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Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths



On New Year's Eve 2010, I was working feverishly to finish the final round of edits and rewrites for my epic masterwork, The Source Field Investigations.

I was tired and wanted to go to sleep by about 11:30 -- but then I was prompted to do some additional Internet surfing.

I then came across a post from -- where they featured a clip of my final appearance on 'Ancient Aliens' for Season Two -- in the episode entitled "Alien Contacts".

This is only the end of a great episode, and I highly recommend you see the whole thing. Click here to watch it on if you live in the US.

Though I do not support piracy in any way, you obviously can do a Google Video search on "Ancient Aliens Alien Contacts" and see what comes up:

I was featured in seven out of ten episodes for Season Two, and was given the honor of delivering the big finale for the season -- which may have been the final message of the entire show if it does not get renewed. Here it is:



I had already watched this episode on my mother's DVR system shortly after it came out, so this was more of a review.


It was an amazing story. One of the producers called me, gave me these coordinates, and asked me if there was anything important about this location.

I asked them where they got this from -- but I was told I needed to answer the question first. It was important.

I actually started laughing, thinking they were playing some kind of a game with me. I wondered if there were intelligence guys in the background who fed them this, and wanted to see how 'smart' I was.

As soon as I opened the email and looked, I knew it was the mythical land of Hy Brazil.

The first time I heard about this island was when Graham Hancock mentioned it in our epic "Setting History Free" interview together, which you can watch on my YouTube channel,

I knew Hy Brazil had been drawn on ancient maps -- and we now know the maps were correct. Prior to the last Ice Age, there was land above water in that exact spot, with the exact shape it was given on the ancient maps.

When I found out this message had been delivered in 1980, in binary code, to the mind of a military man at Rendelsham Forest, I was stunned.


The other parts of the binary-code message were: EXPLORATION HUMANITY CONTI FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE.

The producers assume there should be an 'of' between "Exploration" and "Humanity" and that "Conti" should be "Continuous." The soldier may not have remembered all the code he was originally given, in a sort of hypnotic trance.

My point on the show was that these ETs appear to be giving us a message -- saying they wish to return and walk among us openly -- "for planetary advance."

The ETs, not us, may be the 'humanity' they are speaking of in their message -- on a journey of 'exploration'. "Conti" could also mean 'Continuum', as in humanity is now exploring the time-space continuum:


It could also mean that humanity is a 'continuum' throughout the Galaxy -- and they are now exploring the world of their relatives here on Earth.

Clearly there is a bold, direct reference to an 'Ascension'-type event here -- the "Planetary Advance."

If they can indeed explore the "time continuum," then they should still be able to prove it to this very day. Little did I know how dramatically the ETs were about to prove their point.


Literally, as I watched myself delivering this important message on Ancient Aliens, my friend was standing in amazement as five slow-moving red UFOs drifted over the ground -- just a few miles away from where I was staying.
They did not all travel at the same speed. They were about 40-50 feet away from where our friend was standing, about 25 feet above the ground. They were orbs of bright red light that did not appear to be much larger than the size of a basketball.
One of them zipped away at an impossible speed before they all just winked out of existence.
As soon as the above video clip ended, the phone was ringing -- and our friend, who I had just met with days before, breathlessly described this sighting that had literally just happened.
I remember thinking it was 'rude' that someone had called us that late -- before I knew what was going on.
This friend later returned to the same spot and found a teenage kid who was also there, hoping to see more. He had seen about twenty of them -- and the phenomenon had already been going on before our friend started witnessing it.
There was no skeptical explanation for this that would fit. It was highly bizarre. They made no noise. There was also an amazing feeling in the area as they drifted along.


To make the story sound even more crazy and implausible, a few days later my mother and I passed this same friend, in the car, at the exact spot where the UFOs had appeared.
None of us had any idea that this might happen. At least not consciously.
My mother did not want to get stuck behind a school bus, and turned down a road that was more out of the way for where we were going. This is the only reason why we ended up bumping into each other.
This also happened to be the road where the sighting had taken place. My mother intended to show me the exact location where the five red orbs had hovered, roughly 25 to 30 feet above a farmer's field.
I was stunned to look into the eyes of this same friend, passing us in a car, when we got there. It was very sobering. It has taken me a while to be able to talk about this because of how it makes me feel as a person.
The first massive bird die-off, which has got the entire world thinking about HAARP and asking questions, occurred within one hour of when this stunning synchronicity originally occurred on New Year's Eve.


