Considering what we have just reviewed in the last chapter, we must advance another philosophical premise. If consciousness and love can manipulate matter, create all known energy fields and is ultimately a vibrational movement of aetheric energy, then:

The level of love, consciousness or intelligence in a given area is directly measured by the vibrational speed of aether in that area.

Hence, if the aetheric “fabric” of space and time has a given area where the vibrational speeds are faster, then a higher degree of intelligence and love is capable of existing in that area; simply put, there is more energy available in that area. This explains why Nina Kulagina’s telekinetic abilities “worked better in an atmosphere of friendly mutual trust and belief.” Furthermore,

All conscious processes are capable of moving much more quickly, and thereby exhibiting higher intelligence and love, where energy itself is moving much more quickly.

Clearly, studies such as the Maharishi effect show us that an experienced group of meditators were actually able to make a definite decrease in the amount of violent acts committed in a given city; ultimately, they made the aetheric energy vibrate more quickly in that area.

To put it in more familiar language, we could say that together, we constantly choose whether we will create harmony or fear in our own lives, and this directly affects all forms of life on Earth as a whole. And if you are one of the majority who believes that life must exist at least somewhere else besides the Earth, then you should know that our love affects all of the Universe in some way.



Right away, it is easy for us to slip back into the habit of thinking of love as a particularly human trait, something indigenous to humanity that is not directly related to universal energy. Therefore, let us review our definition of “love” as simply indicating a higher degree of vibrational movement in the aetheric energy of a given area – no more, no less.

Kulagina couldn’t perform her PK effects anywhere near as well when the researchers lowered the speed of vibrational movement in the aetheric energy that surrounded her, by thinking unloving thoughts.

In order to truly understand the “Cosmic Chess Game” as we have now seen it, we must think in very different ways than we are accustomed to. So again, everything we know as being “real” is created moment-by-moment from circulating currents of aetheric energy.

Thought is a circulating vibration of energy throughout the neurons in the brain. Loving thoughts strengthen life and health and unloving thoughts reduce health. But in the end, this “love” energy is simply a vibration of the aetheric energy that creates everything around us; and this by no means reduces its importance or holiness.

If love is simply a vibrational movement of aetheric energy, then there would have to be forces outside of group human consciousness that could modify these vibrations as well.

These forces must exist, because all of the Universe is in constant motion; all movements would ripple through the ‘sea’ of aetheric energy.

A quick mental exercise in visualization would easily show you that the entire Solar System must be immersed in a giant “pool” of aetheric energy in its own right, since it is quite convenient to view the aether as a fluidlike nonphysical energy substance.

Based on the new model of gravity, which will be explained much more precisely in future chapters, this energy would be constantly moving in and out of each planet, creating it moment by moment. Therefore, as each planet moved through this energy, it would create a rippling wave in the aether in much the same fashion as a motorboat disturbs the water behind it as it travels. And,

When a wave moves through a medium, you have a higher amount of vibrational movement in the wave than you do in the rest of the medium.

So indeed, the collective of humanity is not isolated on a lone planet, free from other influences. The aetheric / ET paradigm suggests that:

The Sun, planets and galaxy are conscious in their own right, since they are formed by conscious aether in vibrational motion, and they naturally create disturbances in the aether as they travel through space.

We must remember that this vibrational “wave” in space has greater motion, hence greater love and intelligence as we have defined it; and this affects humanity directly. The scientific evidence now available proves that this celestially-induced aetheric motion can far supersede the strength of “normal” human collective consciousness in terms of its capacity to modify our behaviors.

Furthermore, these planetary movements can actually be shown to have a direct effect on energetic behaviors in the quantum realm as well.



The next point to see is that obviously, these planetary motions will change with time.

Since our planet is in motion along with all others, we will travel through the various planetary “ripples” in the aether of our Solar System in predictable, sequential moments of time.

Therefore, we can expect that a set sequence of energy vibrations will radiate through our bodies, our planet and all energy and matter therein, depending on the relative position of our own planet to the “waves” that have been created by the others.

