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Octahedral Crop Circle Formations 2000

  6/30/00   The above image, gleaned from recent “Crop Circle ” formations in England, is probably the single most invigorating and satisfying shot that we have ever had the pleasure to post, as it leaves little doubt of the content of its message. The formation to the left, diagrammed here by Peter Sorenson, appeared on June 11, 2000 at the famous Silbury Hill field, which has hosted some of the most impressive formations each year. The formation to the right, diagrammed here by Frances Mallet, appeared exactly one week later on June 18, 2000 in Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire,...

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Wilcock Debates: Why Has No One Been Able to Photograph an ET Contact?

  By David Wilcock [3/15/09: This is a classic example of what happens when a person tries to force a discussion onto one thing, and ONLY one thing, they want to talk about, and ignoring anything else that comes up along the way.  The best thing to do when you encounter someone like this is to withdraw from the discussion once you see they are not treating you respectfully. It took me many years to understand this simple concept and follow it.  Though this member of our discussion group was completely unwilling to engage any point but his own, which admittedly pushed my buttons, my arguments nonetheless proved interesting.] From: Sent: Friday, September 17, 1999 12:38 PM To: David Wilcock Subject: I know why Aliens Abduct Humans. Read This   I work with many abductees, and I don’t believe the Aliens are after our DNA at all. The needles, the removal of skin samples and reproductive material, this is all a diversion. You’ll note that in every abduction case, the victims are stripped of their clothing, while the Aliens perform their experiments. What’s really happening is, the Aliens are taking the clothing into a back room and copying the designs. They then make cheap knock-offs and peddle them at bargain prices on backward planets. It’s a fashion rip-off scheme. Right now, I’ll bet there are entire planets in the...

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Interview: Is the “Sleeping Prophet” Back?

Is The “Sleeping Prophet” Back? An Interview With David Wilcock 8/17/99 RICK MARTIN Part 1: The Wanderer Awakens As was mentioned in one item of The News Desk in the last edition of The SPECTRUM, David Wilcock is a remarkable young man. The parallels between Wilcock and Cayce are not only amazing but, statistically speaking, quite compelling and totally convincing to many. It was certainly time to explore this subject more directly.   I spoke with David by telephone on August 3. With his busy schedule, I expected to have a 15-minute interview. But to my delight and surprise, we had a very cordial and in-depth 90-minute conversation. I got the impression of a very nice and articulate person, not afraid to be human or otherwise bound-up within an ego-driven facade. Having just experienced his first major publicity appearance on the Laura Lee radio program on July 17, David was still stinging from what was a less-than-receptive encounter. The controlled media, no matter how well disguised, even (or maybe especially) in the format of a talk show, always takes some getting used to! After assuring David that The SPECTRUM is “user friendly”, and after he checked with his own Inner Guidance, he felt at ease enough to share with us without hesitation. While the front end of this conversation will hold particular interest for those well versed in knowledge...

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Incredible New Crop Circle Shows HD Geometry

Incredible New Crop Circle Shows 3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry, as Described in Convergence By David Wilcock 7/4/99     What we see in the above diagram is completely incredible. For what appears to be the first time, we have an image depicting an “unwrapped” octahedron in a “Crop circle” of truly epic size, now more appropriately called a “crop formation.” If any of us decide to trace out this pattern on paper, cut it out and fold the edges as shown, we will indeed have a scale model of an octahedron. The numbered triangles in the crop circle diagram all...

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Quick Introduction to “Shift of the Ages”

  A Quick Introduction to “The Shift of the Ages” By David Wilcock 7/3/99   This short piece is designed to give the basics behind “The Shift of the Ages,” a body of metaphysical research that many people feel has profound, incredible implications for all of us here on Earth. It all begins with my initial foray into the bizarre world of UFOs and exotic physics, which came about in 1993 when I had obtained direct information that came from a college professor who was an ex-NASA insider. My informant spoke directly with this professor, who asserted that the...

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Review of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” and Ascension Parallels

Yes, dear friends, at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, May, 19, 1999, I was in the crowd with my prepaid ticket to see the new Star Wars film ‘The Phantom Menace’ at the first possible minute of linear time on Earth that anyone other than the media was allowed to see it. After all, this was and is a major cultural event, the new first installment in perhaps the most well known movie series of all time. George Lucas certainly had some big shoes to fill, and I was very eager to see how he did with it. The late opening-night crowd was almost 100 percent college-aged students, as with the drive home the whole thing lasted until at least 2:30 a.m., a sacrifice that the average workaday person simply could not make. The movie guys had told me that I was “guaranteed a seat, although not necessarily a good seat.” When I got to the building about 40 minutes early, there was indeed a line that wrapped around the side of the building for about 800 feet. I humbly resigned myself to the back of the line, not knowing what I was in for. As I stood in line I noticed that the “kids” had really decked themselves out for this. Women all around me were dressed in very appealing attire, and there were an overwhelmingly great number of...

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Escaping from the “Concrete Jungle:” David’s Diet Rant

By David Wilcock 5 / 20 / 99   [3/15/09: I definitely went on a soapbox and ranted in this article — definitely was going through an unhappy time — so I changed the title accordingly!]  In today’s society we have allowed ourselves to separate further and further from nature, until our lives have become only scattered remnants of the agrarian lifestyles known only a few generations before. In this modern machine age, we have become addicted in an increasingly parasitic relationship to the voluminous number of conveniences that we have created for ourselves. Among them are motorized transportation, electric power, running water and prepackaged foods that need simply be picked up at the local supermarket. We don’t always think that “natural” is better. Many of us would have no idea what to do if we were stuck in the woods or if our electricity and water were shut off for a few days. We have grown increasingly reliant on the multitudes of conveniences that society has provided for us, and there does not appear to be any end in sight – although the y2k computer bug might certainly give us a new crack at it. So let’s talk about us. Many of us still prefer the flavor-enhanced, sugar and MSG-laden foods now available in our stores to the simplicity and health of brown rice, raw vegetables, beans and...

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