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What if everything you thought you knew about science, and its connection to spirituality, was wrong? What if you woke up one day to discover that the entire nature and structure of the Universe had actually eluded all of mainstream science up until that moment? Could such a thing be possible? How confident do you feel in the idea that atoms are made up of particles? Are you aware that even the most basic quantum physics is littered with solid experimental findings that totally defeat this idea and have heretofore defied all attempts at explanation? That the entire quantum realm of atoms and molecules can be built up from electromagnetic fields displaying simple properties of movement and geometry? When someone mentions “higher dimensions, ” how much do you truly understand about what they are, where they are, and how they work? Do you have any idea about how they can intersect with our own reality? Have you ever studied Chaos theory and fractals? Did you know that scientists have proven that apparently random or “chaotic ” events, both in space and in time, are being “organized ” by complex geometric patterns known as fractals? That the behavior of both weather processes and living creatures, including human beings, can be mapped by these fractals? That the fractals themselves can only be constructed by blending our typical positive and negative numbers...

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1.1 THE SHIFT OF THE AGES Virtually all world religions, spiritual faiths, secret societies and indigenous shamanic teachings insist that humanity is about to make a spontaneous, unprecedented stride in its material and spiritual development – a literal transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on all levels. Since many of the cultures or groups proffering this information over thousands of years‘ time did not appear to have any direct contact with each other, (such as the Early Christians, the aborigines in Australia and the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica,) we have to wonder how they all came to the same understanding. If we take their own accounts on face value, it appears that entities that had attained a higher level of consciousness (such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Viracocha and others) have systematically taught this information to all who would listen. Some ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs and Mayas, even have highly detailed calendar systems that appear to have precisely charted when this event will occur – sometime on or before Dec. 22, 2012. In the hands of conventional science, this universally anticipated spiritual event is nothing more than an interesting myth with little or no real significance. However, with the material presented in this book, we can now make a direct scientific case for the imminent reality of this event. In order to do this, we must completely...

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2.1 PHILOSOPHY: A NECESSARY FIRST STEP When the full implications of aether science become known to humanity at large, a very significant paradigm shift will be necessary. For this reason, a philosophical foundation that connects aether theory and consciousness must be carefully constructed, before the chapters that will discuss anti-gravity, free energy and other technological applications. The readers who are not inclined to philosophy may not have thought about the issues of zero-point energy, unified field theory or aether science in the way that we will present them, which will incorporate many controversial scientific discoveries for emphasis. For others who may not normally study science or physics, or even be aware of the work regarding aether theory, a significant effort and time commitment may be required to fully digest the material in this book. (However, from previous experience we already know that some readers will stay up all night and read it in one sitting!) This is another valuable reason for discussing philosophy now; the non-technically inclined reader will have a much greater ability to see the context of the discussions that follow, and very likely have a far greater interest in working through the rest of the book, a chapter at a time. We begin this chapter with a brief, preliminary investigation of the universal energy force whose existence is crucial to understanding everything in this book, technologically...

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3.1 LOVE IS VIBRATION Considering what we have just reviewed in the last chapter, we must advance another philosophical premise. If consciousness and love can manipulate matter, create all known energy fields and is ultimately a vibrational movement of aetheric energy, then: The level of love, consciousness or intelligence in a given area is directly measured by the vibrational speed of aether in that area. Hence, if the aetheric “fabric” of space and time has a given area where the vibrational speeds are faster, then a higher degree of intelligence and love is capable of existing in that area;...

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4.1 A NEW MODEL OF GRAVITY We have clearly examined the evidence that suggests that what we are dealing with is a universal, time-varying energy source that unifies all areas of “empty space” together as a Oneness. The work of Prof. Shnoll gives us incontrovertible evidence that a whole hidden dimension exists in the quantum field that we are completely unaware of, which shows that “all motion is relative” in ways that we had never before imagined. The studies with Nina Kulagina and Alla Vinogradova prove that human consciousness can directly create and / or affect all the known...

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5.1 CONSCIOUSNESS As we look over the theories of aether, we find ourselves confronted with a direct spiritual fact: as was said in the Christian Bible, we live in and move through the body of God at all times. In Chapter Two we saw the clear evidence that the aether is directly connected to consciousness, through findings such as the Backster Effect, the Maharishi effect and the telekinetic experiments with Nina Kulagina and others. In Chapter Three we learned of Prof. Shnoll‘s studies proving a clear causative relationship between planetary movements and atomic processes – and this was extended...

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6.1 GYROSCOPES DEFEAT GRAVITY In the last chapter, Dr. Bruce DePalma showed us that the simple rotation of a magnet, fashioned like a gyroscope, could generate electricity. It is also interesting to point out that gravitational effects could also be produced in DePalma’s work with rotating magnets. Before discussing this, if we go back to his original Spinning Ball Drop experiment detailed in Chapter Four, we can see that definite anti-gravitational effects were observed in the difference between the dropping of a rotating steel ball as opposed to a non-rotating one.     We should remind ourselves that a...

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7.1 GLOWING MAGNETISM / BALL LIGHTNING We started off this book with a description of the energetics of the aether, followed by the idea that the aether is arguably a conscious energy, the working substance of the Ultimate Being that we are all very much a part of. Then, we suggested that the basic components of vibration – light, sound and geometry – would ultimately reveal themselves to be a fundamental aspect of how the aether functions in the creation of space and time. In the last three chapters we have now seen that this same Breath of Life...

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