Let’s get back to the fact that YouTube just pulled a global stunt, equivalent to suddenly killing rock and roll in the height of the 1970s.

Millions of YouTube creators have been suddenly treated like gutter trash — decirculated, demonetized and deplatformed.

It is no longer a fair competition. You cannot “go viral” unless you are already mainstream media, enjoying this unfair advantage.

The same financiers own the mainstream media and social media giants. They finally decided to consolidate their businesses.

This has created a massive All is Lost point for an entire generation… the seeming death of their main artistic and creative inspiration and outlet.



When we get back to the dynamics of storytelling and the Hero’s Journey, sometimes the All is Lost point is immediately preceded by a shocking betrayal.

Every good book, TV series or movie in the spy, thriller or mystery genres relies upon a “Big Twist” in the plot.

The Big Twist is what really makes things exciting and generates the All is Lost point.

It’s all about a seemingly decent character suddenly being unveiled as the embodiment of pure evil.



You, as the viewer, are trying to figure out who the villain is.

You take the clues the movie is giving you, study them carefully, and still hope to be surprised by the Big Twist.

Then you find out…. oh my God, it’s THAT DUDE! 

Or in the case of the super-disappointing and “unearned” Illuminati switcheroo ending for Game of Thrones,

“Really? It’s HER?” 

This was a sickening betrayal to all the men and women who had identified with Danerys, and liked her as a powerful female character with her impressive dragons.


5/13: Top Game of Thrones Character Turns To Genocidal Evil in Series Conclusion

While there were many unexpected moments on the show last night… the episode’s biggest WTF moment came when Daenerys decided to unleash the fiery wrath of Drogon on King’s Landing, killing millions of  people in the process.

[This was] despite the fact that the city’s residents had already surrounded and rung the bells, the namesake of the episode, to signal their capitulation….

Most grievances towards Dany’s actions in “The Bells” is less about the showrunners turning Daenerys into a mad queen and more about how said transformation feels abrupt and unearned….

[USA Today]

It’s one thing to be ruthless, as Daenerys has always been; it’s another to be truly cruel and evil. Daenerys’s actions in “The Bells” were the latter.

She instigated a completely unnecessary mass killing, a vicious act that is entirely outside her established character.



This is typical Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati psy-op nonsense. The actress playing Danerys herself had no idea in advance that her character was going to turn into pure evil at the very end.

Therefore, any of the normal “tells,” nuances and clues that she would have built into her performance, had she known, were simply not there.

Check out this linked video of how awkward the various actors were in the show when asked about the ending:

Three-Minute Supercut of GOT Cast Pretending Not to Be Disappointed By How the Show Ends (Highly Awkward)



The “Big Twist” had no real foreshadowing. The Deep State just once again tried to force-feed a very sick teaching into its audience.

The same message was conveyed once again: Human beings are rotten and despicable creatures, and “Betrayal is the first rule of the Order.”

Considering that these producers who just sucker-punched the world are also serving up the next two Star Wars films, we shouldn’t expect satisfaction.



In screenwriting, there is something called “The Law of Economy of Characters.”

This means that the betrayer in the Big Twist is someone you will have met from the very beginning of the movie or series.

Once you understand this and begin applying it to all works in this genre, it becomes much easier to see the Big Twist coming.

In many of these setups, the villain appears to be helping out the very groups who were working to expose their crimes.

As a planet, we have just hit the Big Twist with what YouTube has done.

The betrayer appears to be YouTube, but is really the Big Four — and behind them is the Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati.

A company we thought we knew and loved has just been unmasked, revealing a frighteningly diabolical character change.



We haven’t seen the third act yet, where the solution presents itself… but the Twist has now occurred.

The newly-unveiled villain has been there with us, side-by-side, since the beginning.

They claimed that they wanted to help us.

They now tell us that certain basic thoughts and statements are “Harmful,” “Dangerous” and “Supremacist.”

Now they have been unmasked. This isn’t about what’s right for us. It’s about raw, naked and absolute power — at all costs.

Though Big Tech is only killing off people’s cyber-identities, this is very much a real war being played out in the cyber-verse.



Now that the Big Twist has been revealed, everyone is going back and looking more deeply at the heads of these companies.

YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, has a net worth of 500 million.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has a net worth of at least 600 million, and now makes 200 million a year.

That’s $833,000 a day just to show up for work. Hell, I’d get out of bed for that — as early as you need me to.

This is enough money for millennia of living in splendor, if you chose not to use it to help save the world.

For 500M, you could live for five thousand years at a hundred grand of living expenses per year.

A hundred grand a year is considered to be “Upper Class” by US tax standards.

Or, if that salary is still not good enough, you could have been living since the time of Christ on a generous quarter-million bucks a year!

And that’s providing that you didn’t invest a single dollar of the principal balance along the way, or make any other good business decisions.



Now wait another year, pass Goo and collect 200 million more.

Then circle the board again, hanging in there for one additional year and a half.

Unless Jesus shows up again and sends you to detention and sensitivity training, or the DOJ does its own terrestrial version of the same,

You will now be covered for another 2000 years at the same rate of 250 grand per annum… until the “Jesus Window” opens up again.

Alas, I digress.

3/28: Abigail Disney: What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend (It Sucks)



Let’s take the UNICEF guideline of “feed a starving child for 50 cents a day.” That’s $182.50 per kid per year.

That means you could feed two million, seven-hundred-thirty-nine thousand, seven-hundred-twenty-six children for an entire year for 500M.

If Half-Billionaire Guy decided to be cool with stopping at 600 million, and donated just one year of his salary to feeding the hungry, he could feed over a million children for the year.

And there are far more than that who are in need within his own home country.

Does he ever see their faces in his dreams?

[Bear in mind that the Deep State loves to put obvious scapegoats like this out there, while the hidden players are worth vastly, vastly more. It is important not to lose sight of that.]

12/11/18: Google CEO Runs From Alex Jones at Congressional Hearing



Once you start thinking about it in those terms, if you have access to “that kind of money,” there is a clear and undeniable moral and ethical obligation to try to improve life on Earth.

If I was ever put in charge of a fund of that size, I would immediately begin hiring experts to help determine how it could be used for the greatest overall good.

A very important element would be to genuinely treat the root causes of the problems we face… to maximize the quality of life for as many as possible.

Very basic things like clean and free energy, mitigating the garbage crisis and enhancing the availability of drinkable water and quality food would be paramount.



I have already put my hands on a garbage technology that can process 1000 tons of MSW (municipal solid waste) per day.

It costs 3 million US per unit, fits in an 18-wheeler-sized truck body, has zero emissions, and pays for itself within 3 years.

This baby is on the short, short list as a funding priority. No question. We are way past the point of needing this.

Everything becomes recyclable. The only byproducts are usable bio-fuel and distilled water… and the machine generates far more fuel than it takes to run.

If you stop and think for a minute, that excess of generated fuel means it is a de-facto free-energy device.

It can be tooled to process car tires, animal waste, ocean plastic, you name it… everything except for explosives and radioactives [at present.]



This picture is just a small section of the whole machine, and once we are in the right place we will have far more to say on this.

