Monday 5/14/07 

The first part of our co-authored piece on the honeybee problem went online last night… check it out!    



This piece came out of a place where science really should originate — putting great minds together and coming up with a solution.

It is, of course, an ‘open secret’ that Hoagland and I do not agree on every issue — at times we have to state, in our articles, that there are differences of opinion. One key example is he thinks 2012 and interplanetary climate change is primarily caused by a body orbiting our Solar System at a distance, whereas I attribute it to a spherical galactic energy field expanding into the path of our solar system.

Both of us have scientific evidence to support our arguments, and I have yet to fully reveal all of mine publicly, though I hope to change that soon. You get a great overview of my case — minus some key images that close the sale — in the first part of Chapter Eight of Divine Cosmos.

I’m only now going through this book and fixing all the problems that developed from going over to a content-management system in November 2005 — including ‘modern’ paragraph spacing optimization — but it’s largely finished. The others will soon follow — and we will also make it easier to find these books than it is right now, buried in “Read Free Books Here” and then some uninteresting-looking text posts without graphics.

Hoagland also will not cover UFOs, due to a lack of being convinced of their origins or intentions, or if they even really exist — and he may or may not believe that 2012 has anything specifically to do with soul evolution and Ascension. I believe he was interested when I presented this in Joshua Tree, but certainly is not convinced. Nor does he specifically endorse intuitive written works as being valid and trustworthy, though that is a very key aspect of what I do. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to the scientific arena, we choose to focus on the 85 percent we have in common, regarding this new science, than on the 15 percent where we disagree. It is nice to work with someone on problems like this who is so well-versed in the material that he comes up with original ideas I wouldn’t have thought of myself. It is also nice to be respected for the strength of my scientific work as a stand-alone entity. 

I think solving the honeybee problem can smooth our transition in these last few years before the ‘event’ itself, and that’s my main concern for putting energy into trying to solve the problem. I believe we can engage in some combination of taking positive action that can help the planet, and also maintaining a state of blissful, uplifting and positive Pure Consciousness as much as we are able.

Part One is really just setting the stage for the argument — more of a teaser — but it definitely sets the stage for how the current bee problem is a function of the 2012 situation. We’ve also suggested that the ‘insiders’ have known about 2012 for a long time and have deliberately blocked research that could get people figuring it out.

Go see for yourself! We’re linking to it rather than mirroring it since there may be minor changes in the text itself as we go. 


The Bees’ Needs: It’s the Physics, Stupid!