A massive 6.8 earthquake hit Seattle, WA, a major US city, Feb. 28, 2001 – causing the buildings to “roll like jelly ” and producing billions of dollars in property damage.

Two years ago, we published Global Politics Part One, which started with a dream of an earthquake that cracked a capitol building.

Now it has come true… as have many other undeniable elements of our present that were frozen into the article, such as the divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The ultimate point: This was the warning sign! Much bigger changes appear to be soon to follow as a result of this initial fulfillment…

Way back when we were first getting started on this website, we posted a set of information called “Global Politics Part One. ” Now it‘s buried at the bottom of the archive stack, but still there and just as fresh as ever.

Little did we know, or expect, that it could have such a startlingly exact prophecy of a crack in a capitol building as a result of the 6.8 earthquake just passed in the Seattle, Washington area, nor that the other “coordinates ” in the original article would match up so precisely well to our present moment.

LINKS: http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/02/28/northwest.quake.05/index.html;




We‘ve certainly had our share of time-bending future prophecies here at ascension2000.com, but this one takes the cake… and is definitely more than a slight heads-up.

It appears that a post that we made to our website in 1999 is directly time-stamped to the immediate present through a number of shockingly direct ways… but first let‘s recap just a bit of our recent psychic history. During the war in Kosovo in 1999, the readings said, “The vice president considers this his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period will decide the next victor. ”

At the time we interpreted this in an article as relating to the war in Yugoslavia somehow, but it never quite seemed to fit.

In hindsight it seems to be a remarkable prediction of the election crisis in late 2000; it mentions the vice president directly, mentions an “interim period ” where the “next victor ” will be decided, and in the first sentence ultimately includes the fact that Gore wouldn‘t win the battle; he was “completely naked ” even though he thought the entire election crisis was “his own authorship ” and would lead him to victory.

The election crisis was also somehow known in advance by totally non-psychic means in the writings of Sherman Skolnick, at www.skolnicksreport.com.

As anyone can go and read, in Skolnick‘s case it was said to have been planned deliberately by the powers-that-be, and he had people who were brave enough to leak that information to him before it happened.

Though the motive was not entirely clear, Skolnick‘s source said that it had the intent of destabilizing society. With our prophecy included in the mix, the idea is raised that this could have been planned ahead for some time.

It is interesting to note that Skolnick‘s prophecy of societal destabilization does seem to have now been realized to a large extent. We no longer are in doubt about the fact that all of the relevant prophecies for Earth Changes are now coming true.

The economy is continually showing signs of rapid downturn with no perceptible bottom, and many have argued that this stock-market sell-off got going as a direct result of the election crisis. Other dreams and readings that we have had in the last few months indicate that the markets will go “all the way down ” by no later than summer of 2002.

Furthermore, the new, only barely “legal ” Bush regime seems to have oriented the entire mass media into a propagandistic direction where the old Cold War saber is again being rattled… Iraq is bombed as a “just routine ” mission and now we find out that the British and US forces didn‘t hit the main target, which leaves the door open for wider conflict.

Furthermore, all the progress that had been made with Russia under Clinton has been eliminated and once again they are the “bad guy; ” all indicators are that old Cold War tensions are being fomented on both sides. Israel has elected the warlike Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister, and it seems inevitable that the Middle East war that many would associate with the Biblical Armageddon is on the way in the relatively near future.

Enormous amounts of warlike propaganda is being aired on American network television, which simply wasn‘t being seen before.

We should also remember that this war is one of the very last things that happens in the Book of Revelation before some very major Earth Changes are said to occur, as well as what appears to be the spontaneous energetic transformation of a certain number of the population who can handle the higher fourth-density vibrations. Soon we‘ll be posting an article about our new analysis of Revelation as well.

So, in the midst of this warlike activity on behalf of the United States, is it not interesting that the continental US would get an earthquake, and that it would specifically damage a governmental building? From a symbolic perspective, it is as if the forces of Nature are saying, “Remember who‘s in control, here, boys. ”

Now with that in mind, once again we‘ve really stumbled onto something in our psychic research. One of the very first posts that we ever made to our website came to be known as “Global Politics Part One. ” In that post, we felt compelled to reveal a series of visions that seemed to indicate that some form of preliminary Earth crustal shift was coming in the rapid future.

It was hard to tell exactly when, but the implications were that there would be a slight change in the surface of the Earth itself. It seemed to be some form of movement of the outer crust over the inner mantle as per Hapgood‘s theory of crustal displacement, which is obviously more serious than a straight-ahead magnetic pole shift is believed to be. This would be the idea of the Earth sliding over its inner core like the skin of an orange sliding over the fruit inside.

Yesterday morning, about an hour or so before the earthquake in real-time, I had woken up and was doing some morning work on the computer, searching the Internet. Suddenly I had the bizarre feeling that the ground was shaking under me like an earthquake, even though nothing in the room seemed to be moving.

