Each of us is involved in solving a great cosmic puzzle. Who are we? Why are we here? Why does God allow our world and our lives to be so topsy-turvy and unpredictable? Why is love so elusive? Why is there so much injustice? Why do innocent people die? Is a person eternal… and if so, where were we before we were born? Where do we go when we die? And why doesn’t one remember? And if we do exist forever, why do we fear death?

We go through our lives so occupied with our day-to-day routines and responsibilities that most of the time we don’t pay attention to these deeper questions until something jolts us out of our unconsciousness, and we are forced to fit another piece into the puzzle. Pieces of the puzzle usually arrive in strange, unexpected ways. Something comes that makes us truly happy for a while; a new job, a new love, or a new child. We become needed by something in life, and that need creates a new value for ourselves, a new understanding. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Someone crosses our path who seems happier than most. They have a lingering smile that the sorrows of the world just won’t wear off.

Someone, like a Mother Teresa, lives an exemplary life different from the rest of us, and we wonder what could motivate her. Someone close to us passes on, or the World Trade Center collapses, and we are faced with contemplating our own mortality. We read something that inspires us, by an author who seems to understand the innate workings of our beings and our souls better than we do. Our intuitions are able to recognize truth even when our conscious minds are oblivious to it.

And then we have the anomaly of a life like Edgar Cayce. As we all struggle with finding meaning and understanding, as we desperately search for pieces of our puzzle, we are suddenly presented with an example of a man who has omniscience, but only in his sleep! This is a man who can know and diagnose what ails someone else while they are thousands of miles away… a man who can potentially have a correct answer for any possible question… a man who can see into the past lives of any who ask. And yet, he is also a man who, in his waking state, is not unlike you or I, a man who has his own weaknesses, confusions and challenges.

With the hundreds of books written about the Edgar Cayce readings and the millions of people who read them, Cayce helped many of us fit a new piece into our puzzles. In spite of the blank state of our memory banks, Cayce gave those who became familiar with his work the confidence to believe that they have lived before, and that life would go on after the body’s demise. But the question remains: why Cayce?

With all the billions of people who have passed through this planet, why was Cayce able to have this awareness, albeit if only in his sleep, as the rest of us walk around in our somnambulistic waking trances? These are questions that I hope to answer as this book progresses.

And here’s another point. We are presented with so much information in our lives, how can we know what to believe? In discerning the truth of something, we have at least three tools at our disposal:

  1. Personal Validation. If I should tell you that there is a sale going on at the supermarket and you go there and buy some groceries at a discounted cost, you will have personally validated my story.
  2. Credibility of the source. How reliable has the source been in providing dependable data in the past?
  3. Intuitive recognition. Sometimes things just feel right. Something rings true. Later on, one may have a personal experience that validates the initial intuitive recognition, which had originally been accepted on faith.

In telling the story of the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I’ll be drawing on a number of sources for credibility. If it weren’t for all the amazing parallels between so many totally disconnected puzzle pieces, I myself would have a hard time believing this. So I ask you to suspend your own beliefs and judgments until you complete the entire book, and then see if it all fits together for yourself. The implications will go far beyond the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce; we are talking about a course of events that, if indeed true, will affect every life form on our planet over the next decade.

It is increasingly evident as of this year, 2002, that the world is changing at breakneck speed, with political unrest, geophysical unrest, terrorist activity, financial instability, solar flares, and plagues such as AIDS running rampant. The predictions of Edgar Cayce painted a very similar portrait of these times some 70 years ago. Simultaneously, we can observe a continuing increase of spiritual awareness, empathetic connection, and reaching out by common people everywhere for peace, tolerance, and love.

Indeed, the world is getting smaller every day. The Internet is breaking down barriers, and communication and news is happening at a global level. In some sense, we, mankind, are writing our own story. And with this speeding up of world events and communication, perhaps we can begin to grasp for the first time how our minds interact with each other and impact what we might have previously perceived as totally unrelated phenomena.

Even science is proving that consciousness can effect what would seem to be totally random and inanimate physical events. (See the chapter on the Global Consciousness Project.) And Edgar Cayce made it very clear that there was a direct connection between the natural disasters that might befall a given geographic location and the collective state of consciousness shared by those who lived there.

There are three primary sources for the information in this book:

  1. The readings of Edgar Cayce himself. Cayce gave quite a bit of detail concerning his own past lives as well as two of his future lives. Edgar Cayce established credibility due to his thousands of readings, many of them with very verifiable diagnoses of his clients’ physical conditions as well as predictions for the future. I will be drawing on this data to see how well it reconciles with information from other sources.
  2. The Ascension2000 website of David Wilcock. The circumstances of his own life have led him, often “dragged kicking and screaming” with great reluctance, to the conclusion that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He has drawn on information from his own psychic readings, impossibly precise astrological correspondences, dream memories of his life as Cayce and more. And of course, one cannot overlook his amazing physical resemblance to Cayce. We will look at those all these indicators with a fine-toothed comb and see how they match up with our other sources of information. Indeed, as I stated in the previous chapter, David has made a number of correct predictions, stemming from his own dreams and readings.
  3. The “tuned trance telepathy” channeling of Carla Rueckert and associates. With the exception of the Cayce readings, channeled data always seemed to rely on the faith of the reader rather than facts that proved legitimacy, and would establish many premises that seemed highly improbable even to those with open minds. But I suspended my criticism as I read the Ra Material, formally known as The Law of One series, brought through by the efforts of L/L Research (the team of Carla Rueckert and her associates Dr. Don Elkins and Jim McCarty,) during the period of 1981-1985. As I read these five books, I realized that I was connecting with a source of wisdom that was more profound than anything I had ever previously been exposed to.

The Law of One series presented an all-inclusive cosmic perspective of where we come from, where we are going, and the meaning of life. And pieces of the puzzle were revealed that dovetailed in an astonishing way with the stories of Cayce and Wilcock. So as we begin, I’d ask you the reader to evaluate the clues — the pieces of the puzzle that I will present — with an unbiased mindset, and see if it all pulls together and makes sense for you.

Our story actually begins some 100,000 years ago as we learn about Ra, through the work of Carla Rueckert and L/L Research. If you can suspend your disbelief for a few moments, let’s get started unraveling this mystery of mysteries, which will ultimately take us to the core of what life truly is in order to fetch the answers.