.

        The notch at the lower left is at the opposite end of the object‘s direction of travel, and may be formed by the VD‘s outer field being disturbed by the dust and plasma in space as it moves along, creating a windsock effect over its entire surface except for in the middle, where the greater strength of its axis holds in more material.

        Another clue that these are energetic formations is that they were repeatedly seen to have a luminous “wobble ” to them, and they drift relatively slowly, without exhibit the speed and abrupt, angular changes in movement typical of most UFO sightings. This certainly does not rule out the possibility that what we are seeing is indeed some form of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

        In the case of STS-80, a VD penetrated the Space Shuttle door, and its gravitational effects stopped the door from being able to open. At the same time, its natural luminosity was emerging through the door as well. Obviously this fits all the characteristics that we would expect of a VD, including the ability to penetrate matter, gravitational effects and luminosity.

        Furthermore, it could be that the VD was attracted to the door because it was the only area on the outside of the Shuttle that had a direct passage to the inside of the Shuttle, where there could well have been a greater amount of static electric charge that it was attracted to. This mission‘s video data also produced images of luminous formations with the characteristic black dot in their centers.

        A series of images from Stubbs‘ NASA UFO footage are collected at Jeff Rense‘s website and can be perused for further study: http://www.rense.com/nasaufo/nasaufo.htm.

        And by far, the next image, showing the “swarming ” effect of a very large number of spherical VDs around the tethered satellite, is the most provocative.


        STS-75 Footage of Spherical Phenomena Surrounding Tethered Satellite


        The other phenomena that Stubbs discusses in the videotape is a very fast streak of light that can only be detected by slowing down the film to one-frame-at-a-time speed. These streaks are most likely formed by spherical VDs as well, only in this case they are difficult to capture on film because they are moving much more quickly than the slow-drifting VDs that were more easily observed.

        All together, it would seem that these VDs, here referred to as “NASA UFOs, ” are being created by the intense electromagnetic activity of the Sun. Once released, they then move out through the Solar System via the Solar Wind, which is a continuous stream of gas, dust and energy that the Sun gives off.

        When the Sun is more active, more of the VDs are created and therefore more of them interact with the Earth‘s electromagnetic fields as well. This clearly explains why Dmitriev et al. noticed that the number of reports of natural self-luminous formations and other related phenomena are always seen to increase during times of high solar activity.



        The power of the “vacuum domain ” or “glowing magnetism ” can also have an effect on a star that has recently exploded, causing anomalous spherical formations to appear.

        Dr. Nordberg reminds us that if there is an explosion in the vacuum of space, conventional science would say that it should move outwards in all directions at the same time, forming one large cloud of gas that is roughly sphere-shaped.

        However, if we look at the exploding star Eta Carinae, we can see that it has formed two expanding spheres with a disc of light in between them.



        Current physics has no model of “spherical harmonics” that would account for any force that could hold together such a structure as this in the airless vacuum of space. Here we can see that similar to ball lightning and other VDs, the two sides of the explosion are being effected by spherical electromagnetic fields and thus holding their shape.

        If there were no aether pressure forming the two spherical shapes, then the explosion should have simply expanded straight outward from the center.



        Yet another physicist, Charles Cagle, has independently tackled the problem of creating a unified field theory at the quantum level that is based on the visual model of a “ball-of-light,” spherical harmonics or a “vacuum domain. ”

        Tying all of this back into the quantum level is indeed very important, and this is just the beginning. In this case, Cagle refers to the model as an “electromagnetotoroid,” which is certainly not an easy word to remember. The information regarding this approach is on Cagle’s website, www.singtech.com.

        In Cagle’s case, he has used this new understanding to develop a “free energy” device that is based upon fusion — so here again, we are seeing workable prototypes emerging from these new models. We will leave it up to the reader to peruse the explanations for the particulars of Cagle’s designs.

        Our only point to add is that this model incorporates the fact that the sphere should actually be seen as a torus, meaning that it has a hole running through its center as the axis of rotation. (Actually, from the below diagram we can see that Cagle has two tori inside of each other. This propensity for “balls within balls” is a very important behavior that will come into play when we discuss the geometries involved in the structure of our Octave of dimensions.)



        7.7 THE TORUS

        To properly visualize a torus, we must see that the harmonic sphere is shaped more like an apple, with a hole extending directly through its center. Another way to think of it would be as akin to a donut or inner tube that was expanded into a spherical form. (See above image.)

        There are common examples that can help us to visualize how energy flows over and through a torus like this.

