Even though the lamentations in the original video of people mourning the death of YouTube are very, very intense, and well worth your time to review, let’s say you didn’t watch it — and are just skimming through this.

Here again is the video from Section One, in case now you want to see it and you didn’t watch it before:



“Ok, rock and roll, blah blah, the kids are getting high, personal info, I don’t get this YouTube connection. YouTube just sucks. Whatever.”

Here is a written version of the virtual nuclear holocaust that has just occurred for this generation:


4/5: YouTube Abandoning Independent Creators For MSM Content

The golden age of YouTube — the YouTube of a million different creators all making enough money to support themselves by creating videos about doing what they love — is over….

In 2016, personalities like Philip DeFranco, comedians like Jesse Ridgway, and dozens of other popular creators started noticing that their videos were being demonetized.

[This is] a term popularized by the community to indicate when something had triggered YouTube’s system to remove advertisements from a video, depriving them of revenue.

No one was quite sure why, and it prompted complaints about bigger algorithm changes that appeared to be happening.


Kjellberg [the number-one YouTube star “PewDiePie”] posted a video detailing how changes had dropped his viewership numbers.

He’d been getting 30 percent of his traffic from YouTube’s suggested feed, but after the apparent algorithm update, the number fell to less than 1 percent.

Kjellberg jokingly threatened to delete his channel as a result, which was enough to get YouTube to issue a statement denying that anything had changed.

(The denial sidestepped questions of the algorithm specifically, and spoke instead to subscriber counts.)….


There’s a moment in the podcast, toward the end, when [top YT star] Logan looks at the Philippou brothers and asks them, “So what do you do? What happens next?”

They laugh, and then Michael answers without hesitation, with the expediency of someone who’s thought of this for some time.

“We leave. We find somewhere else that wants our videos. That used to be YouTube, but it’s not anymore. And I don’t think it ever will be again.”



Again, just so that we are clear, everyone’s videos are now being completely buried by unwanted and unpopular mainstream-media content!

Creators’ subscriber counts have greatly decreased or almost leveled off entirely. Ad revenues are drastically down, if not outright gone.

Viewing numbers have dropped by 50, 60, 70, even 90 percent or more. And everyone knows this has been engineered very deliberately, by design.

The waxen wings of the YouTube dream have melted — and it has come thundering down to the earth in a flaming heap.

The specifics were also revealed in a recent video linked on as of May 2019.

The creator of the following video did a rigorous scientific study of the data, and absolutely proved that this massive bias is now in place against ALL independent creators.

In case you don’t recognize him, the ‘1x’ guy on the left is PewDiePie / Kjellberg, who was the number-one YouTube celebrity for several years:



YouTube’s Trending Tab Incredible Biases: 95% Mainstream Media

Notes from video:

3:30: Mainstream media is now overwhelmingly over-represented on the YouTube Trending tab.

This has nothing to do with the mainstream sources getting more views… in fact it is just the opposite.

8:12: 95% of all news now promoted on YouTube’s all-important Trending tab is traditional media, as opposed to being independently created.


The Associated Press hit the Trending tab seven times, with videos having as little as ten thousand views.

A formerly very popular independent creator only trended once after getting 1.4 million views.

12:45: This is a “Systemic Bias” throughout all of YouTube. Dafuqqq?!….



If you want to witness this for yourself, go over to YouTube, click on any video, and look at the sidebar. Everything that comes up is check-marked MSM junk. It’s crazy.

This is not what people come to YouTube for. If they want mainstream media, they go turn on the TV. YouTube is a haven… or was… for independent creators.

Now, if I want to watch anything of potential interest, I have to know exactly who I am looking for, and then manually type their name into the search window.

It is now nearly impossible to find the videos you want to watch without hand-typing the name of their creators into the Search bar.

You can still find them, but this extra legwork has caused precipitous declines in viewership numbers.

The entire platform has radically changed. The water temperature has been turned up on the frog much too quickly, and he is pissed.

What could possibly be the reason behind this? How does this make any sense at all, from a business perspective?

Think about it as if you were running this business, without exploring any exotic conspiracy theories just yet.

YouTube owns the platform. Why give preferential treatment to the very entities you are supposedly competing with for advertising revenue?

Why attempt to steer people into the dying old world of television? Why forge an unholy alliance with the mainstream media that you were oh-so-recently competing with and destroying?

If YouTube actually succeeds in quieting this massive and angry mob, now numbering in the millions, their time and attention will now migrate over to a platform that YouTube makes no apparent money from.

