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Wanderer Awakening: (online book)

The Life Story of David Wilcock

From the book:

In the boundless depths of the Creation, I have found my home, a place to serve the One and come to a greater understanding of myself. From this watery planet at the far rim of the galaxy, I heard the cries of millions and millions of entities, living in fear and trepidation that they might never be free. I knew exactly what their cries meant, and could feel their pain as if it were my own. On their astral level, or what they might call "subconscious," they were quite well aware of the pressing crisis of their disconnection with their Source, the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator. Yet on the conscious level, that of the waking Ego of their three-dimensional minds, they had forgotten. Indeed, there was so much for them to remember, so much that they were not seeing. At that moment, hearing those cries and feeling their pain, I vowed to take immediate action. Could I simply allow this to go on? To see these beings suffering, without them even knowing consciously what they were suffering from?

Read the story where the two and a half hour musical came from!


Introductory Essay on the Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection and the "Mission"

- Updated 10/22/00 -

- Reformatted 7/16/08 -

Edgar Cayce [1877-1945] is perhaps the most well known psychic of the 20th century. His work is essentially unparalleled in psychic literature, since he specialized in highly accurate "medical readings" where people could be accurately diagnosed and treated at a distance, using a host of alternative remedies and methods, many of which were never before seen.

The entranced, sleeping Cayce needed nothing more than a name and address to perform this service. All indications have been that as far as medical readings are concerned, Cayce had a 99-percent accuracy rating.

Cayce was a strict Fundamentalist Christian, and this psychic ability essentially revealed itself when he lost his voice for a period of several months. After having almost lost all hope of recovery, his body began speaking while he was asleep, and gave his family the exact steps necessary to regain his speech.

For the first 20 years, all of Cayce's readings were essentially medically based. After this time, they began to reveal much more metaphysical information concerning past lives, astrology and the existence of Atlantis, among many others.

The Cayce readings are frequently indicated as being very difficult to read. Their sentence structures were often quite excessively long and convoluted, using archaic language similar to that of the King James Version of the Bible.

For this reason, most available books on the market are about Cayce's readings, rather than just being direct transcripts of his readings. One can spend a great deal of time studying these readings, knowing that they are proven to be highly accurate, and be unable to fully understand them without intensive concentration and focused thought.

It has long been known in the Cayce circles that the readings issued a prophecy surrounding the return of himself and his associates in 1998. Many people naturally assumed that this meant that he would either be born as a baby in 1998, or return as an Ascended being. Here is the actual text from reading 294-151, when this return was discussed:

Is it not fitting, then, that these must return? as this priest may develop himself to be in that position, to be in the capacity of a LIBERATOR of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come; for he must enter again at that period, or in 1998.

[294-151] - 7 / 29 / 32, 11:00 a.m.


The context of this reading discusses Cayce's past incarnation as the priest Ra-Ta, who was said to have a pivotal role in coordinating the preservation of Atlantean records, through his collaboration with the construction of the Great Pyramid and the Hall of Records.

He also helped the Atlantean survivors integrate themselves into the Egyptian lands. Cayce was obviously quite surprised and happy to find out that he could claim this pivotal, important past incarnation as one of his own.

Those who thought that Cayce would spontaneously return as an Ascended, angelic being in 1998 obviously were proven wrong by the simple passage of time. Although it does say that "the priest will return in 1998," it also says that he "may develop himself" into this role.

In other words, the portion of him that was the priest in a past life could be seen to fully return to his waking consciousness in 1998. Also important for everyone to remember is that the reading says that he may become A Liberator. It does not say that he will be THE Liberator.

Please understand that this is NOT a Messianic prophecy. Cayce's return is one of a great team of "Liberators" who will be present on the Earth during this period of time. Many others on the planet might also be termed "Liberators" by these higher forces, even if they are consciously unaware of that fact.

It is important to remember that if we examine the "rules" of reincarnation as outlined in the Cayce Readings, it can be clearly demonstrated that Cayce would need another lifetime to work on his own personal difficulties.

In other words, there were many areas where Cayce had residual "karma" that he would need to work out in a future life. These areas included five key points:

DIET AND EMOTIONS: Cayce never stopped smoking, drinking coffee, "enjoying his Kentucky bourbon," eating poorly and indulging in fear and worry throughout his life, despite ongoing admonitions from his readings to do so. Complete dietetic regimens were given, which he ignored, as well as suggestions to avoid worrying, which he was largely unable to do.


DREAMS AND CONSCIOUS CHANNELING: Cayce was instructed by his readings to remember his dreams every day and use them for guidance. He was never able to keep this up, although he did keep a journal of them in spurts through the late 1920's.

He was also told that it would be preferable for him to learn to channel consciously instead of unconsciously. He never was able to do this, although he did show remarkable psychic gifts while awake.


FORGIVING MORTON: Cayce never really forgave, rectified or talked out the icy breakup that occurred between himself and his chief financial backer, Morton Blumenthal, who had more readings than any other person on file.

Cayce died from the physical without having spoken to Morton for almost 15 years, and Morton wrote a book partly intended to expose Cayce et al.'s abuse of his financial donations to the work.


LOSS OF HOSPITAL: Similarly, after losing the hospital that Blumenthal helped to fund, Cayce thought himself a complete failure and never fully regained his self-esteem. This created a definite psychic blockage that still existed upon his death.


SELF-MARTYRDOM: Most importantly: Cayce was unable to "stand up for himself" enough to refuse readings to anyone after his popularity soared from the publication of the book "There Is A River." As a result, he literally martyred himself for his work. At the end he was doing eight readings a day, six days a week, and he quickly burned out and died as a result of this.


Cayce's readings explained how karma from past lives needed to be worked out in future lives. They also said that they had not revealed the full extent of his past lives to him, only those that were most important for him to know.

Coincidentally or not, almost every past life that the readings told Cayce about was of the male gender. No female lives were given, as perhaps this would have made him even more uncomfortable about reincarnation.

Cayce was already dealing in his own life with karma from previous lives as well as he could, and according to his readings, he did quite well. As Ra-Ta, he had been almost destroyed by his iniquities with women, having been banished from Egypt for several years.

