Virtually all world religions, spiritual faiths, secret societies and indigenous shamanic teachings insist that humanity is about to make a spontaneous, unprecedented stride in its material and spiritual development – a literal transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on all levels.

Since many of the cultures or groups proffering this information over thousands of years‘ time did not appear to have any direct contact with each other, (such as the Early Christians, the aborigines in Australia and the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica,) we have to wonder how they all came to the same understanding.

If we take their own accounts on face value, it appears that entities that had attained a higher level of consciousness (such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Viracocha and others) have systematically taught this information to all who would listen. Some ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs and Mayas, even have highly detailed calendar systems that appear to have precisely charted when this event will occur – sometime on or before Dec. 22, 2012.

In the hands of conventional science, this universally anticipated spiritual event is nothing more than an interesting myth with little or no real significance. However, with the material presented in this book, we can now make a direct scientific case for the imminent reality of this event. In order to do this, we must completely tear down the existing “particle ” model of physical science and fundamentally rebuild the nature, character and underlying structure of the Universe from the quantum to galactic level, using “new ” principles that have actually been known for thousands of years.

With these recently re-discovered scientific breakthroughs, we understand that there truly is no “empty space ” in the Universe – the entire Cosmos is filled with a hidden, flowing, geometric energy matrix commonly called “zero-point energy ” or “aether ” that is the source of all things, including life, and is therefore alive in its own right.

With this matrix, all elements of the Cosmos are very intimately and directly connected through “synchronicity ” as defined by Dr. Carl Jung, who said that every event in a particular space and time is fundamentally connected to every other event in that space and time. Concepts of “aether ” that were once considered unbridled “Dark Ages ” mysticism are now returning as an intrinsic aspect of the functioning of the Universe.

Some of the fundamental pieces of the puzzle, such as chaos and superstring theory, have actually penetrated into the mainstream already. Indeed, the full identification, exploration and scope of this conscious, multi-dimensional energy matrix, its identity as an Ultimate Being and precisely how it will produce such an event of religious proportions, is the purpose of this book.



Our first complete book that discusses this new paradigm of science and consciousness is entitled The Shift of the Ages, and it is now published freely at our website. Although we had originally and quite proudly considered this book to be our final statement on the subject, we subsequently realized that it could go much, much farther with additional research, and that an entirely new book was necessary to properly round out the model.

We will be referring the reader back to certain chapters in The Shift of the Ages in order to reduce the size of the manuscript and to avoid having to rewrite material that has already been covered to the best of our ability. While reviewing these earlier chapters will not be essential to understanding this book, they will allow the reader to cross-reference information that will be covered much more briefly in this edition.



Obviously, many of the points that we will make in this book fly directly in the face of our mainstream scientific understanding. More and more frontier researchers are discovering that our current scientific Establishment has become akin to a religion in and of itself, where theories that were taught one or more generations in the past have become so institutionalized that any differing opinions are rarely given a hearing of any kind.

For anyone who has ever attended a university and built an entire career around one or a series of “pet theories, ” any definitive evidence that smashes these theories can be utterly shocking and even deeply wounding. Though a non-scientific reader may laugh at the thought of it, when these “paradigm shocks ” suddenly explode into view with the arresting finality of Truth, they can literally produce tears, dizziness and nausea in one who has dedicated his or her entire life to studying “the wrong way. ”

Suddenly the security of knowing the “way things work ” is gone, and the agonizing new question becomes, “How could I not have seen this before? ”

At a point like this, the most mature option available is to concede your opinion to the new information, just as Gore conceded to President-elect Bush earlier tonight as we write these words, after the US Supreme Court slammed the door shut on any additional vote recounting. Then, as more than 50% of voting Americans had to do, take a deep breath, work through the shock and anger and move on with life, allowing the obvious new truth to be incorporated into the collective base of human knowledge.

It is the only way for science, or in this recent example, government, to progress forward. And even though this conciliation may be the most mature choice, it is certainly not the most popular choice. No Supreme Court will ever force scientists to concede their own beliefs; and in the case of the 2000 US presidential election, had the Supreme Court not acted, it is very likely that Gore would have kept on fighting.

So in the case of science, we must remember that there is no oversight, no “higher body ” of leadership that will force a new and unpopular scientific model to be adopted. Ultimately, such a scientific revolution can only come about from the will of the public, but the public cannot express a will about something that it doesn‘t even know, due to official media suppression of the information.

Thus, many people go on blindly trusting the beliefs of the mainstream scientific fraternity, while being almost completely unaware of the problems, paradoxes and anomalies that have riddled many of these models, or of the remarkable alternative ideas that are being discussed.

Money is another very key issue that must be addressed, since it is easy for the common person to forget about its importance in science. A university education can command a very high salary, providing that the grants are made available for research. For a scientist to concede that his entire model is incorrect or at least seriously flawed, it is very probable that his entire “comfort zone ” and source of living would evaporate, and he would be out looking for a job with then-irrelevant technical knowledge.

What good is a highly educated specialist in a field that has suddenly been upended? This is the state that we now find ourselves in, and it is also the main reason why we cannot expect that the new paradigms being featured in this book will be appearing on newspaper headlines anytime soon. Simply put, scientific change has historically come in small bits and pieces, as the large-scale paradigm shifts are too overwhelming for the majority to allow them to squeeze through.

However, this time of the Shift of the Ages, prophesied for thousands of years, is all about critical mass – a time when the new information just becomes too overwhelmingly strong to be put down, and the Truth bursts through all obstacles to become the King of the Mountain once more. Checkmate.

Though approaching with ever-increasing swiftness, this moment has not yet fully arrived. To many of us, our current situation does not appear to be much different than it was at the time of Nicholaus Copernicus, who made the simple and yet utterly revolutionary discovery that the Sun was at the center of the Solar System.

Although the Copernican model was a much simpler and more logical explanation for the astrophysical observations that had been made at the time, he suffered bitterly at the hands of the religious / scientific establishment, who spared no expense in destroying him.

Even now, the scientific discoveries that contradict the Establishment perspective are ignored at best, often met with scathing criticism, scorn and derision, and at worst can lead to the harassment, financial and career ruin or possible assassination of their creators. The degree of mainstream university credentials that such researchers possess — including Ph.D.‘s from the most prestigious institutions — is totally ignored in the rush to subvert, ridicule, threaten or even kill them.

