[3/19/09: Spontaneously, and at the last minute, I got recruited for a grueling five-day Native American ‘Sundance’ ceremony. A woman was running it, which ran contrary to her culture — hence she was branching out from the traditional structure and called it a ‘Sun-Moon-Earth Dance.”

The second half of this page has a dream that predicted, in explicit detail, that I would end up doing this ceremony — a full two months in advance.

The first half contains a reading that reminds us yet again that the economic changes are all part of a bigger plan that is being carefully monitored by beings in higher realms in order to help promote the spiritual evolution of everyone here on Earth. Earlier readings need to be studied for full context of why this is seen as a good thing.]


Tuesday 4 / 11 / 00 — 6:53 a.m.

D: There was a rather long dream section that involved something remotely like J’s barn, but it is more of a background memory. I want to say like a free energy device, there was something big that was being worked on. It was pretty exciting.

Remember John Donne and his greatest achievements, which were the greatest stories ever told. You can already realize it by the time you have approached twenty-five years old, as life begins to teach more and more of these experiences and to reveal more intricate parts of the puzzle.

You are correct in seeing that when all is said and done, only the higher achievements are made visible. The most satisfactory achievements are the ones where we have taken all liberties to unveil the core of your personality in order that we may see it, feel it, know it and understand it.

So please don’t forget to realize how much we love you, and how much you are changing. The lightning-quick responses that you are getting in being able to decode the cryptograms should alert you to how much you have embraced the metaphorical language, and how far you can go with it once it is properly applied.

[6/13: This is very interesting, as I have in the last week had a sudden, greatly renewed appreciation for what Ra was trying to teach in Book Four regarding the archetypes. They speak of the adept learning to become the archetypes for personal healing.

I have indeed had this experience myself through the dreams – I literally become the character of whatever soul fragment is being worked with. My sense is that Ra’s work on this was largely unfinished and in that sense my work has made great strides forward already.]


Multiple individuals, as you would call them, can be worked with simultaneously in the matter as was done last night [in your group reading.] You want to keep reminding yourself that the focus is on service to others, and not service to self.

And thus, the financial concerns should not worry you, as all is part of a greater plan in this case.

The rescue squad is coming, and we are pleased to say that. So when it actually does start happening, you can rest assured that all will be taken care of.

Don’t allow yourself to be deluded into thinking that the events unfolding are out of control, as quite to the contrary they are very much being controlled and monitored.

[6/13: Obviously the “rescue squad” refers to the forces themselves and their ships.]


The elliptical orbit of Jupiter does make its closest approach to the Sun in the window of time of May, June and July.

We have refrained from making complete predictions about this time, as the planetary consciousness continues to change for the positive, and it is hard to tell exactly where all of this is leading.

So, once you are closer to the event itself, it should be more obvious where the trends are.

[tape flips]


The messengers of the Creation thank you again for the work that you have done, and the work that you are doing, and of course we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

D: I do want to add real quickly here that we did do a group reading last night. There were at least three really good hits that I got, which were surprising when I came out of the trance; things that were very specific in people’s lives that I picked up on.

So that was pretty neat, and it was good for them too.

It fit in also with what happened recently with [name of client], where the first sentence of the reading discussed the meaning of a broken tripod and it fit in directly with his dream of a broken tripod that he had right before he went out to his mailbox and received the reading tape to listen to.


Wednesday 4 / 12 / 00 — 8:48 a.m.

Complete Vision of the Decision to Liaise with Lakatahasie, Two Months to the Day in Advance!

D: Boy oh boy, did this ever get intense at the end! There were responsibilities on top of responsibilities, but everything worked itself out in the end.

There was all this planning for a big event, and in this case it was our actual descent into the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid, which in this case was a lot more like a cave.

Never speak simply of doom.

[6/13: True. I know enough by now to see that the Subterranean Chamber metaphor is a very powerful and stressful one – in this case possibly portending T’s arrival and the struggles that I would undergo as a result. I didn’t think it through like that while dictating this.

Furthermore, as this progresses I learn that it is related to what just happened last night when I went to visit the farm of Native American woman Lakatahasie Sweeney for the first time – EXACTLY two months to the day in the past. My initial foray into those woods was to retrieve a woman who had been symbolically “buried alive” in Mother Earth, in a form of earth grave. This is amazingly connected to the present.]


D: It featured Eric L quite a bit. Some faces from school that I hadn’t seen in a long time, including Lisa C, Lisa B, Darlene S. So now, we are going all the way back to second grade.

Incidentally, I had written my bio yesterday and claimed my main talent as being a psychic. I didn’t try to slant it towards science, because I am going to be on the Laura Lee Show. I called her up myself and decided that I am going to make it happen.

Anyway, at one point we were talking about homework and whether it gets done or doesn’t get done. That turned out to be a rather interesting discussion.

We were also talking about jobs quite a bit, and I came out with the very simple but very powerful statement that it doesn’t matter what kind of education that you have, it is totally your experience that counts in the end.

