[Note: This chapter, and all others in this book, are excerpted from The End of Our Century by Francois Masson, written in 1979-80. It was transcribed from French into English by David Michael Steinberg in 1981 and a publisher was never found. It was finally edited, updated and published on the Internet by David Wilcock in 2001.]

The Pyramids have always fascinated scientists, often merely because of their perfect geometric shape. From the mid-19th cen­tury researchers began measuring the Great Pyramid. Some — and not the least among them — found ratios between the various architectural dimensions and the size of our globe and even the distance to the Sun and the Moon.

[Note: As two of many examples, the base of the Great Pyramid is exactly 36,524.22 Primitive Inches in length or 365.2422 sacred Egyptian cubits in length, a perfect match to the length of a solar year.

The sum of each pair of diagonal lines on the outside of the Great Pyramid is 25,827 Primitive Inches in length, a very close estimate of the exact length of the precessional cycle.

In the next paragraph Masson speculates that the GP had the length of the precession encoded in it, but was apparently unaware of this specific data point. (DW)]


These proportions are certainly exact. Since “All is in All”, the Great Pyramid probably embodies the Golden Number in its geometric perfection. So the measures found by the scientists must be correct. But the definite ratio between the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and those of our earth is still the object of lively controversy.

There is also a more esoteric theory, based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead. This theory draws a parallel between the various galleries and chambers inside the Great Pyramid and human destiny: the architectural details found in these places correspond to various important historical events. Of course this notion was squarely rejected by most intellectuals.

That is easy to understand, because it attacks one of the biggest taboos of our culture, which categorically denies any predetermination of history.

[Note: See Chapter Six for Masson’s astonishing proof of the existence of precise cycles in time, based on the precessional Golden Number 25,920, that can make exacting predictions of future events by simple comparison. (DW)]


To return to the Great Pyramid: despite the rationalists’ arguments, it now appears that this oldest of all pyramids was not a place to receive the mummy of the reigning Pharaoh, as was the case later; but the place of initiation into the highest science and the deepest mysteries.

[Note: Researcher Zecharia Sitchin has assembled a very strong case that the Pyramid couldn’t have been built by the pharaoh Cheops, as is often claimed, and at best was subject to a clean-up by Cheops.

Sitchin’s case has also been picked up and published widely on the Internet and in print by prominent researcher Graham Hancock, and it draws off of many points. The only inscriptions ever found in the Great Pyramid were very probably forgeries by Col. Howard-Vyse, who made egregious errors in writing them that were consistent with the errors in Budge’s The Egyptian Book of the Dead, his only source for hieroglyphic to English translations at the time. (DW)]


1065 Cayce readings on the subject are cited by Mark Lehner in his book The Egyptian Heritage, a regular anthology of Cayce information on Egypt, its past and its secrets. On July 1, 1932:

…The period of the present is represented by the low passage or depression showing a downward tendency, as indicated by the variations in the character of stone used. (5748-6)


Great Pyramid inner passages [Note: We inserted this for clarity. (DW)]


This reading applies, and thereby validates, the theoretical principles used by the researchers, of whom we shall speak short­ly. But the Cayce readings give us dates and periods very different from those we get by applying the parameters worked out by those investigators.

A brief history of the theory may help us to understand the development of this idea: in 1865 R. Menzies put forward the hypothesis that the arrangement of the various rooms and tunnels represented a future chronology, and the scale was: one pyramidal inch equals one solar year.

He added that the ascending Grand Gallery symbolized the Christian Era by its shape, its height and its length.

Later, Menzies calculated that the entrance to the first Lower Passage marked the beginning of the plagues and wars described in the Scriptures, and the deciphering of the Egyptian Book of the Dead after his time proved him right.

[Note: Many believe that the knowledge of this timeline was well known in Masonic circles, since the Great Seal of the United States, a Masonic creation, clearly shows knowledge of Pyramidological symbolism.

Therefore, researchers such as Menzies were most likely either directly affiliated with Freemasonry or were “tipped off” by others in the fraternity. More information on the Pyramid Timeline, complete with images, can be found in The Shift of the Ages. (DW)]

This theory was brought out again by Smyth who mistakenly took the Christ’s birthdate as the starting point, but the important computations of Davidson and Habermann proved logically that the prophecy began with the Christ’s death and resurrection.

In 1905 appeared Col. Garnier’s book The Great Pyramid, Its Builder and the Prophecies, in which the author established the first close chronology, setting the death of the Christ at 31 years.

