My acclimation to my present life on Earth was not without its challenges. “Wanderers” or ET souls who incarnate on Earth can often become woefully entangled in the heaviness and darkness of the planetary vibrations, and make many unfortunate life choices as a result.

My parents separated while I was in fifth grade, and this caused me a great deal of pain, even if I was unwilling to acknowledge it on the surface. Faced with the mounting pressures of adolescence and of having a broken home, I quickly gained weight, becoming a “fat kid.”

I sank into a deep, prolonged depression that lasted throughout my entire time in junior high school and my first year of high school. My sizeable weight and intelligence made me woefully unpopular in school, leaving me with a circle of friends whose size I could count on two hands.

In my sophomore year of high school, I succumbed to the immense peer pressure I was under and started using marijuana. Recreational drug use was quite common in my age group, and this did have an effect of making me significantly more popular in school.

It also provided a fleeting, temporary and ultimately devastating chemical remedy to my constant depression. It would prove to be a four-year addiction, a very powerful tool in self-knowledge and awareness.

Any time that a great darkness exists in a person’s life, it paves the way for a great triumph when it is finally overcome. Oftentimes, we need to create the “raw material” for struggle in our lives in order to experience personal growth.

One example of personal triumph was my shedding of all 65 pounds of excess weight during my junior year of high school. Thus, the presence of this difficult phase of my personal life is a necessary map to understanding the inner workings of my psyche and development.

By going through this long-term experience, I ultimately learned to obey the wishes of my own Higher Self, regardless of my Ego’s propensity to slide back into its comfortable habit patterns.

This same addiction / recovery cycle would re-emerge over and over again in many different ways, including my struggle to acclimate to the outrageously strict diet that my readings and research would ultimately provide.

I have been told that the ultimate reasoning behind any addiction is our feeling of separateness from God. Within the sorrow that we feel as a result, we begin searching like crazy in the physical world for a short-term solution.

Because of the strength of my resolve to give up my former habits of junk food and getting high, I was much more capable of eventually giving up all alcohol, caffeine, red meat, refined sugar, dairy, fried foods, pre-packaged or preservative-based foods and white flour.

I was eventually capable of following the full range of dietary guidelines given in the Cayce Readings, which Cayce was never able to do while alive. Cayce was also unable to quit drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, and I had a passionate dislike for both of them all of my life.

More importantly than the diet, my readings would also teach me to give up fear! As we follow the course of my development, we will see a person plagued with negative emotions and the toll that they took on his body, mind and career.

Cayce was consistently warned in his readings that his constant loss of energy was NOT caused by doing the readings themselves, but in the constant attitudes of worry and fear that he brought into his trance states.

Were Cayce able to have remained positive-minded, the readings told him that his trance states would have actually increased his vital energy instead of decreasing it.

Cayce was never able to succeed financially, and consistently was in distress about it. This was a demon that I would also face in my own life.

While making me aware that I was more than a physical body, the drug and alcohol experiences also made me aware of my capacity for self-destruction. Indeed, when I finally quit in my second year of college, I had been through an incredible series of growth steps.

(To those who are interested, I have written in great detail about this entire period of time – but like the “prequels” in Star Wars, that will take up the space of another whole book by itself. I do not want this book to turn into an 800-page mammoth, as the mammoth is extinct these days.)

I came out of the entire experience with a burning desire to know the One Creator and follow Its wishes for me. To my amazement, I would later learn that my whole addiction / recovery process was carefully scripted and guided by Higher Intelligence.

I would eventually discover that my addiction / recovery process also closely paralleled the Cayce saga of past lives. According to the Cayce Readings, I incarnated as the “wastrel” John Bainbridge twice – once in the 1600’s and then again in the 1700’s.

Remarkably, both incarnations chose identical names, and seemed to have identical goals in mind. Both were Europeans who came to America and got entangled with drugs, alcohol, womanizing and gambling.

In my present life, I would apparently need to go through every cycle of my previous development, including the unfortunate Bainbridge chapters. One of the most interesting bits of data in the Cayce Readings was the fact that it was apparently 300 years to the exact day between the time that Bainbridge first came to Virginia Beach, Virginia and the time of Cayce’s initial arrival, prompted by his readings.

I would also end up being very dramatically prompted to move to Virginia Beach, without really even knowing why until two months after my arrival.