It lasted for approximately three seconds before I realized that it wasn‘t a real earthquake; it was some form of energy movement in my body. At the time I didn‘t think it meant anything. However, after returning to sleep and waking up again, I found out immediately after logging on that a huge 6.8 earthquake had occurred near Seattle, Washington.

I was quite surprised, to say the least, as I know of no time before that I have directly sensed an earthquake coming before it hit. However, that was only the beginning… for when I read the articles I realized that Washington State‘s capitol building had cracked… and I was stunned; a prophecy had been fulfilled, and now you‘re reading this article as a result.

Interestingly, this data came in on November 10, 1998, two years before our next prophecy regarding the Presidential election crisis would be coming true. Even more interestingly, the data wasn‘t compiled into an article until Feb. 23, 1999… within one week of this earthquake itself, the largest of its kind to hit Washington State in over 50 years.

This fact alone seems to again bring up the idea of “cyclology, ” or the idea that certain events in history repeat themselves in the same manner by a certain set number of years in the future, usually a harmonic number.

It seems that based on the way that the space-time continuum works, the higher beings are somehow able to gain a remarkable view of what will happen on the Earth when it is in the same relative position to the Sun as it was during the prophecy. This can be one year, in this case two years or even more.

Luckily, we put the original prophecies into an article and posted it right away. In this article, there were a series of visions, but the first one that we indicated was a dream… and in the dream there was an earthquake that damaged a domed capitol building, causing it to crack.


In the dream this crack was presented as having dramatic importance, and now in the above image taken from the Washington State capitol building, we can see that the prophecy has come true. As we read on in this article, we will see that there can be no doubt as to the time coordinates being set to our present moment.

Here is the key section from our original posting, without any editing. It includes dream data and a note that we inserted at the time we composed the article on Feb. 23, 1999. Our analysis will follow after these paragraphs:

“[Dream: Anyway, I hadn’t written down the number for Jesse Jackson’s room. So, I had to go find him, and I was running all around this building. When I did find him, he looked very overweight.

Sooner or later, some guy took me outside. It was a very beautiful and gorgeous building, and had the rounded off look of government. He showed me this huge crack that was right in the center of the building, and explained that when the foundation was cracked like that, it had very serious repercussions.

There was another crack in the other building that he showed me, the same as with the underneath.] ”

“[Note: Now it is all starting to fit together. This is indeed truly amazing, because today is Martin Luther King Day, and here in the dream we have a reference to Jesse Jackson.

After reading Dee’s prophecy today in an email from H. Lynn Hermann’s Academy newsletter, further along in the article there was a reference made to a prophecy regarding California sinking. The prophecy had stated that you would see cracks appear in the City Hall buildings of San Francisco and Los Angeles, as a pre-cursor effect from another earthquake prior to the Big One.

Lynn had written that these cracks did indeed appear, and there was an effort made to try to determine when in fact this big quake would happen. The synchronicity of me transcribing all this today is unbelievable, as there is indeed no way that I could have known that all of this would happen.] ”

“[Dream: So, after a while, the word got through this hotel that there was going to be a big earthquake, and how much danger they were in. People were really starting to bug out, and a mass evacuation was being conducted from the building. That was the end of the dream.] ”

Now note that in this dream, I said that the building had the “rounded off look of government; ” I was obviously referring to a domed capitol building. Here is a photo of the Washington State capitol building where this happened:



The dream also made reference to Jesse Jackson, and right during the election crisis, two years after the dream came in, was exactly when a scandal erupted regarding him fathering a child with a mistress. So, the idea in the dream that he “couldn‘t find his own room number ” is given even more insight here.

Now if all of this was all there was, it would still be highly fascinating: but the fact is that there is a lot more that fixes the “coordinates ” even more into the present moment… and here is where the truth becomes stranger than fiction.



Just recently, I had seen Stanley Kubrick‘s final movie, “Eyes Wide Shut. ” Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are the main stars, and now they have divorced.

So, in the “Global Politics Part One ” article, this dream with the cracking of the capitol building is directly followed by a dream with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fusing into One and then throwing up… and since they worked on this dark movie for two years it isn’t hard to see that it might have had an impact on their marriage, which was announced as having dissolved just within the last month.

The vomiting is obviously prophetic of their divorce, which is still haunting tabloid headlines in the supermarket today as we post this article. To me, this synchronicity is an arresting confirmation that everything that was given during the time of that reading is intended to be read and analyzed right now.

It goes even further, as Sabrina was repetitively singing one line of a song today as I was writing this article, without knowing what I was working on. Her line was “I look around and all I see… ” and in my Cruise / Kidman dream there is a line where a woman is singing, “Look into my eyes and you‘ll see. ”

Directly below, I will post the content from the article itself, and follow it by posting the complete transcript of that dream after I typed it up from the cassette. The complete transcript had never been posted online before, but it is certainly real and has been around for a long time.

