By David Wilcock / Ra


[3/19/09: This reading has yet another example of economic prophecy data in it — prophecies which have now come true.

Back when I still did readings, they consisted of a personalized dream where I acted and lived through the client’s own life’s issues, sealing off any conscious mind overlay from the data and answering the client’s questions with remarkable effectiveness.

Once the dream was completely dictated onto the tape and analyzed, a reading then followed it. The client in question was a male college student who has participated in musical projects and was requesting general spiritual guidance. The dream content is explained in the course of the reading itself.]


Client Reading: 6/21/00


David was at a camp on a lake that his grandparents owned and which he visited often as a child. It was a place where he felt safe and secluded. There was development occurring nearby, and to the right of the cottage the woods was all ripped down so someone could make it their property, and David was disappointed about this.

A woman with whom David’s family used to vacation showed up in the middle of this camping environment. David noticed that she was very sexually attractive at this time.

In the midst of the area where the disappointing development was occurring, she was digging in a cave. David felt that an image of the client was there and was talking to him at this time. At the same time, David noticed huge spider egg capsules almost a centimeter wide.

David somehow knew that huge black widows were associated with the eggs. He was worried that some of these spiders were around the area, but it seemed that the spiders were gone and the eggs were inert and harmless, sitting on the outside porch, and there seemed not to be any danger.

Returning to camp, David observed a musical performance near the cottage. There was a huge party going on, and it was a party for the whole family, with good music. It seemed like the people playing were having fun, and David felt that he had been invited to be a part of it, but he didn’t feel ready to be involved, or something hadn’t come together yet.

David comments: “Although the client may think that music would stand in the way of your goals, it may be true that you can do both. The musical performance was very dramatic also, like a play.”

[Note: Extraneous / more personal client dream content deleted]


I am Ra. We greet you in the light and the love of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

The gracious opportunities are for all to see, and even in the great chain of being, there are still those who prefer to decide on a moment-by-moment basis where they are from and where they are going. You decide what is next; your free will is of paramount importance to us.

We cannot use you to do anything that you have not chosen for yourself. And thus, when you tire of important issues which you have chosen for yourself, it is you who must reassess those priorities. The handwriting is not necessarily on the wall, and the fallback position is one that the Clintons may have maintained, but you should not.

A life of virtue is your path, and it is important to recognize that truth. For in the greater scheme of things, there can be only Unity, and separation is but an illusion, born of the compression into third density physical matter, which you underwent in order to produce this cycle of incarnations.

Now when we wink our eye and smile, it is to tell you that we are giving you a positive reinforcer. You need not be concerned about our opinion of you, or feel that some mighty arm of judgment is going to be rained down during the course of this interview.

Rather it would beseech you to take responsibility for your own self-acceptance, while recognizing that we have always accepted you the entire time.

There is no sin that is unforgivable; there is no act that is unremediated when construed as a positive effect in terms of the fact that everything is a learning experience that leads you back to oneness.

The clearer the waters become, the more imbued the consciousness can be with the clarity of light and vision commensurate with the higher densities, and only rarely seen in your own.

You do have an opportunity to tip your hat to the masters, and approach their greatness through your own diligence in self-perfection and self-realization through the methods that have been set down in the past.

Cannibals can come and go, and teachings can be cannibalized, but the deeper truths always reside within, and they remain in your heart, waiting to be tapped as a reservoir of potential that exists within you.

The value of the dollar will be reduced, and the economies are going to boom and collapse simultaneously.

Indeed, it is this conjunction of forces that precludes the opportunities for the most intense spiritual growth on this planet.

You, like everyone else, will go through this experience. It is a question of how and whether you choose to face it or deny it that will determine the course of your future actions.

For when these times will come, there are great opportunities to be of service, to lead the wayward souls towards a greater conception of self and others, that would allow such beingness to occur.

We have a wedding set up in the higher realms for you. It is the wedding together of different parts of the self; parts that have been rejected, parts that need to stop and refuel, parts that need to be transformed.

Indeed, the image of the female known as (name) in the dream was emblematic of the subconscious inner feminine force that still resides within. In order for your conception of this force to move away from that of the harlot, and towards that of the maiden, there must be a realignment within the self which has already begun.

[7/3: The dream featured a female who was digging in the dirt and uncovering valuable objects; she also was highly sexually attractive.]


Many would use their subconscious or deep mind as a harlot, and feel that they can tap in at times that are right for them, and ignore signals and teachings and truths at other times.

This does not imply that we are being judgmental of you. Rather this is an archetype that all must go through as exemplified in the tarot card “The Lovers,” which does then deal with the experience of mind and the transformation of same.


In the immediate sector of your awareness, you are learning to court your subconscious as one would the maiden, instead of simply looking for it at the times that are apparent to you; times that would be convenient.

The maiden must be romanced; the maiden must be flowed with. You must understand her needs as they rise and fall and accept what you are being shown.

The dream was showing you that which the subconscious will reveal; those elements that are being dug out of the earth, or the carnal self. The spider eggs indeed show what has been hatched in the past, and the fact that are largely being cleared out should show you that the transformation of mind is nearing completion.

Why should you struggle with facts and information when the deeper knowledge comes from diligent inner seeking and meditation?

Why should you resist your musical work, when it is one of the highest affections for the Creator that you are capable of expressing?

Why, indeed, does it seem impossible to believe that you truly are one with the Father-Mother God; that your spirit exists as an infinite vibration/reverberation throughout the universe?