Many incredible signposts of the life that was to come occurred during the years that I was “active” as a substance abuser.

By the time I was a junior in high school, I had discovered the work of Dr. Stephen La Berge, who is a pioneer in the field of lucid dreaming. Using Dr. La Berge’s techniques, I was quickly able to have my own lucid dreams, which were totally fantastic.

Clearly, drugs were not necessary to have transcendental experiences. Around this same time, my mother brought home the book “Communion” by Whitley Strieber.

On the cover of the book was the classic Grey alien with the large, dark eyes. It was the first time I had ever seen this image in my life. “I don’t want to look at that,” I said, slightly unnerved, and turned the book over.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I almost remembered the ongoing conflict that was being fought on Earth between positive and negative forces for the control of the human soul. Not all “Greys” were evil or self-serving by any means, but there were certainly negative ET’s out there.

These forces did not want third-density humans to Ascend, nor did they want the new Earth to be born, even though they couldn’t stop it. They certainly could take as many people as possible, though, and grant them the “opportunity of slavery.”

They remained in contact with the real government of the Earth, according to sources I would later read, such as the Ra Material.

A few months later, I was listening to the Rolling Stones song “Sister Morphine.” The song describes a person who is brought close to death from a heroin overdose.

In the middle of the song, Mick Jagger sings, “Why does the doctor have no face?” When I heard this, I got a vivid visual image in my mind. The image was strong enough that I remembered it well, and the next day in art class I decided to draw the image on paper.




It took me almost my entire life to finally realize exactly what this was, and what angle it was taken at. This was an image of someone lying flat on his back on the ground, pointing towards the sky, with two extraterrestrials bending down at the waist to look over him. The luminous object in the center would be a UFO with three symmetrical lights on the bottom, hovering over me.

Several years and experiences later, I would telepathically “meet” these two entities, who called themselves Old One, or Grandfather, and Light, or Lucia.

Yeah, I know what you might be thinking — he is totally delusional. But consider this: if this telepathic meeting was only my imagination, then how were they able to predict the future with such stunning and precise accuracy?

We will have repetitive documentation in the second half of this book to show just how often it was really happening. I admit that even with all the psychic accuracy I was getting, in the early days of doing “readings” it was very hard for me to accept all of this mind-expanding new information.

I had been highly skeptical of the vast majority of “channeled” books that I had come across in my studies, and now I was becoming one of those crazies myself.

Getting back to my high school illustration, I had no idea what I was drawing when I made it, and tried to depict my vision, which was supposedly of a man dying on a hospital bed and the doctors’ faces fading out.

My actual mental image gave the beings more of a tapered, Gray-style jaw, but since I thought these were human doctors, I changed my vision to make them appear more like what I expected.

Within this same time period, I had a jewelry and sculpting class. There wasn’t much for a male to make in these classes except pins to wear on the clothing.

The first pin that I made was a model of a Star Trek communicator, and the second was a design that I decided upon after numerous combinations on paper. Once fully refined, the design appeared like this:



Over five years would go by before I would understand what these two images truly meant. The answer would come to me in the most unexpected way possible.



The world of fantasy and artwork was certainly a good distraction, a way to keep my imagination happy. The real mystical experiences were, I felt, few and far between.

My whole attitude about that was changed instantaneously one night, after I did a really stupid thing that actually could have killed me. Despite all of the trance experiences that I have had after this point, this initial journey into the unknown still has a mark of distinction that sets it apart from all the rest of my travels.

According to my readings, this was my own sort of “near death experience.” I prefer to call it a “near Life experience,” and the life I moved near was definitely not the one I know now!

My good friend Jude came over to the house one Saturday night, and I believe that I had smoked by myself at the time, as he was not interested in it. I had been briefly experimenting with a technique at school, in the middle of class, which I called the “party pass-out.”

This involved taking a few long, deep breaths, then filling your lungs with as much air as possible, biting down on your thumb and blowing very hard. The experience that it provided was a temporary cutting of the blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

For a few terrifyingly brief moments afterwards, you would forget who you were, where you were or what was going on. The thrill of it came from how totally bizarre, frightening and reality-changing it was.

I had also heard about another, more dangerous form of the Party Pass Out, where you could actually go for an even deeper experience than what I had gotten in class. In this version, you would stand against a wall, bend at the waist and breathe very, very fast, like you were hyperventilating.

