That incredible event with Eric opened up a whole new can of worms, which was this: exactly how much of our actions are actually chosen by us, and how much of them are the byproduct of subconscious, spiritual manipulations?

I felt like I might start being able to understand all my clock synchronicities. It wasn’t just that I looked at the clock at exactly the right time, it was also that my enlightening thoughts were triggered at just the right time to correlate with the clock!

That would explain why these clock synchronicities always seemed to answer my thoughts, telling me that whatever I had just been thinking was a really great idea.

As my life continued forward, more dreams came in that revealed who I was and what I was supposed to be doing on the planet. I received a prophetic vision of the comprehensive book that I would ultimately finish in 1999, entitled “Convergence.”

2 / 10 / 96 –

I awoke this morning with the burning conviction that I needed to get in touch with Angelica, and also start writing a book that would be designed as a research guide. The name of the book was said to be “Convergence.”

The first thing I was “supposed” to do was to go online, and that suddenly turned into an all-day extravaganza of amazing information gathering. In it, I learned of Comet Hale-Bopp, the further accuracy of Nostradamus’ predictions, the Novelty theory of Terence Mc Kenna, and the predictions for the end of the world.

As my life continued, more dreams came into play that revealed what I was ultimately to do. The next dream occurred in April of that year. I was still working at the behavioral center when this dream came in.


4 / 13 / 96 –

In this dream it seems that a big theme was established. Early on, everyone seemed like they were on the run from this hideous creature. They were all trying to keep one step ahead of it, and this continued through many small subplots.

I felt dread, knowing that it was getting closer and closer. Finally, at the end the monster caught up with me, and there was no escape. It somehow had trapped me and I could not move. It came towards me as a huge, spindly spider with a stylized Grey alien head, and I was quite afraid.

Then, quite suddenly, the head sprouted upwards, and the spider legs transformed into a thin, standing alien humanoid form. It seemed to be glowing with a luminescent green energy, and the eyes were very prominent, burning with light.

Suddenly, the creature shot some form of thoughtwave at me, which I could physically feel and see. Now, it appeared that there was a wind tunnel of books coming from behind the creature, and each one of them was either whizzing past my body or actually crashing into me.

I realized that these were all the different books about metaphysics and extraterrestrials that I had read over the last four years! Not only that, but as each one of them passed me by, I seemed to be aware of the complete range of knowledge that was in that book itself.

There was so much information coming into my mind all at once, as all these books were fusing together, that I could hardly believe it. All of a sudden, I was catching a glimpse of some kind of Grand Unified Theory of Metaphysics, a concept that would somehow synthesize all of my research together into one body of work.

I was shocked to realize that this was the monster that I, along with everyone else, was hiding from.


My next significant entries came a short time later, where I was trying to journal the recent synchronicities that were happening to me at that point in my life:

4 / 22 / 96 –

SYNCHRONICITIES: Yesterday was the incident where I had a perfect, two decimal point accuracy in measuring out a bag of beans at the store. The weight came out to precisely one pound, even though I did not pay attention to the weight, just putting the beans in the bag and going with the flow.

Immediately after I saw this precision of weight on the scale, the woman finished ringing me up, and it came out to exactly $9.99. Not only was this a three-digit synchronicity, but it was precisely one cent less than the ten dollars that I had wanted to spend in the store!

I had not been adding up the prices of what I was buying in my mind, and thus it was a complete synchronicity.

So think about that one for a minute. Somehow, my subconscious mind had actually guided my hand precisely as I haphazardly scooped the beans into the bag.

I just grabbed whatever groceries I felt like I needed, with only the loose intention of not clearing ten dollars, even though I had more money than that. I have actually had this “grocery store synchronicity” happen a number of times since then, and it never ceases to amaze me.

More and more, I started to realize that it would happen literally constantly, if only I begin looking for it. The next entry from this same day in my journal dictates another amazing example of this.

Today’s synchronicity was even more outrageous. I came home, and for some reason I got the urge to clean the whole apartment.

Then, I spontaneously got a phone call from Jude, indicating that he was going to come and visit me! It was a habit of mine to clean the house before a friend showed up, and so somehow I must have anticipated his visit in advance. Then, a half-hour or so later, I told Eric that Jude was about to arrive; I could ‘feel’ him.

What I actually felt was that there was some sort of problem, and that Jude was never going to make it – but my Ego mind thought that was impossible, and I concluded that he had to be on his way, since I had suddenly felt his energy so strongly.

No sooner did the words come out of my mouth to Eric but the phone was ringing, and I already knew that it was going to be Jude.

It turned out that he had gotten to a payphone to tell me that his car had broken down and he was probably not going to be able to come and visit me after all. In fact, he never actually did, as he ended up going back home after getting it fixed. While in conversation with me, he said, “Do you want to hear something really bizarre?”

As soon as he said this, I saw something that was completely unexplainable to my rational mind. There, over the gas stove, was a very thin, two-inch long dark object that appeared to be hovering and bobbing in the air about three inches above the stove surface.

Its motions were so erratic and strange that it could not be an optical illusion — it had to be something real. I closed my eyes, shook my head and opened them, and it was still there.

Was this some sort of telekinesis I was doing? Could I even believe my own eyes? Before Jude even went on, I blurted out, “Oh my God, what the hell is that?”

“What?” Jude replied.

I then described what I was seeing — a bobbing, hovering dark object — thin, straight and about three inches long — that was floating around the stovetop in a vertical alignment. You can imagine my surprise when Jude said, “That’s the same thing I was about to tell you!”

“What the hell do you mean by that?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.

He proceeded to describe his point, by telling me a story about a photo that a person from India had asked him to develop. Within the photo was an anomalous, UFO-shaped object, only it was positioned vertically in the picture instead of the normal horizontal alignment.

He contacted the man after seeing the print, and asked him what it was. The man said that it appeared to be a UFO, and that was why he had taken the picture.

The man had observed that the UFO kept jumping from place to place, or bobbing, and that it would go from horizontal to vertical alignment quite easily. Naturally, both of us were shocked to see the amazing correspondence between the two accounts.

I went over to the stove and then realized that what I had seen was a rather large mosquito-killer insect in the apartment that was trying to haul off a sliced piece of dark green scallion for food.

When I found the piece of scallion, it was lying horizontal, just as Jude’s UFO had been both vertical and horizontal. Obviously, the piece was too big for the insect to carry, and that explained why it could not move it from its location.

As I have started practicing mindfulness meditation, where you stay in “trance” throughout the entire day, the differentiation between daily life and dream life is quickly becoming nonexistent. I sensed Jude coming on the phone, and then the forces somehow compelled that insect to act at just the right time! [1:11 p.m. 4/8/99]

So far, most of the synchronicities that we have explored could certainly be completely explained by a Higher Consciousness manipulating physical human beings. Certain things could be done a certain way at a certain time, and these events would triangulate together to produce the synchronicity. No further work was necessary.

