Monday 4/16/07

[Updated 4/17]

Our biggest “smoking gun” for 2012 yet! Holographic, fractal patterns can be seen throughout the entire Universe, at every level of size… now revealed in giant gas clouds leaving conventional scientists scratching their heads… 


We noticed the ‘red rectangle’ nebula when it first came out, but at the time we were posting much less frequently, and saved it for some future compilation of all our work… such as a future volume of our CONVERGENCE series, or another article with Richard C. Hoagland.

All you’re looking at here is an exploding star, with dust shooting out of it… but clearly there is some type of energy field that is structuring that dust as it expands, into a very precise geometric pattern:




The problem is that typical magnetic fields, in the conventional physics models, simply do not allow for such geometric precision. The scientists truly do not know what to make out of things like this! Later in this article we’ll bring in some excerpts where it is discussed… but no clear or reliable explanations are being given… only theories.

Our 2003 article, The Matrix is a Reality, sets out the basic argument for how something like this could be happening… and today we just updated the article and got all the graphic links working so you can read it for yourself



We didn’t even expect to write anything more about this nebula until the next book… but when a TWIN of the original came up on the front page of today, linked here, we realized it was time to document this phenomenon.

The next image we see below is of the NEW nebula, which is a perfect ‘square’. However, that’s still two-dimensional thinking. What’s a square in three dimensions? 

Why a cube, of course!




Although it is remotely possible that the star’s explosion only blasted out in one direction, creating more of a pyramid shape, what you are probably seeing is a perfect cube — sitting there in space like a Borg hive ship.

Since all four sides are equal in length and at perfect 90-degree angles to each other, and again it has structured ‘rungs’ in it as we saw in the previous image, the scientists are totally baffled… it has even GREATER symmetry than the ‘rectangle’ nebula did!

Here’s where the mystery comes in. These patterns do not just occur in the vastness of space… they equally occur at the tiniest level of atoms and molecules, as can be seen, for example, in the cubical structure of ordinary table salt, or sodium chloride:




Notice any similarities? Good. You are seeing another manifestation of a unified system of physics that the mainstream refuses to accept. Geometry determines structure throughout the Universe, at every level of size… and it continues to be in effect as you zoom in smaller and smaller on the quantum scale.



What could possibly be causing something like this?

The new nebula photographs offer stunning, visible proof that geometry plays more of a role in the forces of the Universe than most of us may ever believe. Our scientists can only struggle to understand this within their existing mainstream models. Yet, we already have key elements in place to help explain it.

First of all, we know that geometry is not a random, mysterious, once-in-a-lifetime effect… it is a basic pattern formed in a fluid when it is vibrated, as we see in the case of Dr. Hans Jenny’s work with what he called Cymatics. All he did was take a drop of ordinary water, fill it with very tiny particles called ‘colloids’, and then vibrate the water.

In this example we see how these simple particles in a fluid take on geometric structure, by nothing more than vibration:




Notice any similarities? Good… you’re already seeing something that the world’s brighest and best have not yet accepted or even understood. Yet, Dr. Jenny’s data has been available for decades!

Here is the most interesting VIDEO treatment of Dr. Jenny’s discoveries currently on the Net. You have to just relax into the groove and go with it, man… it changes up after about the first two and a half minutes or so. [You may want to mute the music if it becomes too repetitive]:



“Bah,” some might say, “that doesn’t mean anything without replication. No one else has discovered anything like this.”

Wrong again. Recently, scientists in Denmark discovered that when they rotated ordinary water — or a more viscous solvent known as ethylene glycol — at certain speeds, the water no longer formed a typical tornado-shaped vortex… instead, mysterious geometric patterns emerged… including our ‘square’:


Here is the short article on this intriguing new science: 

Strange things happen when you rapidly rotate the bottom plate of a cylindrical container filled with water. Physicists in Denmark conducted this experiment as part of their lab study of tornadoes.

But what they found was totally unexpected: polygons, with up to six corners, forming in the middle of the rotating water!