Most of my dreams are never released online, but remain in my files, disks, CDs and on old hard drives in the closet. I include the original transcript because it goes into far more detail than I did in the article.

So all that we know for sure right now is that a very vivid picture on our present moment has been cast some two years ago, when we were first getting started with this website. This is obviously a highly dramatic correspondence of events; a very precise calibration for a moment in time that could not possibly have been known by any normal human means.

Please realize that we are NOT saying that some big pole shift is about to happen. However, this is a stark reminder that all the articles that were posted from that time should be reviewed again as having direct applicability to our present moment now. And those articles did prophesy that a major or epic land shift was on the way soon after these events.

We don‘t yet know what else will be coming around, but are posting this article now just to put the word out. If necessary, updates will follow. For now, we recommend going back over the material at the bottom of the archive; all we can say is that this is very dramatic and shows that there may be some very significant changes coming in our near future.

A prophecy coordination this strikingly exact shouldn‘t be taken with a “grain of salt. ” There may indeed be a very large Earth movement coming up in a matter of months into our own future.

[3/19/09: Again, at this stage in my life I was still constantly anticipating “The Big One,” and kept looking for evidence of whether or not it was imminent. I have since learned that these types of mega-Earth Changes will not happen until there is a shift where we will not be affected by it.] 

We will start by giving the links for the article sequences from that time, since they may be of value now. Some of this content is duplicated in the posting below:

2/23/99 – Global Politics Part One:Earth Very Soon to Shift Its Position. Major initial warning of possible upcoming land shift if we do not change our way of thinking and behaving. It is preserved here for the “Global Politics” sequence.

4/14/99 – Wilcock Readings: The Latest Goodies:Lots of interesting material from a very deep trance state. Includes a fantastic section on “Why it is Better to Ascend than to Stay on Earth as it is Now.”

4/29/99 – Global Politics Part Two: ET Government Speaks on Kosovo Crisis. “Major or Epic Land Shift” may be necessary to counteract current warlike actions of NATO. (We sailed through this one without a hitch. Recent news as of August reveals that we were much closer to open confrontation with the Russians than we were told.)

6/23/99 – Global Politics Part Three: Wars, Earth Changes and Ascension Events- The latest update in our ongoing “watch” of the events now taking place. Many prophecies, including a possibly huge Brazilian earthquake. Vital new discovery that Ascension will happen before these major Earth Changes! Also the first announcement that the “Ascension Event” will produce a visible phenomenon in our skies.



“The final capstone that made me get out of bed and write this occurred just one and a half hours ago in my own time, at 2:00 a.m. on 2/23/99. I had gone to bed feeling overwhelmed by all the material that I am trying to prepare for my website in great haste.

Before going to bed, I had said out loud, “I guess the best motivation for me to get this work done would be knowing that it helps other people. If I do it for them, instead of for myself, maybe I will work quicker.” I definitely seemed to get my answer.

In my most recent dream, I went into an urban area, similar to Los Angeles or New York. I met a client of mine who lives in New York City at one point in this dream, and that seemed to triangulate it to New York, added to the California indications I had received from the previous prophecies.

Everyone I ran into seemed to be disharmonious. I saw bums, many criminals, a pimp and his hookers as well as a host of people intoxicated on drugs and alcohol. I was then traveling with two women police officers, and was amazed to see that literally everyone on the streets at that late hour seemed to be stumbling drunk.

They didn’t even try to arrest anyone, merely stopping the worst crimes from occurring along the way. [The police officers may represent angelic forces.]

Then, I came upon a whole crowd of people that were falling-down drunk and literally saturated with hard liquor or beer. As I passed, almost as if on cue, they started to throw up, and it seemed to be a “domino effect” where it spread from person to person.

I then saw Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a couple, walking past this scene. Cruise had a drying vomit stain above his left eyebrow and on his cheek. He had a white shirt on that was also soaking wet. As they continued walking, Nicole asked him to please not throw up like everyone else had. He promised her that he wouldn’t.

And then, the nausea overtook him, and he started to vomit. I saw this action occurring in very real, grotesque slow motion. As this happened, music was playing that was actually quite upbeat.

A popular female artist sang a new, unique song that went, “Look into my eyes and you’ll see.” (Note: This seems to be a reference to “seeking the face of the Christ” in order to see the truth.) He simply turned his head to the side, continuing to walk as it came out of him. Nicole wasn’t aware of it.

Then, they seemed to merge into one being, and she herself was vomiting as they continued walking as One. She was actually talking to him, now merged into herself, in between spurts, and was not apparently aware of what was happening. None of the vomit seemed to be landing on them as they walked as One.