Then, you would stand up against the wall and take in a huge inhale. At the same time, your associate would press on both sides of your chest, below the shoulders. This was not to be done for more than seven seconds. The result was supposed to be a very psychedelic, short-lived “high.”

So, that night, I instructed Jude in the exact ways of producing this “Big Hyperventilation,” as I called it. He agreed to participate and let me try this experience. I put a distinct qualifier on it, though.

I instructed Jude to keep his hands on my chest for fifteen seconds, not seven. I didn’t really tell him that seven was supposed to be the upper limit of time for counting. I wanted to make sure that I got the maximum effect. Little did I know that the maximum effect could well have been my physical death!

There I was, very stoned, in the very front of my house. I felt my butt pressing against the solid oak front door as I did the hyperventilations. Then, I took my huge inhale, and raised up with my back to the door.

Jude suddenly leaned in on me at about a 55-degree angle, palms pressing very solidly against my chest with his whole bodyweight. I immediately started to feel very strange, and I heard the sound of Jude’s voice counting out the numbers, fading into a distant drone: “one, two, three, four, five… six… seven…… eight………”

Then, everything seemed to disappear and I was no longer aware of any numbers. In fact, I was no longer aware of anything that I had previously known. I completely forgot who I was, where I was or what I was.

I found myself going through a completely different experience, as though I were living a completely different person’s life. What seemed to happen was that I went through some sort of a life review, except that it was not my own life!

I only saw certain scenes from this lifetime, but each time I was in a scene, I had the full range of that entity’s experiences available in memory.

This gave me the distinct experience of feeling as though the actual amount of time that went by was a total of 24 years.

Although I did not actually have 24 objective years of experience, I felt all the memories, highs and lows, ups and downs of a person who had been through at least 24 years of life. It was a very, very prolonged experience in my own subjective time, despite its compartmentalized nature.

It was as if my entire life had flashed before my eyes, but it wasn’t my own. And it was indeed quite specific.

I remember that we lived by a very fertile river, in a domelike small hut that was fashioned out of some sort of adobe that we baked into form, using the surrounding clay and the heat of the Sun.

We had a fireplace in the middle of the hut, and I believe that there was a hole in the top for ventilation. Our beds were simply pieces of outstretched cloth or fur pelts that lined the far edges of the hut.

We would spit-roast meats and cook vegetable soups in large clay pots that we would place in the fire. Our diet was very simple, based on a staple grain that we grew nearby, a few different types of vegetables and a few animal or fish species.

I know that I had a wife, and that when I was younger there was some passion between us. I think that we had some children, although the memory of them, if they existed at all, did not occupy much of my thoughts; it was as if they were her responsibility more than mine.

The relationship with my wife seemed to be more utilitarian than romantic, and we struggled to survive from day to day. Life was definitely not easy, and though we tried to store and dry food, there never was very much.

I went through all the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows, the break-ups and make-ups of this simple agrarian married life.

A rather complex irrigation system of small stone-carved canals was produced, allowing us to pipe the river waters into the fields, which were actually very well organized. The canals were built with light tan colored clay-fired blocks that were approximately one meter long and about a foot wide.

They were all built in a U-shape, with a channel in the middle of them that would allow the water to flow through. Our biggest problem was that we were losing a lot of precious water between the cracks of the blocks.

It was an urgently serious dilemma for us at the time, as water was vitally important to our crops and we never knew when it would dry out on us.

So, I became something of a hero in the village, by having invented a form of adhesive that we used to seal the cracks between the blocks.

I realized that if we ground, mashed and heated up a certain plant or combination of plants with a bit of water and then extracted and further cooked the juices, it would form a thick, sticky substance that would dry into a very hard glue when it evaporated.

This made a dramatic difference in how much water the canals could carry without their leaking. Through more recent research that we will see below, I have come to believe that I was “given” this invention through a process of conscious channeling that I had been working on in that life.

I also knew that there was a town circle where there was a large sculpture, something like a tall stone pedestal. Everyone’s house was within walking distance of this circle.

Every day at the noon hour, a man would stand on the pedestal and shout out the day’s news to the gathering crowd. Oftentimes, it had to do with the success and or failure of the crops, the projected activity of the weather, the seasons and the river, any births or deaths, comings and goings, marriages and breakups and the like.

