Most of us, in our waking consciousness, are limited to the input of information to our minds from our five senses: visual, auditory, taste, touch and smell. Many people base their lives on the principles of entertainment and escapism, continually seeking greater and greater fulfillment of these five basic sensations. Religions teach that there is something more, that life is eternal, and the physical world is but an illusion in which we learn lessons. They usually ask for us to accept on faith that there’s a God, that there are angels, and that we shall experience an afterlife.

Occasionally, someone presents themselves as having the gift to pierce the veil, wherein they are actually able to perceive events on the “other side”, or demonstrate the ability to communicate with a consciousness that exists in that realm. Perhaps as recently as ten years ago, the general public would have been very skeptical of this kind of ability. “Channeled” information still needs to be subjected to the same scrutiny as any other information that comes towards us, if not greater scrutiny. We still must use our sense of discernment to determine its validity.

I would tend to pay attention to this kind of information if it fulfilled the criteria for credibility as outlined in the previous chapter, i.e. accurate future predictions, knowledge of previously hidden information, and perhaps the most important one, an intuitive connection with one’s inner wisdom and spiritual heart.

John Edwards is publicly demonstrating channeling to millions of people every day on his TV show Crossing Over. He certainly appears to have knowledge of hidden information as he tunes into to the deceased relatives and friends of his audience participants, though controversy surrounds this issue. Edgar Cayce obviously meets the criteria of a credible channeler. All the major bookstores carry shelves of books written by people who channel entities who exist in higher realms of consciousness, delivering best seller wisdom to their earthly ambassadors — entities like Seth, Ramtha, Sanaya and DaBen.

Channeling is becoming much more mainstream, endorsed by such celebrities as Shirley MacLaine and many others. During the period between 1981 and 1984, Carla Rueckert delivered some of the most amazing, profound and intelligent channeled information ever brought forward that, thus far, has remained very obscure to the general public. Nevertheless, this information happens to be highly relevant to our story of the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

Rueckert held meditation groups every Sunday. She had channeled information consciously and telepathically for quite some time, connecting with various discarnate entities. One Sunday, January 14, 1981, something different happened; she lost consciousness and went into a deep trance. Three others were present at the time, including her companion Don Elkins and their new assistant Jim McCarty. It became established that Jim would meditate and hold the light during the sessions and transcribe them afterwards, while Don would pose questions. A being identified itself as Ra with the following greeting:

“RA: I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration. We greet you in the light and love of our Infinite Creator. We have been called to your group because you have a need for a more advanced approach to what you call, seeking the truth. We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same.”

For the next 4 years there was a continuing dialogue between Don Elkins’ questions and Ra as being channeled by Carla. And this is where our story of the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce really starts. Most of the information in this chapter is as per Ra, sometimes paraphrased in my own words with the accordance of Carla Rueckert, who has reviewed it. I recommend that if this material resonates with you, you may want to read the original channeled text as referred to in the footnotes. When I have quoted from Ra directly, the quote is in caps and bold.

For the first time in any recent history, in response to Don Elkins’ questions, Ra explains in great detail the inner workings of our universe… the specific ways that creation evolves from nothing into something and back to nothing. Ra describes the different phases or cycles of creation and how those on a higher evolutionary track must assist those who are behind in order to maintain their own momentum and growth. Ra exists now in what is described as the sixth density, “that density where one perceives the sacramental nature of all things.

As Ra evolves through the seventh density it is readying itself to reunite with the Creator, such that “At the 7th level or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.” Ra claims to be radiating love energy through 90% of all of Creation, and they work specifically with earthlings via dreamwork interactions, (clue: start thinking about Edgar Cayce), inspirations, and channelers. In the density where Ra exists, one lifetime is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of years, so Ra has been involved with the history of Earth for a very long time.

According to Ra, there is an “Octave” of eight major densities of aetheric energy in the Universe, which most modern scientists would think of as eight “dimensions.” The densities themselves are composed of living, intelligent energy, and they correspond to planes of existence that all Creation must ultimately pass through. Of course, “all Creation” includes you and I as well. Each density has a particular grade or quality of consciousness associated with it, which all entities must attain before they can graduate to the next density.

