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[Note: This chapter, and all others in this book, are excerpted from The End of Our Century by Francois Masson, written in 1979-80. It was transcribed from French into English by David Michael Steinberg in 1981 and a publisher was never found. It was finally edited, updated and published on the Internet by David Wilcock in 2001.] The Pyramids have always fascinated scientists, often merely because of their perfect geometric shape. From the mid-19th cen­tury researchers began measuring the Great Pyramid. Some — and not the least among them — found ratios between the various architectural dimensions and the size of our globe and even the distance to the Sun and the Moon. [Note: As two of many examples, the base of the Great Pyramid is exactly 36,524.22 Primitive Inches in length or 365.2422 sacred Egyptian cubits in length, a perfect match to the length of a solar year. The sum of each pair of diagonal lines on the outside of the Great Pyramid is 25,827 Primitive Inches in length, a very close estimate of the exact length of the precessional cycle. In the next paragraph Masson speculates that the GP had the length of the precession encoded in it, but was apparently unaware of this specific data point. (DW)]   These proportions are certainly exact. Since “All is in All”, the Great Pyramid probably embodies the Golden Number...

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Introductory Essay on the Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection and the “Mission” – Updated 10/22/00 – – Reformatted 7/16/08 – Edgar Cayce [1877-1945] is perhaps the most well known psychic of the 20th century. His work is essentially unparalleled in psychic literature, since he specialized in highly accurate “medical readings” where people could be accurately diagnosed and treated at a distance, using a host of alternative remedies and methods, many of which were never before seen. The entranced, sleeping Cayce needed nothing more than a name and address to perform this service. All indications have been that as far as medical readings are concerned, Cayce had a 99-percent accuracy rating. Cayce was a strict Fundamentalist Christian, and this psychic ability essentially revealed itself when he lost his voice for a period of several months. After having almost lost all hope of recovery, his body began speaking while he was asleep, and gave his family the exact steps necessary to regain his speech. For the first 20 years, all of Cayce’s readings were essentially medically based. After this time, they began to reveal much more metaphysical information concerning past lives, astrology and the existence of Atlantis, among many others. The Cayce readings are frequently indicated as being very difficult to read. Their sentence structures were often quite excessively long and convoluted, using archaic language similar to that of the...

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Chapter 01: A Voice from the Sixth Density

In the boundless depths of the Creation, I have found my home, a place to serve the One and come to a greater understanding of myself. From this watery planet at the far rim of the galaxy, I heard the cries of millions and millions of entities, living in fear and trepidation that they might never be free. I knew exactly what their cries meant, and could feel their pain as if it were my own. On their astral level, or what they might call “subconscious,” they were quite well aware of the pressing crisis of their disconnection with their Source, the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator. Yet on the conscious level, that of the waking Ego of their three-dimensional minds, they had forgotten. Indeed, there was so much for them to remember, so much that they were not seeing. At that moment, hearing those cries and feeling their pain, I vowed to take immediate action. Could I simply allow this to go on? To see these beings suffering, without them even knowing consciously what they were suffering from? Could I ignore this desperate cry from my own brothers and sisters, an ongoing source of pain as strong as if it were a festering sore within my own body complex? Of course not. I made the choice right then to go there myself, into this land...

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Chapter 02: The Descent into Materiality and Early Childhood Memories

Those in the physical plane would know of my second-to-last physical incarnation as Edgar Cayce. This entity would have quite an interesting life, being so close to the conclusion of the cycle and the fulfillment of the prophecies. The entity’s method of service was consciously chosen at a young age, after my fifth-dimensional female self known as Lucia would appear before it at the physical age of thirteen. In her highly stunning angelic form, Lucia would ask the young Eddie what he wanted more than anything else in the world. Delightfully, his conscious reply was “to help sick people, especially small children.” And with that statement, we then knew that this was to be his chosen path to bring the awareness of our presence out to the world, using this physical incarnation as a conduit. We would spend the subjective equivalent of thousands of years of linear time doing medical research throughout all time periods in the Earthen sphere. We would work with Cayce’s Astral Self to guide it to enter the minds of the greatest doctors, shamans and healers of all time, searching for natural remedies that we could apply and recommend in a process that we would eventually name “psychic readings.” It would be through this profound ability to diagnose and treat illness that the reality of our presence would become known. The reason why we called...