This all happened while I was finishing my book and we were post-producing our epic Access Your Higher Self video series at the same time.

This is a game-changer for us. We've never done anything like this before. And I believe it will have a very significant impact as people see it, realize how amazing it is, and spread the word.

By practicing these techniques, which I have finally disclosed after a fifteen-year embargo, you can significantly increase the speed with which 'Ascension'-type events begin happening in your life -- and the intensity.

In 2002, my brother had a blue orb visit him, expand into what looked like a Stargate on his ceiling, and give him an intelligent message while he was meditating:

"The Ascension your brother is writing about will not happen all at once. It is a personal process of awakening -- with sudden moments of profound change along the way. The effects are stunning, inspiring and deeply transformational. You are now enjoying the first of these experiences."

Michael had this experience as a direct result of following a deep meditation practice and reading inspirational literature similar to what we have here on this site. The voice was clear and audible in his mind; he had no difficulty in hearing it.


I was given very strong guidance to stop hiding the techniques I developed on how to make this contact yourself. This actually created resistance for me, for a good bit of time, but I got so many 'pings' on this that I went ahead and did it.

When I first did the video as a streaming conference, we only had about four frames per second and my voice was not in sync with the movements of my mouth. It is still watchable if you just focus on the eyes, and / or predominantly just listen to it.

Now we have a marvelous, gorgeous four-part product, almost four hours in total, that was shot by Jayme Roy of HDLA Incorporated -- the cameraman for Ancient Aliens, Michael Moore and many others.


I'm stunned by the level of quality we've achieved -- with the music, the motion graphics, the artwork, the transitional video clips, everything. And you still get access to the original, for a total of nearly eight hours of content, at 77 US dollars, or about 59 Euros.

There are notable differences between the two presentations -- and I addressed criticisms from the original and worked them into the final version.

These techniques really work if you practice them. Some people told me I should charge several hundred dollars for anyone to see this video, but I have no interest in doing that -- even though many people would buy it.

We haven't changed the writeup on the site just yet -- but believe me, the final version is now there! You can watch this again and again, absorb everything I'm teaching you, and begin getting immediate results.

An accurate, reliable connection to your Higher Self is beyond any and all physical value. I do feel there is no more important thing you can do. It utterly changed my life and the surprises just keep on coming.

Without this guidance I would have never been able to achieve all the things I've achieved -- nor would I have the insights I am sharing with you. I also find it extremely valuable for anticipating unexpected events in my own life, and in the world.

Click here to find out more about Access Your Higher Self -- the final version is ready for immediate download today!


I also have some great conferences coming up -- and I really hope you can make it to one of them.

First of all, I am very happy to be a keynote speaker at next February's TruthCon in Atlanta, Georgia.

This event will take place in an incredible 1100-seat venue, and features a Who's Who list of people making waves in Disclosure -- Dr. Steven Greer, high-level UFO insider Bob Dean, Eric John Phelps, Stanton Friedman, Michael Tellinger and others.

I am delighted that the organizers of this event made me the Friday night keynote speaker and gave me all day Sunday to do my own post-conference event.

The Friday talk will be an amazing compilation of my most cutting-edge 2012 information -- updated to the bleeding edge of what is hot and current. It will be spectacular.

The Sunday talk will expand and further enhance the experience of the Access Your Higher Self content -- and feature live interaction with the audience where I will analyze and interpret your dreams.

[We've had a sudden new rush of people emailing us their dreams and wanting a free analysis. We get such incredible volumes of email that this is simply not possible. I do apologize. My next video series will be precision-targeted just on dream analysis, with many more examples, so you can really learn the language -- but Access Your Higher Self is a great overview.]


Dr. Greer is the big headliner at the Atlanta TruthCon on Saturday, and he never ceases to amaze. I am very glad we have been able to talk, because I have great respect for the man -- and he possesses a vast array of incredible insider knowledge.

Then you've got Bob Dean, one of the highest-ranking insiders ever to go public. He has only recently started to share what he really knows -- which includes the stargate systems used to instantly transport people from one underground base to another.

Dean is the only person to have gone public who knows this much, and is actually available to meet in person at an event like this. Even if it was just Greer, Dean and me, this would be well worth the price of admission.