The inventor has a very interesting history. My wife and I have toured the facilities, seen the device, watched the videos and surveyed the printed materials.

Until this is fully funded for mass production, these guys may be at risk. Plus there are the inevitable hecklers who want to aggressively harass any and all of my associates.

The main system it uses is induction technology… the same thing that the coolest modern stoves are using for very fast electric cooking.

I admit that neither Elizabeth nor I were brave enough to drink the glass of distilled water that was made from old car tires, though.

This technology also makes it possible to build completely self-sustaining communities, which is another huge plus… wherever here, there, on-planet or off-planet you want to go.



America produced 262.4 million tons of MSW in 2015. That’s 718,904 tons of garbage a day, or about 4.4 pounds per person.

At maximum efficiency, America could have ZERO net garbage output with only 719 of these units running full time.

What does that mean, exactly?

For as little as 2.15 billion dollars, (probably 3 since full efficiency is impossible,) America’s garbage crisis could be GONE…. in a YEAR.

Best of all, if you style it as an investment, you get all that money back within three years… and then it’s Trash to Cash!

Plant owners would start COMPETING for who gets the trash… because it saves them a fortune in fuel costs once the machines are paid off, and it’s free!

Instead of paying for trash pickup, you’ll have companies fighting over who can pay you the most to take it off your hands.

Perhaps Google founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page could kick loose, let’s see…. 1/25th of his net worth, and give something back to the country that made him impossibly rich….



You want to clean up the trash?

If you let people exercise freedom of speech on social media, the extra ad revenue should be more than enough to solve the garbage crisis alone.

Here’s another sobering statistic: you could feed every single starving person on Earth for 30 billion dollars a year.

Larry or Sergey could feed everyone on Earth for a year and a half, and still have a staggering five billion dollars left to spare.

Five billion is still enough for twenty thousand years of affluent living at 250 grand per year. That should do it!



You could sit down with Larry or Sergey and there is no glow coming off of their bodies. They are just as real and human as anyone else.

That begs the question:

Why is it always “Someone else will do it!”

Who, exactly? Superheroes?

These problems are solvable. The reason nothing ever gets done is we have a “Deep State” / Cabal with fantastic power, and which actively works towards mass depopulation.

Thankfully, some billionaires are doing genuine philanthropic work to help humanity. Here is an uplifting, if not tear-jerking example:

5/20: Billionaire Pays Off Entire Graduating Class’s Student Loan Debts (Video)



Though it may sound silly at first, once you get the basics of food, water, shelter and sanitation nailed down, a good next step would be to get everyone on earth an affordable smartphone.


You now have the potential for mass literacy and education. You open up incredible new opportunities for billions of people.

They can learn a language, study medicine, engineering or law… you name it. With education comes the opportunity to elevate themselves out of poverty and join the workforce with new skills.

You also greatly reduce the likelihood of corrupt governments engaging in atrocities — since anyone can film and upload events as they happen.

Evil thrives in darkness. In a full-smartphone world, no one will be able to get away with atrocities for any length of time.

I would like to think that most of us would feel compelled to think in similar ways if we got to manage a fund of this size.

You can only have so much “stuff,” and these CEO salaries are vastly beyond that level.

So few people have “this kind of money” that LA has a glut of unsellable mansions at a ‘mere’ 20 million and up.



Let’s face it. “Alphabet” is just a tech company. Granted, you guys have been unusually successful at playing the game, but still.

A tech company is not a government. Its executives and board members are not elected by the public.

You work for us by providing a public service that our elected government is supposed to regulate, to keep everything fair and equitable.

No matter how amazing it may all feel in the boardroom chatter, you guys need to look beyond your own corporate culture.

Never before in history have we seen a company go this far in declaring itself an unelected “government within a government.”

A tech company like this is supposed to be publicly regulated, subject to the oversight of the country it operates from within.

This is definitely not happening.



‘Alphabet’ — you know, like the CIA and other such agencies — just does anything they want.

Few of us are even lucky enough to get a split-second of a real person’s time in response.

When you destroy the meager incomes of millions of people with a cover story so thinly veiled as to fool no one, as we will discuss, there is sure to be a massive backlash.

How will this sudden sucker-punch to the world look in six months? A year? Five years? A hundred years?

It’s quite the historic, “game-changer” event in many ways.

6/20: Senator Calls For YouTube, Twitter to Lose Immunity if Politically Biased



YouTube appears to have been destroyed by its masters for political reasons… in a brazen public attempt to influence the next US election.

It also appears they are desperately hoping to reduce the damage from an anticipated DECLAS data dump of megalithic proportions.

It is as simple as that. The greatest honey-trap in human history. Lure ’em all in, make ’em comfortable, and then….. ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!!!

Anyone trying to establish a following in alternative journalism on YouTube is now facing nearly impossible odds. The entire community has now been buried alive.

Fun fact: last August, it was revealed that 96 percent of Google search results for ‘Trump’ are from liberal (mainstream) media sources.

If you hate Trump, you may feel like this is A-OK. Cool. No problem. Get that son-of-a!

However, what YouTube has just done is far, far worse than rigging the search-engine slot machines.



If you do not fall in line with exactly what the mainstream media wants to program us to think, you are now engaging in “hate speech.”

You are furthermore subject to permanent demonetization or actual deletion of your channel for simply having an opinion that the Secret Masters do not consent to.

This just happened in the last two weeks. We will discuss the specifics in a minute. The event was called Vox Adpocalypse.

This was far worse than the initial mainstreaming of YouTube into PooTube in late March / early April.

Now instead of just being ‘shadowbanned’ and getting lower viewer counts and revenue, you are literally on death row in the cyber-verse for talking politics.



Let me put it this way:

I absolutely HATED the fact that George W. Bush was president. I knew all about his oily, Deep State family lineage and learned of new outrages on a daily basis from alternative media.

However, if a small group of private corporations had made it completely IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to speak kindly of the man running our country, for better or for worse….

I would have been VERY DEEPLY CONCERNED. And I would have publicly defended their freedom to high-five each other about ‘Dubya.’

I did feel that the Bush cartel had fooled millions of people through playing on hot-button political issues.

Either way, I never felt threatened by pro-Bush media. Let ’em have their echo chamber!

Sound off. Have fun. Go Bush! Life goes on. Whatever.



Okay. We made it this far. You’re still here. You see where this may be going. Before we go on any further, I would ask you to please:


Take a breath

Open your mind

Do your best to step away from the constant media-saturated “outrage machine” for just a moment, and:

Be willing to consider additional information that may be unfamiliar and/or initially unpalatable to you.

Think about other times in your life where you thought you knew exactly what was going on, only to be completely blown away by new information.

That appears to be an incoming experience that will be arriving, like it or not, over the next few months — for the entire world.

“THE PLAN” will move forward, regardless of the titanic attempts now being made to censor information.



There is an incredible, world-changing story going on here that you are simply never going to hear from the “Approved” sources.

If you have a programmed emotional response as soon as you encounter this story, you may be blinded from seeing a vast amount of hidden and exciting truth.

You may find yourself grasping at straws to try to disprove the story if your emotions are too bruised to study it objectively.