These concepts are difficult to assimilate for the fact that the physical world is so conducive to the belief that that is all there is.

We understand the conundrum that is planted before you as you must deal with the realities of study and of work and of adult responsibility, while at the same time maintaining a station that allows you to hold on to your awareness in a form that is much more streamlined than what you may otherwise want.

Indeed, there are two sides to every issue, and you have the choice as to which side you will see. Do you choose to see the negativity that is present in the physical world around you, or do you choose to see that all works in unity with the One Creator?

It is quite difficult to embrace the life that you have and the responsibilities that are set before you as being elemental of perfect sacrament, perfect spiritual simplicity, and divine essence.

It is not easy to comprehend how even the most negative paths that others follow in society, or that you yourself are forced to go through, can be part of a larger order of events that has been carefully scripted and rehearsed throughout the universe since time immemorial.

It is this choice of polarity in the third density that determines all future courses of action. Whether you like it or not, your own future behavior in the higher realms is dictated by the choices you make each and every day.

In the Egyptian metaphor, the brains are removed from the skull case at the time of death. Why is this? Because it was believed that the heart was the core essence that needed to be preserved, and the brain only got in the way of comprehending and understanding the life that one would have in the higher realms.

Similarly, these truths of the heart cannot be gleaned from a textbook. They cannot be dictated into a tape recorder and transcribed, though we can try our best to do this. They cannot be found in books; they cannot be seen in street signs as you drive around. Teachers will not impart them in classes.

Indeed, the only way that the truths of the heart may be apprehended are in those cases where you are capable of seeking the Christ light within yourself, identifying it as such, and then preparing its radiance and beauty so it may be offered to others as an inexhaustible jewel of such brilliance that it illuminates the darkest night, and remains solid as an everlasting presence.

Now with all these conditions are implied a few other points of contrast that we can discuss herein. For when you split open the watermelon of the higher realms for the first time, you discover how sweet it is.

We only use the watermelon metaphor to illustrate the waters of life or the spirit, and that red or pink color that is then associated with the heart.

It is better for you to dine on the foods of the divine and to maintain your macrobiotic tendencies than it is to fall back into fallen dietetic patterns that are typical of the influence that the negative forces have secured on this planetary sphere.

So why wait? Don’t we take the necessary opportunities for our learning process and become them each moment? Aren’t we fulfilling our own obligations to ourselves when we choose to be brutally honest with ourselves; to tell the truth and to see eye to eye with our own beliefs?

Are we not simply stumbling along and wondering what is going to happen next and what we should do next? Is there more to life than asking philosophical questions, but rather acting on philosophical beliefs, acting on those things which you understand and perceive to be true?

Not retarding one’s progress, but rather enlivening it with the understandings that come clearer and clearer as you learn to accept yourself and to accept the divine movement of energies that exist all around you, within you and without you, for now and forever.

You have taken the basic steps that are necessary to unfurl the hidden scroll of wisdom that lies encapsulated within the self. We suggest that you give yourself more credit and become more responsible for your personal healing process.

Understand that your attitude is everything; that moment-by-moment you have a choice as to how you will perceive yourself and how you will perceive others.

We have hinted at the proclivity towards viewing sameness in the creation and seeing the unifying umbrella of oneness that can connect together many things that most would consider grievous and unstoppable. Whether you choose to do something about this or not is up to you, but you do have the power.

The forces that are available in your charge can indeed put you in a position where you are that of the resistance to the negative forces on this planet. You yourself can turn the tide, and halt the unstoppable energy that is flowing, recognizing its malleability and its degree of change.

We do suggest that all will come into play, that your musical efforts must continue, and will continue; not be afraid to mount the stage, and to stand forth, shining your life and your love as a beacon of radiance that will bring sunshine and color to other’s faces as they revel in the glory of the music.

Know in your heart and body and mind that all is forgiven, all is accepted, all is indeed yours to experience. The choices and how you navigate through them determine the speed of your learning curve, but there is no judgment.

You have worked through these issues with yourself with bravery and diligence, and for that you receive our commendations. More and more you can learn to silence the voices of fear and worry.

You can find greater acceptance of yourself, greater responsibility for your own actions, and indeed, a renewed opportunity to see others as the self, and to accept them that much more, for if they are yourself, then indeed they can reflect the parts of yourself that are hurting and are still in need of integration.

You can work toward the enlightenment of all beings through your own path of inner diligence and self-preservation and protection. The ladder to the higher realms is rising into view; you can climb it one rung at a time.

There is only one path, though there are many ways to experience it. All are returning to oneness.

You make the choice about this each and every day. You choose how your thoughts will interact with your body and your spirit.

You choose whether you will allow those little automatic voices to pipe in and determine the course of your future behaviors, or whether you will allow the meditative state of mind to retain its control, to keep your attitude light and your mood happy, to keep your personal vibrations at a high enough level that you do not slip or slide, but rather stay in tune with the goals ahead, and attenuated to the necessary opportunities of learning that will present themselves.

The ego is but a distraction, and the more that the ego becomes the oneness, the less that any resistance is produced, and the more smoothly your life will function as a whole unit. We sincerely appreciate the efforts you have made and insure that you will be rewarded.

Pay attention to your dreams, and we will have many more messages for you.

This is just the beginning of what can become a long-term relationship between us. We thank you and we you remind again that you are loved more than you can ever possibly imagine.

These truths will not be debunked; they are everlasting. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love. We now end this reading. Adonai.