As one example, this author met personally with a frontier researcher in harmonic physics who lived alone and came home on two different occasions to a burnt match placed exactly in the center of the carpet in his computer room; a warning of what would come if he said or did “too much. ” And as this researcher indicated, popularity and public exposure is the most adequate protection against assassination, since those conducting the harassment do not want to attract attention.

Hence, we are by no means living in a society that condones innovation and advances on the mass scale, except where it is convenient for those individuals and interests that are already in power. And as this book progresses we will see that the byproducts of this new model of the universe include technologies that can literally save the earth.

Within the new model, every reader will be able to grasp the convenient reality of anti-gravity propulsion and a limitless source of “free energy ” that renders all other forms obsolete, whether petroleum, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydrostatic or otherwise. Readers inclined to be inventors in these areas will now have the conceptual framework from which to build their experiments.



Furthermore, this new model also heals the split between science and religion that has existed in our society since the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods of the 1600‘s and beyond. Up until this time, Western civilization simply relied on faith in the Bible to answer the questions of the Universe. When the Renaissance came along, science seemed to be the saving grace, the Holy Grail that would bring humanity out of the Dark Ages and into Light. And yet, what we have seen is that:

Science is very good at studying and explaining death – but very poor at studying and explaining life.


The term “Creationist ” is a rather scornful label that is used to describe a researcher who still wants to adhere to Christian Biblical teachings about an Ultimate Being having created the Universe. As part of the scientific revolution‘s opposition to religion, the entire idea of an Ultimate Being has been cast aside in favor of philosopher Laplace‘s purely mechanical model of the Universe known as “logical positivism. ”

So, we might say that death is understood very well, but creation and life are not. The “scientific ” conclusions of “positivism ” for the creation of our Universe and of human life border on the ridiculous: the Universe supposedly came from an explosion of “nothing ” and humanity supposedly came from an amino acid “soup ” that was created when simple elements in water got struck by lightning. That is about as far as “positivist ” science ever goes in explaining how the Universe and ourselves were created.

Neither of these explanations hold up under scientific scrutiny. We will explore later how many flaws there are in the Big Bang model. As for human DNA, its own co-discoverer Crick later calculated that the molecule is infinitely more complex than could ever have occurred via random evolution in the necessary allotted time. And despite these flaws that yearn for a new explanation, we continue to see a Universe with an impossible, explosive beginning and a slow and inevitable death.

These same beliefs carry through to how we think about ourselves. Despite our beauty and majesty, the prevailing scientific dogma allows us to conclude that we are simply the dying end-products of a giant explosion of “nothing ” followed by another explosion of “soup. ” Once our death is complete, we sink back into the black abyss of Primordial Nothingness. With one wave of the “magic wand, ” all the paradoxes and mysteries of life in the Universe are excused away.

We are far more than soup. In this new model, the true glory and power of the human being is revealed – and we will see for the first time how fundamentally interconnected with the Cosmos we truly are on every level.

So, based on the information that is now available, we can conclude that we are good at seeing and believing in life within ourselves and in the plants, animals and bacteria, but we are very poor at seeing and believing in life within anything else, whether the Sun, the planets, the stars and galaxies, or simply Space and Time itself. We have made the quite natural mistake of judging life by the immediate standards that we have established by observing things that eat, excrete, breathe, grow, move around and reproduce.

By about fifth grade, each of us will have been told that if something doesn‘t “do ” these six things, it is not alive; and if we answer the test questions in any other way than this, we are “wrong ” and will be given the label of “failure. ” And yet, the words of alleged ET group Ra and other sources continually tell us that the entire Cosmos is One Living Being, and that life holographically exists within every part of the whole.

That means that even rocks and minerals have their own primitive form of consciousness, since they are a part of that same One that we are a part of. When we see that every “atom ” in the Universe is drawing from an unseen energy source and radiating energy back into that source as well, then suddenly our definitions of “life ” can be far more flexible.

Much of this “new ” information is simply a return to ancient teachings, and more and more it is re-entering into the minds and hearts of spiritual seekers everywhere. In spite of this, the vast majority of us simply do not have the time and insight to collect all the pieces of the puzzle, especially in the more technical aspects.

The often-maligned areas of consciousness related to the intuitive and psychic abilities are given clear, easily understandable definitions in this new model. And even though mainstream parapsychologists have endlessly demonstrated the reality of the human psychic ability with levels of rigorous statistical accuracy that are far greater than necessary for a court of law, the mainstream simply has rejected these ideas on the grounds that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. ” We now have that evidence.



This book also directly addresses the concept of extraterrestrial beings that are now visiting our planet at this time, by providing a model for abundant living energy all throughout the universe that produces sentient existence on various planes or dimensional levels.

At the time of this writing, Dr. Steven Greer, a prominent emergency-room physician and the head of the CSETI organization, has funded and launched The Disclosure Project, will culminate in a mass public disclosure of UFO information. This material has been culled from 500 or more top-secret witnesses with access to solid, factual information regarding the UFO Cover-Up.

At the time of this writing, the beginning of an ongoing series of presentations is about to be held on May 9, 2001. It is important to realize that Dr. Greer has briefed members of Congress, the President of the United States, the acting head of the CIA, the United Nations and other world leaders about this presentation, and they have universally given him the green light to proceed. To those who have not heard about this before, it might at first seem to be a joke, but the information is freely available for all to survey at SETI and Disclosure Project.

Hence, it appears that the legitimate, elected global body politic has chosen Dr. Greer as the man to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life to the Earth. On May 9, nearly two dozen first-hand witnesses of the absolute highest caliber will have come forward to take the stage in a major press conference, revealing to the world all that they know for the first time. All Senators, Congressmen and news media were invited to attend this event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

This action will hopefully give members of Congress and others the catalyst that they need to mount an official investigation without fear of blackmail or assassination, in order to gain leverage to allow them to acknowledge the truth publicly.

This “disclosure ” information will include the fact that ever since the mid-to-late 1940‘s, human civilization has been in possession of crashed or “gifted ” extraterrestrial hardware that utilizes certain aspects of exotic physics systems to function. Such a disclosure may well be tantamount to the moment of “critical mass ” that we mentioned above, where the truth can no longer be restrained from the public any longer, and very sweeping paradigm changes will have to be made very quickly.

