[Note: This chapter, and all others in this book, are excerpted from The End of Our Century by Francois Masson, written in 1979-80. It was transcribed from French into English by David Michael Steinberg in 1981 and a publisher was never found. It was finally edited, updated and published on the Internet by David Wilcock in 2001.]


Since most readers are probably acquainted with Nostradamus, we will give only a short summary of his life and work, emphasizing the prophecies that have definitely come true.

We have used the original text of the famous Centuries as they were published from 1605 to 1611 by Vincent Seve at Troyes, brother-in-law of a son of Nostradamus. This edition is supposed to be one of the most faithful to the original printed in 1555 and 1558 by Mace-Bonhomme at Lyon.

Michel de Nostradamus is known throughout the West and an enormous quantity of books have been written about him. His fame was great in his own time and is undiminished today. During his lifetime he enjoyed the favor of the French king, Henry II and the Queen mother Marie de Medicis because of his timely and accurate prophecies about them. In May, 1564, these two personages came to the town of Salon to visit him, showing how the prophet was respected by royalty.

But what really immortalized him happened 233 years after the Centuries were published: The contents of quatrains IX-20 and IX-34, covering the early crucial period of the French Revolution in 1739, come true in concrete form.

Quatrain IX-20 clearly describes the flight of King Louis XVI and the Queen in 1791 and their arrest at Varennes, a village (present pop. 635). This arrest led to the fall of the monarchy and the execution of the King and Queen in 1793. This verse IX-20 gives the name Varennes exactly as well as the circumstances of the arrest.

Quatrain IX-34 gives the exact name of Saulce, mayor of Varennes at that time, as well as the name of Narbonne, who was then Minister of War, and describes how the royal fugitives were taken back to Paris and eventually beheaded.

These two verses would be enough to make his glory secure, but other verses have increased it: allusions to Napoleon, “the little one, shaven and shorn,” and more modern figures, including Franco who is clearly named in the context of his deeds in Spain.

To pick out, 233 years before the event, the name of a little burg of 500 inhabitants where nothing important ever happened before or after that date, proves incontestably that predetermination is a fact. It also proves that some extraordinary men have the gift of precognition.

The study of many decoded verses proves, as Nostradamus says himself in his letter to his son Cesar, that he saw the events described and heard the words and names, which explains the accuracy of names and places in languages that Nostradamus spoke — French, Spanish and some Italian. Conversely, it explains the phonetic spelling of names in other languages.

The foregoing looks simple enough but — and it’s a big “but” — Nostradamus was purposely obscure, using mysterious words and many other cryptic devices, such as classical allusions, mixing up verses, expressions with two or even three possible meanings, etc.

As a result, 999 times out of a thousand we don’t understand the prediction until after it comes true. This makes many scientific minds skeptical, and yet his ability to see the future has already been proven!

Nostradamus explained it in his letter of March 1, 1555 to his son, Cesar, and his reasons for deliberately disguising his predictions are not hard to understand. Here is a significant passage from that letter:

“I was willing to maintain silence and to pass over matters that might prove injurious not only as relates to the present time, if committed to writing, since kingdoms, sects and religions will pass through stages so very contrary, and as regards the present time, diametrically opposed —

— that if I were to relate what will happen in the future, governors, secretaries, and ecciesiastics would find it so ill-accordant with their auricular fancy (their beliefs) that they would condemn what future ages will know and perceive to be true.

Considering also the sentence of the true Savior, Give not holy things to the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”


Despite the peculiar and archaic style of Nostradamus, one thing stands out: he knew what awaited him and his work if he were so imprudent as to write clearly. Nostradamus was a man living at the end of the Middle Ages and at the beginning of the religious wars set off by the Lutheran Reformation.

He knew it could be dangerous, even fatal to reveal such extraordinary visions, as it is risky for the reputation of many persons, even nowadays, to admit believing in such things. In any case, as Nostradamus states at the end of the letter, the prophecies will be better understood as their time approaches.

The work of Edgar Cayce was not really known in France until 1960 when le Matin des Magiciens by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier was published. This book was a best-seller and started a lot of people thinking along unconventional lines, by reporting many facts and facets of human experience not officially recognized and yet real.

The section on Cayce only deals with the health readings given by Cayce in a trance state that he could enter at will, and the extraordinary results obtained by his healing methods, with a proven record of nearly 100% cures out of 17,000 documented cases.

It was during some of these health readings that Cayce referred to events in the past lives of several patients. At the insistence of a fervent believer in the soul’s survival, (Arthur Lammers, who was) seeking to learn man’s true destiny, Cayce went on to give “psychic readings” or “life readings” as they cane to be known.

These 3800 readings have produced a body of the most astounding and extraordinary statements, not only about the subjects’ past lives but about the early history of the human race. These readings also include a certain number of spotlights on the future.

It was only later that this other facet of Cayce’s gifts became known to French readers when Editions J’ai Lu published translations of biographies by Cayce’s son Hugh Lynn, Millard, and L. W. Robinson. These books opened a new horizon on man, his soul and his history and their influence is clearly visible, even if the authors do not refer to them, in countless recent works of anthropology and archaeology.

The predictions of earth changes found in some of the Cayce life readings help to clear up some of the obscure points in the Nostradamus prophecies about our century, and help to date certain events in relation to terrestrial and religious crises foreseen in the near future.

To illustrate this correspondence we must look at the letter of dedication written by Nostradamus to King Henry II of France, June 27, 1558, which was printed as a preface to the complete edition of the Centuries. In it Nostradamus claims to list all the dates, facts and places concerning future events, but curiously this letter is even harder to decipher than the quatrains, which refer after all to certain definite facts, many of which have come about since the Centuries were published.

Even so, this letter to the king contains a passage whose first part at east was clearly understood after the years 1930-1936. The text names precisely the nations who embraced fascism at that time and Nostradamus even enumerates then in the order of their appearance on the political scene: Italy, Germany and Spain. Still, the rest of this excerpt renamed rather obscure, although partially clarified by post-war events — but the Cayce readings will help us to understand it better.



Excerpt from the “Letter to Henry II, King of France, Salon, the 27th of June 1558.”:

[There] will be three regions over a wide extent of leagues, that is to say, Romainie (not present-day Rumania but the Roman nation, Italy), Germany and Spain who will make diverse sects by military maneuvers going from the 50th to the 52nd degree of latitude and all will pay the homage of distant religions to regions of Europe and the North; from the 48th parallel who first in a vain timidity will tremble, then the more western, southern and eastern will tremble.

Such will be their power, brought about by union and concord, insuperable by warlike conquest. By nature they will be equal, but exceedingly different in faith (once again Nostradamus lists in order the countries that will tremble: first France, then England, then Greece and Yugoslavia, then Russia).

After this the sterile Dame (republic) of greater power than the second (“Dame sterile” is Nostradamus’ code for a republic), shall be received by two nations, by him who had power over all, by the second and by the third, who will extend his forces all around eastern Europe,

to the pannons (Pannonia, an ancient Roman province, including Austria and Czechoslovakia) ruined and subjugated it and by sea will invade the Adriatic Trinacria (the three littoral countries of the Adriatic: Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece — an event yet to come) by Myrmidons and Germans all overcome and the barbaric sect will be greatly afflicted and driven back by all the Latins.

