There is a stunning interconnection between the data points we have explored in the preceding sections of this Ebook.

Big Tech has betrayed an entire generation, turning YouTube into a mainstream-media echo chamber and arousing massive anger in the process.

Popular music may well have been deliberately ‘weaponized’ to discourage romantic love and encourage violence and drug addiction.

We saw the Facebook Insider Dossier, and if true it has stunning implications for everything we thought we knew.

Mark Zuckerberg may be an MKULTRA stooge for the Deep State to create a highly addictive weapons system against the public… namely Facebook.

Google and YouTube appear to have been orchestrated to achieve similar goals. This, of course, is incredibly evil stuff.



In the previous section, we explored the latest Q Anon posts, suggesting that indictments will soon be unsealed, and massive new treasure-troves of information will be declassified.

No matter what we think we know, or what we can expect, it is very likely that we will all be truly surprised by DECLAS.

The large-scale blockage of YouTube creators may be intended to greatly reduce discussion of this game-changing new information once it arrives.

Any disclosure of this magnitude will turn any and all independent YouTubers into Disclosure journalists virtually overnight.

Big Tech, and the shadowy financiers and plotters behind them, are well aware of this and are arming up for Zero Day.

In this final section, we will explore the bizarre UFO connection to all of this, with the sudden uptick in stories of this nature in the mainstream media.



Before we delve into the UFO subject, we will follow up on the leads provided by Q Anon in the last section.

Is there any tangible evidence of high-level insiders, such as Congressional representatives, anticipating DECLAS?

Yes there are.

First of all, there is absolutely no question that child trafficking rings are being busted at an unprecedented rate right now:

12/31/18: National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

In February of 2017, I signed an Executive Order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit people….

At my direction, Federal departments and agencies are ensuring full enforcement of our laws so that those who seek to exploit our people and break our laws receive the full measure of justice they deserve.

In 2017 alone, the Department of Justice secured convictions against more than 500 defendants in human trafficking cases

and the Federal Bureau of Investigation dismantled more than 42 criminal enterprises engaged in child sex trafficking.

The Department of Homeland Security initiated more than 800 human trafficking cases, resulting in at least 1,500 arrests and 530 convictions. 


When I was speaking with the insider Mega Anon, she told me how excited they were on the inside about the scope of these pending announcements.

And yet, hardly anyone has ever heard about it, since the mainstream media has utterly ignored any and all positive news of this nature.



Next, in a series of videos I did with Edge of Wonder earlier this year, I called attention to some amazing tweets from Kim Dotcom back in January.

Kim was very closely involved with Wikileaks, and is probably the single best person to leak intel in this area besides Assange or Snowden.

Check out these two Tweets from January 5th — predicting that DECLAS would happen some time this year:




Additionally, this Tweet from 2018 is of particular interest in context, as it says Seth Rich was the leaker, not ‘Russia’:



These Tweets were featured in the following article on Zero Hedge:


1/6: Kim Dotcom Teases Next Round of Leaks



On May 21st of this year, Florida congressman Rep. Matt Gaetz anticipated that we are “days, if not weeks away” from the first wave of DECLAS.

This information has already been starting to leak, and will undoubtedly go much farther:

5/21: Gaetz Says “Most Compelling” Evidence in Trump-Russia Probe Days Away

“I believe we are days, if not weeks away from the most compelling evidence in the biggest political scandal in American history,” Gaetz said on “Hannity” Monday.

“There was western intelligence sent to spy on Papadopoulos and there’s a recording and transcript of the conversation.

And there, Papadopoulos denies any illegal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

So, they had evidence presumably that was against Papadopoulos and for him.

What they won’t be able to defend is that they never presented that evidence to the FISA court.”



Rep. Gaetz also published this information and a link to this video in a Tweet from May 21st:


This Tweet from May 14th is also of note:



On May 20th, Rep. Mark Meadows further set up the coming DECLAS, though he only discussed the first phase of it, which is FISAgate:

5/20: Mark Meadows: Declassification is Right Around the Corner

Republican Congressman and House Oversight Committee Member Mark Meadows [says] there will be more information showing that President Trump was set up by senior officials with the FBI and DOJ.

He made the comments Monday on “Fox & Friends,” adding that the declassification of documents will reveal it.

Meadows cited instances where members of the Trump campaign were taped and recorded.

He specifically referred to former Trump Campaign Advisor George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos has been vocal about being set up by the FBI.


Moreover, the North Carolina Congressman explained that ‘the American people will be astonished’ when Trump declassifies more information.

For example, the classified FISA interviews, Bruce Ohr 302 FBI interviews and the so called “Gang of Eight” binder.

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Sunday, the new information could reveal “game-changer” evidence further disproving the collusion narrative.

Meadows said he is confident the President will act soon.

“I think declassification is right around the corner and hopefully the American people will be able to judge for themselves,” said Meadows.



These are two of many episodes of the X22 Report that go into this story, and include a wealth of links for you to follow up and study the case for yourself.

It’s kind of amazing that they are still able to be viewed at all with the current level of censorship, quite honestly:

5/20: Declass Right Around the Corner

5/21: Buildup Phase, Trap Has Been Set



Additionally, Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog has done noteworthy work on the coming DECLAS, such as the following:

5/19: Massive Crimes Will Soon Be Revealed and Prosecuted

The FISA abuse report compiled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is finished and will be released soon, according to Dr. Dave Janda from the Operation Freedom radio show.

The fraudulent FISA applications, using a phony dossier, made spying on the Trump Administration possible.

Not long after the release of the IG FISA report, President Trump will declassify the documents surrounding the so-called “hoax” that he has repeatedly called “treason.”

Janda also says there are massive crimes that are going to be revealed that involve data collection by President Obama’s top intelligence chiefs.

This data collection was ordered by Obama and involves 600 million pages of information on judges, business people and politicians, including the head of the FISA Court and Chief Justice John Roberts.

The illegal data stash is information used for leverage and blackmail on possibly millions of unsuspecting Americans.