However, there was also a phenomenon that I never even bothered to journal, but had occurred for a long time. Sometimes while I was deep in meditation, I would hear one or more loud pops and cracks in the room, and this would occasionally be coupled with simultaneous sensations in my third eye, or brow center.

I would usually discount this, saying that because of my heightened suggestibility in trance, I had an immediate reaction to a natural sound. Later on, a person on the Internet would tell me that these loud cracking noises were usually a guaranteed sign that a powerful spiritual presence had just entered the room.

So, there were just too many cases of anomalous phenomena to simply say that subconscious manipulation of others’ minds and actions was the full extent of the explanations behind synchronicity.

Time was being bent and played with like silly putty, as dreams would effortlessly predict the future over and over again. Furthermore, there were a number of these “threshold psychokinesis” events that occurred, as I called them.

The thing that was so annoying to me was that I could never seem to get psychokinesis to work by myself from a conscious phase of intent, but there certainly seemed to be a random, inexplicable force that I could generate when I least expected it.

This happened so much with Eric’s computer, spontaneously crashing on me when I would get frustrated or angry, that I didn’t even count that as a valid example.

(This still happens to me now when I am frustrated or overtired while writing. I get dead crashes that require me to completely reboot the computer and start fresh.)

This next journal entry shows one of the more intriguing examples of “threshold PK,” made even more interesting by its totally synchronistic timing with my schedule.

4 / 24 / 96 –

I seem to have a sort of memory block from dream recall this morning. Something very strange just happened. I was sitting here trying to concentrate for a good forty minutes, and I was thinking that maybe I should start the day, but I just didn’t feel like getting up.

Suddenly and inexplicably, something clearly fell out of the bookshelf and onto the floor. I had not disturbed any of the books for a long time, and there was no other motion in the house, so the event itself was completely anomalous and inexplicable.

It was extremely peculiar, as it happened at exactly 7:45, my last-minute cutoff time for getting up for work. I wonder if this was done by these “guides,” whoever they are.

WOW! I just got over there, and the book is called “The Key to Drum Polyrhythms.” It is a very interesting synchronicity, since I have been studying the Mayan Calendar time cycles, which are another form of polyrhythm, where two rhythms of different rates are continually played against each other in the same length of time.

The orbits of the planets are one example of a polyrhythm. It is even more interesting, since I have been working so hard lately on doing this 4-limb coordination in my drum playing.


So in this case, we can see that not only was this falling book precisely timed with when I had to get up, it had a double-level message to me. The first part of the message was telling me to get the heck out of bed so that I didn’t indulge in the self-destructive behavior of being late for work.

The second part of the message was the book itself, which discussed the exact same things that I was focusing on in my physical life — the polyrhythmic Mayan Calendar cycles and four-limb playing on the drumset.

All of this information forced me to speculate that under the right conditions, these higher forces did have a telekinetic ability that was available to them in order to make things happen properly. Obviously they were very good at what they did, as the whole point was for us to never realize that “they” were responsible for these actions.

If we did start to figure it out too early, we might not understand it and become afraid of it. I believe that it is better for us to not understand that “someone” is planning and generating our karma until we learn to respect the fact that it exists.

Some of the karmic events could simply not be effected by the subconscious actions of ourselves or others, and in these cases the psychokinetic manifestations would be called into action.

Now that I was growing into an ability to accept and understand the ways in which these forces worked, I could clearly see that they had a dramatic amount of resources available to them.

They could cause direct, physical changes here on Earth through nothing more than a focusing of consciousness energy, since that what matter really is anyway. I would learn much more about this when my readings started to explore the idea of Earth Changes.

I became distinctly aware of the tremendous amount of power that they have in holding back and / or creating earthquake, volcanic and weather activity on the planet.

We will see that my readings explained that in order for Cayce’s prophecy of an epic, disastrous land shift in 1998 to not come true, a vast amount of energy was required to hold it back from happening. It was being held back due to our own collective progress in awakening from the slumber of materiality.

The next significant journal entry shows yet another dream that was building me up to my final revelation of my ability to communicate with these forces.

Saturday 4 / 27 / 96 –

In this dream, we were walking in this street from Downtown Schenectady that I recognized from my youth. I noticed a slightly UFO-shaped cloud in the sky at first, and then another one that was eminently similar in form as well.

Then, these two silver craft clearly appeared in the sky! They almost seemed to be in a dogfight with each other. I kept saying over and over again, “What the hell is that?” Then, I grabbed a passerby and said, “Do you think that is a helicopter?”

I was very excited and wanted to make sure I had a second opinion, and a witness for my sighting. They didn’t say much, just staring at the event like I was.

The craft kept changing between UFO’s and helicopters as the dream progressed. They flew very close to me, almost directly over my head. But, there was no wind like there would be with a helicopter.

I raised my arms at the sides and walked towards them, even though I was feeling very strange about the whole thing. As I approached, they began spinning at the middle quite wildly. They compressed into one single form that was only about two feet wide, and it crashed into the earth in a massive, spinning vortex.

As I approached the object, I realized that it was an angular, aircraft-shaped, sharp-edged telephone. I somehow knew that “they” were telling me that they wanted me to contact them from getting this message.

The day after this dream, I experienced the dream that I gave at the beginning of this book, where I as my fifth-density self Grandfather had to go through a rigorous test prior to my physical incarnation.

The test involved dancing over a large round area of rising and falling platforms, all moving at different rates of speed. The whole trick was to be able to dance over these platforms without falling off of the whole contraption, and in the dream, I had exceeded everyone’s expectations by how well I was able to do this.

There was definitely a metaphor to my physical life here on Earth, with my ability to handle the almost limitless series of trials and difficulties that I was going through.

And now, we will round out this section by showing two more journaled examples of synchronicity, in order to reinforce the point that these experiences were happening continuously, and they were always quite stunning to be a part of.

5 / 4 / 96 –

SYNCHRONICITIES: Today, I got at least 6 good, solid numericals, or clock synchronicities, in one day. Also I deleted AOL and completely terminated our Internet service. I had been feeling this coming on for a long time, as I was getting too sucked in to the Internet; I needed to break away from it.

After I did this, I saw 12:12 three times in a row, on three different clocks in the house that are all slightly different. The first one was on the computer’s clock, in Windows 95. The second one was on the clock radio next to my bed, and then the third one was some ten minutes later on the microwave downstairs, which I set ahead to make me leave the house earlier in the morning.

It was a perfect sequence. I then had a 3:33 while I was talking to Ren, the caretaker for the house, about ETs. I saw this happen right after I had just made a particularly good point.