Then you've got Eric John Phelps, a classic pioneer in the truth movement. You've got Stanton Friedman -- one of the true legends of UFOlogy who rarely speaks at any events. You've got Michael Tellinger -- with stunning information on the South African Stonehenge. And the list goes on!

I can't wait for the panel discussions we're going to have. We will be making history!

I know about 15 different insiders. Greer knows nearly 600 -- who are ready to come forward and testify before Congress if subpoenaed. There should be some very, very interesting off-record conversations if we can make the time.

You can attend my Sunday event by itself for less money, or pay a package price to see the whole weekend. The price is really very modest. All these details are now available on the Atlanta TruthCon website, which has an attractive new design.

Nasty rumors were started on the Internet that I was not attending this conference. They were lies. The organizer also experienced a devastating event that almost destroyed this conference -- but we are not giving up. The show must go on, and it will.


The very next weekend -- February 11-14 -- I will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo -- the biggest, best party on Earth when it comes to metaphysics, spirituality and healing.

The lineup of speakers includes George Noory, Dr. Steven Greer, Dannion Brinkley, Gary Zukav, William Henry, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Len Horowitz, Eric Pearl, Giorgio Tsoukalos and Jason Martell from Ancient Aliens, Bashar, Bob Frissell, Sean David Morton, Tricia McCannon, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Michelle Phillips, Janet Atwood and many more.

There is nothing else like it on Earth. My Saturday keynote is going to be a hum-dinger, where I will be debuting all-new material I've put together while working on my new book. The title is 2012 Pineal Stargate Activation:

You may already be equipped with a fully- functional “third eye” in the geometric center of your brain – the pineal gland.

Ancient cultures all over the world – the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans, Hindus, Celts, Greeks and Romans – all used sacred stones and mythological legends to secretly encode this symbolic message. They gave disciplines for awakening the pineal gland, and foretold of a time where the Gods would return.

Humanity as a whole is now re-awakening this “seat of the soul”, which may lead to a full-body transformation into the next level of human evolution.

Join David Wilcock in a riveting investigation into ancient mysteries, Earth energy vortexes, time travel and ‘megalithic’ stone architecture that may well have you floating out of the room in metaphysical ecstasy!

This is a follow-up to my classic 2012 Enigma video -- but I've massively increased the scope and power of that investigation in the course of research I put together while working on my new book.

This new section was specifically requested by the publisher, and I didn't even do it until December -- but it is absolutely fantastic. I have a very robust case now to establish the biological nature of the pineal gland and the worldwide ancient symbolism describing what it will do for us -- particularly in 2012.



My post-conference event takes place that Monday, February 14th (yes, it's Valentine's Day, so bring a loved one!) where I will delve much deeper into the pineal-gland awakening techniques -- as I will also be doing at the TruthCon in Atlanta.

Here's the link to the order information, and the writeup of what we will be discussing -- which will be similar to Access Your Higher Self in some ways, but very valuable nonetheless -- particularly for the in-person, live experience of group energy:

There is no greater secret than the ancient tradition of pineal-gland activation -- hidden in myth, architecture, secret societies and arcane rituals for many thousands of years.

David Wilcock has sorted through all the puzzle pieces and designed an elegant, straightforward scholar program that can begin getting you world-class results in mere weeks, if diligently practiced.

David will draw on his 18 years of daily dream recall and analysis to teach you the language of the non-physical realms and remove the confusion surrounding these vital messages from Spirit.

You will have a chance to get your dream professionally analyzed and interpreted by David, and learn through multiple examples how to tackle even the toughest, most encrypted symbolic puzzles.

You will also learn proven, straightforward techniques that can begin ‘downloading’ verbal and visual messages directly into your conscious mind -- and experience a live group meditation where this might begin happening to you in real time!

I do feel that combining the Access Your Higher Self video with a live event like this -- the TruthCon, the Conscious Life Expo or one of our all-weekend extravaganzas -- is the best way to get the most benefit out of these teachings.



One week later, (yes, this is going to be a rockin' month for me!) on the weekend of February 18th to the 21st, I will be speaking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the Miami International Airport.

This event features live music, beautiful guided meditations that can create direct Higher Self access, sixteen hours of richly illustrated Power Point lectures where I present a life-changing overview of my best material, hour-long electives from Marta Waterman and Larry Seyer, genuinely valuable products, and Tai Chi classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I will be discussing Coral Castle in my talk -- and the audience will be invited to organize their own trip to Coral Castle, which is close to where our hotel is. We are not legally allowed to make such a trip part of our official package, as we are not licensed travel agents.


