[DW’s Note: We’ve placed this here for archival purposes… this is a first draft that was significantly improved in many subsequent rewrites. If this interests you, check out Divine Cosmos, where you can order a copy of the finished product!]

Here we are in the twenty-first century with a world in upheaval — terrorists, anthrax, plagues, financial uncertainty and political unrest — a world not so different from the world that Edgar Cayce prophetically described many years ago, perhaps less an earthquake or two. Is it possible that Cayce has actually reincarnated and walks among us today? Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 and departed this plane in 1945. He left a legacy that has changed the lives of millions of people who are dedicated to spiritual awakening. We live our mortal lives in this physical universe with our miniscule conscious awareness, but Edgar Cayce all but proved to us that we live on after death.

Anyone who has studied some of the hundreds of books written about Cayce and his readings can’t help but give serious consideration to the perpetual existence of our essence and of our ultimate return, clothed in a new body somewhere down the road. And each time we reincarnate, once again the memory of all our previous lives is hidden from our waking consciousness as we enter into another round of earthbound experience. Cayce gave us a multitude of clues as to how this process works, as well as the meaning of karma and the importance of service to others, among many, many other metaphysical topics.

I am one of the people who were greatly influenced by the Cayce material. I grew up without a very strong spiritual foundation but with a thirst for truth. Cayce planted the first seeds of doubt to my agnosticism and eventually I came to have some sense of my place in the Universe and my connection with the Creator. And although I have always given Cayce his due and felt gratitude for his work, the question always lingered as to “Why Cayce?” With all the billions of persons who have come and gone on this planet, why did Cayce have this special gift of omniscience in his dream state?

I never really expected to get an answer to that question, but here I am 30 years later and it looks like the answer has fallen into my lap. I’ve come to conclusions that I’ve never heard anyone else reveal, but I don’t believe that anyone else has had the amazing set of clues that have come to me at their disposal. This is a story of epic proportions and it has led me to have a greater understanding of the meaning of life, the manner in which Creation works, who God is, why we are here, and where we are going. It involves pieces from disassociated sources that dovetail together and complete a vast cosmic puzzle. One major piece of this puzzle is David Wilcock.

I discovered Wilcock’s website in the later part of 2000. The site had thousands of pages, somewhat disorganized, but extremely fascinating. (Thankfully, its organization is increasing over time.) Since November 10, 1996, Wilcock had used established remote-viewing protocols that he then modified in order to accurately produce verbal statements from an entity that eventually identified itself as “Ra.” [The protocols of remote viewing are designed to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the possibility of the conscious mind interfering with the stream of psychic data.]

Transcriptions of a number of these “readings” have been posted on his site since its February 1999 inception. I found that these readings displayed a huge breadth of wisdom, and occasionally had documented very accurate predictions of the future well in advance. These future predictions were most apt to occur in three types of cases:

  1. Events that impacted Wilcock’s personal life. Wilcock typically had a one to three-month gap between the time that he dictated his dreams and readings on audiocassettes to the time when he would transcribe them. Regardless of how long he had waited before transcribing these cassettes, in some cases over six months, the data would speak to the specific events he was then experiencing, sometimes even right in the room as the words were being typed. One notable example occurred when a dream was describing a building where the top floor was shaped like a UFO, with round windows. As he typed these words into the computer from a three-month-old recording while listening on headphones, his friend Sabrina walked into the room and started telling him about a man who had shown her a picture of that exact same building. Wilcock did not remember the dream, had never shared this dream data with her in the past, and the man who showed her the picture had only been in town that exact day.
  2. Events that impacted those Wilcock knew or did readings for. One could not coerce Wilcock’s readings to make future predictions, but the strong majority of Wilcock’s clients would receive some form of accurate information that confirmed the validity of the source. One client awoke from a dream wherein he had experienced difficulty in setting up a camera tripod. He went to the mailbox, found Wilcock’s reading cassette, went back inside, unwrapped the package and put it in the tape machine. As the reading began, he heard the words, “I am Ra. The tripod represents…”
  3. Events that had a strong effect on mass consciousness, such as the death of famous figures, specific earth changes and political developments such as the Bush / Gore election crisis and the September 11th attacks. The exact name, nature and location of the events were not always spelled out, but in all cases there is redundant evidence that the event was well understood before it actually arrived.

Unlike many others working in this field, Wilcock was very candid in revealing personal information, including those times when Ra would take the role of Wilcock’s wise advisor and spiritual guide, congratulating him for a job well done and chastising him when he did not meet up to certain expectations. Wilcock was also offering readings to people, for a fee, which would enable Ra to speak directly to the issues of the individual.

Another section of Wilcock’s site included a selection of online books that he had written which were offered freely to anyone who wished to download them. One book, “Wanderer Awakening,” was autobiographical in nature and detailed the many mysterious circumstances in his life prior to when the readings began. The “Convergence” series represented Wilcock’s efforts to form a unified model of the Cosmos, compiling and coordinating many anomalous scientific breakthroughs and astronomical observations to give scientific validation for the existence of God, and of an aetheric energy field that creates and upholds all physical matter.

