Tuesday 4 / 21 / 09

Wanderer Awakening has FIFTY SONGS, and we’re openly encouraging everyone to make their own videos, providing some simple guidelines are followed. Here’s the debut!


Wanderer Awakening is our 50-song mega-album that takes you through a two-hour and 23-minute journey of spiritual transformation. It starts with the voice of the One Infinite Creator at the dawn of the Universe, explaining its reasoning and goals for creating reality as we know it.

We then proceed to weave a vast tapestry through time and space in the tradition of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ and other epic narratives.



This is a musical presentation of the core message in the Law of One material, and it harmonizes with many other sources of spiritual teaching, including the Course in Miracles. All the most important wisdom teachings — not just opening the heart to get from third to fourth-density, but the realizations needed to go through ALL the densities and return to Oneness — are contained within this epic journey.

The Creator generates billions of galaxies that in turn will host even greater numbers of inhabited worlds. Everyone in the Universe is given the free will to make whatever decisions they choose, without conditions or expectation. Since they are all One, they will inevitably discover the ways of love and re-unify with their true selfhood as the Creator.

We then zoom in on an angelic / extraterrestrial group who has been entrusted with the honor of creating a new world — namely the Earth. This, of course, is a retelling of Ra’s story as expressed in the Law of One series.

Three vocal songs in the beginning — You’re One With Me, Everything Tells Me and I’m On My Way — are dedicated to the story of an angelic being within the Ra group. [The name is not given in the album to keep it more universal.]



Ra’s first song, You’re One With Me, is a progressive jazz exploration that has reminded people of the soaringly beautiful ‘Avalon’ by Roxy Music. It is Ra’s articulation of the Creator’s wish for their new world — namely that everyone will be happy, develop love and compassion for each other, and remember their true identity.

After initially hoping for the best results on their new world (You’re One With Me), we find out in the narrative entitled “The Invitation” that things have not worked out as they had planned — the people on their planet have not learned the ways of love and have slipped into a great spiritual darkness.

It is implied in backstory that great religious leaders and ‘Ascended Masters’ such as Jesus and Buddha came and went, but that “even after our very best efforts, the people have still not learned the ways of love.”



Members within the group decide to incarnate in physical form as human beings on Earth, voluntarily giving up their Ascended abilities so they will not be “worshipped or seen as Gods in any way.”

They also realize it is necessary to incarnate with amnesia, so they will not be able to easily remember who they are. Otherwise, the human ego might inevitably give them a sense of superiority or specialness, and that could easily corrupt them — though the ego might not ever even realize this had happened.

Indeed, they will only have faint glimmerings of memory of who they really are, but this alone will help the planet — because they will think and act in much more loving ways than most others. Their simple presence on Earth raises the overall ‘vibration’ and thus increases harmony by their simply being alive.

Our heroic character is aware that others are making the decision to go, but he is terrified about doing this himself, as there is a real risk of being abused and mistreated. This in turn could cause him to become confused enough to go negative, accrue karma and become stuck in a cycle of multiple reincarnations.

His paralyzing doubt is debated against his inevitable feeling that he must complete the journey as we hear him sing the gorgeous Roy-Orbison-early-60s-style song “Everything Tells Me” (To Come To You).



In the next narrative, “The Decision,” he finally makes up his mind — his love for humanity and sense of responsibility is too great, and he must complete the journey himself.

He also realizes that he can be in two places at once — retain his awareness in the angelic kingdom while also experiencing all the thoughts and feelings of the amnesic human. This allows him to send people and situations that can guide and potentially awaken him to his true identity and purpose for being on the Earth.

We clearly establish that if he CAN awaken, and remember who he really is, then he has the potential to be of much greater effectiveness in his mission.

The amnesic process will make him him feel fully human and a part of the world — albeit confused by its negativity — but the awakening would give him an ability to directly obtain and follow spiritual guidance as to how to best be of service.

We then hear him sing “I’m On My Way” as he proclaims his love for humanity and his willingness to go. This song could easily apply to soldiers who fight for freedom and liberty, as in this case it is the story of an angelic ‘soldier’ of sorts who is sacrificing himself to help the Earth.