5 / 8 / 96 –

SYNC.: I was sitting at home and thinking about the essential nature of fear; what it was, and how to respond to it. I started reading page 11 of the Hindu-based book My Lord Loves a Pure Heart, and in the book the author was talking about how people often think to themselves that they are not afraid, but they really are.

I laughed and said to myself that I did not have any such hidden fears, that I was completely honest with myself. Seconds later, I realized that a huge spider was quickly climbing up my leg! I freaked out, threw the book down, jumped out of the seat and ran, slapping my leg where it had been to get it off! I was afraid!

So, we can see with the story of the spider here and the mosquito-killer a little earlier that human consciousness is not the only resource that is available. The minds of insects, animals, birds, and fish, indeed almost anything that was alive on the planet, could be subtly manipulated through consciousness to do certain things.

In some cases, it could be as extreme as causing a deer to jump out in the road at just the right moment to cause an auto accident that would balance out someone’s karma. If we fail to realize how seriously our karma can come back on us, then we can essentially keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Another example of an “animal synchronicity” occurred when I again was oversleeping before work and would end up either being very late or having to call in sick. Suddenly, a bird flew down our chimney and started going crazy all through our apartment, crashing into windows and knocking things down.

I have also seen this synchronicity happen repeatedly with my cat Mandy and our kitten at the apartment, Che, who would both happen to disrupt my sleep patterns at just the right moments. The yellowjacket that stung me while I kissed Yumi was yet another example of this.

The more we look at this, the more we can understand why primitive, shamanic cultures could get such dramatic omens from animals. First of all, there were a lot more to go around, because we hadn’t killed them all yet!

All that would be required was the proper positioning of the animal or bird into view at just the right moment by these guiding forces. Since these cultures had pre-defined symbolic meanings for the sighting of each different type of creature, the higher forces would have quite the “laundry list” to work with.

Or, if a shaman was adept enough to control the animals’ consciousness by herself, she could locate and draw that animal out at just the right time to kill it during the hunt. I too noticed the sightings of deer, eagles, hawks, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, mice, butterflies, moths and other critters at very synchronistic and meaningful moments in my life.

During this period of time, another major set of breakthroughs came in my research, in the form of two books. The first book that changed my perspective was Cosmic Voyage by Dr. Courtney Brown.

This was a book that gave a well-documented, scholarly approach to the ET / UFO question, through the science of remote viewing. It would emerge nearly a year later that the military guide and teacher referred to in Brown’s book was actually Ed Dames, who would become a frequent guest on the Art Bell show.

I was completely blown away by the content in Brown’s book. These remote viewing sessions were tying together so many different topics in the UFO field that it was totally amazing, and Dr. Brown was actually coming up with brand-new findings as well.

Reading Cosmic Voyage caused a profound shift in my consciousness. By this point, I had read almost every book on UFOlogy that I could find, and I was becoming quite disillusioned. Almost every book seemed to be saying the same things, over and over again as an endless repetition. Each “new” author just recombined everything that was already available.

I had memorized all the names of the people involved in the Roswell crash, could expound on every theory of alien abduction, cattle mutilations, missing time, government conspiracy and the like.

I had read about so many different UFO sightings that they bored me to tears at this point, and by this point I would skim through those sections of the books without really reading them. “Lights in the sky” just didn’t cut it anymore.

I also had completely familiarized myself with the typical data used to “prove” the former existence of Atlantis, and even the incredible, epic work Fingerprints of the Gods  by Graham Hancock didn’t really say anything new, only refining the “knowns” with fully annotated scholastic accuracy and power.

I knew the maps, knew the alignments, knew the Mayan Calendar, Sitchin’s Sumerians, the Vimana flying craft described in the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures and the secrets of the Great Pyramid like the back of my hand.

In short, there was hardly anything in my field of work that was new; I had become totally saturated. Every time I picked up a new book, I felt like I was wasting my time, reading the same material over and over again.

Plus, the dreams that I was having were making it more and more clear that I needed to somehow form a bridge from my work into that of the spiritual side of things. I longed to find the connection between the UFO field and personal spiritual development, and so far I had largely been left wanting.

The only book that had given me a comprehensive idea that there was a “spiritual UFO connection” was We, the Arcturians  by Dr. Norma Milanovich, which I have already mentioned. I had already been following the dietary guidelines that the Arcturians gave in the book quite fastidiously, and I felt that this was the only ‘solid’ channeled book that I had found so far.

I really could believe that the Arcturians were who they said they were, but their information was mostly spiritual in nature and there wasn’t a lot of fact-checking that I could do with it against other sources.

Now, with the advent of Dr. Brown’s book, everything suddenly changed. My most important realization about all of this was that Brown’s findings came entirely through the realms of consciousness.

In short, it was through a discipline of the mind, associated with meditation, that this information came about. Although the remote viewers themselves wouldn’t want to admit that there was a spiritual component to it, by my own definition it was a spiritual process, as it utilized the higher aspects of the human spirit to make the discoveries.

The most invigorating thing about Brown’s book was that it put a name and a face to the civilization that was responsible for the Martian monuments, which I had read about with such amazement in Richard Hoagland’s book, The Monuments of Mars.

Apparently they were our own long-lost brothers and sisters, and were very close to being human like us, only taller. I felt that the scientific remote-viewing research in Brown’s book was very sound, and it did not conflict with all the other things that I had read.

The “Greys” described by Whitley Strieber and many others were basically presented as actually being several different races, one of which was responsible for the transfer and shuttling of souls from one lifetime and one planet to another.

Brown’s book said that large numbers of the Martian civilization went through a series of Grey abduction-type genetic procedures prior to the destruction of their planet, and that their genetic materials and souls were later transferred to Earth.

Brown also said that the main governing body responsible for this was called “The Galactic Federation.” This Federation was supposed to be an intelligent organization of nonphysical entities that governed the spiritual affairs of our local section of the galaxy.

The most impressive thing of all was that Brown had been told that the Federation was looking for people on Earth to represent them. I was completely invigorated by such a possibility. According to Brown, the only way that one could represent the Federation was to engage and complete a study of remote viewing in exactly the same way as he had done.

And unfortunately, in order to carry out this study in the way that Brown required, it would necessitate an investment of at least eight to ten thousand dollars! There was a three-step process that he said was vital to developing this ability.

Step one was to take Transcendental Meditation, all the way through to the most advanced level, called the “Siddhi” stage.

Step two was to go to the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia and take the Farsight Voyager course.

Step three was to then go to Brown’s own university in Atlanta, Georgia, and pay some $5,000 dollars for a one-week course in remote viewing.

