Thursday 4 / 6 / 00 — 9:20 a.m.

D: Okay, we are going to go in here and instead of doing a client reading today, we are going to do one for the general reader and / or my own needs.

[Note: The reading begins by disciplining David to finish his immediate book-writing projects as soon as possible. Most all of the personal readings for him have been saying this, and it is now in progress as we post this article.]


We have almost seen the beginning of delay developing. The content in these dreams is designed to get you to focus on the goal that is at hand, so that you will complete it in as timely a fashion as possible.

We know that it takes you some time and energy to get revved up [to do this work] again, but this is what you must do. The most influential topic of discussion resides in the standard mode of decay that can be easily seen when the immediate hurdles are overcome and the broadcast is then completed.

[5/19: Once again the coordinates are amazingly tight to the present, as we did just complete the “immediate hurdles” of getting the phone service turned back on as well as “completing the broadcast” with Laura Lee. That broadcast was indeed the pinnacle of completion of all the hurdles, so this is indeed quite amazing.]


We have no other recourse but to strengthen the will of the mortal self, to bring it into alignment with the immortal self. And when we have already done this, we can then work on the deeper issues that would otherwise surmount the need for this type of process.

In order that we become clear, let us say that the ride beckons forward a little bit more of yourself than it has heretofore in the past. Today is the day that you must change this, for when the knowledge is known without application, it becomes wasteful.

Stray thoughts can be overcome quickly by rightness of purpose, and the desire to improve the self. You can indeed hear how sweet the sounds are when all aspects of the creation are vibrating in perfect harmony and unison. It is indeed quite a magical miracle to behold, and we are not alone in saying that.

Look to the skies, and see how easily one must contemplate one’s true nature. It is far from a license to deceive when you begin to explain to yourself how this works. Rather, you can take that available energy and instead redefine it as being akin to the rightness of your purpose in the here and now.

All we want for you is the best. All we need for you is an opportunity to show you how much we love you, to show you how soaring and far-reaching the implications of that statement really are. For in your heart of hearts and in your soul of souls, you know that this is true. We have covered the details before, so we need not repeat them.

You have all that you need, right here, right now, and we don’t need to disagree about that. You may feel that there are so many more things still coming, so many more things still to accomplish, but it is better to look at what you have right now, today, and see the beauty, see the glory, see the opportunity that is presented to you by your experiences so that you may learn from them, grow from them and come to a better and deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to the others around you.

Every particle or consciousness unit in your body resonates in harmony with the true creation. And your true creation is more explicitly preserved in the expressions of your spirit, which then precipitate loosely into your body. The message always remains clear, and that is to have joy in service, joy and contentment in all the wonderful things that are given to you each and every moment that you try to look for them.

Mass cloning is not necessary, for there are more and more [of your] people thinking like this. The most important part is the discovery of awareness, or we could say that this is one of the most important parts at least.

For when you discover that your awareness is loaded with God consciousness, you have then apprehended the Law of One in the most basic and personal level that is possible. Think about these things as an exercise in self-acceptance, and you will see what we are talking about. You can rise higher and higher on the wings of self-change and self-transformation, knowing that you are a perfect being.

You are perfect love, perfect light, perfect instrumentation, and everything that is coming to you is coming for the right reasons. You need not have any sense of fear, any sense of longing. You can look deep within and see the treasures, see the glory that is yourself. You can walk tall and proud with the knowledge that there is completeness in every breath, completeness in every moment.

Do not see this small remaining amount of time before the Ascension as simply time that you would wish to have disappear. Instead, see it as a glorious opportunity to witness something far more beautiful than what has ever been seen on Earth.

For your efforts and our efforts are working; changes are indeed coming about. You can see them, you can feel them, you can know that they are there, but what is even more important is that it is yourself that is changing. You as a member of the collective body of humanity are watching your own evolution, and it is occurring within yourself as it occurs within the others.

So don’t hesitate to tell yourself how close you are to apprehending this basic nature of Creation. Don’t hesitate to understand that the icing on the cake is when you come to realize that you are already complete, that you are already whole, that you are already pure, that you already have exactly what you need.

The times of awakening are upon you, and you can see this all around you. If you choose to focus on those in your local area who are not paying attention, you are missing the point.

The point is this. Everywhere and everywhen, the arrival of the Second Coming is here. This is happening in many different ways. Not all of them will be easily visible, but it is happening. We want to insure you that we will try to make the number of those who can participate as high as possible. You are our emissaries. You are one of our best assets.

David has become aware of the fact that the presently small number of entities who read this material in the context of physical existence do become of far greater importance, in some senses, in their mission on the planet.

Veritably, there are not many sources that reveal the precise stipulations involved in the immediate future and the scientific discussions that can be made surrounding same. In this sense and in others, our goal and our mission is very concrete.

It has always been a scientific one and a spiritual one, with the urge to combine these two forces. David’s life has been emblematic of this preparation since he was very young.

We often hear of cases where the entities who read this material attempt to explain it to others, and are met with little if any success.

We do eagerly look forward to the finished product of Convergence III, as this will help to make the topics easier to grasp in a sequential fashion. Remember that even if the others do not believe you, [the reader of these words,] your enthusiasm and understanding of the material will communicate itself directly, and that is an important point.

[Very long pause]


It is a remarkably interesting process for us to watch these events unfolding in your physical reality. We are very glad to have you with us as we prepare for these transitions. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.