When water is rotated, it moves toward the wall due to the centrifugal force. When the speed is high enough, vortexes and other instabilities appear.

The present experiment, performed by Tomas Bohr and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, is different from all previous experiments, because the sides of the container have been kept still — while only the bottom rotates.

The bucket is made of Plexiglas, is about 20 cm across, and contains a rotating plate underneath. Bohr and co-workers filled the container with water, and set the plate rotating. When the rotation rate became sufficiently large, deformations — in the form of polygons with up to six corners — had appeared on the surface of the fluid.


Researchers then used ethylene glycol, which is about 15 times more viscous than water. They observed three-cornered polygons — and in some cases, vortices formed near the polygons’ corners.

Scientists don’t yet understand why the polygons form, but they plan to repeat the experiment with containers of different diameters — and with fluids that are more viscous. “The variation with these parameters should give us significant information about the origin of the structures,” said Bohr.

A video and more pictures can be seen here.


Again, this is in defiance of all conventional physics principles, and yet the proof is right there in front of us. It all becomes much easier to understand when we explore the basics of vibration, and look back at Dr. Hans Jenny’s diagrams. 



It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that Dr. Jenny could increase the vibration and create a more complex form of geometry. All we’re doing is taking the same fine particles, in the same fluid, and changing the pitch of the sound we’re playing into the whole mix.

If you go back to the previous Cymatics diagram from Dr. Jenny, you can see how the geometries become increasingly complex as you head toward the bottom right — i.e. as the frequencies are increased. 

Similarly, when Dr. Jenny decreased the sound vibration back to where it had been before, the original geometry came back — just like it had never left! 

Each geometric form is a stable pattern, which appears for each level of frequency — every time that frequency is played. You see flowing movement within the pattern, but the pattern itself does not change.

It forms a STRUCTURE. Go up, go down, your structures will change accordingly, but they will always be there, waiting for you, when you play the right ‘tune’. 

Similarly, in this Danish study, certain speeds of rotation created certain geometric patterns… certain STRUCTURES… every time! 



If you consider that all matter, energy and consciousness as we know it is part of a Unified Field, which is outside our ‘known’ three dimensions, then you’re on the right track. Then, consider that this field behaves like a fluid.

What did we just learn about fluids?

When a fluid is vibrated, it crystallizes, and forms geometry… just like we saw in the picture of the salt crystal above. 

In this case, vibration is what causes the ‘fluid’ to crystallize. In Dr. Jenny’s experiments, vibration (technically ‘pulsation’) takes the fine ‘particles’ that you would never otherwise see or be able to measure, and causes them to gather together — eventually gaining enough strength that they ‘crystallize’ into matter as we now know it.

If this is what is really happening, then we have all sorts of bonuses — including the fact that harmonics work at all different levels of size (scale). If you strike a key on the piano, you hear that note, but you hear many other notes as well — known as the overtone scale. This is a basic fact of harmonics… you keep seeing the same vibrations re-appearing in smaller intervals. 

Could this explain how the ‘vibrations’ of a salt crystal emerge in a gigantic nebula of interstellar dust?




Readers of our CONVERGENCE series, particularly the third volume, Divine Cosmos, are well aware that in our model, we are dealing with a form of ‘quantum energy field’ where the same patterns appear at ALL different levels of size.

This diagram from Ray Tomes shows how the average distances between various objects in the Cosmos will continue rising at a uniform rate — i.e. by a factor of 34560 — from the smallest quantum level all the way up to the Universe itself. Keep this in mind when you see the form of a grain of table salt in a giant nebula of interstellar gas: 



We are now aware of other researchers who have discovered similar phenomena in nature — including Dr. Hartmut Muller with his “Global Scaling Theory” and Nassim Haramein at The Resonance Project Foundation (including this ‘layman’ article , which still probably goes over most people’s heads). This ‘scaling’ phenomenon in the Universe is totally the result of harmonics in action.



