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Previous Psychic Data from David Wilcock

Predicts Event, Suggests Future Outcome

By David Wilcock, September 11, 2001


Plane Heading Towards Twin Towers


“The support structures will give out, but that isn’t the point. Love yourself, be true to yourself, see God as your source, not a government, not a corporation, not a job, not an investment, but God as your source, and God will always provide for you, even in the cases where it seems pointless not to believe in catastrophe and fear.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


The epic scope of the tragedy that has unfolded today, September 11, 2001, is only just beginning to be understood. The shock and horror of the sheer number of lives that have been lost is staggering, as is the very idea that such an attack could occur on American soil, without the use of conventional military hardware.

Once again, the myths of a country being “un-invadable” have collapsed in the face of diabolical human ingenuity. I send my prayers out to all those who have so recently crossed over to the other side of life in misery and confusion, as well as to the families of those who have now been lost.

This is most definitely an act of war, and its effects on human consciousness will be long-standing.

“Thirdly, when the war continues to rise, and the entire 89 percent of the population who has resisted war will have to face it very earnestly, in that moment future oil prices are driven up ever more sharply as the public strives to rebel against the clashes and armed rebellion that are taking place, through expressing its grief and disappointment in those events.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


Back in March, it was hard to tell what the above quote was driving at, but now it has indeed come true, as there was a terrific run on oil prices as well as gold prices before the markets were shut down.

Suddenly, many investors want to scramble to the shelter of gold for its stability and security, especially in the face of war. There could well be a huge inflation of the spot price of gold when markets re-open, driving it up to stellar heights as our readings have so often predicted.

Should the price of gold sizably increase, that fact alone could well lead to a complete financial collapse of the American and British power structures, which have arguably been manipulating the gold prices since the mid-1990’s to artificially support the strength of the US dollar and other interests.

This terrorist event is an irreversible blast out of the comfortable walls of denial that we have erected around ourselves, believing that everything is “business as usual” even as the signs of the changing times have become more and more apparent.

Such an event forces us to look eye-to-eye with some realities that we have not wanted to face for a long time. The higher forces have repeatedly advised us not to be troubled when these changes occur, but rather recognize the transformative effect on the human spirit that they possess.

“See that you not be troubled, for in those times of which we have spoken, there will be war in the streets, famine, pestilence and other such calamities.

See that you are not troubled, for in all these cases the large black body bag only conceals those parts of the self that had not yet found healing. What is left is a truly transformed entity in its own right.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01



The context of this unprecedented “Trojan Horse”-style terrorist attack is crucial; it comes within less than one month after “the UFO event of the decade:” the arrival of three successive crop glyphs in England that captivated the world’s attention.

The first was a formation of 409 circles in Milk Hill, England, which had obvious connections to the new physics systems we have written about in Convergence III; the second, a three-dimensional image of a human face in Chilbolton, rendered in newsprint-style pixels, which seemed to emulate the appearance of the Face on Mars; and the third, an apparent “answer” to a radio-based message that was sent out by American astronomers from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974, also in Chilbolton.

The details of these events have been well covered all over the Internet, and Richard C. Hoagland made repeated appearances on Art Bell to discuss the information, complete with sets of photographs and now a comprehensive new article on the subject.

“So from now on, let’s not beat around the bush, but rather move straight to the point in saying that we are ready for the change to take place. The changes that will occur will have the alchemical effect on the human spirit just as Kubrick had proposed in “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


As Hoagland et al. have discussed, there are elements of the “Arecibo response glyph” at Chilbolton that appear to indicate that it was a hoaxed formation, whereas other aspects seem to be clear indications that it could not have been.

One very telling data point is that the Chilbolton Radio Telescope observatory had 24-hour security cameras running during the time that the formation was produced, and they saw no flashlights or signs of human activity of any kind.

The message contained specific details about a possible extraterrestrial civilization. The overall mass public opinion of the meaning behind this event was, as Art Bell indicated on his program, that something big was going to happen on the planet very “Soon… soon.”

