Monday, March 19, 2001




What we see between these two graphs is a 2:1 harmonic expansion ratio of the Dow in 1929 to the NASDAQ in 2000-2001, occurring in conjunction with a 71.5-year cycle, very close to the “ideal ” harmonic of 72 years.

To put it in simpler terms, the movements of the Dow, historically correlated with the “Great Depression, ” are now duplicating themselves in the NASDAQ at present, at a rate that is twice as fast. This is a completely normal behavior of the Harmonic Universe and its effects on human consciousness as expressed in The Shift of the Ages and now Convergence III, which thousands are now eagerly urging us to complete. (Estimate: +/- 3 wks. left.)

The stock markets are only a reflection of the collective status of human emotion, whether optimistic or fearful, and that in turn is affected by the planetary movements as well as the large-scale movements of our heliosphere through the Galaxy.

One of the last myths that must fall is that human consciousness is self-contained and completely non-deterministic; now we see that we are part of One Ultimate Being and our thoughts move in tandem with our movements through “intelligent energy. ”

The science of astrology is only an entry-level understanding, at best, of how this works, an Atlantean hand-me-down that many have used with astonishing preciseness throughout time. A truer understanding may be gained in the following link from Masson‘s book, which discusses the science of cyclology, where historical events repeat precisely in harmonic intervals of time that are fractions of the 25,920-year Grand Cycle:

This “Galactic astrology, ” where the Grand Cycle is also carved up into twelve different “ages of the zodiac ” of 2,160 years each, is actually far more important to understand than ordinary astrology. And now that we are at the end of the entire Cycle itself, we can expect a sweeping renaissance of human civilization into a literal higher density of aetheric energy, a whole new level akin to a “Golden Age. ”



As we can see in the above graph, this 71.5-year market trend has been actively followed by Mr. Adam Hamilton of Zeal, LLC since at least August 2000, and in fact the boom-crash of April 2000 was when the cycle really came into full view. In the graph we can see how the correlations move to .85 out of one, or 85% identical, starting in the March period; and even since July of 1999 it was becoming visible.

Even to the diehard skeptic, this graph becomes the “smoking gun ” for the proof that the mass grain of human collective consciousness and behavior repeats in musically-precise cycles of time, with harmonic expansion or contraction ratios, such as 2:1, factoring in as well.

As can be seen in the chart at the beginning of this page, the cycle has continued to progress with astonishing preciseness, and realistically there is no reason to suspect that it will change, as these powerful energies at work on human consciousness are as yet unrecognized by the masses.

Ethically, it appears that no one person or group could have the almost Messianic media influence to make us aware of it in time to alter it, and similarly it is pointless to accuse us of making a “self-fulfilling prophecy ” when the data is this sound and has already been seen in the worldwide economic slowdown and general increase in chaotic energy – warfare, weather, solar behavior, earthquakes and otherwise – that is now so plainly visible.

Based on the chart, we should expect that the NASDAQ will show a short rally in the next week or so, and it has already started as of today, March 19, where it closed up by 60.27 points. Of course, to the more astute observer, we can now see that the hard science behind the prophecies that we have long been receiving and posting on this site regarding economic changes has now been found.

We have endured a certain degree of skepticism and scorn since early 1999 when these prophecies really started coming in with such vigor and force, indicating that the changes would come in the “very near future. ” Nothing seemed to happen and it appeared to be a “dud. ”

Now, the data seen above represents a watershed event in our analysis and understanding of what is occurring on Earth, and why we have been so repeatedly advised of these changes even though nothing seemed to have been changing all that much, up until the last few months.

So, what follows is an extraordinarily deep trance reading that came in last night, after deliberating over our moral and ethical obligations over whether or not to publish such an arresting confirmatory statement of our data as this.

While the data may seem intimidating, it is simply a fulfillment of prophecy, which ultimately has a positive outcome. Remember the quotation from Jesus in the Book of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 40, which speaks most specifically to the idea that certain people may spontaneously transmute as these changes occur:

“Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. ”


Then at this point, Jesus warns that these changes could occur very quickly and advises people to be prepared and watchful:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh. ”


The research that we have featured on this site, soon to find final fulfillment in our tireless and endless labors in finishing Convergence III, do everything short of proving that a massive energetic change is soon to sweep through the collective body of human civilization. The entire Earth, Sun and Solar System at large is showing outrageous signs of increase in its overall energetic charge, as realized in the pioneering work of Russian scientist Dr. Alexey Dmitriev.

