In the boundless depths of the Creation, I have found my home, a place to serve the One and come to a greater understanding of myself. From this watery planet at the far rim of the galaxy, I heard the cries of millions and millions of entities, living in fear and trepidation that they might never be free.

I knew exactly what their cries meant, and could feel their pain as if it were my own. On their astral level, or what they might call “subconscious,” they were quite well aware of the pressing crisis of their disconnection with their Source, the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator.

Yet on the conscious level, that of the waking Ego of their three-dimensional minds, they had forgotten. Indeed, there was so much for them to remember, so much that they were not seeing.

At that moment, hearing those cries and feeling their pain, I vowed to take immediate action. Could I simply allow this to go on? To see these beings suffering, without them even knowing consciously what they were suffering from?

Could I ignore this desperate cry from my own brothers and sisters, an ongoing source of pain as strong as if it were a festering sore within my own body complex?

Of course not. I made the choice right then to go there myself, into this land of pain and suffering, to become one with them. I might not ever realize, in the conscious Ego sense, exactly what I had done.

I had to agree to come in without any of my current memories and knowledge intact. But on the astral or “subconscious” level, I would be well aware of all that I had to do. The most important purpose I had in mind would be to help free them, to help renew them, to help them understand all that they had lost…

Many others were choosing to do this as well. My brethren took it upon themselves to answer this cry, this call, this desperate plea for assistance. The others all thought we were crazy, to actually volunteer for such a dangerous mission.

They thought us somewhat headstrong and foolish to be brave enough to engage in this process of actually incarnating upon the physical sphere ourselves. They were all engaged in helping in their own ways, “behind the scenes,” so to speak.

Certainly a great deal of work could be done this way, but it was nothing compared to the power of what we were going to do. The risks mattered nothing to us, only the glory of the service that we could provide through our presence in their “physical” world.

Despite the opposition and “healthy advice” from our colleagues not to do this, our faith was strong. We don’t necessarily have very many of these problematic types of situations, as the number of three-dimensional planetary lifeforms in this Creation is rather small in comparison to the other frequency levels.

And these third-density planets certainly capture our interest, since there is no other vibrational level that demands more diligent work than this third, or yellow-ray level. In that sense, you could say that they attract a lot of attention.

In order to work with them on the outside, we often are required to slow our perceptions of their passage through linear time down to a second-by-second basis, working untold amounts of effort into each moment, eternally trying to manifest something, something that would finally attract their attention to the truth of our presence, and of their own simultaneous existence in higher realms.

It was our collective job to attend to the processes of karma for them — to bring about the appropriate physical manifestations to balance their thoughts and actions. They were all living in a gigantic, fully staged illusion — an illusion that took the work of millions and millions of expertly cooperative higher-level entities to dream into manifestation.

Our idea was to bring about this balance, to become the angels of their karma, so that hopefully they would eventually see the truth: that their beliefs and actions directly create the events that then transpire in their so-called “physical” world.

It was our requirement to reinforce those behaviors that were in alignment with the loving Light of the One, and to counterbalance those behaviors that continued in their path of forgetting the truth.

There was a great deal that we could do within their dreaming plane as well. Their subconscious or Astral Selves were in direct connection with entities like myself, whom they might name the “Higher Self” or “Oversoul.”

I, and others like me, are responsible for overseeing and coordinating a balance between all physical incarnations of a being, and insuring that those beings keep meeting the same friends and companions time after time, life after life, season by season.

And in that sense, there really are no new meetings, only familiar acquaintances that keep re-appearing in successive physical lifetimes. It is only through careful cooperation amongst them on the subconscious level that we are able to bring them together again and again, age after age, cycle by cycle.

Their own Astral or Subconscious Selves did have a much greater handle on what the truth was all about, and were in direct communication with us most of the time. The dreams were a nightly system of guidance that allowed us to work with this Astral Self, programming it with knowledge and information that it would be able to use in the future.

And in that sense, we acted as prophets and counselors, scanning the future time vortices and navigating a path through them. As always, our desire was to insure that each physical experience of the entity be for the highest good; each experience be tailor-made to produce the greatest amount of learning possible.

Unfortunately, it was unlikely that very many of them would ever fully realize how completely and totally “scripted” the events in their lives really were, to lead them in the direction of their own highest interests.

