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The Science of Oneness

The Science of Oneness

What if everything you thought you knew about science, and its connection to spirituality, was wrong?

What if you woke up one day to discover that the entire nature and structure of the Universe had actually eluded all of mainstream science up until that moment? Could such a thing be possible?

How confident do you feel in the idea that atoms are made up of particles? Are you aware that even the most basic quantum physics is littered with solid experimental findings that totally defeat this idea and have heretofore defied all attempts at explanation? That the entire quantum realm of atoms and molecules can be built up from electromagnetic fields displaying simple properties of movement and geometry?

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  • Prophecy is valuable as it provides a window into a possible future. When we have an idea of how the book will end, we can choose how we interact with it. If you haven’t heard, I'm now including the Michael Prophecies in The Disclosure course experience. https://t.co/B7zpv06TW7 https://t.co/6vhj5p5dhb
  • What are you most excited for? https://t.co/B7zpv06TW7 https://t.co/qBttI9vwtX
  • DOORS CLOSING THIS WEEK The Disclosure Course Experience starts on SUNDAY, so if you haven’t registered yet, now is your last chance to get in and receive all the bonuses that come with the course, including the Michael Prophecies. https://t.co/B7zpv06TW7 https://t.co/XoTU5IqDwk
  • On Thursday, January 6, 1999, I had a very elaborate dream about a military general who is Ascending. On Saturday, Jan. 8, 1999, Michael said WELCOME SLYNN. This can also be read as WELCOMES LYNN. SLYNN seems to refer to Flynn. Lynn could refer to -dell and Wood both.
  • I can now confirm that the entirety of my 1999 transcripts have time-loops to the present in them. I now feel that by sticking to 1999 for this first volume, we will have a very, very amazing result. Now that I have established the boundaries of the dataset, here we come!

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