The Millennium Fire

Prophecy Data Continues Mounting: Rapid and Extreme Changes in Society Very Likely, Internet May Soon Be Lost

by David Wilcock

September 13, 2001


The Twin Towers once stood as a symbol of United States worldwide financial dominance, and now they lie in ruins, exacting a staggering and miserable death toll. The colossus of power had feet of clay, and once the feet have crumbled away the colossus is no more.

The more I look back through my own psychic readings and dream transcripts, (many of which had been published online previously,) and now in this article the data from others as well, the more that this event was foretold with shocking precision.

It is all sizing up now as being a key, pivotal event in our history that was well anticipated by the higher forces, probably due to the sheer impact that it would have on our current geopolitical order. It also indicates that all the prophecies that we have heard and reviewed for so long are all coming into sudden view and immediate relevance for the present.

Let us be absolutely clear here: there is no guarantee of any of our current conveniences lasting. The prophecies seem to imply that this event will “level the playing field” between the haves and have-nots.



It is absolutely possible that we may lose our Internet, among other things associated with electricity and modern convenience, as a prophecy by Dolores Finney on the website had indicated about one month ago. (See below entry for Aug. 27, 2001.)

OPEC countries deciding to attack us by cutting off oil supplies, or other unforeseen problems, could well cause this to occur. At the time I had no idea why she would be getting something like this, but it definitely raised my attention.

She works with the same techniques as does Joe Mason, who originally suggested to me that I use the Dream Voice technique, thus launching my career as one who produces revealed teachings.

I believe her accuracy to be quite good, and it was indeed disquieting to see these types of prophecy statements coming through her dreams. The first article, “Redline”, was published on Aug. 7, 2001, and warned of terrorism, in the form of a bombing in a major metropolitan area in the US:



Amazingly, the second article in question by Dolores Finney was entitled, “The Connection between Irenaeus and Beckett: The Two Pillars.” I almost couldn’t even believe it when I went back through my email and saw that title – yes, that’s right, two pillars! Better yet: “Pillar Candles.”

The data shows a connection between major icons of religious symbolism and two “pillars” that could be lit at the top to burn like candles.

The first dream featured the pillar candles, and the second featured the names of Irenaeus and Beckett. As the article states, Irenaeus was believed to be one of the “Pillars” of the Catholic church, asserting Rome’s influence and denouncing Gnostics and others who challenged them.

Thomas Beckett, on the other hand, martyred himself at the base of a pillar at the Church of Canterbury due to his personal religious desire to end oppression.

Therefore, the metaphor of this being tied in with the recent downing of the Twin Towers is very poignant, suggesting how widespread the ideo/religious changes could be. I was notified by email of the publication of this article on Aug. 11, 2001, exactly two years after the infamous Aug. 11, 1999 prophecy date.



This article by Dolores Finney, “Land Forces,” foretold of an invasion similar to Pearl Harbor in our near future. In this case, a crucial data point was given by a number in the dream, 598, which upon further research had complete connections to known military hardware.



Another article by Dolores Finney reveals a further dream predicting future calamity and chaos. In this case the data was interpreted as being related to the Internet going down. In lieu of all the supportive context and its shocking accuracy, we should be ready to take this seriously:



So with these pieces of data, it is very obvious that Finney’s data, posted and documented in advance on the Great Dreams website, leaves little to the imagination.

Again, let us be reminded of the possibility that society could change in ways we cannot foresee, and it is a bad idea for us to make assumptions about the situation based solely on what the mainstream media tells us.

This event certainly fulfills every criteria to be the turning point that launches all of the prophecy statements into high gear, and brings out the precursor conditions for the global energetic shift that we have always known would have to come first.

In our next article installment, we will bring in data from the Book of Revelations that suggests that this event was even known some 2000 years ago, as the fall of the Whore of Babylon.

As you are about to see, more and more pieces of evidence are stacking up to support the case that this event was well predicted in advance.

The most amazing new information was when I dug up a letter from December, 2000 that was sent to me by a woman who read my prophecy that associated plane crashes with economic collapse quite directly.

Her dream showed a black fog that crept around Los Angeles and eventually spread all the way to New York City.

