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  • Dimensions of Disclosure: David Wilcock 11:11pm Meditation Aug 18 2018 360p: https://t.co/SQS5afrBPd via @YouTube
  • CRITICAL NEW UPDATE to our huge three-part article on possible mass arrests. Compelling intel on what may be about to drop about 2001 events, which would indeed be checkmate. Hurricane is headed straight for DC at the same time. Scroll to end of Part III: https://t.co/47orHv79TH https://t.co/sbn8P99UTu
  • Six different insider sources, including Q, suggest that we may be right on the verge of mass arrests happening. Finally. Spy satellites were taken down in a stunning Alliance move. This is an URGENT, ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE. Huge, three part investigation! https://t.co/67RCZgsiBt https://t.co/RHcpG2JjQs
  • The three-hour video of me with Emery Smith is now available for purchase and viewing at $49! TONS of new intel came through on portals, time travel, white gold, underground bases, Disclosure, telepathy, ET physiology, etc. Our best yet, check it out: https://t.co/TdtwtsVYPh https://t.co/UKEQaMPL9M
  • Don't miss the livestream of tonight's landmark event with David Wilcock interviewing Emery Smith... with brand-new intel! We have had glitches with the automated email responder, and will manually email your links soon before it starts. Thanks! https://t.co/TdtwtsVYPh https://t.co/ngVpwABytu

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