It seems that certain ongoing myths were being told as well, myths that had already been handed down for generations. These seemed to keep the interest of the people. There were a lot of spiritual topics being thrown around as well, and these people definitely knew their stuff when it came to consciousness.

This was a surprisingly advanced society for the dearth of technology that they had. Everyone seemed to be remembering their dreams, working on psychic ability and striving for self-mastery.

Although it must seem to be completely amazing, I have actually been able to telepathically connect directly with this previous incarnation of myself and hear what I had to say.

This was apparently a “gift” that the readings allowed me to have back in the early days, when I was still getting accustomed to the whole idea of past lives.

This will give us our first glance at the quality of some of the earlier phases of the telepathic “channeled” information that I was receiving from my Higher Self.

Understand that this was still well before the forces revealed my connection to Edgar Cayce, which finally occurred on November 26, 1997. I had no idea that I would be moving to Virginia Beach, or of what the ultimate purpose for my readings was at this time.


Sunday 3 / 17 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

[Note: This next block seems to refer to a Sumerian past life that I had at one time. The implications were that I was some sort of innovator in the use of cuneiform writing for things outside of trade, and that I realized its connection to an extraterrestrial source, perhaps.

It is important to remember here that I was translating the information into language – this man was not speaking English, but the universal language of visual images and emotional feelings.]

[One voice:] Can we do it without being a bother?

[Answer:] Oh, yes.

[Note: This was obviously a conversation occurring between two “guiding entities” who had made the decision that it was safe for them to give me this information.

I did not have any idea at the time that the forces were “protecting” me from the “bother” of learning about the past lives referenced in the Cayce readings. Apparently Cayce did not ever mention this lifetime, so they were able to give me this information “without being a bother.”]

At will, it will make a waking statement about cuneiform. It seems that it [the time] passed twenty years ago; ten years ago, even.

[The man could very well have been dead at this point, and was reflecting back on his lifetime, even though he (I) was aware that it was in the far-distant past.

These two sentences might actually have come from my Oversoul or Higher Self, commenting on that particular lifetime from a perspective where all of them were equally visible. The mention of the cuneiform ties it in clearly with the Sumerians.]

The coat of arms at that time was rubies, and they were as beautifully shiny as one gets. Every time I saw those (cuneiform) figures, I was kidding myself, especially when I saw the first one, because I knew this had come from somewhere else. It was no garbage.

People at the time only wanted to use it to trade, but there was so much more. I used it for the equivalent of magazines and stuff.

[Note: The implications of this are fantastic! I was completely unaware of what I was saying on the conscious level, yet it clearly indicates that this former self of mine was aware of a benevolent extraterrestrial influence that was “seeding” the Sumerian culture with information, here through the gift of cuneiform writing.

It appears that I was an innovator in the use of it, in the sense of making a form of newsletter.]

The time is now twenty-three after the 11th.

[Note: This must be related to a cycle-based calendar system like the Mayans had; perhaps it indicates November 23rd, from his reality perspective. In the next line it seems apparent that he knows I am in contact with him somehow.]

I’m really programmed to record this in my apartment, but this will do for now; the flesh is funny. The experience of the different modalities, perhaps. It’s still there after all this time for the rest of us to see.

When I describe to you what they told me, it will often come out distorted, as there are just too many pots and pans in there, in order to describe it accurately.

[Note: Clearly, he gained contact with this same source as well, and wanted to tell me what he learned. He says that he would normally do his psychic work in his dwelling, but this time it was apparently all happening on the energetic level.

The modalities he refers to could be dimensions or spiritual densities of existence. He then seems to imply that even though Sumer was in the distant past, “it’s still there after all this time for the rest of us to see,” through a process of psychic consciousness like remote viewing.

He seemed to be trying to give me information that he received from the extraterrestrials whom he discovered were responsible for designing the cuneiform. In addition, it seems that his own language was distorting and allegorizing some of the messages he was trying to convey to me.

The mental image that I saw in the last sentence was of a person wandering through a kitchen where there were hundreds of pots and pans hanging down from the ceiling. It was impossible to walk through it without making a lot of noise, and he used this as an analogy of his attempts to communicate with my mind.]

[And now, the forces return to comment on this exchange of information.]