An article in the summer 2000 issue of 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine entitled Russian Discovery Challenges Existence of “Absolute Time” debuted the ongoing body of rigorous work by Russian biophysicist Dr. Simon E. Shnoll to the Western world.

And to put it bluntly, his results prove the above statement: the planetary motions are creating a disturbance in the general medium of space that affects both living and nonliving processes on Earth directly.

Link to article


For the last thirty years, Shnoll has steadfastly been gathering data that demonstrated that many different biological, chemical and atomic processes, including the radioactive decay of many different materials, are somehow being directly influenced by celestial movements such as the day, month and the year.

At this point, we will just post a small excerpt:

Two years ago, nearly unnoticed in the West, the Russian biophysicist S.E. Shnoll published a paper in the prominent Russian physics journal Uspekhi Fisicheskikh Nauk summing up the results of more than three decades of investigations of anomalous statistical regularities in a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological processes, from radioactive decay to the rates of biochemical reactions.

The evidence points unambiguously to the existence of a previously unknown relationship between fluctuations in the rates of radioactive and other processes in the laboratory, and major astronomical cycles, including the day, month, and year.

The implication is, that many phenomena which until now have been regarded as purely statistical in character—such as the distribution of fluctuations in the momentary rates of radioactivity measured in a sample—are somehow controlled or at least strongly influenced by an astrophysical factor, which varies in time in the same way at all points on the Earth…

The histograms, made from more than two days from four successive 12-hour-long series of measurements, show another typical phenomenon discovered by Shnoll: The shapes of the histograms change over time (Figure 2).



[Note: These histograms shouldn’t be changing over time if radioactive decay is truly a random process, as quantum physicists believe. They should look like smooth, bell-shaped curves and should not have any of the bizarre spikes that we see.

Elsewhere Prof. Shnoll tells us that almost all scientists simply call this “noise in the data” and ignore it, since they have no reason to think otherwise.]

Most remarkably, the shapes of histograms for independent (and seemingly unrelated) measurements taken over the same time period, tend to be very similar.

For example, simultaneous measurement of the reaction rate of ascorbic acid, dichlorophenolindophenol (DCPIP), and beta activity of carbon-14 show histograms of very similar shape.

[Note: In other words, there is a similarity in the reaction rate of biological compounds, chemical compounds and radioactive decay, simply because the measurements were taken at the same moment in time. In the mainstream model, this shouldn’t exist!

The structured waves in the histograms above are supposed to be simply “noise in the data.” We shouldn’t be seeing identical “noise” in totally unrelated processes!

Somehow, all physical matter on the Earth is responding in the same way to external movements. If we see only “empty space” as existing between the planets then we have no possible way to demonstrate this.]


These and a large number of other experiments carried out by Shnoll and his collaborators over many years, point unambiguously to the existence of a universal factor influencing the shapes of histograms, and which varies in time.

Furthermore, the Russian researchers have discovered well-defined periods, over which similar histogram shapes tend to recur (Figure 3).



To do this, they devised a computer-based algorithm for measuring the relative degree of “closeness” or similarity of histogram shapes, and on this basis carried out a computer analysis of hundreds of histograms taken over a long period.

Examining the distribution of time intervals between “similar” histograms, they found strong peaks at 0 hours (that is, histograms made independently at the same time tend to be similar), at approximately 24 hours, at 27.28 days (probably corresponding to the synodic rotation of the Sun), and at three time intervals close to a year: 364.4, 365.2 and 366.6 days.

[Note: The “synodic” rotation of the Sun that they are associating this with is what occurs at its equator, which has been measured as being 26 days in length; so far this is their best guess as to what the 27.28-day period could be.]


More recent data, just reported to the author, indicate that the “24-hour” period is actually slightly shorter, and corresponds quite precisely to a sidereal day!

The latter would suggest, that at least one astronomical factor influencing histogram shape may originate outside the solar system, being associated with the orientation of the measuring station relative to the galaxy, and not only relative to the Sun.

[Note: The sidereal day relates to the Earth’s “precession of the equinoxes,” which we covered thoroughly in The Shift of the Ages and will do so again in this book. This precession has now been clearly shown to relate to our position in the Galaxy, since it is a much longer-term cycle than most others that we have observed.]