If you can't make the Miami conference, others are on the way -- including Dallas on March 11-13, San Francisco on April 8-10, Seattle on May 13-15 and Denver on June 10-12.

We will soon be announcing Boston and London for later in the year. I will probably be having a huge conference to launch the new book as of July or August in New York City, but we're still working out the details.

We also have two sacred tours this year -- our week-long Canadian Rockies trip in June, and a stunning, extended tour of Italy in late September, where we plan on visiting the Italian Pyramids, the huge pinecone in the Vatican and much, much more.

You can contact Kevin Fitzgerald at 805-587-7734 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on either of these events. I've been working with him for many years now. I trust him and I appreciate his far-reaching spiritual insights.


I am thrilled to be almost finished with the final round of edits for my book. I ended up adding five new chapters at the beginning of material I was originally holding back for a second book -- and also found a wealth of new stuff on the pineal gland.

I now realize this is the last book I will be able to publish in this form before 2012 -- so I've pulled out all the stops.

I am honestly astonished at how good it is, and it is truly a psychedelic experience to have created something this masterful and amazing. I do feel it will be seen as my finest work, and it could have a major impact on our planet and its history.

The last two years have been very, very difficult, and this project has been the main source of my challenge. I have literally poured everything worthwhile that I've ever found in 30 years of research into one single text.

The documentation is so extensive, so unrelenting and so amazing that I am honestly going to be fascinated to study how any skeptic could possibly hold up against such an arsenal of undeniable, provable scientific facts. This could really shake things up.

It WILL be avaialble in Ebook form as well as in hardcover, and I highly recommend having both as there are a massive number of links to explore online for more information.

I really do feel this book will be of key importance in the Disclosure process. I try to "tone it down" and not go crazy in describing what I've really done here, because until people start reading it, there's no point in trying to express the full scope of it in my own words.


An equal or possibly even greater Disclosure value is found in our CONVERGENCE film. Jim had some disappointing but necessary delays in the screenwriting process, but we are on track for a finished draft next month.

Our next step will be to attach a major director and top actors to the project. We have several excellent options for financing and I do not expect we will have any trouble. CONVERGENCE could easily be a legendary cinematic event if we play our cards right.

Once the film is financed, I will finally be able to pay myself for all these years of work -- and that will be a useful and necessary relief. This has been almost entirely a volunteer, self-funded project thus far.

It has been a marvelous experience to have all these projects running in parallel. I have complained about how wiped out I've been these last few months, basically the last year, but things are really brightening up now that I'm almost finished with the book.

There is so much to look forward to in our future. I do not know what is going to happen, or how soon, but based on the pace of current events, I decided to release all of this article in one big chunk -- because everything could change again in another week.

We're less than one year away from the beginning of 2012. We've made it! Congratulations are in order! It's going to be the biggest I-told-ya-so party in human history -- and you are invited!

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#323 robert vandriest-mitchell 2012-03-24 00:50
Hi folks,

I am robert (an survivor of the monarch program and montauk project, being born in a high freemasonic family, back in southern california). But my question is the following concernng haarp and the torsion fields it create and the massive killings it causes.

What will happen when they firing up their haarp in a certain area, and a airplane full of people moves thru the area, where birds falling out of the skies, will this also kills people, is their anything known about this. I was just wondering about this.

Ohh bytheway, i am still in healing and recovery of my SRA, when i was used as a child in monarch (1967-1983) programming and the montauk program (1970-1983). I have forgiven the purpetrators, as they operated in a state of mind control themself, and i love myself to much, to hate others. If things go well i am planning to go back in lecturing later this year. For now take care.

Yours Sincerely:
#322 tim 2011-03-25 12:11
when is the book going to be out?? I forget..
#321 Happystrings 2011-03-13 13:23
Has anybody heard what is happening with the Child Porn story at the Pentagon. Boy has that thing disappeared from the news.

David, we are looking forward to your next bit of information.