This is the big paradox. This is what everyone is struggling to understand right now. Without the “Big Picture” of what we will be calling the “Forbidden Story,” it makes no sense at all.

You don’t come here to Divine Cosmos looking for the conventional view. We will “get our hands dirty” and look at all possible explanations, including the most controversial ones.



In my second book The Synchronicity Key, I suggest that historical events are following a mass informational template most know as the Hero’s Journey, popularized by Joseph Campbell.

This is the basic blueprint for all TV shows, movies and novels, as I discovered by studying the top thirteen books on screenwriting in detail.

Films such as Star Wars, E.T., Alien, Dances With Wolves, The Lion King, Matrix and Avatar all follow this ‘structure’ so closely as to be almost like paint-by-numbers classes — and yet it works.

We laugh, cry, gasp and cheer at all the right points in these movies. It feels oddly familiar, and yet it never ceases to delight.

The Hero’s Journey is the core pattern of all good storytelling. It is also the spiritual DNA of our own journey through life, with all its ups and downs.

In the Hero’s Journey archetypal story, millennials have definitely hit the “All is Lost” point with what YouTube has just done in the cyber-verse over the last three months.

This is the equivalent of “hitting bottom” in addiction-recovery parlance, where deep and meaningful lifestyle change can then occur after a harrowing collapse.



It is very important to remember that the All is Lost point is NOT the end of the Hero’s Journey. It only appears to be that way.

In a screenplay, it is expected to happen somewhere around page 85 out of 120. I had one of many during the apex of the Teddy Bear attacks, as my channel went down during Christmas.

The hero must appear to have been completely defeated and destroyed, and to have exhausted all hope of completing the Quest.

The screenwriting books even recommend that the hero, or at least his or her quest, should appear to have literally died… for five full pages of script.

Then as you hit page 90, you move into the Third Act, where the Setup and Conflict launches into Resolution, Victory and the Hero’s Return.

I do argue in the book that this is an archetype, and it holds true in any and all situations. It is, again, our spiritual DNA.



Our own “home territory” of the UFO and conspiracy genre has most definitely felt the All is Lost point very strongly during the Great PooTube Transfiguration.

Within this virtual world of YouTube, all the talents you know and love are being systematically hunted down and extinguished like animals.



Two of the most popular talents in the UFO community on YouTube, who have not yet entered into the conference or traditional TV circuit, are SecureTeam 10 and Third Phase of the Moon.

If you want to really feel and smell the guts of this All is Lost moment within the UFO community — the fear, anxiety, desperation and helplessness — watch these two short videos:


Secure Team 10: 5/23/19


Third Phase of the Moon: 6/20/19


I am no stranger to these impossible showdowns with faceless bureaucracy.

SecureTeam 10 was rescued by a massive and peaceful audience uprising on Twitter, as it says in the comments section. Tyler and his family were thankfully spared from disaster.

It is very likely that Tyler does not sleep well at night either way. With the constantly-worsening rules, he might not be so lucky the next time.

Blake from Third Phase is still very much on cyber “death row” at this point, unless we mount a massive audience effort to save him and his channel.

Blake did a great job editing a movie-length video together for us to promote Above Majestic, which now has over 1.3 million views.

I shot a wealth of original footage for him to use in this project, and most of it made the cut. I was very pleased with the results.

As a gesture of thanks for his tireless work, I do ask that you follow his instructions on the video and peacefully protest his demonetization on Twitter.



I personally lost all ability to livestream on my channel for three months beginning in early March, despite the advice and support of five different legal teams as well as my network.

I had spent five years and many thousands of dollars building up to the big debut, with three camera angles; good sound and lighting; and normal HD-quality video resolution.

I also had After Effects-driven opening sequences, conference-quality slides and animated lower thirds.

In short, it looked, sounded and felt like a “real” television show, and not a typical one-camera-angle livestream.

I could now knock out live shows that had better camera, sound and picture quality than the countless bootlegs of my old conference footage and radio shows circulating on YouTube.

I waited to launch this new initiative until I knew I had everything mastered… and it was seriously hard work to get there.

I was only able to knock out three videos on 2/9, 16 and 23 before it all came crashing down. In context, this was not surprising.



The problem was that new rules had just been implemented. One single strike against a livestream now caused it to die off for three months unless successfully challenged.

YouTube completely refused to listen to provable arguments that were self-evident within 30 seconds of surveying the obvious data we provided them.

None of this struggle was made public for various reasons.

