Psychic Reading by David Wilcock

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Wednesday 9 / 12 / 01 – 3:27 pm

[Dream Data:]

  • Apartment buildings, unfamiliar
  • One place to another
  • Mail deliveries
  • Foreign friends
  • Horror movie, didn’t want to see

[Note: I had just woken up here after my second “shift” of sleep for the day and only begrudgingly got over to the computer, as I was still really, really tired. I was typing just the snapshots of the dream I had experienced, and I suddenly heard, “David, I’d like to sit in the chair and relay a message now… I’d like to sit in the chair and relay a message now.”

So, I agreed, and just started letting myself type while keeping my black blindfold on. The trance state was quite sublime and this was a definite sign that I can continue to perfect the process of entering in readings directly through the keyboard. Practice makes perfect.]

The signal that builds out of these experiences is still fragile.

We are talking about these experiences as they apply to those who would be building up their endurance for the final mile, those who can accelerate their own evolution by stepping squarely into the future with the knowledge and the wherewithal to succeed in their chosen fields of service from before incarnation.

Those abusive practices of the past no longer apply to these new seekers, who must by their very nature resonate with Unity in order to proceed.

The daring works of those who would oppose the United States have not gone unprovoked. There are of course many layers in the pyramid of human misery, many who would feel that they had done what was right for them, many who re-emphasized their belligerence in the face of what they feel to be a formidable adversary.

And at the same time, the despicable acts of attacking innocent civilians is by no means an appropriate way of countermanding these influences within the physical sphere.

Conditions are difficult, indeed, but creating suffering for suffering’s sake only further extenuates the suffering on both sides. This is a fundamental aspect of human evolution that simply must be understood.

What we don’t want you to do is to feel overwhelmed by these events, and to continue in the consensus reality of fear, misery, paranoia and degradation. Now is the time to shine; now is the time to put your best foot forward.

You may have never thought before about how all of this will actually play itself out in the physical, but now that a major hurdle has been crossed, the next phase of readjustment will occur.

We do deeply regret the pain that all must endure as the stumbling blocks are crossed on the path to further love and service, but at this time all are affected.

The ruination of the past must give way to the rebuilding of the future, and it is within these pretenses that we encourage you to realize your collective power to insist upon a firmer, stronger, more loving and wise foundation, without the institutionalized difficulties and selfishness that was characteristic of the previous cycle.

Now is the time to reveal the true plan for all seekers to witness, to show the others around you that you do indeed understand what is happening and are willing to help in any way possible.

Never fail to remember your true calling, or your real reason for being exposed to material like this and other materials as well.

The joy that you can create in others by sharing your love and your light is truly noteworthy, and it is only when you indulge in the fears of being pillaged and raped and tortured that you dare to attract those negative forces into your own sphere of influence.

Loose language supports the archetypal foundations of being that reside within the awareness of frugality in the face of major disaster.

Since these experiences can seem overwhelming at times, we encourage a more dispassionate attempt at service, with the understanding that all who have gone before have been in similar circumstances and all who will go again are also to follow in these footsteps.

[9/12: Regarding the first sentence, it seems to be saying that we need n

ot feel frugal or poor in the face of a major disaster and suddenly lapse into paranoia and “scarcity consciousness.” That would explain why the reading said that there is no solid foundation to the idea that poverty is an “archetype” that kicks in when this happens: it is only supported by “loose language” and is not necessarily an everlasting “fact” of truth.

The admonitions to be “dispassionate” all come back to the idea that emotions often interfere with effective service to others actions being rendered. One who is attempting to attain mastery should always strive to be unmoved by external events and hold their center of focus and awareness of Oneness at all times.]


Reside now with the forethought of purpose, with the awareness that the prophecies have come true and are coming true, and the ability to focalize your vital, internal forces to arrive at a more compensatory goal for those otherselves around you.

Much of the chaos, embitterment and suffering can be made up for in the triumph of the new age that now approaches.