It is for this reason that government informants have indicated their belief that the two camps who will be most adversely affected by this disclosure will be religious fundamentalists and scientists. In both cases, there is an entire life of set belief patterns that could be upended in a heartbeat – and most people don‘t enjoy those moments very much.

So what happens when you suddenly realize that a significant amount of your favorite “toys ” were not invented by humans? According to government whistleblowers such as Colonel Phillip Corso in the book The Day After Roswell, a great deal of our modern technology, including integrated circuits or “computer chips, ” transistors, fiber-optic cables, lasers, infrared night vision, Teflon, Kevlar, light-emitting diodes or LEDs and much more have all come from our celestial endowment.

Wilcock had received identical information from a friend who spoke directly to an ex-NASA physicist in 1993, four years before Corso‘s book was published, and directly reconfirmed it three years later in 1996 with an aerospace informant at a UFO conference. This is certainly a very humbling fact to be confronted with, providing that all along you have simply trusted that our technology is the fruit of basic human ingenuity, hard work and the ongoing path of scientific progress.

Even once this initial disclosure is made, it is very likely that media suppression will reign and even those who have seen or heard it will refuse to believe it, and will conclude that it is simply a gigantic, orchestrated fraud perpetuated on the American people. Unfortunately it will be surprising if the event is covered at all in mainstream American media sources. And even if it does “work, ” such things as actual extraterrestrial bodies or hardware may not be as forthcoming from the “powers that be ” as we would have liked them to be, thus extending the impasse.

As this book comes to completion, some in the UFO community are speculating that either by accident or by design, the US Presidential election impasse of November and December 2000 was a “practice run ” for the much-longer delay that will result after an initial disclosure takes place and we then have an extended waiting period before a comprehensive, multimedia government statement of “The Truth ” will be made available to the public.

Each day that passes while the government refuses to “come clean, ” while promising that all will be told, would only increase public agony and stock market turbulence – especially with the announcement that technologies exist that will replace the entire fossil fuel economy once implemented.

The reader of this book will not be presented with a great deal of “typical ” UFO education, as these materials are now widely available due to what many researchers identify as a government and media-run program that is acclimating the public for this eventual disclosure.

For information about this program and much more, we highly recommend reading all articles on Dr. Greer‘s CSETI website, The Disclosure Project website and Dr. Richard Boylan‘s website at www.drboylan.com, beginning with the disclosures of Dr. Michael Wolf in linear order. Dr. Wolf (who died prematurely in the year 2000) was allegedly a very high-level member of an elite committee that was originally known as MJ-12, which dealt with the UFO reality.

According to both Dr. Wolf and Dr. Greer, the biggest political concern that is being weighed out is whether the oil-based fortunes of the world‘s elite will crumble as a result of ET technology rendering fossil fuels obsolete. In order for them to be effective in maintaining control, any disclosure must reduce this damage as much as possible.



There is another factor that must be considered, which most people who have actively studied the UFO/metaphysics field can quickly forget about. No matter how many Steven Spielberg movies are made to acclimate the public to the reality of benevolent, loving extraterrestrial life, there are still going to be those of us who will have a negative reaction.

Movies such as the “Alien ” series, “The Thing, ” “War of the Worlds, ” “Independence Day, ” the television series “V ” and many, many more have presented extraterrestrials as being the ultimate horror in the universe – a sly, deceptive, malevolent, demonic force that is straining at the gate to infiltrate our planet and either colonize, subdue or just plain eat us in a giant cosmic barbecue party.

In the past, when people talked about the “evil aliens ” idea it was simply something to be laughed about – but it won‘t be funny any more once the disclosure has been made and people‘s own innate prejudices suddenly take hold.

The fact is, if you live your life expecting that bad things will happen, then they will. The mainstream science of psychology calls this a “self-fulfilling prophecy. ” Fortunately, in this case there is no real danger, only the consequences on physical health that fear can produce. Very reliable sources continue to emphasize that the primary role of the Visitors is to protect us. Indeed, since we are informed that one of their main purposes is to repair our damaged planet and prevent full-scale nuclear war, we would be in far more trouble if they left us.

Simply put, the evidence for extraterrestrial visitations of humanity dates back thousands of years. And this knowledge is indeed becoming mainstream, as a recent Internet expose from ABC News Nightline clearly laid out these data points on a surprisingly well-done timeline. As little as ten years ago, such a mainstream disclosure of information would have been unthinkable.

These timelines clearly show that in the majority of historical epochs, the visitors were heralded as godlike beings. There is ample evidence that they did indeed interact directly with humanity, although this evidence is now seen as simply mythological. These interactions were very beneficial; in the case of Sumer, for example, a highly advanced civilization was born from a nomadic hunter-gatherer culture in a remarkably short period of time.

The military mentality, however, is constantly searching for the next evil menace, with intent to destroy it. Not surprisingly, numerous informants have revealed to Dr. Greer and others that right now, totally outside of international oversight of any kind, there are rogue elements within our military and governments that are actively shooting down extraterrestrial spacecraft with advanced “Star Wars ” satellite technology whenever they get the chance.

Some of the informants have stated that this is happening on an almost daily basis! And in case you think that there is no documentation to support this, the film from Space Shuttle mission STS-49, widely circulated on the Internet and certain documentaries, clearly shows a series of round whitish objects flying over the Earth and performing supposedly impossible flight maneuvers, followed by what obviously looks like a land-based beam weapon shooting up at one of them.

When the beam is released, a burst of ionizing radiation brightly lights up a large portion of the Earth‘s atmosphere for a brief flash – something that would probably be seen by most as lightning, if it was even noticed at all. In that particular case, the object was unharmed, zipping away from the danger with seemingly impossible speed and dexterity.

So if you are one of those people who choose only to have a fearful reaction, then you should be aware that certain rogue elements within government, corporations and military are automatically assaulting anyone who tries to visit us, for any reason.

With the abundant evidence that these same entities have aided humanity all throughout the ages, including the Hindus, Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Mesoamerican and Oriental cultures, it is quite premature for these rogue quasi-governmental elements to “shoot first and ask questions later. ”

And yet, despite these openly hostile acts from Earth people, there continues to be no attack from the visitors, nor will there be in the future. Simply put, these are beings that have watched us for millennia, are aware that we desperately need help and are offering that help, regardless of the risks involved – and they will continue to do so as our global situation gets more and more desperate and seemingly insoluble.