Now, just a short time after posting this article, indie producer / director ‘shumnyabai’ has put together a video for “I’m On My Way” featuring angelic imagery consistent with this part of the story — the decision to become human and voluntarily give up the angelic kingdom to help the Earth: 



[We are delighted to have these songs available for you to check out, complete with video. This helps show the diversity of styles and textures we have on the album. Truly, all 50 songs are unique in their own right, due to the huge diversity of musical influences Larry and I both drew off of.]



By this point, we are also aware that our hero has decided the single best chance he has to awaken on Earth is by attracting a powerful relationship — featuring all the ups and downs, all the joys and sorrows of the human experience.




We then take the plunge into materiality in the interlude known as ‘Growth’. We hear him as a young boy, barely able to articulate speech, but alluding to the ‘rainbow’ he can see in his mind — the first glimmering of his memory that he came from the heavens.

He then speaks as an adult about the amazing dreams he has, almost as if “there is another world out there” — but he can’t quite remember what it is or where it is. This leads us directly into the next song, “When I Was a Little Boy,” which has an enchanting and unique chord and melodic structure — and reveals how alone and terrified he feels as he is stepping into the full responsibilities of adulthood.

As the album goes on, he finds the “Perfect Girl” of his dreams — but trouble ensues, leading to most of the hard-rocking songs on the album. And this is where we come in now!

There are 25 songs with lead vocals on the album, and 25 narrations that have complete songs built around them as well.

Of the 25 vocal songs, about nine are rockers, beginning with his being madly in love with the new girl (Perfect Girl). The rockers also cover his disillusionment (Quiet as the Night, You Owe Me a Favor, Cast Iron Girl, She Lies, I Feel Nothing, and Where Were You) as well as his realization of spiritual truth (Hold On To Your Fever) and his return to her, newly transformed (Singled Out) as well as his eventual reunion with his Higher Self (Listen To You and Love is Everything.)




A YouTube indie producer / director going by the name ‘brocollii’ has been the very first to convert a song from Wanderer Awakening into a music video! You are about see and hear the video for “Cast Iron Girl,” as our hero is wrestling with the frustration of how cold, critical and indifferent she has become towards him.

Though we have gorgeous ballads, progressive songs, jazzy songs, et cetera that range through a wide variety of styles, this song is straight-ahead 70s hard rock in nature. You will notice three-part guitar harmonies in the tradition of bands like Queen and interesting musical breaks within the piece that make it more than just your typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure.

I personally laughed and laughed (in a good way!) at some of the screaming lead-singer pictures, so you have my permission to have fun with this!



As you can see from our Official Release page, the listener comments have been phenomenal. We have truly accomplished something that exceeded everyone’s expectations by a substantial amount. The last nine months were super-compressed, super-intense creativity and production, and the result is, as many people are now saying, truly a timeless classic.

You can jump in and be a part of the adventure right now by clicking on the following link:




Lastly, I will reprint some slightly-updated text from a prior article that spells out how you can get involved and create your own videos from the album — providing you’ve bought your own copy and follow our simple, straightforward guidelines.






There is no DRM on these MP3 files. Please do not pirate them. There is no big corporation to Robin Hood here… just two guys who have made huge sacrifices to bring you this incredible message.

If you buy a legitimate copy of Wanderer Awakening, we have decided to allow you to use the music in your own videos, providing the following rules are followed:

  • Your video must use more than one ‘static’ picture. Be creative!
  • You can use the cover art for the album (including zooms and close-ups during your video), but don’t over-rely on it for your production.
  • No more than two songs per video.
  • No more than six total songs made into videos per author.
  • No ‘sequencing’ of the entire album into a chain of numbered videos by various authors, such as on a webpage with embedded videos.
  • No attacking or degrading content.
  • No selling or profiting from the videos — only free online distribution.
  • No use of the song in videos that advertise a product or service.
  • Video must include, either in opening or closing credits of the video itself: (Song Title) from Wanderer Awakening, By David Wilcock and Larry Seyer, DivineCosmos.com

Video authors who did not purchase the material legally will have their material removed for copyright infringement. Buying a copy entitles you to use it in your own free video projects, providing these rules are followed.

If you do a great job and create something inspiring, we may very well feature your work on this site. We do want people to be able to hear the music and feel the vibe, even if they don’t buy the whole thing. The rest is up to you!