Then the grand empire of the Antichrist shall begin in the Atilla and Zerses, to descend with innumerable multitudes, so that the coming of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the 48th degree will cause a transmigration, chasing away the abomination of Antichrist making war upon the Royal who will be the great vicar of Jesus Christ and against his Church and his reign.

Per tempus et occasione temporis (For a time and till the end of time) and will precede a solar eclipse, the darkest that has ever been since the creation of the world, up to the death and passion of Jesus Christ and from then till now.

And in the month of October a great notion will occur so that people will think the earth had strayed from her course and was sunk in perpetual darkness; these will precede the vernal time. (precession of the equinoxes)

And following after extreme changes, reversal of kingdoms and great earthquakes, and procreation of the new Babylon, wretched harlot swollen with the abomination of the first holocaust (this may refer to the USSR, enlarged by the Holocaust of the 1939-45 war) and will only last 73 years 7 months,

then will issue from the stock, which had remained barren so long a time, proceeding from the 50th degree one who will renew the whole Christian Church, and great peace, union and concord will be made between (one ? of) the children of the tribes lost and scattered through diverse realms.

[Note: Masson clearly indicates the connection to the USSR with 73 years 7 months later in the book, thus raising this well above the area of supposition. (DW)]

Such a peace will be set up that the instigator and promoter of martial faction through religious disagreement shall dwell bound in the deepest Hell and united will be the Kingdom of the Rabid who will counterfeit wisdom,

and the towns, cities, realms and provinces who had forsaken their old customs to free themselves, enthralling themselves more deeply, secretly regretting their liberty and true religion lost, will start to strike to the left to return to the right and restore holiness, so long desecrated, to its original statutes…”

This excerpt is typical of the deliberate obfuscation of the prophecies as Nostradamus practiced it, with run-on sentences, ambiguous phrases meaning the opposite of what a quick reading would lead one to believe, subordinate clauses which refer to preceding facts like flashbacks in films but all this makes one unsure of oneself and of everything, especially when it pertains to grandiose and incredible events, yet to come.

But as we have noted and will explain presently, the Cayce readings reveal certain points and enable us to clear up doubtful passages.



All Nostradamus commentators have clearly grasped the meaning of the first part of this excerpt from the letter and its relation to fascist regimes. The extension of the third to the circuit of eastern Europe has always been taken as the satellization of the east European countries by the USSR after World War II.

The next part is much more obscure although the extension to the Adriatic Trinacria could presage the domination of the USSR over the three Adriatic countries. But the rest was total darkness and many commentators assumed that the following events marked the end of the Nostradamus prophecies, for he often used such a style to disguise his predictions.

But new data now make it possible to establish a probable chronology, using the hitherto undeciphered parts of the letter to the King of France. These new data are mostly drawn from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce which we will examine in detail in later chapters.

These readings announce unambiguously the future birth in Russia of a new fraternal religion following the original teaching of the Christ. They also predict, in 1998, a miraculous event that will save the newborn religion from destruction.

Now, the appearance of a new religion in Russia agrees exactly with the writings of Nostradamus when he states that after a reign of 73 years 7 months, there will grow from the New Babylon a scion that will renew the whole Christian Church, and the place of birth is confirmed by the content of quatrain III-95. (See next chapter for details.)

These readings explain the message of Fatima where it says that “in the end Russia will be converted (to the immaculate heart of Mary) and some time of peace will be granted to humanity.”

As the whole letter to the King of France is clarified and confirmed by the explicit details of the Cayce readings, the three concurring prophecies reveal an important fact for all mankind: the imminent birth of a new religion which will establish increasing brotherhood among men to keep pace with our increasing scientific knowledge. It is through progress on both levels, scientific and spiritual, that we shall enter the Aquarian Age.

With all this in mind, the author will attempt the difficult feat of decoding the Nostradamus texts, explaining his logic and introducing the related material that has convinced him of the pattern of future events. Certain details may be repeated, for which he begs the reader’s forgiveness; this is the only way to prove the irrational.

Here, then, is the attempt at an exact chronology of the Nostradamus information, with comparisons to other sources where needed in doubtful cases. The past and future events are described as follows.

The fascist countries, Italy, Germany and Spain terrorize Europe by their military conquests. Their basic religion is inspired by distant religions and the Nordic mythology of Europe.

This was exactly the case with the Nazi mystique, permeated with Tibetan archetypes like the swastika and other beliefs of those areas and also fed by the Wagnerian dreams of the Niebelungen and the Norse gods, Wotan, etc. on which Himmler’s order of Black Shirts was based.

Then comes their defeat with the fall of several monarchies; Italy, Rumania and Yugoslavia, and the “third republic (sterile Dame) who will extend her forces to encircle eastern Europe” is obviously the victorious Soviet Union, who occupied the eastern countries, made satellites of them and locked them behind the “Iron Curtain.”

It must also be she who, at some future date, will expand toward the Adriatic Trinacria by sea: i.e., towards Italy, already in political anarchy, and Yugoslavia, where the world expects radical changes and troubles on Tito’s death, Greece being swallowed up in the turmoil.

The defeated Germans and Myrmidons cannot prevent it. Myrmidons were an ancient people of Thessaly on the present Greek-Yugoslav border. Their desperate resistance is understandable, but that of the Germans is harder to figure out; wait a bit.

At any rate, the Barbaric sect will eventually be “affligee et dechassee” (beaten and driven back) by the Latins. Who are these Latins? The USA, which (as we shall see) is the cyclic equivalent of ancient Rome? Allied with France and Spain?

Up to this point, interpreting the content of the letter to the King was relatively easy, most of the predictions have come true and the rest can be figured out. But now the job becomes much harder, for without a break, Nostradamus describes the struggle of the Antichrist against the Royal, the vicar of Christ on earth, and he dates that conflict as preceding the darkest solar eclipse ever seen before or after the death of Jesus Christ.

This event will be followed in turn by a terrestrial shift during which humanity will fear that the end of the world has come.

At first reading, a logical, unbroken chain of events seems to appear. But with our prophet, things are rarely so simple, for we must bear in mind his veritable obsession for secrecy with his flashbacks and code words. So we must go back to the original text and find there the key phrase that, when fully understood, will clarify and tie together the whole.

Clearly, the four words, “et s’en ensuyvant apres” (“and this will ensue after”) are the key words and a typical example of our prophet’s deliberate obfuscation. In effect, after having described the struggle of the Antichrist and having gone right into the terrestrial shift, Nostradamus continues his long sentence in a comforting way with the phrase “et s’en ensuyvant apres,” or, “and this will come about after extreme changes and permutations of reigns, etc.”

These four words clearly introduce a new series of facts into the preceding sequence and announce changes of realms by great earthquakes, formulation of the New Babylon and the advent of a reformed Christian religion stemming from the said New Babylon. All this must take place after the Adriatic events and before the final struggle of the Antichrist for world domination. We shall see that Cayce and Fatima entirely corroborate this chronology.