I have heard some rumors that the New Madrid fault is next. With huge fish swarms in the Caribbean it feels like earth changes are not done yet. :o
#320 Cynthia II 2011-03-12 12:57
Again -- about HAARP
#319 Veronica 2011-03-11 15:34
Wow!!! ...Amazing wisdom and love you are sharing with the world!! Thank You and God Bless:D!
#318 tiger 2011-03-03 07:31
@sunsky, thanks for the informative comments and the links. Most thought provoking.
#317 Theocturian1111 2011-02-23 04:55
Glad to have you back online David, hope all is well. We all truly have missed the info. Be Love, Be Light The 3rd Stone 11:11
#316 Jennifer 2011-02-23 04:43
Glad your site is back- are you ok?
#315 Donna in Oz 2011-02-23 03:58
Welcome back!!! What a way to remind us of how much we appreciate this site! Thank Source (or Admins) for backups! ;-)
#314 Joy 2011-02-23 03:56
Glad you are back online...Much love, Joy
#313 sunsky 2011-02-23 03:47
Other records of “celestial raft” show there were some going on between man and ETs during other times.

Authored by a Western Jin dynasty writer and official Zhang Hua(232-300 AD) ,the "Bo wu zhi"(record of natural science) recount the story of the Xian Cha (celestial raft):

"It is said, once upon a time the Milky Way and the sea were connected, in recent time there were people live at the seashore.

Every year in the August the floating raft would arrive and leave on time. There was a man with high aspiration, tall pavilions are set up on the raft, with abundant supplies.

The man boarded the raft and left. For more than 10 days, stars, the moon, the sun passed by as he observed them, afterwards, the vastness made him indistinguishab le of the nights and days.

Another 10 days of travel, he suddenly arrived at a place where he saw many buildings which look like a city.

From distance he saw weaving women in the palace, he saw a man with an Ox drinking at the waterside.

Surprised, the Cowherd asked him "how did you get here?” he explained himself and asked the cowherd "what is this place?”

The cowherd replied "return to visit Yan jun ping in the prefecture of Shu for answer", therefore he returned without landing.

Thereafter a visit was paid to jun ping in the prefecture of Shu (today's Sichuan province of China), he told him that "there was a guest star violating the constellation Qianniu", and that's when the man paid the visit to the Milky Way"

The Song dynasty work "Tai ping guang ji"(Extensive Records of the Taiping Era) is a collection of things stretching a period from the Han dynasty(206 BC- 220 AD) to the Song dynasty(960-127 9 AD).

Citing "Dong tian ji" it says "The Yan Zun(the same person as Yan jun ping in "Bo wu zhi") 'Xian Cha' was placed in the Linde palace of the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD).

It is a metal object with the length of more than fifty chi (the measure of chi is different for different dynasties, it is 1chi=27.65cm during the Qin-Han period; 1chi=31.1cm during the Tang dynasty; 1chi=30.72cm during the Song dynasty, thus making the 'Xian Cha of Yan Zun' at least 15 meters long), its hard and it does not corrode.

Li deyu (787-850 AD, Tang prime minister) cut thin branch of more than 1 chi, carved an image which often flies away and returns.

It disappeared since the era of Guangming (reign of emperor Xizong of Tang dynasty), the raft then flew away as well."

Interestingly, like Wang Jia, Yan Jun Ping was also a Taoist scholar.

Maybe that’s why the female alien body recovered by Apollo mission resembles “Asiatic/Mongoloid”?

The Apollo 20 is still debated, but here is a twist to its validity

The official website of Chinese lunar exploration program (CLEP) recently (08/12/09) cited an article discussing the possibility of the secret mission conducted by America's Apollo 20 lunar mission, titled "Did the Apollo 20 find the wreckage of a gigantic spaceship on the Moon?"

Cited images by the article,

It’s interesting that the Chinese government branch for lunar mission is actually interested in some conspiracy story.

What this demonstrates i believe is that the Chinese know that something "artificial" exist on the moon after their first lunar orbiter Chang'e 1 finished surveying the moon.

This is the only logical explanation for the puzzle why should a genuine government branch like the CLEP be bothered to have this "conspiracy crap" on their website at all?

But this is not the only interesting "anomalies" i notice from the Chinese.

Shortly after the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC, the PLAAF celebrated its own 60th anniversary on 6th November during which the commander of the PLAAF Xu Qiliang made a speech to audiences including foreign military guests in which the following speech is particularly interesting to me

"The story of Chang'e is well-known to the Chinese, for hundreds of years the Chinese have celebrated the Moon Festival during which they wish for peace and prosperity.

I think if Armstrong knew this story, he would possibly pay a visit to the Moon palace"

Maybe the general is just acting lunatic in assuming the possibility of the existence of such "moon palace" of which supposedly exists only in traditional myth. But how can a real astronaut visit some fictional "moon palace"?