Your life should be one of greater purpose; greater complexity. Part and parcel of that is the ability for you to recall your past lives.

Your subconscious is not fine-tuned enough yet for us to be able to slip solid factual information past you, which is why it comes in paradox, as you have seen.

The problem is that other people get these paradoxical results, and they don’t know how to use them, and thus potentially incredible information goes unrefined and unsought for. But you are doing extremely well, and we are extremely pleased.

As it turns out, many other people have used their Email before; their cosmic Email, that is. When I was driving and I was passing the surface of the vehicle, that’s when I knew the shift had begun; the transformation was made.

All these things that I might speak of require “diligent practice” on your part, as I have said so many times. But I cannot stress enough a word or a group of words which so adequately describes the conditions inherent in your training program.

It is imperative to us that you begin searching deeper and deeper for more information of the personal nature, so that we may remove those blockages from you, [and] get down into the core.

There will always be another [better] way for you to act and respond; a way that exists outside your normal space-time nexus and your normal conscious focus. That way is illustrated by your propensity towards being involved in the space program, as we call it; your involvement with extraterrestrial species.

This then becomes a key in unraveling the map of your psyche, for as we have seen, there are too many potentials that would remain inactive without the need for this other system in place.

So therefore, before we can transfer the focus (of these readings) away from yourself, you have to sufficiently clear your karma, so that you are no longer in dire need of (this guidance.) This may take some time.

In the meantime, we would caution you to not take yourself so seriously, as this is problematic, because it leads to depression and anxiety that is easily averted.

We know that your times and your situations are difficult, but you are blessed; you can be firm in your understanding that there is a way out, and that you are approaching it now.

Many times in the past we have tried to explain to you the power that your beliefs have to mold that which is reality.

The reason why we don’t go into it in any great length is that you have a more than adequate source with the Seth books in order to unravel that information, however it is of crucial importance here.

You only just now have decoded last night the fact that when you rejected marijuana, you rejected pleasure, and in so doing, cut yourself off from the third dimension as we know it.

[Note: We’ll get to that story in ensuing chapters. Writing this part of the book is pretty amazing for me, as many of these memories were completely buried in my subconscious mind, as though they had never even happened to me.

I had no real waking recollection of much of my life as a drug user for several years afterwards.]

By now, you are realizing that the pleasure of female companionship is yours to gain; you can go further into exploring areas of your mind uncharted. Without the focus being on the need and the drive for survival, you relieve yourself of some of the greatest themes of struggle and anxiety in your entire life.

You have inherited a whole system of acting and thinking and feeling which causes great limitation, and is inherently distressing. The system will not help you to expand anymore unless we transcend it.

All things that I might speak on this topic are things that you should know already, but as you are now organizing your thoughts and putting them to action, the meanings become a lot more clear.

D: [A question literally introduced into my mind:] “Was I really born here?”

You have been born many times, and had many cancers. This is a fact that you should understand when investigating your issues surrounding anger.

Be aware that in the present moment, you have not escaped from these systems; it is thus important that we get around to making sure they are purged and cleansed.

It’s terrible that you would feel so angry with yourself. We are doing all that we can to insure that it does not persist.

The scientists are really, really mad, with all the advances in the information that is coming in around them — much faster than their ability to handle or control it.

This will be more interesting for you to watch as things progress, because no one is an expert in anything anymore – the information becomes so diversified to many small channels, there is no other way for it to go…


That ends our transcript. Now, let’s come back to the forefront to discuss the implications of my discoveries of this past life.

What an interesting case this was, and a confirmation of the experience that I went through! While I was still in this lifetime, I seemed to only get the larger parts of the story; for example, I was unaware that this Sumerian person had the psychic abilities necessary to contact me with telepathy in the way that he did here.

In my high-school vision, I was not “allowed” to see the content in this life regarding cuneiform, nor the experiments in contacting extraterrestrial intelligence. The life review that I underwent seemed to only focus on the main points, even though the time involved seemed to be so enormous.

Clearly, the most epic part of this lifetime review happened right at the very end. I had been out working in a field when I started to feel the ground shake. Dimly in the background I heard someone screaming that we were being invaded and everyone was being killed.

By this point I was very advanced in my meditation and spiritual practice, and so instead of running and hiding, I somehow knew that it was hopeless. I would be dead in a matter of minutes, either from a stab wound or from being trampled by a horse.