To sum up, a series of events, presently unthinkable, should come about between now and 1998-99. In the first place, concerning Europe, we will witness the invasion of the three countries an the Adriatic coast by the East, an invasion preceded by a Communist subversion in Italy.

Then we will see a reaction of the Occidentals, (United States,) the Latins of Nostradamus, who will win eventually. This invasion will be marked by huge climatic and geologic disturbances adding to the general confusion, for the conflicts will spread to the whole world.

But toward 1990-91, perhaps as a result of military defeats, Marxism will disappear in Russia, the land from which will emerge a religion that will renew the whole Christian Church. But that religion will be resisted to the death by a first Antichrist who will be at the point of annihilating it, when a miraculous intervention of the Holy Spirit will bring about his total ruin. This truly final conflict is supposed to be played out just before a solar eclipse of utterly unusual darkness and duration.

Then the world will experience an age of peace, spirituality and religious expansion after the appearance in the sky of the Messiah in 1998-99. All mankind should gradually follow that path which will be reached between 2038 and 2058.

Then, before the precession of the equinoxes, a term meaning the start of the Aquarian Age, the world will undergo an axial shift of slight magnitude but which will seem to human beings like the end of the world.

Happily Nostradamus, like Cayce, states that civilization will go on for a long time. But this main event that will cap all the others at the end of our century cannot be dated because the Christ himself taught us that only the Father knows it. Since our full entry into the Aquarian Age falls between 2100 and 2200 it is probable that the shift will come during that period.

[Note: Here at Ascension2000.com we have shown clear scientific evidence that the true passage into the new precessional age corresponds with the changing over of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012. In addition, Cayce’s prophecies seem to be calibrated to the period leading up to this time as well, and we are already defying prophecy by the fact that these events have not happened. So this appears to be one area where ancient prophecies were overturned as we earned more time, heading towards the complete quantum shift in 2012. (DW)]

And so will end the mutation which began in 1968, when its first influences were felt.



The Nostradamus prophecies, whose broad outlines we have sketched, the visions of Cayce and the words of the Virgin Mary at Fatima all bear witness to the central event; they announce the rise in Russia of a transformed Christian religion.

The Third who stretched his forces over the East of Europe is the same nation as the New Babylon; namely Russia, which was already enlarged by the first holocaust, the war of 1939-45. But Nostradamus specifies that the Marxist-Leninist regime in that country will only last 73 years, 7 months.

Now, depending on whether we count from the Czar’s abdication on March 15, 1917, or from the Soviets taking power on November 14, 1917, that brings us to October-November 1990 or May-June 1991, respectively. (We will find these dates again in the study of historical cycles in Chapter 6.) Only after this will come the war of the Antichrist and probably many years later the terrestrial shift.

The series of events thus described seems quite probable when we refer, as mentioned earlier, to the statements of Cayce who also announced great earth changes as well as the rise of a new Christ-oriented religion in Russia, and the Fatima spirit, after having spoken at length of Russia’s destiny, tells us that in the end this land will be consecrated to the Holy Virgin which will mean a period of peace.

Cayce places the completion of that religious conversion in 1993 and Nostradamus speaks of 1999 and seven months for the arrival from the sky of a King of terror called upon to reestablish peace on earth, so it seems pretty sure that this first stage will be over around 1998-1999.

But first, probably between 1990-91 and 1998-99, will unfold the combat of the Antichrist against the new religion, which will be attacked by the whole party apparatus, a force made up of hundreds of thousands of the elite, large and small, who, seeing their supremacy crumbling, will appeal (in the name of international Marxism or another philosophical, religious or racist catchword) to the numberless hordes of “the Antichrist coming down in the Atila and Zerses” i.e. from the Mongols and the Persians whose enormous invading armies are symbolized by Attila and Xerxes.

Edgar Cayce states that the situation in 1998 will be like that of Xerxes. (See the in-depth study at the end of this book.) But as it befell the incursions of Xerxes and even of Attila, a series of real miracles will cause their defeat. Nostradamus tells us “the transmigration of the Holy Spirit issuing from the 48th degree will halt and destroy the Antichrist.”

Then, Satan, who rules the world today by constantly raising up rival factions, religions and ideologies who resort to force of arms, will be shut up in the deepest Hell “for a time and till the end of time.” “Le Royaume du Rabieux” — The Kingdom of the Rabid, the Rapacious, which evidently stands for multi-national capitalism, unable to overtly oppose modern reforms –“contrefera le sage” — will have to feign morality to avoid being totally annihilated in its turn.

Without a break Nostradamus then goes into a statement and a style for which he must take responsibility but which shows by its terminology that it pertains to our day. He always uses the vocabulary of the time he is describing:

“The towns, cities, realms and provinces who had forsaken their old customs to free themselves, enthralling themselves more deeply, secretly regretting their liberty and truereligion lost, will start to strike to the left to return to the right and restore holiness, so long desecrated, to its original statutes.”


He thus describes clearly the fate of countries that abandoned themselves completely to Soviet communism, losing some of their liberties and all of their religion. But he states that these nations will free themselves by striking at the left wing to return to the right wing by restoring a religion based on the original teaching of the Christ, not that imposed by the Church hierarchy during almost two millennia.

[Note: Something that would not have been seen during Masson’s time is the degree to which this could be exemplified by the New Age / spiritual movement, sparked by the now-widespread predominance of public acceptance of the UFO phenomenon. And indeed, the prophetic idea that this will come out of Russia certainly can relate to the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russians have been far more forthcoming with their UFO secrets and aether-related physics research than the United States. (DW)]


All these trials will go on before a solar eclipse, the greatest and darkest the earth has seen since the death of Jesus Christ. Then, in the month of October (how long this October will be after the eclipse is not stated, though,) will come a telluric shift so great that man will believe the Earth has lost her natural motion and has fallen into eternal darkness — and this will precede the “springtime” (the entry into Aquarius.)

Does this refer to a polar shift such as produced the Ice Age, or sunk mythic Atlantis? We are told that terrestrial life will not vanish, though: Nostradamus, like Cayce, affirms that commerce and communication will continue.

The reassuring statements of both seers promise us, after all these trials, the survival of humanity, great spiritual progress and a tine of peace. Saint Malachy’s prophecy, which every one is talking about, confirms, in a sense, how soon all these changes will come.



The author of the papal prophecies was St. Malachy (1094-1148), bishop of Arnagh in Ulster. The prophecy was published at Venice in 1595, in Lignum Vitae by the Benedictine monk Arnold Wion, born at Douai in 1554.

This prophecy gives as a series of mottoes the succession of popes on St. Peter’s throne. St. Malachy lists 111 mottoes, e.g. for Benedict XIII who reigned during the war of 1914-18 the motto was RELIGIO DEPOPULATA, depopulated religion, and this was in two ways: by the loss of life among Christian people during the war and by the coming to power of the godless Communists.

St. Malachy added only one comment to his mottoes; it was on the last pope, PETRUS ROMANUS. But the Dominican monk A. Giaconius at Baeca in Spain added comments which are known as the Commentaries of the Monk of Padua.

To come down to our day. PASTOR ET NAUTA, shepherd and sailor, was the motto of John XXIII, elected pope when he was archbishop of Venice, a maritime city. The commentary of the Monk of Padua is “perfect peace returns.”