Once in New York, she saw a gigantic airliner smash into a skyscraper, and people were trying to act like nothing had happened.

The higher forces knew of this future event for quite some time, as this dream actually came through in 1999! These correlations are obviously quite stunning, showing that others were receiving information of this type as well.

And luckily I actually mentioned this woman’s dream on the private Cowan discussion group, and that post is still within their archives; so there is a paper trail to prove that we didn’t “make this up.”

This article will present a lot of data for you to sift through, and will blend between dreams and readings. I think it will be easy to see how many correlations there are to be made.

And if things really do change as quickly as the prophecies seem to be indicating, I encourage all of you to save and print a copy of Convergence III as soon as I finish it.

This will become my number-one priority, as we probably have at least three or four weeks before the full effects of this on society will be felt. I will try to get the rest of this book done by the end of September, at least in some form.

This way, the work will go on and others will be able to survey the case for Ascension even if there is no electricity available to the consumer on a reliable basis, and / or a loss of Internet connection.

And as always, I urge you to remain calm and to remember that we knew that something like this was bound to happen.

Now we’ve arrived at that point where we’ll have to tolerate a sudden change in our lifestyles prior to the big event itself, as the dream I had the very morning of the crashes described the onset of some form of martial law.

These changes we will go through shouldn’t be of overly long duration, and within those challenges will be many opportunities to go through our final purifying processes of body, mind and spirit to be better prepared for what is to come on Graduation Day.


Sunday 12 / 17 / 00 – 4:50 a.m.

[Excerpts from reading, pertinent to “911” attack:]

Something as simple as a major cigar-shaped object in the sky can indeed have profound implications on the collective mass of humanity at large. There will indeed be a renewed impetus to know, to seek and to understand.

We cannot move while their states remain informal about our presence. We cannot act while the whole congregation spouts venom about our wrongfulness and condemns us as villains in a life of hatred.

[12/19: Quite simply, they cannot help us if we do not collectively want their help, or even respect them.]

[9/13/01: I had always assumed the “cigar-shaped object in the sky” was a UFO, but it could just as easily be the central section of a passenger airliner.]

With each and every breath having new discoveries being made, it is foolish to assume that the old paradigms are holding up.

When the waste paper basket is emptied out, then the tight-knit sociological theorists will have to reassess their viewpoint of humanity with a whole new set of data unlike anything ever concocted before.

Needless to say, these reactions are more crude than useful, but nevertheless provide a stimulus to those who would know, seek and understand more in their own right.

[12/19: This certainly seems to be speaking about the effects of a disclosure regarding UFO reality in our near future. The ‘waste-paper basket’ probably refers to all the useless theories that will no longer have any relevance when this information becomes available to the general public.]

[9/13/01: The idea that it is foolish to assume that old paradigms are holding up could well be a statement about whether the World Trade Center buildings would hold up under the future attack.]

And thus, if the birthday party were canceled because of an unexpected guest, then what do you do in the time remaining? Simply put, this thesis abides by the democratic notion that every vote counts, and that all are considered…

While the core of your being is hollowed out to reveal the void that exists in Unity, so too does the mind that you have so diligently tried to prop up collapse under its own weight, and realize the beautiful benefit of silence once truly applied to the inner self, and to these phantasmagorical phenomena that have heretofore eluded direct observation. The speed with which these events will happen is legendary, as is society’s condonement of them…

Mountain ranges have come into existence and mountain ranges have ended their existence just as abruptly…

[9/13/01: The above two paragraphs really zero in on it: the idea of something collapsing under its own weight, the idea that the speed of these events will be legendary, and the idea that “mountain ranges” (such as Nostradamus referring to New York as the “City of Hollow Mountains”) could “abruptly end their existence.”]

The motivation may now be present in many to die to their definition of self, even though that definition has produced so much hunger and pain in the depths of despair.

Figuratively speaking, it is [similar to] a ballerina, incapable of doing her steps without her tiptoes touching the ground: Middle aged imperfection, she casts an obstinate glance at the audience, indifferent to her activity as much as she is to their presence.

And yet nevertheless [she continues] performing, going through the motions, having a cigarette after break and in between acts, never really grasping the deeper meanings of life or of why there is a God, so to speak.