As far as im concerned the CLEP is acting exactly the same when their website takes some "spaceship wreckage on the moon conspiracy crap" to the front page.

Unless, they do believe that something "artificial" can be found on the moon. And the "anomalies" only popped up after their Chang'e 1 orbiter completed its mission.
#312 sunsky 2011-02-23 03:46
It’s pertinent to add that there are ancient Chinese legends speaking of “celestial rafts”.

Their size varies, the largest type were called “the boat hanging among the stars” or “the boat going to the moon”, the name seem to indicate they are spaceships bounded for the moon.

Around 2300 BC, the huge ship would float around China every 12 years during the reign of Yao, the record say they always stop somewhere directly above waters.

This attribute of it seem to suggest the Aliens have underwater facilities in both inland seas as well as oceans.

In his book "DEAD MEN'S SECRETS", author Jonathan Gray mentioned the following in chapter 27 under the title "To the moon and beyond? WERE WE ON THE MOON IN 2309 B.C.?"

“A story from this same period states that an enormous ship appeared on the sea at night with brilliant lights which were extinguished during the day.

It could also sail to the moon and the stars, hence its name, ‘the ship hanging among the stars’ or ‘the boat to the moon’”

This piece of information is found in the Shi yi ji (record of gleanings).

In the book, ‘the ship hanging among the stars’ is called gua xing cha (literally gua=hanging; xing=stars; cha=raft), ‘the boat to the moon’ is called guan yue cha (guan=to be linked together; yue=moon).

Here is the translation of the original passage:

“Thirty years after Yao became the sovereign, there was an enormous raft floating over the western sea, the raft has lights that shine at night which were extinguished during the day, people nearby saw the lights, waning and waxing, like stars and moon are appearing and disappearing.

The raft would float routinely over the four seas, twelve years a cycle, cycle after cycle.

The name for it is guan yue cha or gua xing cha, the feathered men live aboard it, the celestials gargle their nectar, the light of the sun and the moon becomes dim.

There were no more recount of its appearance since the era of Yu and Xia dynasty. Those who travel to the seas can still hear the incredible sound of it.”

This is one of the surviving accounts of the mysterious “celestial rafts” mentioned in ancient Chinese texts.

Such tales are often simply regarded as the works of imagination (novelist’s inventions) by orthodox scholars.

However the author of Shi Yi Ji, Wang Jia (?-390AD) according to history records was a Taoist scholar who lived a secluded life on mountains.

He is good at making prophetic remarks, because of such skill, he was sought after by various invading nomadic rulers and enjoyed fame among nobilities despite the fact he was forced to serve the ruling court after his previous refusals.

Wang Jia was not a “novelist”; “short-novel” as orthodox scholars would call them doesn’t fit well with some tales found in the Shi Yi Ji, since things like the description of a Volcano and its eruption doesn’t seem to be the work of imagination at all.

Granted, most of the tales and objects mentioned in the Shi Yi Ji seem strange indeed.

According to Shi Yi Ji, this ship appeared at the “Western sea”, the ancient name for Qinghai Lake in today’s Qinghai province, during the legendary ruler Yao’s reign, presumably around 2300 BC.

The description “like stars and moon are appearing and disappearing” is both describing different effect of the lights as well as the size of the ship, which gives the observer the impression that there was a chunk of sky over the lake, thus the definition “enormous”.

It seems such observation is made some distance away from the ship.

The wreck of that gigantic spaceship discovered by Apollo mission on the moon rather fits the profile of the enormous raft recorded in the Shi Yi Ji.

The term “four seas” in ancient texts may describe China itself or the boundaries of China as defined by certain waters to the four directions, therefore “Western sea” would be the westernmost definition of the “four seas”.

This enormous ship would appear periodically around China, and according to the name given to it, it was a space ship bounded for the moon.

Then Shi Yi Ji goes on describing the scenes onboard, the ship is where winged celestials (feathered men) live who drink nectar instead of eating grains so they are immortal.

Why would the “light of the sun and moon becomes dim”?

Since the name suggesting it to be a spaceship, it’s easier to apprehend the fact the view of the sun and moon would be different from the view of them on the ground.

This must have left impression for the observer whoever passed down this tale, that he must be a mortal whom for whatever reasons was allowed to board the ship for immortals.
#311 sunsky 2011-02-23 03:44
Why ancient people envisioned something aeriform as the Heaven to be “round”?