And so, if we are willing to receive the hard facts, the conventional ideas of subatomic physics are in big trouble. Dr. Shnoll is clearly telling us that the movements of the planets create extremely precise energetic disturbances in space and time that affect every single atom, molecule and energy process in the surrounding area.

If we look closely at the above histograms of these various processes, we can see that they have “spikes” where none are expected. Most scientists throw away this data automatically as being unimportant; only Prof. Shnoll, after more than 30 years of research, had the insight to compare the actual diagrams to each other and see if he could find connections.

He then saw that all biological, chemical and radioactive processes show the same minute energy changes in the histograms used to measure them at a given “point” in the time of Earth’s movement through the solar system and galaxy.

Shnoll’s work “points unambiguously to a “universal factor… which varies in time.” The aether model, as we have specified it above, explains exactly what this universal factor is. There must be a medium in free space that is disturbed by celestial movements, and this same medium must also be responsible for creating the biological, chemical and atomic processes on a moment-by-moment basis.



In the case of Shnoll, an unambiguous, body of research exists to show that simple correlations were able to be drawn between a “Universal Factor” that linked planetary movement with physical, chemical and biological processes.

These effects cannot be denied; the data has been gathered over a thirty-year period and has now been released to the world in a major scientific publication. From this research, one basic challenge was answered; planetary movement is creating an effect on the quantum processes of our physical world.

The implications of such a discovery are tremendous, and if you are just reading quickly through you might not stop and really think about how much this changes our view of the Universe. This certainly could be why free energy and “cold fusion” experiments have time-variable effects; they don’t always ‘work.’

However, if our model is correct, these planetary influences cannot simply stop with physical processes; they must affect human consciousness.

In order to determine how this could be possible, we would need a simple way to measure the collective status of human consciousness; a form of data that has been collected very steadily, very carefully and unambiguously, for long periods of time. That simple “measuring rod” can be found in the movement of financial markets.

The amount of data produced by such transactions each year is estimated to fill 24 CD-ROMs, which is a volume of information that most scientists would give anything to get their hands on if it were for their own studies.

Plus, anyone who works in the Stock Market will tell you that it all runs on love and fear. When people are happy and confident, it rises, and when people are depressed and fearful, it plummets; hence the term “Great Depression.”

The work of Bradley Cowan, introduced in our previous volume, shows us that:

The movement of financial markets, and hence collective human behavior, can be precisely modeled, in advance, by calculating the geometric interaction of various planetary cycles.



As we showed in the previous volume, this image from the “Cycle-Trader” website is a “composite” chart, summarizing all the different influences of the planets into one single graph. This graph is then compared to the actual market movements. Even though the movements were only halfway in progress when the graph was created, they continued to follow it precisely.

If you would like to read more about it, you can check this link: Cycle-Trader.



Some planetary cycles naturally increase the vibrational speed — and therefore the intensity — of aether surrounding the Earth, while others decrease it. By combining these cycles together, Cowan is able to form a very precise map of what the markets will do at any given time.

This planetary model, seen in the upper line of the graph, was created in February 1984, solely through understanding the geometric structures of planetary cycle interactions. The model indicated how the markets were expected to behave over the next five years, based on the observations already in existence. The lower line on the graph revealed how these interactions actually moved on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The skeptic will simply dismiss this out of hand, without bothering to check into it any further; and yet Cowan and other members of his group have continued to make very accurate predictions, one of which was posted in advance on the ascension2000.com website. We expected a worldwide low between Oct. 24th and Oct. 26th, 2000, and the low came precisely on Oct. 25th.

Furthermore, the escalating downturn of the NASDAQ at the time of this writing (March 2001) can be precisely modeled by a graph of the DOW from 1929, simply moved 71.5 years into the future and advanced on the time axis at double the speed of the original graph; this has also been published in one of our online articles.

So far, we are unaware of the titanic forces that shape and move our behavior in these ways, but that time may rapidly be coming to an end. Once we recognize what’s going on, we may well be able to reassert our ability to make choices that will override these influences and “get off the merry-go-round.”

