This proved to be one of the most amazing economics-related sets of readings we ever had. It went directly into our articles on 9/11 and was highly relevant. We have included all the explanatory notes I put in, since the readings can be rather cryptic at times.

In addition, there WAS a major economic collapse again in 2002, right around the time the readings specified. This was when Enron first surfaced as a major problem, as well as the collapse of MCI / Worldcom. 

In hindsight, these events in 2002 were the original foreshadowing of a much more severe problem that didn’t become obvious until late 2008, when the bottom completely fell out of the markets.

Nonetheless, the entire period from 2002 to the second half of 2008 was a giant cover-up of the problems going on, artificially inflating the markets even while things like the gas prices told the real story for those who were paying attention.



No readings of this size or complexity had come through in several months due to the degree of focus that we have had in getting Convergence III finished. The change that is being proposed is quite surprising, and yet it mirrors that of many other lightworkers at this time.

The new message seems to be to completely finish the outer work and stop trying to create any new intellectual data, and since we are so close to the final changes, the best thing to do now is to free up as much time in your schedule as possible and use that time to actively go deep within the self for the final healing process.

Remember that the comments to the first reading, Dec. 17th, were written right as Wilcock was reading the information for the first time. Despite his very personal reaction to the information, it certainly applies to many others all across the board – and David‘s comments should be viewed with that higher perspective in mind.


Sunday 12 / 17 / 00 — 4:50 a.m.

D: I read Castaneda‘s book that my mom sent me today and just took a hiatus from the intensive writing process to allow my brain to recharge a little bit. A lot of really interesting stuff. The parts that jumped out at me the most was when it commented about how you have to let a part of yourself die to be reborn.

In the dream, I was in a group where there were a lot of people living together in bunk beds, and at one point I realized that I didn‘t need to choose to be living in the basement anymore.

[12/19: Obviously this is talking about my need to change metaphors in myself – to continue to renounce any focus on sexuality and become a “fisher of men. ” That was the whole point of leaving the basement where everyone was living together and going somewhere else. The basement symbolizes a lower state of spiritual awareness.]


The shock, the gas and the temple all were worth the price of the ride.

Going in, it‘s a little over five thousand dollars.* Going out, it becomes much more adequate of a solution than you might have otherwise expected.

A brief respite from the interview for this five thousand dollars comes in your own ability to lozenge up for some other material that will be coming your way as well.

[12/19: This certainly seems to be a prophecy of what I would discover 24 hours later: that the FAF had accepted our proposal and we can move ahead with the project.

So if we go back to the first sentence, perhaps the shock means all the personal struggles I have gone through, the gas means all the energy of service that I have had to put into my “vehicle of Ascension, ” and the temple refers to my desire for spiritual growth.

This reading implies that the workshop tour is just the beginning; I am “going in. ” On the flipside is a dramatic change, “much more adequate ” than I might have realized.

The reference to a lozenge seems to indicate how I will be a speaker at this event, and I still have time for other manifestations to come before this all really gets underway in May. ]

[*Note: 4:44 on the clock in transcription at the beginning of the second sentence.]


And thus, in the spirit of fair play, let‘s start thinking about this game as one that involves two participants, a new and former self; and begin seeing how perfectly all that emanates from within you is a function of this changing dynamic, and illustrates quite clearly the bonds and the separations as you again strive towards Oneness in your own right.

[12/19: Indeed, as the reading says, I am now seeing that there are two parts of myself and I am truly ready to finally let go of the older, more maladaptive and self-defeating part. Some parts of myself are becoming more bonded into my normal personality and other parts are separating from it.]


Something as simple as a major cigar-shaped object in the sky can indeed have profound implications on the collective mass of humanity at large. There will indeed be a renewed impetus to know, to seek and to understand.

We cannot move while their states remain informal about our presence. We cannot act while the whole congregation spouts venom about our wrongfulness and condemns us as villains in a life of hatred.

[12/19: Quite simply, they cannot help us if we do not collectively want their help, or even respect them.]


With each and every breath having new discoveries being made, it is foolish to assume that the old paradigms are holding up.

When the waste paper basket is emptied out, then the tight-knit sociological theorists will have to reassess their viewpoint of humanity with a whole new set of data unlike anything ever concocted before.

Needless to say, these reactions are more crude than useful, but nevertheless provide a stimulus to those who would know, seek and understand more in their own right.

[12/19: This certainly seems to be speaking about the effects of a disclosure regarding UFO reality in our near future. The ‘waste-paper basket‘ probably refers to all the useless theories that will no longer have any relevance when this information becomes available to the general public.]


And thus, if the birthday party were canceled because of an unexpected guest, then what do you do in the time remaining?

Simply put, this thesis abides by the democratic notion that every vote counts, and that all are considered.

Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are condoned, but not required.

[This thesis] is much more capable of modeling certain characteristics based on [what] the intrinsic qualities of those moments of time can represent for those in love, for those who have found the Divine inner heartbeat of the All-There-Is.

[12/19: The first sentence again makes direct mention of the fact that because of the effects of negative forces on this planet, some will not be able to have the “birthday ” of becoming a new person because they are trapped in self-indulgence and self-pity.