Join Greg Hunter as he lays out upcoming extraordinary events that will probably be happening in the next month….


The timetable has obviously been delayed a bit longer, since we are slightly after a month since this was published.

However, it certainly appears that we are about to see major action take place.

Once Q starts posting again, we will probably be in the midst of quite the roller-coaster ride.



The formerly untouchable status of Big Tech took a serious hit on May 13th, as the Supreme Court opened up against Apple:

5/13: SC Deals Apple Major Setback in Apple Store Antitrust Case

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled 5-4 against Apple, saying iPhone users can pursue their antitrust lawsuit involving the tech giant’s signature electronic marketplace, the App Store.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion, which was joined by the court’s liberal justices.

The iPhone users argued that Apple’s 30% commission on sales through the App Store is an unfair use of monopoly power that results in inflated prices passed on to consumers.

Apple argued that only app developers, and not users, should be able to bring such a lawsuit. But the Supreme Court, in an opinion authored by Kavanaugh, rejected that claim.

“Apple’s line-drawing does not make a lot of sense, other than as a way to gerrymander Apple out of this and similar lawsuits,” Kavanaugh wrote.


Apple has participated in surveillance and the banning of voices for various agendas, including political manipulation.



Just two weeks later, we found out that the DOJ is pursuing anti-trust legislation against Google:

5/31: DOJ Prepares Google Antitrust Probe

(Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department is preparing an investigation of Alphabet Inc’s Google to determine whether the tech giant broke antitrust law in operating its sprawling online businesses, two sources familiar with the matter said.

Officials from the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and Federal Trade Commission, which both enforce antitrust law, met in recent weeks to give Justice jurisdiction over Google, said the sources, who sought anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record.

The potential investigation represents the latest attack on a tech company by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has accused social media companies and Google of suppressing conservative voices on their platforms online.

One source said the potential investigation, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, focused on accusations that Google gave preference to its own businesses in searches.


6/1: Google Should Be Afraid. Very Afraid.

(Bloomberg Opinion) — This is the moment the U.S. technology superpowers surely knew was coming:

The U.S. government is preparing to crawl all over Google to figure out whether it is an abusive monopolist.

Google parent company Alphabet Inc. and the other tech giants should be quaking in their fleece vests.

Bloomberg News and other news organizations reported late Friday that the U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to open an investigation into Google’s compliance with antitrust laws.

If it goes forward, an investigation will no doubt be broad, lengthy, messy, and impossible for Google and its investors to predict.

That should terrify Google and every other big technology company — because there’s no guarantee that the antitrust Klieg light will turn on one company alone.



Facebook’s woes have been far more long-standing and public, and therefore need not all be reviewed here.

1/8: Inside Facebook’s “Cult-Like” Atmosphere

6/19: FB Moderators Break NDA, Reveal Horrible Situation


We also saw in the preceding section that major outages occurred for Facebook and Google alike. Q indicated that actionable information was gathered in these events, through hacking.

With all of this in mind, we do have every reason to suspect that major public disclosures are forthcoming soon, exactly as Q Anon has predicted.

Furthermore, our own insider briefings have told us to anticipate that this info will have been released by no later than mid-September… so we don’t have long to wait.

This is obviously a hyper-complex body of data to explore, but there are many undeniable clues to its validity if you study it carefully.

Now, we will explore the final area of this investigation… the very bizarre uptick in UFO disclosure-related news from the mainstream media itself.



One of my main areas of focus all these years has been the UFO subject.

As we saw in previous sections, this led to an enormous number of titles on YouTube with my name in the title, peaking at 5.98 million on February 15th.

We have very significant engagement, with videos and articles having millions of views, and regular appearances in Ancient Aliens.

I have worked with many different insiders over the years, and have been fortunate enough to get a wide variety of high-level briefings.

I attended the original Disclosure Project event in May, 2001, and met almost all of the 39 insiders who gathered there.

Additionally, I worked with Project Camelot from 2007 through 2011, and met several top insiders through them as well.

In addition to these contacts, I was approached privately by various insiders over the years who gave me exclusives on intel of various sorts.

I was a principal interviewer of Corey Goode, Emery Smith and William Tompkins, who I spoke to in a variety of phone calls in that case.



This work has been very thoroughly explored on this site and in the UFO community as a whole, and I do not intend to re-iterate all of it here.

Suffice it to say that the subject is extremely massive in size and scope. Enormous secrets are being kept from us if any of this is true.

We have already seen compelling evidence that there is a Deep State actively working a mass depopulation agenda, and telling spectacular lies to achieve its ends.

Hip-hop music may have been deliberately intended to promote criminal behavior in order to reduce population and boost prison profits.

We also end up confronting the notion that many mysterious UFO sightings are actually of craft flown by our own people in classified programs.

Multiple insiders have confirmed to me, and others, that we have an elaborate Secret Space Program that goes far beyond most people’s imagination.

There is an enormous wealth of UFO-related information and insiders to explore… more than anyone could hope to know and discuss.



The Tom DeLonge / AATIP information is attempting to reduce the entire investigation to the 2004 sightings around the USS Nimitz.

This one cluster of sightings is being presented as if it the only significant case ever worth talking about.

Before this Tom DeLonge initiative ever started, insiders were warning us of a coming “Partial Disclosure” initiative.

The idea was that the Deep State is aware of the Alliance, and knows that sooner or later they will have run out of time.

Arrests are coming, and along with them mass public awareness of the extraordinary crimes that were committed.

The one final “Get out of Jail Free Card” for the Deep State would be to offer a “Limited Hangout” of UFO information.

This would serve multiple purposes. It would appear to show their willingness to “come clean” and finally tell us the truth.

Suppressed technology is revealed, or at least is potentially offered with a clear timeline for a future roll-out.

As this agenda continued forth, we published intel telling us to expect a very specific sequence of disclosures.



Ultimately, we apparently will be told that Antarctica was the actual location of Atlantis, and has very real ships and ruins under the ice.

This includes pyramids with designs reminiscent of Aztec-occupied areas in Mesoamerica.