When this story was presented to an audience of 1200 people at Contact in the Desert, there was almost unilateral support.

Only one man raised his hand when asked if anyone was feeling uncomfortable.

Shortly afterwards, one woman began heckling and then quickly left the room.

Other than those two people, this huge audience was roaring with enthusiasm and support for the “Forbidden Story.”

Nonetheless, the entire mainstream and social media apparatus is doing everything it possibly can to try to prevent you from hearing the Story, or even being aware that it exists.

If you have lived your life through the eyes of these old-school “opinion makers,” the reaction of that huge conference audience would have totally shocked you.



Before we get into the Story, let’s talk a bit more about how you are being prevented from hearing it by the Powers that Were.

Our YouTube videos are on an ad network with 60 different content creators who engage in alternative journalism.

On the very day that the #VoxAdpocalypse articles hit the media on June 5th, eight out of 60 of the channels on this network were permanently demonetized. Just like that.

That means they still have their channels, but can never again make any money from them through any means, including Super-Chat donations.

This is a wildly unacceptable escalation within the war. Up until now, individual videos might get demonetized, but rarely, if ever an entire channel.

From a mind-control perspective, note that YouTube’s own word ‘demonetized’ is very close to the word ‘demonized.’

This is similar to how poor people were called ‘villeins’ in the Middle Ages, beginning in the 14th century.



Anyone who was ekeing out a living as an independent reporter on YouTube is now one ‘mistake’ away from Uber driving.

They are additionally being “shadowbanned,” so none of their audience will ever find them unless they manually type in the name.

1/25: YouTube Will “Shadow Ban” Conspiracy Videos


Even if you hit Subscribe and click the Notifications bell, many viewers are complaining that they still see nothing when new content arises.



Below are some catch-up articles if you are unfamiliar with #VoxAdpocalypse.

I do not support infighting or attacking anyone regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation and the like. That’s the “hot button” on this issue.

Either way, this whole thing absolutely looks like a setup, executed with the speed and precision of a master con artist playing the “shell game.”

Sell it to people as combating “hate” and “supremacy,” but then in the process, just mow down any and all, ahem, “Harmful” discussions that scare you and your buddies.

If you read these next articles, it will become very clear that Big Tech is doing whatever it can to sway the next election:


6/5: YT To Ban “Hateful” and “Supremacist” Videos [Translation: Anyone Questioning the Deep State]

6/5: YT To Delete THOUSANDS More Conspiracy Channels

YouTube will delete thousands of accounts after banning “supremacists”, conspiracy theorists and other harmful accounts, it has claimed.

The decision was made after an in-depth review of its rules on hateful content, YouTube said.

While it has always banned hate content in general, the site has allowed some specific kinds of harmful videos – such as those promoting Nazi ideology or claiming 9/11 did not happen – to continue being hosted on the site.

Those videos, as well as other kinds of “supremacist” content, will now be officially banned.


6/24: Hidden Cam Footage Reveals Google Exec’s Plan to Prevent “Trump Situation” in 2020

Project Veritas has released a new report on Google which includes undercover video of a Senior Google Executive, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider.

The report appears to show Google’s plans to affect the outcome of the 2020 elections and “prevent” the next “Trump situation.”…

When I returned home I found it had been removed from YouTube…

Fortunately, I was able to isolate a direct link to download an MP4 version of the video (69MB, 25 minutes), should any wish to do so (remember that it is the property of Project Veritas and should be treated as such) (alternate download link).


UPDATE: 6/25: Execs Go Into Hiding After Election Tampering Hidden Cam Scandal



No further channels on my particular network were demonetized after the initial eight were finished off on the very first day of #VoxAdpocalypse.

Up until now.

This very much suggests that a premeditated effort was made, and the intended targets had already been mapped out well in advance.

Kill ’em all.

Next step. Next step. Next step. Next step. Keep pruning it back as fast as you can. Eliminate all dissenting thoughts.

The apparent causes of #VoxAdpocalypse were just a politically useful moment that allowed a pre-planned agenda to move forward.




Now, anyone who dares to talk about the current administration is engaging in “hate speech,” “white supremacy” and yes, even “homophobia”….

Unless, of course, you are engaging in hate speech against the administration.

In that case, you are attacking the “Approved” target, and will feel like you have the full support of the Machine behind you.

Turn on the TV, crest the wave and feel like all is right in the world. Let ’em keep you in a comforting state of constant outrage.

If you do truly hate the “Approved” target, you may initially feel perfectly fine about everything that you see happening right now.

I get it. The president has a big mouth. He routinely pisses people off. Certain policy decisions are indeed an outrage. I will gladly admit that.

Either way, this hyper-coordinated attack is an insult to democracy, free speech, and the values, morals and ethics that we have been taught to live by.



Within the Forbidden Story is a very interesting perspective that should have everyone excited, even if they can’t stand the President.

Nothing is black or white in this world.

Therefore it is ridiculous to accept the spoon-fed mass-media nonsense that we are in a 100-percent negative situation right now.

There is a far more interesting story going on, but you will only hear about it by participating online. Never on television.

The Rockefeller-Versus-Rothschild Illuminati War has been going on for well over a century now, and possibly for millennia based on certain new briefings.




These two factions are happy to duke it out, fight to the death, and have what they think of as a “Sexy” battle for who gets to dominate the Earth.

However, there is one rule above all others in this battle: NEVER, EVER, EVER LET THE PUBLIC KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.

The factions may hate each other and routinely murder each other, but everyone knows it’s Game Over if the public finds out who they really are… and what they really are doing.

If the Alliance is real — and it most definitely is — once they spill the beans in DECLAS, that’s it. Game over.

This can never happen again.

Top perpetrators would gladly accept prison to avoid the torches and pitchforks of angry masses. It really could get that bad.



CNN proved themselves to be unbelievably sore losers in this Shadow World War III when they made an astonishingly direct, public death threat against the President of the United States.

YES. This is not a joke, nor a misinterpretation.

It was thinly-veiled enough to potentially invoke “Plausible Deniability,” as in “Oh no, we didn’t REALLY MEAN TO IMPLY….”

And yet that’s exactly what they did. Take a look and see for yourself.

And as you look at this, remember that much of YouTube has now been converted to force-feed you content from these same MSM networks.



It began when CNN described a ride inside the current Air Force One as “Like Being Held Captive.”

In the accompanying article, they used a picture of JFK coming out of his plane… less than an hour before he was assassinated.

Certainly you recognize Jackie’s pink outfit, right?

This is an incredibly brazen move, which again shows a state of complete desperation:


5/24: CNN Uses JFK Pic from Day of Assassination to Describe Trump’s AF1


And did you see “News and Buzz?” Trump’s Latest Twitter Tirade and Calls for Impeachment.

Here’s another angle from a second or two later in time. Notice the positions of their hands on the railing, and where they are on the staircase:



CNN, CIA or whoever you are, this is not f-ing funny. Every single viewer’s subconscious mind has that fuzzy pink outfit forever burned into their neural circuitry.