        Many of us have seen those rubber tube toys that are made from balloons filled with water and that fold in on themselves, acting as another form of a torus shaped as a cylinder. When you try to squeeze the balloon in your hands it will immediately slip out, because it is actually a perfect closed loop – the entire outside folds through the entire inside.

        As soon as you try to grab it, the outer skin rolls into the inner portion, so that even if the part of the balloon skin that touches your hand doesn’t slip, the balloon still slides out of your grip. A smoke ring works the same way – it continues to spin around itself as it moves forward, so the outside and the inside are really the same surface in motion – the object only has one side, one surface, but it is still capable of having internal / external movement and circulation.

        Based on all available evidence that we will review as this book progresses, the toroidal structure must be included in the final design of the sphere or VD. This is what allows any VD to sustain itself, as the energy on the outside can continually flow through the inside and vice versa — the flow is never interrupted.

        Most likely, the funnel cloud in a tornado represents the flow through the center of a very active spherical torus of energy, and the rest of the sphere is not visible. The tubelike center of the spherical torus forms its rotational axis, as we have said.

        This becomes an important point when we start looking at the spherical harmonics that show up in planetary energies, which we will see in later chapters. Indeed, the standard model of a planetary magnetic field shows a torus very clearly, with energy streaming out from the magnetic poles and forming a toroidal energy field around the planet itself.




        As we are looking at the fundamentals of the spherical torus or VD, we can find more evidence within the finer workings of the Searl Levity Disc, or the Searl Effect Generator (SEG.) Importantly, much of Searl‘s research was initially inspired by his study of Schappeller‘s glowing spherical magnetism.

        We remember from the last chapter that the center of Searl‘s design involved three concentric magnetic rings, each of which were surrounded by a series of magnetic rollers. In Chapter 55 of his mammoth Internet work Impossible Correspondence, which cross-references our work in a number of places, researcher Robert Grace reveals the following:

        “John [Searl‘s] concepts are quite simple. What the rings and rollers represent is a cross-section of a complete system shaped like a sphere with a hole in the middle or a torus.

        The reason that the rings do not take the shape of a sphere is because the rollers, if they were curved, could not possibly revolve, hence limiting them to a flat-plane 3-tiered diameter across an imaginary sphere.

        [Note: As part of the design, each of the rollers revolves around its own axis at the same time that it revolves around the central rings.]

        The Searl system strips electrons off the atoms (ions) that are drawn into the center of the torus and accelerates them to the outer rim where they are picked up by coils as electricity.”


        So, the true nature of what Searl had accomplished now comes into view. The rotating magnetic rings and rollers create the middle framework for a series of fields that actually form a vacuum domain or spherical torus.

        Obviously, as this is such a harmonic shape, it draws in a great deal of aetheric energy, thus significantly deflecting gravity enough to neutralize its mass. The spinning motion of the magnetic rollers causes measurable aetheric / electromagnetic energy to “spray ” outward in exactly the same fashion as DePalma‘s homopolar N-Machine that we discussed in previous chapters.



        Furthermore, an article that was briefly posted on Dr. Steven Greer‘s CSETI website beginning on Aug. 15, 2000 reveals that two Russian scientists, V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin, have achieved partial but highly significant success in replicating Searl‘s results in the laboratory.

        Their experimental setup, though only consisting of one ring and one set of rollers as seen in the first image below, behaved in a similar manner as did Dr. Searl‘s. The second image below shows a side view of the entire device, allowing the reader to see the complete structure that allowed the rings to rotate.

        After the rotors reached 200 revolutions per minute, the weight of the setup began steadily decreasing and it would begin “self-accelerating, ” meaning that it would begin increasing its speed of rotation even though no extra power was being put into it.

        Once the rate of rotation reached the critical speed of 550 rpm that Dr. Searl had originally determined, the device would generate a “back current ” of energy that was greater than what it took to run it, and the weight of the device would quickly change to a mere 35 percent of its initial value.

        The researchers also stated that, based on their knowledge of the technical aspects of Dr. Searl‘s research, the following would also be true:


        The most interesting region (i.e. the total defeating of gravity to produce levitation) lies above the critical area of 550 rpm, but due to a number of circumstances the implementation of such research was not possible. [Note: As one example, their setup was not constructed to facilitate the levitation of the device itself.]