All these studies were intended to prove that aside from the ratio of architectural features to the size of the earth, there was a relation between the construction of the rooms and tunnels of the Great Pyramid and the destiny of humanity.

This theory made great strides when the Egyptian Book of the Dead was translated. It told us that the Great Pyramid was called “The Abode of Light” or “The House of Secret Places” and several passages of this book obviously refer to the symbolism of the Pyramid’s galleries and chambers. Edgar Cayce in his readings says the same thing.

Considering all this, it seems certain that the Great Pyramid was a place of initiation for the greatest minds of antiquity and the main secret of this initiation was contained in this internal system of passageways and halls.

A chronology of Man’s fate is built into the various proportions as well as the different kinds of stone used. But according to Cayce these features are indicative of periods rather than exact dates. Besides, those he mentions do not agree with the dates found by using the system worked out by the Egyptologists.

This may be because their parameters are wrong, or, as the Cayce readings seem to prove, the features indicate a cyclic repetition of events rather than a linear series of facts as Menzies and Davidson assumed.

In other words, the secret of the Great Pyramid is not really figured out yet. Cayce said that only the initiates can understand it. As a matter of fact, the Cayce readings contradict many dates cited by the archeologists.

He explained this in Reading 5748-5 (June 50, 1952); when asked about the accuracy of the work of Davidson and Aldersmith he replied: “Many of these that have been taken as deductions are correct. Many are far overdrawn. Only an initiate may understand.”

In the same reading Cayce said:

…there have been portions that have been removed by those that desecrated many of those other ­records in the same land. This was rejected by that Pharaoh who hindered in the peoples leaving the land.


Cayce added that a similar period will recur between 1950 and ’58. The accession of Nasser and the wars with Israel? As in Pharaoh’s day, were the archeological finds destroyed because they revealed facts that Egypt’s present leaders wanted suppressed? We may know the answer someday, but it seems likely; hierarchies have done such things since the beginning of the world.

From all this we may be sure that whatever signposts remain still make up a chart of human destiny. Several surprising clues in the Cayce readings about this very subject, that correspond closely with the Nostradamus prophecies for the end of our century, have encouraged the author to include this chapter in spite of the discrepancies noted above. The reader will find a study of these correlations at the end of the chapter.

But first, to help the reader understand the Cayce material a remark about dates is needed. Most of those given by Cayce do not indicate the century; the stenographer took down the psychic’s words verbatim. We realize now (1978) that some of these abbreviated dates do not necessarily apply to our century.

An example to prove this is Reading 5748-6: when Cayce was asked, “What is the date, as re­corded by the Great Pyramid, of entering in the King’s Chamber? He replied, “’38 to ’58,” and he explained that we would enter that stage when the mental and spiritual evolution of humanity will have reached a point at which we can understand the mystery. Obviously, 1938 to 1958 was not such a time.

Like all prophets and seers, Edgar Cayce had the privilege of contact with higher beings for whom time as we know it does not exist. All the Old Testament prophets described things as it they were just about to happen. Nostradamus, in his explanatory letters, goes into details on this subject and explains how he arrives at his dates and how hard it is to do so. That is why there are so few dates in his book, The Centuries.

We now realize that when Edgar Cayce gave a date without specifying the century, it did not necessarily apply to ours, whether it was about Pyramid discoveries or future geological disturbances. The psychic’s son Edgar Evans Cayce maintains this point of view in his book Edgar Cayce on Atlantis. The only real certainty for the immediate future is that the changes will begin between 1940 and 2000.

Now that we’ve straightened that out, let’s get down to cases: mainly, readings 5748-5 and 5748-6 of 1932 which are specifically about the meaning of the King’s chamber.

They state that when humanity enters it symbolically, it will usher in an age of peace, happiness, joy and understanding that we cannot imagine. Cayce adds that it will come between “’38 and ’58,” which probably means 2038 to 2058.

For in reading 5748-5 we find a key date given in full: 1998. Here is the context:

In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place.

As is indicated in that period where the entrance is shown to be in that land that was set apart, as that promised to that peculiar peoples, as were rejected — as is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period — 1998.  (5748-5)


Now this astounding reading sounds like Nostradamus, with its flashbacks and allusions to the past, even to Greco-Roman history, to illustrate the kind or events we may expect to see repeated. In this psychic reading Cayce uses exactly the same process — and Xerxes acted at a key moment in world history.

This Persian king reigned from 486 to 465 B.C. and he tried to recoup the losses of his predecessor Darius who was beaten in 490 B.C. at Marathon. To do this he assembled a mighty host, huge in numbers of men and in materials.