When you hear an “A”, such as by striking a tuning fork, Western musicians set it at 440 cycles of vibration per second. That’s all a musical note is… it is a speed of vibrations, per second, for air molecules. The vibrations travel through the air from the tuning fork to your ear. If there was no air to move, then you wouldn’t hear anything. 

In the case of the hyperdimensional energy fields of the universe, they exist everywhere, and behave like a fluid. What Ray Tomes discovered is that the crucial vibration in this fluid is not 440 cycles, but rather 34560. As we expand in size throughout the Universe, this same ‘harmonic’ is at work. 

Now that we’ve set up the basics, let’s have a round-up of how this actually works — three-dimensional geometries emerging in a variety of forms, from the quantum all the way up to the known Universe.



Readers of Divine Cosmos already know that we see this geometry emerge from the sub-quantum level of Planck’s Constant, the smallest size energy can be in the Universe…



…through to a mysterious, little-known phenomena of atoms to group together into perfect geometric ‘microclusters’, which then take on strange properties unknown in any other type of matter…



…through to the behavior of the Earth’s crust as it has grown apart over time, following precise geometric boundaries in the process…



…now including the obviously geometric ‘hexagon’ on Saturn’s north pole… 



…going on up to gigantic super-clusters of galaxies arranging into a geometric ‘matrix’ of diamond-shaped octahedrons:



And finally, the background radiation of the entire Universe — the leftover dust from the early days of its formation — shows a clear octahedron shape as well, when you play ‘connect the dots’ with the lobes you see here:



Additional analysis of this same body of data discovered that it not only had an octahedron shape in it, there was a giant ‘dodecahedron’ as well. Beware that when searching for this data, everyone outside America calls a soccer ball a ‘football’, so you might want to look for key phrases like “the Cosmos is shaped like a football”:




So, there is already abundant evidence that these ‘hyperdimensional’ forces exist, from the smallest to the largest levels of size in the Cosmos. If you would like to see much more evidence of this kind of geometry in our Solar System, read Part Two of our 2004 article, Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?.




Again, if we’re seeing such redundancy in the way matter and energy functions — like ‘crystals’ growing out of a hyperdimensional ‘fluid’ by vibration — then are there any ways in which we can practically study and use this knowledge… such as to build a new technology?

Yes… and the technology is called a hologram!

In order to set up the point about how holograms relate back to physical matter, we need to learn a little more about the hidden properties of quantum physics first.

Though it is outside the scope of this article to go into detail, in our Divine Cosmos book we present numerous examples showing us that matter has a hidden ‘quantum energy field’ that keeps it going. Otherwise, the idea of electrons perpetually circling a nucleus and never running out of energy is another paradox… along the same lines as ‘perpetual motion.’

How could these electrons possibly continue whirling along and never lose any of their energy, causing them to weaken and ultimately crash into the nucleus?


The answer, again, is that electrons are like a candle flame — they draw off of an energy source to stay ‘lit’.

In the case of a candle flame, you have wax and oxygen… whereas electrons (along with all other forms of matter) draw off this ‘quantum’ energy field — which used to be called the ‘aether’. No one can agree on what it’s called, but all cutting-edge scientists, mainstream or otherwise, are realizing that it has to be there. 



Now that we’ve seen the same geometric patterns emerging throughout the entire Universe, a strictly ‘quantum’ interpretation of these energy fields doesn’t stand up to inspection.

The same pattern you see in a close-up picture of a salt crystal is now also appearing in two different ‘cubical’ nebulae that our astronomers have discovered… along with superclusters of galaxies, and even the distribution of dust at the fringes of the Known Universe!

Many men will be relieved to discover that in Mother Nature’s own terms, “size does NOT matter” — we see the same effects at every level. You just have to think harder, and go with the flow… like the Niagara River. That’s the only way you can stay on top of this sexy new model.

Again, for this same reason, labeling these fields as ‘quantum’ is a mistake, because they can also take on much larger levels of size. How could anything in the Universe be able to retain its basic structure through so many changes? The first part of the answer is in the holographic principle.