“Let yourself not be troubled, for in these last days many signs will become apparent, the prophecies fulfilled and many legends continuing to rise into public view for immediate consumption.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


In the wake of these formations’ appearance, the markets have continued their unprecedented decline with no signs of a turnaround. For over three years, I’ve been receiving prophecies through my dreams and psychic readings that a major financial collapse would occur in our future, and the messages have only increased in their intensity leading up to the present.

A reading from last December indicated that a major “bottom” in the markets would be established by summer of 2002, with ongoing collapses along the way before that point:

“Every trend in the commercial marketplace continues to point towards a slowing economy. At the present time of these workings, while some may also expect that the markets will go up and down in regular cyclic fashion, there are others who believe that an economic collapse will ensue, and redefine a bottom line point for financial markets.

Understand that such a bottom line point is produced as a byproduct or consequence of the shifting energies as now involved. Expect that it will be there by midsummer 2002 at the latest, based on current prognostications.”

— Wilcock Readings, 1/08/01


And indeed, the overall trend of the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 movement has been down, down, down, regardless of the statements made in the media which indicated that “recovery is around the corner,” or better yet, a recent quote from CNN that said, “Ignore the bad news about the markets.”

It is very difficult to predict or to propose where the chips may fall, and any predictions that we may give are only that. For the market to collapse in such a manner, we do suggest that in the interim period between the time of these workings and mid to late 2002, there will be even more unforeseen catastrophic difficulties than there have been at present.”

— Wilcock Readings, 1/08/01


We had often noticed how the markets would buoy back up on Fridays even when they had been plummeting all through the week, and had often attributed this to a form of high-level market manipulation.

After all, the numbers seen on a Friday will remain on all the websites and newspapers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, whereas the numbers from any other day of the week are only visible for 24 hours.

So, we were already quite surprised that on Friday, September 7, 2001, the markets did not “magically” increase but only continued to plummet further. This plummet was bolstered by a report that came out which indicated that unemployment claims in America had risen to 4.9 percent of the population in the month of August.

So, it seems almost astonishingly impossible that when the conditions were already accelerating so rapidly in this manner, the veritable nexus of the Western financial system is utterly ripped out in a terrorist attack.

Time will tell what the effects shall be, but this is where the previous dream and psychic data that we have received comes to the fore.

In many senses, the effect of the loss of the World Trade Center building on our financial markets is equivalent to removing the CPU in your computer and then trying to boot it up anyhow.

And yet, this chaotic decay helps us to strengthen the internal conditions of our own minds, bodies and spirits, by the very fact that we will no longer be sitting on the sidelines, but actively moving forth in service to others.

“What we do know is that a lifetime and lifetimes of observational evidence point out the fact that even in the most severe and distressing circumstances, there are still so many possibilities available for sudden, rapid change and complete upgrading of the external conditions to mirror the renewed resolve that is seen in the internal conditions.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


The following sets of dream data are by no means the only ones. We have yet to transcribe the data from January through June of 2001, as it is all currently stored on digital recordings.

However, starting in July, we began transcribing each morning’s dreams directly into the computer upon awakening. Therefore an unbroken record again commences starting on July 6, 2001.

The data that we have used for this article consists of information received in December 2000 and from July 2001 to the present.

The content of this data seems to establish that this move had been long planned in advance, and its repercussions were also foreseen.

The next excerpt seems to clearly predict some major “secret” planned by Islamic terrorists that would “sprout from the box,” and is followed by a statement that the higher forces do not condone such violent acts regardless of the reasons believed to be valid by the attackers.

“So, when the secret is seen to have been sprouted from the box, it is important that the makers of the box understand their positions. We cannot be content with the excuses regarding the likes and dislikes of Allah and his many partners as being justifications for violence in any way or fashion. The one true God only wants peace, harmony and vitality amongst its participants.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01

[Exactly what “secret sprouting from the box” were they referring to here?]


As you are about to see, there were several dreams from December that related to an airplane crash that was correlated with a market crash, some of which we posted on Dec. 11th.

Another unpublished dream from December correlated the image of an airplane with that of a tower collapsing, and associated it with war.

Yet another featured a flying monstrosity that crashed into the kitchen window of the house Wilcock grew up in, and this was associated with a financial market crash.