        [Note: In this and following excerpts, we have corrected basic English grammatical errors to make the text easier to understand. Unfortunately the writing style is a bit complex, so the reader will probably be required to read the article carefully more than once in order to “get it. ”]


        The experiment also showed that a VD or spherical torus of ionizing radiation was visible:

        Other interesting effects include the work of the converter in a dark room when corona discharges are observed around the converter‘s rotor, which are seen as a blue-pink glowing luminescence with a characteristic ozone smell. The cloud of ionization covers the area of the stator and rotor and has an accordingly toroidal form.

        Furthermore, there were discrete changes in both the magnetic and temperature readings in the room where the experiment was conducted. From the description, we are led to believe that a series of concentric VDs, or toroidal spheres of increased aetheric / magnetic energy formed around the device (which they here refer to as a converter) while it was in motion:

        We noticed and measured an abnormal permanent magnetic field around the converter within a radius of 15 meters. Zones of an increased intensity of magnetic flux 0.05T located concentrically from the center of the installation were detected. The direction of the magnetic field vector [or flow] in these walls [of energy] coincided with the direction [that the rollers were traveling in.]

        The structure of these zones reminded [one of the] circles on water [that form] from a thrown stone. [Note: Obviously we know that these are spherical, toroidal zones.] Between these zones a portable magnetometer, which used the Hall‘s sensor as a sensitive element, did not register any abnormal magnetic fields.



        The layers [where] an increased [magnetic] intensity [is measured] are distributed practically without losses up to a distance of about 15 meters from the center of the converter, and quickly decrease at the border of this zone.

        The thickness of each [magnetic] layer is about 5-8 cm. The border of each layer has a sharp shape, the distance between the layers is about 50-60 cm and it slightly accrues when moving from the center of the converter.

        A steady picture of this field was observed as well at a height of 6m above the installation (on the second floor above the lab.) Above the second floor the measurements were not carried out. [Note: Previously we were told that the height of the ceiling in the experimental room was three meters.]

        An abnormal fall of temperature in direct affinity with the converter was also found. While the common temperature background in the laboratory was +22 degrees C (+- 2 degrees C) a fall of temperature equal to 6-8 degrees C was noticed [in the laboratory when the device ran.] The same phenomenon was observed in the vertical magnetic walls [of energy] as well.

        The measurements of temperature inside the magnetic walls were carried out with an ordinary alcohol thermometer with an inertia of indication of about 1.5 min. In the magnetic walls the temperature changes can be distinctly observed even by hand.

        The hand, when placed into this magnetic wall [of energy,] feels real cold at once. A similar picture was observed at the height above the installation, i.e. on the second floor of the laboratory as well, despite the ferro-concrete blocking of the ceiling.


        As of November 2007, as we update this book for our Divine Cosmos website, we’ve heard from the Searl camp that there is a problem with Roschin and Godin’s design. Their rollers were pieced together with slices of magnets going cross-wise to the original polarity.

        Apparently, the gravitational forces tear apart the pieced-together magnetic rollers and destroy the machine before it can reach a sustainable lift speed. Searl’s original design introduced the magnetic ‘cross’ pattern directly into the magnets themselves when they were being manufactured.


        7.10 VDs, HEALING AND THE SOUL

        Obviously, these intriguing results suggest that a nested series of VDs or spherical harmonics are being formed around the device as it functions, and that these spherical “walls ” represent areas where aetheric energy is directly bleeding into the room, leading to an increase in magnetism and a decrease of temperature.

        The potential uses of this technology for healing purposes shouldn‘t be overlooked at this point, either. An article from the West Australian newspaper on August 7, 1995, linked at , said the following:

        A 45-litre drum of burning oil exploded in [Searl‘s] face a few years ago and doctors told him he would be disfigured for life. But sitting in his SEG-powered home for two weeks, he said his wounds healed…

        The SEG would also help combat asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and lung complaints. “You don‘t feel like you are breathing but drinking fresh spring water, ” he said. “That‘s because you have more oxygen available. ”


        This report could not be studied scientifically by Roschin and Godin in their experiment. However, the Roschin-Godin study represents the first time that Searl‘s results have been independently confirmed by an outside laboratory, thus dramatically increasing the reputability of his findings.

        Those who choose to be skeptical and dismiss these results are simply too stubborn to see the simple truth – anti-gravity and free energy is a reality, and with the arrival of the Internet and books like this one, it is only a matter of time before these technologies are widely known and implemented.

        And as we shall see as we go along, the spherical structure of the VD will be seen as the “missing link ” to unify the Cosmos at every level, from the smallest quantum process to the macroscopic structure of the Universal Being itself.