We on earth are involved in the “third density” part of our evolution. The lesson or quality attached to the third density is self-awareness, and the lesson of the fourth density is the experience of love and the unity of all life. Until we have the beginnings of the experience of unity (not a belief but an experience) we must keep re-embodying, in the process referred to as reincarnation, within the third density world.

Some extra context is useful for us at this point. In Ra’s cosmology, the One Infinite Creator originally separated itself into many parts, which eventually became galaxies such as our Milky Way. Ra would always use the term “Logos” instead of “galaxy” when discussing any galactic body such as our own. The term “Logos” is very revealing, since it was originally used in Greek versions of the Bible, and was later translated into the term “Word.” Hence, we now read in the book of Genesis, “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was God; and the Word was with God.”

In Ra’s cosmology, this apparently paradoxical statement makes sense. Each Logos is a perfect part of the One Creator, but it also has its own “personality” and identity as a conscious being. Each Logos then creates a basic outline for “archetypes” of soul evolution that all of its members will follow. These archetypes are experiences that every soul in the galaxy will experience at some time in their development, all of which are designed to lead them towards a greater seeking of Oneness.

Ra refers to the many millions of stars in a galaxy as “sub-Logoi,” meaning that they also are spiritually united with the Galaxy. Stars are conscious entities that are aware of the entire Octave of densities, and they also have some degree of “personality” and free will in terms of how they carry out the Galaxy’s plan of soul evolution.

This allows them to “set up the game” by in turn designing planetary systems, which must progressively evolve through the Octave of densities. The Solar Logos sets up exact timelines for when each planet will progress through each density; and thus as the Cayce Readings once said, “Each planet has its marching orders from the Divine [i.e. the Solar Logos]; only humanity has the free will to defy the will of God [the Solar Logos.]”

So, the One Creator separates into galaxies, and the galaxies have some control over how life, such as the stars, evolves within them. Stars in turn have some control over how planets evolve within their energy fields. Also, each planet has a certain degree of free will in terms of how it will follow the guidelines of its parent star and galaxy. This means that each planet has some say-so in how intelligent life such as ourselves will evolve. (Ra sometimes refers to us as “sub-sub-Logoi” along these same lines, indicating the Oneness of the energy fields of our souls with those of the planet, Sun and Galaxy.)

Throughout our own Galactic Logos and several of its close neighbors, the human bodily form has been chosen as the vehicle for conscious life to express itself on any given planet, hence “The Logos (God) created humans (Man) in Its own image.” The Sun and Earth have both had some control over the exact nature of human DNA and the bodies that have now been formed as a result.

Wilcock’s research, when combined with Ra’s original statements, shows us how the Galactic Logos is able to program itself to create a certain type of lifeform. In my article with Wilcock entitled “A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension,” he makes it clear that the DNA molecule is actually “gathered together” from the basic elements on a given planet by a spiraling, intelligent energy that permeates the entire galaxy.

Russian scientists have discovered and measured this spiraling energy field in the laboratory, and it is frequently referred to as “torsion (i.e. twisting, spiraling) radiation,” with qualities that make it very different from electromagnetic radiation. Torsion radiation has been shown to be excessively responsive to consciousness, far more so than electromagnetic energy, and it has very healing and spiritually-enlightening effects when exposed to an organism.

Furthermore, the work of Garaiev and Poponin showed that the DNA molecule will attract light (photons) into itself, causing the light to spiral through the molecule instead of traveling in a typical straight-line path. Garaiev’s big discovery, now known as the “DNA Phantom Effect,” is that once the DNA molecule itself is removed from the chamber, the light will continue to spiral, all by itself, held by some invisible force field.

This “invisible force field” is created by the spiraling torsion wave that had originally gathered the DNA around itself. Even more importantly, the research of Yu. V. Tszyan Kanchzen showed that the spiraling energy forming the DNA could be transferred from one organism to another.

In this experiment, a duck was bombarded with high-intensity torsion waves, which were then redirected into a separate chamber with a hen in it. In as little as five days, the hen would begin to look like a duck, including the growth of webbing between its normally naked toes.

Thus, our DNA is only like a computer chip, with different sections that can either be “on” or “off.” The torsion-wave pattern of the soul actually programs the DNA, much like how the operating system and software tells the chips in your computer how to run. One can certainly buy two of the exact same computers, but by loading different operating systems and software, they will “look” very different on the screen and have very different functions once you turn them on.

