Tuesday 4 / 8 / 08

Is there any credence to the most negative, doom and gloom stuff on the Internet? How does David hold up when confronted with the really tough questions?


Let’s come right out and say that this video may frustrate you, and at times it may feel like you’re watching a wrestling match. It’s probably not the first video you should watch — we would recommend David’s first Project Camelot interview or The 2012 Enigma instead.

Some people are very focused on the dark side of what they read on the Internet. In general, it would appear that Project Camelot is getting a lot more of these emails than we do. Nonetheless, these are valid concerns that everyone is exposed to.



What you are about to see is a three-way discussion with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. In a very real sense this is the most they’ve ever participated in any of their videos, and we are honored to be a part of this round-table discussion — and to invite you into the room to enjoy it.

Very complex issues are brought up, tapping into all the deepest worries and fears of Illuminati, government conspiracy, earth changes and disaster prophecies. We’ve never focused in as closely on these fear-oriented topics in an audio or video presentation before.

We do feel it is important to see them for what they are, not simply ignore them and sweep them under the rug. That being said, for David to properly answer these questions, a great deal of time is required to fully explicate each point.

In this case, the dynamics of a three-way conversation led to many more issues being presented than there was time to adequately address. As a result, points that start to be built are then deflected by another question or comment. Entire subject areas are triggered and then only briefly touched on.

The most important example was David believes we now have a global economy, and we will never have an “economic collapse” in the sense that fearful Internet articles prognosticate. The American economy cannot collapse without taking down the whole world with it.

So, what we have instead is the purging of the negativity, which will ultimately have a very positive benefit for the people — not ‘bread lines’ and such things. To read much more about David’s view of the economy, the Illuminati and why this is not a doom-and-gloom situation, read his three-part article series entitled The Revealing.

Nonetheless, the service Bill and Kerry provided — beginning somewhere around 36 minutes in — was to throw David into the “hot seat” with an aggressive, comprehensive “trial by fire” for our belief in the ultimate positive nature of all events on the planet. In fact, this is THE most edgy, controversial and hard-hitting “initiation” David has ever run through publicly on this subject.

Despite the lack of data depth on the laundry list of Internet fear, you will see a remarkable continuity and consistency emerge in the tone of the discussion. Cynical people might never want to see how much their thoughts affect their experience, but this at least is a healthy dose of “reality” as we see it in the Law of One sense.



This was an impromptu decision we made. The lighting is admittedly very poor, and it is difficult to light David’s face without him looking like he has two black eyes thanks to his prominent Scottish brow catching a shadow reflection from the ambient light.

So yes… David is getting enough sleep and no, he is not sick. To get proper lighting we would have needed a bright, focused light on a tripod at eye level. Here we just set up the cameras, whatever lamps we had lying around, and went.

Also, we used three fixed, wide camera angles, so the fidelity on the faces is never good enough to make out any real nuances of expression.

These are just minor technicalities. The point is that we’ve already gotten a lot of positive feedback about this video.

The best way to handle fear is to shine the spotlight on it and realize it is only a shadow. Just like David’s eyes do not actually appear as they do in this video, the world is not as dark as it appears to so many of the people reading about government conspiracy in the alternative media.

So without further ado, let’s roll the video! Ultimately some very powerful and positive arguments are made and we do believe you will find it useful.

On the direct video link, Google seems to be only giving 10-15 minute chunks of download at a time and then it stops and you have to reload the page. This seems new, and is an attempt to save bandwidth. If this happens to you, use the YouTube links instead.



Link to Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3463651819075030503

Link to YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xAZ3EunlM4



Don’t forget that there are many opportunities to hear more on this website, and many of them are free. If you read through the articles archived in David’s Blog, you will find them rich in graphics and content. We recommend everyone check them out.

Our email load has continued to increase, peaking some days at 150 including the posts to our discussion forum. We thank you for your kindness and good wishes. We are making substantial progress on what should be the last major rewrite of CONVERGENCE and are very happy with the result.

David’s grandmother, Marjorie Wilcock, appears to be within 24 hours or less of moving on from her body into larger life. Many issues have been raised for David by this happening, all of which are ultimately positive. She is his last surviving grandparent. A personal blog will emerge surrounding the time of the funeral, or shortly thereafter.

Yesterday David spent a great deal of time adding new content to an old article, A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension. The first half is almost entirely new. He has not yet finished updating this article — it is a work in progress — but you can see what’s there now:


A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension


Seeing your last grandparent about to die is a powerful wake-up call to share any knowledge that may not yet have been publicized — so part of what David has done in this update is to give more detailed testimony of what he knows about the REAL stargate network from Daniel, as well as sharing his most current understanding of the deep spiritual issues we are all working on.

As always, we thank you for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. David is ever-increasingly unable to personally reply to email, but know that he does see them all and sends you his very best!