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In this chapter we examine perhaps the most enigmatic finding in all of Chatelain’s significant and practically unknown work. He learns that all of the orbits of the planets can be expressed by one single number, which is a singularly shared common denominator. This important and heretofore unknown number is nothing more than the product of 70 multiplied seven times by 60! We ask ourselves how it can be that this hyper-complex number was originally found on an ancient Sumerian clay tablet. Chatelain’s research goes well beyond the Mayan Calendar, and his discovery of an even larger cycle that...

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In this chapter, we check in on the groundbreaking work of Maurice Cotterell. We discover that Cotterell detailed a series of new cycles in the Sun, related to the activity of the sunspots. These newly discovered cycles fit perfectly with the information in the Cayce Readings and the Ra Material, as well as information from the Mayan Calendar. Furthermore, this solar cycle was only recently discovered, while the psychic works existed well before Cotterell made his first graph. We have now seen Cayce and Ra proposing a very interesting model for a sudden, multi-dimensional evolution in the human species....

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Now as we head into Part Three, we check in on the remarkable works of Edgar Cayce and the Law of One series. Cayce’s readings specifically mention a Solar Cycle, and we investigate that question against the backdrop of other information in the Cayce Readings. Then, we go through an in-depth analysis of a series of excerpts from the Law of One seriesl, giving us a precise outline of what we might expect as a result of Ascension, or what they refer to as the “harvest.” September 22, 1939: Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce is finally becoming well known in the public eye. The world is soon to be in war. Tensions are high and patience low. For thirty years or more, Cayce’s information had been quite astounding in its own right. He had captured the interest of the academic world through fantastic medical readings, correctly diagnosing illnesses and prescribing natural treatments. It is now a well-known fact that with nothing more than a name and address, Cayce could go into a trance state and precisely describe any medical ailment facing a person, with a 99-percent accuracy rating. With no formal education, his “readings” used all the mainstream anatomical and medical jargon of his day. Absolutely no one can argue these points, and thus Cayce’s medical readings are essentially “bullet-proof” to the prying eyes of the devoutly skeptical. The readings...

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In this chapter we discuss the idea of secret societies having preserved knowledge from the time of Atlantis regarding these planetary cycles and grid formations, as well as the entire field of harmonic physics in general. By examining little-known facts such as the United Nations Meditation Room mural and the symbols and writings on the obverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, we begin to see how these secret societies still persist, and apparently have a working knowledge of many of the principles we have explored in this book. We then explore the discoveries of Paulina...

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  • On Thursday, January 6, 1999, I had a very elaborate dream about a military general who is Ascending. On Saturday, Jan. 8, 1999, Michael said WELCOME SLYNN. This can also be read as WELCOMES LYNN. SLYNN seems to refer to Flynn. Lynn could refer to -dell and Wood both.
  • I can now confirm that the entirety of my 1999 transcripts have time-loops to the present in them. I now feel that by sticking to 1999 for this first volume, we will have a very, very amazing result. Now that I have established the boundaries of the dataset, here we come!

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