The ‘holographic’ principle comes from a simple but mysterious discovery. Start by recording an image of a three-dimensional object on a ‘holographic plate,’ which is basically a film that captures a holographic image:





This is the curious type of interference pattern you will then see on that plate. Notice how it has a ‘square’ structure that you can make out between the rippling circular rings. Connect the dots of this ‘square’ and you’ll again see something like our salt crystal or nebula — but remember, you are now looking at the hidden holographic blueprint of a three-dimensional object: 




If you look closely, you can also see that the larger-scale ‘square’ patterns are mirrored IDENTICALLY in smaller-scale patterns as you zoom in!

Sure enough, you can cut that ‘plate’ up into as many pieces as you want… of whatever size… and each individual piece will then recreate the image of the whole when you shine a laser into it!

This is a well-known phenomena of holograms since they were first ‘discovered’ in the 1960s (I heard from NASA insider testimony that the technology was originally found in crashes of extraterrestrial hardware like Roswell):





When you shine a laser beam through a smaller, broken-off piece of the holographic plate, using a process just like we see in the above image, your hologram might not be as bright as the original, but you’ll still see the exact same shape… in full, three-dimensional detail!

What we are saying is that this ‘holographic’ principle is well at work in the energy fields responsible for salt crystals and nebulae alike. The hidden, hyperdimensional energy of the Cosmos, which underlies all matter, energy and consciousness as we know it, keeps repeating itself again and again, at every level… just like a hologram! 



Interestingly enough, we do have evidence that this ‘holographic’ principle works with consciousness as well. Dr. Karl Pribram has conclusively demonstrated the ‘holographic’ principle with his research involving the brain — and the diagrams you just saw, regarding how holograms are constructed, came from an informative article about his work.

Dr. Pribram is increasingly showing proof that the brain must be processing or recording information by such a ‘holographic’ principle.

This has been proven in what some people would consider to be ‘barbaric’ laboratory experiments — in which the brains of laboratory animals like rats, mice and salamanders have been sliced, diced, liquefied, lobotomized and abused in every imaginable way. And yet, tasks that these creatures learned, their visual acuity, et cetera… were unaffected! Motor coordination may suffer, but the information is still there.

Most people are not aware of this, since there obviously ARE cases where permanent brain damage occurs in human beings. We all too easily forget how many ‘miracles’ there are, though… where people lose significant amounts of brain tissue and, although they may require physical recovery, their memories and cognitive abilities essentially remain intact.

[I used to work with developmentally disabled people who, in some cases, had fully-functioning minds but with bodies that didn’t allow them to speak how they wanted to… like we see with Dr. Stephen Hawking, though obviously not at that level of genius. I once had a lucid dream in which I vividly experienced what this felt like. I was very relieved when it was over!] 

We will have much more to say on this subject in future writings, but here is a sample from the article on Pribram, with emphasis added:

Pribram: Sir John Eccles mentioned in an article several years ago that “synaptic potentials” — the electrical exchanges between brain cells — don’t occur alone. Every nerve branches, and when the electrical message goes down the branches, a ripple, or a wave front, is formed.





When other wave fronts come to the same location from other directions, the wave fronts intersect and set up an interference pattern. It’s somewhat like the meeting of ripples that form around two pebbles thrown into a pond.

It seemed plausible to me that if there are interfering wave fronts in the brain, those fronts might have the same properties as a hologram. Both holograms and brain tissue can be cut up without removing their image-processing capabilities.

Holograms are resistant to damage — like memory in the brain. The persistent puzzle of a distributed memory might be solved. The brain had to behave, in part, like a hologram.

Goleman: The puzzle couldn’t be solved without the hologram.

Pribram: Right.



The pattern we see on a holographic plate is a real-world demonstration of a ‘fractal’ as well.

‘Fractals’ are patterns that mysteriously govern a variety of different phenomena in nature… revealing an underlying order within apparent chaos. All you do is take a set of very simple (mathematical) rules, and then repeat them many times over… and stunning patterns emerge. 