As the king Ujhltd, (pronounced YOOLT,) Cayce was betrayed and murdered by those he thought he trusted.

As the Greek man named Xenon who lived during the Hector/Achilles period, Cayce committed suicide out of fear, after realizing that the Trojan Horse had penetrated the city gates with a huge invasion force inside of it.

As the Englishman John Bainbridge, (who actually reincarnated under the same name twice,) he was a gambling, womanizing alcoholic who enjoyed his misdeeds so much that he came back as a very similar person to do it all over again.

Cayce did certainly make excessive progress in his own life at clearing out the karma from these past circumstances, especially in his efforts to clear the effects of his suicide as Xenon.

However, given the nature of what karma is and how it functions, we can see from the above checklist that Cayce certainly needed to come back again for one more lifetime to refine and complete his process of self-integration. He left the Earth with unfinished business that would need to be completed before the end of the Piscean Age that we are now within.

We also know from the study of Cayce's readings and other sources that successive future incarnations should have at least five key points of similarity:

ASTROLOGY: Astrology is vitally important in terms of the spiritual "configuration" of an entity. Therefore, we should see remarkable astrological similarities between successive incarnations.

FACIAL APPEARANCE: The facial appearance is another vital "stamp" of an entity's own identity that transcends the space of one simple lifetime. The entity's innate personal vibrations determine the precise arrangement of the DNA molecule. Therefore, we should expect that successive incarnations have very obvious facial similarities.

KARMIC TRAITS AND LESSONS: The entity will invariably have the same traits, both "good" and "bad," and therefore be drawn back into learning the same karmic lessons, repeating them again and again until they are mastered.

KARMIC PLACES: The entity might well be drawn back into the same places that it had lived in the past. Such was the case between Bainbridge and Cayce both ending up in the Virginia area.

KARMIC PEOPLE: The entity will invariably be drawn back into associations with the same people that it had known in the past, reincarnating with them again in the future. Consciously, the entity would have no idea that this is what happened. Amazingly, there are hundreds of cases of this "group reincarnation" that emerge in the Cayce Readings, especially from the Ra-Ta and Ujhltd period.

So, what we have here is five basic stipulations for reincarnation. Obviously, there are many others as well, but these are some of the most important criteria.

At this point, we enter the story of David Wilcock. He had no idea, consciously speaking, that he might be connected to Edgar Cayce in any way until after he had been doing his own "psychic readings" for an entire year.

David has also demonstrated repetitive accuracy in his readings and prophecies, including two examples of prophetic sentences that were phrased in foreign languages that David had not consciously studied.

The connections between the two are quite extensive, and are the subject of this entire book, Wanderer Awakening. In this chapter, we will focus on the five main points of similarity that we have just touched upon above.



SAME YEAR OF THE CHINESE ZODIAC: David was born exactly 96 years after Cayce, which makes both of them fall under the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac. (1973-1877= 96, and 96 / 8= 12.) Since there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, this is a one out of 12 chance.


BIRTHDAYS FIVE DAYS APART: David was born on March 8; only five days away from Cayce's birthday on March 13. (Both are Pisces.) This is a one out of 73 chance (365 / 5= 73.)


NEARLY IDENTICAL MOON POSITIONS: David's exact time of birth, 11:16 p.m. in Schenectady, New York, puts the Moon in a practically identical position to Cayce's Moon, at 28 minutes of one degree, or roughly one half degree.

This alone is a 1 in 720 chance (360 deg. x 2,) and then you must factor that against the likelihood of them being born within five days of each other, and in the same year of the zodiac (365 / 5= 73; 720 x 73= 52,560; 52,560 x 12= 630,720.) This makes both David and Cayce an Ox / Pisces with a Moon in Taurus, which is a one in 630,720 chance.


VERY SIMILAR INNER PLANET POSITIONS: Remarkably, all the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are positioned so closely to each other in the two charts that their average variance is only 7 degrees 43 minutes out of the potential 360 degrees. (It's less than 3 degrees average variance if you exclude Mercury.) This is quite unbelievable and adds tremendous strength to the case. The "hologram" of Cayce's Ego personality was completely preserved.


OUTER PLANETS ALL 'ASPECTED': The remaining large outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are all in very tight aspects to each other in their corresponding positions on the two charts (Jupiter 30 degrees, Uranus 60 degrees, Saturn 90 degrees, Neptune 150 degrees.) The average deviation from being exact among these aspects is only 2 degrees 18 minutes! This shows that although the two entities are closely related, they have very different missions on the planet.


EXACT PLUTO OPPOSITION: Cayce's Pluto turns out to be in direct opposition, 180 degrees apart, from the point where the sun rises in David's chart, known as the Ascendant. The difference is only 1 degree, 22 minutes, again a very strong connection.


DAVID'S PLUTO SQUARES CAYCE'S JUPITER PERFECTLY: Also, David's Pluto is 1 degree, 23 minutes away from being precisely 90 degrees offset from Cayce's Jupiter. [Notice that both variances in these Pluto aspects are only one minute of a degree different from each other - 1' 22" and 1' 23".] This does indicate some friction between the two incarnations, as astrologers consider these aspects harsh.


VERTICES IN OPPOSITION: Lastly, the vertices or "balancing points" between the two charts are in a very tight 180-degree opposition.


And so, we have to conclude that from a sheer astrological perspective, combined with what we understand from the Cayce Readings about reincarnation, the probability of all these connections being merely happenstance or coincidence is almost impossible.

Contrary arguments can be made, but facts are facts. David can prove the date, place and time of his birth with his birth certificate, and the rest is self-evident to anyone who looks at the astrology.



Numerous laypersons as well as several experienced portrait artists have verified that the facial similarities between David and Cayce are astounding.

The only main differences are that Cayce's jaw is more recessive than David's, and Cayce's lips and earlobes are slightly larger than David's.

The most stunning similarity of all is in the similarities within the shapes of the lips, cheekbones, hairline and nose, the remarkably similar appearance of the eyes and the literally identical bone structure of the brow above the eyelids. (Maturity and weight changed Edgar's appearance as time progressed.)