We will see hi-res footage of entire ruined cities of this nature in undersea areas between Antarctica and South America, and again between Antarctica and Australia.

We find out about all sorts of interesting things… hidden rooms in pyramids, cool technologies planted for us to discover, and lost underground cities in the Grand Canyon.

We may get introduced to one or more ET races, such as the “Tall Whites,” though there are different beings with this classification.

A military-industrial complex SSP may be revealed, with near-Earth orbital platforms and ships that can cruise around our solar system, but apparently cannot leave it.



Once the MIC SSP is revealed, and we find out that these ships have already been traveling around our solar system for years, things get very interesting.

At this point we will have already seen motherships and ruins in Antarctica, and explored the inscriptions they contain.

Once the MIC SSP data is disclosed, we find out that there are similar ruins with similar inscriptions on the Moon and Mars.

This seems amazing, and it undoubtedly will be if it ever happens.

It obviously tells us that those who crashed in Antarctica were the survivors of a much older and grander civilization.

However, our briefings have also revealed that there is a hidden agenda to all of this.



If you watch Above Majestic, you will see how all of this fits together as we head into the Big Reveal.

The Deep State have referred to themselves as the ‘Illuminati.’ They believe they are “Gods among insects” and we are here to serve them.

Even though they are biologically just like us, they believe they are the descendants of the ETs who crashed in Antarctica.

They have elaborate ruins and artifacts that can prove this, including many books in the Vatican dating back 500,000 years.

They believe they are the descendants of a lost civilization that was on the Moon, Mars and a planet that exploded to become the Asteroid Belt.

I covered this story and all of the supporting data for it in great detail in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries, and consider it required reading for this discussion.

Other free YouTube videos I have produced have gone into great detail on all of this as well.

The first insider to begin disclosing the Antarctic Atlantis intel to me was ‘Daniel,’ all the way back in 2004.



The latest intel suggests that there were two dynastic, super-powerful family lines that both crash-landed here 55,000 years ago, coming from the Moon.

The Moon apparently took a very hard hit from a “solar flash” that nearly wiped out its entire population.

These people barely survived their crash-landing to Earth.

The two family lines had slightly different genetics and physiologies. This is visible in their skulls — whether they have more of a bump or a smooth slope on the top.

They decided to divide and conquer the Earth, with Antarctica / Atlantis as the origin point.

One family line spread into South America and on through Southeast Asia and even into India, plus up into what is now Siberia.

The other family line colonized Africa, Sumer, Egypt and Europe.

Both lines had elongated skulls. These skeletons have been found all over the world.

They also bred themselves to have giant bodies in certain cases as a form of defense, and there is much suppressed evidence of this lineage as well.



A series of regularly-occurring catastrophes wiped them out. The first was roughly 50,000 years ago. Another occurred 25,000 years ago.

The most recent took place 12,500 years ago, on the halfway point of this same 25,000-year repeating cycle.

This last event was what shifted the earth on its axis, submerged Atlantis and caused it to freeze over and become Antarctica.

They had ships capable of flying around the Earth and levitating blocks to make pyramids up until then. These ships were lost in the cataclysm.

They were effectively beaten back to the Stone Age despite their advanced intelligence and physiology.

They blamed what we think of as positive, angelic ETs known as the ‘Elohim’ for having allowed this to happen to them.

They formed the Egyptian priesthood, where you see many images of them with their unique skulls, and hid their secrets in the Library of Alexandria.

When Egypt fell to Rome, the Library was apparently burned. This was a “false flag” event and the records were transferred to the Vatican Library.



The elongated mitre hats worn by priests in the Vatican apparently were made to conceal their elongated skulls.

Most of these people stay hidden and do not walk around among us, though they certainly could with these hats.

A majority of their descendants lost the elongated skull physiology due to various factors, such as interbreeding.

They still keep a very precise watch over the ‘bloodlines,’ and this is the secret of the royal lineages we see throughout the world.

They consolidated their wealth and power over many centuries, while also maintaining very strong and disturbing religious beliefs.

They amassed incredible wealth and power and formed the interlocking directorates we call the Cabal, Illuminati or Deep State today.

They also have been seeking a “New World Order” where they greatly reduce Earth’s population and then rule over those who remain… with an iron fist.



The Big Secret of what these people have done with all of the money they amassed is the Secret Space Program.

This is far more elaborate in scope, depth and awesome profundity than what the Partial Disclosure agenda intends to tell us.

If this technology was released, we become the Jetsons. There is no need for a money system.

We have advanced 3D printers that can instantly make any objects or foods we want, with perfect quality.

We can travel anywhere in the US in 90 seconds, and anywhere on Earth within nine minutes with a hovercar in the garage.

Space travel becomes easy and fast, even without the use of warp-drive systems.

We gain access to bases on the Moon, Mars and throughout our solar system that were built with our money and people, all in secret.



Pete Peterson has additionally revealed that he is aware of some 38 different outposts that we already have throughout the galaxy, where American soldiers are stationed.

And this is just what he is aware of within the compartmentalized programs he has access to.

There are a wide variety of different ET races out there who we already interact with.

All are human or at least hominid in appearance. Many are similar-looking to us. Human beings are a Galactic design.

This all seems very hard to believe, since we have been lied to on such an epic scale.

Nonetheless, when you find real insiders with access to this compartmentalized information, there are invariable and undeniable cross-overs with all of this information.

The Deep State folks very much do not want us to enter into this world until the population has been greatly reduced.

At that time, we would be under their complete and total control, such as through paralyzing microchips embedded in our bodies.

This may all sound like sci-fi to you, but there are many insiders I know who take this very, very seriously, and risk their lives to release this information.



Tom DeLonge rose to prominence as one of the very last rock stars the Deep State music labels allowed to come forth.

He is the guitarist and lead singer of Blink-182, one of the biggest bands of the 1990s, with many recognizable radio tunes.

Less known is that DeLonge routinely displays Masonic symbols on his guitar, and on his amplifier, and has been photographed in Masonic regalia:



There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being a Freemason.