The next sentence obviously is stating that they want to help as many people as possible, and that you don‘t have to have a perfect diet to “make it. ”

Obviously the “thesis ” being spoken of is the perspective on the Law of One, or the “certain characteristics ” of that law that are being set forth by these forces in the work that has come through the Ra Material and now here in this work.

The last sentence also seems to be saying that the work is far more useful for those who have already found the love of the “divine inner heartbeat of the All-There-Is. ”]


We take the aetheric energies necessary to don the Divine mask and swerve about on the highway of the creation. All the new information firmly takes hold.

And as many Egyptian summers went by without this full knowledge in place, yet nevertheless retaining fragments of it, so too is it your destiny [David,] to document the living world of “alien ” contact, to make it that much more real to others who would rush to condemn, to overanalyze and to judge these processes.

[12/19: I feel that my participation on the website is indeed an ongoing testament to that living world – one that has been of tremendous assistance to me on my path.]


But on the other side of the perspective, we have an ebullient, visionary field of writers whose heartwarming task it is to remind those allies of the Creation in due course that the field proceeds a little differently than they may have otherwise expected in the past.

For those who would don the appropriate wigs and seek to convert themselves, we have only a few recommendations.

Instead of following the leader, recognize your own paramount ability to become the Christ in your own right.

Work on building bridges to the unknown aspects of yourself, and when learning about those parts, revel in them, and try to strengthen the loosely connected string that binds them together in the framework of any psyche.

[12/19: “Ebullient ” means cheerful. I think that the idea of “donning a wig and converting yourself ” is talking about grasping hold of the Cosmic Joke, becoming a clown in a sense, being happy with your life and having joy in the imminent transformation of this planet. I really love the last two sentences here.]


The mobile phone records… [tape flips]

[12/19: As you go into this next sentence, remember that when the readings speak of phones they are speaking of the ability for people to channel information; hence this is another way of saying the “Akashic Records. ” These strangely worded sentences help keep it just complex enough that my conscious mind does not understand and thereby doesn‘t interfere either.]


The mobile phone records have already transformed the Neolithic sages into prana pranksters who can really lift their light to become Divinely inspired at the drop of a hat, so to speak.

These religious messengers of the Creation have altered their inner dialogue so as to create the necessary turbulence that allows these atomic-level changes to then take place – and the wickedness and viciousness of the world is automatically lowered as a result.

[12/19: Before I did this reading I had read most of the way through Carlos Castenada‘s final book, The Active Side of Infinity. I was again reminded of how incredibly adept the ancient shamans were at traveling in the astral realms and “stopping the inner dialogue. ” By stopping this dialogue they are capable of actually transforming their physical bodies at the atomic level for things like teleportation; and the above paragraph directly attests to the validity of this concept. Of course I had no clue what I was saying at this time or any other in this reading.]


So instead of seeing this as a close race, such as that for the Presidency just passed, recognize that the path is indeed made clear when further attempts [are made] to know, to understand and to accept the self.

Hence you can expect a giant credit card in the otherworldly realms – an opportunity to be able to use far larger amounts of energy than you would have ever imagined possible with the metallurgy and limited lifetimes that you have on earth at present.

[12/19: In other words, most people who are already walking their spiritual path with dedication should not feel that there is reason to struggle within the self as to whether they will “make the grade ” for the vibrational shift or not. And the next sentence is again clearly talking about the massive amount of energy that is available to help us, and more and more will become something that we can actively use ourselves.]


For all of these combined factors do indeed take a closer look at the time when confirmation is indeed nigh; which is the moment of stupendous transformation. The confirmation is of your own innate ability to love others as you love yourself, and to become the Creator in your own right.

Failsafe are the propositions that will lead this way, for the path is a self-generating and self-replicating one that strives to make itself known in the midst of all opposition and all adversity.

And there are those who believe it so firmly, so ardently, in any given situation, that this harmonic creates many subtle standing waves that are never visually seen or perceived, yet nevertheless add the value of a limerick or otherwise faithful attempt to reproduce one‘s glory with the Creation in a book form that can then be distributed to others.

[12/19: I think the last statement here is that the devotion and love of many spiritual seekers is creating a harmonic wave in the aether that is quite perceptible and delightful to those in the higher realms, like hearing a nice limerick or reading a good book, even though the person themselves may not have channeled this creative energy into any “visually seen or perceived ” creative outputs. Here again we are really seeing the signs of an extraterrestrial intelligence as I certainly wouldn‘t have thought of something like this.]

So when we advise you to open up a carrot with joy, to allow the full machinations of the great, mighty One to become you, we are asking you to extend the level of wisdom, compassion and intelligence that you have heretofore gained, and in so doing reach new levels of service, of gratitude, of sincerity, of adoration, of blessings and of repeat performance.

We have all the issues that are needed to create this thesis. We have all the admonitions from others who are so moved to comment upon the dire usefulness of this information. We have every soul who yearns to reunite with the potential of finding that reunion herein, and this excites me greatly.

[12/19: Now the reading seems to again veer in the direction of being more personal to my own self, my own issues and the need to finish the book I am working on. The carrot is a “root ” vegetable from Mother Earth and it is also very healthy, so this again has to do with pursuing spiritual health and sharing it with others. The personal advice for my book continues into the next paragraph here.]