Techniques like this can be deployed in an attempt to signal vulnerable or otherwise mind-controlled individuals, such as through MKULTRA, to carry out attacks.

Individuals with certain diagnoses could feel like they saw a “Message from God” that no one else noticed, and then imbue it with profound significance that leads to action.

In this case, the headline “It’s Like Being Held Captive” could lead vulnerable individuals to feel as if the country itself is being held captive.

The iconic JFK image then implies the “solution” — if the vulnerable individual decides he needs to be the “hero” in this story and short-circuit the ‘impeachment’ process.



Here’s another one, which is thankfully less serious than an actual implied death threat and incitement of vulnerable individuals.

On May 2nd, 2019, we found out that unprecedented steps were being taken to literally erase all discussion of Alex Jones from the internet’s collective memory.

I get it. A lot of people can’t stand him. You might be one of them. That’s fine. He’s buried up to his eyeballs in lawsuits and they will go on ruining his life for years.

6/19: Two Legal Wins For Sandy Hook Vs. Conspiracy Theorists

A judge ruled that Jones is now prohibited from filing motions to dismiss the defamation lawsuits filed against him, the AP said.


But whoa-whoa-whoa… is Alex’s big mouth so offensive that you must never suffer the slightest possibility of hearing it ever again?

Are you going to cheer on unelected tech giants who literally want to delete all mention of his existence from the cyber-verse?

4/5: Alex Jones’ Lawyer: If You Want Infowars Silenced, You’re Scarier Than He Is



IS IT POSSIBLE…. that Alex maybe-just-maybe is saying stuff that they don’t want you to hear? AND IF SO…..

What if you actually try to attack Alex but OOPS, the AI algorithm thinks you like him — and dutifully kills off your cyber-identity?

Aren’t you cool enough to make up your own mind, laugh a little if you stumble over that barking face, and click on to something else?

How in the hell can they be so public about this? Are we really that numbed out?


5/2: Link-Banning is FB’s Terrifying New Censorship Tool

Not only has Alex Jones’ personal account now been banned from Facebook, in addition to PrisonPlanet editor-in-chief and YouTube star Paul Joseph Watson, but all links to Infowars sites are now banned across the platform.

Share Infowars too often, and you’ll be banned too.


Via The Atlantic:

Infowars is subject to the strictest ban. Facebook and Instagram will remove any content containing Infowars videos, radio segments, or articles (unless the post is explicitly condemning the content),

and Facebook will also remove any groups set up to share Infowars content and events promoting any of the banned extremist figures, according to a company spokesperson. (Twitter, YouTube, and Apple have also banned Jones and Infowars.)

This takes censorship on social media to altogether new levels. If you post Infowars content on Facebook or Facebook-owned Instagram, your post will be removed.

If you post it repeatedly, you will be banned.


Note the wording, too — you’ll be banned unless you’re condemning Infowars. 

Facebook is now brazenly using its power to reward certain political positions and punish others.

This isn’t censorship of an individual or a group over a violation of terms of service.

It’s the wholesale ban of an independent media site, which for all the criticism levied against it, has had a major impact on the politics of the United States.



The second part of the likely “one-two punch” was to utterly destroy Jones’ life and reputation with falsely-planted evidence, as this next link from June 14th, 2019 reveals:

6/14: FBI Investigates Child Porn Planted on Alex Jones’ Server


This is disturbingly similar to what happened to me with countless numbers of Teddy Bear videos, as we discussed in Section One.

Links to child exploitation sites were hard-burned into stolen videos of mine and re-uploaded, while my own channel suffered a prolonged takedown.

Talk about projection! Who on earth has more consistently spoken out against elite child exploitation than Alex? Seriously.

If you ever watched his shows, then you know he was covering ALL aspects of alternative news on an industrial scale.

And the MSM is treating this fake story as if it must be true.



Had this “planted evidence” plan succeeded, it would have been far more difficult for anyone to stand up in Jones’s defense as his life was destroyed.

If you now try to speak up and help him out on Facebook or Instagram in any way, KABOOM — it’s an instant kill. Who will be next?

Although Alex Jones can be extremely annoying, no one deserves to be framed through such diabolical means.

Lord knows what kind of depraved crap any of us will find if we actually dare to open our Spam folder and take a look in it.

Thankfully, the FBI has his back, and never once considered him to be a suspect in this bizarre case.

Most suspiciously, the people suing him knew exactly where to look for the depraved material that they then “discovered.”

Despite the protests of his attorney, Alex is offering 100K for an arrest and a million more for a conviction if you can crack the case with evidence he will be releasing.



Even if you hate the current administration with a passion, and identify with the mass media’s anger and projections, this unprecedented Orwellian mass censorship is still not cool.

Trump may win again. This is a democracy. We need to be OK with that even if we don’t like him.

The values, ethics and morals of American citizens do not comport with lying, cheating and stealing in order to rig an election, as we saw with Watergate.

Only the most diehard Nixon loyalists continued to support him after it was discovered that his team had bugged the opposition’s offices to gather incriminating data that could sway the election.

If an election doesn’t work out the way you want it to, you get involved and work for the outcome you want in the next one.

You might feel that you got stuck with a crappy president for a while, but life goes on — and the system is designed with checks and balances to limit potential damage, within reason.

The system flips back and forth, and no one can expect to be consistently happy with the results, just like no team always wins their games. This is nothing new. It’s always been that way.



Big Tech is absolutely and unquestionably attempting to rig the 2020 election against the current sitting US president.

This is called treason. Highly illegal. If you need to cheat to win a race, you don’t deserve the victory.

Once Lance Armstrong was found to be using performance-enhancing drugs, he was no longer seen as the heroic winner of seven different Tour de France bike races.



The entire spectrum of social media and YouTube video streaming platforms have now been juiced up with performance-enhancing drugs in an attempt to keep the Deep State corpse in the race.



Nope. Won’t work. Nice try, guys.



“Hate Trump, check. Hate Alex Jones, check. C’mon, David, this is a Nothingburger.

“I’m about to click off and drop a nice steaming pile of hate in the comments before I go.”

Hold on. Just wait! The suppression goes far beyond just the political arena. You haven’t seen any of the most powerful stuff yet.

Any and all discussion of the potential hazards of vaccines ……..

Has been completely banned!

Can you be absolutely, positively 100 percent sure that there is nothing to worry about if you or your kids get a vaccine?

Are you so sure of this ‘fact’ that you will allow unelected tech giants to make it impossible for you to make up your own mind?

You don’t need to think. Leave that to the big boys. Sleep… sleep…. sleeeeeeeeeeeee



Just like the term “Alex Jones,” if you even dare to say a single word that questions the awesomeness of v@ccines…..

Your cyber-life as you know it may soon be extinguished in the cyber-verse!

Take a look:

5/7: Instagram Will Use AI to Filter Anti-V@x Content

Instagram will roll out new ways to prevent the spread of misinformation about vaccines, including a pop-up warning that appears when you search certain anti-v@x terms.

The feature is still in development, and Instagram’s safety team was not able to share a launch date….

[Facebook owns Instagram, in case you didn’t know.]


A flurry of measles outbreaks across the country has raised concerns about v@ccine misinformation, particularly online.