Paul VI bore the motto FLOS FLORUM, flower of flowers, and the commentary says “Rome venerates this king of peace.” This motto and comment seem well-earned when we recall this pope’s travels and contacts of all sorts in an effort to restore harmony among men and among churches.

This brings us to the election and mysterious death of John Paul I, and there are only two popes after him on the list. His motto was DE MEDIETATE LUNAE, from the middle of the moon, and the Monk of Padua added: “holy mediator future victim.”

The pope was surely aware of his fate. Remember his first words upon being elected, when he appeared to the crowd: visibly shaken, he declared in a choking voice that he was terrified at being chosen.

The following Sunday his whole family, who had come to see him installed, wept openly. The foreign reporters, surprised, ascribed it to emotion, but the pope’s relatives knew his doom by the predictions and so did all the Italian people.

His 33-day reign and sudden death plunged the Catholic world into consternation and anxiety at this heavenly omen. Did John Paul I fulfill his role of mediator in so short a time or was he chosen by the cardinals as a compromise to reconcile the differences within the Church?

There is an important clue, however: the envoy of the Patriarch of Moscow died in the Pope’s arms, also of a heart attack, during an audience with John Paul I at the beginning of his brief reign. This startling event had already upset many observers who wondered what strong emotion had caused the attack that carried off the representative of the Russian church.

Perhaps we shall know someday the significance of that death as well as the truth of the rumors about poisoning being the real cause of John Paul I’s death. But in a way one can say that John Paul I was a victim of his duty, marked from the start by his fate.

His successor, then, will be DE LABORE SOLIS, of the Sun’s labor. He will probably be reigning at the time of the great solar eclipse, unless that motto indicates solar eruptions on an unheard-of scale. In fact, since 1968 the sun has entered the period called the Furious Sun with the consequences you might expect for the human race.

[Note: As many of us are now aware, in the time since Masson wrote this book the solar activity has continually increased on a scale never before seen, even in the late 1980’s. (DW)]

But wait!

He will be succeeded by the pope DE GLORIAE OLIVAE, the glory of the Olive, and the Monk of Padua adds the comment “glorious reign” which naturally should coincide with the reform of the whole Christian church foretold by Nostradamus and Cayce — a renewal made possible by the defeat of the Antichrist through the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

If these two popes have reigns of normal length that would bring us to the turn of the century. This fits perfectly with the words of Cayce and Nostradamus who point to 1998-1999 as the fatal date.

[Note: At the time of the debut Internet publication of this work, in January 2001, we have still not seen the next Pope; therefore the calibration for these prophecies remains further in the future. However there are signs that John Paul II’s health is rapidly failing and he may be forced to step down in the near future from the present time as this is written. (DW)]

Then, but how much later no one can say, will come the last pope, Roman Peter, who will put an end to the chain that began with Saint Peter.

But, we must reiterate tirelessly, all these upheavals do not mean the end of the world, but instead the end of an epoch as Mankind enters the Aquarian Age.



Comparison of the quatrains, Cayce readings and Fatima

Now that we have established fairly well a chronological order by studying the words of Nostradamus’ letter and current events, we will take up our main task: to support this theory by means of the corresponding quatrains of Nostradamus, the explicit psychic readings of Edgar Cayce and the statements of the Fatima children. We will also consider the indirect proofs based on the papal prophecies of St. Malachy. All this data will help us to locate events more precisely.



As for the opening phrases of our excerpt from the letter to King Henry, there are many quatrains about fascist countries and the political and military maneuvers of the war of 1939-45. Two quatrains mention the name Hister.

Nostradamus liked double allusions, i.e. words with two convergent meanings. Hister, so close to Hitler phonetically, was an ancient name for the Danube, and Hitler was born at Braunau-am-Inn, a town located on a close tributary of the Danube.

As for the events not yet come to pass, the extension of the third by sail to the Adriatic Trinacria many quatrains mention Trinacria as well as an Italic conflict. Some of these verses speak of this conflict coinciding with earthquakes and other major atmospheric disturbances.



Here are the quatrains that seem to involve that period:

Paterno will hear the cry from Sicily,

All the preparations in the Gulf of Trieste,

will be heard as far as Trinacria

Flee from so many sails, flee the horrible plague.  VIII-84


This verse is clearly connected with “the third making inroads in Adriatic Trinacria by sail.” This invasion will be bloody and Nostradamus in a cry warns the people to flee that dreaded scourge (Nostradamus uses the word “peste” to mean disaster.)

A year before the war in Italy,

Germans, French, Spanish will be for the strong (one)

The schoolhouse of the republic will fall

Where all but a few will be suffocated to death.  II-39


This verse certainly points to the fall of democracy in Italy before the general war begins, and the leaders of that democracy will be stifled or choked to death: Italy seems to be heading that way. Will the Germans, French and Spanish intervene to try and help Italy or will they be squabbling among themselves? Wait and see.

The Italian lands near the mountains will tremble

The Cock and the Lion not strictly united

Instead of fear they will help each other.

Catulon alone and Celts moderate.  I-93


Does this quatrain pertain to the 1976 earthquakes predicted by the Cayce reading 209-2 in 1943? That year the death toll as over a million in China and the earth shook at Frioul at the foot of the Italian Alps. The cock stands for the present French regime, but who is the lion with whom France will not be closely allied? These events must lie in the future.

To cry victory of the great crescent moon,

The Romans will proclaim the Eagle

Ticino, Milan and Genoa agree to it

Then by themselves great Basil reclaimed.  VI-78


The term Selin croissant (here translated as crescent moon) probably refers to the people’s democracies. Selin was the poetic word for the Moon in the Middle Ages and it concerns the people, the folk. A croissant in Old French meant a sickle.

So the “selin croissant” probably denotes, in Nostradamian language, present-day communism — which, after some opposition, will be welcomed in Italy for a while. Cyclically that period should begin toward 1980-1981.

Other quatrains imply that after the communists take power in Italy there will be a backlash and that will provoke direct Soviet intervention. But this would mean breaking the Yalta agreement and would start a war between the Eagle and the Lion — NATO and the USSR? The following quatrain, despite its obscurity, surely tells of that conflict:

In Campania will be such long rain

And in Apulia such a great drought

The Cock will see the Eagle, its wing unfinished,

Put into distress by the Lion.  III-52


Who are the Eagle and the Lion? If the interpretation of quatrain I-93 given earlier is correct, the Lion would be the USA, and the Eagle, Soviet Russia.

One thing is sure: the Eagle’s air force will be defeated by the Lion, while the Cock (France) will watch these events without joining in. But this verse also mentions the great climatic disturbances accompanying this Italian war, which certainly belong to the earth changes predicted by Nostradamus and Cayce.

Quatrain I-34, below, bears out our interpretation of the Eagle, Lion, and Cock symbols while unfortunately repeating the closeness of the conflict and its spreading to southern Europe.

The bird of prey flying on the left

Before conflict to the French makes a display

One will choose good, one sinister ambiguous

The feeble party will hold by good luck charms.  I-34


In other words, before the war becomes general, the bird of prey, the Eagle corresponding to the USSR will fly to the left to seduce those of the French who follow the French Communist Party in unconditional support of Soviet policy.