As I lay in bed and dictated this dream, I tried to make sense out of it. There obviously was an analogy to Mother Earth “vomiting,” possibly indicating volcanic / tectonic activity, and the fact that even though it would happen, it was still okay. At one point on the tape, I said, “I think this has something to do with an imminent disaster, possibly occurring in New York.”

[3/20/09: At the time I did not realize this was talking about 9/11, but the other dreams and prophecies — going all the way back to 1996 — showed that it was well understood.] 

No sooner did I say this but what a huge, deafening sound pressure came into my ears. For years, this has happened to me, often around other people who hear nothing.

From further research and readings, I now know that this pressure is used as an “affirmation” to underline and amplify whatever the thought was that I was just having. So, in this case, it was alerting me to the correctness of this prophecy.




[3/01/01: This is the entire series of dreams from this period, and it begins with a dream and reading before going into the key data for this article.]


Monday 2 / 23 / 99 — 9:03 a.m.

D: On the last tape, the dictation cut off. I believe that was it talking about the raising of the leavening of the bread of life. The reading ended at that point, so that was the end of it.

I subsequently slept through probably two or three REM periods since then, but the tape got all messed up. I got the microphone cord tangled in my arm, and the tape ran out, and it was just a bad scene. I didn’t have any more tapes here by the bedside. Now is the first time that I have some of the energy to go get one.

Anyway, this dream had three phases. One phase was the earliest, and it seemed to involve me getting over this pornographic thing, needing or wanting it. In this dream, someone had rented videotape.

It was a very old pornographic movie, I think it was with my father. These women were dressed 1950s style and stuff, but I just wasn’t interested in seeing it. I think I may have made him turn it off.

[3/01/01: The movie with Cruise and Kidman was certainly pornographic, and here there is mention of a pornographic movie.]


D: There was another big section that had to do with the Scotia Glenville High. There were these guys there who were training to be like the guys that you heard about from the Army, with black suits and ski masks and the night vision goggles.

In this dream, I was being shown this too, or I was part of it. There was definitely a difference between these guys dressed in black and a regular soldier, dressed in camouflage.

The last thing was strange, and it involved this chair in the White House. There was something about how the chair itself was evil, and it was talking about how the other presidents had sat in it, and the horrible wars that they started.

Charles Berlitz had done a whole book that was based on this chair. It was ornate, and you could lie back in it. When I actually saw a picture of it, it looked like a giant snake’s tongue; a combination between that and an anchor for a boat.

[3/01/01: Once again we‘re firmly triangulated on present political situations.]


D: I just noticed here that it’s snowing outside; I wondered what that stuff was. We actually have snow!

This seemed to be a war prophecy more than anything else. There were lots of elements of warfare in there. Also, it was about getting past pornographic urges.


6:45 p.m.

D: I am about to take an evening nap, and we might get some dictation here.

The orchestral sonata beckons in a few more new participants who did not think of themselves as being inherently superior to that which has gone before.

It is more important to say that the inherent inevitable focus of any entity who chooses to do this work must remain severely grounded in the joy and appreciation of others, and the ability to generate same through the reunification of self with the One.

Now and again, there arises a series of difficult circumstances necessary to embolden those who might otherwise be stricken with grief, and with repentance at the shallow nature of their own shortcomings.

To backtrack just a bit, think about those in the Saudi Arabian sphere, and the surrounding environs, and how this present environment has manifested itself in a sense of depression and despair. Raging loneliness then equates with raging destructiveness, and it is the loneliness of isolation.

For even in the midst of the apparent presence of a strong and deeply rooted spiritual faith, namely Mohammedanism, there is as yet a sense of longing for a Creator that does not emerge into the mind, into the workings of the mind, and into the environment of physical surrounding the mind.

The opportunities are then made more clear in the present moment for how these opposing systems of beliefs might then run together.

Without there being a clear-cut definition of who and what God is, or if God even exists at all, there can be those who run rampant with their own ideas and ideals, oftentimes quite inexorably separated from the truth of the All There Is.

To the betterment of these conditions, then, we find the appropriate action is that of humility and forgiveness. To move forward through these problems is to arrive at a new vantagepoint that is clearly juxtapositioned against those miserable circumstances of the past.

This work then begins within the individual, and is a function of the dawning Christ light within. To merely oppose oneself and ones work with the idea that there is no highest goal that can be attained is to falter.

To bury one’s inconsistencies in the mind and to not allow them to be brought up for healing is to fail to cleanse and purify the Self to the proper degree of attunement necessary to perform any function related to the work of the reunification of self with the Divine.

The processes then involve the discrete determination to embolden the vitality of the Light structure, by subjugating the will of the ego to that of the Divine Self, or that spark of light within each entity, or soul.

Not to remain callous and hardened to the lessons as they come forth, but rather to renew and revivify the personality through the greater desires to strive towards this reunification of purpose.