Do this not for yourself but for the others; not for the skeptics, but for those who already do believe but have not been able to rectify or clarify their beliefs with the logical, scientific mind that feels it must control its existence and define and understand the outside world in piecemeal fashion.

Together like this, they are an indifferent lot whose time has come to be changed, to be transformed, to be ready to accept that the helpers of this Creation [have] existed throughout time, and nevertheless remain, (in a very advanced way,) capable of performing their duties as sages, and of overwhelming opposition and adversity with faithfulness and trust.

[12/19: I don‘t know whether this is telling me to include personal anecdotes into Convergence III about my relationship to these extraterrestrial forces, or if it just means that this is part of my total mission, by people visiting the site and reading up on these things. I feel confident that I need to keep this particular book as empirical and non self-disclosing as possible.]


Even though the punch cards may not have been entered into the machine properly, there is only one true vote to be cast, and one ballot card to be collected; it is the vote that each soul makes to either seek the Source Self of All Beingness or to stray away from it. You have the tools before you, and there is now a beginning process of the implementation of those tools.

Do not be like the Grinch, who needs and requires a significant moment of personal collapse to make the change, to allow the heart to expand.

Instead, take every moment of your life, every moment that confides in you a greater awareness of All There Is, and expand that moment so that it becomes the defining harmonic of your daily activities:

not simply a compartmentalized drama that exists only as a specter in plain sight,

and not as a fundamentally recomposed aspect of your being whose propositions illuminate quite clearly the how and whys of financial market movements, while simultaneously illustrating the much larger issues of the cosmic drama, and of the plans within self to reconcile the aberrations of culture and of life;

And, come to a point of consideration that insists that the moment will not keep skidding away from you, but rather can be integrated into the wholeness that consciousness brings.

[12/19: Whoa. This paragraph is as brutally honest as any could ever be, and really puts me in my place, politely challenging me to truly transform myself so that the “moment can be integrated into the wholeness that consciousness brings. ”

I have indeed been feeling like the moment is skidding away from me and I never have any time; and not too long ago I discovered something I had written from fourth grade where I apologized to an Indian pen pal for not responding sooner, saying “As you know, in fourth grade things do get hectic. ”

I laughed at how much it sounded like who I am and what I say now, as obviously now I would never have thought of life in fourth grade as having been hectic! The whole paragraph above is an incredibly pinpointed statement about who I truly have been in trying to write this book, and it is encouraging me to change that.

 The obvious run-on quality of the sentence is more typical of what I used to do as Edgar Cayce, and clearly shows me that I had achieved a most excellent trance state. I broke it up like this to make it more readable.

The “compartmentalized drama that exists only as a specter in plain sight ” seems to suggest that not everyone will understand the “drama ” of my thoughts if I make them too complex and focused on information; it will just appear like a ghost to them, something they can‘t quite touch, the organized ramblings of an eccentric genius.]

[Note: At the word “consideration ” I started turning from my left side to my back in bed because I was getting uncomfortable, and the movement was complete by the end of the word “wholeness. ”]


Now would it be but that there were a few who were capable of using imagery to bring this forth, the potential benefits to humanity could not be contained or soured in any way.

For when the final stages of the transformation become apparent, there are those whose abilities will manifest in advance of the changes themselves, and this is important.

Your sufferings and the processes that you go through can have some very unexpected surprises in them that would occur prior to the moment of Ascension itself.

While the core of your being is hollowed out to reveal the void that exists in Unity, so too does the mind that you have so diligently tried to prop up collapse under its own weight, and realize the beautiful benefit of silence once truly applied to the inner self, and to these phantasmagorical phenomena that have heretofore eluded direct observation.

[12/19: I am almost in tears as I read this for the first time and enter these notes as I am going along. I am supposed to be one of those “few ” who go beyond the mind and truly become a master in Spirit.

I have tried so hard to use my mind when I write these books instead of my soul, because ultimately I felt as if the offerings of my soul weren‘t valuable enough for the scientific audiences I was trying to reach, to transform society based on what I have felt needs to happen.

That‘s clearly not my purpose. This is definitely saying that some truly magnificent abilities might start happening while I am still in the human body as we get closer to this event – providing that I allow the “core of my being to be hollowed out to reveal the void that exists in Unity. ” This is the path of adepthood.]


The speed with which these events will happen is legendary, as is society‘s condonement of them.

Do not lose hope, or fail to continue grasping for that realization. Oftentimes, the scientists are willing to look up in advance and see the frontiers that are still ahead. It is only the voice of a given few, bought and paid for by the media, who stand out as the most obstinate and querulous and unable to change in any way, shape or given form.

[12/19: Got it. People will be able to accept these new philosophies much more quickly as the changes accelerate even more. The philosophy of soul evolution should earn a good chunk of airtime in the book and to heck with the skeptical crowd.

Whether it is acceptable for publication in any other forum or not doesn‘t matter; what obviously matters is that I write from my true soul, not the mind. “Obstinate ” means stubborn and “querulous ” means argumentative. Those opinions will become quite irrelevant in the aftermath of disclosure, which is now imminent.]


Mountain ranges have come into existence and mountain ranges have ended their existence just as abruptly. Foreign aid and assistance comes to those who read these levitating words of text and see beyond their mere oppositional nature to the true nature of what lies behind.