Meanwhile, another party, the government, will pursue a more ambiguous course, which our prophet calls sinister. But the weak party — the silent majority who has no freedom of speech — will hold firm between these two extremes.

This verse describes, as clearly as can be, the “Operation Charm” that began since the Afghanistan intervention, directed at France to seduce her and separate her from the West. But Nostradamus assures us that France will not take the bait. Still it looks as though the USSR, in spite of worldwide condemnation, will do even worse, in a strange willfulness of power.

To this group we could add the content of Quatrain II-57 and others that seem to point to a general war relatively soon.

Before fighting the great wall will tumble

The Great One dies, a death untimely and lamented

Born half-formed. most will swim

Near the river the earth stained with blood.  II-57


The Great Wall falling–could that be the Great Wall of China? Sinologists say it has symbolically fallen after 3000 years of the idea of the Middle Empire, China always thinking of herself as the center of the world, outsiders being barbarians.

Now this nation has broken down the psychological wall that surrounded her for so long, with her deep mistrust of all foreigners. A real change seems to have taken place in China in the last few years, perhaps caused by the fear of Russia and her formidable nuclear armaments.

But the fact is that China is now accepting contact with Westerners, lest she risk confronting the USSR all alone, with the bloodbath such a clash would produce.

The Occident, at least a sizable part of it, will probably come through unscathed: “savoir nager” (knowing how to swim) in modern French means to steer clear of risks. As we have noted Nostradamus uses the idiom of the period he is describing, so this is an additional clue.

But this “big wall” could also mean the Berlin wall, just as logically. Since the end of the war in 1945 the Western states are worried that the two Germanies may reunite, with Soviet approval, and form a neutral zone, which would break the hostile ring of nations in which Russia feels trapped.

This idea comes up periodically in the news and thus “the Germans wholly overcome” in Nostradamus’ Letter to the King would refer to the elimination of the Germans by this means. But more likely, the Germans allied with NATO, along with the Greeks and Yugoslavs, will form the front line in a fight against the USSR, and will all be crushed at the first battle.

Quatrain VIII-96 also definitely pertains to the present.

The sterile synagogue with no fruit

Will be received among the infidels

The daughter of the persecuted from Babylon

Misery and sad, will clip her wings.  VIII-96


What is now going on in Iran, a land containing a good part of ancient Babylonia, makes us understand the meaning more clearly. The daughter of the pursued* must be Fatima, the daughter of Mohammad the hunted exile, and the Shiites of the Ayatollah Khomeiny claim descent from that branch because they recognize only Fatima’s husband Ali as Mohammed’s true successor.

Since he came to power Khomeiny has aligned himself with the Palestinians and the other Arabs who refuse to make any pact with Israel.

[*Nostradamus uses the ambiguous word “pursuit” which includes the meanings of the English words “pursue,” “persecute” and “prosecute.”]


The Synagogue among the Infidels denotes Israel without a doubt; the Jewish nation is really an enclave amid Mohammedans. Now, in Nostradamus’ time the word “Infidel” meant a Mussulman, particularly an Arab.

These Arab countries, especially the developing ones, seem to be goaded by the Iranian crisis into a new war against the West, directed mainly at all those who support Israel in anyway, and above all the USA.

The Iranian revolution, religious in its return to the law of the Koran and progressive by the action of students and young people, marks the beginning of a period of upheavals which are accelerating at an alarming rate, so that we now risk a war between the USA and Iran backed by her Third World allies.

The ideological acts of fundamental Mohammedans like Khomeiny, involving the application of the Koran to politics, are exploited by the radicals in a really Machiavellian fashion.

This explosive mixture is spreading and becoming more concentrated in all the Islamic lands, to the obvious delight of the USSR. Many commentators have not hesitated to expose this collusion.

Certainly the imprisonment of American hostages at the embassy in Teheran, followed shortly by the attack on the one in Pakistan, the very day the Grand Mosque of Mecca was occupied, are not due to chance; they reveal the diabolic use of Mohammedan religious fanaticism to disorganize that area and bring the West to its knees by a total war of petroleum.

In good criminology you see who stands to gain by the crime and there is little question who is responsible.

But these events, unthinkable only a short while ago, inspire the author to publish a cyclic discovery he noticed a few years ago, involving the astounding relation between the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917. The ratio that reveals this hidden connection is simply one year of French Revolution for seven years of Russian Revolution.

What could be easier? For example, let us take the fall of Robespierre and his execution, which took place July 28, 1794, or 5 years 14 days after July 4, 1789, the start of the French Revolution.

Now, 5 years 14 days multiplied by 7 is 35 years 3 months 8 days: if we add this to November 14, 1917, the date at the Bolshevik victory in Russia, we get February 21, 1953; within 9 days, the date of Stalin’s death.

[Translator’s Note: This convergence may be more accurate than at first appears. When we consider that Robespierre was very much alive until the blade fell, Stalin may very well have been comatose for a week after his official “death,” based on the seven-fold cycle expansion of time.]


Robespierre, who instigated the bloody Reign of Terror in France, was brought low by a coalition of politicians threatened by the guillotine just as Stalin certainly fell because of a coalition to political leaders in his entourage who feared a bloody purge, a practice habitual with Stalin and for which the “Doctor’s Plot” frame-up was to set the stage.

And just as after Robespierre’s death only a few of his close collaborators were executed, so in the USSR there were no more liquidations after Beria’s execution.

It is because of the results of this convergence that the theory is included here, but bear in mind that not all the events follow in exact mathematical order but rather in periods during which the two revolutions pursued similar goals.

The historical turning points, the political milestones and some decisive military actions are, however, reflected almost to the day in the progress of the two revolutions. Only the period from the end of 1941 to 1945 seems exempt from this rule.

Of course, the Soviets never lost sight of their revolutionary goal even during that time; and soon after achieving victory over the Nazis, they again took up the struggle against the western democracies.

This cyclic convergence applies mostly to the ideological positions of the two revolutions, and it is a striking fact that the said cyclic convergence begins with the first interventions of the French Revolution against countries still under the old system (feudalism), and the corresponding intervention of the Soviet Union in 1936-37 against reactionary capitalism (fascism), militarily in Spain and politically through the Comintern.

The reader will find this cyclic proportion set out in more detail in Chapter 6. As for current events, it tells us that the grave events in Iran caused by the Shah’s arrival in New York October 22, 1979, and its result, the imprisonment of hostages in the US Embassy in Teheran on November 6, correspond almost to the day with Bonaparte’s departure for Egypt May 19, 1798, using the same cycle as above.

The purpose of that expedition was to cripple England economically by cutting its lifeline to India while aiding the revolt in Tipo-Sahib. It is startling to realize that the aims of the French Revolution were in every way comparable to those now motivating the events in the Persian Gulf.

The Egyptian campaign was arduous, the French troops being constantly harassed and subjected to the fatigues and maladies of a hostile land. This expedition was undertaken partly as a unifying diversion.

The Revolution had problems within France: many regions were rebelling against the Directory. The counter-revolution in Vendee was again growing strong. It is likely therefore, that the USSR will not have an easy time subjugating Afghanistan or any Persian Gulf areas and we cannot rule out the possibility of rebellions within Soviet territory.