Luckily, I already had a lotus flower in my hand, and I dropped down into a seated position right in the grass and started to stare into it.

I knew that this was the big test. All of my life I had been working on this technique to try to induce out-of-body experiences, and had met with little success. Now, with the storming army so soon to overtake me, I had to be focused.

I shut everything down and reached deep, deep within myself. Even the angry noises faded away as I reached that place of stillness. I knew that when I was able to see my own face within the center of the lotus flower, I could then transport into that face and end up looking back at my physical self from within the flower.

At that point I would be free, and my death would be completely painless because I was no longer even in my body.

As I continued to work, with the ground shaking and the armies of rogues on horseback moving closer, it started to happen! I was able to see my own face in the lotus flower. But then I noticed something very, very unusual.

It was not my own face that I was seeing as David Wilcock, the experiencer of this bizarre drama, but rather the face of a black man with eyes that looked almost identical to my own, but a wider nose and more ample lips.

In my mind I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Even though I knew that this was the big moment and this was supposed to be my face, something was very wrong.

Understand that by this time, like I said, the experience had lasted so long that it seemed as if 24 years had gone by. We are in no way, shape or form talking about something quick.

It was very strange, as in one sense it was as if I had quickly flipped through a photo album and only stopped at certain points, but in another sense I lived, breathed and felt all the trials, tribulations, long days, joys and pains of an entire lifetime.

There were times when the river ran dry and we suffered profoundly, nearly dying from starvation. There were other times when the river got too high and never drained, and it became infested with flies and pestilence, ruining all the crops.

We had narrowly avoided death time and time again. And now, it was all at an end, and I had finally succeeded in my lifelong goal of getting my soul out of the body – and not a moment too soon.

As I stared into this bizarre face with the broad, flat nose, large lips and my own eyes, I was very puzzled. Then, in the background I started to hear my own name being shouted. “Dave! Dave! Are you OK? Dave! Dave! Can you hear me! Are you all right? Dave! Dave!”

I wondered why there were people calling my name, and I flew in that direction. To my utter and total surprise, the spiraling shape of the lotus had expanded into a deep tunnel or geometric vortex that I was flying through at tremendous speed.

As I shot towards the source of the sound, faces started to materialize into the tunnel. I recognized these faces as being my brother on the left, and Jude on the right.



Suddenly I was all the way back into my present physical body. Something was really wrong. My ears were roaring like five-alarm fire sirens.

The whole world was strobing diagonally, from upper left to bottom right, and I couldn’t stop it from happening.

I couldn’t keep any one image centered in my vision, as everything kept jarring up and down. It appeared as if something had made me incredibly dizzy, and I couldn’t get it to stop no matter how hard I concentrated.

I felt incredible pain in my body, and I was not sure where it was coming from, but I was in a state of extreme panic. My consciousness was deep, far and distant, and I seemed to be very pinched off from reality. It was terrifying, horrible, unbelievable.

I couldn’t believe that I was gone for such an incredibly long time and was now coming back from this “Big Hyperventilation,” sitting on the floor in excruciating pain with people yelling in my face. I started screaming, just to make sure that I was still alive.


My brother and Jude were in a complete panic, and they nervously tried to calm me down, reaching out and touching my skin. “You’re OK, Dave, you’re OK, everything is going to be all right, you’re OK!” They were almost as delirious as I was, after seeing the state I was in.


“You’ll be OK, man!”


I then realized that I had slumped down into a heap and had landed on my foot funny. I pulled my leg out from under me with my arms, and then I went into an even greater panic. (Skip the next sentences and the following two paragraphs if you’re squeamish.)

My left pinky toe had dislocated, and was now pivoted at about a 75-degree angle to the left of where it should have been. No blood, no open fracture, just a toe that looked very, very out of place on the palette of my foot, angled far away from its normal position.


Jude grabbed the toe and quickly and noiselessly popped it back into the socket. It hurt really, really bad the whole time, especially when he reset it. After that experience, I taped my left three toes together to hold the pinky toe while it healed.

Somehow, I had slumped down and landed in just such a way to cause this. Once it got better, I found that I could naturally spread the toes on my left foot out, like I would with my fingers.

Still to this day, I am unable to duplicate this with my right foot, and this is a form of “proof” that it really did happen.