These similarities are strong enough that several people directly associated with the Cayce work and his younger pictures "nearly fell over backwards" (an exact quote) the first time that they saw David's face. One even volunteered that David "looked exactly the same as Edgar Cayce" before he ever even knew anything about David, or that there was any possible connection.



Quite without his conscious awareness of a reason, David was inclined towards being a psychic from a very young age. He had a spontaneous out-of-body experience at age 5 and read his first adult book on ESP at age 7.

He also conducted successful telepathic experiments with his friends at age 7. He began reading the Tarot cards at age 13, had his first consciously-induced lucid dreaming experiences at age 16 and got his first channeled psychic messages at age 23, the same year that Cayce lost his voice and began doing his own readings.

Both are almost blindly driven to serve God, other people and the planet. (See "Karmic Similarities between Cayce and David" further down in this article for an assessment of their shared karmic lessons.)



David would end up being very strongly asked by his readings to move to Virginia Beach before he was consciously aware of the Cayce connection. This move was prophesied in the readings almost from the very first day, and David was only just beginning to suspect a possible connection when he arrived in Virginia Beach.

David's readings predicted the exact name of the street (Great Neck) he would be living on back in July of that year, and the move wasn't made until October. They also gave him the German phrase "Scarstahldig" in July, which turned out to mean "A group of German steel helmets." (David has never studied German.)

Amazingly, the tenant living with the woman David moved in with in Virginia Beach was a collector of German steel helmets! Furthermore, he had not even been living there when the reading was done in July!



David gradually became aware that some of his closest friends and associates were the reincarnations of others in the Cayce circle. Each case is a story all its own, with compelling karmic connections as well as similarly astounding facial correspondences. More research is necessary to uncover any possible astrological connections. Here is a partial list:

Morton Blumenthal: David's very good friend Chris, who he has known since he was a college freshman. Chris is highly intellectual and drawn to New York City, just like Morton was. Very similar faces, hairstyles and mentalities.

David's readings dramatically indicated this connection through a time-encoded prophecy that was made before David knew about his past life as Cayce. Although we have an amazing comparison photo Chris doesn't want it released at this time.


Edwin Blumenthal, Morton's Brother: David's best friend Jude, who he has known since he was a freshman in high school. As is to be expected, there are significant facial similarities between the two.

Many of the fantastic potentials that the Cayce Readings ascribed to Edwin can be seen in Jude, through his creative work with photography, art, music and poetry. Jude is perhaps the single most important figure in the early stages of David's awakening.

David Kahn, Edgar's Best Friend: David's "other best friend" Eric, who he has known since his junior year in college and lived with for two years, during the time when the readings got started.

Notably similar faces, and identical facial expressions while being photographed. Both are highly intelligent, compassionate, stable and business-minded people. Eric was of invaluable assistance on all levels when David began doing readings and currently does not want a comparison photo to be posted.


Dr. Wesley Harrington Ketchum, the man who broke Cayce's story to the medical world: David's brother. The facial similarity is quite remarkable.

Antagonism between Cayce and Ketchum could account for early sibling rivalries, which have now been ameliorated. Cayce stopped working with Ketchum when he learned that Ketchum was using his readings for profit.


Leslie "The Squire" Cayce, Edgar's father: David's father. Again, the behavioral / karmic connections and facial similarities are extraordinary. The rather rough edge that the Squire possessed was completely visible in David's father throughout David's adolescent years, and later the same degree of intense love would also be quite visible.

Furthermore, David's father's favorite clothing store has always been "The Squire Shop." He does not know or understand any of these connections consciously.

Undoubtedly there are still other connections not yet discovered. But so far, these discoveries conform perfectly well with the idea in the Cayce Readings that the same groups of people will continue to reincarnate together in successive lifetimes.




David adopted a strict vegetarian / Vegan diet well before he ever started doing readings, and through his readings he has refined it more and more, on an ongoing basis. (Obviously, he does not smoke, drink coffee or alcohol or eat pork, which were the causes of Cayce's ongoing health problems.)

David has also had numerous dramatic lessons in learning to renounce fear and worry and trusting that his needs will be met. Both Cayce and David have struggled with ongoing financial hardship. David has largely cured himself of the problem of his worries and fears interfering with him in any way, which is certainly no small feat.



David has recorded almost every dream, every single morning since 1992 with only one major breach in 1994. Since November 1996, each of these dreams have been recorded on audiotape and later transcribed onto the computer for archive and analysis purposes.

Including the psychic readings and extensive personal journals, this means that almost all of David's spiritual growth, development and multidimensional experiences are extremely well documented for future study.

Throughout this entire period of time, David has striven to follow the guidance of his dreams to the best of his ability -- something Cayce had tried to practice, but did not persevere with.

David started off from the beginning of his psychic career as a conscious channeler. Further refinements over time have led David to achieve higher and higher levels of trance quality without going unconscious in the process.



Although David's friend Chris still doesn't believe that this is who he was and is essentially not metaphysically inclined, there is strong evidence connecting him directly with Morton in David's readings, long before David ever had any idea of his connections with Cayce.

This came through when David was specifically asking about Chris and the readings said "Plug in the early New York Stock Exchange." All of Morton's money was made on the Stock Market.

David and Chris have been through an ongoing series of ups and downs, but regardless of the difficulties they have remained very close friends throughout the entire time, hence clearing past karma.

Chris has remarkable facial, intellectual and behavioral similarities to Morton. Also, Chris had come to live with David right after David moved into a house that was a mere two blocks away from the former Cayce Hospital, now the ARE.

David and Chris had perhaps the worst fight of their entire friendship directly before David was to go over and see the Cayce Hospital for the very first time! At this point David still did not realize the Chris / Morton connection, though he was aware of his connection to Cayce.

What makes this so interesting was that Morton had funded the Cayce Hospital and later collapsed it in the aftermath of the Stock Market crash of 1929 -- and the two were never able to speak to each other again in that life. Cayce felt ruined by this.



