Thursday 3 / 30 / 00 — 4:10 a.m.

D: In the dream I was having an apparent lecture from this guy who I spoke to on the phone last night, Michael Lawrence Morton. Only this was much, much more that he was giving me than what he has actually done.

The number 432 kept being associated with the planet, and with a sphere somehow – so I think there is a suggestion there for me to look at that. I am investigating now the behavior of certain classes of phenomena.

All I remember was that I was being given an incredible amount of information, and it was far more advanced than what he told me on the phone. Through simple Internet searching, I found his work, and it is one of very, very few that exists like this. So, it was nice for us to talk to each other.

The crossroads have been reached as far as it will go.

The aethermic modeling takes place when the immediate circumstances warrant such a change in favor of the new over the destructive power of the old.

We insist that the vertical upliftments that arise within when one freely contemplates their own nature as God-beings will indeed intervene directly with many of the existing problematic constructs of mind and heart, and change them in positive ways.

[tape ends]


As the satellites draw nearer in their orbit, our cosmic forefathers have determined that the entire affair be construed in as few steps as possible in order to rearrange the preciseness of the units involved so as to re-accept their definite propositions of life and love and beauty.

Now when we tie all of this together, you can see what these groups will look like. Far from being the extreme viewpoint of the leftist mentality, there are indeed only balances and equanimity in these propositions.

The more rich one becomes, the more the soil grows and can be planted with new life to spring forth. One needs to be capable of respecting this or else it can backfire and lead to negative polarity.

Now when we ask you to suffer the trace mineral catastrophes of the spirit, what we really want is for you to comprehend the crystal lattice microstructure that surrounds and becomes you each and every moment that you accept and promote the new age in your mind and heart.

In the cosmic foreground, we see that there are indeed forefathers whom you have to be grateful for in terms of what has been done to orient your focus in positive directions. You can indeed be quite content with the new information, and decide that it will indeed make a hasty transformation of your existence on all levels.

We are seeing an endearing moment here, and it is indeed pleasant for us to watch. The eruption of such volcanic activity does not come without the concomitant eruption of creative vitality as well.

And thus, we continue monitoring your peoples from age to age, moment by moment, continuing to allow for the possibility that even the greatest of these transitions that can be made within the self require contemplation, and the tree of knowledge thus accessed in the format that does not hinder, but only adds to compassion and love of service.

Now when we have iron wood and various other metals, we can indeed see that the liberty becomes freer after the moment that choice has been made within the self.

We cannot have any insisting desires of holding back onto outmoded viewpoints that would otherwise be forcefully screened out and rationed to their discrete parts.

Instead, we find that the accurate retelling of these stories and pieces of information must come complete with the realization and recognizance of one’s own true divinity as such.

Modified a bit by the weather concerns, both outside and inside, we have discussed the inanimate propositions as well as the animate ones. There are some things that you cannot easily change, and it is important to be kept clearly aware of how this is working in order to become fully centered within yourself.

We have only good things to say, and those who are our emissaries and representatives are capable of remaining silent and pure in their knowingness, wisdom and forethought of all that is occurring and all that is to occur. For without them, we would be lost in a very real sense.

It is important to have these dignitaries speak on our behalf to give rise to the knowledge and information that has been suppressed and will then introduce healing back into the population in a form never before seen.

In order to dismantle the opposition that might exist within the self, we utilize something akin to fractal geometry in its very direct, most persuasive form. We have iterated the basic components of this structure already, and it does involve much more than you had heretofore imagined.

Consider all of the above processes with an eye for the knowledge that is capable of being gained, and you will have made significant progress.

Your motive can be one that is ceaselessly positive, and daunting in its fervor and scope, and ultimately we can provide no other assistance than that which is taken by the self, for the self. And when these things are revealed to the self in full, there can be no higher order of knowledge.

So, it is incumbent upon us to guide and transform the circumstances and the life to induce a more and more favorable climate for all that we are working with.

Never fail to recognize the amount of positive energy that is being generated by you as you undergo this supernova of the self.

Never fail to realize that with each and every new discovery, each and every new day that is spent orienting the self to the tasks at hand, there can be higher and higher levels of attainment and transformation.

Always keep focused clearly on the fact that life becomes more and more interesting the more and more interested you become in life. You can see this double-edged sword, meaning that if you are overly scattered in your resources, then you can also find it difficult to proceed with the basics.

So live and let live, and choose your battles accordingly. Keep remembering that the focus is on Light and Love, and you will not be led astray.

The Mars figures do indeed suggest that the 51 degree, 41 minute, 30 second [Pyramid] angle is one of utmost consideration. Do investigate these things with the explicit knowledge that you have more to be gained than what has already been seen.

Look not to the outside for answers but within. As this dream has shown you, a new renaissance of thought can emerge from within the dream plane itself, and effectively seal off the layers that had previously existed, causing resistance in various ways.

For now, we depart. Thank you for being willing to continue to produce this information in the face of all those things that you might be concerned with.

Never forget how much we love you, and how proud we are of your efforts. Thank you again, David. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

The garbage of the self needs not arise, for as it is cleansed and healed, so too will you again climb to even greater heights than you had heretofore imagined that is upon us. Bye for now.