After looking at these two typical cases of cyclic convergence, almost to the day, between major events of the two revolutions (and there are many more), we are forced to conclude that realizing the present impossibility of a nuclear war which would destroy both sides, the left-wing planners have resorted to an unforeseen and quasi-diabolical strategy.

Profiting from the mistakes of the USA and other Western states, these master-minds are trying to bring the Occident to its knees by an indirect war based on the limited supply and high price of oil, combined with miscellaneous subversive acts.

This is supposed to produce a depression, stirring up social unrest which the Marxist parties would be quick to exploit. A grandiose project, aimed at disrupting the whole world and bringing it under the thumb of their system. Nations unwilling to submit would simply be occupied as the example of Afghanistan amply demonstrates.

Applying the ratio 1 year of French Revolution to 7 years of Russian Revolution, what do the history books tell us? First, on May 2, 1798 was the “coup d’ etat of 22 Floreal” changing the foreign policy of the French Revolution, which makes us suspect that a secret change took place in the USSR in August 1979 with the hawks taking control.

The same history texts show, during that period in the past, the Egyptian campaign, as we related above, followed by the victories of Bonaparte: the taking of Malta, Alexandria and Cairo. By our formula, we can predict for 1980 an increase of leftist subversion in various lands, and possible occupation of Iran by Soviet troops if Khomeiny dies or loses control of the left-wing extremists that he is shielding.

They would not hesitate to call in the Soviets to help them seize power.

[Note: History shows that this event actually unfolded as the prolonged taking of American hostages in Iran. (DW)]


This infiltration could spread gradually to traditional Islamic countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, etc. The USA will fight alone for a long time during this stormy period; the terrible memory of the 1939-45 war weakening the European democracies and making them try anything to avoid a new confrontation.

But following the projection of the French Revolution on the Russian Revolution we see: in 1981 an alliance between the USA, China, and the conservative Arab states; more Soviet manipulation, by subversion or occupation, both of lands with large energy resources and those of strategic political importance like Yugoslavia and Italy; the western democracies begin to join the USA, especially from 1983 on; and then the underground war gradually turns into open war by the Occidentals against the USSR and its allies.

[Note: Fortunately, this all-out war scenario was diverted in the timestream, at least in terms of open and acknowledged conflict; however based on the work of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, there is excellent reason to believe that a very serious war was occurring between the Soviet Union and the United States using scalar weapons technology.

The downing of many airliners, and especially the Space Shuttle, was the most dramatic event in these conflicts in visible form. This information is available on the www.cseti.org website and elsewhere. (DW)]


But as Nostradamus states, the leftist stratagem will eventually fail, for it is based on violence and domination. However, it follows directly from the events of 1968; but unfortunately, conforming to an 11-year cycle, the idealistic spirit of the youth of 1968 is now in its opposite phase of exploitation by the princes of this world — which certainly could be “the various heads of the Beast of the Apocalypse.”

But it is just as certain that when the second 11-year cycle is completed, 22 years after 1968, the real spirit of truth, justice and non-violence that presided over this movement will finally win in 1990-91 with the birth announced by Nostradamus and Fatima of a completely redefined Christ-oriented religion.

[Note: Although it is very difficult to pinpoint an exact date, the beginning of the 1990s indeed heralded a dramatic increase in the public acceptance of the UFO phenomenon, and since that time the New Age / Spiritual movement has gained incredible strength and numbers. (DW)]


We repeat, the revolutionary action initiated in 1979 in Iran, imitating the deep aspirations of 1968, cannot prevail. Turned toward the past and appealing to hate and violence, it goes against humanity’s instinctive search for a religion and a creed with more justice, more truth, and in harmony with present and future scientific knowledge; a religion which must fit the symbolism of the Aquarian Age that we are entering, which will develop better human social relations as well as a new understanding of the soul, whose existence will be proved scientifically.

This was Edgar Cayce’s meaning in Reading 2012-1 quoted at the beginning of this book.

But for the moment the West will have to pay for its faults and chiefly its egoism. Anyhow, coming events will force us willy-nilly into real worldwide solidarity.

Our consumerist society has produced a revolting wastefulness and superiority complex. You need only observe the behavior of most Western tourists in Third World countries to understand the latter’s reactions. Especially if you realize that some don’t even have enough bread.

Nevertheless the seed of true justice sown in 1962 will sprout during this approaching period of hardships and violence. Just as the ideas of the French Revolution could not be stamped out once they had taken root, so the leaders of the western democracies — which with all their shameful defects are still better to live in than any tyranny — will be forced, in order to survive, to grant real human rights to their peoples.

We should then see the birth of real democracy and the death of the demagogic hypocrisy on which our political systems are based. It is certain that in the end the nucleus of democracies still remaining after all these trials and torments will win by the repetition of a miracle like that which enabled the tiny Greek city to beat the countless hordes of Xerxes the Persian in 480 B.C.

But for our present democracies, the ordeal will be a long one. The Occidentals, in love with ease and comfort, and ready to trade anything to preserve these precious possessions, will not make the most of the imminent political strife within the USSR.

As a matter of fact, this year 1980 was marked by the strongest sunspot activity ever recorded, (see Chapter Seven,) which indicates generalized uprisings not only in the Western sphere but in the USSR and its satellites.

Cyclic and planetary indications concur in this forecast, pointing to rebellions in that part of the world due to food supply problems and the difficult succession of Brezhnev. Although the West let this opportunity slip by, the first US victory will take place in the spring of 1981.

The fact is that the French Revolution / Russian Revolution ratio tells us that on August 1, 1798, Nelson destroyed the French fleet at Aboukir, thereby imprisoning Napoleon in the land he had conquered.

So around March 23, 1981, there should be a US victory resulting in the destruction of the leftist communications media or the finding of an alternate energy source, negating the effect of the Oil War.

But it won’t be over yet; history informs us that Europe’s active intervention on the American side and the first Western victories will not come until 1983-85 and their effects will last until 1988-89. At the end of this period serious geologic disturbances will allow the progressives to retake the advantage.

But from 1990-91 on, a new regime will appear in those countries with the emergence of a new Napoleon who will only be removed during a final combat by a real miracle like that of the ancient Greeks. This victory will finally establish peace.

To sum up, this long interruption taken mostly from cyclology (see Chapter 6) validates the prophecies of Nostradamus and Fatima. This underground war that has just begun will develop into a world-wide conflict and will signify a new “mass movement” as the world has experienced in the past, this time in 20th century style, based on a revolutionary philosophy.

But once again Nostradamus and Fatima promise us that after the last attack by the Antichrist, he will be defeated by the grace of the Holy Spirit and an age of peace will come to the whole world.

Unfortunately, this process of disorganization has just begun: it will reach Europe in the next few years, especially the Adriatic countries. Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia will probably be affected when Tito is gone. He is already 87 and has been ostracized amid the unaligned nations by the extreme left wing led by Castro.

The USSR, through its allies, will support rebellions everywhere. These allies range from Cubans to Lybians, including Ethiopians, Albanians, Iranians, Palestinians, etc. Nostradamus verses mention a lot of prisoners in DURBAN!

