Friday 9 / 11 / 09

On this eighth anniversary of 9/11, we have some wonderful new videos you may not have seen — Dr. Pete Peterson, Henry Deacon (Art Neumann) and Dr. Steven Greer!


Humanity is at a critical turning-point, the likes of which few could ever imagine. Dream guidance has been increasingly insistent in telling me that a very substantial defeat of the New World Order / negative elite / Neocon faction is imminent — much sooner than we may have thought, if we even dared believe it at all.

If the Federal Reserve is dismantled or dramatically reduced in its corruption, the positive effects on all of us could be far beyond most people’s imagination. I am getting very clear messages that some of the things we may have expected to wait until 2012 for are going to be happening well in advance of that time… possibly even before the end of the year. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve been given very repetitive instructions to make this announcement.

The full sequence of events may also include some form of official or semi-official public acknowledgement of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, which would certainly be a tremendous event — probably the most substantial event in modern human history, at least since the founding of any of the major world religions.

Apparently a major, massive economic upheaval will be the precipitating event that will usher in many of these changes. Nonetheless, it appears that this will primarily destroy the most corrupt elements of our financial infrastructure, and what comes in the aftermath is very, very positive for the rest of us.

I am in the process of compiling a very thorough roundup of every dream I’ve had in the last two years that supports this, and at least some initial form of that will be available within another week or two. Next weekend I’m speaking at Awake and Aware in Burbank, Los Angeles, and I do hope to see you there.

Signup information can be found at, and there will be a very impressive cast of speakers present, and there may be some others in the audience as well. I’m the big grand-daddy speaker who will close out the whole event, and I will rock the house!


I have so many deadlines and issues to deal with at the moment that my normal flow of productivity on this site has been severely impacted, and for that I do apologize.

At the same time, my analysis of this year’s crop formations has concluded that we are being given the same message there as the one I’ve been getting in the last two years of dreams. The most powerful dream I had about these prophesied events this year ended with the metaphor of a comet or asteroid that was coming into the Earth, as the final, remaining blow the negative elite wanted to give humanity before their imminent defeat.

The glowing inbound rocks were stopped, in breathtaking, tear-jerking fashion, by a massive apparition of Mother Mary, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine that was so tall you couldn’t see above her waist before you reached the cloud line. [I am not saying this will literally happen. Nonetheless, this is one of many dreams suggesting that a massive form of Divine Intervention is already underway and will create events most of us will see as miraculous.]

Mary’s hand personally reached out to the comet and stopped it from hitting the Earth, so when it finally landed it just plunked down without causing any damage. You can imagine my surprise this past week when I realized that all this year’s major prophetic crop circles have had a comet theme, and the exact calibration of the planetary alignment in one of them clearly associates this with economics, as it shows us an alignment that refers back to a date last December where we had the fourth-largest drop in the history of the Dow Jones.



Another formation earlier this year led many to conclude there would be either a massive solar flare or cometary event, and nothing like that happened. However, the date the formations suggested was the very day that Michael Jackson’s funeral was broadcast around the world. It was a definite moment of interracial harmony and togetherness, and I do believe that was the point.

Weeks before Michael Jackson died, I had a dream where I walked with him and he ended up dying of a heart attack from fear of his public. After he was gone, his family was gathered and said how sad it was that he chose that time to leave, because if he had stayed here he would have lived to see a massive defeat of the New World Order. This was something he had wanted for a very long time, and now it was imminent.

When he actually did then die, it was a further sign to me that the forces creating my dreams can definitely see into the future. The point was not whether I published the dream about him before it actually happened. The point was to add yet another layer of proof to convince me that this seemingly outrageous prophecy they were giving me was really in fact true.

I am delighted to know that some of these very major problems are going to be resolved a lot sooner than I had imagined they would be. It is also a huge honor to be given this information to share with you in advance of the actual events taking place. I am humbled.

I wish I had more time, as I’m about to speak in less than three hours here in Toronto. Definitely some drama. I’ve never stopped working this whole time, despite my absence here, but everything I’m doing will bear wonderful fruit in coming months.

The real world is starting to telegraph the signals I’m seeing. Check out this very interesting David Letterman opening monologue, showing how aware everyone has become of what is going on:




After a long delay in releasing the footage, I am happy to report that the video interviews with Dr. Pete Peterson have now been publicly shared. If you regularly go to Project Camelot then you’ve already seen these, but I want to re-post them here for those of you who haven’t already seen it.

This alone will take about four hours of your time, but it’s well worth it. We begin with the longest section, Part I, where Bill Ryan interviews Dr. Peterson for two hours. During this time, Dr. Peterson brings up the testimony from his inside sources that a very substantial economic upheaval is imminent, well before the end of the year.