The only question now is exactly what these changes will “do ” to the human mind/body/spirit complex. The quote from Jesus above is an astute reminder of the fact that it is wise to be prepared if you have knowledge that changes are to occur. Previously, our readings had made the statement that the worldwide economies would bottom “no later than summer of 2002, ” and now it appears that this is part of that process.

Economically, you can use this information to your advantage. Park your assets in HARD COMMODITIES, especially pre-1900 gold coins such as French Ceres or Napoleon III‘s, with .1876 ounces of gold apiece, and you will come out ahead. These are over 100-year old “numismatic ” coins and in the previous gold recalls they were left untouched by the powers-that-be.

Currently, as is so well covered on the Zeal, LLC website at, the price of gold is being viciously attacked by the British bankers in a desperate attempt to bail out some of the world‘s richest people and the unwise investments that they made. So, gold will still appear to be a terrible investment, when in fact the manipulations make this a wonderful time to clean up at bargain-basement prices and “buy on the dips. ”

The multinational elites are truly lying to themselves if they think that they can alter fate like this forever by manipulating gold prices. This has a number of benefits for them, including making the dollar unnaturally strong against other countries that are still on a gold-standard, by making gold appear to be worthless junk. We will have more to say about the direction that the markets will take as time goes on, but for now, our advice is: buy gold and forget about it.

Once the price fixing scheme collapses, and it will most assuredly collapse, you may find your investment to have tripled or even quadrupled in its value, and you will be insulated against the inevitable weakening of the dollar that will result. Getting small-interval coins such as 1/10-oz. or .1876-oz. will give you something to use as a medium of exchange for goods and services in the upcoming changes. (Gold is now about $260 an ounce.)

Since the readings did say that the bottom would be reached by summer of 2002, this also means that we will have been through the worst of it by then, so this may not necessarily be an overly drawn-out process as was the Great Depression beforehand.

The reason why we‘ve sidestepped our incredible schedule of writing and research to put out this article is that the reading that came through last night is so incredible in its beauty and majesty, and so perfectly time-stamped to the issues that we are facing right now, that justice can only be served best by releasing it as-is, as soon as possible.

The focus, which you should see almost immediately, is that we must constantly be vigilant not to lapse into fear about these changes, but rather live in the forethought and truth that sooner or later, everything that we have been prepared for is really going to happen, and in that moment it will indeed be in the “Now, ” not the later!

Now that this moment has indeed come so plainly into view, it is time that we wake up and prepare ourselves accordingly. In another day or so we will also be posting a new analysis of the Book of Revelation, seen through the eyes of the new physics that we have been exploring, so keep checking back for that as well.

And now, on with the one-hour long reading, coming through at the ideal early-morning hours when the deepest trance states are possible.

Please stay with us through the characteristic early parts of the reading that frequently have more complex language structure and metaphorical “puzzle ” content. It does smooth out into more familiar terrain as we progress.


Monday 3 / 19 / 01 – 4:30 a.m.

A large funnel cloud is seen in the mists of Jupiter. See that you not be troubled, for in those times of which we have spoken, there will be war in the streets, famine, pestilence and other such calamities.

See that you are not troubled, for in all these cases the large black body bag only conceals those parts of the self that had not yet found healing. What is left is a truly transformed entity in its own right.

[3/19: Here the reading does not refer to literal death; it is talking about the transformation of parts of the self that have not lived up to the highest potentials of the soul. This is the metaphysical meaning of “Death; ” it is a sudden change and transformation of the self.

The first sentence obviously refers to the hyperdimensional energy signature of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter as first realized by Richard C. Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission, and now this same energy theory is working in the stock market graphs.]


So keep that in mind when the lyrics are found on the sheet of paper.

See how this transforms the rather mundane circumstances of life in the present into a whole new three-ring circus with new rules and new obligations, where the people are treated like gods by each other in comparison to how they work at the present.

[3/19: The “lyrics on the sheet of paper ” seem to refer to the stock-market graphs that show a perfect 2:1 expansion ratio between the collapse of the Dow in 1929 and the current collapse of the NASDAQ. Since these are ruled by musical proportions, it makes sense that this statement would be made.]

