After returning home, I continued to ponder Hoagland’s accusations that I did not have any original material. As I continued along in my essays on the EM board, it became increasingly clear to me that the synchronicity, musical compositions, science fiction stories and dreams were perhaps the strongest “original” information that I was producing on my own.

My work attracted the attention of another researcher, also participating on the EM board, named Joe Mason. Mason’s specialty was synchronicity and dreams, and in that specific area he was much farther along in his understandings than I was.

He had been working to show the clear-cut connections between crop circles, synchronicity and dreams, and as he told me more about what he was doing, I became more and more excited. Mason and I eventually exchanged phone numbers, and I was determined to call him up and talk. That actually did happen on the night of November 9, 1996, a night I will never forget.

Although Mason covered a wide variety of topics in the conversation, two things struck me the most. The first was the idea that all of physical and nonphysical reality was built upon energetic “units” that Mason called “consciousness units.”

As Mason talked, I realized that indeed, the “consciousness units” explained a lot. In Hoagland’s work with Mars, I had seen how the simplest three-dimensional shape, a tetrahedron or four-sided triangle pyramid, would show where energy would emerge in a spherical body, like a planet.

Hoagland showed how the energy from this invisible tetrahedron would show itself in upwellings on almost every planet in the Solar system. The crucial angle for these energy upwellings was 19.5 degrees above or below the Equator. (I have explained and enhanced all of this information with meticulous attention to detail in my book Convergence, for those who are interested.)

And so, the Sunspots never went above or below 19.5 degrees, Mars had a shield volcano at 19.5 degrees that was three times bigger than Mount Everest, the Earth had the Hawaiian Islands, Venus had two volcanoes at 19.5, Jupiter had the Great Red Spot at 19.5, Neptune had the Great Dark Spot at 19.5 and Uranus was speculated to have a Great Dark Spot as well.

Now, with Mason’s discussion of “consciousness units,” I felt like I could finally understand why these geometric shapes were so important. Up until my conversation with Mason, the idea had burned in my mind for years. Why a tetrahedron? Why a tetrahedron inside a sphere?

What exactly is this supposed to be telling us, and how does it fit in with Sunspot cycles and Ascension?

Now, I could finally feel myself closing in on the answer. In a tremendous moment of realization, a true “Eureka!,” I really knew in every fiber of my being that I suddenly had stumbled across the answer! Now I just had to figure out WHY this was the answer, and that quest, aided by my readings, eventually produced Convergence.

The other aspect of Mason’s work that invigorated me even more was what he called the “Dream Voice.” Mason essentially said that he simply recorded whatever he heard in the background of his mind when he was first waking up and could still remember his dreams.

The messages that he would receive were often quite cryptic and strange, but upon greater inspection, they would be bursting with nuggets of truth. Mason cited many examples of his “Dream Voice” in action, including a precise prophecy of the dating of the Northridge earthquake in California.

Mason expressed his own hesitation about discussing his Dream Voice findings, and I understood. I had barely ever mentioned my being a Wanderer or the Ra Material in Hoagland’s forum, and when I started to write articles about synchronicity, I was attacked by many of the participants on the EM board.

The conversation between Mason and myself stretched on well into the night. Mason was in California, where it was still four hours earlier. To Mason, it was a late conversation that ran until about 1:00 in the morning.

To me, it ran until 5:00, and was therefore an all-nighter. I was so exhausted as the conversation stretched on that I could barely even stay awake at all; I was literally lapsing in and out of consciousness as Mason spoke.

And yet, at the same time, the information that Mason was giving me was so new and fantastic that I felt compelled to try to write it all down as fast as I could! Little did I realize it, but this would provide the essential foundation to train me to write down my own “Dream Voice” messages the next morning.

I woke up rather early the next day, after nothing more than three or four hours of sleep. I had just been through a rather incredible dream, but I was so tired when I woke up that I couldn’t even remember it. Suddenly, I remembered what Mason had said about the Dream Voice, and was determined to try to listen and see what I could hear.

To my surprise, I was indeed able to hear Mason’s own voice, droning in the background, just barely audible if one were to focus strongly on its sound. I tried to tune in as much as possible to make out even the smallest fragment of a sentence.

I now knew from my study of remote viewing that it was very important that I stay out of the way and not try to understand the messages. If I could simply become a passive receiver and recorder of the messages, I could record information that would bypass my conscious mind completely.

The complexity and cryptic strangeness of the language made it just powerful enough to defeat my conscious mind. I knew that I would probably understand it when I was finished, but in that moment all I needed to do was record what was said.

In fact, as soon as I started understanding my messages, it was probably going to be contaminated by my conscious mind, so I had to stay out of the picture. And that, dear friends, leads us into Part Two of this book — the Wilcock Readings.