The Monroe Institute had developed a technology called Hemi-Sync that utilized sound frequencies to induce out-of-body states of consciousness. This was brought about through playing a tone of, say, 440 cycles per second in one ear and 428 cycles per second in the other ear — just slightly different from each other.

The brain, constantly seeking order, would continually try to resolve the difference between the two tones in order to blend them together. The brain would be able to do this, but only for a brief moment before losing it again.

The brain’s continuous attempts to restore order would produce a precise rhythm, or “beat pattern” in the brainwaves, as the brain’s resolution between the two tones would continually occur at a fixed rate of speed.

By inducing such a beat pattern in the brainwaves, a person with no former training in out-of-body techniques could quickly assume the same levels and depths of trance as an advanced meditation master.

With the right discipline and depth of “focus,” this person could actually have a series of conscious out-of-body experiences. That excited me tremendously, for obvious reasons, as I had been longing for a repeat of my youthful OBE all of my life. .

Brown’s book implied that the remote viewers had completely deflated the entire field of channeling, by scientifically proving their data to be inaccurate.

It was stated in the book that most channelers were receiving a certain amount of psychic information, but that it was tainted with the “analytic overlays” that came from the conscious mind. Therefore, the strict protocols of remote viewing were the only way to preserve the accuracy of the data.

According to Brown, no other method of spiritual information gathering was valid. Remote viewers produced their results from nothing more than a set of “target coordinates” from the person guiding them.

These “coordinates” were a set of two randomly generated numbers assigned to the target. In some sessions, the guide also had nothing more than the target coordinates, which were assigned to a specific time, place, person or event.

Using the protocols of remote viewing, the viewer could actually work up to a point of nearly 100 percent accuracy. In other words, they would correctly guess the target almost 100 percent of the time, with no prior information about it.

I almost believed the remote viewers regarding their statement of remote viewing as being the only game in town. However, I was well aware of the legacy of Edgar Cayce, having tangentially studied his work through the various books on Atlantis that I had found.

I had never read anything about Cayce’s life story, but I was very interested about Cayce’s discoveries regarding Atlantis and the true age of the Great Pyramid, said to be some 12,500 years old. I also knew from what was written that Cayce’s medical readings had a 99 percent accuracy rating.

In other words, with no front loading Cayce would correctly diagnose a person’s ailments and prescribe successful treatments for them, many of which no one had ever even heard of in the past.

Since Cayce had become so well known and reputable for what he had done, I did think it was rather ridiculous for the remote viewers to simply dismiss all “channeled” material out of hand. They obviously did not include Cayce’s work in their unilateral dismissal of this aspect of human consciousness.

The next big breakthrough came when I took the suggestion placed by Dr. Scott Mandelker in the book From Elsewhere  and ordered the entire four-book set of the Ra Material / Law of One book series.

This was a collection of channeled material produced by a three-person group after over 20 years of experience in channeling. The main channel, Carla Rueckert, had gone into a completely unconscious state, just like Cayce, for the first time in all her years of channeling to produce this material.

When I got all the books and started reading them, I was immediately blown away. The material was so sophisticated, so incredible, that I knew that there had never been anything else like it, before or since.

Even more incredibly, the work synthesized an incredible amount of data that I had studied over the years — and all of it was coming through one person. It was written on such a high-minded level that it completely defeated the rational mind to try to conceive of how Carla could possibly have “faked” it with her own imagination.

Perhaps more importantly was the fact that almost all of the content in Dr. Brown’s book was covered and enhanced in The Ra Material. The explanation for the demise of the Martian civilization, of their genetic “storage” and subsequent transfer to Earth, was virtually identical to Brown’s scenario.

Furthermore, the material regarding the Galactic Federation was also literally identical in many ways. This type of connection was far too incredible to be just chance. I felt that it was obvious that Brown wasn’t lying and certainly had not read the Ra Material going in, as it was quite obscure and practically unknown in the UFO field.

Brown admittedly had no previous interest in UFOlogy and could hardly even imagine the findings that were coming through him. He had obviously written his book in a very short period of time, and each new session was a shocking new discovery to himself and the guide both.

How could he have been repeatedly starting with absolutely nothing but a set of coordinates, and ending up with findings identical to those of Ra? There were just so many connections popping out that the two seemed to validate each other, and therefore there had to be something very “real” going on in the Ra books.

Furthermore, the Ra Material went leaps and bounds farther than Brown’s findings. The connections between Brown’s work and that of Ra were actually tangential compared to the greater validity of the Ra Material as a whole.

Ra explained that millions of years ago, they had lived in the third dimension like us, on the planet Venus. They were now three full levels higher than us, in the sixth. What they presented throughout all four books was a virtually airtight, bulletproof cosmology for the multidimensional universe.

The dimensions were said by Ra to be organized into an octave structure, and we were on the third node out of eight. Each level above our own was a higher level of development, filled with beings, and any entity from these levels would appear to us to be angelic or extraterrestrial.

Furthermore, the growth lessons of these levels were all capable of being achieved while still here on Earth! In other words, the karma of living on Earth was so advanced that a person could essentially move through lessons that might take thousands of years of subjective time in higher realms.

The Ra Material also presented a complete framework to explain and define the mission and purpose of Wanderers. It was so comprehensive and internally consistent from one session to the next that it completely defeated my skepticism.

I knew I had found the source I was waiting for, and it was precisely perfect for the way that my own mind worked. The man asking the questions was a University of Louisville physics professor named Don Elkins, and despite Elkins’ genius, Ra often made him look ridiculously incompetent.

Those of Ra were very serious about what they were doing, and Elkins’ group was heavily criticized when they asked questions that did not have to do with the central theme of Ra’s mission.

Ra explained that the only thing they wished to teach us was the Law of One –– namely, that all beings, everything in the universe, every dimensional level, was all part of one gigantic Oneness that had one, singular consciousness.

It was the destiny of each soul to personally reunite with this One — to return home. Each dimensional level gave greater and greater spiritual abilities, as well as a greater refinement of the personal vibrations to the Oneness. So, in order to advance through the levels, you basically had to become more and more spiritually “perfect.”

The ultimate spiritual perfection, according to Ra, was attained through service to others. This was the most singularly important path that anyone in the universe could follow. The negative path, the path that would lower the personal vibrations and retard development, was service to self –– any self-serving actions that are brought about at the expense of others.

Wanderers were innately focused on service to others, and thus they came to “lighten the planetary vibrations” by teaching others to be the same way. Because the spirit of the Wanderer still resided in higher realms, they were easily able to remember what the higher realms were like, and communicate that to others.

However, despite their hidden memories of a Utopian kingdom, it was extremely uncommon for them to completely “penetrate the forgetting” and come to a complete understanding of their true mission while still alive on Earth.