Six quatrains refer to “Lybiques” in a politica1 and religious action in the world. Two others speak of Rome injured by Albanians! One very important quatrain predicts. “The Morocco King captured by those of Fez, Tunis and Bougie!!” Two quatrains tell us of an invasion of Egypt and Macedonia by the Persians (Iran).

Then there are 20 quatrains that describe the barbarians destroying and plundering just as foreseen in the Letter to the King already quoted as the master key to the Nostradamus prophecies. But their final ruin is also foretold.

All these prophecies prove that the subversion and the battles will involve the whole world. In addition to the revolts and wars in the Adriatic, the progressive tide will prevail throughout Africa, and even sweep into South Africa, the last foothold of resistance.

Latin America will also be infected and more of its nations, like Cuba and Nicaragua, will turn to the left. The “have-not” peoples, as in the mass migrations of the past, will try to invade and despoil the rich countries.

The USA and their Western followers will have a hard time withstanding that mad rush, for public opinion will be divided, in Europe especially, between those favoring armed opposition and the progressives advocating sympathy and aid.

But after hearing the demands of the insurgents, the western democracies will eventually rally around the USA to expel the invaders. Meanwhile the USSR, freed from danger on the western front, will throw all its weight against China.

Remember that both Nostradamus and Cayce speak of a final action from Xerxes and Attila against the whole Occident which will be miraculously repulsed. For eventually the white world, including Russia, will carry out its political mutation toward greater truth and justice even while confronting this mortal peril.

Let us look at two verses where Nostradamus gives dates that undoubtedly pertain to the immediate future. At the end of October 1979 the papers announced that the US was going to give military aid to Morocco, and the same day the CIA predated the fall of that regime within a year! When this happens it will fulfill Quatrain VI-54:

At the break of day at the second cock-crow

Those of TUNIS of Fez and Bugie

By the Arabs captive the Moroccan King

The year 1607 of Liturgy.  VI-54


This quatrain has caught the attention of commentators for some time and especially since 1960, when the Sultan of Morocco took the title of King; and as usual, the prophecies of Nostradamus became quite clear as the time of their fulfillment draws near. The date 1607 of Liturgy must refer to the publication of the Vulgate.

No one knows the exact date, but the translation was made by St. Jerome at the request of Pope St. Damase who reigned from 366 to 384; this is when the Western Roman Empire was formed by separating from the Eastern Empire. At that tine the “Roman Liturgy” was adopted in the Occident.

Now, 366 to 384 added to 1607 gives 1973 to 1991, and that interval certainly contains the realization of that event.

[Note: Thus, Masson is suggesting that Nostradamus was using the science of cyclology to encode his prophecy; the key number of years for advancement of this time cycle into the future was 1607, in this case. (DW)]


In this verse the cock (France) is again mentioned in a context of events in Morocco. Does a second cock-crow mean a second deGaulle, or the repetition of a similar political situation? What seems definite is that the events are due very soon.

However, Quatrain VI-54 is not the only one that includes this kind of dating; there are four altogether, but the closest is X-91:

Roman clergy the year 1609

At the head of the year will elect

A gray and black out of the company

That never was there so evil a one.  X-91


This verse announces that two years after the Moroccan events an anti-pope may be elected in Rome when Italy will have a Communist government. In support of this statement there were many visions long ago foreseeing the flight of a Pope from Rome who would take refuge in Mayence, notably that of Pius X in 1909 who saw a Pope leave Rome passing over the corpses of his priests.

Certainly John Paul II embarrasses the Marxist and progressive regimes, and they may try to establish a rival spiritual power. It is then very likely that an anti-pope could be elected by a coalition of the Roan clergy and those of the Communist countries, and this anti-pope would belong to the “company of Jesus” — a Jesuit.

He will be more “malign” than anybody — that is sly, cunning, treacherous, like the Biblical Satan.

When is all this likely to happen? Without embracing the CIA’s ideas, it unfortunately does appear that the years from 1980 to 1984 will be critical for the western democracies because of continual subversive acts. The hot war is not supposed to break out until 1984-85 with the USA and its allies, the Chinese, etc, vs. the Soviet bloc.

[Note: Again, this did not occur, and the reader must use discretion in seeing that this business of prophecy is not at all easy or definite. The stunning nature of many of Masson’s cycle hits show clearly that this is an accurate system, but free will does seem to have a role and we are not simply doomed to repeat past events like a foretold script. Prophecies can indeed be overturned. (DW)]


What will be the role of the cock (France) during these troubles? The “second cock’s” policy in this crucial period will probably be neutral and even pro-Soviet. The French leaders, hoping to avoid or turn to their advantage the political problems that arise and still profit economically from the situation, will be careful not to offend the USSR.

But when the invading troops from the Adriatic Trinacria are at her borders, France will rejoin the Occident in combating them. Yet during the first phase of the conflict, considering French policy, it is just as likely that many left-wing French volunteers will join in the Italian revolution even in Rome along with the Lybiques and Albanians as is implied in Quatrains VIII-9 and IV-4 below.

The first French foreign policy seems to be revealed by:

While the Eagle and the cock at Savona

Will be united, Sea, Levant and Hungary

The army at Palermo, Mark of Ancona,

Rome, Venice by Barbe horrible cry.  VIII-9


From the above one can deduce that France and the Italian communist government will sign a pact at Savona, an agreement going pretty far in the union of ideas; the revolutionary war will be raging not only in southern Italy but on the sea, in the Levant (the Near East), and in Hungary. At this time Rome and Italy will be subject to the Barbarians.

The helpless prince angry and quarrels

Rapine and plunder, by cocks and Libyans.

Great host by land, by sea infinite sails

Sister Italy will be chasing Celtics.  IV-4


This verse is obviously related to the previous one and Italy will be robbed and looted by the cocks (plural) and the Lybiques (the French allied with the Libyans). A “great host” is a grand army and “infinite sails” echoes the terms of the Letter to the King where Nostradamus speaks of the invasion of Adriatic Trinacria.

“By sea infinite sails” may also denote the countless supply and support aircraft used in modern invasions! Sister Italy chasing Celtics is not plain: who is this sister? The USA, the new Rome?

At any rate, after these troubled times and after much dissidence and desertion, the western world will finally unite and beat back the “Barbaric sect” and this will be most clearly seen in the Mediterranean:

From Barcelona, from Genoa and Venice,

From Sicily plague united to Monet

They will aim against the Barbary fleet

Barbarians repulsed as far as Tunis.  IX-42


“Barbarians” is what the Romans called people foreign to the Mediterranean, especially those from the lands we now call the East. But the term Barbaric sect can at the same to refer to the inhabitants of ancient Barbary, that is, North Africa, including Libya.

By using these two terms in the same context, Nostradamus was probably trying to indicate an alliance between these two groups of people. A “classe” in Nostradamian language means a fleet; so it appears that in the course of an aeronaval battle the Barbares will be routed and driven back across the Mediterranean.

“The barbaric sect greatly discomfited and repelled” in the Letter to the King suggests a defeat of the Arab and Soviet countries, allied for that occasion. Again, let’s wait, but the time seems near.