In 480 B.C. he made a bridge out of hundreds of ships across the straits of Dardanelles, over which his army of over 40,000 — Herodotus says 700,000 — passed to invade tiny little Greece. The fate of Western civilization was settled in three battles.

At Thermopylae, despite the total sacrifice of The Spartans, the battle was lost and Greece was invaded. The Greeks retreated to Salamis, where they crushed the Persian fleet in an almost miraculous naval victory, followed in 479 by the land battle of Plataea which led to the collapse and rout of the Persians. Aeschylus made this saga forever famous in his drama “The Persians.”

So what Cayce is announcing for the 1998 period is a repetition of similar events just as important as those in Xerxes’ day, but which will be followed in our time by the return of the Messiah.

After seeing how Nostradamus’ and Cayce’s prophecies agree on the coming of a new religion in Russia, which Cayce describes in no uncertain terms, here is another agreement even more exact and more basic.

Going back to the letter to the King, Nostradamus says:

“Then in the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin in the Attila and Zerzes, to descend in great number and innumerable, so that the coming of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration, driving off the abomination or the Antichrist waging war against the Royal who will be the grand vicar of Jesus Christ…”

Nostradamus describes in these terms, for the end of our era, an invasion of numberless hordes of the Antichrist similar to those of Attila and Xerxes, which will only be crushed by the miraculous intervention of the Holy Spirit. Now the defeat of Xerxes’ immense army was just as miraculous and just an decisive for the survival of Greek democracy.

Both seers use the same facts from the past to explain the future. Edgar Cayce adds that the Messiah will make his entrance at that time — 1998.

Nostradamus, for his part, states further along in the letter that the Antichrist will be crushed just before the Big Solar Eclipse foreseen for August, 1999, and he announces for July of the same year the arrival from the sky of a Great King of Terror in Quatrain X-72 which we repeat here:

In the year nineteen hundred ninety-nine seven months

From heaven will come a great King of terror

To resuscitate the great King of Angoulmois

Before after Mars to reign by happiness.  X-72


In Reading 3976-15 of 13 Jan. 1934, already quoted at the beginning of this work, Cayce confirms a celestial event which will be pro­duced after enormous geologic upheavals, and he ends his prophecy by saying: “And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds.”

This reading seems to go with the one announcing the return of the Messiah for 1998 and also seems to agree with the coming from the sky of a king of terror; could this be he “who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron” (Rev. 12:5)? The contents of Quatrain X-72 seems to indicate such an outcome.

[Note: Most Nostradamus scholars now agree that this King of Terror was the eclipse itself. The fact that we passed through this time period without any major wars or Earth Changes shows that we are spiritually progressing enough as a civilization to offset the most dire balancing karmic effects that were foreseen at the time these prophecies were made.

Perhaps the intense nature of these alleged events would have been significant enough to trigger an extraterrestrial intervention of some sort from Higher Intelligence, thus fulfilling the Messianic prophecy as given. (DW)]

Both prophecies, then, are about the same event, which is hard for us even to conceive of today. Will a new Messiah come from the sky around 1998 / 99 to carry out his mission?

Will it be accomplished between 2038 and 2058, when symbolically the whole human race will enter the King’s Chamber, attaining an age of peace? For Satan will be locked in the deepest pit “for a time and till the end of time.” Yet both psychics state that after that advent an age of peace will be given to the world.

[Note: In our first draft of Convergence: The Shift of the Ages, entitled The 1999 Cycle, published at www.greatdreams.com/dwchange.htm, we have a chapter that summarized our conclusions at the time regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar being in 2039. (Later we determined that this was incorrect.)

This also coincided with the date that Peter Lemesurier cited in his book as being a crucial spiritual turning point for humanity in the Pyramid Timeline.

Since this date was also encoded into a crop circle that depicted a planetary alignment and also corresponds to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we have speculated that this may be the time when the Earth has cleared enough from Earth Changes that humanity can again return and begin the era of peace in the fourth density.

This could certainly indicate how the King’s Chamber would correspond to an era in and of itself. (DW)]

Such a dramatic series of events in so short a time is hard to imagine. And yet how often in world history have colossal changes been produced in a few years? The conquests of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, the spread of Islam, the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917 are irrefutable examples.