[3/24/09: In hindsight, “the lyrics on the sheet of paper” seems to refer back to my dream that predicted 9/11 by showing me a green line on a sheet of paper that then melted off. That dream clearly associated airplane crashes with economic collapse.]


We want to make sure that you are standing on solid ground, and in that sense Brenda is up, Tyler is up, Jerry is up, and those are but a few of the names of the people whose time has come to change the way they are doing things.

[3/19: Though I do, directly in one case and indirectly in two cases, know people by these names, I feel that it must have some broader applicability, though I am not sure exactly what. The two indirect names are both people I knew from my high-school years. Perhaps this simply refers to the sheer number of different people who are going through these transformations.]


Plotted out on a chart or a line, the equidistant points mark out a smooth set of spiraling movements that reveal the many possibilities that can occur from one node to the next in the timeline. Now the markets have expressed high volatility that echoes earlier markets quite exactly.

See that you not be troubled. For in those times, the suction of fear can attract as if it were a magnet. The forces that are at play here are very strong, involving the planetary energies and the precessional forces as well.

So don‘t be like a kid in a candy store who feels that he must observe everything and find what he wants, thus making himself sick in the process.

The Maharishi effect refers to young Wanderers like you, who can indeed render total planetary service and healing through simply aligning the group vibrations to the knowledge that all is well.

[3/19: I have already written about this effect in the new book. A study was performed that clearly showed that when a large number of people meditate together in a city, the index of violence in that city shows a statistically significant decrease.]


So from now on, let‘s not beat around the bush, but rather move straight to the point in saying that we are ready for the change to take place. The changes that will occur will have the alchemical effect on the human spirit just as Kubrick had proposed in “2001: A Space Odyssey. ”

[3/19: For those who do not already know, Jay Weidner has written a brilliant article about this on Jeff Rense‘s website, showing how the knowledge of forces that will transform the human soul was well grasped by Kubrick and actively applied in the making of the movie “2001: ”]


Bio-magnetic fields can intersect and flux, and it is when these tests are conducted in open-air that all is well.

For the Malcolm X‘s of the world will mount armed rebellion and otherwise organize in those senses, whereas others will pause for a moment as the electrolyte changes its balance and reveals yet another cow in the pasture, full of additional ideas regarding the intensification of same in preparation against foot-and-mouth disease and the like.

[3/19: This appears to be saying that the poor, synthetic diets being fed modern livestock in many cases [including chicken manure, sawdust and other such complete toxins] may be responsible for foot-and-mouth disease, and the incidence of these problems could be lessened by boosting the animals‘ electrolytes instead of “mounting armed rebellion ” to kill them all, as is now being done throughout Europe.

This usage of electrolytes may well increase the animals‘ connection to the “bio-magnetic fields ” of the Earth and thereby speed their healing. The reading refers to “listening to the cows themselves ” for the answer instead of coming up with violent “solutions. ”]


Thirdly, when the war continues to rise, and the entire 89 percent of the population who has resisted war will have to face it very earnestly, in that moment future oil prices are driven up ever more sharply as the public strives to rebel against the clashes and armed rebellion that are taking place, through expressing its grief and disappointment in those events.

The softer beginners are those who outweigh the necessary tasks by outliving their counterparts, and in that beginning there are opportunities for change as well.

[3/19: The readings have often said that surviving the major Earth Changes in a human body is not the point; if you can meet the minimum standard of vibration you will go through the transformation of the self before then and move on to a far more joyous existence.

However, those who do not transmute and who also survive the polar realignment will have a dramatic opportunity to make very large strides in their personal growth in very short periods of time, and this appears to be what is referred to here.]


Let yourself not be troubled, for in these last days many signs will become apparent, the prophecies fulfilled and many legends continuing to rise into public view for immediate consumption.

A cosmic anniversary is indeed taking place, a summary of conjunctions on the order never before seen in print. When and where will the changes take place? I don‘t know. We don‘t know. We‘re not sure, let‘s put it that way.

[3/19: The window of time appears to be anywhere between now and 2010-13 at the latest.]