Generally we do not see the fractals themselves in nature — only their by-products. When you have a real fractal image, you can zoom into it, and no matter how deeply you go, the same patterns keep emerging again and again. This was highly unexpected — considering the patterns are formed from such simple, repeating elements!



The most commonly-known fractal is the Mandelbrot Set, which was originally discovered by Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot on a contract with IBM, studying the flow patterns of electromagnetic energy through AT&T’s telephone lines across America. He was hoping to calculate a way in which they could pinpoint spontaneous and unpredictable losses of electrical power in the lines — and when he started mapping it all out, this pattern emerged on the graph: 



[Notice again the ‘square’ pattern of the round dots in the fractal. Surprised? Don’t be…]  


What really put Mandelbrot through the roof was to then walk into another room in the same office, and see this same graph appear again on a chalkboard… in this case emerging from a study of economic activity!

Since then, the same principle has been applied to natural phenomena… like rivers.



You have a giant river that branches off into streams, and streams branch off into creeks, creeks into rivulets, rivulets into trickles, et cetera… but each level of flowing water looks the same.

Similarly, a rough, rocky mountain will be littered with rough, jagged rocks that are smaller ‘fractal’ representations of the whole.  

When we expand our focus to the hidden architecture of the Cosmos, the underlying ‘fractal’ nature of the Universe expresses itself in geometry. That is the hidden connection between all different phenomena we see in nature, from the tiniest to the largest sizes.



For the purposes of our discussion today, now that we have a great background for what’s REALLY going on here, let’s go back and read the article on the new nebula that has been discovered. Then we’ll cap it off with a few more comments regarding our hyperdimensional model:

Near-Perfect Symmetry Revealed in Red Cosmic Square

By Ker Than
Staff Writer
posted: 12 April 2007
02:00 pm ET

If symmetry is a sign of splendor, then the newly discovered Red Square nebula is one of the most beautiful objects in the universe.



Seen in the infrared, the nebula resembles a giant, glowing red box in the sky, with a bright white inner core. A dying star called MWC 922 is located at the system’s center and spewing its innards from opposite poles into space. (A nebula is an interstellar cloud of gas, dust and plasma where stars can both emerge and die.)

“This spectacular event is the death of a star,” said study team member James Lloyd of Cornell University.

After MWC 922 ejects most of its material into space, it will contract into a dense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf, shrouded by clouds of its own remains.

The Red Square nebula discovery is detailed in the April 13 issue of the journal Science.


Almost perfect

What is particularly astonishing about the Red Square, the researchers say, is the degree of symmetry seen in lines, or “rungs,” that bisect its surface. The rungs appear as shadows, and their makeup is uncertain.

“The high degree of regularity in this case may point to the intriguing possibility that these bands are shadows cast by periodic ripples or waves on the surface of an inner disk close to the star at the heart of the system,” Lloyd said.

The Red Square ranks among the most symmetrical objects ever observed by scientists.  “If you fold things across the principle diagonal axis, you get an almost perfect reflection symmetry,” said study leader Peter Tuthill from the University of Sydney in Australia. “This makes the Red Square nebula the most symmetrical object of comparable complexity ever imaged.

The Red Square’s extreme symmetry suggests the star’s surroundings are extremely still, and not buffeted by external stellar winds or other turbulence.

The researchers propose that similar conditions are contributing to the extreme symmetry of another system, the Red Rectangle, whose central star is cooler than that of the Red Square.

“The Red Rectangle is mostly symmetrical, but it has some asymmetries,” Lloyd told “It wasn’t clear whether it was because the outflow was very symmetrical, or whether material in the outflow was encountering some other material” which introduced the symmetry.

The new findings suggest the system’s perfect form results from an even outflow of gas. “The reason the Red Square remains so symmetrical is that there is no material that has interfered with the outflow — so it has preserved the symmetry it was born with,” Lloyd said.


Adaptive optics

Tuthill and Lloyd spotted the Red Square using the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Caltech’s Palomar Observatory and the Keck-2 Telescope in Hawaii.