On the other hand, we were well aware that many of them would not know what to do with this knowledge if they received it. The physical illusion crumbles with great difficulty, and we knew that this particular planet was an unusually extreme case.

These suffering millions were our brothers as well, and still are. They had originally come to this planet simply to explore, to have fun, to know for brief periods of time what it would be like to live as a fish, a crocodile, a chimpanzee, a squirrel.

They found a rich world of sensations, of lights, colors and sound, theirs to explore. They became deeply enamored with this world, with the sights and sounds, and soon they began to forget who they really were.

Before too long, they had gotten ensnared into physical matter, taking up residence in the animal forms. Since their form-maker body was the typical design of what we might call “human” in its appearance, this created all manners of half-human, half-animal monstrosities.

The visual images of these monstrosities were recorded in a variety of contexts in their later human cultures, such as the Egyptian and Hindu gods, the Native American totem poles, the gods and beasts of the Mayans and Ancient Greeks and thousands more.

One entity calling itself Amilius had been the first to try to free the ensnared entities through this mission of direct physical incarnation on the planetary sphere. This entity would prove to be of paramount importance on this planet, completing a series of physical incarnations that culminated in the life of Jesus the Christ.

Amilius would be the first to consciously become ensnared and the first to consciously escape through self-perfection, making clear the Way of the One that all others might then aspire to follow. And now, I wanted to help the mission of Amilius as well, along with so many others who volunteered for this service.

Indeed, by the Earth year Anno Domini one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, we would have over 100 million volunteers incarnate on the planet Earth, and most of them would never remember their identities until after the Harvest or Ascension had completed itself.

It would be in this Harvest that so many others would complete the same pattern that the entity Jehoshuah, once known as Amilius, had demonstrated so dramatically in what they called ‘The Past.’

And so, we came to this planet, taking on physical manifestation and running the same risk of ensnarement. We trusted that our memories of higher light and love would be fresher than those of our trapped brothers and sisters, and that we would not get caught up as they had been.

We trusted that our innate understandings would shine through, in order to lift these beings from their misery. After all, in universal terms this was a relatively short assignment. Their planet would revolve around its Sun roughly 75,000 times before permanently moving out of the third dimensional level they now occupied.

We all knew that this was the Way of the Universe. As each planet traces its path through the Galaxy, it follows the Galactic heartbeat, manifesting itself in cycles of 25,000 years. It was the unutterable will of the One that only three of such cycles were required of each planet wishing to host these entities before it would move on.

As the heart of the Galaxy continues to beat, the vibrational levels in its midst continue to rise and fall like the wave of a vast ocean. When the third-dimensional period of a planet’s existence comes full term, the planet will graduate to the fourth dimension, becoming so much more of a utopian paradise thereafter.

And now, this watery planet at the far edge was in trouble. We have certainly seen other instances where difficulty and blindness presented itself, but this was a rather unique case.

Our ruling body, The Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator, had designated this planet as a haven for many different entities who had failed to Ascend from other third-density planets.

It was a unique experiment, as never before had such a diversity of entities been combined together under one roof, so to speak. We certainly underestimated the severity of difficulty that this would create for its inhabitants.

Indeed, the forgetting was so extreme that the vast number of entities were again not reaching the appropriate levels of understanding in time for Harvest, you see.


Each half-cycle of roughly 12,500 years presented the opportunity for some of these entities to Ascend, to be harvested, to graduate, to escape their ensnarement in physical matter. They solely did this by firmly making a choice. The choice that they would make was the most important aspect to their existence in the third dimension; in fact, it was their ONLY purpose for being in the third dimension.

How many of them would tumble through lifetime after lifetime in the physical plane, never really understanding or realizing the overarching importance of this choice? How many would become trapped in the endless drive for materialism, for money and power and physical gratification, never understanding what they truly had been positioned there for?

How surprised would they be to realize that the only thing that mattered in their lives was the successful completion of this simple Choice?

Everyone else in the higher realms was well aware of what this Choice represented, and those of us who volunteered to incarnate there would innately live by the principles of this Choice as well. It was the very first significant baby-step on the path to higher learning, the path to return to the One Infinite Creator and to again become One with All There Is.