On the cycle-trader website link above, Cowan analyzes each successive change in the market that is seen in this graph and how his model predicted it, including the giant crash in 1987. Part of the action of this graph is being created by the rotational action of simple three-dimensional geometric forms, created by vibrational disturbances from motion of the planets – and in later chapters we will introduce the information that associates geometry and vibration directly together.

With this powerful knowledge at hand, a significant amount of the sport in making investments is eliminated, as the whims of human behavior are already known in advance.



Furthermore, mainstream “Chaos” and “Complexity” theory has stumbled over this peculiar space-time behavior as well, but they do not yet have a model to truly explain why it works.

In Chaos theory we see that even things as apparently random as weather patterns, stock market prices, the historical flooding of the Nile River, the presence of noise in telephone lines, the ebb and flow of animal populations and the arrhythmias of a diseased heart are harmonically organized in mysterious ways – and these same organizational principles are behind the formation of organic life and inorganic matter as well.



Since most of science is quite reluctant to accept the existence of aetheric forces heretofore unseen in existing paradigms, the above findings of Shnoll, Cowan, Mandelbrot and others remain a mystery. However, with the aether models in this book we now have a workable energetic model that can explain all of these mysteries for us.



And therefore, returning to Cowan’s geometric structures in time and their effect on the stock market, if the very fundamental movement of aetheric energy that creates your body, mind and spirit moment by moment is rising and falling in predictable patterns as Prof. Shnoll has determined, then your behavior is likely to follow.

We have already established the premise that “love” and “intelligence” is the tendency for aetheric energy to adopt a higher state of vibrational movement. This outside effect on the energy of consciousness also demonstrates why many great minds in history have discovered that the science of astrology works with such incredible precision.

Indeed, the planetary motions in our Solar System affect the rise and fall of aetheric energies in very specific ways. And as the work of Prof. Shnoll has demonstrated,

Our relative position in the Galaxy has an effect on biological, chemical and radioactive processes as well.



As we wrote in The Shift of the Ages, ancient religions and mythologies, modern “psychic readings,” crop formations, ET messages and now scientific investigation have all converged on the idea that our movement through the Galaxy is causing similar energetic effects on consciousness, only on a much more pronounced level.

Scientific data, once put in context, already shows us that these aetheric changes are far more dramatic than anything that we have seen in Cowan’s stock market analyses or in Prof. Shnoll’s chemical experiments. As we have said, an area of higher vibration is an area of greater love, harmony and intelligence.

Consequently, when the evidence is stacked up, we must be willing to consider that all of humanity is moving into a vibrational plane of greater love, harmony and intelligence. And this will literally amount to a “dimensional shift.”

In order for the concept of “planes of existence” to have any definitive meaning to the skeptic or scientist, we must present data from established institutions that supports the notion of their existence. Although more and more of the “common people” are increasingly comfortable with these concepts, the skeptic will simply ask, “What other planes of existence? Hogwash. There is no scientific evidence that there are other planes of existence, higher, lower or otherwise.”

To deny that other planes of reality exist is to stand in clear ignorance of commonly available scientific knowledge being done by credible Ph.D.’s in various fields.



For example, Dr. Stephen LaBerge has conducted dream research at Stamford University Sleep Center for many years, and he has come up with surprising conclusions, featured in his books Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is defined as “the ability to be awake and aware in dreams.” As Dr. Robert E. Ornstein, author of The Psychology of Consciousness, comments,

Stephen LaBerge has proven scientifically that people can be fully conscious in their dreams while remaining asleep and dreaming at the same time.

Simply put, our current theories about how the brain functions would say that lucid dreaming is impossible; our dream state is “subconscious” because the brainwave activity cannot support normal waking consciousness as we now understand it.

At best, most psychology-based dream researchers would say that the dream state is “pseudo-conscious,” the result of the synapses firing haphazardly to transfer the most important information of the day into long-term memory.

If the dream state wasn’t a “real” place that was somehow created outside of the brain, then it should be impossible for complete waking consciousness to exist there; all of our existing models of consciousness would fall apart.