Both telescopes utilize a relatively new type of imaging called adaptive optics, which uses a laser guide star as a reference and a rapidly deforming mirror to correct image distortions from the Earth’s atmosphere in real time.

Adaptive optics “acts like a myopia cure for a telescope,” Lloyd said.


So, in this particular article, the best explanation that could be provided was the idea that there was “nothing else there to get in the way”, more or less, as the dying star’s gas expanded out into space. This still does nothing to explain how the expansion could be so perfectly geometric… and symmetrical. 

A similar paradox is at work in the quantum realm, with the so-called double-slit experiment. You can shoot single electrons at a single slit, and they will travel through the slit and appear to remain single. Mainstream scientists say that each electron is a ‘particle’ at this point.

However, if you shoot single electrons at TWO slits, it has been proven that they actually travel through BOTH slits at the same time — and actually hit more than one spot on the photographic plate at the same time!

Over the course of a large number of trials, you get THREE (or more) lines that appear on the photographic plate — suggesting a wave-like ‘interference pattern’!




Similarly, the Aspect experiment — a confirmation of ‘Bell’s Theorem’ — showed that you can release “paired photons” from a single source, and have them stay ‘entangled’ with each other — mirroing each other’s behavior — regardless of what happens to them along the way.

First, you release the ‘paired’ photons in opposite directions from their starting point. You send them through space, so that they hit two different mirrors, which are positioned at two totally different angles.

Most sane, thinking people would expect each photon to reflect off the mirror at the proper angle. Therefore, each photon would go off in a different direction.




To the surprise of mainstream scientists, BOTH photons turn in the same angular direction as they travel — even though one of those particles has to violate all known, obvious laws of mirror reflection to do so! 

Both of these mysteries are explained when we see that these ‘particles’ are, in fact, little harmonic packets of geometry — and if you stretch them apart, the geometry will get larger — and comparably weaker — but the ‘particle’ still acts as a whole.

Don’t forget that they can ‘stretch’ quite a long way — including the diameter of the entire Known Universe!

Very simple, easy to explain… and yet again, mainstream scientists just haven’t gone this far yet in their thinking!

It’s one thing to consider it at the level of the quantum realm in a laboratory… and quite another when you see this same exact principle governing the behavior of untold TRILLIONS of dust particles and photons as they expand away from a dying star!



One “Russian” scientist, actually a German hired by the Russians, realized that this ‘quantum’ effect extended throughout the Known Universe. I again refer to Dr. Hartmut Muller with his “Global Scaling Theory”.

If you go to Muller’s website and poke around for a while, you’ll discover that he has already been able to build GADGETS with this technology — including the beginning of a non-electromagnetic wireless internet technology, as well as a non-electromagnetic cell phone technology.

“Why wouldn’t our leaders want to release this technology right away?” you may ask. Simple, really… the signal ONLY EXISTS where it is generated, and where it is received… it is TOTALLY UNTRACEABLE in the space between. That means no Big Brother, no surveillance, no wiretapping, no alphabet-soup agency thugs bursting your door down when you do a Google search on “Illuminati”…. 🙂

With Muller’s technology, you’ve created a giant, stable geometric wave (torsion wave) between the sending and receiving devices. I will be writing more about this technology in the upcoming 2012 book.



If you are interested in learning more about the ‘double slit experiment’ in quantum physics, or are having trouble fully understanding it, the “Dr. Quantum” cartoon is a fairly decent little essay to start with. Be advised that it IS a cartoon, and therefore it does address you as if you were an eighth grader:



If you watched this video all the way until the end, then you’ll notice that they mention that ‘observing’ the electrons as they go through causes them to behave like particles, rather than to have a ‘wave function’.

The important part to remember here is that ‘observing’ means you are shining more light on the electron, thereby introducing new energy that wasn’t there before. This disrupts the natural harmonic expansion of the electron and causes it to shrink back down to ‘particle’ size, thus creating the “collapse of the wave function” the video refers to.