This February, YouTube cracked down and demonetized anti-v@x videos. Shortly after, Amazon removed anti-v@x documentaries from its Prime Video streaming app.

Last month, Facebook said it would bar anti-v@x groups and pages from advertising and ad-targeting topics like “vaccine controversy.”

The changes at Facebook extended to Instagram, which is currently blocking certain hashtags associated with misinformation, like #v@ccinescauseaids.

Instagram doesn’t plan to ban accounts or erase posts that discuss vaccines or anti-v@x ideas [yet].

The plan is to limit the intentional spread of misinformation while highlighting accurate [ahem] v@ccine information.


Nonetheless, a whopping 45 percent of Americans doubt their safety:

6/25: Surprising Survey Shows 45% of Americans Doubt the Safety of V@ccines



This is the last step before “anti-v@x” becomes “Dangerous and Harmful Content,” and you will no longer be allowed to see or share any of it…

You know, for your safety and whatnot.

Think of it like a v@ccine… similar to the dosages being administered against the infectious thoughts of Alex Jones.

Soon you will be fully immune!



“He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache.

O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast!

Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished.

He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Tech.” — George Orwell, 1984 (with one word updated)



Additionally, as we first reported on October 27th, 2018, huge numbers of groups dedicated to healthy eating and organic food are being deplatformed as well.

The list of “purged” social media pages, from July 2018, is 84 long. (This was before a new purge of a staggering 559 additional pages.)

In many cases, these pages had gigantic followings.

We will again just list the first 35, as I did last October, to give you a sense of who the Deep State was targeting.

Most of these pages are about as far left as you could ever want… so this is everyone’s problem:


7/3: Facebook Purges Over 80 Accounts in Sweeping Attack on Alternative Media

Here’s a list of all the pages I know of which have been deleted or unpublished indefinitely: 

1.Collectively Conscious (915K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

2.Natural Cures Not Medicine (2.3M followers) – Deleted on June 11th, 2018.  

3.I Want to Be 100% Organic (700K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

4.Viral Alternative News (500K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

5.Organic Health (230K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

6.Natural Cures From Food (120K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

7.Heart Centered Rebalancing (3.9M followers) – Deleted a few years ago.  

8.Awareness Act (1.1M followers) – Deleted in mid-2017.  

9.Conscious Life News (1.1M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.  

10.Wake The F— Up (550K followers) – Deleted about a year ago.  

11.Living Traditionally (570K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

12.Organic Wellness (600K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

13.Chocolate Socrates (608K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

14.Earth We Are One (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.  

15.Meditation Masters (2.3M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

16.People’s Awakening (3.6M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.  

17.Nikola Tesla (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.  

18.Interesting Stories (1.5M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.  

19.The Warrior (1.7M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

20.Natural Health Warriors (140K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

21.Tech Explorers (270K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

22.Universe Explorers (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

23.Area 51 (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

24.The Global Meditation (70K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

25.Video Explorers (780K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

26.Spiritualer. Com (80K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

27.Flower of Life (670K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

28.EWAO (30K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.  

29.Global Freedom Movement (27K followers) – Deleted on June 19th, 2018.  

30.Health & Alternative Medicine (550K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.  

31.Pure Nature (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.  

32.Nature Gallery (654K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.  

33.Mesmerizing Nature (912K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.  

34.Nature’s Touch (150K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.  

35.We Really Like Animals (544K) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018. 



“Well, David, I can’t stand Alex, can’t stand ‘The Don,’ but wow! Organic food? That’s my thing! And vaccines creep me out. What in the f-? WHY in the f-!”

Those are great questions.

And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sit back, eat something organic and watch a movie.

The movie is called Secret Ingredients. Their website is It is VERY HIGHLY recommended.

I couldn’t possibly out-do this movie except to throw in some wild global conspiracy s–t at the end to really freak you out even more — and get banned.

Jeffrey Hart and Amy Smith make an incredibly compelling case that it is quite literally LETHAL not to eat organic in this day and age.



The filmmakers themselves should have been the epitome of health. They were running marathons, were in tremendous athletic shape and were “eating healthy,” including plenty of veggies.

Then they, like many others profiled in the movie, all started dying. Even the dog.

There was no answer. No hope. Mainstream medicine wrote them off. In desperation, they opened up to alternative concepts.



They changed their diets… in one simple way. No other changes were made except that they went strictly, 100-percent organic.

And guess what…. ALL of their health problems “mysteriously” disappeared!

You see person after person telling the same story, crying with relief that they were healed… and shocked about how this could have happened.

The culprit is glyphosate — odorless, colorless, tasteless, absolutely toxic and saturated throughout all conventional foods.

Like all other films in this genre, they walk right up to the line where you could argue that the elite designed it to be this way…. but they never quite say it.

I will tell you this: After seeing the people crying in this movie, you will never want to eat conventional produce again.

Not even once. Not ever.

Then why is Big Tech literally trying to make it impossible for you to survey the evidence about going organic?

Could it be… that they want YOU to die as well? And your wife, your husband, your kids… yes, even your cats and dogs?



The Cabal’s directive is “Humans are Bad For The Environment,” and “We Are Saving The Earth By Reducing Its Population.”

I’ve heard this from certain “Illuminati” insiders who did their best to try to sway me to their way of thinking over the years.

I have rejected multiple offers of millions of dollars in bribes, and never accepted any meetings or entanglements whatsoever.

This has angered them greatly.

Excessive and ongoing efforts have been made towards reputation destruction — efforts that have notably worsened lately, requiring action.

The Cabal depopulation “manifesto” has been presented in a variety of their films, such as “The Matrix” and “Batman Begins,” among many others.

Yet, with the forbidden technology they are holding back from us, this planet could comfortably sustain far more people than we have now.



Again, the highest-level insiders called this covert poisoning of our food supply the “Weapons System.”

They had utterly perfected it with cigarettes, but then everyone stopped smoking and they had to change lanes.

The goal of these Weapons Systems is NOT an instant kill, contrary to some beliefs.

This is a long-term plan. It is as follows:

Preserve life until 55 years of age as a Productive Worker, and then require pharmaceutical care for as long as possible.

Guess who owns Big Pharma?

The same financiers who control the mainstream media, the music industry, the prison complex, and Big Agriculture.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory,’ but a provable fact. Just look at the top shareholders.



Through what they call “Vertical Integration,” the same entities generate money from a variety of industries.

Vertical Integration is also the logical explanation for why YouTube and its apparent mainstream-media competitors have suddenly merged.

It’s the same old thing of “play both sides against the middle,” as the Deep State apparently owned and financed both sides of WWI and WWII.

You feed value into the system as a worker, and get some money in return.

Then you slowly die off once you stop working — and return all the money you earned to the system. Dying is very expensive.

The Weapons System also is designed to create a malaise in the public that leads to them being passive in the face of tyranny.

As an example, the Weapons System is custom-designed to greatly reduce testosterone counts in men for this same reason.