It still gets numb and can even hurt like crazy when my foot gets too cold, or if I play drums for too long in the heels-up style, and I end up feeling like my bones are rubbing together in that foot.

I immediately felt that my injury was karmic. Someone was telling me that I definitely should not mess around with the “Big Hyperventilation;” I had just about killed myself.

Years later, I asked my readings what had happened to me, and they said that they placed my soul into a past life on purpose.

Apparently, if they hadn’t have done this, then I would have experienced the early stages of dying, and instead of a past-life recall I would have had a Near Death Experience.

I would have seen myself lying there in the room with Jude and Mike worrying over me, gone through the dark tunnel, met the angel of light and then ended up being told to go back.

What actually did happen was much less traumatic, and certainly more interesting from a karmic standpoint. By moving my awareness completely out of the situation, they were able to heal my body and bring me back in much faster, in linear time terms.

So right away, after the injury was addressed, I started talking to Jude about what had happened.

“You don’t understand! I was gone for 24 years! I can’t believe how long I spent out there!”

“What in the world are you talking about, Dave?” Jude questioned.

“It… it was 24 years long, man! I just spent the last 24 years out there in this adobe hut by the river! I can’t believe I actually came back here!”

Jude asked for more clarification, and I told him all the details as I have given them above. And then, he told me something that shocked me. It started with my question to him.

“Well, exactly how long was I sitting there before you guys woke me up? It must have been a very long time.”

“No, it wasn’t long at all,” Jude replied.

“What do you mean? What happened?”

“Well, I was pressing on your chest, and I never even got to the count of fifteen. You suddenly slumped straight down like a dead weight, and appeared to be unconscious.

We immediately started yelling at you to try to wake you up, and at first nothing happened. Then, after about six or seven seconds you came back and started screaming, saying “I’m all messed up, I’m all messed up.” [11:11 p.m. 3/23/99.]

“So that’s it? Seven seconds? That’s how long I was gone for?”

“Yeah, it couldn’t possibly have been more than seven to ten seconds, maximum, altogether.”

“My God, that’s just unbelievable!”

“Well, don’t ever ask me to do anything like this again, brother. You damn near scared ME to death.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” I replied. “This obviously is not something I would ever want to repeat again.”



The next major advance came one day when I had just entered my home after visiting some friends after school. I had just been looking at the houses outside and was overcome with a very strange thought.

They were all so boxy, so isolating, so inorganic, I thought to myself. Wouldn’t it be so much better if everyone just lived together?

I observed the garbage in front of each house, and started to think that there was no real difference between the houses and the garbage; they were both created by humans, both were unnecessary and were destroying the environment.

I came into the house and sat down at the kitchen table, with this abstract idea burning at the forefront of my mind. I turned to check what time it was, and the pale blue digits of the clock on the microwave oven said 3:33.

“Now is the time to flip the switch,” Grandfather said. “We’ve really set this one up pretty well. He walked in at just the right time.”

“Which of the devices should we activate?” Lucia asked.

“Let’s do the ears. I want to make sure that he is listening to us when we set up a clock synchronicity like this for him.”

“3:33?” I wondered. At that same moment, I felt an unbelievable pressure in both ears, and as I felt this pressure I also had the sensation that a part of my awareness was rising upward out of my body. It was the most profoundly unusual experience that I had ever had.

This explosive event has now occurred well over 500 times in my life, and I never know when it is going to happen. Sometimes more than a month will go by without my experiencing it, and other times there can be several in one week.

They seem to always be connected to some major growth leap that I make in my consciousness, and no one else has ever heard them at the same time but me. They are so powerful that I have to completely stop speaking until it stops, and I now know to remain calm and meditate as it happens.

I pondered endlessly about what in the world those three repeating digits were supposed to signify, and why I had this energetic explosion that came in through my ears.

Though I did not get an immediate answer, I did start to see the repeating digits happening more and more often. By my second year of college, it would be nearly every single day. Never once would I plan it out, it just happened constantly.

I would be sitting and reading a book, not having looked at the clock for a long period of time, and I would just happen to wonder what time it was.

Time after time, there it was – a 3:33, 2:22, 4:44, 5:55, 1:11, 11:11, 12:12 and the like. It still happens on a daily basis as I write these words. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.