A dream that we do not have a transcript of yet had occurred in approximately May or June of this year, and featured a shocking missile attack on a city that resembled New York, with pandemonium in the streets.

At least two or three different projectiles flew in, hit buildings and caused them to explode, triggering massive clouds of rubble and dust.

The next quote from the readings draws a clear connection between the destruction of the towering ancient Buddhas in Afghanistan with “the destruction of another corporate giant, in this case the American Dream… [of] profit fuelings [created by] endless speculation and optimistic thought…”

This is a very direct hint that some sort of major destruction of an American structure, such as the Twin Towers / World Trade Center, could indeed occur.

“Realize that there are entire historical preferences being played out here, and their lasting imprint shall be felt…

Do not fail to realize the connection between the destruction of the Buddhas now occurring in Afghanistan and having occurred there, and the destruction of another corporate giant, in this case the American dream as realized through profit fuelings of endless speculation and optimistic thought, with little else supporting it…”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


I knew something really big was “up” this morning when I got up, as my dreams again focused on the idea of warfare, and the distinct possibility of martial law as a result of yet-unforeseen events, which the dream described as “planetary motion.”

If the whole planet was to move, that was a pretty big prophecy, so I felt that I was being given a burning-urgent message that I needed to contact Art Bell.

This was unsettling, as I did not want to bother him and I certainly was uncomfortable about being another Internet Chicken Little. And yet, I knew that my accuracy was obviously at its peak.

Just the previous morning, I had experienced a dream about my brother Michael, and late last night I called him up with the data and discovered that it was unbelievably accurate and relevant to his present, most personal issues, which I was unaware of until then. A warning was impressed upon him that became very clear, and he was extremely glad to have received it.

In this morning’s dream, I was told that I had to meet with someone, who ended up being Art Bell acting in a medical capacity, similar to a dispatcher. (This was indeed one of his former jobs.)

I was basically forced to don a military-style shirt and form into a huge group that was conducting organized military exercises, and I awoke from this dream to type it in literally six minutes before the first plane made impact.

I was unaware of what had occurred until after the dream had been transcribed. While typing in the dream, I noticed that a picture of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden had fallen out of a book on the bookshelf.

I kept looking at his face while I typed it in, as the initial events were rippling throughout collective human consciousness. At this point I still had no idea of what was occurring.

Another OBE-style event from the previous Saturday, September 9, 2001 added even more prophetic depth. One section of this dream featured an absolutely gigantic airplane flying through the air, with a tremendous feeling of darkness, oppression and fear.

Even more interestingly, the airplane itself was made entirely out of smoke. This was another very strong indication of what was to come the following Tuesday.

No one, until then, was accustomed to thinking of a passenger airliner as such a massive weapon — but in the dream it was clearly a cause of unbelievable fear, owing in good part to its massive size and the extreme cold that I felt in the air as I saw it.

Furthermore, the fact that it was composed of smoke suggested that an explosion of some kind would be involved, though I did not put this together at the time.

So now, we will present the dream data as we received it. Some is from my private transcripts and has never before been released, whereas other information had indeed been released before, and we have provided the appropriate links at the top.

“So the bulletins have been issued, the warnings have been given, and it is important that you realize that the times when these prophecies will be realized has indeed been coming, and will come. We are not simply talking about the future that will never pass.

This is a real event, and you should prepare yourselves accordingly. This means that instead of daring the tornado to hit you, you take the necessary precautions in the event that it does. The tornado here obviously refers to the possibility of financial, fiduciary damage or otherwise based on these events.”

— Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01


Thursday 12 / 07 / 00 – 12:24 pm

D: I found myself at an airport. It appeared to be a military airport. There were definitely all sorts of craft that looked either really colossal, similar to UFOs or were not your average looking airplane.

I seemed to be with some other people, at least one female. A couple of the people went away, and I seemed to have had a view of what was going on from a unique perspective. Like an OBE, I had scanned several different places.

Then while I was still standing there, with the woman and one other person, this thing like a biplane started to try to take off. It looked like a combination of an old biplane and a gigantic rectangular drawer that could hold paper. Its dimensions suggested that if it were smaller, it would fit the typical 8: