This dream was published on December 12, 2000 and is very obviously about 9/11 in retrospect. I picked up on this right away, and actually had my first prophecy article about 9/11 published on my website that very same day… September 11, 2001… featuring this and other pieces of data that forecasted the upcoming event accurately.

This was one of a series of dreams that directly associated airplane crashes with economic collapse — and of course, one immediate aftermath of 9/11 was that the markets collapsed.

Since this does not have any reading data in it, we did not italicize the dream data as we usually do in the final formatting of these readings for this website in 2009 and beyond.



This dream was so immediately stunning that it was necessary to post it as soon as possible. The metaphors are crafted quite ingeniously.

This is one of a series of dreams, originally posted to the asc2k group, (of which all archives can be publicly viewed here) that seems to be foretelling a much greater market collapse in our near future.

The trend of news items supports this, as today (12/12) there is a quote on CNNfn that says, “In the face of really bad news, the markets are holding up pretty well and I absolutely believe this bad news is in there,” Linda Jay, NYSE floor trader with RPM Specialists, told CNNfn’s Market Call.”

Another recent CNN article was titled “Grim Reaper on Wall St.,” as it seems that almost every “tech” company on the market is lining up “in a funeral procession” to give warnings that earnings are not as high as expected.

From the work of the Bradley Cowan group, we have reason to believe that if the markets continue to decline after December 18, this crash is highly likely.



D: I had a totally incredible dream this morning that I can’t really do justice to in a short number of words.

I was outdoors in a wide grassy area between two four-lane highways in the middle of the night. The sky was mostly black and it was stormy and somewhat cold.

Suddenly a series of jets, two by two, started to zoom overhead. There were so many of them, of all different kinds, that I knew there had to be some sort of war going on abroad that they were getting ready to deploy (I live in the hub of the entire East Coast defense here in Virginia Beach.)

[Note: Certainly this is a poignant statement on the present. The “news behind the news” shows that there are a number of potential flashpoints.]


As it progressed, to my shock and surprise, the jets started flying over the highways, not more than eighty feet above the ground. They didn’t look like regular jets; the front of the jets looked more like something that you would use to stamp a business logo with dye onto a piece of paper.

You could see the structure in the front quite clearly, and it was rather odd-looking. They were finding gaps in the traffic about 35 feet wide and suddenly nose-diving straight down and actually slamming into the ground just like a stamper would do, and they did this one after the other in the same traffic gap, flying in twos.

After they hit the pavement they would somehow bounce right back up to their original trajectory and keep on going.

They didn’t bounce back up by going end-over-end; they simply went down and back up in the same arc.

The noise that they made as they hit the highways was absolutely deafening, and it shook the ground like an earthquake.

I saw this happen first to the right and then to the left, and I was horrified that the government / military would put the common people at this much risk. They were making judgments about where the cars were and were not, and it just seemed much too dangerous. I could hardly believe that I was witnessing this.

The next thing I know, one of the jets did this again, right near me on the grass, really no more than 40 feet away, and it crashed, exploding into a fireball of shrapnel! 

Huge chunks of metal were blasting all around me, the winds were extremely powerful, and everything got bright yellow with fire.

Even though I was very close to the impact, I somehow was unharmed and unheated, without fear. The flames subsided quickly and I started to walk towards the accident site. I decided that I should pick up a souvenir from the wreck, so I ended up with something like a cable or wire.

As I picked up the wire, I seemed to have a piece of white paper, and it immediately shrank and I put it on the paper. As I did so, the wire fused into a line on the paper, like a graph going down.

[3/20/09: Here you can clearly see the combination of metaphors. You have military jets crashing into the ground like rubber-stampers — indicating the government rubber-stamped the operation at the highest levels, as other readings and dreams indicated. 

Then you see one of the jets explode — and right after this I was presented with what looked like a stock-market graph where the price of the stock was moving into free-fall collapse. This, along with other pieces of data, is a very clear reference to 9/11.]


As I got closer to the wreck, almost immediately the graph was spattered with blood, of which there seemed to be an abundance in the area.

Then a pilot from the plane saw the graph in my hand and was asking me to please not publicize what I had seen and now had documented on the paper, telling me that it couldn’t benefit anyone.

I just nodded my head and knew that he was wrong – this was a heck of a story. As I walked further along, the line vanished, and then the blood gradually liquefied, turned green and dissolved off of the page, leaving white paper again as it dried out.

[3/20/09: The idea of the graph turning green seems to be about the shift into “green-ray” or heart energy that material like the Law of One series keeps talking about. Events like 9/11 directly help awaken people to what’s really going on, and that in turn can lead to a true spiritual shift and the opening of the heart.] 


It took me some time after awakening to realize what this was, but it was an incredible metaphor! In case you didn’t already figure it out, it is predicting a far greater market crash than what we have already seen.

It is associated with upcoming war, as in the planes flying to war. The conditions in government, legal red tape, foreign politics, et cetera, business issues (symbolized by the stamper on the front of the planes) have caused periodic market crashes (the planes literally hitting the “bottom” and threatening the public, who were pictured in their cars, indicating issues such as gas prices and an indication of the movement of the markets,) but they were not “big” crashes that caused huge destruction despite their danger.

The last crash with the explosion was the most clear, as the debris from the wreck became a direct visual indication of a plummeting stock graph on paper, complete with the blood for a “market bloodbath” that would follow.

The military man asking me not to talk about it represents the majority of those who do not want to be warned if something like this is going to happen — they would rather just coast into it without thinking about it beforehand. It also refers to the “powers that be” that do not want us to know how precarious the situation has really been.

But, the blood faded into green and disappeared, indicating that all that is occurring is part of the “plan” for our transformation into the “true color green” density of the next dimensional level that we are now heading into.

Some who have a great deal of wealth will be thrown into quite some chaos from this — and it will affect all other strata of society as well. Lyndon LaRouche has a lot to say about all this at his site www.larouchespeaks.com. I don’t necessarily agree with how dire his view is, though.

I really liked this one as it was very interesting and extremely epic in the way that it made me feel. It was awesome to see such a crash so close to me and to actually not be harmed by it. The readings have been describing these social changes for years and I am not afraid of whatever is to be.

This is the second dream that I have had in the last week that featured a colossal airplane crash directly next to me.

The first one involved a very flimsy but very large airplane that actually looked like something that would hold a ream of paper, only very large and with a single propeller.

It too slammed to the earth right near me and I was unharmed.

Now in context it makes sense- it too is dealing with market prophecy, in this case stocks, which are on paper.

The markets have been in an absolutely precarious balance for several years now and I think that the forces have been amazed that it has held together as long as it has so far.

Each micro-crash has had the potential to be the biggie, but consumer confidence up until now has held strong. I do not yet consider these dreams to be definitive proof that this will happen in the immediate future, but it does signal to me that the likelihood of this degree of epic change is becoming ever-more real all the time.

According to my Cowanite friends, December 18th is the next key turning point to watch in terms of the planetary cycles affecting the markets. If it keeps going down after this date and doesn’t establish a bottom, then we’re definitely not expecting positive results.

Remember that these changes have been prophesied and only help us see how close we are to some truly very remarkable events on Planet Earth as the shift gets closer and closer. CSETI is planning their 90-person definitive disclosure of ET reality for sometime next Spring — so it certainly appears that the lid is about to blow off.

I plan on trying to get CSETI to link to CIII as soon as it is finished and will probably succeed, since Dr. Greer obviously needs a reliable, easy to understand written source to explain zero-point energy, aether, free energy, anti-gravity and the like, and solicited such help on his most recent appearance on Coast to Coast with Mike Siegel.