If you want to fully avoid the Weapons System, here are the main NEVERs… and I do very much live by this list as much as possible:

Cigarettes: NEVER

Factory-farmed, non-organic meat: NEVER

Processed / pre-packaged conventional foods: NEVER

Citric Acid as a preservative: NEVER

MSG / Autolyzed / Hydrolyzed / “Natural Flavor” / “Spices”: NEVER

Fluoridated water: NEVER

Conventional sugar / High Fructose Corn Syrup: NEVER

Conventional dairy: NEVER

Wheat, corn and soy: NEVER

Conventional vegetables: NEVER


Look, I get it. This is really tough. The world is lined up against you and the organic food is more expensive.

You can never be 100 percent perfect with this diet and it would drive you insane to try. The idea is just to do as much as you can.

And yes, you should check with a good doctor before making any lifestyle changes, for various reasons.

I would argue that the health bills you will pay from being sick may be far more expensive than the extra cost of going organic.

Secret Ingredients should be seen and heard far more than it has been, in my opinion.

“Fed Up” is equally powerful regarding sugar. And Dr. William Davis’ classic book Wheat Belly will scare you away from conventional grains forever.



None of these amazing movies have pointed out, yet, how the Tech Giants are literally destroying any and all discussion about going organic.

Nor is anyone looking at the sudden revealing of “Vertical Integration” between Big Tech and the Big Five of mainstream media giants and their mutual financiers.

The CEOs are being paid enough to be rich for millennia, and you have to wonder how much they know about all of this.

In the next section you may be quite surprised by the answer that is suggested.

They do not want it to even be possible for you to encounter information that could get you off of the Weapons System.

Katie Couric got betrayed by the System, sent off to the showers soon after she took over as a network anchor for CBS News.



I believe “Fed Up” is just too good for Couric not to have had some sort of inside knowledge, where she then wanted to get revenge against the System that betrayed her.

It is unbelievable to watch Fed Up and see how sugar is really the worst out of all of the Weapons Systems.

10/13/16: Some Foods May Be As Addictive as Heroin or Cocaine

The similarities between food and drug addictions are striking.

High-fat, high-calorie foods overload the pleasure centers in the brain, much like cocaine and heroin.

The more we eat these types of foods, the more we crave them to trigger these pleasure centers….


Again, they walk right up to the line by showing how conventional fast-food like McDonald’s is systematically infiltrating schools across the country.

Children are becoming morbidly obese and developing Type 2 diabetes at an alarming rate… and conventional sugar is as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Scientists are hired to continually make these foods even more addictive, and then killed off so they can never reveal what they did.

There are plenty of choices that are far less damaging in health food stores, but again you have to spend more to enjoy them.

With all of this in mind, it should again be very creepy to note that the social-media giants are trying to prevent you from having any access to this information.

Coincidence? Or is it something more?



We are seeing a techno-corporate fascism… an unelected and unwanted group of elite censors who have turned public utilities into dictatorships under their complete control.

Unlike the old days, where you rig both sides of an election and get a stuffed shirt in there, these companies have nothing whatsoever to do with government.

They have attempted to shape the nation’s discourse by completely banning our access to entire categories and topics of information.

This now includes the complete blockage of any of the supporters of the political party that opposes them from even being allowed to speak.



If you have a particular political alignment, and your party attempts to assume complete control over all significant media sources, that should be extremely troubling to you.

If the Democrats had somehow done this to Bush during his administration, successfully, I would have been extremely concerned about that, as I said.

The Secret Powers clearly do not want the population-reducing systems of weaponized corporate food and toxin-tainted vaccines to be exposed for the dangers they present.

They are far too interested in meeting their ‘depopulation’ goals, which they worship just like any other religion.



So why are they also completely carpet-bombing any “Anti-V@x” discussion whatsoever, to get back to that for a minute?

Real vaccines confer immunity just fine. That’s not the issue. It’s all the other crap they’re putting in there that has people so worried.

The Guardian very bravely published a story on January 27th, 2019, with new intel confirming what our insider leaks have said for years… namely implying that AIDS was spread through v@ccines in Africa:


1/27: AIDS Deliberately Spread to Depopulate Africa

A South Africa-based mercenary group has been accused by one of its former members of trying to intentionally spread Aids in southern Africa in the 1980s and 1990s.

The claims are made by Alexander Jones in a documentary that premieres this weekend at the Sundance film festival.

He says he spent years as an intelligence officer with the South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR), three decades ago, when it was masterminding coups and other violence across Africa.

The film also explores the unexplained murder of a young SAIMR recruit in 1990, whose family believe was killed because of her work on an Aids-related project run by the group in South Africa and Mozambique.

And it also claims the group’s then leader had a racist, apocalyptic obsession with HIV/Aids.


Keith Maxwell wrote about a plague he hoped would decimate black populations, cement white rule, and bring back conservative religious mores, according to papers collected by the film-makers.

Maxwell had no medical qualifications but ran clinics in poor, mostly black areas around Johannesburg while claiming to be a doctor.

That gave him the opportunity for sinister experimentation, Jones says in the film, Cold Case Hammarskjöld….



Documents collected by the film-makers appear to show that Maxwell’s private views were very different from his public persona. The papers suggest a ghoulish delight in the advent of an epidemic.

In one he writes: “[South Africa] may well have one man, one vote with a white majority by the year 2000. Religion in its conservative, traditional form will return.

Abortion on demand, abuse of drugs, and the other excesses of the 1960s, 70s and 80s will have no place in the post-Aids world.”

The papers read like the fever dream of a man who aspired to be South Africa’s Josef Mengele. There are detailed, if sometimes garbled, accounts of how he thought the HIV virus could be isolated, propagated and used to target black Africans.

What is less clear is whether he had the expertise or funds to implement his nightmarish visions.

Jones, the former SAIMR member, claims he did. “We were involved in Mozambique, spreading the Aids virus through medical conditions,” he says.



An IndieWire movie review from January 29th is even more direct in stating the “big reveal” of the film:

For Brügger [the filmmaker], that crisis is further complicated by the sense that it’s largely of his own making.

[He came to feel] that his funny, persona-driven approach may have been too glib for a story that touches on grave and ghoulish matters like genocide, institutionalized white supremacy, and a “doctor” who deliberately infected black South Africans with AIDS under the guise of offering them cheap v@ccines.


In The Film Stage’s review, they point out that the revelations in this documentary are of massive, world-changing significance:

Without revealing the specifics of the jaw-dropping revelations in this thoroughly engrossing documentary, if there’s any justice, what is brought to light will cause global attention and a demand for some kind of retribution.



I looked for this movie, Cold Case Hammar-Whatever, on Apple, Amazon and Netflix alike. You can probably guess what I found.

Absolutely nothing… except for unrelated TV episodes also called Cold Case.

Not surprisingly, some of the pages for the real Cold Case say they are “Still Looking for Distribution.” We know how THAT goes.

Insiders for many years have said the “medical conditions” referred to in the above AIDS-spreading quote included the World Health Organization’s smallpox v@ccine of 1976.

Trailer #2 for this movie is an absolute must-see, so I am embedding it here. At present it only has 1779 views:



Despite this trailer coming out four months ago now, the film does not appear to be available anywhere, including on their own site.