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Chapter 03: Mystical Adolescent Experiences

GROWING UP IN “THE REAL WORLD” My acclimation to my present life on Earth was not without its challenges. “Wanderers” or ET souls who incarnate on Earth can often become woefully entangled in the heaviness and darkness of the planetary vibrations, and make many unfortunate life choices as a result. My parents separated while I was in fifth grade, and this caused me a great deal of pain, even if I was unwilling to acknowledge it on the surface. Faced with the mounting pressures of adolescence and of having a broken home, I quickly gained weight, becoming a “fat...

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Chapter 04: Memories Resurfacing in Science Fiction Story

STRANGER THAN FICTION As I continued to get older and grow spiritually, I started to remember glimmers of the “mission” that I had been given. The memories would come bursting into my mind and demand that I do something about them. I was also struggling with drug addiction, trying to sort out how it fit in with the life that I always felt I was meant to lead. As a result of this, I wrote an entire short novel by hand into two full spiral-bound notebooks while still a senior in high school. Both the good and the bad parts of my personality clearly emerged in the story. Obviously, as we will see, the main character Harry was a slightly exaggerated account of myself and how I was feeling based on my experiences. What I didn’t realize when I first wrote the story was that John, the main non-physical character in the story, was the subconscious emergence of myself as Grandfather on the written page. I have taken a small degree of dramatic license to “upgrade” the story here and there to reveal John’s true identity and to make the story fit with my more recent findings regarding Ascension, although I have tried to preserve the original content as much as possible. I did change the last scene somewhat as well, combining together the data from what were originally...

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Chapter 05: Dreams and Realities

DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM My second stab at fiction in high school was based solely on a dream. Instead of turning this into another long entry in this book, I will just write the highlights of the dream and story itself: I enter a very luxurious hotel in the wilderness that was next to a giant crater. Inside the hotel are many teenagers, all working and living at the hotel, partying without abandon. I start to notice that some strange things are going on. I find a room full of people sitting in a circle around a large silver globe, and they all appear to be vibrating at a very rapid speed. I wonder what in the world is going on, and suddenly there is a shadowy robed figure in the corner of the room that approaches me. It tells me that the strange machine was allowing all of them to have a collective out-of-body experience! I am very interested by this. The figure then offers me some mushrooms that grew in the bizarre UFO-shaped crater outside, telling me that if I eat them, I will be able to create anything I want just by thinking it, and that I could also use the out-of-body machine myself. I am reluctant to trust the dark figure, but am so fascinated by the idea of the psychic powers that I eat...

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Chapter 06: Extraterrestrials are Real, and I Might Be One of Them

ARCTURIAN DREAM REVISITED I found myself standing and looking out of a gigantic trapezoidal window in what appeared to be a floating space station of some sort. The bottom of the window was wider than the top by about two or three extra feet. T he area behind me was quite large, and I knew that there were a large number of people there, with a table in the middle of the room and another, larger window on the opposite wall. All the walls were composed of a soft, tan colored material. It appeared that two or more people were standing with me, but I could hardly think about that at all. The sights out of the window were just far too fantastic to believe. The color of sky out of the window was a very pale blue, smeared with a gauzy veil of white clouds. I could also see what appeared to be the outside of the ship I was traveling on off to the far right. As I continued to watch in the window, several craft flew by. Their structure was just about the most awesome thing I had ever seen. They traveled in three equal-sized cube-like pieces that rotated at their centers in a vertical plane. The three parts would travel at exactly the same speed, keeping the same close distance from each other. The vertical...

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