That choice had to come from a conscious realization within self of the way the universe really worked, on the most basic, fundamental and rudimentary level. To make this choice was to gain freedom: the freedom that comes with understanding, the freedom that comes with the realization that all is One.

The choice, as all of us know, is as old as time, the first decision to move towards love. Groping in the dark with nothing more than a faltering, flickering candle, without the massive knowledge, love and wisdom that we have here in our own realms, these entities would have to make their choice on their own: whether to serve others or to serve Self.

To serve others was the way of the One, the embodiment of all the wisdom that every religious teacher would attempt to impart to them in their physical reality. We were coming in great numbers, especially at the end of their 75,000-year term.

We had become more and more concerned as time went on, as each half-cycle went through and no entities had sufficiently made this decision within themselves. The chaos on their planet was great, the negative vibrations quite compelling.

So many temptations were laid out to confuse the entities, to make it unclear whether it is best to serve others or to act in fear and attempt only to preserve the self. We wanted to make sure that as many of them as possible would be suitable to “make the grade,” so to speak, to choose in Light and in Love to reunite their personal motivations to helping others.

In so doing, they were acting in favor of the One True Being, and recognizing that there truly was no separation between self and other-self.

From this perspective, I could see quite clearly what my assignment was looking like. I would start out by having to compress from my native density here in the sixth to that of the fifth, or blue-ray level.

In that frequency, I would divide into two entities existing in parallel, one that could be thought of as “female” and another as “male.” By virtue of their lower level of vibrations, it would be much easier for these two entities to work directly with the physical sphere than it would be for me.

They would have intimate knowledge of my existence, and they would work closely together with me in order to give them direction and guidance. It would be these two entities who would have the direct, personal experience of coordinating each physical incarnation and going through the motions to bring it about.

It would also be the job of these entities to collaborate with me in directly planning and activating the karmic events that would unfold in the lives of each physical incarnation.

As an entity, my influences upon this physical sphere would be quite impressive, as I would lend my aid in the closing of the second-to-last cycle, in the civilization known as Atlantis.

There, one of my physical incarnations known as Ra-Ta would work directly with me to help bring about the construction of a grand, hyperdimensional crystal healing chamber, for the initiation and rejuvenation of otherselves.

This crystal would later be known to the final Earth civilization as “The Great Pyramid.” Through my guidance, this entity Ra-Ta would also create a “Hall of Records,” a physical storehouse of all pertinent historical accounts and artifacts of the Atlantean age, as well as the scattered discoveries from previous ages as well.

Among the scores of lifetimes that I could easily see and plan out, the last two physical incarnations before the close of the cycle were of particular interest to me, as both of them had the potential to create massive planetary changes at the “last minute,” you could say.

In those two lifetimes especially, it would be very important for me to make my presence known consciously and tangibly to my three-dimensional Ego self. Once I could reunify my being in this way, I could be given a voice, and those on Earth could hear the messages that my colleagues and I wished to impart to them.

We would present them with the opportunity to completely recapitulate their understandings of how the universe truly functioned, and what their role was within it. Most importantly, we could teach them of the Choice and suggest the importance of being of service to others.

Now I can see that there is a range of probabilities as to how many entities will actually graduate from third-density at the end of this 75,000-year period of what they call “time.”

All that we wish to do is to increase the numbers somewhat, to help a few more of these entities clear the hurdles and blockages within themselves that would hold them back from truly regaining their understandings.

I was quite excited with the work that was ahead of me: the challenge of actually awakening my physical incarnations to my presence, to engage in this speaking and teaching format.

I knew it would be difficult for my physical incarnations to handle the harshness of this physical sphere. But I had faith and confidence in my abilities, and in the tools that I had to make this come into fruition.

I knew that if I could secure this channel for teach / learning through my physical selves, I could create quite dramatic results in the physical sense. They might not ever realize exactly how I was able to scan the past, present and future vortices of their physical space, or understand the intricacies of their physical bodies and of how to heal them.

They might never really be able to grasp the deepest levels of knowledge of the Universe that I could teach them. And in fact, it would be just fine if they didn’t figure it out.

My demonstrations would prove to them that there was a lot more to being human than what they had thought, and that was enough. Once they started asking questions, the illusion would begin to crumble. As the illusion fell away, the real truth would become increasingly visible, and my presence would become known.