To be clear and considerate, and to work towards the healing and helping of otherselves is to forever leave behind the notions of apparent separateness.

This notion is silliness, as there can be no other way but that of the One True Path, from the light that extends downward and through the trunk of tree of mind, spreading out of the roots and into the soil, and vice versa.

You are the root of the tree of mind, currently engorged with those earthly elements that surround you, and yet realize that it is very important for you to keep those roots firmly in place, and to use them.

They will provide the foundation upon which the tree of life can then grow into the mind, and the leaves indeed will strive towards the Light of the Great Central Sun, then receiving their blessings and allowing greater growth to then occur.

Do not lose your marbles in these crazy times, but rather grasp them. Be aware that the Creator extends within and throughout all that you do, all that you experience, all that you feel.

The light and love that comes to you with this knowledge is far more profound than that which comes in the apparent isolation of solitude and separateness. Again, this is only a misnomer, cleverly designed so that you might then polarize towards the choice.

What is the choice that we are speaking of? Mainly this. To be present at one’s own discretion within the realm of the service to self or the service to others. That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

D: I’m surprised that was short. I felt like I could have done more, but that is just what happened. I guess I will try to go to sleep.


1:30 a.m.

D: Same night. I have already had some experiences here. Big, big dream. I have some fragment trees of it. There was a black man who had come and built a whole steel-looking house on the concrete plate near the yard, except that concrete plate was now closer to the end of the road.

There was a whole section having to do with that. I was concerned with how it might impede my view of the road, as it was big and it covered everything up. I seemed to know who the guy was. I think it was this guy who I had done the reading for, Winston.

I think that there was something having to do with the body of water, maybe a river. It was sort of a large body of water. I am not sure whether there was any difficulty associated with it or not, in terms of trying to pass it. Then, it seemed to lead up to this whole big section where everything came into play.

I was riding my bicycle; I didn’t have a car for some reason. I was riding my bicycle down a few quick streets that started in Virginia Beach, and I had a specific destination in mind. It was like I was driving, or like I was maybe looking for work again or something, like I did in Schenectady.

[3/01/01: Interestingly, I am currently “in between cars ” at the present time, with the next one coming soon. Sabrina has been driving me around… so again, we‘re triangulated to the present; I have never been without a car like this since I first got my license.]


D: And then, definitely at some point, it turned into Schenectady, or just an analog of it. I am riding along, and there was a distinct place I was looking for, and I think it was called Patient First health-care. I also had this idea that I was going to stop off at the deli first, and to maybe get a soda or something gross like that.

So, I am riding around, and I get to what looks like a nursing home parking lot. I am riding down the parking lot, and there was a yellow traffic bump there, and I see these two black girls.

I asked them if they knew where this place that I was going was, and they really weren’t that friendly. They weren’t nasty, but they really weren’t that friendly either.

That didn’t get me very far, so I ended up riding across the street. And then, it seemed to be a little bit more like downtown Norfolk than Schenectady. I came across this big building with my bicycle, and I think I either brought it inside or left it, or parked it, or chained it up or something.

So as I was inside this building, I see this average-looking guy with a black T-shirt and black pants. He didn’t look like he was abnormal, per se, and there was a sort of Hispanic woman there with him. He wasn’t totally Hispanic, I think, maybe Italian.

I asked them if they could help me with where I was going, and they didn’t really give me any good information and almost wouldn’t talk to me. Somewhere along the way, I found this paper hole puncher, but it didn’t have both handles intact.

One of the handles was partially missing, and also one side seemed to be like a straight line, but the other side was a circle. It hurt my hand to try to squeeze it, but for some reason I felt like I had to do it anyway.

Then I go outside, and as I am leaving, I tried to talk to this Hispanic woman for more information about Patient First, and she said that it was off the street a little more. And then, she goes and reassumes her position on the street corner, and I realized that she was a prostitute.

[3/01/01: The movie “Eyes Wide Shut ” contains prostitutes as well.]


D: Then, I realized that this normal-looking white guy was actually a pimp. He was young, but balding and with glasses, and he definitely didn’t look like the seedy or underworld type guy, but there he was.

So anyway, both these guys were doing their thing. I brought back this paper hole puncher to Winston.

Okay, I just got the tone in my ear, right at the exact second that I thought that this might have something to do with a disaster prophecy for New York City, I just got a blast. So, I would say that that is an affirmative.

Maybe also California or Los Angeles. Definitely an urban disaster of some kind.

[3/01/01: Seattle definitely fits the “urban disaster ” category at present!]

[3/20/09: Again, another 9/11 prophecy here.]


D: So, I brought this paper hole puncher back, and Winston told me that it was used by pimps. It was something designed for them to pop cards with. There was a point where I was asking him as a rhetorical question, what would happen to these girls if they wanted to keep the money if they got tipped?