Based on all this information, which is increasingly being dropped right into the public‘s lap, we now feel confident in saying that those who refuse to see the truth of the “big picture ” of extraterrestrial interactions with humanity are simply exercising their free-will choice to deny the overpowering amount of solid information that exists.

Providing that Dr. Greer‘s project and other disclosure efforts go forward as planned, then in the near future that choice of denial will no longer exist as an option.

[11/29/07: As most of us know, the conference did occur, and the videos are available on YouTube and elsewhere. However, 9/11 eclipsed any momentum that had been created, and we are still in a situation where ‘disclosure’ is only hypothetical.

The point is that for those who want the truth, it is easy to find. Our colleagues at ProjectCamelot.org have amassed an impressive video library of witness testimony you can watch online.]



And so, if the reality of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence in our lives is no longer ignored, all of society will have changed on a very fundamental level; the genie will have been freed from the bottle. It would be quite humbling to realize that we are not the pinnacle of evolution in the universe.

Then, the question of how we could become like these beings will have to be asked more seriously. Are they truly millions of years ahead of us in their technological, physical and spiritual development, as many often believe?

Trapped within layers of sedimentary rocks, our geological history shows repeated cases of “punctuated equilibrium, ” where the life on Earth suddenly and spontaneously evolves into something new – something higher.

And indeed, many credible sources suggest that the ETs are well aware that this most important and surprising event in human history – The Time of Global Shift – is very soon to occur here on Earth. And thus, there is a very good reason for all the acceleration in technology and planetary chaos that we have seen, especially in the last century; humanity is changing on a very fundamental level.

With the proper scientific framework in place, we can understand why so many different sources of information have predicted this event with such total confidence – including the crown jewel of Western Christian prophecy that came through the words of Jesus, who heralded the arrival of a “New Heaven and New Earth ” that occurred along with a “second coming of the Christ Spirit. ”

Many believe that our celestial brothers and sisters are here to guide us through this time of transition, to be available to help us quickly return our world to its natural, pristine state with hyper-advanced technology. Many sources do suggest, though, that these entities must obey their own version of the Prime Directive, featured in the Star Trek television series.

The “Prime Directive ” idea suggests that the Visitors cannot interfere with our affairs until we specifically and globally request their assistance. Obviously, that moment has not yet arrived.

And so, beginning in modern times with teachers such as Nostradamus, Blavatsky, Gurdjeff, Ouspensky, Rudolf Steiner and Christian Sunday school teacher Edgar Cayce, we now have documented proof that telepathic contact with such Higher Intelligences can be rendered with precision.

The fruits of such contacts include volumes and volumes of information that are arguably composed directly from the minds of these extraterrestrial forces, using the human being only as a conduit or channel through which the information may be produced.

In the finest cases, repeated accurate prophecies of future events are given as well as many other methods of proof that lend irrefutable legitimacy to these sources. As Cayce biographer Sidney Kirkpatrick discovered for himself, the proof of Cayce‘s psychic ability is far more redundant than necessary for a court of law.

For example, with no further “front-loaded ” information than the name and address of a given person, Edgar Cayce could go into an unconscious trance state and give that person a completely accurate medical diagnosis and treatment plan, providing that they stayed at the given address during the time that the reading was to occur.

And if you believe this ability was merely an occasional, coincidental “fluke, ” you must remember that over fourteen thousand of his psychic readings that demonstrate this ability are available to the public on CD-ROM. Cayce‘s organization, the A.R.E., is still actively promoting “The Work ” worldwide, fifty-six years after his death.

Again, from sources such as Cayce, we can indeed discover all the clues to unravel this mysterious new model of the Universe, and explain the numerous anomalies of science that are becoming increasingly well known each day. A good deal of information regarding these “psychic ” connections is offered in our first volume, The Shift of the Ages.

However, there is a significant problem that must be immediately addressed. Since the era of Edgar Cayce ended in the mid-1940‘s and especially with the rise in popularity of the Internet, anyone can assert themselves as a “channeler ” and begin publishing readings in books or online, which are often phrased in informal, conversational language and do not have any real means of proof or validation.

(Cayce‘s readings were very technical in their phrasing and by no means easy to understand, in a similar sense as the “quatrains ” of Nostradamus have a bizarre, cryptic quality to them.)

It is well known that most modern channelers wildly contradict each other on many key subjects, and then if one person‘s work gains enough notice, others can then “channel ” the same distorted information, such as failed future prophecies of disaster. Some of these channelers have become very popular, with international organizations, high profits and extensive outreach.

Furthermore, a good number of those who follow these “channelers ” will become highly aggravated, saddened or offended when their favorite figure‘s work is actively held under scrutiny, and thus they remain unaware of the majority‘s opinions on the subject.

As a result of this widespread abuse, which has actually become the norm to a significant extent, the field of channeling has suffered a near-total lack of credibility in much of the modern Internet community, even among those open to metaphysical ideas. In truth, this is unfortunate, as there still remain those sources whose integrity is uncontestable.

Based on the above caveat, any use of psychic information in this book may seem at first to be a fatal mistake, as ultimately this book is an exercise in frontier scientific exploration, not groundless esoteric speculation. Therefore, we want to make the point very clearly that every argument from the “revealed teachings ” that we will use in this book, with only a few number of exceptions, has now been experimentally verified, however unpopularly, as a scientific fact.

This means that we do not need to have “faith ” in the words of the teachings themselves, as we can find the necessary information through solid scientific investigation – the words simply help us understand what we have already discovered and give us a much-needed “outside ” perspective. One exception to the rule will be from readings produced by Jane Roberts that provide vivid insight to the scientific concepts that will have been discussed up until that point.



Although many “channelers ” can produce a host of distorted and contradictory information, the science of remote viewing has made significant strides in standardizing a procedure not unlike that conducted by Edgar Cayce many years before. This science was originally devised by the military in the 1970‘s through cooperation with renowned psychic and Scientologist Ingo Swann, and its purpose was to obtain data about locations that could not be physically seen or studied.

The most important aspect of this process is to train the person to completely override and shut down the influence of the conscious mind to allow information from the higher mind to come through.

In the more advanced levels of remote viewing, the person actually has an out-of-body experience where they directly perceive themselves at the target site, can move around at will and describe what they are seeing. This is quite similar to Cayce‘s ability to go and visit the body of the person receiving a “reading ” and give it a medical diagnosis.