And yet, Dr. LaBerge’s research shows that:

In a lucid dream, a person maintains thinking, analyzing and reasoning properties, while interacting with an entire world of multisensory stimuli that is continually changing.



As the participant moves through this multisensory world, rich symbolic imagery naturally takes place that will expose the most profound psychological issues that the person is facing in their life, and offer remarkably insightful solutions using the language of symbolism.


So now, we have a brain that is not exhibiting the normal signs of consciousness as science understands them; it is asleep, or “un – conscious.” We have a brain that is supposedly creating a world of intelligent symbolic / metaphorical information that the participant usually will not even understand, but nevertheless provides valuable psycho-spiritual data to the Ego mind.

We also have a brain that is supposedly supporting normal conscious thought processes as it interacts with this intricate world. If our brains are truly capable of doing all this, then where do we find the neurological activity that demonstrates it? We don’t.

And while we’re there, let us also cite information from Lt. Col. Tom Bearden regarding certain cases of “hydroencephaly.” This is a condition where a very high percentage of a person’s brain is missing, and only water remains in its place.

One would expect that these people, if alive at all, would be totally brain-dead. Although you’re not going to hear much about this in the scientific mainstream, there are fully functional hydroencephalics walking on the Earth right now.

One man even earned a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, and MRI scans of his skull cavity showed that only a tiny stump of nerve tissue existed directly above his spinal cord at the base of the skull.

And all scientific researchers agree that each human being must physiologically go through several R.E.M. (rapid-eye movement) or dream states each night in order to stay alive; so our hydroencephalic mathematician would be included in that lot as well.

Somehow, the true process of consciousness in the human being is outside of the brain as we now know it; the brain may be one place for such consciousness to exist, but ultimately all consciousness is a movement of aether. Somehow, the water in the skull cavity gives this movement a chance to register its vibrations to the body in a recognizable way.

Therefore, even as these lucid dreaming events demonstrate effects in the physical body, they can be proven to exist outside of typical neurological functioning in the brain; some people can have fully “normal” lives with nothing but water in their skull cavity. (It is important to point out that not all hydroencephalics are this fortunate.)

Again, what all this ultimately tells us is that human beings are fundamentally multi-dimensional creatures, and there are indeed other “planes of existence” that we can move into without the use of the physical brain.

So again, what would we expect from a “higher plane of existence?” Remember that we said that as the vibrational motion of aetheric energy increases, love and intelligence increases as well. And indeed, the experience of a lucid dream can be so profound as to reveal an entirely undiscovered new plateau of consciousness – literally, a higher vibration, which many automatically feel to be a form of “heaven.”

For one who has never experienced this, the testimony of others is needed to explain it properly. Consider the following, from Dr. LaBerge’s first book:

The impact resulting from the emergence of lucidity is probably proportional to the clarity and completeness of the dreamer’s change of consciousness.

There are degrees of lucidity, and the common experience of awakening from a nightmare after realizing it was “only a dream” is typical of the lower ranges (or why escape from what is “only a dream”?), and is usually accompanied by no greater feeling than relative relief.

But the full-blown lucid dream, in which the dreamer stays in the dream for a period extended enough to allow the experience of wonder, can be associated with an electrifying sensation of rebirth and the discovery of a new world of experience.

First-time lucid dreamers are often overwhelmed by the realization that they have never before experienced their dreams with all their being, and now they are utterly awake in their sleep!

This is how one lucid dreamer described the expanded sense of aliveness brought by the lightning flash of lucidity: he felt himself possessed of a sense of freedom “as never before”; the dream was suffused with such vital animation that “the darkness itself seemed alive.”

At this point, a thought presented itself with such undeniable force that he was driven to declare: “I have never been awake before.”


Wilcock has personally used Dr. La Berge’s MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming) technique for the last eleven years, with ongoing success. In the lucid dream or out-of-body state, you can literally do anything, go anywhere, fly, pass through solid objects, levitate objects of any size, create anything your heart desires and get powerful spiritual questions answered immediately in a very direct format.