The reason why this matters, ultimately, is that there is a hidden ‘background’ energy in the Universe that our mainstream scientists are still not openly acknowledging — and our own mind is totally tied in with it!

This energy behaves according to basic principles of harmony, resonance and vibration, as we see in the new nebula images. Geometry is the product of vibration, and that’s precisely what we’re seeing. Don’t forget Dr. Hans Jenny’s work, showing the geometric patterns that can emerge by simply vibrating a fluid with tiny particles in it: 




The idea of a field of “radiant mind energy” throughout the Cosmos is a standard feature of ancient mystery-school teachings… and remember what we said in The Matrix is a Reality:

If we want to grasp the true nature of matter, we need to understand that the members of secret societies such as the Masonic Order are required to swear on pain of death that they will “ever conceal and never reveal” the secrets of the Order, and for a Royal Arch Mason and above, “murder and treason [are] not excepted.” (Duncan, 1865, Still, 1990.)

One of the ultimate Masonic secrets is that geometry is the hidden key to unlock the mysteries of the Universe: i.e., “God Geometrizes.” (Lawlor, 1985)


Figure 1: The Masonic emblem.


The “G” in the Masonic logo symbolizes geometry as well as God, the “Great Architect of the Universe.” Above the “G” is a compass and below the “G” is a carpenter’s square, these being the two main instruments through which a study of “sacred geometry” is conducted. (Lawlor, 1985)

The aspirant is literally taught how to draw and meditate upon various geometric forms, understanding that he is coming into contact with the energies of Creation by doing so.

Hence, any research that shows the importance of “sacred” geometry in quantum- and / or astrophysics, the very tiny or the very large, is not likely ever to surface into public view. Rev. CG Finney wrote how even in the late 1800s, members of the Masonic Order boasted that they had control of the US print media, government, military and justice system at the highest levels. (Finney, 1867)

Finally, most people are beginning to understand how heavily controlled the US media really is: especially those who are not Americans and those who actively use the Internet for more than just email and instant messaging.


So, as a result, the ‘insiders’ consider this a secret worth dying for… and obviously worth protecting from the ‘profane,’ which is anyone NOT initiated into the secret order.



Nonetheless, the science to understand this hidden energy field is now plentifully available. Consider the work of Dr. Rene Peoc’h, for example.

Though the original writeup is rather difficult to wade through, since it was not written in English, the gist of the study was that in over 80 different experimental trials, a group of 15 baby chicks were ‘imprinted’ on a robot… and were able to control it… by nothing more than their conscious intent!



The chicks were looking through a pane of glass into a dark room, and all they could see was a light, placed on top of the robot. This caused them to believe the light was their mother… and they formed a very strong emotional desire for the light to come closer.



[For illustrative purposes only… not the actual robot]


The robot had a random-number generator inside of it, which controlled the angle it would make each time it turned. The turns came in regular, rapid intervals. Amazingly enough, within a very short period of time, the chicks were able to get the robot to travel right in front of the window — over 70 percent of the time, averaged out over the many different trials Dr. Peoc’h ran!




As you can see in this comparison photo from Dr. Claude Swanson’s seminal book The Synchronized Universe, when the chicks could not SEE the robot (A), its behavior was completely random — and it traveled all over the room. When the window was open, and the chicks could see the robot (B), it goes back and forth, back and forth, right in front of the window, within no time.

Somehow, the powerful emotional intent of the chicks caused the robot to draw nearer to them. Their strong emotional desire created a basic change in the way electricity was flowing through the circuits in that computer chip, inside the robot! The result was that they were able to continually control what numbers it was generating, so that it would stay near them.

This strongly suggests that energy as we now know it has a basic intelligence, and responds to intent — particularly on a quantum level. This concept is totally foreign to mainstream scientists, but that does not mean it is false. 

Anyone who is aware of the film “The Secret” can see how this is a very direct scientific validation for the “Law of Attraction” — but as I wrote in my four-part article series “The Deeper Secret, ” you want to be careful how you go about using this power. 



