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  • The YT kill-shot came in email: "Content that falls under the Google Publisher Policies is not allowed to be monetized and you should not place ads against that content. Attempting to monetize policy-violating content may result in your account(s) being suspended or terminated.
  • Just got back from Canada... three major dreams about needing to leave before the epic snowfall that has now begun. Events are happening very quickly in the world and they directly affect what I am writing now... so stay tuned!
  • EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about this says "AATIP" "Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program" https://t.co/yJS5AcC9zf
  • Tommy Boy: "ZOMG, the UFOs are Advanced Aerial Threats now!! Quick, everybody, GET SCARED!" ("What? That wasn't cleared for release until November? CRAP.... Sorry guys!")

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