I looked back over the collection of my own literature and my experiences, and realized that I could make a damn good case for my own innate knowledge of my status as a Wanderer gradually surfacing over time from the subconscious level.

The most unilaterally significant fact that was expressed in the Ra Material, from my own perspective, was that we were imminently heading towards a dimensional shift. Ra went into great detail to explain this idea of “Harvest,” saying that we were under the effects of a 75,000-year cycle in the Sun, broken up into three units of 25,000 years. (See my book Convergence for details.)

I immediately recognized these numbers as corresponding to the Cayce cosmology of the ages of Atlantis, as well as to a little-known wobble in the Earth’s axis called precession.

The Ra Material explained that this cycle was nearly complete, and thus we were all standing on the threshold of “Ascension,” (although it was never called this in the Ra books,) where our own bodies as well as that of the planet would be raised to the fourth dimensional vibrations. Ra implied that the Harvest would definitely have been complete by the 2011-2012 timeframe.

The most important thing about Harvest, according to Ra, was that a great number of the people on this planet were not yet vibrationally compatible. In other words, a great number of the people on this planet are not quite above 50-percent motivated towards service to others.

The amazing truth was that all we had to do was to make this minimum 51-percent standard of service to others in order to “graduate.” Ra said that the entire mission and purpose of all the Wanderers on Earth and all the beings outside of Earth were to simply try to increase the number of beings who will be compatible with Harvest.

However, Ra is already well aware that the numbers will unfortunately be much lower than they could be, due to how confused we are as a people.

Those of us who do not meet the minimum standards for Harvest will repeat another 25 to 75,000-year cycle on another planet, still in third-density. The Confederation has worked very hard to terraform this new planet by using the materials we have here on Earth.

Another interesting point that was raised in the Ra Material was the fact that you could do a lot of “planet-hopping” in the universe. 50 percent of our people were from Maldek, the “exploded planet” that was now the Asteroid Belt. Another 25 percent were from the civilization that had been on Mars.

The rest of us had come here from a mixed bag of other third-density planets in our local section of the galaxy, and then there were the 65 to 100 million Wanderers who were here to help.

Ra explained that our planet was a rather unique “experiment” that the higher forces had tried; their idea was to have a planet that provided a home for a large number of different planetary races. This was not at all a normal thing to do, as the typical pattern was for entire planets of beings to stick together.

The governing body responsible for these planetary mass migrations was called the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator, and our own local government was called the Council of Nine or Council of Saturn, located in the “octave frequency” or eighth dimension in Saturn’s rings.

These beings resided in a non-physical place that Ra called “timespace,” where there was no linear time. It was necessary for the Council to stay there, in order that they were able to view simultaneous events across vast expanses of time.

For example, the Martians were “packaged” from their own doomed planet some 200,000 years ago, but they were not replaced here on Earth until 75,000 years ago, when our present third-density cycle began. The beings who actually did the storage and movement of souls and genetic materials were called the Guardians.

Apparently, the Confederation’s idea to throw together many different races on one planet hadn’t really worked very well, and we are now the result of this Experiment.

And thus, the Wanderer’s mission for Planet Earth was especially risky, even more dangerous than a typical third-dimensional planet. There was such an ambiance of negative, self-serving energy on our planet that it would be very difficult for Wanderers to remain pure.

Ra constantly admonished the group to “guard their alignments carefully,” implying that each and every decision they made was crucial to their own higher process of spiritual development.

Ra said that there were lessons to learn in each dimensional frequency, and here is a list of what those lessons are, which has been aided by my own readings and intuition in simplifying it like this. Keep in mind that these are not only dimensional levels, they also correspond to our own chakra centers in the body, and the lessons that we have in each:

Basic: Elemental life, earth, air, fire and water, fully merged with the One with no separate mind, body or spirit.


Self: Every lower Earth lifeform from bacteria to plants to insects to animals, except humans. There is an individual Mind, but it perceives itself as One with its environment. Everything is the Self. When it becomes conscious of itself as different from other beings, it graduates to the third density.


Other: Every lifeform is conscious of itself as a unique identity. This is the dimension of “The Choice.” The entire purpose of this dimension is for each entity to make a choice: whether it will serve self or serve others. This is the entire backdrop behind which we now function as human beings.


Love: A far more harmonious and utopian level than the third. It is not possible for any being to cause disharmony in any way. Many Christlike spiritual abilities begin to become available. However, there is a lack of universal wisdom, and these entities can easily martyr themselves. Beings still have a body, but it is less solid than in the third, comprised more of Light.


Wisdom: The level of most UFO beings. At this stage, the being has the ability to time travel, manifest objects by thought, to access all available knowledge in the universe, to form a group-mind with other beings and to compress into a visible three-dimensional form. With the acquisition of so much knowledge can come a forgetting of the need for compassion.


Compassionate Wisdom: The Oversoul level, where the Higher Self of each third-dimensional being resides. Often an entire planet worth of beings like Ra that have fused into one I Am / We Are presence.

The full knowledge and wisdom is now blended with the compassion and love. These beings do not need to create space vehicles to travel; they can go anywhere in the universe by thought alone and appear as a physical form or as Light. Linear time and space pose no barrier to them.


Gateway: The Ascended Master level. In order to “graduate” to this level, the entity has to be able to see the sacramental nature of all things in the Universe, including self, and even including the most negative, self-serving actions of otherselves. This obviously takes an extremely fastidious amount of discipline.

It is the Gateway density where very little of the being’s consciousness is separate from the One, and it gains “spiritual mass” which eventually causes it to become One with the All.


Oneness: The level of God, The One or Pure White Light. A unified consciousness that has one singular identity, no sense of separateness but only completeness.



One last thing that is important to say here is that Ra tells us that there is a fourth-density and fifth-density negative as well as positive.

Fourth-density negative beings have to be above 95 percent motivated towards service to self, and fifth-density negative beings have to be above 99 percent purely self-serving.

However, the fifth-density beings would realize that they would essentially spiritually disintegrate if they tried to raise their vibrations any higher than the earliest stages of the sixth dimension, as the sixth dimension cannot be anything other than harmonious.

With this revelation came the knowledge that there was indeed a negative force in the universe, but the Inevitable Conclusion was that all beings would eventually return to the positive and rejoin the group, even the most heinous mass murderers and rapists of women and children.

We are all here to learn from our mistakes of separation, no matter how grievous they might be, and we must learn the seventh-density teachings of accepting the sacramental nature of ALL things in the Universe before we can truly reunite with the One.

(However, seeing these actions as sacramental does not at all imply that you would do them yourself — merely that you can completely forgive and have total understanding of the path that others must take to return to the One.)