This added weight to what I was already getting intuitively. However, I also had another one of my key dreams that same morning. In that dream, as I say in the video, a volcano erupted, debris fell everywhere, but no one around me was harmed. We took cover but we all made it.

I’m glad I actually got to say that on the video because it is just one of perhaps as many as 50 different dreams all making the same point. I politely reminded Dr. Peterson that we keep hearing these doom and gloom economic prophecies from inside sources but then the events never happen — and that makes for some interesting conversation.

What I did not get to say is that the world economy displays behavior consistent with Chaos Theory, including “self-organizing complexity.” When it reaches a point of peak instability, it will re-organize into a much better system rather than leading to disaster and ruin. Given the speed of ‘vibrations’ in the world now, as per my 2012 discussion, these positive changes will happen much faster in the current time than they would have in past history.


As we head into Part Two, I have a very fascinating discussion with Dr. Peterson regarding health, the ‘information field’ that is throughout the Universe and the ‘consciousness field’ that then takes this information and captures it into linear time so we can process it.

This seems to be everyone’s favorite part of the whole series, based on numerous emails I have received:



The final section is where Kerry interviews Dr. Peterson and goes through a wide variety of different topics. Towards the end of this video there is a discussion about “Activator X”. This is a compound that Peterson claims can stop children’s teeth from going crooked.

It can dissolve arterial plaque and virtually eliminate the threat of a heart attack. It also is an incredible pineal-gland decalcifier, thus also making it the number-one choice to improve your psychic abilities.  By Googling “Weston Price Activator X,” you can find a variety of ways to get this unique and very healthy compound. Peterson says ratfish liver oil is the strongest form of it, but there are others.

Another very noteworthy event here is that Peterson said the pineal gland operates by creating a Faraday cage, or electromagnetic shield, around itself. He describes an alleged Tibetan practice where a hole is drilled through the skull and a long, thin stick is used to perturb the gland with a slight wound to create an inconsistency that allows for ‘bleed-throughs’ to occur that seemingly increase one’s intuitive abilities.

This was particularly amazing, because it was a spontaneous, independent confirmation of what I’ve said for so long in the 2012 Enigma video. Namely, the pineal gland functions by shielding off the interior area from all electromagnetic fields and activity. This causes an ‘inversion’ so that time/space — the mirror inverse of space/time — can flow through via the information field.

Skeptics will continue to hoot and holler, but the reason why these things keep showing up is because they are true:




One week after we met Peterson, I was in Zurich, Switzerland. As I wrote in a previous blog entry, it was dazzling to see Henry Deacon come forward, share his real name, flash his brown Official US Passport that he got from his insider work, and reveal a small part of his vast array of testimony.

This came out on Project Camelot a while ago, but once again I am posting it here because I have a key role in it. I became very emotional when Dr. Eugene Mallove was brought up, since he was murdered the day before he was going on Coast with Richard Hoagland and me to announce an initiative to take a working free energy device into the offices of senators in Washington, DC:



Lastly, in this video with Rafa Palacios, Art gave a deeper statement of his credentials and some of the work he was involved in. I am particularly fond of this video because here he goes into a lot more detail about the positive view of the future he has come to see by combining what he already knows and has experienced with what he learned from me:





Finally, I want to make sure you see this wonderful presentation by Dr. Steven Greer in Barcelona. He and I share a great deal in terms of our positive perspective, and this is a legendary public address by any standards:




I will be updating this piece during the weekend, probably at night, but I wanted to get this out right now. We still need more sign-ups for my five-day Hawaii resort event with Kevin Fitzgerald or it may need to be canceled. I hope you will join me there because it will actually allow me to have a vacation in a wonderful tropical setting, and we can spend a lot more time getting to know each other than is possible at most conferences. Kevin can be reached at [email protected] or at 805-587-7734 for more information.

Also, Awake and Aware is still operating at a loss, though the show will indeed go on — so if you can appear there and help support the cause, that also would be greatly appreciated.

On the other hand, ticket sales for my upcoming conference in London have been great — obviously because it’s my first full-weekend intensive in Europe, and in no small part to the high likelihood that Arthur Neumann will be there to publicly go into more of his testimony — at least the parts he can get away with sharing.

This is going to be a legendary event for that very reason, as I do believe Art is our top guy when it comes to inside whistleblowers — and I know everything he knows, within reason, so it will make for a fascinating ride. You can order your London tickets here.

Thanks so much for your time, energy and support, and I look forward to the next time I have available to further clue you in on the marvelous turn of events I see coming up in the near future!