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Review of “Matrix” and Ascension Parallels

The flashy new movie “Matrix” has a hidden message, woven in amidst all the Hollywood bells and whistles that have become quite cliché these days, including the gunfights where people are dying with rock-and-roll or techno music blasting in the background. The heroes of the movie are actually the ones doing most of the killings. Although it approaches bankruptcy in the spiritual sense for being so ridden with glamorized violence, it is certainly worth mentioning due to its overwhelming, direct penetration into the subconscious metaphor of the imminent Ascension event. Perhaps these movies are all working off of each other, in a way. It could be Hollywood’s own way of continuing to synopsize its own philosophical musings on the human condition. This movie has clearly synthesized many other themes that have been presented over the years, in a moderately new and very slick, space-age way. Central to the theme of the movie is the concept of our own destruction of ourselves on a planetary scale. In this sense, we have all participated equally in what has occurred, and we all need to participate equally in stopping it, namely by being of service to others. The movie does not adequately explain or demonstrate what really needs to be done to pull us out of this phase of our existence, with one sole exception. The last scene demonstrates that it is...

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All-Inclusive List of Dietetic No-No’s

All Inclusive List of Dietetic No-No’s (Subtitled, “You thought you were getting away with it, didn’t you?)   [Note: Now don’t cry and fret about the intensity of dietetic changes that you would need to make in order to fully support the outlines given in this list. It is important to know what is right and what is not right in order to keep yourself in balance. The ideal “ET Diet” is indeed quite strict, but it leads to a dramatic increase in vital energy, psychic awareness and the actual speed of your spiritual vibrations. Disclaimer: You MUST not make these adjustments too suddenly, and you MUST keep eating a variety of foods regularly, three meals a day. Do NOT become an anorexic or think that you can do all of this overnight. David Wilcock and the Ascension 2000 staff do not assume responsibility for your free-will decisions to accept or reject this dietetic guidance. If you have questions about a specific personal health concern arising from taking on this diet, consult a doctor before making such a choice.] [3/14/09: This list is obviously far more strict than most people could ever eat. The idea is not necessarily to stop eating all these things. Namely, if you can avoid more and more of these items, your health will optimize.]    I’m sending this out as a guide. Pass it...

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Insider Politics: The Dark Night of the American Soul

Many of you have been patiently waiting all year for a new political analysis article to provide some sense of direction for what we are now seeing on Earth. This article provides very compelling evidence to suggest that a highly significant world economic and political change will come into view in 2004. If you are living on Earth at this time, you will probably benefit from this article’s guidance.  Insider Politics: The Dark Night of the American Soul The Personal Context of Political Events By David Wilcock 8 / 5 / 3 Our current world events are often viewed with fear, dread, despondency, sadness, bitterness, betrayal, isolation or victimization. Yet, for thousands of years, ancient prophecies have given accurate prophetic descriptions of our current times with a sense of wonderment and excitation, not despair. In a remarkably cross-cultural set of prophecies, the socio-political events we are now seeing are said to be part of an ancient “formula” that paves the way for a Golden Age on earth for humanity. The hidden negative forces in government are aware of these prophecies as well, and are hoping to master these changes so as to create a “New World Order” when the changes arrive. From Biblical prophecy right on through to the present, we have mountains of evidence to suggest that these plans will not succeed, and the monumental failures of the...

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