Don Elkins seemed to be particularly obsessed with asking Ra all kinds of questions about the negative beings. He was doing so for a valiant reason, though, as these beings had an extreme interest in destroying the validity and power of the Ra contact.

Since Carla was already “blessed” with an arthritic condition, she was subject to an almost constant level of “psychic attacks” from these fifth-density negative beings. While they could not physically appear and strike her, say, they did have similar ‘threshold’ abilities as the positive forces that marshaled the events of synchronicity in our lives.

They could only use these abilities if we allowed them to do so, and surprisingly enough the best and only way to stop them was to send them unconditional love (which has a level of wisdom to it that we usually never really understand.)

Ra said that the Orions would be instantly scattered in the presence of real love, since their negativity inherently came from their own feeling of separateness. Our love is truly our greatest power, and thus Jesus’ teaching of “Love your enemies” starts to take on a whole new meaning in this light.

According to Ra, the negative entities at work in our section of the galaxy are headquartered in a planetary system within the Orion constellation.

Therefore, Ra refers to them as the Orion entities. Perhaps the most interesting thing of all was the idea that the Orions had almost complete subconscious control over the leaders of our present world government, and were basically running the show.

This explained the shadowy, Luciferian doctrines I had read about as occurring in negatively oriented secret societies, such as Adam Weishaupt’s “Bavarian Illuminati.” Based on Ra’s revelations, the whole “New World Order” crew now pulling the strings and running the global military/political/corporate hierarchy is overrun with Orion in every possible way.

I myself might have gotten ensnared by them, through that apparently friendly man whom I had interacted with at the UFO conference. Furthermore, I am aware that many other researchers who write about the same topics as myself have been subjected to bizarre and often fatal accidents, including Richard Hoagland’s mysterious and inexplicable heart attack in March of 1999.

The Orions also accounted for a large number of UFO sightings and were the authors of the terrifying, rape-style genetic procedures popularized by the most traumatized abductees. Confederation procedures for storing our genetic materials, on the other hand, were not designed to be terrifying in the least and were usually never remembered.

Since we know so little about the UFO phenomenon anyway, the Orions wanted us to believe that all extraterrestrial genetic procedures were inherently negative.

[It is important for any concerned readers to be aware that it is impossible for the Orions to have their way with you if you remain focused on service to others in your daily activities. Ra explained that the Orions can only “greet” you when they are invited by your own freewill decisions, evidenced by how you treat yourself and other people in the present.]

And so, I now had a greater appreciation for the celestial war between “good and evil” that I had already been subconsciously picking up on in my fantasy stories. The Orions were just like the Paladorians in “Civil War” or the demons that bothered Harry in “Crazy Harry.”

The Orions were also revealed in my epic dream where I penetrated the negative hotel and discovered that the leader of the whole thing was a military-type man seated at a desk.

As time progressed even further, I came to realize that much of our modern consumerist, money-driven society, including television, media, entertainment, industry and food production, were all the byproducts of this self-serving Orion orientation.

Even if most of the CEOs of our corporations were not aware that the Orions were assisting them, they would essentially call on their services the more they indulged in their profit-motivated behaviors.

[I just heard of another example recently, where the popular feminine estrogen-replacing drug “Premarin” is actually short for PREgnant MARe urINe, and is acquired through a torturous 11-month process of dehydrating female horses in tight captivity for their urine, and then killing them.]

And so, the Biblical prophecies could loosely be seen in a whole new light, based on this information. “The Devil,” or the Orion negative entities, really did end up gaining control of the Earth in the Last Days of the Third Dimension.

My readings would end up speaking ad nauseum about the need to refuse television, media, poisonous food products and gratuitous, unloving sex and violence, and we will have some of those readings later on in the book.

I had renounced this Orion-based polarity already through my increasingly strict dietary choices, and I had already sworn off of television completely once I realized how destructive it was to my mind, body and belief structures.

Since 1991, I had not allowed myself to be barraged with consumer-driven commercial “programming,” endless displays of sex and violence and the overall “distraction, anonymity and sleep” that Ra ultimately would say that it caused.

I myself felt that Elkins overemphasized the Orions in his questioning, and I prefer to look at a quote from another channeler, Paul Solomon, who said that “The Devil does need to be fought; he will simply wither away and die from lack of attention.”

With the overwhelming presence of consumerism and negatively polarized people around us, it can indeed be quite difficult to withdraw from these circumstances.

My own readings would explain that at this point, the time of Ascension is so close that the Wanderers and Lightworkers need to focus on the people who are already close to making the grade, and withdraw from obviously self-serving people.

If we try to interact with predominantly negative people, they will only detune us from our positive polarity and drag us down. The compassionate wisdom of the sixth density, spoken of in the dimensional hierarchy above, can certainly be seen as the notion of “tough love,” to simply not allow negative entities to invade your space.

You are not doing a negative entity (person or otherwise) any favors by allowing them to overtake you. Instead, you are only further enabling them to enslave others as well.

You can recognize the sacramental nature of their actions as a learning process, as well as the sacramental nature of your compassionately focused wisdom that will stop it from happening.



The power and potency of my findings from the Ra Material were so great that they ultimately provided the technical guide to the entire basis of my book “Convergence,” which is soon to be printed for mass public consumption at the time of this writing. I have also put this material on my website,

Once the Ra “bug” bit me, I couldn’t put it down. The material was so incredibly complex that I would often spend an entire half-hour reading two pages, simply to try to digest the material and fully understand what Ra was saying.

To my amazement, I discovered that if I worked at it strongly enough, it could indeed be grasped. I now knew that this was my true Ph.D., my Doctoral Studies of Metaphysics. If I could actually understand everything in the Ra Material, I would certainly possess remarkable knowledge and spiritual capabilities indeed.

Finding the Ra Material dramatically grounded me, and it gave me a renewed faith and hope in my identity as a Wanderer and my purpose as a human being, now physically incarnated on Earth. Ra just didn’t hold anything back, and if you wanted it bad enough, all the knowledge was there for the taking.

Soon after my discovery and preliminary absorption of the teachings of Ra, Eric and I reinstated our connection to the Internet. Too much was going on “out there” to ignore it, and I would have to discipline myself not to get sucked in.

I quickly gravitated to the Enterprise Mission (EM) message board — an open forum hosted by Richard Hoagland, the “father” of the Martian Monuments hypothesis.

By this point, I had quit my job at the behavioral center and was again largely unemployed, floundering from one short-term job to the next. None of that seemed to matter anymore, and I became very active in writing articles for the EM board on an almost daily basis.

I eventually called on my grandparents to bail me out at the last possible second with 700 dollars, and went through the tremendous humiliation that getting the money involved. But in fact, I really didn’t even care.

When I realized how little everyone “out there” seemed to have studied the phenomenon, I suddenly became aware of how much real teaching I could actually give people in this public forum.