The head of my content network had never seen such inflexibility before, as this should have been a very simple issue to resolve. I was well within Fair Use guidelines, according to all five teams.

I did one additional live video on Twitter/Periscope on March 13th, and then manually uploaded it to YouTube before getting swept away in the launch and delivery of Ascension Mystery School.

This proved to be very intense work. I “over-delivered,” with a total of eight videos averaging four hours in length each. I do sincerely thank each of you who participated!

Elizabeth and I were both doing course deliveries at the same time, and all week we were either editing, preparing or delivering content.



This relentless, weekly effort then collided with three big conferences: Sedona Cosmic Awakening, New Living Expo and Contact in the Desert.

Our third event was marred by an unprecedented attack, defamation and physical threat campaign online, with a heaping dollop of betrayal on top.

Never before had I seen such organized and threatening efforts being made, complete with such sneering and total contempt for its intended targets.

The people making the threats then ridiculed the fact that we were forced to respond to them with law enforcement, by necessity.

There is so much projection in these attacks that whoever they think they are talking about bears almost no resemblance to me whatsoever.



My former co-star Corey Goode was targeted in these attacks even more than I was, though he was not speaking at Contact in the Desert.

By necessity, the attacks triggered the release of a comprehensive Public Statement from Goode’s legal team in order to address multiple misunderstandings and/or flat-out lies.

The people chatting this all up were doing so in an echo chamber, thinking it was a huge movement when really no more than 1-2 percent of Goode’s audience was even casually watching.

One key member of the attack group has publicly admitted to practicing black magic and attempting to summon demons, and thinks it is hilarious.

Other ‘friends’ called every business associate they could find, and tried to sabotage our relationships and contracts.

There are a variety of actionable crimes that have been committed in the process, some of which are felonies.

Best of all, they made multiple calls to the FBI, only to discover the core accusations were not criminal even if the false allegations were proven correct.



I do agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments in the Statement. If you want to defend us from attacks, please do so without descending to their level.

That means no harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats or otherwise… just a peacefully-worded statement of what you think and feel.

It is certainly OK to disagree, have your own point of view, and present strong and healthy boundaries, particularly in the face of violent threats.

Not long after Corey’s Statement emerged, the entire foundation of the allegations began crumbling apart.

The originators of the attack have now been caught in multiple, provable lies and deceptions, to an almost ridiculous level.

New evidence is surfacing on almost a daily basis at this time, and it is quite the elaborate tapestry of deception.

The perps may yet get the fame they have obviously been seeking, but not for the reasons they had anticipated.

The hate speech reminds me of the laughably absurd circular arguments I used to hear in PBS fundraisers, but this time with far more aggression and profanity.


“We Just Don’t Like Him Very Much! Donate Now!”



One of the most ridiculous themes in this hate genre is the idea that I “Stole Pete Peterson’s Fundraiser Money” from TWO YEARS AGO.

They have talked about this so much, after digging around for “Evidence,” that they are absolutely convinced this fantasy must be true.

Pete has been the number-one whistleblower teaching us about the Alliance all these years, dating back to when we met in 2009.

Pete’s house had been illegally foreclosed upon after a crazy, multi-year legal battle with Big Four bank bureaucracy. All of his worldly possessions were then illegally seized and thrown in the dump.

It was absolutely heartbreaking. I had sent him 18,000 dollars over the years to help fight this legal battle and to have enough money to continue eating.

I recently called Pete on the phone after tracking him down to a new nursing home, and have a recording I will soon be releasing where he debunks this crazy idea that I robbed him of this money.



There was a weird and sinister aspect to this whole situation as well.

The theft accusations started ramping up almost immediately after Pete was transferred to another nursing home, with no forwarding info.

No one outside of Pete’s immediate inner circle should have known that anything about his housing and accessibility status had changed.

The previous facility told me that “due to HIPAA regulations,” they could not confirm where he was, or even if he was alive.

Thankfully, one of Pete’s old friends was able to out-manipulate one of the clerks and get them to break the “rules” and reveal where they sent him.

If there was some greater initiative behind this, the planners may have hoped that I would never have been able to speak to Pete again.

BZZZT! Not so. We found him! We asked him. And we recorded it… with his permission. That is coming soon in a video, but I needed to get this written up first.



It was very difficult to get the money to Pete, because GoFundMe was so paranoid about such a theft actually happening.

From my own personal experience, if someone did try to organize a fraud like this, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish it through GoFundMe.