As the revitalization of the human body politic re-occurs through the vibrational shift, so too are there the opportunities to reform society in a means that is much more suitable and adequate for all those concerned.

And it has always been our decision that you are to graduate from many of the more difficult lessons so that they need not play themselves out once again

As you evolve further along the spiraling line of light, so may you find those stops where your consciousness expands, and allows in levels of light that you simply did not conceptualize of before.

This can be a remote-viewing process, but more vehemently it overtakes the forces of doubt from with in the self as to the true nature of the Christ within.

Once this veil had been rendered, you can indeed understand the phrase, “By these fruits shall they be known.” For it is in that tranquil and transcendent moment that the destiny of the self is poignantly felt within the mind, body and spirit, and the path is again moved forward upon.

Let’s not write out of the script those who have still failed to accept these responsibilities and continue to engage in death games. Though there are many reasons to hate, there are also many reasons to understand and to realize exactly how such apparent evil manifests.

The negative polarity can indeed be very strong on the Earthen sphere in this cycle of time you now experience, but all of this is to change.

The purifying bloodbath makes way for the new dawn, wherein all who have suffered under the yoke of oppression are indeed once more free at last, free at last, and the sterling nature of civilization is renewed as a true Golden Age once again arrives in due course.

Telescopes into the beyond will reveal shades of future inconsistencies, as the cosmic laws are indeed changing.

Those who do not understand the where and when and why of these processes will indeed feel confused, possibly even belittled by the true majesty of the Cosmos and their own apparent lack of comprehension of the tools required to plumb its mysteries.

Know that this too will give way by virtue of the existence of the Internet as a tool to re-unite the forgotten pieces of the puzzle for all those who have the courage and foresight to look for those new pieces.

Shoes of clay are not to be worn anymore, for the clay has crumbled and a new being must walk in its footsteps. Reality TV aside, the experience is as much an internal one as an external one.

The shell of forlorn anger and intense spiritual denial is indeed again shattered in the realization of the true potential that can be shared as love becomes once more the dominant force in human evolution.

Without this understanding, those who have suffered will only continue to repeat their mistakes and misgivings about what life means to them, and how it plays out over the course of each day.

And we should remind you that these are only mistakes in terms of the perception of the apparent individual entity, as in reality each alleged mistake is yet another opportunity for growth and development.

You remember how difficult it was the first day you decided to try to live by your ideals and not by science or mass public opinion. You were scorned and ridiculed, made to feel that what you had felt and believed was no longer relevant as you moved into a place of vulnerability.

May we remind you that love will never equate with vulnerability; you can always have the trust and the knowing that your path will succeed, your future peace and prosperity is insured and your pain shall not go unremembered or unrewarded.

You yourself shall decide how well you did in loving and serving others, once you have passed out of this sphere of influence and into the assessment / planning phase of the process we call Harvest or Ascension.

Your birthday is right around the corner. Do you choose to engage in fear or in trust, knowing that eventually all must work out as this is indeed the fabric of the Cosmos that creates and supports your being, from the very divine essence of Love itself?

When you are of love, by love and for love, there can be no misunderstanding that those forces that have opposed love will also drift away in the shifting sands, revealing once more the true majesty of the forgotten sculpture of the ages.

You too can envision for yourself and for others a new, Utopian phase of existence where all those who have sung the sweet music of Creation will once more get together for their epic orchestral sonata, revealing the tones, counter-tones and poignant interludes of the forgotten pathways of the self now made simple.

You will revel in the opportunities to overcome adversity and struggle and to again recapture the security and simplicity of being that is indigenous to the higher realms of existence.

We are not here to deliver platitudes or to speak in possibilities; know that there will indeed be this decisive moment of vibratory change, you will indeed go through it in the “Now” and you do indeed have the ability to prepare yourself in advance before it arrives.

The seeds of your wisdom and awakening are always within and always available in the present. That is why we cannot emphasize enough how important it is now to believe in yourself and to work this process from “both ends,” so to speak.