[D: Picked up on the word “oppositional ” and asked for clarification.]


We do indeed oppose those parts of the self that would cling to the vine in MOCKERY, that would fail to rewrite history by actively going in and addressing the personality from those days as it has carried itself through to the present.

And by not allowing this process to unfold in the necessary amount of time, meager circumstances are required to alleviate that pesky inner voice that would qualify for a much larger rebate, but nevertheless makes demands that are insufficient to the monkey mind, which seeks comfort, stability, and objective rewards.

[12/19: Oof! Now although this is intended for all readers, again this is a direct blow to me, saying that my history has repeated itself because I still see the world now through the personality that I had before; that part of myself hasn‘t fully died, but still clings to the vine in “MOCKERY ” of the highest good.

This is again commenting on how I have wanted to write this book not necessarily as a true reflection of myself as a unified being but more as a precise statement of science. I also have endeavored to make it as “mainstream ” as possible in terms of scientific reputability, and only just recently did I start infusing philosophy into the discussion, which is obviously being heavily condoned here.

My unwillingness to do this earlier has obviously been due to my “monkey mind ” seeking “comfort, stability and objective rewards. ” Yet I shoot myself in the foot, for had this integration come earlier I would have had a “much larger rebate ” already and not the meager circumstances that have characterized much of my financial picture until very recently.

In other words, my success will come by trying to be who I really am instead of pigeon-holing myself into a niche that I truly am not.]


The motivation may now be present in many to die to their definition of self, even though that definition has produced so much hunger and pain in the depths of despair.

Figuratively speaking, it is [similar to] a ballerina, incapable of doing her steps without her tiptoes touching the ground: Middle aged imperfection, she casts an obstinate glance at the audience, indifferent to her activity as much as she is to their presence.

And yet nevertheless [she continues] performing, going through the motions, having a cigarette after break and in between acts, never really grasping the deeper meanings of life or of why there is a God, so to speak.

[12/19: This might seem harsh and I think it is not just for me but for everyone who denies their True Self and continues to live in illusion. The first sentence reveals how our definitions of ourselves actually feed us; we actually enjoy being the victim, feeling “hunger and pain in the depths of despair. ”

We enjoy that sense of being the victim because keeps away the true pain, which is feeling that we have been abandoned by God.

Since we cannot be angry at God (as this is a universal paradox,) we need someone or something else to be angry about, so we can project that anger away and not claim it as ultimately being anger against self – since we must ultimately realize our Oneness with God – this is our only true identity.]

[Note: The words “similar to ” replaced “as if ” in order to make the sentence work better. Again “obstinate ” means stubborn. The words “she continues ” were added to make that sentence a new sentence and break up the run-on.]


The inanimate computer of the heavens continues tallying the votes on your planet, for all those who are willing to loosen up the definitions of the Ego self to allow in more light and love, to abide by the resolutions, to seek new frontiers in the self and to overcome the birdcage mentality that houses so many at this time.

We offer a simpler way out, an opportunity to ride the blue electric hermetically sealed passage into heaven that can only be experienced, not talked about in words such as these. You have your obligations, and so do we. And in the final analysis, those two paths can meld into one, and we do not have to work at cross purposes.

Stilling and containing the absolute One within the vessel of the body is our goal for you, and it requires diligence, patience and persistence, and a lessening of the responsibilities that you now hold so dearly.

So keep all this in mind as the Millennium fire still burns brightly, and know that we continue to stand by in service, love and trust, awaiting every example of progress as another sign that the hurdles have been cleared and that the boundaries that have been made will allow much deeper trance states and much firmer points of self-realization than have heretofore been possible.

We thank you and we love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We are always waiting to be of service to you if you call upon us. We thank you. We now end this reading. Adonai.


D: I just got another sentence.

The heat bills have turned up a few more degrees than expected.


D: I have noticed that I have been rather consistently too warm in bed. I guess they are telling me now that this is not good for my body.


Peeled back, the curtain reveals the masterpiece. This is your work as it stands today. We are so very proud of what you are doing and what you are becoming that the proper phraseology still eludes us. But until then, just know that you are loved.

We thank you and again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Keep blooming; it looks very nice to us from our perspective in the higher realms.

Thank you, David, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

D: Anyway, in the dream now, I had made a choice to get out of this basement apartment and go to where other people. It was all really dark and dank and stone, and just really gross. I guess it wasn‘t as bad to be down there with others, but if it is just myself it is different.

[12/19: Now the reading begins again, answering the question of what I should write now that I know what I shouldn‘t write:]


Linked to the mysterious, the true table of contents is now revealed. And this should help shatter the preconceptions of how you have wanted to write this book in favor of the real information. There does not need to be the degree of content that you had thought was necessary, now that you understand the thrust of your argument:

It is not to provide a cosmic encyclopedia, but rather to provide a very directed assault on logical positivism and other forms of philosophy that would seek to strike down the universal Oneness in its fundamental presence as an ultimate being.

So take these lessons with you, and with them continue to redefine yourself as much as possible.

There is a lot more to lose if you are misquoted by having large segments of the book that do not pertain directly to what our mission exists as at this time.