I had to get special executive approval to have Power of Attorney, just to be able to provide GoFundMe with Pete’s correct bank information online, which they then audited and verified before trusting the data.

Pete was nowhere near Internet savvy enough to know how to provide them with his own bank information through any online means they would accept, and we did try.

The only power I had in the situation was to control when and how much of the money was transferred into Pete’s account. All of it went in… at least everything but GoFundMe’s cut of it.

Pete did not pay me so much as a single dollar for helping him with this fundraiser. It was all volunteer on my part.

I wasn’t even the one who started the fundraiser either! The originator transferred it to me, I eventually got Power of Attorney, and wired all of it directly to Pete.



Though these things always happen, the latest attacks have gotten far out of hand.

It is not cool to publicly confront my family and possibly my audience alike with what could be legally construed as terror threats.

The entire hotel was on super-high alert after seeing the evidence, and it escalated all the way up to senior executive management.

If the people who did this are unaware of why this is so serious, they obviously haven’t gone back and studied their own words carefully enough.



We had thirty staff on high alert, two armed hotel guards on call, local police on call, two unarmed private security guards hired by the event in the room, and two big unarmed Samoans as my personal security guards.

Had anyone actually tried to deliver on the physical threats, we may well have had a repeat performance of the Internet classic, “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!”

I still chose to get up on stage for six different events over a total of thirteen hours, despite unprecedented threats to my wife and to me alike.

Not only that, but I decided to completely re-work all of my talks at the last minute to drop a MOAB on the “Partial Disclosure” UFO agenda.

When all other content is being aggressively stripped clean from social media and YouTube, and one narrative is pushed by a bunch of CIA guys, you do the math.



These threats may become a far bigger story in coming months, and I can say no more about them at this time. We made the best of a ridiculously bad situation.

The organizer of the event was surprised when I was about to get on stage in front of 1200 people and was not smiling or visibly excited.

Why? Because I had no idea what I was getting myself into every time I went up on that stage.

And I did get heckled by one person during my panel, who then left the room after security approached.

I still delivered a quality presentation when I went up there, but enough is enough. Serious lines have been crossed.

I have now finally recovered enough from physical and emotional stress to “get back on the horse” and continue doing this work without fear.

Any events I do from now on will be far more structured, prepared and equipped to prevent any threats of this nature from materializing.



We just got our YouTube live-streaming capability back a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted to write up this important article before doing anything else, as my life had gotten so crazy that I haven’t written a piece like this since last October.

I will probably do a few live broadcasts in the midst of this All is Lost point before we head into the all-important Global Third Act.

It seems very likely, almost inevitable, that I will either get permanently demonetized or deleted just for speaking, regardless of what I say when I go live.

This is the “new normal” of public life on YouTube.

That’s how bad it has gotten — particularly if you dare to talk about anything other than the ‘approved’ political storyline.

I will at least make it difficult for them to find anything actually real to complain about, and we will back it all up as we go.



Our own unique All is Lost point, at least with YouTube, began after I mentioned the number of videos with my name in the title during a live video on February 16th, 2019.

This was only a week after my live-streaming debut on February the 9th.

The video count was worked into a live broadcast at the last minute, with no telegraphing in advance over the phone or otherwise.

This gigantic number may have been the one and only positive gift I ever received from the Teddy Bear’s horrific legacy.

The numbers went from 5.15 million up to 5.98 million unique videos with my name in the title, over just a three-day period:


February 12th, 2019


February 14th, 2019


February 15th, 2019


By comparison, the number of videos with “Hillary Clinton” in the title during the same timeframe was half as much, at only 2.9 million:


February 19th, 2019


If this was being done by a Teddy Bear-style mass re-uploading effort, it was truly prodigious… in fact utterly astonishing.

And whoever was doing this against me, if it was indeed an organized attack, did not see any need to boost Hillary the same way.

I assume this would require a massive arsenal of ‘drone’ computers just to handle all the uploading and processing.

I knew it might piss some people off to point out this gigantic and provocative number… obviously.

I was completely floored by the data myself. I kept checking and checking in disbelief.

I certainly have never run for an election, nor had even a fraction of a percentage of the marketing money or mainstream publicity behind me as Hillary has.

Yet, there it was!



I am sure that many of these videos were made by real people, but certainly a healthy number of them were automated re-uploads.

That helps to explain the sudden appearance of 720 thousand more videos in one day… between February 14th and 15th, as you can see here again:


February 14th, 2019


February 15th, 2019


That’s 30,000 videos an hour, 500 videos per minute, 8.3 new videos being uploaded per second.