If you want to see yourself on the flight deck of a UFO, there you are – the possibilities are endless. The MILD technique is quite simple, once you discipline yourself enough to remember your dreams each morning.

Dr. La Berge demonstrates that anyone can learn to do this. By making a consistent effort to write down “what was just happening to you” every morning when you wake up, and remaining motionless upon awakening while you recall the data, you can get consistent results. Here is the four-part MILD technique:

1. During the early morning, when you awaken spontaneously from a dream, go over the dream several times until you have memorized it.

2. Then, while lying in bed and returning to sleep, say to yourself, “Next time I’m dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that I’m dreaming.”

3. Visualize yourself as being back in the dream just rehearsed; only this time, see yourself realizing that you are, in fact, dreaming.

4. Repeat steps two and three until you feel your intention is clearly fixed or you fall asleep.


So, any reader or researcher who is willing to put in the effort can verify it for themselves. Far from a “random firing of synapses” in the brain, Dr. LaBerge’s research suggests that the world of dreaming is far more “real” than we have given it credit for.

The next logical question from the skeptic might be, “Well, all this is fine and good. Anyone can say that they had a lucid dream, but they are just deluding themselves. There is no way to actually prove that someone is in the lucid dreaming state.”

Wrong again. Dr. LaBerge proved that lucid dreaming is a genuine phenomenon, happening in real time with the physical world. In order to make these discoveries, it was necessary for him to devise a way for his “oneironauts,” or dream voyagers, to signal to him that they were dreaming.

After pondering this idea for quite some time, he realized that the eyes are the most mobile part of the body during the dream state; hence the state is referred to as “rapid-eye movement.” So, by training his oneironauts to simply move their eyes back-and-forth horizontally in their dreaming state when they had attained lucidity, they would form a movement in their physical body as well.

By simple observation, this repetitive horizontal movement would signal to Dr. LaBerge that they have attained the state of lucid dreaming. By using this signaling effect and other simpler procedures, he was able to make the following correlations:

Our studies at Stanford cover considerable ground, showing the relationship between physiological changes in lucid dreamers’ bodies and a variety of actions carried out by their “dream” bodies within the dreams.

Our investigations addressed a range of relationships: between estimated dream time and actual time (the time interval that a person signaled with eye movements as being ten seconds in a dream was the same as when awake — an average exact time of thirteen seconds;) between dream action — including eye movements, speech, and breathing — and corresponding muscle action;

between dreamed singing and counting, and relative activation of the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain (since counting and singing activate the opposite hemispheres accordingly;) and between dreamed sexual activity and changes in a variety of genital and nongenital physiological measures.


And so, the proof is now available that dreams are “really real” and really have an effect on the physical body, and yet they exist somewhere outside of normal brain function as we now understand it; we are in “both places at the same time.” Even if our consciousness travels elsewhere, our bodies are still working together with those other levels.

This is a far richer model than what mainstream science has conceded thus far, in many published studies. In the lucid dreaming state, there is an entirely new realm to explore with distinct properties all its own. The degree of richness and variety of this realm is arguably far more sophisticated than the brain could create on its own, and this brings us to our next point, which is very important:

Others are capable of entering into the same out-of-body realms and independently reporting the same experiences upon awakening, without talking to the other participants.


Wilcock discovered this for himself in a very dramatic way. While drifting off to sleep as a guest of his high-school friend Jude, he had a dreamlike experience of being chased by a menacing overweight person with long hair, an obvious symbolic representation of the parts of himself that he had not fully accepted and integrated at the time, stemming from younger years where he was indeed overweight and wore long hair.

As he ran, he had a gun in his belt and knew that he could use it to shoot his pursuer, and thereby save himself, but he was unwilling to stop the chase. Symbolically, the meaning of “shooting” this former self was the idea of allowing the personality traits and influences from that time of life to literally die out, so that they no longer would affect his thoughts and behaviors in the present.

The difficulty that he felt with the shooting was a representation of how hard it is to “let go” of old attitudes and behavior patterns, such as depression, lack of self-esteem, irresponsibility and desire for rebellion.

Then, as Wilcock continued in this experience, in the bed next to him Jude started tossing and turning.