I expounded at great length at all the different things I had studied, and tried to bring the other participants “up to speed” on all the material that was available to be known. I was still struggling daily to understand the Ra Material, and so I didn’t write very much about it since it was so difficult to decipher.

As I progressed, I also started sharing the stories from my personal life, including my experiences with the NASA disclosure from my friend Ray. My work was good enough that it actually attracted the attention of Hoagland himself, who only rarely responded to the participants on his message board.

I was highly impressed with the fact that I had gotten into a real, honest dialogue with Richard. However, Richard brought up a significant point in one of his letters to me:

Re: Wilcock… where is your Courtney Brown ReportThe Enterprise Mission Conference AreaPosted by R.C. Hoagland on October 18, 1996 at 16:31:06:

In Reply to: Re: Wilcock… where is your Courtney Brown Report posted by David Wilcock on October 18, 1996 at 10:59:07:


First of all, let me too thank you for sharing your obviously very personal odyssey toward “Truth”; I too have been on such a personal journey, after my own “trigger event” some years ago — i.e., getting first-hand copies of the DiPietro/Molenaar NASA/Cydonia [photographic] enhancements [of the Martian Monuments,] in 1983.

(This is not to say that I wasn’t interested in the subject of “extraterrestrial life” before that moment, but after receiving those actual images in 1983, my life too changed . . . probably forever.)

The critical difference between our two respective “odysseys” and their respective paths in the direction of that “truth” is, however, extraordinarily important to delineate.

You seem to have come to some internal “agreement” re relying on _others_ to reveal to you that “truth.” Be it my own book, Dr. Brown’s — or the invisible “aliens” from whom much of Dr. Brown’s information seems to ultimately depend, the common thread among them is that these are ALL “external authority figures” on that winding road to “truth”!

Some are just living “a bit further away” (Mars?) than the usual “authorities” with which we are familiar.

I, on the other hand, have come very close to totally rejecting ALL such “authority figures.” If I can’t prove it to myself, with a democratic process that anyone else can _also_ apply (as I have), then I’m not interested anymore… There is just too much _deliberate disinformation_ out there to rely on any other option. For me, that is…

I can now hear you say, “But, Dr. Brown (in his formal Course) provides the tools so ANYONE can verify this by ‘remote viewing!'” To which I must reply, “I think not.”

For, you see, there is a crucial difference: if, in the model, we truly are in some kind of “cosmos quarantine,” established by someone “out there” (for reasons we don’t have to discuss here), then “ordinary” remote viewing should (at least in theory) work perfectly on Earth… as long as we remain “on the reservation!”

But, let one remote viewer attempt to “lift the veil,” to actually get a sense of what may be happening (have happened?) off this planet… and all reliability _completely_ vanishes.

And there is NO TEST which can be devised to tell the difference!!

Unfortunately, I am very suspect of Dr. Brown’s (and others’) claims regarding this much bigger “soap opera.” Even if one assumes _total integrity_ on the part of ALL these “remote viewers” (and, assuming that it works as advertised), the very real (and totally ignored possibility, within their protocols!) for “ET communications interference” effectively removes this modality as a viable mechanism for discerning ANY “truth” in this arena.

There’s just no way around this, when dealing with intelligent (and potentially “sneaky”) “other beings”… with possible “agendas.”

Now, photographs and measurements, geometry and natural constants, on the other hand… at least there, we’ve got a fighting chance… as you’ll see in a few days, as the Mars Surveyor launch approaches.

But David, I respect your personal sincerity, and I applaud your courage to communicate. So please continue!


So, the gist of what Richard Hoagland was saying was that even if remote viewing findings could be cross-validated, there was still no way to externally validate the information. Richard was correct in speculating that the findings of the remote viewers could be manipulated by an outside agency, and I now knew from Ra that this agency could well be the Orions.

And indeed, as “Dr. Doom” Ed Dames went on with Art Bell, his number of “misses” started to rise exponentially. (One particular example is his interpretation of the Sun-based Ascension event as a highly negative, planet-killing moment to be avoided at all costs.)

Ra explained that the most typical sign of the Orions overtaking a channel was when they started producing messages of hopeless doom, with the decisive slant that the only way to prepare for them was to become more self-serving.

Furthermore, an easy way to spot Orion at work was when these hopeless, fear-causing doom prophecies failed to come true. (Prophecy does get to be a tricky business, because our collective karma is going to require, as Ra calls it, some “ruptures in the outer garment” of the planet as it aligns with the fourth-density vibrations. We must not fool ourselves into thinking that “nothing is going to happen.”)

I was the one to first break the story of Dr. Brown’s book on the EM board, and thus I was the first to present the material to Hoagland. Richard’s response also chastised me, in a sense, for relying too heavily on the findings of others to produce my own theories.

Richard preferred to look for tangible, physical evidence that could be measured and studied. (I myself don’t even like to talk about the Orion information in the Ra Material, but I want this section of the book to accurately represent what I was learning at the time.

We don’t need to focus on the Orions, but we should know about them to remind us to protect ourselves from those who would act on their behalf. My readings hardly ever discuss “negative beings,” since ultimately the Law of One, and the necessary steps to embrace it, is the only important point worth discussing.)



As part of my continuing quest to make professional contacts, I realized that it would absolutely be in my best interest to give Dr. Scott Mandelker a personal phone call and to try to establish a connection.

I was surprised to discover that Scott himself answered the phone when I called the number given in the back of the book! (He didn’t give this away immediately.) With nervous hesitation, I briefly told Scott the story of my own personal awakening process.

Scott sounded very interested, and told me that he was going to be speaking at a UFO conference in Connecticut. I could get tickets to the conference by replying to a form letter that Scott would send me in the mail. We could meet with each other at that conference. I assured Scott that I would try to go.

To make an unfortunate and long story short, I eventually arrived at the conference. (I had actually gotten the month wrong, and drove all the way out there to Connecticut one day, only to discover that it wasn’t happening until October, not September!)

To my surprise, the very first person to be speaking was indeed Dr. Courtney Brown! To make the whole situation even more “sticky,” Mandelker was to speak directly after Brown. I was quite disappointed to discover that Brown hardly discussed the deeper levels of his findings at all in his speech.

He spent almost his entire allotted time making a case for the validity of remote viewing as a promo for his book, and only threw out a few “teasers” at the end to describe the deeper implications of what he had found.

As Brown was coming off of the podium, he was absolutely swamped with people who clustered around him. I managed to yell out “Dr. Brown!” and get his attention for a brief moment. He looked at me, and I immediately said, “I would like to get together with you and have an advanced theoretical discussion about your findings.”