It seems very likely that the first geologic changes and major earthquakes will have begun when the USSR pushes toward the Adriatic Trinacria; the quatrains cited above seen to prove it and in the Letter to the King, Nostradamus says that the “New Babylon will spawn at the time of the great earthquakes.

Since the country that will engulf the Adriatic Trinacria is the same as the New Babylon, as demonstrated above, the first great earthquakes should occur in the 1980’s.

Sixty-two quatrains clearly describe planetary cataclysms, hot stones falling, immense waves covering everything, dried-up streams and seas, rivers and oceans where the fish will be “fever-cooked,” planetary perturbations with the appearance of comets, a “brother Moon ” etc., all this in terms strangely reminiscent of Velikovsky’ Worlds in Collision.

These 62 quatrains are given in their original form in Appendix I, but we will select four to study here: X-67, IX-83, II-52 and VI-88, for they all explicitly refer to the same event. When Nostradamus stresses a point so, as he did about the Revolution of 1720 with the famous verse about Varennes, etc., it involves an event of worldwide importance.

As a clue, our prophet marked such verses with key words or other recognizable signs. These four separate quatrains on a single earthquake must mean that it will be on a gigantic scale.

An earthquake so strong in the month of May

Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus

And Venus in Cancer, Mars in Nonnay (Virgo?)*

Hail will fall as big as an egg.  X-67

[*Translator’s Note: Nonne is a nun, so most scholars assume Nonnay means Virgo.]


The planets will be in these exact positions at the beginning of May 1988. Saturn will be in 2 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter between 12 and 14 degrees of Taurus, Mercury between 26 and 29 degrees of the same sign, Venus in 1 degree of Cancer, Mars between 16 and 20 degrees of Aquarius.

The author admits that he has not yet deciphered the word Nonnay, unless it means “nonnain,” a young monk, which could represent the young Boy of Aquarius who appears in medieval engravings.

Or could Mars be halted in its course by another heavenly body and appear then in the sign of the Nun, Virgo? This might be the planetary disturbance that will stir up the first great geologic upheavals!

But dating this event in May 1988 by the planetary positions must be correct, despite the obscurity of the term Nonnay, for such a position will not recur for thousands of years. Just going by the other four planets, whose positions in 1988 correspond perfectly to those in the quatrain.

[Note: Again, though there have been continual earthquakes of greater severity, this seems to be yet another prophecy that was overturned by the progress that humanity had made — much as the famous Nostradamus prophecy for 1999 did not come to pass.

This does not cast a negative shadow on Nostradamus’ abilities, but rather shows us that he was simply seeing the most probable future for us, based on his vantage point in time. (DW)]


So this verse describes an enormous earthquake in May 1988. Hail as big as eggs, considering the magnitude of the event, probably refers to a hail of stones, not ordinary hail. Velikovsky in his research also mentions hails of stones.

Quatrain IX-83 confirms and dates exactly this critical event and the additional details indicate a far-reaching catastrophe of great magnitude.

Sol twenty or Taurus the earth trembles violently

The great theatre, filled, will be ruined

The air, sky and earth darkened and disturbed

Then the Infidel God and saints he will sail.  IX-83


The zodiacal position, Sun in 20 degrees of Taurus occurs every year on May 10, so the great earthquake of May is thus scheduled for May 10, 1988. Such precision takes one’s breath away!

If it actually happens the glory of Nostradamus will be assured. The third line shows the strength of this quake which will shake the whole earth and corresponds well to the great earthquakes foretold in the Letter to the King.

The ruined theatre and the Infidel God and saints sailing remain an enigma. False gods, false saints?

Quatrain VI-88 also places the earthquake in the month of May:

A great realm will remain desolate

Near the Ebro they will be assembled

The Pyrenees Mountains will console him

When in May the lands will be shaken.  VI-88


These three quatrains point to May as the time of the great quake, during or preceding which great changes will be produced. Those of the above verse involving Spain since the Ebro and the Pyrenees are mentioned.

Finally quatrain II-52 supports the idea that many areas will be affected around the same time and that the tremors will come in the springtime.

For several nights the earth will shake,

In the spring two thrusts in succession

Corinth and Ephesus will swim in the two seas

War will be stirred up by two valiants.  II-52


Halley’s Comet is expected to return 1986/87 — will it cause a planetary perturbation that will set off the upheavals? One thing for sure: men have always instinctively dreaded these celestial torches.

This year 1988 may really be an unlucky one. Berose, Chaldean priest, historian and astronomer born 330 BC in Babylon, stated that an alignment of planets in Capricorn or in Cancer heralded major earth changes and that all the planets lined up at once in such a sign meant the end of the world.

Now in 1988 Uranus, Neptune and Saturn will be conjunct in Capricorn and these three planets are deemed malefic and violent in Astrology. In January 1989, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will be in Capricorn; Mars and the transplutonian in 30 degrees of Aries, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Scorpio.

The alignment of most of the planets in Capricorn bodes no good. Nostradamus neglected to mention Uranus and Neptune in his verse — don’t forget that they hadn’t been discovered yet.


The most spectacular details about this period of earth changes are found in the psychic readings of Cayce. With over 9,000 documented health-related readings at a success rate of nearly 100 percent, we can make a strong case for the probable truth of several thousand psychic or “life readings,” describing previous lives of the subjects.

All these readings, psychic and medical have been noted down, numbered and catalogued, and we hays to thank the American genius for organization that has given us such precise documentation in such an unusual field.

It may be the higher consciousness inspiring Nostradamus and Cayce that incited them to classify, for Nostradamus arranged his prophecies in ten “centuries,” with 100 verses in each, all duly numbered.

Here are the various Cayce readings describing the earlier and later earth changes.

“The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America.

There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes n the Torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles — so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.

And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds.” (3976-15, 19 Jan 1934)


“Before that the entity was in Atlantis when there were the periods of the first upheavals and the destructions that came to the land — as must in the next generation come to other lands.” (3209-2, 31 Dec 1943)


Figuring 33 years to a generation, since the reading says this will come in the next generation, it means those coming into the world at the time of the reading and reaching adulthood around 1968/69; so we should expect the first changes between 1968/69 and 1999.

Q 12. How soon will the changes in the earth’s activity begin to be apparent?

A 12. When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that’s South Pacific, to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that’s almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean and the Aetna area, then we may know it has begun. (311-8, April 9,1932)


Q 14. Will there be any physical changes in the earth’s surface in North America? If so. what sections will be affected, and how?

A 14. All over the country we will find many physical changes of a minor or greater degree. The greater change as we will find, in America, will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. Watch New York, Connecticut and the like! (311-8, April 9, 1932)

As to conditions in the geography of the world, of the country — changes here are gradually coming about.

For, many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of he west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S.

In the next few years lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the new order will carry on their trade as one with another.

Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia — these will disappear. This will be much sooner.

The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered.

Then the area where the entity is now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land — much of that is to be disturbed — in this land — as, of course, much in other lands. (1152-11, August 13, 1941)


The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland.

There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear South America will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off of Tierra del Fuego land, and a strait with rushing waters. (3976-15, 19 January 1934)