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Ascension is a Process, Not a Conclusion: David’s Brother Receives In-Person ET Contact

  ASCENSION IS A PROCESS: NOT A CONCLUSION – A Most Remarkable Synchronicity Event – By David and Michael Wilcock 4 / 5 / 02   PART ONE: DAVID’S INTRODUCTION As this story has matured to the point of going to press, world situations have gotten so extreme that it would seem negligent not to mention them immediately. The sheer psychological pressure of the events that are now unfolding on the world stage is quite intense; there is no solid way to pin down any grounded viewpoint over what is heading our way and how soon. Even those who most dearly cling to our cherished institutions are being forced to confront harsh realities of corruption and mismanagement at the highest of levels. Both church and state have been rocked by unimaginably vast scandals, and the situation in Israel is literally unfolding on an hourly basis, perfectly symbolic of the combined problems of religious and government failures. Indeed, it is a quite unique moment in world history as we prepare to post this captivating article featuring an account of a full, visual, waking extraterrestrial contact experienced by my brother, which appears to have been directly triggered by a prayer that I made without his conscious awareness. Most of our readers are aware that the exact nature of these times we now experience were written into many different prophecies from cultures...

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Revelation on the Revelations, Part II

REVELATION The book of Revelation speaks repeatedly about earth changes as well as the sudden transformation of our world into what is referred to as a “New Heaven and New Earth.” (21:1) As many people know, there is reference made to a set of “tribulations” that involve seven seals that are opened, each of which seem to involve increasingly traumatic Earth changes. What most people do not realize is that there are, in fact, three different series of seven events: The seven seals.  These events are mostly a metaphorical review of the spiritual problems now seen on Earth that have developed through history. The seven thunders or trumpet blasts.  These are more obvious and direct prophecies of future cataclysms as well as our present day turmoils, describing the energetic transformations yet to arrive. The seven vials of God’s wrath.  By this point, we have even more incredibly cataclysmic events, but also many direct indications of the energetic transformations as well.   We should also remember that John was not allowed to write down everything that he saw as a literal truth, and was therefore required to put his visions in the form of metaphors or parables. This can be explained in Revelation 10:4, when John said, “And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto...

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Revelation on the Revelations

  REVELATION ON THE REVELATIONS: PART ONE   Advanced “Ascension Physics” in Ancient Scripture and its Meaning For Today   Part One: Fatima Sightings and Book of Matthew   Tuesday, October 2, 2001   By David Wilcock and Francois Masson   In the harbor of America’s greatest city, facing the Statue that has called forth so many “tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” the mighty towers of Western finance have collapsed to dust — and the “First World” continues to reel in the aftermath. As financial markets plummet to unknown depths, “America’s New War,” the “Crusade” of...

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