This “Grand Washout Attempt” also happened right after I had just debuted my new live-streaming setup the week before.

Coincidence? Or was someone feverishly trying to water me down and prevent my audience from finding my new stuff?

And were certain individuals actually terrified by what I might say in those live broadcasts, including from unique insider briefings I have received?

I mentioned in the livestream that YouTube is a totally alternate universe.

Celebrities can pop up who no one outside of that platform has ever even heard of. And despite the popularity of Ancient Aliens, that is largely where I fit in.



I did a comprehensive study of every celebrity list I could find, and found that there were only perhaps 40 names with more than 5.9 million videos on YouTube, at the most.

They are almost all pop stars, movie stars or celebrity athletes, along with certain major YouTube talents. I have pictures of all the results that I may use in a later published report.

Here is a look at the first two pages of the study, as I grabbed pictures of many different names in a sweeping effort:




Will Smith was way above everyone else, definitely number one in the world, fluctuating between 140 and 254 million unique videos:



Ironically, Will Smith’s success was launched by being one of the only “Happy Rappers” to ever be allowed any publicity by the industry, pre-1991.

My own YouTube channel still only has 31 videos since its inauguration nine years ago — an average of 3.4 videos a year.

The sheer number of videos that had my name in the title was utterly astonishing to me and to my colleagues alike.

I had at least five different top executives from non-Deep State media companies, including people from The Orchard who distributed our film Above Majestic, studying this data for themselves.

This was all happening as we were shopping for new deals — and everyone was very impressed. I showed them what to type in and they did it on their own.

It does look like we should have some favorable announcements to make on the media front fairly soon. We will find a safe and viable platform for all aspects of this content.

I certainly cannot trust YouTube as a platform. At this point I can’t even trust them to take out the garbage.



It was truly remarkable during those few days to type my name in and see it consistently clearing 5.2 million unique videos or more.

Even if most of it was the Teddy Bear legacy, this was still a very physical thing. The number was there. It was real.

It represented an enormous amount of “engagement” surrounding my name, and there were only about 40 others who had moved beyond this level on Earth.

During this same few days, I admittedly got “hung up” on it, and did a massive analysis of how this related to many other metrics.

I typed in names of other UFO and alternative personalities I could think of, and the numbers were dramatically lower in almost every case:



The only other name in our community that had beaten these numbers was the ever-controversial and seemingly far more recognizable Alex Jones.



Even the least popular of the videos with my name in the title would often score at least 100 hits, and many were pulling five or six figures apiece.

This definitely helps to explain why I am recognized just about any time I leave the house to go anywhere these days.

I do try to give everyone a selfie opportunity and a bit of conversation unless I am in an important phone call, a private meeting, or otherwise in a rush.

Just in the last couple of months, three different people I never met before have sobbed in my arms for three to five minutes at a time.

It is not uncommon for me to hear that my work has prevented someone from killing themselves. I take that responsibility seriously.

That being said, there is no ‘cult’ whatsoever. I have very few acquaintances apart from my family, manager and immediate creative team.



I also dug up many other traditional big celebrity names that had far fewer than five million videos on YouTube.

I may present them all in another analysis as time goes on. I did photograph everything.

Here are two noteworthy examples:



This data clearly seems to show that as a result of their marriage, they are now almost always mentioned together.



Then you have certain YouTube talents who have enormous “engagement” well beyond my own, without any mainstream PR at all.

These are the two biggest I could find:



I also did a run-down of various political figures to get a sense of scale:





Again, I knew it was a brazen act of defiance against the Deep State to point out that a “nobody” like me had doubled Hillary on YouTube engagement.

I may have been using the Deep State’s own digital handiwork against them, while they tried to wash out the debut of my livestream. Either way, it was powerful stuff.

I spent a long time thinking about whether I wanted to “go there” or not. In the final analysis I felt it had to be done, as it was noteworthy information to present.

And now for the punch line, in case you didn’t already see this in my videos:

The Deep State’s “problem” of my mega-popularity was quickly “fixed,” within three days after I pointed it out.

[It could have been ‘solved’ even faster than in three days. This was the first time I had checked it since the show.]

The number of videos with my name in the title had suddenly been adjusted down… by a whopping 5.75 million:


February 19th, 2019


I talked to the head of my creator network about this, as he exclusively deals in the conspiracy genre.

He said that he had never seen or heard of anything like this. In fact, until this happened, he would never have believed it was even possible.