Few years ago, a Chinese author asked this question when he wrote a book titled "The Aliens are on the Moon".

The book cited a petroglyph discovered on the rocks of Yin Mountains

The scholars interpret the round object above the man as the sun, thus dubbed it “sun worship petroglyph”.

But the author says ancient depictions of the sun usually have sun rays whereas the “sun” in the petroglyph from Yin Mountains is just a round object.

“Sun worship” from Chengbeixi culture

He says the petroglyph is a depiction of worship for Heaven instead of the sun. Ancient oracle bone inscription for heaven was written like “a man with an oversized head/a round object above man” or “horizontal stroke(s) above man”

According to the author, horizontal stroke(s) represent land; the only land that’s above man and visibly round is the moon. According to him, this explanation would make sense to many ancient legends about a heaven which seem to have “physical attributes”.

Whether he is right or wrong, I stumbled upon certain ancient relics

The ancient pendant is carved to the shape of round, a clear sign of the “round” heaven belief, above the two “immortals” there is a round object, whatever the round object represents I too don’t think it represents the sun.

If the “immortals” were interpreted as actual images of ancient visiting ETs rather than the works of imagination (which orthodox Chinese scholars say), then it’s possible the round object is the actual vessel or place where they came from.

If combine Apollo 20 discovery and the hollow moon theory which indicate the moon is actually a giant extraterrestria l structure, then it indeed lend weights to the interpretation of the round object in this relic as the moon.
#310 sunsky 2011-02-23 03:42
Hangzhou's Xiaoshan airport was shut down for more than an hour last year, due to a trespassing UFO.

Just 3 days ago all flights were suspended due to runway crack, which was caused by prolonged low temperature, according to an "official" explanation.

May be so, but i just wondered whether its coincidence or not that it is the same airport which was shut down by an UFO last year?

Hangzhou is within the area where ancient Liangzhu culture located, i just discovered last year that the cultures of ancient China have some cultural connection to both ancient Mesoamerican and pre-Incan cultures.

Based on certain relics, i suspect there was a common "god"(or a group of gods) influencing the ancient cultures of China and the Americas.

If 2012 is the date when these ancient American "gods" will "return", (because i suspect they never really left), then i cant stop to wonder whether they have facilities in the vicinity of the ancient cultures that they influenced?

Like in the city of Hangzhou? One of the most famous poet of the Song dynasty, Su Shi(1037-1101AD ) once reported an incident in one of his poems, when he was sailing over the West lake (one of Hangzhou's most famous attraction) one night, a luminant object suddenly came out of the lake and lightened the nearby hill as it flew across.

The luminant object in the 11th century was definitely not "man-made" or "Chinese lantern", i just have to wonder whether it was a "temporary parking" or there is something "permanent" there.

Example of certain cultural connection between ancient China and ancient Americas:

I came across “The Hidden History of the Human Race" by accident

Among the many interesting things the program showed, I can't stop noticing the similarities between certain ancient Ecuadorian artifacts and that of the Qijia culture from China

The Ecuadorian figurines have distinct large round eyes and a distinct mouth

This one, besides the distinct large round eyed figures, the shape of this artifact, a round object with a round hole in the centre very much resembles the ancient Chinese jade bi object, which was used for the worship of the heaven since ancient Chinese believed in a "round" heaven.

An ancient Chinese Jade bi

The figurines from the Qijia culture bear uncanny similarities to the ancient Ecuadorian figures shown above

A pair of figures from Qijia culture is very reminiscent of the figures on the round object from Ecuador, even the alike posture.
Chinese one

Ecuadorian one

Ancient alien connection and huge alien crafts visiting ancient China:

Olivia Dunham finally gets to meet William Bell in parallel universe, in the TV series Fringe.

A Jade bi is placed just outside Bell's office, an ancient Chinese ritual object for worship of the heaven, the round shape is a manifestation of the ancient belief of a "round" heaven, and the hole in the centre represents communication or connection with the heaven

A Chinese jade Bi, with depiction of three "immortals", exact date and origin is unknown, but the archaic style appears to be "Neolithic"

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing was built by the Ming dynasty in the early 15th century, just like the jade bi, those round platforms represent the Heaven, the main Hall in the centre was constructed to "honor heaven and worship god".