Far better it is for you to abbreviate your revelations and put them in concise packages, but to simultaneously insure that they exist in the text in some form.

All this will come along in good time, providing that you yourself are capable of overcoming the barriers within the self that have held you back. You must admit that you are progressing very nicely. Proceed with the dream.


D: I am starting to get a sore throat here. The big point seemed to be that there was some kind of magazine that someone was reading. I am cueing loosely on the idea of a dolphin rising up through water.

That was what this movement away from the lower area was like, just knowing that I was going to have to find a different place to sleep since I knew it wasn‘t right to be down there.

[12/19: This is obviously about the transformation of Self that I went through in the dream.]


D: Somehow it morphed into 621. My father was around, and he seemed to have sort of an antagonistic attitude. It somehow ended up outside of the house and I was aware that there were a variety of insects going in and out and I was trying to avoid them.

It seemed that something had gotten out of the house and I was trying to reclaim it and bring it back inside, like a pet cat. I made the realization that in the kitchen there was a huge picture window, and that there were insects flying in and out all the time because the window didn‘t have any glass in it, it was wide open.

I made this realization that whatever had been freed from the basement, and I didn‘t realize that something had until then, a large, voracious creature had flew and was going to be able to go through the window and into the house. This was a lot bigger than the normal insects flying through the window.

The dream abruptly changed at this point. I was talking to others about how nice it would be if I could help others to explain to them that this was a metaphor for the market collapsing, and wondering if they would ever be able to understand it or believe it, if the Cowan people could accept it, et cetera.

D: I certainly seem to have garnered the ultimate value from taking a day off to recollect my soul and spirit in this way. My throat has given out on me so I have to stop now.


Monday 1 / 08 / 01 – 6:49 a.m.

D: The dream that I just came back from was quite the epic adventure. It obviously has so much to do with me as a soul, both currently and in the reincarnational sense.

The metaphor that I remember most clearly at this time was of discovering that there was a vast set of tunnels underneath the sand of Lake Piseco that Papa had created. He had done so for an unrequited love, it seems. It was not Nana, but someone else. We were now digging out the sand and going in there to fix it.

The main gist of this had many other sections. It was not just the section of being with Papa; not so much being with him as digging in the sand. But another section that I am now remembering very clearly involved going from one bathroom to another, in the context of high school.

Brad W was a big figure. In fact, it might have even been multiple bathrooms, and there was some sort of special intrigue about the whole thing, and that made it feel more unresolved.

I did get the feeling that I was consistently searching in some way, and not finding the right answer.

The scene with Piseco Lake was quite dramatic. It seems that a couple of investors had purchased Piseco Lake. They had, for one thing, removed the docks. Papa had rock jetties that went out on either side of his property to demarcate it.

The one to the left was where the dock would always be, but now it seemed that most of those rocks had subsided. And instead of there being rocks, it was just mostly sand. So I was trying to show and tell them that there did used to be rocks there, but now they were gone.

We ended up going out into the water, and that was when we discovered that there were these beautiful anchors that were buried in there. They were part apparently white ceramic and part metallic. They did not have the standard looking anchor shape at all, they looked more like corks for a bottle or something along those lines.

Anyway, while we were out there we realized that there was a hatch, and that it was obviously going to go to somewhere. I believe that this lent itself very quickly to opening up a hatch on the beach, and being able to go down inside. This was a highly dramatic scene, because the amount of space involved was huge. Somehow I just knew that everything underneath was built up inside these cement tunnels.

The strange thing was that supposedly the entire reason why he had built this was that he had another woman beside Nana who he was secretly in love with. This was his own secret dedication to her manifesting.


The secret lies in the production of extreme circumstances, while the doing circulates one‘s efforts. One attains fervor by not mentioning the discrete aspects of the One that are to his or her liking, while narrowly focusing on certain others.

We forgive and applaud you for having overcome this bias, for the most part, in yourself, and having a greater desire to seek the truth. Myrmidons and Greeks alike; there are special stages at which the human evolution becomes capable of change.

You are correct in seeing that there are more events to understand and to know with cyclology than you might have realized in the past, and it is indeed a very valiant service to have this information available for yourself and on the website. It is for this reason that we made the comparison between the work that you are now doing and the re-opening of the Hall of Records metaphor.

Every level of the human awareness contains an alignment that precludes the possibility of collapse.

It insures that while the despots continue to be reconfirmed, those who live and align themselves according to the proper teachings will indeed be rewarded as intended; and it is for this purpose that these recordings are made.

We want to insure that everyone on your plane be comfortable with the changes as they are then seen. An amnesiac would not look to these changes with a sense of purpose, but rather with a sense of foreboding. We seek to penetrate the forget-ting and illuminate a higher path where none had before existed.

And in order that we not fail to recognize the importance of these actions, let us again state that after a time, times and a half time, there will indeed be a great shift in the public awareness, and in the energy substructures at large.

Every trend in the commercial marketplace continues to point towards a slowing economy.

At the present time of these workings, while some may also expect that the markets will go up and down in regular cyclic fashion, there are others who believe that an economic collapse will ensue, and redefine a bottom line point for financial markets.

Understand that such a bottom line point is produced as a byproduct or consequence of the shifting energies as now involved. Expect that it will be there by midsummer 2002 at the latest, based on current prognostications.