Joseph Mc Moneagle is the original, probably most solid and well-known remote viewer, and in his books there are many pictures of targets that he had been assigned that are compared with sketches that he produced in trance. Many of his remote viewing diagrams are no worse than anyone would make from simply sketching a photograph from the conscious state. His results were this accurate even though he had no idea what he was viewing; and the protocols for how this unseen data is collected are exacting.

In the case of a psychic like Edgar Cayce, the unconscious state provided an opportunity for an even higher level of depth than can be gained by remote viewing. The function of the conscious mind was literally shut down altogether, and only the higher mind would speak as it traveled to each client‘s body, diagnosed its ailments and tapped into what it called the “Akashic Record ” to find the best treatment.

When a person tries to “channel ” from the conscious state without training in the necessary protocols, they are very likely to have the conscious mind distort their information. This author has devised his own set of protocols, based on remote viewing logic, that can eventually lead to very accurate messages from Higher Intelligence if properly and regularly practiced. On our website, there are hundreds of cases of documented prophetic accuracy using this technique.

The ongoing success of this process is part of what has made this book possible; the research has been guided every step of the way, and thus this book is truly a group effort. Mr. Wilcock cannot claim to be the original discoverer of the findings in this book, even though they have never been published before. Every point has been checked and rechecked for accuracy through Higher Intelligence by the use of these visionary techniques.

In addition, this book could not have been written without our use of this technology for funding, by performing “dream readings ” for a variety of clients. We ran the business between 1998 and 2005, and during that time we had at least a 97-percent satisfaction rate. There were many reports of dramatic accuracy and truly life-changing guidance and insight.

In the dream reading system, Wilcock slept for each client with the intention to dream for them, and later awoke with the data. That data is dictated onto a recording device and then a trance state is induced to allow the Higher Self to speak. The dream protocol allowed the influence of the conscious mind to be completely subverted, and with the proper knowledge and understanding of the symbolism used by the subconscious mind, the client‘s message is easily seen.

One of our best examples of psychic accuracy was when we had a dream for a client where a man was having trouble setting up a tripod. When the trance reading began, the first words after the greeting were, ‘The tripod represents… ” et cetera. When the client received the cassette in the mailbox, he had just awakened from a dream where he had trouble setting up a tripod, and Wilcock had not told him anything about the results before this.

Outside of our own readings, this author‘s dreams have been the single most valuable resource in helping to illustrate how the different data points in this book fit together. In this way, we follow in the tradition of many other pioneers who have used this interface between the symbolic language of the Higher Mind and the literal language of the conscious mind to make advances. These pioneers include the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, the discoverers of the DNA and benzene molecules, and many more.



As we have already indicated in The Shift of the Ages, there is one additional set of “channeled ” materials that deserves to be showcased alongside Cayce and all the best material in history. A series of five books known as the Law of One series catalog over 150 question and answer sessions between Don Elkins, Ph.D., a university physics professor, airline pilot and UFOlogist, and an extraterrestrial group that identified itself as “Ra. ”

In the opinion of our colleague Dr. Scott Mandelker, a Ph.D. in East-West psychology, popular media figure and expert on world religious teachings, “the Ra Material is the single most important source of written teaching that I have ever encountered. ”

The human players in the Ra contact were Dr. Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty. Rueckert had worked for over 20 years to perfect the art of channeling, complete with a wealth of verifiably accurate data that she could not have known consciously. When Mc Carty joined the group, ostensibly to help Rueckert and Elkins catalog their extensive amount of information, a sudden and unexpected change occurred.

For the first time in her life, Rueckert lapsed into a completely unconscious trance state during a group meditation and began speaking for Ra, having no memory of what she said upon awakening. Again, the number of cases where genuine unconscious trances have truly happened are quite rare, and this contact had the advantage of completely removing Carla‘s conscious mind from the process, thus stopping any of the data from being distorted.

Almost immediately there was a noticeable difference for Dr. Elkins between the words of Ra and anything else that had ever been produced through Carla before. Ra explained that the harmony and fidelity of the group was strong enough that they were able to secure what they called a “narrow-band connection, ” which required an extremely sensitive and exacting set of protocols to properly conduct.

Indeed, the demands that these sessions placed on Carla were quite intense, as her body essentially had to remain completely motionless and unconscious for over an hour at a time. But in the midst of this state, the words that came through Carla‘s mouth were clearly not those of Carla.

The material that is presented is of such depth and complexity that a minimum of one or two years is required to properly study and assimilate the information in all five books, and Ra‘s words often made Dr. Elkins‘ scientific and spiritual knowledge seem ridiculously inadequate. And yet, Dr. Mandelker‘s studies have proven that the words of Ra have demonstrated a very high understanding of the deepest revelations of world religious philosophy, especially Eastern schools of thought such as Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Mr. Wilcock began his daily study of the Law of One series in 1996, and by 1998 he had understood enough of the material to begin writing about it in his own words and comparing it with other data. As he scanned the Internet and bookstores alike, he realized that no author had integrated Ra‘s concepts into a tangible model of the Universe, presented with scientific evidence.

Well over 300 books had been written on Edgar Cayce — one estimate is over 670 titles —  but only three books mentioned the Law of One series directly: UFOs and the Alien Presence by Michael Lindemann, Alien Identities by Dr. Richard Thompson and From Elsewhere by Dr. Scott Mandelker.

Therefore, within the five Law of One books there lay an untapped gold mine just waiting for someone to come along and harvest; for among many other valuable insights, during the course of Ra‘s interaction with the group, an entirely new, self-consistent universal cosmology of Oneness was being developed.

And more importantly, Ra‘s words were not at all in the category of speculation; they made many very definitive points that could either be right or wrong, but there was no middle ground. They made exacting statements about the length and nature of certain structures of time, of the importance of sacred geometry in understanding the architecture of the Universe, of the quality and number of dimensions in the Universe and of the dynamic nature of an energetic system that tied everything together into one grand model.

Granted, many of Ra‘s conceptions would remain in the area of speculative metaphysics, but many others were quite plain. And Wilcock realized that since the group‘s data had been gathered in 1981-83, a wealth of scientific information had been produced that shed new light on the validity of Ra‘s statements. For now, we will limit this to eight examples that help to give a broad portrait of the various areas that this touches upon:

The aether models were certainly not popular in 1981 and the term “zero-point energy ” had not yet been coined, and yet Ra indicated that all of the Universe was composed of vibrating “intelligent energy ” that it called “light-love. ” Now we have all the needed research to back this up.