What we do know is that a lifetime and lifetimes of observational evidence point out the fact that even in the most severe and distressing circumstances, there are still so many possibilities available for sudden, rapid change and complete upgrading of the external conditions to mirror the renewed resolve that is seen in the internal conditions.

So, when the secret is seen to have been sprouted from the box, it is important that the makers of the box understand their positions.

[3/19: The idea about the secret being sprouted from the box has several meanings, and partly seems to refer to those who will be in a leading role to guide humanity through these changes with information regarding the ET cover-up, advanced metaphysics, Atlantis, life on Mars and the like. This statement comes in context of previous sentences regarding the fulfilled prophecies and conjunctions now coming into public view for the first time.]


We cannot be content with the excuses regarding the likes and dislikes of Allah and his many partners as being justifications for violence in any way or fashion. The one true God only wants peace, harmony and vitality amongst its participants.

[3/19: Of course, in the Islamic faith “Allah ” is essentially identical to the idea of an Ultimate Being in the cosmos that is far more than anything we can conceive of.]


And at the same time, realize that there are entire historical preferences being played out here, and their lasting imprint shall be felt, even as the body of progress moves away from that of the renewable agriculture and sustainable agriculture to more petty and destructive means such as the blowup of atomic, irradiated foods now being seen.

[3/19: Obviously this is saying that even though the Oneness does not endorse violence and the poisoning of the food supply, for the time being it is continuing to occur.]


The bottom line is that we have waited a long time for these events to take place. Do not fail to realize the connection between the destruction of the Buddhas now occurring in Afghanistan and having occurred there, and the destruction of another corporate giant, in this case the American dream as realized through profit fuelings of endless speculation and optimistic thought with little else supporting it.

[3/19: An interesting synchronous connection is being pointed out here, and we should look past its controversial-sounding nature to see the underlying themes. Events this powerful have very intense symbolic charges to them, quite distinctly outside the grasp of those involved in the events.]


We have known when the right times were to cause such changes to be met; and yet, oftentimes we were fleeced by the lemmings whose herd-like behavior dispelled any possibility of the vibrations being allowed to rise as they are wont to

do. So in the grander scheme of things, the entire debacle summed up last year only refers to the tip of an iceberg, and that iceberg is then realized throughout the Living Cosmos website and the prophecies now being seen to unfold.

[3/19: The deeper meaning of this seems to be that the social changes of last year will be superseded by even greater changes of this year; we‘ve only yet seen the ‘tip of an iceberg.‘ One of the biggest points that is made on the Living Cosmos website is that we are at the end of an age, and mass evolution will result. Mr. Pasichnyk‘s website,, is certainly of extreme value, and in many ways his book and Convergence III really do work hand-in-hand.

Pasichnyk‘s book “The Vital Vastness ” will actually amount to two volumes and a total of 1100 pages, and is intended to be a complete, internally consistent model of this new cosmology, from quantum to galactic, with over 5000 references.]


So then, what is the purpose of these events?

You don‘t want to pull out of the Grand Canyon before you are ready. There you can see the effects of millions of years of alluvial deposits and erosion affecting the cold, stony rock in the surrounding landscape.

And by a similar token, the events now being seen are carving in deeply the new foundations for a world order that is not to be dominated by the elites or the negatives, but rather by the true conscience that is indigenous to all humankind and can steer the way in the midst of adverse situations.

So the bulletins have been issued, the warnings have been given, and it is important that you realize that the times when these prophecies will be realized has indeed been coming, and will come. We are not simply talking about the future that will never pass.

This is a real event, and you should prepare yourselves accordingly. This means that instead of daring the tornado to hit you, you take the necessary precautions in the event that it does. The tornado here obviously refers to the possibility of financial, fiduciary damage or otherwise based on these events.

The cyclones all have their purposes; and we know what a load of hogwash it is for those who say that they can predict such events with pinpoint accuracy. The weather channels have proven that, time and time again, as so often they are made to look like fools.

Thus the public is conditioned to accept prophecies as null and void automatically, by virtue of how infrequently they do come to pass in the present experience.

Those who are capable of using sound for hurling stones in Tibet, Japan and China are indeed the inheritors of a lost Atlantean legacy whose purpose was to engineer and entrance the aetheric energies that were used, so as to uplift the natural forces and decry the influences that would draw away from the neutral center that which it requires through its own vitality.