I recently met a high-level insider who had made it all the way up to 33rd degree and swore that he encountered nothing that upset his Christian beliefs along the way.

With that being said, Freemasons do end up taking oaths to maintain secrecy, or suffer lethal consequences.

Therefore, we can fully expect that they will lie or at least evade under direct questioning, if necessary, to maintain their obligations.

This evasiveness is exactly what happened repeatedly when DeLonge got on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, as we will see.

The Deep State has used this and other societies in order to cultivate the necessary secrecy to recruit people into deeper levels.



The logos for DeLonge’s subsequent solo act after Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves, contain Masonic symbols as well as two key phrases in Latin:


Translation: “Through the Light of the World, Out of the Lead”

[Notice the All-Seeing Eye on the right of the banner after the word “Lumen” or “Light]


Translation: “And Leads the World in the Dawn”


Notice the “Papal Cross” As Seen In The “AVA” Logos Above


This Is Also Seen in the Exxon Logo


Lucifer is considered the “light of the world” within the Deep State’s religion, and is the “morning star” — the light that rises at dawn.

If you’ve ever watched Jordan Maxwell’s videos, he talks about how “Dawn of a New Day” is an important Cabal saying for this reason.

Luciferians also co-opt alchemical symbology and believe that with their form of enlightenment, you are transforming the “lead” of a normal person’s consciousness into gold.

These two phrases together are therefore of potential interest:

“Through the Light of the World, out of the Lead, and Leads the World in the Dawn.”

Is this a possible suggestion that DeLonge was hoping to “lead the world” himself through this Disclosure initiative?



Let’s also go back to his guitar strap, which very prominently says “Macbeth.” Many theater performers consider this to be a “cursed” play.



Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this play, also known as the Tragedy of Macbeth:

It dramatises the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake….

A brave Scottish general named Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland.

Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish throne for himself. He is then wracked with guilt and paranoia.

Forced to commit more and more murders to protect himself from enmity and suspicion, he soon becomes a tyrannical ruler.

The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of madness and death.




DeLonge has been presented as just a cool rock star who figured out the UFO subject on his own and was then approached by C!A insiders to help with Disclosure.

His Masonic connections and the translation of “Angels and Airwaves” logos are never mentioned, probably for obvious reasons.

On December 16th, 2017, his initiative rose to public prominence with the New York Times article Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money.’

This was soon followed by a public fundraising campaign to raise money for a variety of things: books, films, TV shows and an apparent project to develop a working UFO.

The storyline was that shadowy defense contractors would never release this technology on their own, and therefore it needed to come from the private sector.

DeLonge’s group was seeking to raise up to 200 million dollars towards financing these initiatives.

They filmed a closed press conference, with no live audience, to make these announcements and raise potential funds.



On February 9th, 2018, we wrote Tom DeLonge Stunningly Debunked, where a key element of ‘proof’ from the fundraiser was debunked.

A photo was shown that was purported to be of the “Tic Tac” UFO they keep talking about from the 2004 USS Nimitz incident.

The actual image was of a mylar number-1 balloon taken by Steve Mera in 2005:



The entire video since appears to have been taken down from the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science website.

If you are aware of a copy of this presentation that still exists somewhere, please let us know in the comments section.

The bottom line is that this was a key piece of proof for the alleged reality of the Tic-Tac, but was easily debunked.

This suggests the possibility that disinformation was built in from the beginning of the project.

That way, if it ever needed to be terminated for whatever reason, they just bring out the disinfo and discredit the whole thing.

If so, this did not happen on their terms. It arose organically on the internet thanks to things like Reverse Image Search.



DeLonge’s team discovered something that any UFO researcher on the block could tell you: it is very difficult for anyone to “make money” from this field. No offense! It’s just a fact.

As of October 15th, 2018, it was revealed in a mandatory SEC filing that they had spent 37.4 million dollars and had only raised a million and 26 thousand dollars from 2547 investors, despite enormous MSM publicity.

Most of the money had been spent by then, and the company only had 129,000 dollars left over:

10/15/18: Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Has a 37.4 Million Deficit

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, an organization co-founded by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and other “mysteries of the universe,” may be on the verge of collapse.

According to a biannual financial report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month, the company has accumulated a $37.4 million deficit and “these factors raise doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

The financial document was first reported by Ars Technica….

In September 2017, the company began selling $50 million worth of stock to fund its operations, and its website claims to have a total of 2,547 investors.

According to the SEC filing, however, To the Stars has only sold a little over $1 million worth of stock to date….


The company has managed to rack up a $37.4 million deficit, much of which was accumulated in 2017.

According to the SEC filing, as of last June, To the Stars only had $129,000 in cash, but plans to continue operations for at least another year by selling more stock….

The company also said that it has to pay DeLonge and several other companies and entities a minimum of $100,000 each in royalties per year, regardless of whether it has sold anything or not….

Correction: The original story mis-characterized To the Stars’ deficit as debt. Unlike debt, which involves borrowing money, deficit is spending more money than you bring in with revenue. In this case, To the Stars spent $37.4 million more than they brought in with revenue. Motherboard regrets the error.



If you go to the website, the criteria for becoming an investor, even at a couple hundred bucks, would likely have spooked away most people. This is no PayPal situation:

To make an investment, click the ‘Invest Now’ button and have the following information readily available:

• Personal information such as your current address and phone number
Net worth and income information
Social Security Number or government-issued identification
• Your credit card or ABA bank routing number and checking account number if you want to pay via ACH (typically found on a personal check or bank statement)

NOTE: Our partner PrimeTrust verifies investor details and conducts background checks as required by US law.

You may be asked to provide documentation supporting your investor details. If this is the case, we will notify you via email.



It is of potential significance to mention the movie Mirage Men at this point.

The film is a confessional from an intelligence agent, Richard Doty, about how he deliberately planted disinformation into the UFO community for many years.

He did this by posing as an insider, gaining trust, and doing a “limited hangout,” where some true information was mixed with deliberate fiction.