Ra indicated in 1981 that as we got closer to the time period of 2011-2013, we would see a greater and greater heating of the Earth‘s core due to humanity‘s resistance to an instreaming higher energy, and this would in turn create an accelerating number of Earth Changes, which they called ‘inconveniences.‘

Years later we were slammed by the El Nino / La Nina weather effects, which are caused by a significant heating of the oceans. The only model that properly explains this is the idea that the inside of the Earth is getting hotter, thus heating the oceans from underneath much as a burner heats a pot of water on a stove top.

From the data at www.michaelmandeville.com, we also now know that there has been an overall 400-percent increase in earthquakes above 2.5 on the Richter scale since 1973, and a roughly 500-percent increase in worldwide volcano activity since 1975. And at www.tmgnow.com, Russian scientist Dr. Alexey Dmitriev reveals that between 1963 and 1993, there has been an overall 410-percent increase in worldwide natural catastrophes of all different categories combined.

Ra indicated that the entire Universe is structured like a giant galaxy, which at the time could not have been supported with the available scientific data. However, we are now able to present three different areas of solid evidence that make a very strong suggestion that this is indeed the large-scale structure of the Universe. Even mainstream news articles reported in 2000 that Cosmic Microwave Background radiation measurements had determined that the visible universe was actually “flat. ”

Ra indicated that the Universe has eight “true ” planes of existence, which most would call “dimensions, ” organized by vibration into an Octave that is similar to the octave of sound or the rainbow spectrum of colored light, with geometry playing a crucial role as well. We now have compelling mathematical and physical evidence that all of this is so.

The most cutting-edge physics theories of today have said that “it‘s as though there is some deep numerology [of the number 8 in the modern “Superstring ” hyper-dimensional models] that no one understands. ”
Ra indicated that the Galaxy was divided up into a “three-dimensional spiral ” of differing areas of energy vibration, and that as our Solar System drifted from one area to another the density of the energy around us would change, culminating in 2010-2013.

In the work of Dr. Alexey M. Dmitriev and others, we now have physical observations from all across the Solar System that suggest that we are moving into an area of higher energetics in the galaxy; and all signs indicate that these effects are continually increasing. Mr. Wilcock‘s personal research now makes a strong suggestion that the Galaxy is harmonically divided into exactly 8,640 “secondary ” energetic regions, each of which are traversed by our Solar System in exactly 25,920 years.

Ra discussed the importance of “25,000-year cycles ” of time, and the fact that three of these cycles were required for an even larger cycle to be complete. Although the importance of the 25,920-year cycle of time is well known in the metaphysical community, connected to a long-term wobble in the Earth‘s axis known as “precession, ” no one had any reason to think that three should be seen together.

And yet, Maurice Cotterell‘s discoveries of long-term sunspot cycles, first published in 1989, can ultimately be used to demonstrate that for all cycles in the Sun to synchronize properly with each other, three 25,920-year periods are required. This also fits well with Mr. Wilcock‘s discoveries, which suggest that there are exactly 2,880 “primary ” energetic regions in the galaxy.

Ra was very specific about the idea that the instreaming energy of higher dimensions formed an interconnecting network of straight lines of energy force over the Earth. They indicated that at certain areas where the lines crossed, many anomalous effects would be found. Since that time a wealth of data has emerged to verify the existence of gravity as an instreaming energy, as well as the reality of the “Global Grid ” and its tremendous effects on physical matter and conscious life.

Indeed, we have found the lines, and where they cross we see the exact effects that Ra had indicated. And, with the work of Richard Pasichnyk, we can see these energetic effects at work throughout the entire Solar System.

Ra indicated that the Great Pyramid was structurally designed to harness this “upward spiraling light energy ” from the Earth‘s grid. In our last book The Shift of the Ages, once we discovered the true multidimensional importance of “sacred ” geometry, we could understand how the pyramid was able to create various effects such as a raising of the vibrational speed of Earth‘s electromagnetic field and a decrease of the field strength of gravity within it.

These Pyramid effects on energy were discovered by Gregg Braden and are now occurring all over the Earth, indicating that we are in a “collective initiation chamber, ” which is precisely what Ra taught.

So, as we move right through to the present, it appears that every month there are new scientific findings that further validate and verify Ra‘s accuracy. As a result of these obvious connections, we can conclude with confidence that Ra is a genuine extraterrestrial intelligence and that their words are of clear value to us.

Our purpose in this book is to present a complete, unified cosmology that is very heavily inspired from Ra‘s teachings, in the hope of bringing each reader much closer to an understanding of how the Universe truly functions, and of their own nature and role within it. After reading this book, it should be much easier for the reader to approach a demystified study of the Law of One series, as many of Ra‘s key points will now have the appropriate context for discussion.



When we consult Ra and other reputable sources of ET information and compare them to “frontier ” scientific discoveries, we come to a unified spiritual and scientific cosmology that essentially remains constant. Discoveries in science that are just now coming into view are given a perspective that frames them as part of an orchestrated, multidimensional, conscious Universe that is in a constant state of evolution.

With this model is the understanding that God, or the Oneness, always operates in cycles – a fundamental truth that our colleague Dr. Scott Mandelker refers to as the “Cosmic Plan. ” Just as there is a cycle to a human lifetime, with birth, maturation, adulthood, aging and death, so is there a much-larger curriculum by which each of us, as a spark of the One, must fully return to that Oneness yet again, through successive physical incarnations in a variety of dimensional or energetic “density ” levels.

Obviously, our minds in the “third dimension ” do not appear to be a true manifestation of Omniscience for most, in the sense of having total, instantaneous union with the consciousness of all entities in the Creation and living in that state of awareness constantly. In the model espoused by Ra, other sources and almost all world religions, our eventual destiny is to return to that point of Omniscience, and this occurs through a set growth curriculum, so that there are clear stages of progress to be made along the way.

All of these teachings tell us that the true nature of the “dimensions ” in the Universe is that each one of them is a plane of existence where all life is increasingly Unified with what we could call God Consciousness, or Oneness. We will make a case for the reality of these planes, in terms of consciousness, in Chapter Two, with later data in additional chapters throughout the book that supports the notion from a physics perspective.