[3/19: These points are also covered in “Convergence III. ” The idea of a “neutral center ” comes from the work of physicist John Keely, and refers to the point in any object where all aetheric energy streams into the pure Center to be transformed and re-radiated outward.]


The magic is made in the move from neo-totalitarianism to a non-uniform distribution of wealth that is based more on honesty and less on triumphant positions of absolute power and secrecy.

Rather than see that all should be made equal, as this is not a Communist ideology, it is more appropriate to see that when the heart of humankind has shifted, then no longer will such flagrant abuses of power be tolerated, and the barometer shifts yet again to a more temperate climate for humanity and its interactions.

And even though you cannot predict the when and why and where of such events, it is liable to involve those who have indeed Ascended or otherwise passed through the hurdles that have been set forth to arrive at the understandings that lie in its wake.

So believe in yourself, and have faith in the process of your own healing. Know that as these changes come to pass, the small wallet bears as much of the responsibility as the large wallet, as the field effects on human consciousness move through all regardless of power or position.

The transformation is indeed the shift of the ages, and the overriding influence that the master cycle brings to usher in a new era of prosperity and peace.

There has been so much war, so much dissention, so much foul-minded behavior and action and thought in your world, and it needs counterbalancing. The times today were as those spoken of by the Hindus when they referred to the last days of the Kali Yuga, and the bickering and fighting that would occur between various factions of humanity is indeed being seen.

So while some would sharpen their knives and fear that Vladimir Putin is on the verge of launching an amphibious attack on Alaska or some other such rogue maneuver, the reality is that the millstone grinds its curve yet again to arrive at the point when the mill breaks down and the great cycle of the ages must again be renewed.

[3/19: Here the reading refers to the work of de Santillana and von Dechend entitled “Hamlet‘s Mill, ” which is referred to in “The Shift of the Ages. ” The precessional cycle makes the Earth move on its axis much as a mill for grinding grains turns around. Many of the historical myths refer to a time when the mill “breaks down, ” meaning that the cycles come to an end and peace is restored after a cleansing of the Earth.]


The cyclone that precedes these events has been well documented. See that ye not be troubled, for in these last days you are seeing the changing of the guard. It is the beginning of a new world that now awaits you.

Fear not for the collapsing of structures that have outlived their usefulness. Recognize and remember how much there is to be gained by working with candlelight in the dark crevices of the mind to unfold those parts of the self that are still in need of prayer and healing, and thereby transform them.

From the limited perspective that the third dimension is heir to, there is always the opportunity for growth and expansion in those moments when the focus is turned away from the distractions of mundane trivialities to the reality of the self as a sovereign being capable of so much more than most would-be servants ever imagined.

[3/19: The term “servants ” seems to refer to those who would be humble servants of the Oneness.]


The downtrend continues for a time longer, in the sense of human thought and human degradation. The connection that is made between these events, and the idea of an “End of the World ” will indeed be quite strong.

It is unfortunate that our efforts have not had more of an impact, for again and again our stressed point has always been that when the goal is reached and the fire bell is ringing, that you are to don the appropriate clothing and move out to the scene of the call.

We have said many times that we are prepared to step in and aid and assist your planet in any and all ways necessary to rapidly and completely rejuvenate it. But it is impossible for us to do this, by virtue of the spiritual laws involved, if those of humanity do not want it to occur.

This is where the distinction line now resides, and it will take many more passages of future time before said line is blurred, so that the boundaries may change. It would involve, by necessity, an extraordinarily vast struggle on behalf of humanity to integrate itself without the fear and self-loathing that is so common, but to rather embrace trust and the newness of the cycle that has recapitulated itself now and is prepared for an even more total transformation in the days and weeks yet to come.

So give yourself some feedback. Think about how just as one walks on water, another heals the deaf, the lame and the blind, and another strips his clothes and prepares to be beaten for the higher cause, that the time of martyrdom is indeed unnecessary in these last days.

See that ye not be troubled.

Those who have followed the plan and consistently applied themselves to trying to help others and do what they feel the right thing to be in their lives will have effortless difficulty in facing the self.

And we say “effortless difficulty ” because even though the personal changes that are the byproduct and the result of initiation are difficult, they will also come effortlessly by virtue of the sudden and profound changes and self-realizations that are then made possible.