Dr. Mark White, at his Code Fun website, appears to be the first person in human history to have solved and mapped out the human genetic code.

Your body is made up of millions of different proteins — for brain cells, liver cells, heart cells, bone cells, muscle cells, et cetera. All of these proteins are built from 20 basic amino acids, which are the same throughout all creatures on Earth… and they have all been found in space as well. 

The “genetic code” is a long-standing list of rules for how these amino acids can combine together to build the proteins in your body. I actually met the Ph.D. who mapped out these basic relationships at a conference.

He told me he is the third most frequently cited scientist in the world, in technical papers, due to how important — and useful — this mapping turned out to be. Yet neither he, nor any of his legions of colleagues, understood WHY these relationships existed, or how they were formed. 

Enter Dr. Mark White. He was the first to ingenuously map out these relationships across a three-dimensional surface… and what he found was truly revolutionary. This is the first time I’ve ever revealed this connection publicly. What Dr. White found was that you can SOLVE the genetic code… by mapping out the 20 amino acids across the surface of a dodecahedron!



Furthermore,  the geometry of the tetrahedron is involved as well, sliding over the surface of the dodecahedron to allow the protein synthesis to take place. 

Bear in mind that this is the EXACT same geometry that we’re seeing at work in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE… and it is building YOU… right now! 

As you sit here, millions of cells are splitting, undergoing mitosis… and the whole process is being guided by, yes, “hyperdimensional geometry!” 

Dr. White also reveals that the ‘ideal’ form of the DNA helix occurs when you map it out over a dodecahedron — and that is not a unique discovery. What IS unique is the cracking of the genetic code — showing how we are made. The geometry is like the ‘computer’ that processes the information potentials in our DNA:




Though we disagree with the idea that the DNA contains the information, as in this image, this is still a substantial step in the right direction. Ultimately we feel that the energy itself is the builder, in a truly ‘fractal’ and ‘holographic’ fashion — and the DNA is only an interface. To hear a great presentation of THAT evidence, check out The Science of Peace.

Dr. White’s data STRONGLY defeats the idea that we arose from ‘random mutations’ as in the Darwinian model. The basic rules of how our bodies are constructed, on the smallest level, are the same rules we see governing quantum physics, microcluster physics, planetary physics, galactic physics and the structure of the Universe itself!  All is One.

Now if the energy making that geometry is intelligent, and responds to your conscious thought, then what does this imply for your own ability to heal yourself… or even transform your body completely, a’ la “Ascension” and the mystery of 2012?

If the geometry itself gets more complicated when you raise the frequency of vibration, as we saw in Dr. Jenny’s diagrams, then what would happen to you if the frequency of your GENETIC CODE increased?

Say, in 2012, or thereabouts?

[Science of Peace listeners already know the answer!]

Similarly, what might happen to the physical objects around you if their molecular ‘frequency’ were to increase like this? Would they still be visible? Might you ultimately see an effect like the many spontaneous, inexplicable disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle?

In order for a change this massive to occur — a change in the basic ‘vibrational’ qualities of matter, energy and BIOLOGY as we know it… wouldn’t we already expect to see an energetic charge-up occurring throughout our entire Solar System, causing measurable changes in the Sun and all the planets?  




Everything I’ve shared with you so far is just the beginning of what you hear in my new audio MP3 series, The Science of Peace — three CD-length lectures on these fascinating new subjects of consciousness science, fractals, holograms, DNA evolution, et cetera — complete with a lush, continuous musical soundtrack I composed with nine-time Grammy award winner Larry Seyer.




Everyone’s appreciation for this new material has been quite stunning and gratifying… and we thank you! We’ve never had this level of interest in any of our other products before… so we’re obviously doing something right! 

If you click on the link you can read much more about it, and download three FREE MP3s from the series… there’s no point in repeating ourselves here.

More and more, the proof is coming out… and we can expect even more surprises in the weeks and months ahead, as we get closer and closer to 2012… which may very literally be a pivotal moment in the future of human consciousness as we know it. 


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