On IMDB, it says Cold Case Hammarskjöld will be released on August 16th, 2019. Let’s hope they actually found a distributor and that this film will become available.

It looks and sounds like it will be an utterly world-changing piece of cinema history.

Corey Goode once worked for a pharma company that made v@ccines, as he has said in some of our interviews.

In talking to a v@ccine specialist there, the man told him there is “no way in God’s creation” that he would ever let his kids take them.



So yes… given what we know about the Deep State and their agenda, it is again very suspicious that they want to strictly ban all mention of “Anti-V@x.”

Celebrity hero Robert DeNiro’s groundbreaking film “V@xxed” makes it very clear that there is a linkage between vaccines and autism.

Another hero who stepped up, possibly to avenge Deep State murders in his family, is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



This article came out a week ago on his site, as of June 13th, and we will highlight just one highly relevant section:


6/13: RFK Jr. on Mental Health Problems and Vaccines

In fact, some researchers v@ccinate healthy animals or people on purpose just to study this phenomenon. For example:

A study intentionally injected mice with the v@ccine used against tuberculosis (BCG vaccine) to induce “depression-like behavior,” finding that the v@ccine-induced depression was resistant to treatment with standard antidepressants.

Another study in mice found that both the antigens and the aluminum adjuvant in the Gardasil HPV v@ccine produced significantly more behavioral abnormalities, including depression, in the exposed mice compared to unexposed mice.

University of California researchers followed healthy undergraduates for one week before and one week after influenza v@ccination; in the absence of any physical symptoms, they detected increased post-v@ccination inflammation that was associated with more mood disturbances—especially “depressed mood and cognitive symptoms.”

Another study of influenza v@ccination compared vaccine recipients who had preexisting depression and anxiety to “mentally healthy” recipients, finding that both groups had “decreased positive affect” following v@ccination; however, the v@ccine’s impact on mood was “more pronounced for those with anxiety or depression.”

Neuroscientists at Oxford injected healthy young adults with typhoid v@ccine to explore “the link between inflammation, sleep and depression,” finding that the v@ccine “produced significant impairment in several measures of sleep continuity” in the v@ccine group compared to placebo; the researchers noted in their conclusions that impaired sleep is both a “hallmark” and “predictor” of major depression.

Another group of UK researchers who likewise injected healthy young adult males with the typhoid v@ccine found that, within hours, the v@ccine had produced measurable social-cognitive deficits.


You want to talk about how RFK’s son is avenging his father’s death by exposing the Deep State v@ccine agenda? Good luck!

Soon, if you even bring it up, your entire identity could be murdered out of the cyber-verse. Thanks, Big Tech!



Another very obvious item on the “Forbidden List” is any discussion of pedo arrests.

Of course, the implication is that trying to expose child predators is “Harmful,” “Dangerous,” and “Hate Speech,” using their own terms.

The Powers that Were have done their very best to make it impossible to find the original, authentic An Open Secret film, as an example.

The filmmakers’ biggest mistake was in thinking they could make money on this film and get it into conventional distribution.

I had a video get demonetized in February simply for mentioning the cases of Cardinal George Pell, the second-highest guy at the Vatican, and “John of God” in Brazil.

Poland, thankfully, used crowdfunding to make a film that we now know would never be allowed to make a dime in today’s world. Take a look:



5/25: Revolution in Poland As Nation Confronts Priestly Abuse

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — One victim spoke out, and then another, and another.

A statue of a pedophile priest was toppled in Gdansk, put back by his supporters, and finally dismantled for good. A feature film about clerical abuse was a box office hit.

Poland thought it had started confronting the problem of clerical abuse and its cover-up by church authorities.

Then a bombshell came: A documentary with victim testimony so harrowing it has forced an unprecedented reckoning with pedophile priests in one of Europe’s most deeply Catholic societies.


Poland’s bishops acknowledged this week they face a crisis and made a rare admission that they have failed to protect the young.

It’s also a crisis for the country’s conservative government, which is closely aligned with the Catholic Church, putting the ruling Law and Justice party on the defensive before Sunday’s European Parliament vote in Poland….


Crowdfunded and free on YouTube, “Tell No One” has gotten more than 21 million views so far and has prompted a new wave of survivors to come forward.

About 150 people have contacted a foundation helping victims of clerical abuse, “Have No Fear.” One was an 86-year-old man who was molested when he was 6 and had never told anyone until now.

“He finally understood that he is not alone,” said Anna Frankowska, a lawyer for the organization who took his call.

“A huge tsunami has come, and there is no way this issue can be swept under the rug now,” she said. “It has to be addressed.”


Click here to watch Tell No One with English subtitles while you still can, and download it before it goes into the memory hole.

And don’t worry, you won’t have to sit through any ads. There aren’t any. Of course. This is crazy, crazy stuff.



The story of “John of God” is one of the craziest of them all.

He was working as a faith healer, loved by millions, but apparently had a dark side of unimaginable proportions.

The entire case against him was driven by a woman named Sabrina Bittencourt.



Once you start researching this story, it gets extremely crazy and disturbing:

1/31: Sabrina Bittencourt At Center of John of God Arrest

Brazilian activist Sabrina Bittencourt has now sensationally claimed the celebrity medium ran a baby trafficking operation, in which children were “farmed” in Brazil before being sold to childless couples around the world.

Bittencourt’s previous investigations led to the spiritual leader’s arrest in December.

She claimed young girls were held captive in remote farms, where they were forced to produce babies.

She added that the women were murdered after 10 years of giving birth….


Among the hundreds of allegations against Faria, his own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, came forward with a shocking statement that she was a victim of her father’s crimes.

In an exclusive interview with Brazilian magazine Veja, she said that under the pretence of mystical treatments he abused and raped her between the ages of ten and 14.


Some suspect that the children from these ‘farms’ were not just being sold to childless couples, but were sent into trafficking operations.

It is also of note that the “spirit cooker” herself got a private meeting with Teixeira in her lesser-known Brazil movie.




Sabrina also had witnesses ready to come forward and identify thirteen other high-level perpetrators.

Not long after “John of God” was arrested, Sabrina mysteriously “committed suicide,” after saying in videos that she never would.

Unfortunately, the single most elaborate article about this story, on Tiffany Fitzhenry’s site, has disappeared off of the internet entirely.

[UPDATE: A commenter did find an archived copy of it after all:]

The next article below has similar information, however:


2/4: Sabrina Bittencourt Mysteriously Kills Herself

AN ACTIVIST whose claims led to the “rape” arrest of a celebrity healer called John of God has taken her own life at her hideaway in Spain….


Bill Clinton and supermodel Naomi Campbell are rumoured to be among the high-profile celebrities to have visited the 77-year-old.

Mrs Bittencourt, 38, who was “living under the protection” after receiving death threats, claimed Teixeira de Faria ran a “sex slave farm.”

The mum-of-three claimed young girls were held captive to produce babies to be sold on the black market before being murdered.

She was quoted as saying: “Hundreds of girls were enslaved over years, lived on farms in Goias, served as wombs to get pregnant, for their babies to be sold.”