David would relive this karma over and over again in the physical. It came through in four main fashions:

Loss of Living Situations: Like a recurring nightmare, David would end up being asked to move out by almost everyone he lived with once he got to Virginia Beach, despite his cleanliness and politeness -- essentially since they did not understand him or somehow felt overshadowed or threatened by his abilities. (The other person involved themselves way too much in David's business, forcing him to break away.)

This pattern also occurred with two college roommates. Cayce had similar problems with having to move in his own life as well. David now has his own private apartment!


Loss of Jobs: Until David made a commitment to actually do personal readings for a living, he either grew weary and disgusted with every job that he had and quit, or got spontaneously fired, often for no apparent reason.

The jobs that he actually enjoyed also seemed to dissolve mysteriously, and the readings explained that this was their own doing, to relieve the karma associated with the hospital as well as inexorably steering David towards self-employment in service to others.


Loss of Romantic Interests: David also seemed to have a cycle where every potential female relationship that he tried to become involved in would quickly sour.

This led David to wonder how such a pattern could possibly occur over and over again, since he treats people with nothing but complete love and respect, and is not unattractive. Now he knows that this is related to the Ra-Ta and John Bainbridge karma, in part.


Loss of Book Contract: David invested a lot of personal self-esteem and pride in the fact that he had recently sold his book "Convergence" to a publisher, and looked forward to the $5000 advance.

The timing of the loss of this contract forced him to do an emergency fund-raiser in only three days in order to pay his rent on time. By this point he was already largely impervious to personal loss, and it did not have a large effect.


'Official' Dismissal: David would also endure an overt dismissal from certain factions of the ARE, the organization founded by Cayce. Although his complete one-year absence from them was essentially self-imposed, it was an ongoing source of frustration. This certainly could be a karmic parallel to the banishment of Ra-Ta from Egypt.


So, with all of these "hard knocks," we can see that David has had to "reinvent the wheel," going through remarkably similar losses all over again. The point of all of these lessons appears to be designed to make David completely self-sufficient. The "Achilles Heel" of Edgar Cayce was that he depended on the financial resources of others in order to achieve his own personal successes. David has now worked strongly to become self-reliant in all areas, financial and otherwise.



David has had ongoing, multiple lessons extending through to the immediate present about the need to stand up for himself and not allow others to take advantage of him.

He has had to learn through often very intense and harsh experiences that he must maintain his boundaries and free time, or else he will not be able to finish his work within the necessary timelines.

David also has had to be diligent in taking breaks from his work with his book and article writings, personal readings for others, seminars, dream / reading transcriptions and Internet research, which has often been 16 hours a day, six or seven days a week since he became self-employed in July 1998.

He has to discipline himself to break away from the computer to do other things such as exercise and recreation. While dedication to the work is good, he needs time to live his life.

David is obviously too young to "die of burnout," but it is still something he must be aware of. This selfless dedication to the work is an obvious reason for his romantic failures as well!

So, all these lists bring us back to the central point. Even on this surface level that we are looking out, there are undoubtedly some major connections between Cayce and David that fit remarkably well into the category of a "reincarnation."

Furthermore, in David's in-progress book Wanderer Awakening we get an in-depth account of the numerous "hints" that David's readings were giving for the whole first year, all of which emanated from a deep level of trance and were not understandable or decipherable at the time.

If David had really had any inkling that something like this might have been true, he may have suspected it earlier and gotten the idea of what his readings were trying to tell him. However, this was not the case.



At this point we would like to insert one additional "disclaimer" which came to us through a reading after "sleeping on" this article.

I, David, do not wish to self-aggrandize or make myself out to be something great through writing all of this. In fact, I dislike the spotlight and the controversy, and that is why I haven't yet written up this article until now, after knowing about this for a year and seven months already.

I just want there to be a document that states the truth as I see it - both the strong points and the weak points. We are all One in this creation and no entity is any more or less valuable than any other.

If I were trying to tell everyone that I was some spiritual super-hero, then I obviously would not have included the information about my losses, relationship problems and the like.

I do not feel that I will single-handedly "save the world" or do anything grandiose. I am simply one of a great team of Lightworkers, both incarnate and discarnate, all of whom wish to be of service to others. That's it.

And now, back to the article.



The most common question that anyone asks David about the "Cayce Connection" is this: "Why don't you do medical readings like Cayce did?" David's readings have repeatedly addressed this point over time.

Essentially, David came to the planet with a very different mission than Edgar. It was not his responsibility or desire to simply come through as a carbon-copy of the person he had been before.

Now that this lifetime would see the year 2000 at age 27, it was much more important to focus on the pivotal event of the entire 75,000-year history of human life on Earth; namely, the end of the Solar Cycle that was referred to repeatedly in Cayce's readings.

Much of David's scientific work, cataloged in Convergence, is a direct repetition and reassimilation of the knowledge that was available to Ra-Ta. This knowledge included:

The fact that civilization moves in 25,000-year cycles;

The fact that the universe is organized into an octave of dimensions;

The fact that these octaves have a light, sound and geometric counterpart;

That this geometry shows up on Earth as the Global Grid;

That this Grid energy can be harnessed through building crystal structures;

That the Great Pyramid was the optimal energy-focusing design;

That humanity would be "harvested" at the end of the cycle;

That higher-dimensional beings would assist this transition.


Cayce's readings did their part to set the stage for the metaphysical knowledge that needed to be in place on Earth in order for us to be better prepared for Ascension, both consciously and subconsciously. This knowledge included the idea of reincarnation, both individually and in civilizations such as Atlantis. It was also important for Cayce's readings to give us a very large part of the Ra-Ta / Ascension puzzle:

The announcement of the existence of a Solar Cycle,

The historical timelines for this Cycle;

The idea of an octave of dimensions;

The idea of a Global Grid geometry;

The fact that the cycle concludes with Earth Changes and Ascension.  


The last point in the list, point five, explains why Cayce's readings drew special attention to the time period between 1998 and 2001. The prophecies made it clear that at some point within this time window, there would be both major Earth Changes and what they called the Second Coming of Christ.

If we study their deepest interpretation of this Second Coming in the readings, we realize that it is identical to the notion of Ascension; namely, that each person who has followed the basic truth of service to others will complete the "Christ Pattern." Symbolically speaking, completing this pattern involves crucifixion and Ascension.