On the one end there is a passive cosmic conjunction taking place, a conjunction that will have a rippling effect throughout the entire Solar System, as this quality of vibratory energy will simply have never existed in quite the same manner before.

Your Solar System is the creation of your Sun, or what we would call the sub-logos, and it intrinsically comes with no list of directions or troubleshooting guide; all is known, all is planned and all is understood.

Better to arm yourself with the forethought of how much you can truly succeed in knowing this for yourself than it is to attempt to gather up all the ticker tapes from the minutiae of those scholars who have previously succeeded in some capacity in explaining it.

Over and over again the signposts of your true being have arisen, and you have had the opportunity to participate in the upcoming conference. For in those days when all shall be known and revealed, it is those who can keep their heads when all others are losing theirs and blaming it on you who will truly succeed.

If you think that you have to be somewhere else during this time, that you are too busy to slow down and prepare yourself for what is to come, now is a time to meditate again on the impermanence of the physical, as was so recently demonstrated to you once more.

Never under-estimate the power that you have to change your own life, to change your own perception. You are an immortal, Divine being, the One Infinite Creator compressed into an allegedly physical form.

Your Divine inheritance will be the realization of the true multidimensional nature of your being, and how it expresses itself in this plane as well as in other planes. You don’t need to be overly concerned about particulars; just allow yourself to feel love and light and know that you are a success by your simple ability to trust in yourself.

Know once more that the time has come for you to rejuvenate the self with the remembrances that will overcome adversity, struggle and pain, revealing the truth as an immaculate, effervescent peace, bubbling up through the murky depths of the unhealed and unrevealed appetite self, which continually falters due to its endless grasping at the strands of truth contained within the material illusion — all the false promises of majesty and happiness that never truly occur so long as the awareness of Unity with All is not in place. An important point, to be sure.

I asked David to let me sit in this chair and give this message to you today for an important reason. The indeterminacy of future situations is still a reality; we have not now moved into a fixed, pre-planned sequence of events that can be delineated line for line, point for point over the next sixteen months, or however long one soul thinks it will be.

Rather, we emphasize once more the role of individual participation, of the importance of realizing and remembering your true essence at a time when all others are doubting theirs.

The television is not necessarily the best place to be, as your own shock is carefully spun and tainted and processed, re-processed and eventually over-processed to exhaustion through the endless parade of disaster images and the like.

The connection of your personal experience within to the outer experience without is not without merit, and indeed becomes the predominant factor in your evolution as these times continue unfolding on the world stage before you.

We have given you the tools to equip yourself with an armoring of light and love, knowing that many others will not be capable of receiving your assistance and service at this time through any physical means.

Do not be afraid of your karmic repercussions if your guidance is to remain solitary and monastic, keeping your own peace while not exposing yourself to the chaos and discord of others in your own local sphere of influence.

This is not a point of critique but rather of realization: [in many cases,] the most that you can do is to love yourself, love God and love the true heart of humanity, opening yourself to the radiance of being that is an intrinsic aspect of your Divine composition.

We want there to be a clear and clean and revelatory set of guidelines for you to use, so that the missed opportunities become revealed patterns of bliss and development that further engage you in your process of personal healing and integration.

All the while, you can never be less than 100-percent convinced that you know who you are, where you are now and what is to come in the future. We don’t want you to have to feel overwhelmed by the patterns of denial and doubt, giving back your faith and trust to forgotten promises, empty tombs and bottled lies.

Truly, you are “getting the message” when the whole plan is revealed once and for all as it truly stands, and you are capable of withstanding the capacity for doubt, denial and disturbance in the midst of that slumber of self that so many others lapse into.

Your destiny is not to be a zombie, galvanized by the shadowy ways of the world, but rather to move forward as an impressive force for change that can indeed heal and cure many others of their vibrational afflictions, just by your simple presence.

Radiate in your light. Radiate in your true essence. Reveal the true Plan of the Creation, long kept in secret orders from you, as being that inevitable truth that all shall follow at some future point. Know and accept our love, our guidance and our strength as you once more strive for the True Light of the All-There-Is.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.