“Shoot him… Just shoot him. Two bullets,” Jude mumbled.

Needless to say, Wilcock had a very hard time going back to sleep after this!



This parallel experience in higher “dreaming” realms of existence is a commonplace occurrence in the out-of-body research of Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute, with numerous MD’s and Ph.D.’s on board as staff and directors to vouch for its validity.

The Monroe technique involves stimulating the brain naturally through the use of opposing sound frequencies, where one ear hears a slightly different pitch than the other. The signal from each ear feeds into a different hemisphere of the brain. As the brain attempts to align the signals in the two hemispheres, this causes the synaptic impulses to enter into a “beat pattern”.

Since the signals are not quite perfectly aligned, the brain will never be able to synthesize them together permanently, but it will be able to do so in set periods of time, over and over again. Those periodic moments of “hemispheric synchronization” automatically move the brainwave state into a variety of rhythmic states such as alpha, beta and delta, which mimic the brainwave states of advanced yogis and meditators.

In the Monroe Institute’s Farsight Voyager course, groups of participants often report traveling to the same areas together and having the same experiences.

Arguably, the ultimate case of shared experience in the Farsight Voyager course can be found in Monroe’s book Far Journeys. It is a personal account from a female client, number 2312-CF, and we have shortened it considerably for the sake of brevity:

Then quite unexpectedly I was suddenly drawn by a powerful force to one room in particular – to one CHEC unit in particular. (Note: The CHEC units were where each participant was housed individually.)

It took me by total surprise, for the man in that unit was someone I didn’t know very well. In fact, he was the only one at the workshop I had never really had a chance to talk to. He was a young, good-looking psychologist, yet for some reason we seemed to be purposefully avoiding each other.

All at once I had an all-knowing, as I seemed to float over him, that his vibrations were my vibrations. I had an overwhelming desire to meld, to feel a part of him – to become one…

I gave to him both my body and soul until there was this tremendous energy surge that rocked and exploded in us. It was an experience that is beyond words, for love, total and absolute, surrounded us more strongly than can be earthly experienced or imagined…

We talked in this state and I came to realize this experience could only have happened at the end of the workshop as it did, for each of us would have been distracted had we ‘met’ earlier on – perhaps hampering other growth experiences that week…

I truly experienced everything I asked for and more, and when I came down to the meeting room after the tape there was an unusual heightened energy where people seemed to be flying. I saw ‘him’ as I came down the stairs to join the group and he looked at me excitedly, ecstatically, as if something totally incredible had happened to him.

I hadn’t said a word yet, as he quietly repeated a number of times, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ I felt elated – I had made contact. We compared our individual experiences, making sure each of us was not coloring the other’s story.

It didn’t matter – our stories fit like puzzle pieces, matching perfectly and interlocking. We both had also had the use of all our senses – the strongest being touch.

After this experience we were later reunited to share others together. We’ve been with each other for the past two years now – growing and loving together.


In the book Cosmic Voyage, Dr. Courtney Brown reports an experience in the Farsight Voyager course where he saw a group of people, all holding hands, enter into a tunnel of energy together. Upon awakening, he realized that this is exactly what they had planned to do together before going in, and they had all experienced the same phenomenon.

Furthermore, we remember that the Monroe tapes are used as a preliminary means of training for military remote viewers, then enabling them to travel out-of-body to distant locations and make accurate observations of what they see there.

So, it should be obvious to us that this outer realm of consciousness is a genuine plane of existence and not simply a “mass hallucination,” thus explaining how the group of people in Dr. Brown’s experience could all end up sharing the same experience.

In the course of Monroe’s three books, he outlines his own exploration of the various energy realms surrounding the Earth and beyond, including the intelligences that he interacted with along the way.

In considering the information from Monroe, Dr. LaBerge and many others, we must accustom ourselves to the realization that there are indeed higher planes of existence, and that we can travel in them as easily as we travel in this one, once we have gone through the proper training.

Ultimately, if each “dimensional” level is simply a different frequency of one vibrating aether, then each “dimension” above our own must be filled with life which is far more loving, harmonious and intelligent than the level beneath it. This information is repeated in almost every form of mystical teaching in existence.