[12/19: This might seem harsh and I think it is not just for me but for everyone who denies their True Self and continues to live in illusion. The first sentence reveals how our definitions of ourselves actually feed us; we actually enjoy being the victim, feeling “hunger and pain in the depths of despair.”

We enjoy that sense of being the victim because keeps away the true pain, which is feeling that we have been abandoned by God. Since we cannot be angry at God (as this is a universal paradox,) we need someone or something else to be angry about, so we can project that anger away and not claim it as ultimately being anger against self — since we must ultimately realize our Oneness with God — this is our only true identity.]

[Note: The words “similar to” replaced “as if” in order to make the sentence work better. Again “obstinate” means stubborn. The words “she continues” were added to make that sentence a new sentence and break up the run-on.]

The inanimate computer of the heavens continues tallying the votes on your planet, for all those who are willing to loosen up the definitions of the Ego self to allow in more light and love, to abide by the resolutions, to seek new frontiers in the self and to overcome the birdcage mentality that houses so many at this time.

We offer a simpler way out, an opportunity to ride the blue electric hermetically sealed passage into heaven that can only be experienced, not talked about in words such as these.

You have your obligations, and so do we. And in the final analysis, those two paths can meld into one, and we do not have to work at cross purposes.

Stilling and containing the absolute One within the vessel of the body is our goal for you, and it requires diligence, patience and persistence, and a lessening of the responsibilities that you now hold so dearly.

So keep all this in mind as the Millennium fire still burns brightly, and know that we continue to stand by in service, love and trust, awaiting every example of progress as another sign that the hurdles have been cleared and that the boundaries that have been made will allow much deeper trance states and much firmer points of self-realization than have heretofore been possible.

We thank you and we love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We are always waiting to be of service to you if you call upon us. We thank you. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[9/13/01: The idea of a “Millennium Fire” didn’t really make sense at the time of this reading, but it is this year 2001 that is the first true year of the new millennium, according to many scholars. The fire being referred to could well be in the aftermath of the collapse in New York City.]


Somehow the dream morphed into 621, where I grew up. It somehow ended up outside of the house and I was aware that there were a variety of insects going in and out and I was trying to avoid them. It seemed that something had gotten out of the house and I was trying to reclaim it and bring it back inside, like a pet cat.

I made the realization that in the kitchen there was a huge picture window, and that there were insects flying in and out all the time because the window didn’t have any glass in it, it was wide open.

I made another realization that a large, voracious creature had flown out of the basement and was going to be able to go through the window and into the house. This was a lot bigger than the normal insects flying through the window.

The dream abruptly changed at this point. I was talking to others about how nice it would be if I could help explain to them that this was a metaphor for the market collapsing. I wondered if they would ever be able to understand it or believe it, if the Cowan people could accept it, et cetera.

[9/13/01: As we said in “Attack of America” part One, in the above dream, realize that the movement of insects in and out of the window is a metaphor for global commerce, money exchanging hands, the markets, et cetera.]

[Note: Due to our intense backlog, the following material was not fully transcribed, edited and comprehended until 6/25/01 for the first time.]


Wednesday 12 / 20 / 00 – 9:24 am

D: My eyes are essentially fused shut and that is okay. I am not going to try to open them. I ran the humidifier all last night and I am feeling a lot less dry, but I had to get a drink of water very seriously when I woke up. I am going to go right back to sleep after this, no delays.

This was actually a long series of dreams and I feel that the reading that I transcribed for myself really put a lot of stuff in perspective for me. It made me think about everything in a much different way.

Probably the single earliest section that I am remembering now took place on the lawn of 621 Charles Street. The vibe was actually Easter, incidentally enough, and there were really tiny children who were just wandering around on their own.

I am not sure but what they were giving candy away, and there were also candy under the poinsettia bush on the outside of 621. I definitely interacted with Dave B, down by his house. The same scene unfolded like two or three times.

I tried to be in a car, but it wasn’t clear exactly whose car it was. I think that I got into a car three times, and it was in Dave B’s driveway. It rolled out backwards down a little hill, and the brakes were so bad that I didn’t have any control over the car’s rolling movement.