What is crucified is the will of the Ego, so that the person then accepts the idea of "Not my will, O Father, but Thy will be done." The Ascension of personal spiritual transformation comes after this choice is firmly made.

Therefore, once we are able to accept God's will, which is to "feed my sheep" or to "love thy neighbor as thyself," we have understood what our real purpose is here on Earth.

Regardless of who you are or what religion you espouse, (or even if you support any religion at all,) the final truth of your purpose for incarnation on Earth is to make a choice as to whether you will serve others or serve self.

In order to be "Ascension Compatible" we must become 51-percent or more motivated towards service to others, and this is enough of a difficult step for many people that the majority of incarnate entities on Earth will not Ascend, at least not in the first major "vortex" of Ascension. If we do "make" the first vortex, we will never have to see any of the mega-Earth Changes while incarnate within the physical plane.



Finally, we need to cover the importance of Ra. We learn from Cayce that Ra-Ta had made a connection to higher intelligence, similar to channeling, and this enabled him to do his work on the planet involving archeology, the design and building of the Great Pyramid and the Hall of Records.

In 1981, this same intelligent group of entities who were in contact with Ra-Ta was finally able to find an arrangement of three people who could bring out their teachings to the planet. These people are Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty.

Their work would be published in a series of five books entitled "The Law of One" series. The first book is also known as "The Ra Material" (see for more details.)

David has simply never found any other source of channeled material that matches the quality level of the work of Ra. You could literally spend an entire lifetime studying the material that came through in those five books and still not fully understand everything.

From these books, we learn new information about the Ra-Ta period that was not gleaned from Cayce's readings; namely that Ra was the extraterrestrial group that Ra-Ta had contacted for guidance.

Ra is a sixth-dimensional source with a strong pull towards the seventh dimension. The seventh dimension is the highest level that can be attained before fully reuniting with the One at the octave point, or the eighth dimension.

The Ra Material covers an incredible range of topics, and yet they have incredible, undeniable internal consistency. Their single most important teaching is the Law of One, with the path of service to others as the most important way to live that law.

Furthermore, central to this material is again the idea of 25,000-year cycles in the universe, an octave of dimensions, the light / sound / geometry connections in this octave, its connections to the Global Grid, the building of pyramids to harness this energy, the fact that humanity is about to be harvested and that higher-dimensional beings will assist this transition.

Furthermore, Ra had a mission of attempting to right a very serious wrong that they claimed to have made. In the first book, they explain that their decision to give us the Great Pyramid on Earth was actually a very poor idea.

The reason why is that it was taken over by the elite secret brotherhoods and used for their own purposes, instead of the public temple of healing and initiation that it was originally designed for.

Since much time has passed, the outer casing stones have been removed, the Global Energy Grid has shifted and the blocks have cracked and subsided, the Great Pyramid is now only a faint shadow of the massive power station that it was at the time of its construction.

Although the gift of this pyramid was an error in judgment on Ra's behalf as well as that of the Confederation of intelligent life that governs this section of the galaxy, the responsibility also rested with Ra-Ta in part.

This is another reason for why Cayce was compelled to give his teachings. It was necessary to give an unfiltered version of exactly what the Law of One really was, in order to filter out the distortions that have been placed on these teachings by the elite ruling class of Egyptians.

These distortions still persist through to the present day within secret societies and brotherhoods that underlie the world's elite power structures. (For example, see the "Masonic" Great Seal of the United States on the back of the American dollar bill.)

Furthermore, Cayce's readings sought to rectify the distortions of Christ's teachings in mainstream Christianity, which were also put in place by the elite. Cayce tells us that Jesus taught reincarnation, for example. Therefore, both of these spiritual gifts to the planet were later abused in similar ways.



And therefore, with the life of David Wilcock the Cayce saga now reaches its conclusion. After the full completion of the Solar / Precessional / Galactic Cycle in late 2012, the Earth will no longer remain as a third-density planet.

It will have completed its 75,000-year period of three 25,000-year "major cycles" in the third dimension, and move into the fourth. Those who remain here will inhabit beautiful new fourth-dimensional bodies.

The fourth-dimensional Earth will be a Utopian paradise in comparison to our current situation in the present day. In the Ra Material it states that life on Earth is 100 times more painful and difficult than in any of the higher realms.

We will have all the abilities of Christ and more, thereby making real the promise of "As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things, for I go unto my Father." [John 14:12.]

The Earth will already have been cleansed from its magnetic pole shift / crustal displacement as the Grid realigns itself with the instreaming fourth-dimensional vibrations. This "pole shift" will remove much of the traces of modern civilization from the Earth's surface.

Together, we will clean, repair and renew the Earth with our newfound telekinetic abilities. One sweep of a hand will purify an entire polluted lake or river, or transform a festering garbage dump into rich soil.

The crumbling ruins of city skyscrapers will sprout up into bold and beautiful trees, and the oceans will burst with fish, dolphins and whales. Everyone will be telepathic, and no one will be able to hide anything from each other.

Flying and psychic teleportation from one spot to another will also be possible, although we might not try to develop these abilities at first, not realizing that we now have them. Many brothers and sisters from other planets will people the new Earth, as all current estimates tell us that the number of present-day Earthlings who Ascend will be quite low.

We will also regain membership in the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator, our own "local" group in the Galaxy. This will give us the ability to travel among the stars and meet with other planetary cultures.

We will all have our jobs, many of which will be to help the others still trapped in the third dimension as unseen angelic beings of Light. Our tools will include intelligently piloted UFO spacecraft, the formation of crop circles and megalithic stoneworks as well as various technologies that work directly with our consciousness to enhance our energetic abilities.

Our neurological and spiritual capabilities will be so dramatically enhanced that it is not quite possible for us to really comprehend what it is going to feel like until we actually arrive there. The euphoria and bliss of day-to-day existence will be nearly fathomless in its depth. Just think about that: 100 times more harmonious than Earth.

The Ra Material states that life in their own sixth dimension is so harmonious that the feelings of day-to-day living would be "indistinguishable from the state commonly known as orgasm." Sounds good, huh?