(Yeah, right, a 23-year old having an advanced discussion of any kind.) Brown politely smiled and handed me his Farsight Institute business card, with the website address that I already knew quite well by then – And then, just as quickly, he was again caught up into the swarm, disappearing from view.

Directly after Brown was Mandelker, and the place had almost completely emptied out! Although I also felt the urge to chase after Dr. Brown and try to speak to him, I did not. I had come to see Mandelker, and I was going to see it through to term.

Despite the smaller crowd, Mandelker’s speech was quite good. Instead of just spitting out reams of information, he urged people to ask the deeper, philosophical questions about their own possible Wanderer natures.

He also mentioned the Ra Material, which gave me the chance to stand up in front of the whole crowd, smile and show everyone the book.

As a result of this momentary fame, I ended up drawing some crowds of my own later on, just by talking to people and then having others overhear it. Many people were telling me that I was already much better than many of the presenters!

I had met with Scott earlier that same morning, and had set up an appointment for a counseling session with him later that afternoon. I felt comfortable with seeing Scott at that time instead of hanging around after he finished his speech, when he would also end up getting mobbed with people.

So, as soon as Scott left the podium, I felt like I might still have a chance to try to track down Dr. Brown before he left. I raced up to one of the coordinators of the conference and asked if Dr. Brown was still in the building.

“Last I’ve seen him, he was at the check-out desk,” the man replied. “If you want to go see him, you’d better hurry.”

I took off like a shot, unabashedly running down the halls of the hotel and not even caring if anyone saw me. There was no Dr. Brown at the desk, much to my dismay. As a last-ditch effort, I ran outside to the boarding area for hotel guests. To my total surprise, there was Dr. Brown, completely alone, sitting on his suitcase and waiting for a taxi! This was my big chance!

“Dr. Brown?”


“Hi, I’m David Wilcock and I just wanted to commend you on your work. It is very impressive to me that you have risked all of your academic credentials to do this work and to forward our understandings of this phenomenon.”

“Well, thank you, David,” Brown responded. “It certainly hasn’t been an easy road.”

“I wanted you to know that I was the one who broke the story of your work to Richard Hoagland, on my conference board. I really stood up for you and your work through thick and thin.”

“Well, thank you again,” Dr. Brown replied. “I do have a tremendous amount of respect for Hoagland and his professionalism, despite the criticism he has received.”

“Do you think there is any chance of the two of you ever working together?”

“Well, I would certainly like to see that happen,” Dr. Brown replied. He wasn’t so sure if Hoagland would be as enthusiastic as he was. Time to change the subject.

“Well, tell me this. How has it changed you, to know that within your own mind, you have the capacity to gather all of this fantastic information?” I asked.

“Well, it certainly wasn’t easy,” Brown responded. “I would have to say that it turned my whole world upside down. People just aren’t supposed to be capable of doing things like this, and yet there it is. I can sit down any time I want and violate all of our known scientific laws with nothing more than two numbers, a few pieces of paper and a pencil.”

“Right! Right!” I responded. “Well, you have discovered so much new information that I have to admit that your book is the best thing to come around in UFOlogy for years.”

“And this is just the beginning,” Brown replied. “There is so much out there for us to explore; we have to just start by figuring out what questions we need to ask.”

“You’re about to get the taxi and go back home, huh?” I asked, seeing Brown’s constant scanning of the highway nearby. The taxi was a wonderful metaphor for Ascension, which I did not see at the time.

“Yes, I can only talk for a few more moments. My ride should already have been here by now.”


I knew that I had to act fast. I tried to think of one of the “advanced theoretical questions” that I wanted to ask Dr. Brown about his findings. One area that had interested me immensely was Brown’s disclosures that a small Martian society had persisted through to the present day, put in place by the Greys.

This part was not in the Ra Material, but it was hinted at, since Ra explained that there were other things about Mars that they could not disclose because of the “Law of Confusion.” According to Brown’s findings, the Martian society had what he called the “Martian Priesthood,” a group of spiritual adepts who essentially ran their society.

This priesthood was singularly responsible for why the Martians did not want to contact the people of Earth. I didn’t feel that Brown’s book had adequately covered why the people of Earth were unable to open contact with the Martian Priesthood, if they lived so close to us.

Furthermore, the Martians were apparently in dire need of help, especially food. They vitally needed to connect with us, and apparently this was all set up by the Galactic Federation in advance, to help both societies make progress. I tried to formulate all of this into a question.

“Dr. Brown, I wanted to ask you why we have gotten so much resistance from the Martian Priesthood. Why won’t they talk to us if they need our help? What’s their problem?”

Brown’s facial expression changed, becoming more thoughtful and distant. His eyes continued to scan the highway for his ride home as he immersed himself deep in thought. Finally, he answered.

“It’s not them, it’s us!” he said, with extreme gravity. “They are ready whenever they want to be. We are the ones who have to make all the progress before they would even consider approaching us.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked him, even though I knew the answer.

“Take a look around you, David. Do you think that extraterrestrials would want to contact our society, when every movie that we make features us blowing them to smithereens? We’re the ones who need to grow and develop before anything else happens. We can’t expect them to come here until we start acting responsibly enough to warrant their arrival.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I replied. Brown’s taxi had come to take him home. “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.” Brown was standing up, and the taxi driver had emerged to grab his suitcase. Brown handed the man his suitcase.

“You’re welcome, David. Just remember that the potentials that you have within your own mind are more extraordinary than you could ever even believe.”

“I will, Dr. Brown. I will remember. Thank you.” He entered the taxi and left.

The effect of my meeting with Brown was literally so profound that it was as if I had met a living extraterrestrial. (I probably had!)

I also had the incredible encounter at this seminar that was reported earlier in this book, regarding a defense contractor for the United States Government. I also found the time to have a long conversation with Michael Hessemann, a German UFO researcher who was very well read. But the most powerful event was the counseling session that I had with Dr. Mandelker.

The gist of the session with Mandelker was that I told him all about my life and what I wanted to achieve. Scott gave me his professional opinion that I was almost definitely a Wanderer, and most likely from the fifth dimension, based on his former research and my personality traits.

[In other words, I could answer in the affirmative to question 7 on his checklist about having a “scientific temperament” and not really understanding romance, passion and desire.]

So, that meant that I had the wisdom part down, but I still needed to work harder on the compassion. Scott also said that I was more than capable of writing “Convergence” and making a significant contribution to the UFO and metaphysics field in general.

This meeting definitely caused me to feel 100 percent more confident about who and what I was, and why I was here on the planet as a Wanderer.

In the last 24 hours I had met my two biggest heroes in the entire field of UFOlogy, and had experienced personal meetings and interviews with both of them.

I knew that there were even more successes still ahead; I could not have possibly fathomed how many there would actually be, or the form that they would take.