As a human soul reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime, its torsion-wave “energetic signature” will alter the DNA inherited from the parents to create similarities in facial appearance, personality and body characteristics, such as the shape of the hands and the ears, among other things.

The research efforts of Joseph Myers, P.E. (Professional Engineer) [] and Dr. Walter Semkiw [] have extensively validated these connections through demonstrating the reincarnation of many famous people in history. This also gives new meanings to the old sayings about how married couples will look more like each other the longer they are together; as they continue to be exposed to each other over time, their soul vibrations intermingle with each other at the DNA level.

So, to review, Wilcock states that this spiraling “torsion” energy is actually more “real” than the DNA molecule itself, as it already exists in the fabric of space and time itself before any physical life emerges on a given planet. Over time, the gentle, organized spiraling pressures of “torsion waves” on physical matter will naturally gather the available elements on a given planet into the basic building blocks for life, such as amino acids, which will eventually form into “de-oxy-ribo-nucleic acid,” or DNA.

Interestingly, one of the original scientists who discovered the DNA molecule, Prof. Crick, has proven that the DNA molecule is far, far too complex to have evolved by random chance, and this Wilcock / Ra model gives us a solid explanation.

The next key is that a Galaxy will have different zones of energy density that will divide it up like a pie when seen from the north or south galactic pole. Then, as a star drifts through the Galaxy, it will pass through the different densities in very exact intervals of time. This “density shift”, as Ra calls it, also creates more intelligent and complex torsion waves, which in turn transforms the DNA structures on each planet. This causes higher-evolved forms to rapidly replace the older forms of life.

Ample evidence of this is seen in our fossil record, as evolution is not seen to be a gradual process but rather occurs in sudden jolts, which are known as “punctuated equilibrium” to mainstream scientists. Similarly, as human beings, we have still never found the “missing link” that could support the Darwinian model of gradual evolution; for some reason unknown to mainstream science, about 75-100,000 years ago the human organism had a massive increase in the size of its brain and the elegance and usefulness of its body. According to Ra, this was brought about by spontaneous DNA evolution, caused by our Sun passing into an area of higher energy in the galaxy.

So, when this energetic “upgrade” occurred in our own history, the cycle of third-density life began on Earth. One basic cosmic law is that third-density experiences for any given planet occur in “major cycles” of approximately 25,000 years each. This 25,000-year length of time corresponds to how long it takes a star to pass through a given band of energy as it orbits the Galactic Center, and Wilcock’s scientific research has given extensive proof to validate this concept.

At the end of each major cycle, the highest possible grade of vibration is reached for third-density, and at this time entities can graduate into higher densities via a process Ra refers to as “Harvest” if they are ready to do so. The normal period allotted for an entity to graduate from the third density is up to three “major cycles” of 25,000 years each. After three “major cycles,” a planet automatically moves into the fourth-density by the simple physics of vibration, whether the inhabitants are ready or not. A third-density body could not live on the planet, as its DNA would no longer be supported by the torsion waves in the area. Higher-density lifeforms exist on most of the other planets in the Solar System, though these planetary conditions are quite inhospitable to human beings.

Of course, each major cycle of experience for a given entity, such as a human being, will include many separate lifetimes, i.e. physical incarnations. If a third-density planet has reached the end of a cycle and is about to shift into fourth-density, then those inhabitants who are not ready to graduate will end up reincarnating on a different third-density planet.

This does not happen “by accident” or simple conscious intention, but rather involves an intelligently-guided transfer of the souls themselves and of the appropriate genetic material for the creation of physical bodies that will match up with the souls. This “planet-hopping” process is managed by groups of interplanetary cosmic beings such as Ra, and as star systems are continually moving into different zones of energy throughout the Galaxy, there is always work to be done. From the reference point of Earth, these beings are referred to as angels, celestial beings, ET’s, or perhaps the Lords of Karma.

A group of these beings that calls itself “The Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator” governs a large section of our Galaxy that we now inhabit, and they are collectively responsible for managing the transfer and evolution of souls from planet to planet.