The first two times I don’t think it actually became dangerous, but the third time it involved a very narrow street to the right at Dave B’s house, which then went to a dead end like maybe only 25 feet away. There was a loose association with Eric F as well.

Anyway, I was trying to hit the brakes, but the car just kept on rolling backwards. It finally rolled backwards to the point where it slammed into the back of another car. It didn’t seem to cause excessive damage; in fact it looked like the car itself had sustained more damage than the car it had hit.

This is where it starts to get a little bit interesting. The car that it crashed into turns out to be these people who were about to come down to my house at 621 and have dinner.

The car that I was driving that was supposed to be mine turned out to be owned by a woman I know locally who has a thick foreign accent and who has caused a lot of trouble. They were really kind of getting down on her, saying that she really doesn’t take care of her car and that it is a problematic situation.

I remember seeing them at the house, but then it seemed over time that things morphed. Once again, I was in a house that was more similar to Phyllis’ on 70th Street. It was this standard type of adult party vibe, and I felt like a kid again. It is not an easy thing to explain, but it was true.

D: I am already starting to fall asleep again. My stomach is sore. I think it is hunger. I didn’t really eat that much yesterday, but also I have been eating late.

Anyway, here is the ultimate point. I am in this house with all these adults and I felt like I wasn’t, and they were all middle aged. Two of three of us were huddled around the radio and the news suddenly came out on the radio that magician David Copperfield was dead.

Now this is strange, because David Copperfield was one of the people who were sitting there listening, and I could see him as clear as anything. And now, even though it should have been obvious to me he was right there, it wasn’t. In the dream I recognized him, but I didn’t associate the two directly.

[9/13/01: This is a very interesting metaphor to come right after the crash of the cars, and the foreign woman being responsible for the crash. David Copperfield’s biggest magic tricks have been associated with making giant buildings disappear, such as the Statue of Liberty.

When seen in context with all the other dreams that were predicting a plane crash associated with a market crash, it’s not hard to see that this entire scheme was well known in advance to the higher spiritual forces working through these readings.]

It ended up becoming a situation where my mother just freaked when she found out that he had died. She got horrendously upset and really sort of retreated into herself. She didn’t want other people to disturb her. Now this was also associated with the female artist Happy Rhodes that my mother had worked with. It was as if something bad happened to Happy’s keyboards too and all her music.

[6/25/01: It is interesting to note that Happy’s group was the closest that my mother ever came to possibly having some real international attention for her music. It didn’t work out, and it was speculated that this was because Happy had too many issues with stage fright that she wasn’t interested in healing.]

It was now essentially going to be required that if any of us wanted to see Happy’s work go on, we were going have to actively transfer all of her patches and all of the information from one keyboard to another in order to make it able to work for her.

[9/13/01: Many times we have written about how the markets move in accordance with musical principles. So it was very interesting here to see the death of David Copperfield being combined with the loss of musical equipment from a female musician very close to our family.

Most interestingly, the transfer of patches and information referred to in the dream could be a direct metaphor for how so much data would need to be moved and / or remade in order to restart the world financial markets in the aftermath of the loss of the World Trade Center buildings.]

I was still working in the kitchen and it seemed like my father’s friend Rick S was around. Somebody from the Sounds of Joy was talking to my mother and trying to console her, but Mom ended up just screaming really loudly and not wanting anything to do with it. She basically didn’t want to listen to what other people were trying to tell her.

D: All this is obviously talking about the death of the ego self, which I think I can do. I think it is possible.

I seemed to be working on something that involved wet raisins and a lot of flour of some kind. I was trying to put the raisins into a ball on top of some kind of a glass that was going to be baked. It wasn’t glass, but it was shaped like a drinking glass. I think it was actually gray plastic.

I was putting the raisins on top of the glass, and on top of the raisins was going this ball of flour. There were several people that seemed to be pretty interested in making sure that I finished this thing, the cooking of it, as quickly as I could.

[6/25/01: Again this is an obvious reference to the “bread of life.”]

[9/13/01: This section seems to stress the importance of finishing my projects as quickly as possible, especially once I saw how these prophecies would come together into my present moment. The Ã