According to Ra, this planet was a rather unique case, where several different planetary races were combined together on one planet to experience third-density. The normal pattern would be for some people to Ascend after the first major cycle, many more to Ascend after the second major cycle and the rest to Ascend at the end of the third.

Should the entire population Ascend at once at the end of the first or second cycle, then the planet would remain unoccupied for the remainder of its time in the third dimension. In our own case, no one Ascended after the first major cycle and only about 150 could have Ascended after the second!

Those 150 decided to stay until the third to help the rest of us, and are called the "Elders" by some. St. Francis of Assisi was one of these "Elders."

Therefore, the "mixed bag" of planetary civilizations on Earth has been a serious problem for the forces to deal with. As much as they want to help us, they cannot violate our free will by appearing in our skies and showing us the way; we would have to all want them to do this for them to arrive.

As a result of our inability to get along with each other on this planet, we have created an incredible environment of negative vibrations that the forces are trying to work through.

These negative vibrations manifest themselves in human beings through self-serving and self-indulgent behaviors including greed, pride, materialism, jealousy, poor diet and indulgence in television, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex and violence. (Yes, television, you didn't read that wrong.)

Perhaps the single greatest service that these forces have provided us with to quell our negative vibrations is to incarnate as physical human beings themselves.

Consciously, these "Wanderers" are usually never aware of who or what they are, but they are indeed capable of awakening. If you have read and can fully understand (remember?) all the material on this website, then you are probably one of them yourself.

David's life story covers the "Wanderer question" in much more detail than we will in this article. Our point is that even with all the efforts of Wanderers and angelic entities beaming us Love and Light, in Ra's words "there will be very few to harvest [into the fourth density.]"

However, the majority who have not Ascended will still be "harvested" by the Confederation and moved to another planet that is being terraformed in Earth's image. Understand that this "terraforming" will give this new planet a 6-billion year history just like ours.

(This is one reason why our ubiquitous DNA molecule seems to have been "seeded" on Earth from elsewhere. It is mathematically impossible for anything of its complexity to have occurred by random evolution.)

This long-term terraforming will occur due to the fact that those of the Confederation who have created the planet can work outside of three-dimensional linear space-time. The new planet will have everything from a "primordial soup" to fishes sprouting legs and walking on land to dinosaurs to mammals to "regular human beings."

They will also have their 75,000-year history of third-density human reincarnational civilizations that will probably be covered up and scoffed at towards the end of the cycle, just like what we have done with our own past in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Those who will be transported to this new planet will probably never remember that they had once lived on a different planet called Earth; at least not while they are physically incarnate. New constellations will shine down at them from the night skies, forcing the Confederation to redesign their zodiac.

We can currently see the behind-the-scenes work that is going into this new planetary construction through numerous UFO sightings associated with the drawing up of pond water, plant life (especially trees) and animal life.

Everything on Earth has been preserved and stored, including human genetic materials. For example see the Betty Andreasson material, given in part through the books "The Watchers" and "The Watchers II" by Raymond Fowler.

Linear time does not pose a barrier to those doing this work, and thus they can accomplish this new construction in a relatively short period of their "time." In fact, since they did not anticipate having to create this new world until they were well through our own 75,000-year cycle, by their standards it has been what we could call a "rush job."



Therefore, we welcome you to this website material as an opportunity to explore these concepts and ideas. It was finally revealed in January of 1999 that David has secured his own unique form of conscious channeling contact with the Ra group.

The only reason why he was able to do this was that he had "fully assimilated" the teachings of Ra from the five books "to an acceptable degree of distortion." Therefore, since he already knew Ra's teachings on a conscious level, they were able to come in and refine many concepts without having their results distorted.

Very few of David's readings have ever been definitively tagged as "Ra readings," since the announcement of their presence might well trigger his conscious mind, but the wording and content gives strong clues.

The point of this work is to prepare you, the reader, with the full knowledge and understanding of the reality of life on Earth and what we all have in store for us. It is my privilege to be able to present this material to the world, thereby completing the mission that was outlined in the Cayce Readings.

It is okay for you to have a healthy skepticism; in fact, this is the sign of greater wisdom. If you are intrigued by the possibilities that all of this material could be true, then I encourage you to read Convergence and my life story, as well as some of the readings and article updates.

This little article is obviously far too short to address the depth of information that you will receive from studying these materials. However, once you have studied them you will undoubtedly be able to understand exactly why this article was written, and why these topics were included within it.

I hope that this work will help you in your understanding, trust and seeking of the One Infinite Creator, and of the Divine Plan that is unfolding upon our planet for all humankind to potentially take part in.

Chapter 01: A Voice from the Sixth Density

In the boundless depths of the Creation, I have found my home, a place to serve the One and come to a greater understanding of myself. From this watery planet at the far rim of the galaxy, I heard the cries of millions and millions of entities, living in fear and trepidation that they might never be free.

I knew exactly what their cries meant, and could feel their pain as if it were my own. On their astral level, or what they might call "subconscious," they were quite well aware of the pressing crisis of their disconnection with their Source, the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator.

Yet on the conscious level, that of the waking Ego of their three-dimensional minds, they had forgotten. Indeed, there was so much for them to remember, so much that they were not seeing.

At that moment, hearing those cries and feeling their pain, I vowed to take immediate action. Could I simply allow this to go on? To see these beings suffering, without them even knowing consciously what they were suffering from?

Could I ignore this desperate cry from my own brothers and sisters, an ongoing source of pain as strong as if it were a festering sore within my own body complex?

Of course not. I made the choice right then to go there myself, into this land of pain and suffering, to become one with them. I might not ever realize, in the conscious Ego sense, exactly what I had done.

I had to agree to come in without any of my current memories and knowledge intact. But on the astral or "subconscious" level, I would be well aware of all that I had to do. The most important purpose I had in mind would be to help free them, to help renew them, to help them understand all that they had lost...

Many others were choosing to do this as well. My brethren took it upon themselves to answer this cry, this call, this desperate plea for assistance. The others all thought we were crazy, to actually volunteer for such a dangerous mission.