The evolutionary process through these various planes does not occur in random intervals of time, but rather goes through a cyclical structure, as described above. Again, what we have is a three-dimensional “standing wave ” of invisible energy (which some scientists are now referring to as “dark matter ” and “dark energy ”) in the galaxy that is divided into precise mathematical increments of frequency, and that essentially remains stable and motionless as the stars and planets move through it.

Though this “aether ” energy is not visually detectable, we will present a wealth of experimental data that verifies its existence. So, in a simpler form, the Ra hypothesis is that the natural passage of a planetary system through the galaxy is also a passage through discretely different areas of energy.

These changing energy levels are what allow the inhabitants of each planet to move forward en masse – a form of graduation on the soul level. And this graduation provides a valid reason for why so many are seeking “spiritual growth ” on our planet at this time – we now can have an idea of exactly what we are “growing ” towards, and why there is such an incredible feeling of urgency.



Perhaps the most perfect articulation of what the human being could become as a result of this natural energetic transition can be found, incidentally, in straight-ahead Christian prophecy. One of the most favorite Bible quotes in the Edgar Cayce Readings was John 14:12, where Jesus said, “As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things. ”

The Cayce readings indicated that Jesus defined the pattern that all others were to follow – to overcome the desires of the Ego self and attain true spiritual awakening in order that “Not my will, O Father, but Thy will be done. ”

If we study the Dolores Cannon book Jesus and the Essenes, we learn that the original intention was not for us to see that Jesus‘ physical body had rejuvenated. Instead, we were supposed to understand that his body had transformed into Light, and later reappeared in a newer, more energetic form. It is for this very reason that Jesus did not look the same to Mary and the others when he returned, in terms of facial appearance; but nevertheless, he was able to manifest the same wounds in his energy body in order to prove to them that it was really him.

The evidence on the Shroud of Turin clearly shows that somehow, a three-dimensional holographic image of the body inside was burned into the fabric, and this could only have been accomplished at extremely high temperatures occurring all over the body simultaneously.

Therefore, the controversial evidence of the Shroud supports the idea that Jesus had completely dematerialized his body in a tremendous burst of energy. (This may or may not represent what will happen to the average person as this point of transition arrives.)

Biblical prophecy also tells us that there will be a “Second Coming of Christ, ” and many Christians are convinced that this simply means that one day Jesus will return to the Earth and usher in a New Kingdom of “a thousand years of peace. ”

More to the point, we must remember that it was called the second coming of Christ, not the second coming of Jesus. The Cayce readings explain that the Second Coming of Christ was intended to mean that the same Christ Spirit that came alive in Jesus would now be awakening within all of humanity, some more quickly than others.

What we may not be aware of is the prophecy [John 14:12] that all the abilities that Jesus demonstrated in his three-year ministry would eventually become our own abilities; and that we would have “even greater ” abilities than what Jesus had demonstrated. Now imagine a whole planet of people who think, talk and act in this manner, with the same compassion and spiritual ability, and you will understand what this “New Heaven and New Earth ” is truly supposed to be.

In the words of Ra, the new vibrations that will surround the earth will make life “one hundred times more harmonious ” than what we have now.

While these concepts may seem highly esoteric and not even remotely possible in our “real world, ” the fact is that humanity in general has long stood in ignorance of its own true powers – and by default, it has denied the true mysteries and powers of the Oneness as well.

Once the concepts of this new worldview in this book have been carefully laid out, you may well choose not to believe any of it, and that is fine. If you find yourself unable to accept the idea that something this fantastic could really happen on Planet Earth, we would invite you to seek within for whatever sense of limitation you might still be feeling. Has God left you behind to carve out an existence on this lonely, commerce-driven planet?

Do you know exactly how the “real world ” is and will always be, and feel abandoned to live your life by that pre-set plan, playing the “human game? ” Is God simply too absent from the world, too distant and detached from anything “real, ” to have ever concocted such a wonderful surprise as this for humanity? Will you simply refuse to allow it to be true in your mind because you don‘t believe that something this grandiose could ever really happen in your life?

Think about this upcoming event as similar to a first love, where you never could believe that the one you cared about so dearly really did have the same romantic, loving feelings for you.

When you finally realized the truth and had your first kiss, the world became a very different place; everything seemed to glow, and for the first time you noticed the richness of a touch, the subtlety of the wind rustling through the trees, the majesty of bright, bold colors, the glorious tastes of a cornucopia of delicious food, the joy of your favorite music, the wonderful smells of springtime and the renewing warmth of the Sun.

Up until that moment, you had shut off your senses to the songs of the birds, the feeling of the grass in between your toes, the smooth rush of ocean waves lapping against the shore, the moist, earthy smell of the forest after a fresh rainfall.

As you stared into your lover‘s eyes, there was truth in that moment; life was good, and what had seemed so impossible just a few seconds earlier was suddenly a breathtaking new reality. No matter how you may have imagined that it would be, you couldn‘t experience those emotions until the moment had actually arrived. And you are the winner, in every sense of the word!

Hence, if we would choose to reduce or compartmentalize the abilities, powers and glories of the One, then we have already imposed constrictions and definitions on the power of Infinite Mind and Limitless Love. Our own beliefs and attitudes of scarcity and restriction must be abandoned in the joy and glory of the true Plan of the Creation, revealed throughout time by prophets, mystics and healers and only now verified through science.



Since the amount of information in this book is quite sizeable and organized, we have used this introduction to give a preliminary idea of its basic contents. It is our hope that through such a summary as this, the reader can gain a sense of direction and decide whether he or she wishes to study the entire course.

Although much fascination and enjoyment can come about through skipping from one chapter to another, we have decided that the material must be presented in a linear, syllogistic fashion in order to be completely understandable. This course is not intended to be difficult, except perhaps in the open-mindedness required to absorb the new viewpoints, and if the reader misses any point it is quite easy to backtrack to where the new information was introduced and refresh the mind.

The initial six chapters of this book are dedicated to covering the emerging, largely suppressed concepts regarding the existence of zero-point energy or aether. Since this energy is directly responsible for the existence of light, it is conveniently referred to as light by almost all major spiritual traditions.

Many ancient truths suddenly take on new definitions when we accept that we are walking, breathing and living in Light every moment. And the so-called material universe that we see all around us is made entirely of this Light – the idea of the atom as having a solid mass of any kind, and the idea of space being nothing but an empty vacuum are now archaic models at best.