At the current time, our desire is to welcome those who would be as pioneers of the new age, and encourage them to overcome frailty and incompleteness in exchange for the unity and wholeness of true God consciousness.

Obviously, there are those whose internal environments are now being mirrored by the external environment, and it scares them to realize this; for what was once thought stable and predictable has now become unstable and dynamic, capable of change at a moment‘s notice.

But those fairer still are awaiting the landing on the White House lawn, and hoping that this will make all of the problems go away.

While there will be no fairy to magically wave a wand and relieve these problems, we can expect that the recriminations will continue to be paid off, and those who have found themselves wanting to be pure will have ever more reason to purify themselves.

An important part of this project is your participation; and thus, we encourage you, the reader of these words, to involve the self deeply within on the struggle to reclaim the long-lost path of humanity in exchange for the outworn and outmoded beliefs surrounding scarcity, limitation and fear that have imprisoned so many at this time.

The haves and the have-nots will be on an equal par with each other, and this does then indicate to what degree the changes will have to be met.

We don‘t want for there to be a feeling of fear. Know that as ye go within, so too will the axis then shift in the world of the mind, body and spirit, producing ever-greater discrete changes in the physical appurtenances and all manners of living life.

Far from being an exercise in diligence, it is an exercise in joy, for in the final call, those entities who have bothered to love themselves and love others will be met with great stability and great success. When all is capable of changing, the Law of One will have a renewed interest in the minds and hearts of many.

Edgar Cayce reading 2012-1 did say it best in revealing that there can indeed be a scientific study of the paranormal, and that is what is now occurring in the world at large, and through the work of David Wilcock.

To insure that there are no further breaks in continuity, we preside over these workings with a sense of purpose, and steer clear of the obstacles that many others would face to arrive at our sum total destination; a fact that is subject to extreme weather disturbances, and yet nevertheless reveals an entirely new system of profit for the soul itself is given homage in the body.

The more deeply you realize your connection to the Infinite One within, the more suitable your vibrations will be to raising the planetary consciousness at large. And therefore, the next step of any soul‘s true evolution is to become this person who is enlightened, awake, alive and aware.

It is very difficult to predict or to propose where the chips may fall, and any predictions that we may give are only that. For the market to collapse in such a manner, we do suggest that in the interim period between the time of these workings and mid to late 2002, there will be even more unforeseen catastrophic difficulties than there have been at present.

This is not to say that there will not be declines, but those who are seeking an immediate “bang ” in opposition to the currently scaled economy will be left wanting. Understand that all is occurring according to sacred purpose, and thus there can be no duality in this process.

David is remembering a line where the Iron Curtain was dropped, revealing that something completely unexpected lay in its wake. The opportunity for peace, never before seen, was revealed in its continuity.

Now, let us turn the lectern back over to the mike itself; the conscious entity known as David, and fill in further details of the same dream.

The following words are given for the same purpose*; to open up the senses of the inner mind, to allow there to be a reconciliation of the desires of the past with the desires at present, so as to move ever-more fully into a space of total healing.

[*Pause. I couldn‘t remember any of the dream, and in fact it put me deeper into trance, which was what they wanted.]


Though the recriminations continue, the full weight of the changes themselves will allow there to be ever more reasons to achieve self-realizations in the quickest possible time, and without that knowingness and forethought, there can be no rapid growth, [or] change in the curriculum.

We have always known that without such things in place, the register of society becomes irreversibly in the direction of failure and despotism.

Quite to the contrary, one‘s active beliefs can create many very positive changes as well. And it is for this reason that we see the prophecies converging on the present time.

In the most pure form, these hybrid processes converge on the distant spot where human consciousness is capable of fantasizing oneself into, but is not necessary directly compatible with in the vibrational sense.

By penetrating one‘s internal armor through the silence of self, the gateway to the inner realms of the Divine is then made manifest. Once realized, the adept takes the sacrifice of the self as an opportunity to probe deeper into the mystery that has then been revealed.

When these two paths coincide, the path of the manifest self and the unmanifest self, there are great hardships, for there must be those aspects that slip and fall on the slippery rocks, thus plummeting to their inevitable destruction.

While it is true that many would relax in the face of said changes, and seek only to pursue further the aggrandizement of self or of social organizations with which self identifies, there are those others who recognize that they have been barking up the wrong tree, so to speak, and then take an active role in participating in the true conflict of self – that which lies within, and seeking to up the ante in battle by revealing the true diligence of the inner self to the outside world of the Ego mind.

And thus, from within, the true immitigable strength of the One is focused and refocused, refined and processed, until the light is made visible, and the processes of global transformation then made clear.

We do not advocate bringing these issues into daily conversation, except where appropriate; for while there are those who, in maintaining a discrete, set alignment, can then benefit from these teachings, there are others whose path coincides more directly with the internal realization of Oneness, followed by the simple beingness that this produces.

And so, in order to have the internal processes be engaged with the external processes, we overcome the fabrications of self-denial to arrive at the core of being. And it is this truth that supercedes all present realizations; hence, the experience is one of infinite knowing, infinite realization, infinite awareness.