Furthermore, in the now three-part Convergence series he presented solid evidence that our planet is in the midst of a dimensional shift that will culminate sometime surrounding the oft-cited year 2012, a date that is also expressed in the Mayan Calendar. [We’ll be hearing more about this as we proceed.]

And then there’s the section of his site called “Edgar Cayce/Website Overview”. In this area, Wilcock presents evidence to support the notion that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. My first impulse was that it was “preposterous”, but as I began surveying the information, noting the extreme similarities in facial appearance, natal astrology, character, purpose and psychic ability, not to mention the reincarnation of several people close to them who also had facial and character similarities, it started to make sense. Cayce has often been considered “the most documented psychic of all time.”

Similarly, Wilcock had documented written transcripts for every dream he experienced, on a daily basis since 1993, with all his readings transcribed and added to the mix since 1996. This alone is a massive personal commitment to one’s own psychic work, outside of the enormous scientific efforts being made. Only a small percentage of these dream transcripts have been posted online, due to their often intensely personal content as well as the fact that there are well over 5000 pages of transcribed material to sift through.

I was prompted to review some of my old Edgar Cayce books and the more I researched them, the more parallels emerged. However, Wilcock’s readings were decidedly different from Cayce’s readings. Wilcock didn’t overtly claim to have the ability to give the kind of precise medical advice that Cayce gave, and Wilcock didn’t refer to past lives very often. And personally, I had never been attracted to channeled works, ETs and the like.

Yet, in these readings there was a celestial wisdom that, to my discerning, could not have come from Wilcock’s own waking consciousness. My curiosity was provoked and I needed to find the truth. I scheduled myself for a reading from Wilcock and interviewed him later for “The Spirit of Ma’at” — the web magazine founded by spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek. This book is the result of my quest.

As I researched Wilcock, I found that no less than Uri Geller, the world famous psychic and spoon-bender, had also discovered Wilcock and was sufficiently impressed to put up a testimonial on his web site — www.uri-geller.com:

Return of the prophet — Uri Geller

The greatest psychic of the last century was believed by many to be Edgar Cayce, who dictated medical cures for thousands he had never met.

Already in this new century one man claims to possess similar powers. His prophetic dreams and visions appear to reveal a remarkable gift. But the weirdest factor of all is . . . this man is Edgar Cayce.

Even in the UFOlogy community, where extreme weirdness is the norm, the claims of David Wilcock are arousing skepticism and wariness. But this 27-year-old vegan, a promising sci-fi writer in the mid-Nineties, predicted the Japanese nuclear meltdown [an accident in early 2000] and the loss of the NASA Mars probes.

His site is packed with warnings such as: “Stock market crash! The Archangel Michael told me, ‘The stocks will be devalued so much as to appear to be utter nonsense.'” The Archangel is specific – the Dow will plummet to 2880.30.

It is not just Wilcock’s dreams that tell him he is Cayce reborn. It is his mirror: his jaw is slightly less undershot, and his earlobes are bigger, but otherwise Ed and Dave could be twins.

Cayce, who died in 1945, announced he would return in 1998. Wilcock says he first connected his own dreams with Cayce’s trances in November 1997.

Luckily, there is enough fascinating, contentious material on the website to ensure you don’t have to part with a cent.

Bit by bit, the pieces fit together… and in this book I share with you the steps I went through and the conclusions I arrived at in my mission to discover if David Wilcock is, in fact, the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. In my research, I’ve drawn not only upon the information from the Wilcock site, but also from a number of Edgar Cayce books, and an individual named Carla Rueckert, who also was a channel for Ra (the same Ra that Wilcock allegedly channels) from the period 1981 to 1985. I found amazing concordances that linked all these different sources together. The implications of this intertwining storyline are staggering… much more far-reaching than I could have ever imagined. And they provide explanations for such previously inexplicable phenomena as cycles in the Sun’s activity, the speeded up pace of world events, and changing weather patterns.

Wilcock’s second volume in the Convergence series, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity and Extraterrestrial Science, presents a solid theoretical framework that explains how to build technologies that could dramatically help the Earth, including the elimination of all conventional fossil-fuel energy sources and the advent of anti-gravity technology, which would abruptly transform humanity into an interstellar species. It then builds upon these concepts to help explain the critical connection between consciousness, spirituality and physics.

Finally, Wilcock’s most recent work, The Divine Cosmos, ambitiously overturns many assumptions of science that have outlasted their usefulness, and replaced them with a miraculous model that proves how and why our entire Solar System is now showing measurable signs of a massive increase in its energetic charge. In putting this new cosmology together, Wilcock has essentially solved the “Unified Field” theory and more; solid evidence is shown that the true energetic nature of the atom is identical to what we see at all other levels of size, including moons, planets, Solar systems, galaxies, living cells and even the large-scale structure of the Universe itself. In doing so, Wilcock has resuscitated the ancient, presumably Atlantean science of “sacred geometry,” again putting it at the forefront of human awareness.

I invite you to engage your own scrutinizing abilities as I unfold my revelations. I don’t present any of this as truth. But if there is truth here, it will be revealed to most of us during our own lifetimes, and perhaps this book will better prepare us for what might be to come and how to cope with it, from both a survival and a spiritual perspective.

Wynn Free