[6/13: And in this case, my experience is as a psychic! As the dream goes on we see that this is about the ceremony that I will be participating in with Lakatahasie Sweeney. And that participation certainly will add to my resume of spiritually-related experiences!]


There had been a classroom, but then we got to a point where it was time to do it, it was time to go down into the chamber itself, and do the ceremony. Now, there were other ceremonial type of things that had happened previously, and so it did seem to loop around itself, but it wasn’t the Pyramid. And when I say the Pyramid, it was also very much like Howe Caverns, so we again had that schema.

And now, even earlier in the dream I remember thinking to myself that now I was mapping out the caverns. I would go through them a little at a time, see what was there, and go back to the entrance. Each time I was trying to get in a little more.

[6/13: Amazingly, just as I am going back through all of this and highlighting and commenting, I read this. Earlier tonight I had read an article by David Childress about mapping out the underground chambers in South America. This directly ties in the dream with my present moment as I am now analyzing it! Quite a heady feeling.]


So this is obviously talking about that subterranean chamber complex in Gizeh. Even though I called this room “The Subterranean Chamber,” it didn’t necessarily have to be in the Pyramid, because I don’t remember entering a Pyramid when we did this. I never saw the Great Pyramid, in other words.

[5/19: I just spontaneously remembered a dream fragment from this morning that had been lost. I had been taken directly up to the Great Pyramid and was being shown how colossally huge and enormous it was, how exquisite in construction. It was really quite something.]


It is possible that someone recognized Laura Lee, and that I had to put her in my subconscious terms into someone who I would know more directly. But there was no doubt that Gregg Braden was there. He was one of the main people facilitating this thing.

[6/13: As Gregg Braden is a Native American, obviously the character who I mistook as Laura Lee was supposed to represent Lakatahasie – or a fusion of the two of them together as an indication of career and / or spiritual advancement.]


Even before we went into the big chamber, the main chamber that we had to go to, we were already in some kind of underground system. I had been talking with several old friends, high school people, about jobs and education and simple stuff. I had all my experience and education that I have now, I wasn’t just going back to high school in my mentality. I had my newer knowledge all intact.

So, we descended into the room, and it was necessary to decorate it. I remember that I had an emerald amulet with what looked like a dragon’s head carved into the center, (or possibly a phoenix,) and I put that right in the center of the room. It was obviously a really valuable piece, and I had gotten it from somewhere else and was borrowing it for this.

So, this chanting and singing got going, and I was aware that other people were supposed to have dressed for the occasion. It was the same vibe as a play at the Fellowship. SN might have been around as well. I don’t think anyone else was big on having their costumes, either, but I definitely had the standard blue pants and light-blue long sleeve shirt. In fact, I was wearing my thicker long-sleeve shirt.

[6/13: (Note: This is when I first realized what was going on:) As I am reading all of this my mind is almost constantly being flooded with images of the Sun / Moon / Earth Dance that I have agreed to participate in with Lakatahasie Sweeney.

I am to help with maintaining the event as well as keeping the drumming, singing and music going. This is especially true because SN will also be doing what I am doing, and at least two people from the Fellowship will be dancing.]


So I went off into the back of the room. Once the ceremony got started, I felt like I needed to contribute something. I grabbed this piece of cloth, I guess, and it was a small square of cloth. I came back into the main room and I started to dance with it. I was spinning it around, and over and under.

Lisa C and someone else were laughing at me, but I just didn’t care. I knew that my dance steps were not bad. I knew that what I was doing was different from the others, but it was still valuable. So we definitely had something going on there.

So again, I really didn’t care what her opinion was. As it continued, one of the things that was funny was that everyone was really sweating. There was something about it that changed the atmospheric conditions. There was a lot of moisture in the room I guess, very unique conditions.

[6/13: Interesting. This is obviously a direct reference to Lakatahasie’s sweat lodge ceremonies, and again probably a byproduct of the dance itself. This dream only makes sense to me now, as just yesterday I went over to her farm for the first time to get the tape and start learning the music.]


So that was occurring, but also at the same time, there was just a lot more going on. So, after all these people were sweating in there, including someone who looked like Aaron S, and after I tried to convince Eric L that he just wasn’t qualified for some of the jobs that he wanted, as he needed the experience and not the education.

At the very end I realized that all these guys who are going through this special initiation in this chamber were levitating at the top of a huge room that went much farther down than they did. They were perfectly stable up there.

[6/13: This seems to indicate that the spiritual benefits for my participation in this event are quite strong for all involved. It is amazing that I wouldn’t figure out that this had been predicted in advance until after I had already made a free-will decision to participate without using any form of higher guidance.]


D: So that was a big shock, and it was right before that jet came over my head and knocked me out of my sleep state. I realized last night that the reason why I always stay up late is because I can, and because it is guaranteed that you are not going to have any noise. That is a very big part of what has led me to be this way.