In some cases, the resulting reputation destruction and psychological damage to his targets led to madness and death by suicide.



Doty also makes it very clear in the film that the intelligence community wanted to identify and profile everyone who was interested in UFOs.

They wanted to obtain exactly the type of information this fundraiser called for…. name, social security number, net worth, et cetera, to do covert background checks.



The UFO genre has historically taken a great deal of abuse, and the same occurred with DeLonge’s initiative. Here are some links:

10/13/17: I’m a Huge DeLonge Fan, But Don’t Invest In His Latest Venture

10/15/18: DeLonge Denies TTS Academy is 37 Million in Debt

10/15/18: DeLonge Calls 37M Deficit a “Blatant Lie”

10/16/18: Man Overboard: DeLonge’s Company Remains Stuck on the Ground

DeLonge Fights Back After Article Claiming 37 Million Debt

Former Blink-182 singer, Tom DeLonge once received a “Researcher Of The Year” award from the International UFO Congress after Wikileaks revealed hacked emails that suggested he was in contact with top people in the US government, including Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.



It is relevant to mention here that certain researchers believe that Hillary would have been the Disclosure President and not the opposite:

4/29/18: Podesta Stars in “Documentary” Claiming Clinton Lost Because of ETs

What is unusual about the latest Ancient Aliens episode (“The UFO Conspiracy”) is Podesta’s decision to sit down for an on-camera interview, participating directly in the program….

“The CIA, the Pentagon, they were worried about Hillary Clinton…winning the presidency and going to the Pentagon and basically saying, ‘you’re going to get me the information I need to disclose the extraterrestrial presence, or I’m going to fire every single one of you,’” [Stephen] Bassett says.

He’s followed by Linda Moulton Howe, whose previous work includes “Neil Armstrong’s Secret: UFO’s on the Moon?”

“As this year of 2016 went forward, we all expected that this headline that we’ve been waiting for that is going to break,” she said.

“John Podesta was trying to get ready to open up [the fact] that we’re not alone in the universe.”

“All of that crashed when a different person became president of the United States,” Howe said.



Getting on the Joe Rogan Experience is the modern-day equivalent of being on with Johnny Carson. I will gladly jump in if I am asked, and face whatever shade might get thrown.

Rogan has often featured conspiracy content on his show, and clearly did not seem impressed with DeLonge’s admitted C!A and Podesta connections.

DeLonge was constantly fidgeting during his appearance, and was routinely evasive when Rogan asked him specific questions.

This quote from Daily Grail expressed what many others thought:

10/16/18: Man Overboard: DeLonge’s Company Remains Stuck on the Ground

DeLonge gave an atrocious interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast –how atrocious?

Enough for him to be replaced by Luis Elizondo, who then became the new face for To the Stars, and the one who started to do the conference and radio show circuit expected of a new ‘celebrity’ in the UFO subculture, while Tom was sent to the showers (unofficially, of course).


Here is another quote from Vice that is not very kind, but echoes many other things you can find online:

5/25: The Tom DeLonge Wikileaks Conspiracy Goes Deeper Than We Thought

Post-Blink 182, he’s reduced to Drunk Uncle status in the global balance of pop-punk. Mouthy, smart, degraded, much reduced in stature….

Amazing scenario for DeLonge—instead of actually having to be in Blink, he gets to use his punk credentials to leverage institutional influence.

He butters the Deep State up. Hell, to hear many tell of it, he has kompromat on them. He was their soundtrack in 2003 when they had bleach-blonde spiky hair.



Right at the beginning, DeLonge began introducing bias into the equation.

There is an abundance of evidence for benevolent UFOs, including crop circles and how they are preventing ALL sides of our planet from having a nuclear war.

That was the conclusion of Edgar Mitchell, one of our top hero astronauts, and many others at the Robert Hastings event at the National Press Club in 2010.



Hastings has personally interviewed 160 different insiders on UFOs powering down nuclear missile installations.

No one is “playing favorites” here. This prevention of nuclear war applies equally to Russia, China, the US, you name it.

Hastings’ 48-minute documentary has visually rich re-enactments of many of these events and is truly a must-see.



If so little information is being presented by DeLonge’s team at this point, why then attempt to brand all UFOs as threats, only 33 seconds in?


Joe Rogan: 0:33 So you’re obsessed with UFOs, right? Is that safe to say?

Tom De Longe: It’s safe to say, but it’s not so much just the UFO itself. I don’t call them that anymore. We call these advanced aerial threats. They’re different.

Joe Rogan: Threats?

Tom De Longe: You honed in a word that we weren’t supposed to really get into here in the first part of the show.

Joe Rogan: Did you have a plan?

Tom De Longe: I have a very long plan. Detailed plan.

We’re going to start with my body. We’re just going to talk about my body for a lot.

Joe Rogan: Okay, what do you want to talk about in terms of your body?

Tom De Longe: Well, my body is interesting. It’s unique and it changes shape. What I’ve noticed is it’s just changing.

Joe Rogan: It’s getting larger, depending upon what you put in it.



DeLonge made a variety of interesting statements on the show, but one in particular really jumped out at me in light of what our insiders have disclosed.

This quote appears at 1:02:42 in the video, and here is the transcript:

Tom De Longe: I do know that there’s connections to, you won’t even f__ing believe it. I’ll tell you.

Joe Rogan: Please?

Tom De Longe: Atlantis….

Joe Rogan: What’s the connection?

Tom De Longe: That there is a very advanced group that left after a catastrophe.

[They] hung around in a small outpost here, and throughout time would push civilization forward.

That’s who the Greek gods were.

That’s why it’s very interesting when [in] the Roswell wreckage, there’s Greek writing.

Joe Rogan: Is it?

Tom De Longe: There is.



DeLonge may well have “let the cat out of the bag” and spoken about things he wasn’t supposed to talk about for years to come.

He clearly appears to be talking about “very advanced” extraterrestrials who suffered a catastrophe, elsewhere, and then “hung around in a small outpost here” on Earth.