[3/19/09: For the sake of continuity and not creating another file, we’ve included this update, showing how I had “fallen off” in participating on the website. Sabrina officially moved in as of the beginning of May, and that strongly intensified the difficulties between us.] 


Update: What is going on at Ascension2000


Despite our sincere desire to be of service, the last two months have been turbulent and it has affected how often we post. Thankfully, the illnesses, moving, energy drainage, and other outside time commitments have come to an end and productivity is again ahead.

This past weekend, David participated in a traditional Native American Sundance ritual, slightly restructured and retitled as a Sun-Moon-Earth Dance, held by Lakatahasie Sweeney at her farm in Chesapeake.

From Friday, June 23 to Monday, June 26, he served in the capacity of “dog soldier ” as well as drumming and singing. The ritual was four days long and invoked powerful healing energies for everyone involved. No more can be discussed about the event for 21 days afterwards, due to the traditions surrounding the sacredness of the event.

Previous to this point, David wasn‘t sure that he really wanted to participate. He thought about the time away from this site, how much backed-up work there was to do already and how many other local commitments were continuing to rise into view in Virginia Beach.

Plus, a wonderful new burst of information had come into view, almost by accident – the amazing work of Jerry Iuliano, taking all of the same large-scale harmonic numbers and rendering them on a small-scale level in the quantum field.

Prior to the ceremony, David still hadn‘t had the chance to call Jerry on the phone but was brimming with enthusiasm for the time in his schedule to do it.

And then, when looking for information on the Net to fully understand Iuliano‘s writings as per the Fine Structure Constant, David found a tremendous link to the work of Lambert Dolphin.

This article shows clear-cut evidence in a relatively straightforward and explanatory fashion that the speed of light has actually been steadily decreasing since its initial measurements in the 1600‘s.

The evidence is quite solid. This fits in perfectly with our theories, as when the aether becomes more dense, light has a harder time passing through it – at least while we are in the third density. The third density gets denser, light travels slower, but perhaps when we go into the fourth density the speed will jump up again.

That we don‘t know, scientifically speaking, at this point, but it is probable – some areas of the universe are measured as traveling at speeds five times that of the current accepted value.

Everything seemed to be perfectly timed, and David could hardly wait to begin posting, writing, et cetera. The idea of carving out four painful days of time seemed almost impossible to think of, and David made a concrete decision not to do it, despite a dream that predicted the event in literally shocking detail, exactly two months to the day in advance of when he first arrived at Lakatahasie‘s farm for a group meeting on June 12, 2000.

With that decision in mind, the forces saw fit to act. They knew how important this would be for David‘s growth, even though he ruminated on having four days ahead of suffering bug bites in the woods and sleep deprivation, waking up at dawn and drumming and singing for hours at a time.

So, the natural telekinetic abilities that David possesses, which we have written about at various times, were harnessed against the Ascension2000 computer, which contains all of our materials and life‘s work – some of which (before now!) was not backed up at all. If the hard drive crashed, that could have been the end of it – but David hadn‘t taken full precautions.

So, in order to drive home the necessity for doing this ritual, David experienced a spontaneous, unexpected and unprovoked system registry collapse. In other words, the front door to get into Windows was smashed, and there was no way to get back in.

You boot up and it says, “System registry error, you must restart your computer. ” That‘s it.

To make a long story short, we had to buy a new hard drive, reinstall all the same software and attempt to re-access everything in the C drive. All of our data has been preserved but the particulars of the programs themselves are lost, since the majority of them write themselves into the registry.

So, Email had to start from scratch, with no access door to all the older Emails as of this point – two of which were new requests for readings. If you sent us an important Email in the last two or three weeks, (before Friday, June 23, that is,) please resend it now.

We also lost the ability to post to the webpage, but a call to Mark Williams produced a new Email that decoded the particulars for us of how to get back in. So, here we are, posting this informal journal about what has happened and what will be happening as we go on.

So, in short, it was very obvious to me (David) that I was being told that I had to do this ritual, whether I wanted to or not. I did go and it was a remarkable experience. I am glad that I went. In the wake of getting the computer up and running again, a lot of positive changes have happened for me. And furthermore, I have come back to some startling new breakthroughs…



So many things have happened since we left that it is astonishing. The hurried NASA press conference about water on Mars, coupled with the compelling new pictures of what may be artificial water-conducting tubes, (in our opinion the jury is still out,) certainly seems to be another major step closer to disclosure.

Could it be that there are forces in the Cabal that wish to beat Dr. Greer to the punch, now that he has the money to unveil the plans that may well smash the Cabal and the UFO cover up in one fell swoop, giving a list of every name of the most responsible conspirators? We will have to wait and see.

The crop circle formations that have arrived since we left are absolutely stunning. This is by far the best year ever. One in particular, which we will undoubtedly cover, is eminently satisfying, showing the actual rotational transformation of an octahedron into the next shape in the Octave, the star tetrahedron.

And so soon after the previous formation that showed the potential for the octahedron to do this! It is almost beyond belief that the forces continue to give away all the exact details of the aetheric hyperdimensional model that we have espoused, thus providing such unique and dramatic proof for the accuracy of our model. God is on our side!

Stay tuned, as we will have much more to say on all of these issues in the very near future. We thank you for your continuing support and love and wish you well.