Typically, those who evolved together on a certain planet are kept together when moved to a new planet; so if a certain percentage of entities in third-density did not make graduation after three major cycles, then they would be moved to another planet as a group. However, the members of this Confederation saw that there were several groups of third density “cycle repeaters” that were too small in number to justify terra-forming an entire planet just for them.

Therefore, Earth was chosen as a unique experiment, wherein “cycle repeaters” from many different planetary populations would be combined together under one roof. It is very uncommon for a planet to have as much racial diversity as we do on Earth; for example, just within the Caucasian races there are broad differences in appearance that can be seen between Slavic, Mediterranean and Western European peoples. The same would be true in the Asian races between Chinese, Filipinos and Japanese, as three of the clearest examples.

The reason for all of this genetic diversity is that these souls have come here from different planets; the Chinese people, for example, are said to come from a planetary system surrounding the star Deneb. Thus, their souls originated from stars and planets that had slightly different “personalities” in terms of how the DNA was structured to form the appearance of the human being. These basic differences cannot and should not be erased, since according to Cayce they are all aspects of the inner character and harmony of the soul.

Ra explains that this great “experiment” went awry, in the sense that not a single entity graduated after the end of our first major cycle some 50,000 years ago. Normally, it is expected that 10 to 20 percent of the people would make it after the first cycle. At the end of our second major cycle some 25,000 years ago, only 120 entities were ready for graduation, and they chose to stay behind and help out the others. Normally, over 60 percent of the people graduate after the second major cycle on a third-density planet, leaving the small remaining percentage of people to learn about the importance of love before the end of the third and final cycle.

By the end of the second major cycle on Earth, it became alarmingly clear that the “experiment” of combining all the cycle repeaters together was not working… great spiritual suffering was occurring, and a dramatic form of assistance was required in order to try to turn things around. As a result, massive numbers of entities from fourth, fifth and especially sixth density, including those from Ra group itself, volunteered to take on human incarnations in order to try to help out. Ra refers to these souls as “Wanderers,” and if you feel yourself remembering all of these statements as if you had already known them before, then you might be one of the nearly 100 million “ET souls” who now walk the face of the earth.

The process of eventually recognizing oneself as being a Wanderer is not very easy or acceptable to most others, but it can answer many nagging questions as to why life on Earth seems so horribly disharmonious and out of balance. Contrary to popular belief, Wanderers are not necessarily expected to “do” anything or to “save the world” by their own efforts; by simply remaining in a physical body and preferably maintaining a joyful state of mind, they are having a tremendously beneficial energetic effect on the mass consciousness of humanity. This in turn can dramatically increase the number of souls who will qualify for graduation.

Earth is actually the fourth planet in our Solar System to host third-density lifeforms. At some point, millions of years ago, Venus was the first planet to be populated with life forms similar to human beings on Earth. The inhabitants were going through their third to fourth density transition and were being assisted by a higher group. “We were aided by 6th density entities during our own 3rd density experiences. Being extremely less warlike than humans we found this teaching to be of help. We had not developed the interrelationships of your money system and power.

We were a more philosophical 3rd density planet than your own…” About 17 percent of those third-density inhabitants of Venus graduated or “ascended,” and went on to evolve through the fourth, fifth, and sixth densities. Ascension is another name for the process that beings go through as they change densities. As the Venusians ascended through the densities and got closer to the experience of original creation, they also started to lose their separateness. This group of ascended Venusians now exists in the sixth density as Ra, who describes itself as a “social memory complex, a large group of completely integrated souls – or “group soul” for short”.

The second planet to host third-density humans was known as “Maldek,” which in turn exploded in a freak worldwide nuclear catastrophe brought about by war. Normally such events are not permitted to occur, since they violate the free will of many innocent beings throughout the entire planetary system, but not even the “Guardians” are perfect.

In this case, the nuclear conflagration occurred very spontaneously and unexpectedly, and the planet’s explosion in turn created fragments that formed comets and the Asteroid Belt. [Wilcock’s readings assure us that extraordinary measures are now being taken to insure that this will not happen again, and this is why many UFO whistleblowers have come forward with accounts of UFOs powering down nuclear missile silos.]