What he articulated in the above excerpt contains ALL the blueprints of the “Illuminati Fallen Angel Narrative” we’ve been told to expect, over time.

The ‘catastrophe’ he refers to appears to be whatever destroyed the super-Earth that became the Asteroid Belt, and ruined Mars after having originally been in an Earth-like state.

The “small outpost” that these people “hung around in” on Earth is apparently Atlantis / Antarctica.

He then describes how these people would “push civilization forward” as the “Gods,” such as in Greece.

It’s a short excerpt and easily missed, but when I watched the show with my wife, it jumped out at me with shocking clarity.



Another very interesting part of the broadcast provides us with some visuals to explore.

This was where DeLonge talked about visiting SAIC headquarters. Dr. Steven Greer was told this name means C!A Science in reverse, as another “inside joke.”

DeLonge talks excitedly about the giant statues you see on the way in… and they are most definitely, uh, interesting:




Who are these statues with Roman-like headdresses? In the show, at 1:03:56, DeLonge lets the cat out of the bag:

Tom De Longe: I’m going to tell you something else. So I went and met a former director of CIA and NSA. He was director of both, I won’t tell you his name. Right when I sat down and told him about my book-

Joe Rogan: Pull up that picture of again, look at those little hands.

Tom De Longe: Right when I sat down and told him, this is a big deal. So I’m sitting with this guy, he was like not that long ago was director of CIA and he went on to be director of NSA.

Joe Rogan: Well, I think we could find his name.

Tom De Longe: Maybe. But right when I sat down and told him about the book, you know what he says to me?

He goes, “I didn’t read much science fiction as a kid, but I’ve read a lot about Greek mythology.” Looked me in the eye.

I said, “Well, you’re going to love the last page of my book then.” He’s like, am I?


When my book was about ready to go to pressing, I had a very important person call me up. He says, “Can you stop that pressing and maybe insert something about Greek mythology?”

I said, I sure can.

So something you got to realize is, for example, the sixth biggest defense contractor in the world, at least they used to be six.

There’s a company called Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC. Their headquarters are actually in San Diego.

In the front of the building you have an obelisk coming out of a fake lake, and two Atlanteans on thrones.

They’re both holding pyramids. One says the past and one says the future.

They’re eight-foot-tall statues. It’s f–ing nuts, by the way.



Earlier in the show, at 30:21, DeLonge acknowledged what the Wikileaks emails had revealed: that he was in direct contact with Podesta.

Tom De Longe: Once they found out who I was working with, they were like, holy s__t. They only found that out when WikiLeaks broke into John Podesta’s emails.

I was having video conferences and conference calls with… he was Obama’s senior advisor at the time.

So the Wall Street Journal broke the story, like what’s this rock star talking about UFOs with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. No, he was Obama’s senior advisor.

So it had nothing to do with Hillary, so we were setting these up.

When that broke, I had to call up my partner from the C!A, and I said I got to say, now I can talk to you a little bit more about who these people are.



Part of DeLonge’s initiative was apparently to build working flying saucers for mass distribution, hence the fundraiser.

However, in the Rogan broadcast, starting at 1:35:05, he made it clear that it would take eight years to see any results:

Tom De Longe: You just go and you buy shares, whatever you want to buy and-

Joe Rogan: How will it be lucrative for him?

Tom De Longe: Because first of all the technology itself is like a trillion-dollar thing. If we could figure that out over the next eight years, and they think we can so they-

Joe Rogan: Who’s “they?”

Tom De Longe: The engineers that are building this thing, the guy … So Steve Justice, that was head of advanced programs at the Skunk Works, we talked about that, they build all of our …

They are the tip of the spear for the most advanced spacecraft and aircraft that the United States national security apparatus has, period. Period. Hands down. And he was the big boy there.

And their model, we think we have a … This is a guess, but I think there’s a 60% chance within 36 months or so, we’ll be able to demonstrate something pretty kick ass.

As long as there’s no major obstacle there, we think within eight years we’ll be able to have something.

But it’s expensive, and we’ve got to work with the government and we’re going to have to work with major aerospace.



It seems odd, to say the least, that DeLonge’s people would already know that it would take eight years to get to a working prototype, even if they were already funded.

If Steve Justice knows how to build a UFO from his time at Lockheed SkunkWorks, and they get the money, then why not proceed?

A genuine research and development project would leave the door open for innovation, unexpected breakthroughs and the like.

Furthermore, you would want your investors to get a good ROI, Return on Investment, as quickly as possible.

Why eight years? It just doesn’t make sense. DeLonge himself probably has no idea, and is just repeating what he heard.

When he was discussing one of their experiments involving an electron emitter, that seemed to be pretty clear:

Joe Rogan: 35:08 How do you shoot a single electron?

Tom De Longe: F__k if I know. I’m not a physicist. They just do this s__t. That’s what they do. I was actually on a phone call today about it.



This prolonged, eight-year duration of time fits in perfectly with the “Partial Disclosure” initiative we were warned about.

Specifically, we were told that an attempt would be made to promise new technology, but hold it off long enough for a variety of ‘goals’ to be achieved along the way.

Those goals may not at all be in the best interest of humanity at large, and may fit in with what we heard in the Facebook Dossier.



Despite the fundraiser not meeting its goals, a six-part miniseries still emerged on History Channel, promising the world’s first real Disclosure.

I watched part of the first episode and was frustrated and bored enough that I did not finish it. I will try to do so at some point.

It did interest me that when Luis Elizondo met the first on-camera insider from his team in the show, they greeted each other as “Brother.”

If you’ve ever been around any Freemasons, they always call each other “Brother,” and this would definitely jump out to other Masons.

The main reason why I was frustrated was that the entire time was spent talking about the 2004 Nimitz sightings, and nothing else.

There are countless great stories of sightings, and I have always tried to link data like this together, looking for larger themes.



As it turns out, my father and his wife both had the same reaction. The show had tons of advertising buildup leading up to it.

When they watched it, they felt like they had been ‘snookered.’ Dad said “that’s it,” and they did not intend to watch any further episodes as a result.