This is clearly Deep State-level stuff. It’s just too big, too fast, too wild to even believe, and yet it actually happened.

Videos don’t just disappear this fast. It’s crazy.

Craziest of all, if they can do this, on such short notice, that means they can do anything:

Reduce view counts, eliminate subscribers, turn off Notifications, demonetize, shadow-ban, deepfake, you name it…

And then, just over a month later, the entire platform was converted into a 7-Eleven for mainstream media finger-food and fizzy drinks. My betrayal was just the first shot fired.

EVERYONE uploading to YouTube has now been betrayed in a similar type of fashion as what had happened to me a bit earlier.



Eleven days after this stunning and spontaneous ‘nuclear’ attack against 5.75 million videos with my name in them, we got Round Two.

My channel was hit with a copyright strike that led to the immediate destruction of all live-streaming capability.

This occurred very soon after I promoted what appeared to be an exciting new insider breakthrough for Disclosure.

The person who did this had my number, but never called to warn me or ask me to take the video down, which I would gladly have done.

I do not believe in infighting, harassment, character attacks or otherwise, and always strive for the most peaceful solution to a problem.

For this same reason, I have decided to withhold a large amount of significant and publicly unknown information relevant to this case that could easily sway a jury.

Just as it says in Corey’s Public Statement, we really do need to stop all the infighting. I am choosing to take those steps myself by letting all of this go, despite the reputation damage that was done.



It is important for everyone to know that we did offer a full gamut of five different generous remedies, through trusted mutual intermediaries.

According to my network, this went well beyond anything that might have been awarded had we actually lost a lawsuit, which was extremely unlikely.

All five of those offers were rejected. The channel stayed down for the entire three months. No recourse.

That being said, I still support this person and their contributions to the field, and wish this person no harm.

I was advised that the whole thing was a significant misunderstanding of the actual legal definition of Fair Use.



Again, as I said before, five different legal teams confirmed that what I had done was not a copyright violation.

You must secure written permission to use images on cable or network TV, or in a published book.

However, when it comes to any type of streaming online videos, the legal teams told me that images can be featured under Fair Use.

It is entirely common for people in the UFO community to report upon each others’ work, and to recirculate copywritten images.

Many researchers have used the classic Blue Avian image we developed with Corey Goode, along with many others, in their own reporting.

I encourage this data-sharing of our material, providing that someone isn’t simply re-uploading an entire video I made myself. We are all working together to create Disclosure.

This was a very significant lesson for me, and I will be far more careful from now on in how I report on possibly newsworthy data.



We continued trying various strategies to save the channel throughout the entire three months, which led right up to the big weekend at Contact in the Desert.

During this time, a new wave of highly upsetting public attacks began in early May.

Again, there is a huge story behind all of this that we will not be sharing, in order to reduce infighting and drama, and because it is still a serious issue.

This led to very public and surprisingly sarcastic and malicious threats to our physical safety at Contact in the Desert, which were witnessed by thousands.

We considered completely pulling out of the event, but did not want to betray all of you who had paid to come and see us speak.

Again, we are going to be far more careful in the future with events. We will ensure that we have adequate security in every situation for your safety, just in case.

Anyone making public threats of violence against us will be escorted off of the conference grounds by security or police.



Additional “cleansing” within the cyber-verse has further driven down the number of videos with my name in the title as of today’s date, June 21st. Look at this:


June 21st, 2019


If they keep working hard enough, soon there won’t be any “David Wilcock” videos left at all. Nor anyone else you might want to watch.

Undoubtedly, tens if not hundreds of thousands of videos from real creators reporting on my work have now been sanitized.

The number of losses here obviously cannot all be from “Teddy Bear” re-uploaded videos.

Friends of mine who had vast playlists of incisive videos exposing the Deep State have indicated that every last one of them has now disappeared.



Now as we head into Section Three, we will start to address the big question in more detail:

Why in the world would YouTube destroy its own platform, and enrage its entire user base to the boiling point?

WHAT IF… someone is expecting a massive ‘Data Dump’ of new intel that is so game-changing that every YouTuber in the Known Cyberverse will not only want to, but NEED to report on it?

This, my friends, is the coming DECLAS. Things are getting very interesting now as we head into the Apex Event Sequence.

How could the Deep State prepare for this? How do you stop a spontaneous internet revolution?

Can you use a beach umbrella to shield an avalanche? 

What if you rig up the entire YouTube system as a whole to only feature “Trusted” sources… who will push bread and circuses as the entire amazing story unfolds?

Do you see it now?