As we have already suggested, a revised version of the aetheric model will resolve many current paradoxes, and must ultimately replace the ideas that are now being used. In the last two chapters we have had a discussion about the concept of an ‘aether’ with the focus on a philosophy of consciousness that helps us explain the results from a broad number of scientific findings. We have reviewed the following key points:

– That zero-point energy or “aether” genuinely exists;

– That since consciousness exists, it must be a function of the Unified Field;

– That love is the tendency for entities within the Unified Field, whether human, “particle” or otherwise, to increasingly radiate Harmonic Unity, through vibrational motion;

– That love is a radiating, strengthening, unifying force, vibrationally moving towards the central point of Oneness; whereas hate, or the absence of love, is an absorbing, dis-integrating, weakening force, absorbing energy away from the central point of Oneness and compartmentalizing it;

– That the Backster Effect has demonstrated these concepts of aetheric vibration with plants, bacteria, yogurt, Planaria worms, human cells and more;

– That these principles can be demonstrated by the connection between anger and cancer;

– That the Maharishi Effect, levitation and psychokinesis demonstrate even greater movements of aetheric energy by consciousness;

– That Nina Kulagina was able to create all the basic electromagnetic forces by the sheer focus of consciousness, ideally in a loving environment;

– That energy measurements taken around objects being telekinetically moved by Alla Vinogradova detected field pulsations which were synchronous with her respiration rate, heartbeat, and brain alpha rhythm pattern;

– That the level of love, consciousness or intelligence in a given area is directly measured by the vibrational speed of aether in that area;

– That planetary and galactic interactions can cause changes in the vibration of aetheric energy;

– That we can expect that a set sequence of energy vibrations will radiate through our bodies, our planet and all energy and matter therein, depending on the relative position of our own planet to the “waves” that have been created by the others;

– That the structured histograms to chart different biological and atomic processes, including the radioactive decay of many different materials, are directly influenced by celestial movements such as the day, month and the year (Shnoll, 2000);

– That movement of financial markets, and hence collective human behavior, can be precisely modeled in advance by calculating the geometric interaction of various planetary cycles (Cowan, 2000);

– That our relative position in the Galaxy has an effect on biological, chemical and radioactive processes as well (Shnoll, 2000);

– That to deny that other planes of reality exist is to stand in clear ignorance of commonly available scientific knowledge, such as Dr. La Berge’s data on lucid dreaming and The Monroe Institute’s technology for inducing OBEs;

– That others are capable of entering into the same out-of-body realms and independently reporting the same experiences upon awakening;

– That ultimately, if each “dimensional” level is simply a different frequency of one vibrating aether, then each “dimension” above our own must be filled with life which is far more loving, harmonious and intelligent than the level beneath it.


Considering all these factors, we have a substantial new paradigm that can explain many various anomalies related to consciousness. Ultimately, we are given a very strong foundation upon which to build the central premise of this book: that we are moving through structured vibrations in the Galaxy that will create a significant enough change in aetheric density to cause a “dimensional shift” into a plane of existence that is currently higher than our own.

To some, this might seem like the end; but in fact, it is the beginning. Now that we have carefully established a conceptual framework that ties in these concepts to consciousness, we are ready to present the incontrovertible scientific evidence that the aether exists by showing how it can be harnessed with technology and understood scientifically, producing effects such as free energy and anti-gravity.

As we go through these chapters, we will gradually reveal the signatures of vibration, either luminous, acoustic or geometric, in these workings. We will then explore the modern scientific data regarding “higher dimensions” and again reveal the numerous indications that such a harmonic or vibrational process is at work.

Then, Part One of the book will conclude with excerpts from alleged extraterrestrial beings that will give us an unusually valuable insight into how these processes are most likely functioning.

If you find yourself unable to follow the discussions regarding the new energy technologies and anti-gravity, don’t give up! By reading the “Recap” sections at the end of each chapter you can avail yourself of the main points that are being made and get through the sections that might not interest you.

We recommend that if you do decide to do this, you should fully pick up the thread again in Chapter Seven.