Indeed, more and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that what was once believed to be “particles ” in the atom are actually areas of sphere-shaped resonance or vibration within this fluid-like “aether ” energy substance that exists throughout all space.

Dr. Milo Wolff‘s Space Resonance Theory and his book Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe provides an excellent model of this concept that has garnered some degree of mainstream recognition and respect, and we will be using it as a reference throughout the book.

The work of our colleague Rod Johnson will provide us with a dramatic unification of all experimental findings in the quantum realm through a totally geometric model of “aether ” vibration, explained in the above abstract.



As we progress, we will clearly illustrate how the aether can be tapped for limitless free energy of many different forms, including gravity, magnetism and electricity. Clearly the implications of this new “aether ” science are tremendous – it could dramatically assist us in saving the earth from destruction by eliminating the need for any type of fossil fuel, either for space propulsion or regular electricity.

And it is fossil fuel production, toxic combustion emissions and accidental spillage that is arguably the biggest cause of environmental destruction in our time – including the now all-too-obvious global warming and extreme weather effects.

And with the sheer implications of this new technology, for all intents and purposes it is only a matter of time before this science catches up with society, and there will be an over-abundance of those who can use it for engineering and intellectual marvels.

Although the suppression and killing has occurred before, the whole field is straining the boundaries and entering into public discussion – which all of us should be very happy about. With the huge uprising of the Internet, all suppression of science and truth will soon become as extinct as fossil fuel itself.

It is important to point out here that the material regarding aether theory, anti-gravity and free energy is already widely available on the Internet, with superb levels of research and documentation by qualified, credible Ph.D.- level scientists. Our research on this particular topic area alone has generated nine full-sized books worth of computer printouts, and that was only a fraction of the material that was available.

The true strength of this book lies in its successful compilation of a vast, multi-disciplinary amount of information, as even the most cutting-edge of these new “aether” theories are still missing some big parts of the puzzle. A synthesis of data on the order that it occurs herein has simply never before existed, and yet it will not go over the heads of the common educated public.



The essential point that most aether theories have missed is the idea that harmonics are totally fundamental in the aether’s behavior. We will consider the aether to be a fluidlike energy that is constantly vibrating, spiraling in a motion that appears somewhat like a whirlpool, to create all subatomic “particles ” moment by moment.

Once grasping this idea, we must then embrace the simple harmonic properties that are created in a vibrating fluid, such as water or air. And it is the all-important nature of these harmonic properties of aether that in turn affects all that we see in space and time.

We will show that all “dimensions” of space and time as well as all elements of our physical universe, both organic and inorganic, must function according to this simple aether behavior, which follows the precise numerical principles of harmony, resonance and vibration.

And so, with this short and preliminary overview in place, we are ready to begin our journey. For those readers who would like more specific information about the contents of each chapter and the order in which the material will be presented, we recommend reading over the chapter summary section at the beginning of this book.

We have deliberately avoided covering every aspect of the information in this Introduction in order to preserve the value of surprise for the reader and to provide further incentive to keep reading for the sheer thrill of discovery. So let‘s proceed!


1.15 RECAP

1.1 Virtually all world religions, spiritual faiths, secret societies and indigenous shamanic teachings insist that humanity is about to make a spontaneous, unprecedented stride in its material and spiritual development – a literal transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on all levels.

1.2 Although we had originally considered The Shift of the Ages to be our final statement on the subject, we subsequently realized that it could go much farther with additional research. This book is our final summary of the new research.

1.3 The persecution of Nicholaus Copernicus is still being mirrored in the harsh treatment of “frontier ” scientific researchers today. The mainstream will vigorously defend any challenges to their prized paradigms.

1.4 Science is very good at studying and explaining death – but very poor at studying and explaining life. Our new view of the Cosmos will show that the fundamental energy of the Universe is living and conscious; the Universe is an Ultimate Being.

1.5 The beginning of an ongoing series of “disclosure ” presentations for the UFO phenomena is about to be held on May 9, 2001. This may quickly lead to the final step of this information becoming publicly acknowledged, but continual media suppression is more likely.

1.6 Some choose to fear these Visitors, though there is very strong evidence that at least the majority of them are here to protect us, and have been appearing before human cultures throughout all known history. Nevertheless, we are told that rogue elements within our military and governments are actively shooting down extraterrestrial spacecraft with advanced “Star Wars ” satellite technology whenever they get the chance.

1.7 Though the work of Edgar Cayce proved psychic ability beyond any shadow of doubt, many well-meaning “channelers ” in the modern Internet community have produced wildly conflicting data, thus discrediting the entire field for many. This book will only use those sources that have clearly proven their validity, and only use their information as a framework to interpret straightforward scientific facts.

1.8 Joe Mc Moneagle and others have proven that “remote viewing ” is a phenomenon that really works. Mr. Wilcock used similar trance protocols to uncover the connections between the research data in this book, and also to fund our operations through “dream readings. ” Wilcock would not have been able to see how all these points fit together without this outside assistance, and thus this book truly represents an “extraterrestrial scientific disclosure. ”

1.9 The Law of One series may represent the most accurate extraterrestrial communications in history. It is literally impossible that Carla Rueckert, the main channel for the information, could have produced such a complex, far-reaching, scientifically and spiritually evolved body of work by herself. We cite eight different points that demonstrate Ra‘s accurate scientific knowledge, all of which came in advance of the corresponding scientific discoveries that followed.

1.10 Ra indicates that there are galactic cycles of time that our Solar System naturally moves through, and in this book we will uncover the facts to back up this assertion. These cycles are said to be related to human soul evolution.

1.11 The information in this book lends scientific credibility to Christian end-time prophecy. The reader is encouraged to absorb the information with the heart and remain open-minded about the possibilities of such a fantastic event occurring.

1.12 We have decided that the material must be presented in a linear, syllogistic fashion in order to be completely understandable. Earlier chapters will cover information on anti-gravity and free energy, and these core concepts will then be expanded upon into understandings of higher planes of existence and new cosmological discoveries.

1.13 The anti-gravity and free energy technologies could dramatically assist us in halting and even reversing the damages that we have caused to the biosphere. We suggest that even the most cutting-edge aether theories have still missed many big pieces of the puzzle, and in this book we will attempt to paint the most complete picture that is possible at this point.

1.14 The properties of “harmonics, ” or vibration, will be seen as having central importance in these new models of the Cosmos.