Over the years I have observed that my father’s opinions are a good gauge of mass consciousness, since he does not specialize in all the areas I do.

He rememebered reading the classic 1956 book by Edward Ruppelt, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, and said it was filled with much more interesting sightings reports than this one.



My father also said he “liked the really interesting Ancient Aliens episode on Antartica” a lot more.

The premiere of Unidentified and Return to Antarctica were broadcast back-to-back on May 31st.

This review from Hidden Remote goes into detail about the contents of the Antarctica episode, and is worth reading in full. Here is a brief excerpt:

6/7: Ancient Aliens: Return to Antarctica Provides Compelling Alien Hypotheses

Godwin’s law says that if you reference Hitler, you lose the debate.

Ancient Aliens does not share these reservations, because their connection is explicit.

Some believers within the Nazi party who, through psychic mediums, believed in the alien existence underneath Antarctica, led to Kraut submarine exploration beneath Antarctica, and ultimately establishment of secret bases alongside a preexisting alien race.



I did notice in the run-up to the debut that the official trailer video on YouTube had only racked up 30,000 views:




Additionally, DeLonge’s channels did not get anywhere near the engagement we see with established UFO personalities like Third Phase and SecureTeam 10, who are now being jeopardized.

The free subscriber counts to both pages were 20,776 and 18,640, respectively, and most videos were at around 30,000 views or less:



The obvious exception to the rule are the three UFO videos that auto-played in so many MSM articles when this debuted.

Here, you can see they had 1.3 million, 2.2 million and 5.7 million views, respectively, at the time these images were taken in May.



There are a wide variety of UFO-related articles now emerging in the mainstream media.

Here is one of significant interest that just popped up. It is being considered a ‘threat,’ and taken seriously by Congress:

6/19: Senators Get Classified Briefing on UFO Sightings

Three more U.S. senators received a classified Pentagon briefing on Wednesday about a series of reported encounters by the Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to congressional and military officials — part of a growing number of requests from members of key oversight committees.

One of them was Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose office confirmed the briefing to POLITICO.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” his spokesperson, Rachel Cohen, said in a statement….


“Navy officials did indeed meet with interested congressional members and staffers on Wednesday to provide a classified brief on efforts to understand and identify these threats to the safety and security of our aviators,” spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Day said in a statement.

He said “follow-up discussions with other interested staffers” were also scheduled for Thursday.

“Navy officials will continue to keep interested congressional members and staff informed. Given the classified nature of these discussions, we will not comment on the specific information provided in these Hill briefings.”



This next article has a fairly good summary of how they have moved the ball forward on this story recently.

Invariably, these articles bring up TTSA and AATIP as if it is completely normal and credible, without addressing any of the public’s concerns.

This entire initiative is obviously seeking to completely ignore the established UFO community that now exists, just as our briefings had indicated:


6/24: Navy Releases Incredible UFO Footage (Same DeLonge Clip Again)

President Trump, while discussing the UFO reports with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on June 16, said he had been briefed on the recent rise in U.S. Navy pilots reporting unidentified aircraft.

Stephanopoulos pressed the president, asking what Trump made of it.

‘I think it’s probably – I want them to think whatever they think. They do say, and I’ve seen, and I’ve read, and I’ve heard. And I did have one very brief meeting on it.

“But people are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly,’ he said.

Asked if he thought he would know if extraterrestrial life had been confirmed, the president replied, ‘Well, I think my great pilots would know. Our great pilots would know.’

‘They see things a little bit different from the past. So we’re going to see. We’re watching, and you’ll be the first to know,’ he told Stephanopolous.


The video’s release comes as Navy pilots are reporting more and more sightings of anomalous aircraft that appear to defy the laws of physics, prompting the service to roll out new guidelines last month to log sightings – though none of the information will be made public.

A Navy spokesman told The Washington Post that the reporting on UFOs would fall under ‘privileged and classified information’ so that military aviation safety organizations can ‘preserve the free and honest prioritization and discussion of safety among aircrew.’



The president very likely understands that if he were to respond with any real enthusiasm to the UFO question, it would be weaponized against him.

He would be called an ‘Alien Lover,’ ‘Saucer Freak,’ ‘Martian Don,” and who knows what else.

6/15: Trump “Doesn’t Particularly Believe” in UFOs But Held Recent Meeting


Therefore, a very careful political game is being played here.

The Q Anon briefings reveal a much deeper truth, where secret space programs and Roswell were acknowledged as factual as of September 19th, 2018.

The Orion space capsule on the White House lawn last year seemed like another obvious ‘clue’ of what we can expect moving forward.




After the 2016 Wikileaks emails hit the internet, Gen. Michael Flynn Tweeted about it and advocated for the child victims:



Flynn had to leave his esteemed position not long thereafter, on Valentine’s Day 2017.

New information has come to light that he had uncovered a connection between the Clinton Foundation and terrorist financing:

6/22: Flynn Uncovered Massive Clinton Scandal Linked to Terrorist Funding, Was Immediately Targeted

I have personal reasons to believe that Flynn was important to the Alliance and was unfairly targeted.

Flynn also allegedly possessed a list of high-level names who were involved in this scandal.



What we are seeing is a very clear and undeniable buildup to a Partial Disclosure event.

If the DeLonge initiative was completely ‘clean,’ I would be all for it — but there are many obvious questions we all have.

The community as a whole seems to be freaked out by it, given the overall lack of popularity of these channels and videos.

By comparison, the Q Anon material has an incredible amount of support and engagement.

The Deep State has many, many different tools they’ve put into the media over the years for how they can do a Partial Disclosure.

This includes “alien megastructures” around Tabby’s Star. It inclues Ou’muamua, the cigar-shaped UFO asteroid.

You have the weird, lit-up area on Ceres. You have the possibility of them announcing an incoming, obvious spacecraft.

You have undersea ruins. New chambers in various pyramids with planted objects then found in them. Decloaking black triangles.

We were always told this would start to happen when they had run out of time… and here we are.