The inhabitants of Maldek went into a “social memory complex knot or tangle of fear” that lasted for more than 200 thousand years before it could be broken. As a group, they then decided to take on a series of incarnations in bodies with drastic physical limitations, which would create “karmic alleviation” by preventing them from having the ability to create any advanced civilization capable of self-destruction. These were the first entities to people the Earth, and we have fossil records of their “clunky” bodies as the Neanderthals.

The third and final planet to host third-density humanoids before the Earth was Mars, wherein ample evidence of an advanced civilization still rests, including pyramids and monuments with precise geometric relationships to each other and to the planet itself, as seen through the work of Richard C. Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission among others.

The Martians were going along fairly well until they too had a worldwide catastrophe; in this case they did not destroy the planet itself, but rather blew off their atmosphere, creating the parched, desolate wasteland that we now see. The souls and genetic material of the Martians were moved forward some 125,000 years in time for placement on Earth at the beginning of its first third-density cycle about 75,000 years ago. Prior to that time, only second density life existed on Earth. “The second density is the density of the higher plant life and animal life which exists without the upward drive towards the infinite.” At this time, Ra existed on the sixth density, the level of “compassionate wisdom” and was beginning its service to Earth as it assisted in the genetic “packaging” and transmigration of the Martians.

“Don Elkins: I assume you’re saying that the guardians transferred the Martian race here after the race had died, in the physical sense, on Mars.

RA: This is correct.”

Aside from helping with the Martian transmigration, there have been quite a few other circumstances where Ra has intervened in Earth’s history:

RA: The 1st attempt to aid your peoples occurred about 75,000 years ago. [Helped Martians come to Earth]. Next, help was given to those of Mu about 58,000 years ago. Next, help was offered to Atlantis about 18,000 years ago. The next attempt was to help the Egyptians [and to some in South America] about 11,000 years ago. About 3500 years later [7500 years ago] help was offered again to some in South America. There were a few attempts to aid those in Egypt about 2300 years ago by others in the Confederation. The remaining part of this cycle we have never gone from your 5th dimension.

The Ra intervention that is most important to our story (remember, this book is called “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”) is the involvement with the Egyptians 10,500 years ago. There’s quite a bit of specific information about this that I include verbatim from the Ra readings below, starting out where Ra describes the actual manifestation of a body in Egypt:

I am part of the social memory complex that voyaged outward from a planet in your solar system, the one you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. When we were at the 6th dimension our physical beings were what you call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. The covering of our physical body complex had a golden luster. In this form we decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples were much unlike us in physical appearance. Thus we did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Our visit was relatively short. This was when we built the pyramids. When we chose this mission among your peoples, we would have been perceived as light had we arrived on earth in our natural form.

“We now feel a great responsibility of helping remove certain distortions that have been given to the law of One. We, as social memory complex or group soul, made contact with a race on your planet which you call Egyptians. We spoke to one who heard and understood (we will find out later that this was Ra-Ta, a high priest and a previous incarnation of Cayce), and was in a position to decree the law of One. However the priests and the peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the compassion with which unity is informed.” (And therefore, Ra feels a sense of responsibility in healing the way their message was misrepresented and passed on.)

During this period of involvement in Egypt, Ra built the pyramids as a healing chamber by the levitation of stone:

RA: The larger pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One. RA: Imagine the activity within all that is created. The energy, though finite, is quite large. This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical. Just as you have a hierarchy of vehicles, or bodies, so does each atom of such a material as rock.

THE STONES ARE ALIVE. THIS HAS NOT BEEN UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR CULTURE. One can speak to more well-tuned higher bodies, be they rock or human. With this connection is made, a request may be given. The intelligence of infinite rock-ness communicates to its physical vehicle or body, and that splitting and moving which is desired is then carried out.

Don Elkins: Was this was done mentally by one individual?

RA: There is a distinction between individual power through the Law of One and the power available through the combined understanding of the Law of One by a group soul. One individual, purified of all flaws, could indeed move a mountain. However, in the case of mass understanding of unity, each individual may contain an acceptable amount of distortion and yet the mass mind could move mountains. There are those among your people at this time whose purity is already one with intelligent infinity.

Don Elkins: Why not create it as a whole instead of with blocks?

We did not want to be worshipped as builders of a miraculous pyramid. Thus it appears to be made, not thought.