The coiled body of the serpent/dragon is also the manifestation of this "round" heaven belief.
The C shaped dragon, the typical of Hongshan culture is accompanied by an “immortal”.

Twin “half man and half serpent” figures from the “spring-autumn” period

Dragon from Lingjiatan culture
#309 Sherry 2011-02-19 20:22
I was at David's Postcon at the TruthCon in Atlanta and it was absolutely wonderful and very enlightening!!!

David... it was so great to meet you. I was sooo lucky to have gotten a front row seat. I am sorry to hear that you are getting over a virus..... I wish you well!!
#308 iris 2011-02-19 06:30
Hey David and co... I'm a good and longtime friend of Nassim Haramein's... and I just wanted to toss this out there, which I think is a key question.

If the Old World Odor is using HAARP to try and defend against their 'toys' being taken away, by beings with supposedly an almost mind numbing technology... ummm... then why don't the "soon to be disclosed ones" just use their hi tech and shut down harrp already?

I believe this must be answered to give credence that particular variable of the story.

If HARRP is any type of deterent or weapon against "them" it would just seem logical "they" would just make it dysfunctional already... just sayin... Maha Mega Aloha to you and crew...

[Moderator: Good question -- but apparently they can't get everything at once, and there are many different devices that can do HAARP-type tricks.]
#307 Derek 2011-02-18 06:39
David, Have you had a chance to watch the third zietgiest movie that just came out? All three are FULL of illuminati symbolism.

I'm trying to figure out what the agenda is. I'm guessing it's probably rothschild faction angainst nwo faction and might be positive in that way.

What do you think?

[Moderator: None of us believe the author of Zeitgeist is a member of any faction of the negative elite. These symbols are widely known and were used to illustrate the points he was making.]
#306 Gar 2011-02-17 22:33
There is proof that when kindergarden children in the inner city of Washington were taught to meditate( which they did each day in class after being taught) the crime rates in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods dropped noticeably and imediately.

I remember walking in the rain one january and being bothered because it was supposed to be snowing. The forecast was for rain until the next day.

Then I had a thought. What if I visualized that it was snowing. While I was walking over a bridge I started visualizing the snow.

I did my buisness and started walking back and lo and behold it started snowing , and it snowed until the next day.

A few years later we had an ice storm that was causing alot of damage. I called 2 friends who were also not a part of the normal people and asked them if they wanted to try and stop the ice storm.

The forecasts were for continuing rain that would turn to ice when it landed.

We set a time and did the visualiaztions in our separate homes at the same time, and it started snowing that night and the ice storm was over........... working together, we can fix any problem, divided we fall
#305 san 2011-02-17 22:08
ah nevermind, I see he [fulford] was talking about someone else.
#304 Maggie 2011-02-17 04:42
Skye, I liked your comments about the GHWB honor. The body language was strange.

Obama seemed very much in charge, almost stern, and Bush seemed weak and uncomfortable, like he had just been beaten.

And the list of achievements were rather strange. Reminded me of the Matt Lauer interview of GWB where he admitted to torture and abandoning capitalism.

Are the Bushes on public trial and we are only dimly aware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Is Obama seemingly playing along until the stage is set for the real truth to come out?

I think now that David is right about Obama, even though it appears quite the opposite at the moment.
#303 jensingr 2011-02-17 04:12
Dear David Wilcox,lol
I hope you have a nano-second to read this!

I saw your comment over at BFC at exactly 3:33, two times that same day I saw 11:11, and it occurred to me that we are perhaps experiencing glitches in our matrix....which may account for someone who knows you misspelling your name...and also the reporter that suddenly started talking gibberish during a report...and it wasn't a stroke! (I have noticed many of these things)

I had a dream the other night where you were standing on a very steep precipice. You were looking out at a beautiful sunset...and you would extend your arms out like wings as if you wanted to fly....then you would put your arms down, look back over your left shoulder at the steep and treacherous climb you had made and your face would change as if you were thinking how hard it would be to go back down, then you would turn around, smile, and hold your arms back out again...put them back down, turn around look down, etc....(about 5 or 6 times) then I woke up....

I don't know if this dream is for you, for me, or maybe all/one of us are about to fly....

When does enough become enough....
I think we are all tired of holding this matrix together..

Love and Thine eyes be single!
#302 Christopher 2011-02-17 02:38
David, i have been using silver for years. havent had the flu or a cold in about three. try this, or tell me your opinion ../

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