So in order that the effects do not continue to ripple throughout humanity at large, we urge you to take a rest from contemplating the harmonic spiral that unites these events and instead simply focus on the conglomeration of forces, both material and spiritual, that are pointing towards the advent of the New Age.

See the valor in the twelve symmetrical force fields that are at work in the earth and their counterparts.

Bring on the recognition of how the oil rigs that are listing in the sea need only collapse when those who have been capable of building them recognize that there is another way, and shift their interests to expedite the production of new energy machines and the diversion of fossil fuel products into plastics, pharmaceuticals and other far more profitable enterprises.

Never again do we need to fear the processes that have brought us as far as we have gone. Never again do we need to doubt the eventual spontaneous conclusion for these events, and its powerful spiritual import.

Never again should we fail to see that the decline in human moral character can be resolved by uplifting the self with the joy and remembrances that are now so common.

Once more we have to relive those parts of the past that have not been to our liking, so that the vehicles for self-transformation can be enacted in the appropriate fashion and the labyrinth then revealed with the picturesque overview that allows the mysteries to be resolved, and the paradoxes to find solution.

Over and over again, you have denied the full power of your thoughts and actions, and how those can ripple through the collective reign of human thought, and thus affect and change it accordingly.

Once more we are prepared to explain to you how one may take up residence in the higher realms by becoming a more perfect human being through the realization of some very fundamental core concepts that should be available to anyone who has meditated on and conceived of the Law of One as a tangible reality.

So see that you not be troubled, as this is something that has been prophesied long ago.

The purpose of indicating such a yo-yo expand and collapse in the financial markets is to reveal how the situations involved allowed themselves to move with free reign from the indeterminacy of the grain of human collective conscious thought up until that time.

The reality of trust can come from a renewed overview. Life will have the opportunity to be analyzed under a microscope. The changes will indeed occur, and certain major hurricanes and catastrophes will occur as well.

All of this is by virtue of the intrinsic resistance to the higher spiritual consciousness that is coming ever more swiftly into focus. If the intent of the individual is not in the right place, for whatever that means to you as a person, then you should expect the appropriate balancing and rebalancing actions to occur.

One week after the NASDAQ drops, the entire community of rabble-rousers and revelers sees again the importance of their actions.

One week after the NASDAQ drops, those who have prepared themselves accordingly will move on and migrate into higher states of self-awareness.

Spontaneous dreams and realizations will come that resolve the paradoxes and show the way so clearly as for there to be no doubt of the guidance and the contacts.

We want you to effortlessly realize the power that you do indeed possess, so that you do not live in a vacuum. The power of psychokinesis is but one of the platforms that will be made available to humanity as a result of the changes now seen as taking place. And more and more, those who have something to offer are preparing themselves to offer it in whatever way is best.

Now is the time to recognize and honor your true talents and abilities, and to be prepared to enact them in service to others, and in so doing promote healing and planetary restoration that might otherwise seem improbable at best, impossible at worst.

We urge you to maintain a positive attitude, and recognize that the cycle end looms in the future, and that even as the negative prophecies are being realized, so too are the positive prophecies; those that herald the coming of a New Age, of the dawning of a new consciousness in humanity.

[Consider] the words of Jesus the master as he said, ‘As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things.‘ [John 14:12.]

So many other prophecies that have converged tell you that all is well, and that you are indeed fortunate to be alive in these changing times. For the undamaged souls, the truth sinks in as a fundamental and viable aspect of living, and the social and construction engineers can build a new world, a new civilization, a new life around that premise without falling back to the herd instincts that have characterized previous works.

We want to essentially believe that these changes will come swiftly and easily, once the self is offered the microscope through which to examine the personal biases and distortions that are not in tune with the highest good.

It is in this sense that the tragic and unnecessary events such as the Santee high school shooting do then ever more starkly contrast the difference between humanity‘s ideal and humanity‘s actions.

Until that gulf is breached, the albinism of collective thought is then revealed. To see all as white, to see all as positive without accepting the negative as an intrinsic functioning aspect of the Universe, is to fall by the wayside.

Once the negative polarity is understood, it may be integrated, and this must occur within yourself as well.