        The VD is a reflection of the Ultimate Being in “physical ” form. It is also the “shape ” of our soul – our true energy bodies.

        In the next chapter, our discussion of spherical harmonics and energy processes will continue, as we bring in the work of John Keely.

        We will show more evidence of the importance of the sphere as the shape of “balance ” in the aether, as well as the connections between the aether, the sphere and the vibrations of sound. We will also see how sound can be utilized to produce anti-gravity as well.


        7.11 RECAP

        7.1 The work of Karl Schappeller provided the initial inspiration for Dr. Searl. He explained that strong magnetic fields can cause the aether vacuum to emerge as a visible form. The phenomenon of “ball lightning ” shows this in action.

        7.2 Light and Love and the Sphere are all interchangeable definitions of aetheric energy that is in unity with Oneness.

        7.3 Schappeller was able to engineer a spherical ball of “glowing magnetism ” in the laboratory with his dynomagnetic generator.

        7.4 Dr. Dmitriev et al. labeled this spherical “glowing magnetism ” as a “vacuum domain ” or VD. Furthermore, his team used equations to show that gravity waves are automatically transformed into electromagnetic waves inside the VD, and these waves are then directly visible to us as light.

        7.4.1 The nine essential properties of vacuum domains are: ability to penetrate solid matter, light absorption and / or emission, the powering down of electronic devices, creation of measurable magnetic fields, distortions of gravitational fields to increase or decrease objects‘ weight, constant inner rotation leading to rotation of air and dust inside of themselves, explosions that do not necessarily change their size, possession a definite geometric form such as a sphere or “ellipsoid, ” and increases in their appearances during years of peak solar activity.

        7.4.2 Ten different sorts of anomalous phenomena that appear to be directly associated with VDs are: ball lightning, NSLFs or “plasmoids, ” poltergeists, tornadoes, radar angels, small comets or “atmospheric holes, ” ionospheric and atmospheric explosions, lithospheric “pipe ” explosions, “sprites / elves / jets ” and luminescences associated with earthquake and volcano activity.

        7.4.3 Mr. Martyn Stubbs‘ rigorous documentation of “NASA UFOs ” appears to be an observation of VDs in space. The spherical shape, central hole and spiraling energy emissions from the central hole are all clearly visible on film.

        This also gives us a method of understanding why our scientists have observed “atmospheric holes ” occurring in the ultraviolet spectrum of our ionosphere appearing 20 times each second. The VDs are created in the Sun, travel through space on the “solar wind ” and later strike the Earth, creating the holes.

        7.5 The spherical fields of vacuum domains can be seen to form anomalous structures in space, such as the dumbbell shape of the nebulae Eta Carinae.

        7.6 Charles Cagle demonstrated the idea that “particles ” at the subatomic level are actually VDs as well, which he named “electromagnetotoroids. ” From his understanding, workable free energy technologies have been devised. This brings us closer to a true “unified field ” theory that shows how these VD formations exist at every level of size and complexity in the Universe.

        7.7 The torus is a sphere with a hole in the middle, forming a donut shape. This is the true form of the VD, and explains the structure of the Earth‘s magnetic field as well as the structure of the funnel cloud that makes the tornado. The “hole ” in the sphere is what creates an axis that allows it to rotate.

        7.8 Robert Grace reveals that what the rings and rollers represent in the Searl Effect Generator is a cross-section of a complete system shaped like a sphere with a hole in the middle or a torus. By creating this cross-section of the VD with rotating magnets, Searl was able to replicate the anti-gravitational effects of the VD and use them to levitate the craft itself.

        7.9 Russian scientists Roschin and Godin were able to replicate Searl‘s results. Though their device was not physically built to levitate, it clearly would have if they did not use mechanical brakes to stop it, as it went into a self-accelerating mode after crossing the critical threshold of 550 revolutions per minute.

        Most interestingly, when the device was powered a series of spherical energy zones were created around it, and “the structure of these zones reminded [one of the] circles on water [that form] from a thrown stone. ” Within these zones, the magnetic fields increased and the temperature decreased.

        The Roschin-Godin replication cannot reach full lifting power, apparently, because the strong gravitational field tears apart the pieced-together magnetic rollers.  

        7.10 Dr. Searl‘s research associated the aetheric energy of the VD with an increased speed of healing. We suggest that the VD is actually the shape of the Ultimate Being, or God, as well as the shape of the soul as it is expressed in our different energy bodies.