RA: The concept of initiation demands the centering of the being upon the seeking of the Creator. The initiation in the Queen’s chamber [of the Great Pyramid] involved the abandoning of self to such desire to know the Creator in full that the purified instreaming light is drawn in balanced fashion through all energy centers, or chakras, meeting in the inner eye chakra and opening the gate to intelligent infinity. Then true life is experienced, or, as your people call it, resurrection.

I’ll jump ahead here to an excerpt from the Cayce readings regarding the creation of the pyramids:

“The Great Pyramid was built as a hall of initiation, the “House Initiate” for those dedicating themselves to special services in the secrets of the mystery religion of Egypt. It was erected by the application of those universal laws and forces of nature which causes iron to float in air. The Pyramid was thus built by levitation, abetted by song and chanting.”

Later, I will go into much more detail taken from the Cayce readings about Ra-Ta, the Egyptian priest who was a prior incarnation of Cayce. However, this is an amazing parallel that connects Ra and Cayce, concerning the creation of the pyramids by the levitation of stone. More parallels will unfold in the next chapter as we go deeper into the life of Ra-Ta, and we will see later how well Wilcock fulfils Cayce’s prediction of Ra-Ta’s return in 1998.

Immediately, some readers will say, “So what? All that proves is that Rueckert studied the Cayce material.” Notably, Carla was completely unconscious during the Ra sessions and did not remember anything that had transpired once she came back, which had never occurred in any of her previous 20 years of channeling experience.

If you were to meet her yourself, you would see that she obviously is not a person who is prone to lie about anything. I had a conversation with Carla Rueckert and asked her about her own awareness of Edgar Cayce to see if there was any possibility that she had picked up this information through a previous familiarity with the Cayce Readings.

She was not aware that the Cayce Readings had said anything about the time period of the creation of the pyramids and the levitation of the rocks, nor of how precisely Cayce’s dates fit those of Ra, as of the time that I had asked her the question. Her exposure to Cayce was mostly related to his alternative medical remedies, and we must remember that there are well over 300 books that have been written regarding the different points in the Cayce readings. Carla became deeply involved in channeling and researching her own material when she was still very young.

It is also important to mention here that Wilcock’s research has established that the Law of One / Ra series has every bit as much scientific credibility as the Cayce Readings, far outside the scope of one person to produce by their imagination alone.

Much of Wilcock’s mission in this life has been to continuously provide greater and greater amounts of scientific evidence to back up statements made in the Law of One / Ra series. In most cases, the proof simply did not exist at the time that the original series was conducted from 1981-1985, and it is highly unlikely that Carla Rueckert could have outfoxed the inquiring mind of a Ph.D. theoretical physicist in promoting such a far-reaching, internally consistent and specific cosmology.

Furthermore, Wilcock’s research has revealed answers to many unsolved physics questions that had boggled the minds of the original L/L Research team, such as the meaning of the term “the spiraling line of light.” Ra often would correctly use words that no one in L/L Research had ever heard of, which would require an unabridged dictionary to verify. Furthermore, in Book Five of the Law of One series, Ra also displayed the ability to perform “medical readings” that are very similar to Cayce’s, using technical medical terms to give an exact diagnosis of Carla’s condition and supplying suggestions for treatment.

Summary of important points:

1. Ra is a group soul or social memory complex. Ra had a third density existence as the population of the planet Venus, which ascended.

2. Ra exists on the sixth density now, almost one with the Creator. Ra is in service to earth people in their evolution to higher density just as a higher density being assisted the population of Venus in its upward flow of evolution.

3. Most of Ra’s participation has been through psychic and dream interaction with Earthlings, although in 10,500 B.C. Ra manifested a body in Egypt to assist a priest who had an affinity with the “Law of One” (who was Cayce in a previous incarnation). Ra also built the pyramids during this period by levitation of rock. Cayce also said that the pyramids were built by levitation 10,500 B.C.

4. Ra’s participation in Egypt, and the creation of the pyramids did not work out as planned. Others abused what Ra had created and used it for self-serving purposes. As a result of creating distortions in the evolutionary track of earth, Ra has had to (or chosen to) hang in with us and make reparations.

Ra manifested a body in Egypt different from a human body, tall, delicate, and with a golden luster.