Take these times to observe yourself and to find out how and when you act in ways that are not in tune with what you feel the highest ideals of spirituality could be. Allow yourself the appropriate leg to stand on so that you can indeed overcome adversity and move into triumph.

The struggles that so many have faced to pump blood through the bloodstream of the awakening fourth density energy body are your struggles as well, and it is the calling up of ancient, dormant energies that have been lying in waiting that does then supersede the apparent need for tornadoes and the like to cause disruption in so many ways.

The water still giggles at the foundation of the spiral or the fountain, and by this we mean that it has its own living quality as well, and that needs to be appreciated.

Take my word for it; we have been here many times before, and you know what is happening. We have arable land, dry pastures and many other niceties that will seem so important in these last days of the old ways, and the beginning of the new ways.

Take the metaphors that play themselves out in the collective conscience as being emblematic of the collective human body politic and its shuddering self-realization that so much needs to change and reform if there is to be any real growth.

Do not siphon off energy from the core of your being by indulging in fear and hatred. It will be very easy for you to lash out in anger at these times; it will seem all too readily available to you in any moment.

Now we are not saying for you to suppress your anger, but rather to recognize anger for what it is; a call to action, a realization within the self that all is not as well as it could be, and therefore it needs to be changed. It is how you process this signal that then determines its future utility and purposefulness.

So do not fail to accept that when the watermark is indeed reached, you can make great progress in a very short time by overcoming those feelings of adversity that we have mentioned with the awareness of the trust that is yours each and every time that you reach out and embrace it.

Regain the livelihood that comes from setting down the war toys of struggle and embracing the unity perspective, where all those areas move into Oneness and there is no more death, but everlasting spiritual life that comes from the awakening of those venture souls who are ready for the Golden Age to begin yet again.

In the fervent zeal of those religious co-conspirators who would try to insist that only their followers will participate in these processes, we would simply say that it is far better to allow those otherselves space for their own healing than it is to suggest that any one ideological system will give it to them.

The human mind is such an amazing tool when applied appropriately, and it can come on the heels of great self-realizations. So, in the wake of these such events, the leftover aspects of resonance continue to provide the future of how to invest and how to apologize to the self for the many missed opportunities and failed pathways that could otherwise have been possible.

Perceive the harmonic unity between all creatures great and small, and you move, as all Americans and others will move, out of a place of pain and into a place of healing.

Accept and embrace the areas where you have fallen short of your own expectations in the highest sense, and see them for what they are: opportunities. We speak here of them being opportunities for you to grow, through simply realizing who you are and how you have lived. This then serves as a model for you to change your behaviors, and thus overcome hardship.

We thank you and we again remind you that cremation is indeed possible, but it is far more likely that alchemical transformation will be the result. Either way, it is the inner self that is changing, not the outer self.

It is within the landscape of the inner that the most profound earth changes will take place, and it is an opening of the doorway or gateway of energy to allow the broadest band spectrum of love and light access to the conscious self as is deemed possible.

So again we thank you, and we do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. The bounty of the heavens is yours to reap in the coming harvest of souls. See that ye not be troubled.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading, and augment it with one final statement:

Be yourself. Be the One, and all is well. We thank you. Adonai and Amen.

The support structures will give out, but that isn‘t the point. Love yourself, be true to yourself, see God as your source, not a government, not a corporation, not a job, not an investment, but God as your source, and God will always provide for you, even in the cases where it seems pointless not to believe in catastrophe and fear.

Faith and trust is very much a statement of the ability to see beyond the illusion to the truth of what is then made possible. In those times when you need it the most, your faith will come to the rescue, if you can be strong enough to decry fear and to exist in trust.

The more that you can do this in your own area, the more that you will help other people do this, and the less that the changes will need to affect the planetary population; keep that fact firmly in mind.

So, the collective mass consciousness of humanity determines how the changes will take place and how severe they must be before the key realizations throughout society are then made.

We liken this to an evolving set of rules and circumstances that have grown out of hand and can indeed be recapitulated by a few simple steps in the mass grain of thought.

By again placing the emphasis on love and service to others, many impossible-sounding paradoxes are effortlessly resolved, and the future comes into view.

We thank you yet again, and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[1:44 on transcription]

[Note: We will publish more reading data as time and circumstances warrant.]