He kind of showed me, or I just realized that these pimps were searching them completely naked, and they were taking off all their clothes and being searched before they could leave. That was pretty shocking and horrifying.

[3/01/01: The girls in the movie were totally dominated as well.]


D: He seemed to have this incredible mechanical ability, because he was taking apart this paper hole puncher, but in his hands it was a lot bigger.

He was trying to fix it, and he had some obvious engineering knowledge. He was using terms that were just so highly technical that it blew my mind. He said that he didn’t think it was fixable, that it was too late to save it.

I guess that could have definite connotations with a deluge.

So then I go back into the town, only this time I seemed to be with police. I believe that I was with a white, fat woman police officer and then maybe later on there was also a black woman walking with her.

[3/01/01: As I read this the first time, and again now, it occurred to me that the police represent the positive spiritual forces that are assisting humanity at this time.]


D: I was walking with them. There was someone sprawled out on a car, obviously drunk, and she sort of rapped her Billy club on the car to wake him up.

People were definitely afraid of these two women, as there was kind of an aura around them. As we were walking along, they were talking about who they would arrest, why people got arrested and stuff like that.

I just noticed these black guys walking around totally drunk, everybody around was just totally intoxicated. It was just disgusting what was going on. Everyone in sight, even though it was a city and there were a lot of people around, everybody was intoxicated. It really made me sick to see it.

[3/01/01: This is arguably a general statement about urban areas, but also indicative of what it was like in “Eyes Wide Shut ” – everyone seemed to be corrupt.]


D: The next thing was that we came upon this group of people, obviously stumbling drunk. They actually started to stumble over each other, and spilled drinks on each other.

For some reason, this grossed out somebody enough that he puked. It seemed to start a puking chain reaction, so that the others were puking too. It all happened one by one. And then, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were walking, and now I was on the outside and watching them walk.

Tom Cruise had a sopping wet shirt, as if he had alcohol on hand and had spilled it all over himself. There was actually a puke stain, dried up over his right eyebrow and on his cheek.

Nicole said, “Now don’t you throw up, honey.” He replied, “No, I promise I won’t.”

And then as they were walking along, there was this pretty beautiful music that I heard. It sounded like your standard chick rock these days, as I call it. She was singing, “Look into my eyes and you’ll see… see…” It was definitely in the minor key.

Then it seemed that they merged into one being, almost. I think it was Nicole Kidman, or it alternated between the two of them. As they were walking, he was just puking, and I was seeing this in slow motion. He was puking straight out in front of him, and I had a very gory and disgusting depiction of how the puke was going.

The music was playing, and she was still talking to him. In between pukes, he was talking to her. Then it seemed like they merged together, his body going into hers, and she was still talking. But then, puke was bursting out of her mouth. Somehow, although I don’t know how he did it, he was able to keep her from even seeing the puke coming out.

[3/01/01: This clearly reached its climax point in the recent past, where the issues that they had with each other could no longer be hidden – the “vomit ” was exposed, and in this case it drew them apart.]


D: Earlier tonight, when I was trying to think of a way to get past my writers block, it dawned on me that perhaps the best way to do it would be to think about all the other people who would be helped by this, and how important it is that they get the information. And then, I get a dream like this.

So, it is pretty obvious that this is the Genesis point. My own swing on this is that it is showing me the iniquities of today’s societies, and obviously with the ear pressure thing I have another prophecy of disaster in New York.

I got a sense that the dream was telling me that there would be people who would be able to walk through this without it affecting them, as in Tom Cruise and Nicole.

Okay, I have got to get up for while, because part of this is about my own digestion. Even though it is 2:00, I have got to stay up for a while now.


9:34 a.m.

D: Okay, I went back to bed around five, and got up this morning here. Once again, we have got a case where I thought I had picked up tape and started dictating, and actually did it in an out of body state but not a physical state. This is definitely a habit that I have got to break.

Your true guise will be delivered soon. Better instead to focus upon the present moment than to exist plainly in the past. You see, the decision is that there is a renewed interest in one’s own financial stability that comes to the fore.

And thus, you have the dream this morning, where you were continually fighting against financial difficulty as such. This is designed to implant within your subconscious and hopefully conscious mind the need to be concerned about ones finances. You need to go and get these things done, David.


D: Okay. I will get it done today. The time is 9:42 a.m. I just cued on the words “severe wartime.”

Severe wartime. You haven’t asked us about this as often or as frequently as we would like.

There are certain developments now taking place that have made this a much more current proposition than before, and at the same time, those differences between the past and the present are largely ignored in the conscious sense.

[3/20/09: This could be seen as another prophecy of the wars that would result from the aftermath of 9/11.]


5:44 a.m.

D: I just had a dream here who featured a guy who was Andy R, the jazz keyboardist I worked with, most of time. He was definitely trying to play some jazz with me.