Even if the mind boggles and our deepest instincts protest, the events prophesied by these two seers really can happen. But instead of the disappointment that followed the First World War, which everyone thought would be the last, this time “Satan the inciter of martial factions by the diversity of sects and religions” will be shut in the lowest Hell so that peace will prevail — for a while.

Despite the magnitude or the upheavals that await us and the consequent loss of human life, the catastrophe will definitely be curtailed. Nostradamus, like Cayce, states that man’s history will go on for a long time. Nostradamus even tells us that his prophecies extend up to the year 3797!

So from every source, psychics, cyclologists, solar eruptions, the imminent sighting of a new planet in our solar system, everything points to 1980 / 81 as the time the traumatic changes will begin.

After these birth pangs are over, humanity will know the true nature of God and the secrets about the immortality of the soul will be unveiled. Not in an esoteric fashion, but concretely, because the human race will finally be admitted to the science or the higher spheres of consciousness.

Three major events await us at the turn of the century: the growth of a new religion based on the Christ’s original teaching, which will come from Russia; the likelihood of titanic earth changes; and finally, the war of the Antichrist against the new religion and its earthly representative.

All this is to take place before the exceptional solar eclipse of July or August 1999, at which time something will occur outside our previous experience and perhaps beyond our comprehension, but which will bring about peace on Earth.

That is the essential message distilled from all the physical and metaphysical information examined in this book.

[Note: Though the epic spiritual changes that we had hoped for did not occur, it is highly interesting to note, as we did in The Shift of the Ages, that shortly after the Aug. 11, 1999 eclipse, there was a colossal earthquake in Turkey that was directly in the path of the eclipse just days earlier.

Furthermore, this earthquake came on the exact day that the heavy-duty planetary alignments surrounding the eclipse were at their tightest point. Now in retrospect we can see that the spiritual energy will only get increasingly more intense as we head towards the final cycle shift date of Dec. 22, 2012. (DW)]


Nearly everyone feels a change coming and we can be sure it will be a major one.

Aside from all prophetic speculation, one thing is definite: our precessional entrance into the sign of Aquarius.

This motion is mathematically regular and the cyclic repetition of religious changes accompanying each zodiacal transition is undeniable. Whatever else may happen during this time that is upon us, a fundamental religious and ideological change is bound to occur.

Our science has reached the point at which the simple faith of the peasant no longer satisfies us. We want to understand, and at the same time we accept readily the most astounding revelations. We might even say that we wish for them, and our wish will be granted.

The symbolism of Aquarius from time immemorial has been “He who pours out knowledge.” So mankind is advancing toward a new concept of God and toward a tangible knowledge of our soul’s immortality. When this becomes universal, an age of peace will finally be established among men.

Nostradamus states that this will last “for a time and to the end of time.” We do not know the duration of this “time” when Satan will be bound in the deepest Pit. Perhaps it will be the famous “Millennium” of which so much has been spoken and written.

Our science does not extend so far, but after this “time” Satan will again be loosed for a little while. The second Antichrist will then do a thousand times worse than the first. Then God will judge his people and that will be the real “end of time.”

Will a major shift in the earth’s axis cause a new ice age and make us start over again from the beginning? Probably.

But it is certain that God exists — the higher power that Max Planck thought of in such a startling way when he set down his ideas:

Clairvoyance, the ideal of the scientist, who studies all the processes of the physical world, stems solely from the fact that this world is nothing but an image of the real world created by the human mind.

Thus we see ourselves, throughout our lives, subject to a higher power whose essence remains inaccessible to the approach of exact science but which no enlightened mind can ignore.

For he who reflects not only on a scientific but a metaphysical level, there are only two possible attitudes between which he has no choice: fear and revolt or confident acceptance.

To conclude, this book ends as it began, with two of Edgar Cayce’s truly universal readings, of which the last conveys a definite idea of our future consciousness and wisdom.

281-41, 15 June 1939:

What is thy God? Are thy ambitions only set in whether ye shall eat tomorrow, or as to wherewithal ye shall be clothed?

Ye of little faith, ye of little hope, that allow such to become the paramount issues in thine own consciousness!

Know ye not that ye are His? For ye are of His making!

He hath willed that ye shall not perish, but hath left it with thee as to whether ye become even aware of thy relationships with Him or not.


5755-2, 19 June 1941:

…though there may be worlds, many universes, even much as to solar systems, greater than our own that we enjoy in the present, this earthly experience or this earth is a mere speck when considered even with our own solar system.

Yet the soul of man, thy soul, encompasses all in this solar system or in others.

For, we are joint heirs with that universal force we call God — if we seek to do His biddings.



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