They thought us somewhat headstrong and foolish to be brave enough to engage in this process of actually incarnating upon the physical sphere ourselves. They were all engaged in helping in their own ways, "behind the scenes," so to speak.

Certainly a great deal of work could be done this way, but it was nothing compared to the power of what we were going to do. The risks mattered nothing to us, only the glory of the service that we could provide through our presence in their "physical" world.

Despite the opposition and "healthy advice" from our colleagues not to do this, our faith was strong. We don't necessarily have very many of these problematic types of situations, as the number of three-dimensional planetary lifeforms in this Creation is rather small in comparison to the other frequency levels.

And these third-density planets certainly capture our interest, since there is no other vibrational level that demands more diligent work than this third, or yellow-ray level. In that sense, you could say that they attract a lot of attention.

In order to work with them on the outside, we often are required to slow our perceptions of their passage through linear time down to a second-by-second basis, working untold amounts of effort into each moment, eternally trying to manifest something, something that would finally attract their attention to the truth of our presence, and of their own simultaneous existence in higher realms.

It was our collective job to attend to the processes of karma for them -- to bring about the appropriate physical manifestations to balance their thoughts and actions. They were all living in a gigantic, fully staged illusion -- an illusion that took the work of millions and millions of expertly cooperative higher-level entities to dream into manifestation.

Our idea was to bring about this balance, to become the angels of their karma, so that hopefully they would eventually see the truth: that their beliefs and actions directly create the events that then transpire in their so-called "physical" world.

It was our requirement to reinforce those behaviors that were in alignment with the loving Light of the One, and to counterbalance those behaviors that continued in their path of forgetting the truth.

There was a great deal that we could do within their dreaming plane as well. Their subconscious or Astral Selves were in direct connection with entities like myself, whom they might name the "Higher Self" or "Oversoul."

I, and others like me, are responsible for overseeing and coordinating a balance between all physical incarnations of a being, and insuring that those beings keep meeting the same friends and companions time after time, life after life, season by season.

And in that sense, there really are no new meetings, only familiar acquaintances that keep re-appearing in successive physical lifetimes. It is only through careful cooperation amongst them on the subconscious level that we are able to bring them together again and again, age after age, cycle by cycle.

Their own Astral or Subconscious Selves did have a much greater handle on what the truth was all about, and were in direct communication with us most of the time. The dreams were a nightly system of guidance that allowed us to work with this Astral Self, programming it with knowledge and information that it would be able to use in the future.

And in that sense, we acted as prophets and counselors, scanning the future time vortices and navigating a path through them. As always, our desire was to insure that each physical experience of the entity be for the highest good; each experience be tailor-made to produce the greatest amount of learning possible.

Unfortunately, it was unlikely that very many of them would ever fully realize how completely and totally "scripted" the events in their lives really were, to lead them in the direction of their own highest interests.

On the other hand, we were well aware that many of them would not know what to do with this knowledge if they received it. The physical illusion crumbles with great difficulty, and we knew that this particular planet was an unusually extreme case.

These suffering millions were our brothers as well, and still are. They had originally come to this planet simply to explore, to have fun, to know for brief periods of time what it would be like to live as a fish, a crocodile, a chimpanzee, a squirrel.

They found a rich world of sensations, of lights, colors and sound, theirs to explore. They became deeply enamored with this world, with the sights and sounds, and soon they began to forget who they really were.

Before too long, they had gotten ensnared into physical matter, taking up residence in the animal forms. Since their form-maker body was the typical design of what we might call "human" in its appearance, this created all manners of half-human, half-animal monstrosities.

The visual images of these monstrosities were recorded in a variety of contexts in their later human cultures, such as the Egyptian and Hindu gods, the Native American totem poles, the gods and beasts of the Mayans and Ancient Greeks and thousands more.

One entity calling itself Amilius had been the first to try to free the ensnared entities through this mission of direct physical incarnation on the planetary sphere. This entity would prove to be of paramount importance on this planet, completing a series of physical incarnations that culminated in the life of Jesus the Christ.

Amilius would be the first to consciously become ensnared and the first to consciously escape through self-perfection, making clear the Way of the One that all others might then aspire to follow. And now, I wanted to help the mission of Amilius as well, along with so many others who volunteered for this service.

Indeed, by the Earth year Anno Domini one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, we would have over 100 million volunteers incarnate on the planet Earth, and most of them would never remember their identities until after the Harvest or Ascension had completed itself.

It would be in this Harvest that so many others would complete the same pattern that the entity Jehoshuah, once known as Amilius, had demonstrated so dramatically in what they called 'The Past.'

And so, we came to this planet, taking on physical manifestation and running the same risk of ensnarement. We trusted that our memories of higher light and love would be fresher than those of our trapped brothers and sisters, and that we would not get caught up as they had been.

We trusted that our innate understandings would shine through, in order to lift these beings from their misery. After all, in universal terms this was a relatively short assignment. Their planet would revolve around its Sun roughly 75,000 times before permanently moving out of the third dimensional level they now occupied.

We all knew that this was the Way of the Universe. As each planet traces its path through the Galaxy, it follows the Galactic heartbeat, manifesting itself in cycles of 25,000 years. It was the unutterable will of the One that only three of such cycles were required of each planet wishing to host these entities before it would move on.

As the heart of the Galaxy continues to beat, the vibrational levels in its midst continue to rise and fall like the wave of a vast ocean. When the third-dimensional period of a planet's existence comes full term, the planet will graduate to the fourth dimension, becoming so much more of a utopian paradise thereafter.

And now, this watery planet at the far edge was in trouble. We have certainly seen other instances where difficulty and blindness presented itself, but this was a rather unique case.

Our ruling body, The Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator, had designated this planet as a haven for many different entities who had failed to Ascend from other third-density planets.

It was a unique experiment, as never before had such a diversity of entities been combined together under one roof, so to speak. We certainly underestimated the severity of difficulty that this would create for its inhabitants.

Indeed, the forgetting was so extreme that the vast number of entities were again not reaching the appropriate levels of understanding in time for Harvest, you see.