I have only ever gotten secondhand information from the Alliance, through insiders. And it has really dried up greatly as they make final preparations.

I do feel it is very important that we acknowledge that this is not a virtual war for hundreds of thousands of personnel.

They are literally fighting and dying in the largest covert operation in recorded history to restore peace and freedom on Earth.

In the Hero’s Journey spiritual archetype, the hero has to begin the quest without being fully prepared. You effectively stumble into it.

This can be seen with Luke Skywalker disavowing Yoda and his Jedi training and going off to fight the battle anyway.

Then… and this is very important… Divine assistance comes to the hero to ensure that the quest will be completed.

This, again, is not just a cool storyline for writing books, TV shows and movies. It is quite literally our spiritual DNA. It is “The Rules.”



Though I haven’t talked about it in this Ebook, I have had benevolent ET contacts throughout my life, and very consciously since 1996.

I have been remembering and documenting my dreams every night since September 21st, 1992. Right now I am finishing a book where I document what happened.

There are many very obvious examples of these dreams predicting the future with accuracy.

The movie Third Eye Spies is another must-see, revealing how ordinary people can learn teachniques like this through remote viewing.



I also had detailed information about the Alliance and their planet-saving initiative appear in 1999, long before I consciously had any idea that this was real.

The president has appeared numerous times in my dreams over the last few years and we have spoken extensively about what they are doing.

In one case, he said that his own past made him very familiar with “Dark Business,” and that he now wanted to do something to stop it.



With that being said, I have had hundreds and hundreds of documented dreams about what the Alliance is getting ready to do here.

One theme is very consistent. The Alliance does need to take a “leap of faith.” It will never be perfect. “The best is the enemy of the good.”

However, the dreams have also said that once they actually make this information public, “The Rules” completely change.

The benevolent ETs will then be authorized to generate all sorts of game-changing events that were unforeseen, and radically improve the situation in humanity’s best interest.

In one very powerful dream, this included the nearly spontaneous release of new technology that immediately starts cleaning up the planet.

The benevolent ETs could help us far more than we have anticipated, but “The Rules” require the Alliance to flip the switch first.

Since I have been told that top personnel do read these writings, I hope this message will be seen, heard and understood.



I would also like to remind you how important it is that we stick together in the midst of this global All is Lost point.

The negative forces have always used the tactic of “Divide and Conquer” against us.

They want generation against generation. Nation against nation. Gender versus gender. Race versus race. Religion versus religion.

The mainstream media is doing everything in its power to make its viewers constantly angry and triggered.

There is so much reactionary behavior going on right now that everyone is literally a raw wound.

As I saw at Contact in the Desert, even the mention of the current US president will cause some people to become extremely upset, unless it is negative.

The Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati has done its very best to deceive all of us, including its own most loyal members and devotees.

Therefore, I cannot stress this enough: Even if you disagree with someone else’s perspective, we must always remain kind, compassionate and understanding with one another.



My goal in writing this Ebook is to put all of this information together in one place, and then let you draw your own conclusions.

It seems very clear that we are right on the verge of epic disclosures being revealed in an event Q calls DECLAS.

I personally have never been more excited about anything in my life. Truly.

And I am incredibly grateful to the Q Anon team for Post 2700, and the acknowledgement that this will NOT be kept secret.

All of the data and testimony is converging with real-world, provable events towards an inescapable conclusion:

DECLAS is coming. Very soon.

And the world will never be the same.



Right now as I post this, we are at the 24-hour mark from when I finished the final tweaks and announced this post on social media and in an email blast.

I am happy to report that thanks to you, we have already had 102,000 views in 24 hours, which may well be a new record.



Even though our email blast was labeled as ***SPAM*** by Gmail, despite no commercial offers in it, we have not been deterred.

Remember that if all else fails, the Deep State does not appear to have a way to block you from texting your friends a link if you have their phone number.

Also, if you want a PDF copy of this, scroll down, click SHOW ALL, go to where it says SHARE at the bottom, click on the Print logo on the far right, and then save as a PDF.

The Project Veritas Google Insider video is a must-see, and validates almost everything we’ve discussed in this article:




This Tweet just came to my attention and is probably only the beginning of all the amazing things we are about to see as the above videos, and others like them, inspire new insiders to come forward:




I did admittedly hope that publishing a large and popular book like this might help trigger new Q posts… and that just happened.

There is no question that Q is aware of this work, since they publicly acknowledged the co-producer of our film Above Majestic, Jordan Sather, in post number 2715:



Jordan often does new videos on a daily basis analyzing Q posts as they come out, and his insights are helpful.

There are various “tripcodes” Q has published that linked back to my books as well as those of others, which is indirect but noteworthy.

And of course, the Secret Space Program reference from last September triggered all sorts of controversy and attacks against me in the 8Chan world for a while:



Whether it has anything to do with this Ebook appearing or not, the new Q posts do appear to confirm that things are about to get really interesting.

The first new post was 3350, and it was simply two words:


This at first may seem like it is just a message to the general readership of Q, saying that the long-anticipated DECLAS is finally about to arrive.



However, the next post, 3351, was clearly a coded message. We have heard that the Alliance is using Q Anon to send messages to various covert units.

Post 3351 therefore appears to be a signal to initiate certain “Future Comms”, communications, that will be made to the public:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.470
Jun 27 2019 15:28:37 (EST)

[Future Comms]
Pre_stage ele_y
Pre_stage sec_y
Pre_stage dir_y
Pre_stage cap_y


These programs may have to do with the 2016 election, a secretary, a director and a captain, based upon the four word fragments.

OnReady is likely another code word that means they are now initiating the “pre-stage” release of these “future comms,” and that these groups should be ready for that phase to begin.

The third message then encourages the patriots, such as those in these groups, to fight for God and country as this unfolds:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.471
Jun 27 2019 15:34:17 (EST)



It seems hard to believe that this is really going to happen, and yet once you survey the evidence, everything tells us that this is absolutely inevitable.

Buckle your seatbelts!