Mrs Bittencourt said she had received reports of the newborns being sold for up to £40,000 in Europe, USA and Australia.

She added: “These girls were murdered after 10 years of giving birth. We have got a number of testimonies.”


Announcing her death Vitimas Unidas said: “(The) group announces with regret the death of Sabrina Bittencourt, which occurred around 9pm on Saturday in Barcelona.

“The activist committed suicide and left a farewell note explaining the reasons why she took her own life.

“We ask you all not to try to contact her relatives. Two of her three children are still not aware of what happened and their father, Rafael Velasco, is trying to protect them.”



Once her children found out, they were not at all convinced it was a suicide:

2/4: Sabrina Bittencourt’s Son Declares She Was Murdered

Ms Bittencourt left Brazil and was forced to live under protection after receiving death threats.

Her eldest son Gabriel Baum confirmed her death, writing on Facebook: ‘She took the last step so that we could live. They killed my mother.’



In this translated Brazilian article from December 23, 2018, we find out that Sabrina had uncovered 13 other perpetrators:

12/23: Sabrina Bittencourt Preparing to Expose 13 Other Gurus

The activist [Sabrina] overthrew the medium and guru Prem Baba. And she has in her target 13 other spiritual leaders who sexually abuse the faithful….

From a Mormon family, Sabrina had been abused since the age of 4 by church members attended by her parents and grandparents.

At 16, she became pregnant with one of the rapists. Aborted.

Today, at age 37, she is involved in a cause both universal and private: she struggles to organize and prepare complaints against abusive religious leaders….

For his part, he prefers “psychopath” and “sexual predator”, among others less flattering.

Bittencourt is the woman behind hundreds of allegations of abuse against John of God and Prem Baba. Secretly, she is preparing material to unmask 13 other Brazilian spiritual gurus….

Bittencourt is one of the creators of the Coame “movement”, an acronym for Combating Abuse in the Spiritual Medium, a platform that concentrates reports of sexual violations committed by priests, pastors, gurus and their counterparts….

She changes her house every 10 or 12 days, she changes her country without registering the border….


“It is endemic — this absurd amount of leaders of various religions who abuse children, young people and, especially, women.

Since the age of four, I have been abused several times by the church Mormons we attended, against whom no action was taken.

My path was drawn from the pain of the other and from my pain. I had known all along that I had privileges that others had not.

So, to be able to heal myself of these pains, I did social work intensely for 20 years. “…

“The things I do are very organized. The denunciations against Prem Baba and João de Deus worked out because I saw the variables of each of the groups.

What matters to the victims? Speak. To the cops?…


So I get the information from people from vulnerable groups, I organize. Set the pace, tone and ethical code of how to treat the victims of that spiritual leader.”…

“I never imagined that from Prem Baba’s bid, I would be able to receive 103 reports from 13 different spiritual leaders from a single Facebook post.”


2/4: Bittencourt Dies While “Living Under Protection” in Spain (DELETED, NO ARCHIVE.ORG)

[UPDATE: link found by a dedicated researcher in the comments. Here it is:]



Again, by simply reporting on these two stories that were covered in mainstream media overseas, my video got demonetized.

As so many independent journalists have discovered, nothing gets you banned faster than reporting on human trafficking.

So again, you might be on the “Dump Trump” train, but isn’t it weird that Big Tech is also destroying and all conspiracy analysis, organic food, vaccine debates and expose’s of crimes against children?

And now, literally ALL YouTube independent creators have fallen victim to this unprecedented mass censorship campaign.

In case you haven’t been following this, again: It’s BAD.



Many YouTube creators spent five years, if not longer, building up a following and revenue stream, only to have it ripped away in a single, devastating event this month.

Very few people were paranoid or adventurous enough to foresee the entire platform being converted into a mainstream-media fear-porn Pez dispenser.




Last October, there was a major purge that featured combined activity between Facebook and Twitter, two seemingly separate corporations:

10/13/18: Project Launched to Save Alternative Media from Purges

The day before yesterday, Facebook and Twitter deleted hundreds of accounts with tens of millions of combined followers, in the most intense wave of censorship we’ve ever seen.

Websites critical of police brutality, government corruption and war, mostly of a Libertarian or Anarchist persuasion were struck, while the mainstream media reported that it was some kind of purge against spammers.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.


10/15/18: Succumb to FB and Twitter’s Demands or Get Banned

A recent purge by Facebook and Twitter of a host of independent media sites has pushed thousands of people out of work and has killed one of the most effective forms of expressing political dissent.

On Thursday last week, Facebook purged more than 800 pages and accounts, accusing them of engaging in “inauthentic behavior” and violating Facebook’s anti-spam policies.


10/13/18: Internet Censorship Took Leap Forward, Hardly Anyone Noticed

After a massive purge of hundreds of politically oriented pages and personal accounts for “inauthentic behavior”, Facebook rightly received a fair amount of criticism for the nebulous and hotly disputed basis for that action.

What received relatively little attention was the far more ominous step which was taken next:

Within hours of being purged from Facebook, multiple anti-establishment alternative media sites had their accounts completely removed from Twitter as well.


As of this writing, I am aware of three large alternative media outlets which were expelled from both platforms at almost the same time:

Anti-Media, the Free Thought Project, and Police the Police, all of whom had millions of followers on Facebook.

Both the Editor-in-Chief of Anti-Media and its Chief Creative Officer were also banned by Twitter, and are being kept from having any new accounts on that site as well….


The Deep State is so terrified of the coming mass awakening that they have used the “nuclear option,” and are burying ALL channels they cannot directly control… regardless of their content.

They clearly appear to be making last-minute preparations to try to stop an avalanche of newly-declassified information from reaching the public once it arrives, as anticipated this summer or early fall.

A top YouTube talent, Keemstar, has now banded together with 100 other top YouTube talents to strike back at the mainstream and social media giants for this outrageous stunt.



What the Deep State hasn’t accounted for is that the more censorship they do, the more people they inspire to jump in and join the battle.

People with full-time jobs have enough hours left in the day to make their own videos and speak out while they still have a chance.

And they are not threatened by being demonetized or even banned, because they are just getting started with taking a stand in bold defiance against tyranny.

As a recent example, within hours of Isaac Kappy’s highly suspicious “suicide,” there were literally thousands of intelligent videos appearing on YouTube exposing the entire story.

Vigilant Citizen wrote an article that explored several of the themes in these videos, which you can read by clicking here.

Many of the videos went on for an hour or more, exploring a variety of details relevant to the story.

Most, if not almost all of them got knocked down by “The Algorithm,” but this is just the beginning of an unstoppable change.



In case you don’t know what Kappy was up to, here’s an article from Collective Evolution from soon after his debut:

8/16/18: Isaac Kappy Calls Out Hollywood Pedophiles


As Q Anon has repeatedly said, “These people are sick.” That is a very mild statement that just helps you get started in the awakening process.

Now as we head into the next section, get ready for an incredible new bombshell.

An insider from the dawn of Facebook — one of the four founding members — has come forward with a story that you have got to see to believe.

The story is so rich with specific and intriguing details that it seems very unlikely to be any type of falsification.