These were songs that I recognized off my tapes and stuff. I didn’t even have any drums, and I was just trying to do the brush patterns on my legs and trying to get a sound out of them.

[3/01/01: Our long-term readers should remember that in these dreams, musical metaphors have to do with our spiritual work here on the planet.]


It made the procedure more interesting. We had the front panel off, and concluded what analysis, research and work still need to be done.

In this case, you see the distinction clearly made between the music of the spheres, or the cycles that you have been studying, with that of the music of the piano, bass and drums in the jazz circle.

It is for this reason why you remembered those frequency numbers popping up when Mr. R was trying to explain to you how to play the music.

Of course, there were forest fires, but this is less of a shock when it is understood and realized within the people that the entire mode of awareness that is coming about involves a reunification of the human spirit with the Divine.

D: The physical body is in all this pain, so I am not going to try to do too much.

I seemed to remember that the number associated with the music was 58,302, which I was just reading in one of my books somewhere. Also, the obvious pain that the readings were saying is the need for more physical exercise, through drumming.

Andy was asking me to play certain pieces of music that were things I recognized from my practice tapes. So, I think that there is quite obviously a message there for me to use my practice tapes, and do some work with them. For a little while, I was doing it pretty intently, and now I have fallen off again.

OK… I have stretched a little bit, gone to the bathroom, and I am starting to feel little bit more comfortable. There is a pain on the right side of my back, about midway down. I am not sure why it is there, but it is not fun.


To place oneself in a thought bubble of mere truth is to fail to activate the whole range of psychic and physical capabilities. These capabilities would include the following:

-active telepathy

-staring at a distance

-revealing insiders information

-climbing to new heights upon the mount of self

-offending no one

-realizing the purity within

-accepting Self as the Creator

-et cetera.


When we have combined some or all of these discrete elements, we have an interesting situation here. The more time we spend looking at this, the better we are able to roll up our sleeves in the present, and to then get down into what really matters the most.

Those entities that demonstrate a grade of distortion that is sufficiently high enough to be construed as the raising of vibrations will indeed find it no longer necessary to reincarnate in the third density any longer.

D: I was speaking with a client of mine last night who was so entranced with the physical that she didn’t want to leave, and was trying to convince me that everything should stay the way that it is.

Could you give me an essay on that, or just talk about that? About why it is necessary for the physical to be changed?


Even though we are already working very hard in the present, there are those whose myopic blindness is indeed grand enough that they fail to see the difficulty of their own existence, of their own lives.

And so, you might indeed find that [with] those whose lives move closer to that of the physical success, albeit on a much lower scale than the success of ascension, there is indeed a motion towards a desire to maintain said success.

In the case of the entity in question, there was indeed a very large and prominent position held in the corporate community prior to this most recent physical incarnation.

And thus, that lifetime did then see the presence of extreme amounts of wealth, utilized for the most egregious outcomes for Self. Now,

in the present moment, what we see is a being that identifies so much with physical that it is not clearly able to comprehend the higher peace and tranquility that is resonant with the Divine particles that will formulate the fourth density. These particles indicate to us that the fundamental nature of matter as a whole will be transformed and renewed.

Indeed, there are many of those upon your plane who would be as the fence sitters, who would rather put these planetary changes on the black burner, so to speak. One of the human traits that we constantly work to put down is laziness, and it can well be said that the desire for everything to stay the same is indeed a form of laziness.

For even in those cases where one is spiritually aware, or partially spiritually aware, it is quite difficult for them to realize what exactly has occurred on the planet as a result of human habitation. For these souls, they will continue to cling to what is comfortable and what is familiar, not desirous of change in any of its forms.

Failing to see destructive result of their actions, they indeed need to have their karma forcefully shoved in front of them, as the angry parent forcefully shoves a plate of spinach in front of the noncompliant child, and gives the injunction, “Eat, that ye may be made whole.”

These planetary changes are indeed then presented to you whether you ask for them or not consciously. Subconsciously, you are crying out for them, and the loudness of this call resonates throughout the entire Creation as a high-pitched shriek that is unable to be ignored.

It is very important for you to focus on the coming changes, planetary in scope, as being an increase of those entities who are then harvestable. What matters most to us in coming months and years is whether an entity is capable of being a being of light, and intriguing others as such.

We want to see you emerge with the essence of pure Light and pure Love, and drift away from feeling self-indulgence and the desire to avoid change.

[tape flips]


So you see, when it comes to the truth, and of the work that needs to be done, we are no spring chicken, but rather well experienced, and knowing full well the effect of the Great Solar Cycle upon the cycles of human civilization.

You must keep in mind that kingdom of the Father-Mother God soon to awaken on this sphere is far more joyous, far more harmonious and wonderful than the third density could ever be.

This wonderful realm is something that will become so natural to you that you will wonder how you could have ever functioned in the third density. Indeed, we understand how difficult it is.