For when there is so diligently morphed a self in the throes of true transformation, then will there be a dramatic renewal of sorts that takes place within the inner mind more than the outer mind, as the outer mind succumbs to the infinite resources of the inner mind.



While the resources are still available, there are those such as Teilhard de Chardin who, in seeing a sense of purpose, reveal that the entire process of planetary transformation is indeed nigh.

These iconoclasts and brave souls alike will never end in their renewing desire for Oneness and renewal; there will always be room for improvement, and America needs a great upgrade, of sorts, to become the purest representation of Oneness that is possible.

David, you are correct in your interpretations of the prophecies regarding the true realization of Oneness that was termed a religion in the visions of Mary at Fatima and other sources.

[1/13: I wrote this assumption into the text of Masson‘s book when I posted it, since in hindsight it seemed to be the only piece that fit the puzzle.]


Now is the time where religion is superseded by the moment-to-moment truth of the inner self, revealed primarily by the decline of resistance from the outer world.

Now this is an interesting point; for when there is resistance from the outer world, it seems at first to provide a means for greater growth. And yet in the final analysis, this is but a perception of events that may or may not reside in truth.

In the aforementioned question, there can be only those changes that are in the direction of the positive where the negative path challenges any such realizations every step of the way.

[1/13: (I seemed to lose the flow and didn‘t get the follow-up to this sentence above.) And yet, though the negative path can create challenges to a positive entity that lead to a greater desire to be positive, there does eventually get to be a point where you have to abandon the struggle and simply embrace Being as a concept.

When you really want to shoot for the higher levels of personal growth and attainment, the addiction to battling against adversity is another point that must be relinquished.]


Even as the guillotine comes down and the despots are beheaded, the entire regime continues along in a merry little movement of directed principle energy.

D: That‘s “le ” at the end of principle.


And when this little intoxication barrier is crossed, then can there no longer be any doubt as to the sacred nature of the processes that unfold continually on the Earthen plane. It is for this very reason that we are happy with the results of the recent US Presidential election. In those contexts, the entire picture becomes more vividly realized.

While Samuel Witherspoon and his colleagues have feared this moment for a long time, the others have expected it, and will pass through such changes accordingly.

[1/13: Not clear what this name is supposed to represent, literally or metaphorically, except that it is obviously about the elite multinational bankers in our society.]


Until the conditions are made plain for the true re-emergence of the Christ Spirit within the self, one can expect all sorts of different vibrational circumstances and configurations to make themselves manifest.

The outer purpose of these configurations will be to frustrate and divide the self, whereas the inner nature of these processes is to exemplify the true nature of beingness, so as to make it more plain than ever before, and more capable of change.

We do not advise reaching out to those who are so desperately in need of assistance that they will fight every step of the way for even the slightest bit of spiritual guidance [to get through to them.] Now is not the time to martyr oneself for a better cause, or a better clause in the finishing contract.

Instead, recognize that when you separate yourself from the issues of marriage and divorce, joy and pain, input and output, you become indifferent in one sense to the demands placed upon you by the material world, and in another sense more acutely aware of the considerations of how to be of real service to the Oneness than ever before.

With the constructs fully in place, you can begin actively supporting your existence by seeking the higher path that can be instilled amongst many diversions. And it is for this reason that we suggest the continuation of the personal growth and initiation process.

For when all is said and done, the truer applications of the self to the present circumstances will reveal that it is in the true radiance of the One that the greatest service is then made. And this can be done in silence and isolation. Even to have others walk near you is to have them receive vibrations in a larger sense, and these vibrations will heal them and their issues which separate them from the One Creator.

We have followed the paths of the priests of mercy; have followed the teachings of a god of rage and a god of love; have experienced many lifetimes of struggling for this part or that part of the truth. Our attempts to synthesize these parts in the third dimension have been for naught.

Still, there remains a highly marginalized spiritual consciousness on the Earth.

While Cayce, Scallion and others indicate the world that is to come, it seems difficult to clothe those superstitions in the cloak of reality. For in each and every passing moment, there is an opportunity to see despair, pain, ruination and a lack of hope.

And yet, in the larger sense, it is when I grasp the true realization of radiation of Oneness with the Creator that I understand the Divine proportions that all humanity must then follow. For there are no edicts from an unseemly god that would propose suffering as a model for the populace that is one of punishment.

Suffering becomes part of the sacramental nature of the One when it is seen in the naked truth as it truly exists: a conveniently marginalized fraction of the personal vital energy, brought about for a specific purpose of total enlightenment.

In short, you have to let others be themselves, and not get caught within the greater struggles of triumph and disaster, of hope and despair, of forethought and afterthought, and of whether the Earth Changes themselves will directly come or not to your own natural area of belongingness.

Instead, see that from the detached perspective, unhindered by physical obligations of jobs, money and the like, all are working out their karma according to a pre-described plan. Each soul chooses its curriculum moment-by-moment through free will. There are no mistakes, only opportunities.

Once you understand this, the future becomes bright and open, and it is impossible to delude oneself about the nature of one‘s realizations. We suggest that that time is indeed nigh for there to be this reunification of the self, and we thank those who would read these words as being willing to entertain the notion that such realization is possible.

Once and for all, the true reign of Oneness can resume the throne of the vessel of the physical self, and steer the ship in the appropriate direction.