Each half-cycle of roughly 12,500 years presented the opportunity for some of these entities to Ascend, to be harvested, to graduate, to escape their ensnarement in physical matter. They solely did this by firmly making a choice. The choice that they would make was the most important aspect to their existence in the third dimension; in fact, it was their ONLY purpose for being in the third dimension.

How many of them would tumble through lifetime after lifetime in the physical plane, never really understanding or realizing the overarching importance of this choice? How many would become trapped in the endless drive for materialism, for money and power and physical gratification, never understanding what they truly had been positioned there for?

How surprised would they be to realize that the only thing that mattered in their lives was the successful completion of this simple Choice?

Everyone else in the higher realms was well aware of what this Choice represented, and those of us who volunteered to incarnate there would innately live by the principles of this Choice as well. It was the very first significant baby-step on the path to higher learning, the path to return to the One Infinite Creator and to again become One with All There Is.

That choice had to come from a conscious realization within self of the way the universe really worked, on the most basic, fundamental and rudimentary level. To make this choice was to gain freedom: the freedom that comes with understanding, the freedom that comes with the realization that all is One.

The choice, as all of us know, is as old as time, the first decision to move towards love. Groping in the dark with nothing more than a faltering, flickering candle, without the massive knowledge, love and wisdom that we have here in our own realms, these entities would have to make their choice on their own: whether to serve others or to serve Self.

To serve others was the way of the One, the embodiment of all the wisdom that every religious teacher would attempt to impart to them in their physical reality. We were coming in great numbers, especially at the end of their 75,000-year term.

We had become more and more concerned as time went on, as each half-cycle went through and no entities had sufficiently made this decision within themselves. The chaos on their planet was great, the negative vibrations quite compelling.

So many temptations were laid out to confuse the entities, to make it unclear whether it is best to serve others or to act in fear and attempt only to preserve the self. We wanted to make sure that as many of them as possible would be suitable to "make the grade," so to speak, to choose in Light and in Love to reunite their personal motivations to helping others.

In so doing, they were acting in favor of the One True Being, and recognizing that there truly was no separation between self and other-self.

From this perspective, I could see quite clearly what my assignment was looking like. I would start out by having to compress from my native density here in the sixth to that of the fifth, or blue-ray level.

In that frequency, I would divide into two entities existing in parallel, one that could be thought of as "female" and another as "male." By virtue of their lower level of vibrations, it would be much easier for these two entities to work directly with the physical sphere than it would be for me.

They would have intimate knowledge of my existence, and they would work closely together with me in order to give them direction and guidance. It would be these two entities who would have the direct, personal experience of coordinating each physical incarnation and going through the motions to bring it about.

It would also be the job of these entities to collaborate with me in directly planning and activating the karmic events that would unfold in the lives of each physical incarnation.

As an entity, my influences upon this physical sphere would be quite impressive, as I would lend my aid in the closing of the second-to-last cycle, in the civilization known as Atlantis.

There, one of my physical incarnations known as Ra-Ta would work directly with me to help bring about the construction of a grand, hyperdimensional crystal healing chamber, for the initiation and rejuvenation of otherselves.

This crystal would later be known to the final Earth civilization as "The Great Pyramid." Through my guidance, this entity Ra-Ta would also create a "Hall of Records," a physical storehouse of all pertinent historical accounts and artifacts of the Atlantean age, as well as the scattered discoveries from previous ages as well.

Among the scores of lifetimes that I could easily see and plan out, the last two physical incarnations before the close of the cycle were of particular interest to me, as both of them had the potential to create massive planetary changes at the "last minute," you could say.

In those two lifetimes especially, it would be very important for me to make my presence known consciously and tangibly to my three-dimensional Ego self. Once I could reunify my being in this way, I could be given a voice, and those on Earth could hear the messages that my colleagues and I wished to impart to them.

We would present them with the opportunity to completely recapitulate their understandings of how the universe truly functioned, and what their role was within it. Most importantly, we could teach them of the Choice and suggest the importance of being of service to others.

Now I can see that there is a range of probabilities as to how many entities will actually graduate from third-density at the end of this 75,000-year period of what they call "time."

All that we wish to do is to increase the numbers somewhat, to help a few more of these entities clear the hurdles and blockages within themselves that would hold them back from truly regaining their understandings.

I was quite excited with the work that was ahead of me: the challenge of actually awakening my physical incarnations to my presence, to engage in this speaking and teaching format.

I knew it would be difficult for my physical incarnations to handle the harshness of this physical sphere. But I had faith and confidence in my abilities, and in the tools that I had to make this come into fruition.

I knew that if I could secure this channel for teach / learning through my physical selves, I could create quite dramatic results in the physical sense. They might not ever realize exactly how I was able to scan the past, present and future vortices of their physical space, or understand the intricacies of their physical bodies and of how to heal them.

They might never really be able to grasp the deepest levels of knowledge of the Universe that I could teach them. And in fact, it would be just fine if they didn't figure it out.

My demonstrations would prove to them that there was a lot more to being human than what they had thought, and that was enough. Once they started asking questions, the illusion would begin to crumble. As the illusion fell away, the real truth would become increasingly visible, and my presence would become known.

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Full Disclosure and Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot!

  Although things seem "almost too quiet" in the open world at the moment, the war in the Secret Space Program world has never been hotter or more intense. We are no...

May 29, 2016, 12:00 am     Hits: 326,043

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The Panama Toilet Papers and the Ascension Mysteries #1!

The Panama Toilet Papers and the Ascension Mysteries #1!

  The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be. Meanwhile, the Ascension Mysteries has rocketed to #1 in all three of its Amazon categories, and is currently at #464 out...

April 5, 2016, 8:52 pm     Hits: 236,611

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The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

A tidal wave of incredible new intel came smashing in over the last two weeks and heavily affected the outcome of The Ascension Mysteries. The manuscript is now complete and...

April 2, 2016, 7:30 pm     Hits: 160,301

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Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

High-level briefings have now revealed the Powers that Were are attempting to push for a "partial disclosure" timeline with a 100-year roll-out period. Thanks to the efforts of the Alliance, they...

March 6, 2016, 8:45 pm     Hits: 212,524

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