And so, seeing an entity that refuses to give up third density, we find that there is indeed a certain blockage of sorts, [as when the vortex opens, there is a stumbling at the door, a hesitation that can be quite damaging to the entity, causing] the decision not be made properly. We do hope that those who hesitate will understand that the next cycle is not to be missed.

It is the path of all entities upon this plane or any other in the universe to transcend the mortality and physicality, and to then be placed within a realm wherein these higher levels of light, love and purpose can be realized. We can’t just sit here and tell you exactly what it will feel like, as the words do not come to mind that will describe this adequately well.

What we can tell you is that it is time to begin taking this seriously. The windshield wipers on your car sometimes need to be turned to their fastest setting, if the rain comes down with enough ferocity. Similarly, the changes upon the physical sphere will come with greater and greater speed, forcing each of us and each of you to turn up the intensity of the personal vibrations in order to match that which is occurring, with the water of spirit coming in greater and greater amounts.

Things are not going to stay the same. They are not going to stay comfortable, they are not going to stay normal. As a result of the karmic outcomes of that which has occurred upon this sphere, the human conditions in the third density will inexorably tend towards chaos. This is an inevitable fact, and one that those who are entranced with physical will be faced with.

Should the entity not choose ascension, should the entity not be focused on the Christ in thought, principle and action, but rather dangle on the precipice, wondering whether it is better to continue in self-indulgence or choose a path of service in humility, then there is an entity that may indeed experience these changes directly.

There are many of you who are still entranced by the physical, and still cling adamantly and refuse let the stranglehold go. To all of you, we do say that the deepest limiter of any human endeavor is fear. As you overcome this fear, you can indeed work towards a trust and confidence in the workings of the Divine Creator.

Your ego mind cannot comprehend the fact of its own destruction, (or its own transformation, more appropriately,) as to it, there is only one path, and that is the path which can be seen, touched and measured.

Understand, though, that this Great Solar Cycle of which we speak is also a tangible reality, as are the higher dimensions. These dimensions are so much more euphorious, so much more wonderful in every way, that it is nearly impossible for you to fathom the joy, peace and bliss that your life will become. It is only because you have not sought this bliss in yourself that you are incapable of seeing that it may exist.

Perhaps for just a brief moment, you have captured a glimmer of the joy that your life might be. But even then, did you really identify it as such, or did it simply slide away into the ether realms? Know that it is more normal for you to focus on every day and try to enjoy life now.

However, you need to realize that in the pinnacle of enjoying your life, you are moving towards a state of grace, a state of happiness, and a state of venerating and enjoying the presence of others. Simply see that these things will all be raised, that the happiness and joy and unity will be much clearer, much better defined. It will be as though everyone is your brother and sister, and there is no distinction from one to the other but that of unity.

It is the kind of society and civilization and world that all of you have longed for and striven for and wished for in the depths of your heart and soul. And so, we come to you with a message; that message is that the time of transformation is upon you.

Do you want to think about this, and prepare for it, or would you rather sit and wait, seeing if anything is going to happen? Do you choose to remain entranced with the physical world, a world wherein suffering is the path by which you might learn, or do you choose to go to a more utopian realm, and the realm that the earth is transforming into?

Do you choose to continue to see the wholescale destruction of the Earth continue unabated, or rather would you like to ascend, and become a direct participant in the cleansing of same? Think about these things. We speak you from the knowledge that these higher realms are indeed unfathomable to your ego mind in scope, in vastness and in glory.

For that reason and that reason alone, we can only speak of approximations, and in those approximations we may give you a glimmer of the glory of what this is like. We do understand your fear, your desire not for things to change, and your desire for your life to remain manageable and consistent in the format that continues along without a hitch.

Indeed, many of you are completely entranced with the physical, and you will need the knocking of opportunity on the door in order that you may even realize that the door existed in the first place. So, see these planetary changes as an opportunity for things to become more exacerbated, more extreme, as they inevitably will. You are then led to the realization that a passage into a higher density might indeed be made.

Do not be disgruntled if others have gone before you and then come back to teach the way. Your time will come at what is best for you. We want you to be aware that our methods of preparation involve allowing each one of you to take the time necessary to make the decision for yourselves.

For some, it will be the envisioning of the true second coming of Christ, or the arrival of those otherselves whom you have known in the Ascended lightbody form that will push you over the edge, allowing you to then choose to make the transition.

Talking with one whom you have known and loved, who is before you in Christlike form and describing the awesome beauty and joy of these higher realms might indeed be something you can take with you to the bank. [You can] then deposit [this experience] in the storehouse of everlasting Love, realizing that the dividends that are paid on this investment are much higher than anything in the physical.

With that, we leave you to contemplate these matters. We remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. These higher realms defy any description of the ego mind in terms of their vastness and glory. Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.