We are with you now as you read and contemplate these words, with the understanding and awareness that you have already become what you know yourself to be, and you can step away from the dramas and embrace the pure silence, joy and unity of the One, now and forever. Amen.

We do indeed remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now continue this reading…

[Note: Once again, the tactic of a “false close ” was used to get my conscious mind ready for an even deeper trance state, evidenced in the flatter and more distant tone that my voice took on at this point.]


We have described the entire realization plan of the Oneness, and without this plan, there would be much left unsaid, much left undone, and the true opportunities for this reconvening would be lost. Never forget that point; never forget what existed before the Big Bang and always exists.

You would choose to see such an expansion of heat as being proposed in this manner. Though magic and someone‘s herbs can create changes, the labyrinthine paths of understanding and accepting the self prove to be the far greater and better destination.

[1/13: In “Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe ” Dr. Milo Wolff refers to the Big Bang and other types of theories as coming from scientists‘ waving the “magic wand ” and peering within the “crystal ball ” of mathematics.

If you use mathematics without a tangible physical model, you are not engaging in the truest form of science possible. It is probably for this reason that the same paragraph discussed the Big Bang and magic.

The reading is saying that it is better to see the origin of the universe as a symbol of growth that is akin to “the labyrinthine paths of understanding and accepting the self. ” The next sentences continue on this idea.]


Simply accept the true principles of conscious continuous creation, and you will see what we are talking about. For when fully realized, the self becomes capable of great change, great abundance and fulfillment.

Soviet paramagnetism experiments confirmed this effect directly in the human energy field, and much of this research is now aware and available in the West. It is for this reason that many discrete effects of consciousness can be seen in the physical.

The thoughts then ripple throughout the conscious awareness of humanity as a whole, as is expected and would be expected in the Universe of Divine Order which is hypothesized in David‘s works and other sources.

Cutting clear the control channels believes one more respect than otherwise gained by only partially revealing the true self to the initiate at large, and when this realization takes place fully, one only need consult with one‘s peers in the higher realms to realize where the true boundaries of existence lie: namely, there are none.

When your outer abilities become more manifest, there are those chances which accommodate your higher spirit, and which allow you to overcome any sense of failure or forbidden knowledge in favor of and despite the ever-persistent loneliness that in turn gives way to Unity.

You may not see such loneliness as productive, for it does often involve a seeming incomplete sense of harmony with the fellow beings around you. And yet, we suggest that you should eschew popularity in favor of the true core of being, the true core of living and loving in Oneness.

For those of you who still feel aware of limitations and that you are somehow isolated and sealed off from your higher self, recognize that you need seek no further than in the calm stillness of quiet meditation. If you don‘t think anything is happening, then you are not paying attention, for it is in those moments when NASA mentions outer space that you indeed find the universe within.

[1/13: In other words, each of our inner identities have no fundamental difference from the “outer space ” that we see when we look into the night sky.]


There is no need to travel in the physical sense when the mind has a superfluidity in the vacuum medium that surpasses all likenesses that would be made in its wake. It is only the bosons and so-called particles that have stopped the true understanding of this energy field from being comprehended; but these delusions are ending in favor of the newer information.

So again, remain stable about yourself and do not fall prey to the victimizations of those who would continually accuse others of responsibility for their problems, and enjoy the process of blaming that this produces.

Remember how much you are loved, and remember the true power that you have in the One, now and forever. Amen.

We still would like to speak with you more, but the body is becoming discomfited. There are those words that perceive the sage wisdom of the realization of Oneness and can express it in a direct fashion; while there are other opponent viewpoints that would seek only to riddle the inner self with distractions and move away from the core of being.

We in turn seek to support those who would flower in either direction, but the support that we can give to those who truly seek the core of their being is much greater by virtue of the vibrational gateway that is produced in such an opening of the inner self.

Seek that opening within yourself, and realize the energy and power that can be poured into your mortal vessel by vassals such as ourselves who stand by ever committed to being of service in this way and any other way. It is in Thy name that we do pray, Amen.

We now bring a close to these workings, and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.



2/15/01 – BUY SIGNAL FOR GOLD IS ON! The price of gold closed at an unbelievably low $256.90 today, 2/15/01. It costs about $310 an ounce for it to be mined and it has intrinsic value for its electric properties, so right now is probably the ultimate time to invest in it, as it can‘t possibly go much lower than this.

Once the economic changes really hit town, all indicators are that it will skyrocket. If you can hang on until, say, summer of 2002 this will be a fantastic investment, with possibly as much as quadruple returns.

(Update: As of 11:00 a.m. 2/16, the markets have steeply declined and gold has already jumped up to $259.00 an ounce! This is still a very low price and it should continue going up like this again. Further update: Over the weekend of 2/23-2/25, gold has risen to $262.10, which is still very low.)


[Note 6/24/02: Those who bought exactly when we told them to, if they were to sell at the $330 support level that is now being flirted with and will soon be greatly exceeded, would have made $90.10 for each ounce they originally bought at $256.90. Nevertheless, gold is still likely to have a huge inflation in its value.]


[3/20/09: Now gold is near 1000 dollars an ounce, so I was completely correct about “quadruple returns” had you bought at this exact point — just as I had publicly announced on February 15, 2001.]